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24 October 2019
Issue Nine

We are kind. We are resilient. We are respectful. 

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Principal's Report

School Run 4 Colour Explosion

Wednesday 30th October 2.00pm -3.30pm

Sausage Sizzle and Icy Poles will be available for purchase after school until 4.00pm

Not long now until our first ever Kalinda Run4Fun Colour Explosion we are all getting very excited with a lot of preparation going on behind the scenes and now it’s time for you to check and make sure you are ready for our Grand event. 

  • Consent Form filled in and returned - due by Friday 25th October.
  • My Online Profile Page is set up.
  • I have shared my online page to collect donations.
  • I have been collecting cash donations (donations open until 15th November)
  • White t-shirt and outfit ready for the run (no school uniforms)
  • Change of clothes for after school or a towel to go home for the car.
  • I have asked my parents/grandparents to volunteer for the event and they can sign up by clicking on the link.


  • Some small change is needed if you would like to stay and join us afterschool as we will have the BBQ on and have sausage in bread, drinks, icy poles and snacks available for purchase.
  • I am ready to have Fun and Participate and in our first ever Colour Explosion Event.

Help Support Harry

Congratulations to Harry S who as he has been selected to represent Victoria in the boys under 12 cricket team.


Harry will be representing School Sport Victoria at the School Sport Australia Championships which will be held in South Australia from the 17th of November to the 24th of November. 


To assist Harry and his family with the cost of him attending these championships, Harry will be selling raffle tickets over the coming weeks. If you would like to support Harry, please purchase tickets from the school office. 


We are kind. We are resilient. We are respectful.

From the Assistant Principal 

From Mrs Hopkins' office....

There is a real buzz in the air can you feel it? The Colour Explosion is nearly here, do you have your white tshirt ready? I for one am SUPER excited to turn Kalinda into a rainbow on October 30th and I already have my white clothes laid out in advance. Too keen? I think not!!!

Hot tip mums, dads and carers : this Mum discovered that both Kmart and Best n Less have cheap white tshirts perfect for the big day! 


It has been exciting to start dreaming about how we might spend our fundraising on improving our outdoor playspaces - new shade sails, extra seating, planting, and expanding 'the rock amphitheatre on the hill'. Don't forget to ask (nicely) friends and family if they will consider sponsoring your little Colour Explosion competitor! 

School Camps

Moving into 2020, with our single class structure, it gives us opportunity to review our Camp programs. Camps provide incredibly important experiences for our students and not only do we gain valuable learning in many areas of the academic curriculum but also developing social emotional skills, resilience, independence, confidence, humour, with (let's face it) a dash of "if I don't have a shower will Mum notice?"


With this in mind, from 2020 we will be holding a camp in every school year from Grades 3 to 6. Our 5/6s will continue to attend Camps together, but our 3s and 4s will enjoy separate camps. After much research we are pleased to announce a new Camp to our roster, Wombat Corner in Emerald. Just 45 minutes from Kalinda, Wombat Corner will provide our Grade 3s with a wonderful selection of low-level adventure activities, environmental studies, comfortable accommodation and exciting special events. 


In 2020, our School Camps program will include: 


5/6 Camp - Creswick (Ballarat) - April 2020

Grade 4 Camp - Phillip Island - September 2020 

Grade 3 Camp - Emerald - October 2020 (Term 4)



Happy Days Kalinda, it continues to be my very great pleasure to work with you. 


We are kind. We are resilient. We are respectful.



Save the date


Starting Monday October 14th (to 7 November)

Yoganauts, F, 1 and 2 - Foundation, Years 1 and 2

Starting  Friday October 18 

Yoganauts 3/4  - Years 3 and 4

Wednesday October 30th

Colour Explosion, including BBQ after school



Friday November 1st

Curriculum Day - Students do not attend

Tuesday 5th November

Melbourne Cup Public Holiday - Students do not attend

Thursday 7th November

Music Count Us In, 12 Noon

Wednesday November 13th

CERES Excursion - Foundation students

Wonnies End of Year Concert,  11pm to 1pm

Friday November 15th

Cricket Gala Day - Years 5 and 6

Monday November 18th

House Athletics for Foundation, Years 1 and 2 (modified)

Tuesday November 26th

Ice Cream Special Food Day

Drama Club Performance, 2pm

Soiree, time TBA



Tuesday December 3rd

Special 'Thankyou' Morning Tea for Volunteers and Parent Helpers

Highland Dancers and Choir excursion to Retirement Villages

Finance Literacy for Years 1 and 2

Thursday December 5th

Carols and Market Night

Friday December 6th

Junior Swimming Week 1 - Foundation, Years 1 and 2

Friday December 13th 

Junior Swimming Week 2 - Foundation, Years 1 and 2

Wednesday December 18th

Graduation Ceremony - all Year 6 students

Friday December 20th

Final Day of  Term 4 and 2019 school year.  Reminder - Early Dismissal - 1.30pm

Working Bees

Saturday 26th October - SPECIAL  - planting only

Sunday, 24th November 

Special Dates for Future Foundation Students


2020 and beyond


Special Dates for Term 1, 2020:

School Photo Day, Tuesday, March 17

Grade 5/6 Camp 15-17 April

School Counsellor

Hello Parents and Carers!

Hi everyone, 

I hope you are enjoying springtime, there have been lots of trees in flower here at school, what a beautiful setting our children have for their learning.


I am attaching a dad’s parenting workshop this week. 


Reading about this got me thinking about how easily we forget about the wonderful contribution of dads in forming a child’s memories, life story and skills.

Plus, something that dads are great at: the forgotten art of rough-housing! Yes, that’s the technical term for safe wrestling, tickling, horsing around and physical play that is great at teaching boundaries physical barriers with our children and increasing communication skills.

You can listen about rough-housing here: http://www.mykidsadventures.com/the-art-of-roughhousing-with-anthony-debenedet/  


Remember if there are any supports you are looking for or would like to attend  parent group and don’t know where to start looking, drop me a line and I’ll try to find something for you: ebieber@kalinda.vic.edu.au


Kalinda Kids Corner

CERES reports from 3/4S

Excursion to CERES recount

By Aeon  3/ 4S

I rushed to school feeling excited and energised to go to my first excursion of the year: CERES! When I got there, everybody was talking about it as we got into the classroom. I collected my stretchy blue wristband and we hopped on the red school bus. I sat next to Declan on the bus.

We were going to learn about waste, dirty rubbish , sustainability and caring about the environment. CERES was in the city (Brunswick) an it took about one hour to get there so we had to wait a long time. Somehow it actually felt quite short!

When we got to CERES we had our brainfood under the rotunda while Kim gave us an introduction on what CERES is about.

Our first rotation was with Sukhada and she taught us about food waste. If you throw away food, it will go to a landfill and create a greenhouse gas called methane. Methane is flammable so it will heat up and create global warming. Did you know that $8 billion worth of food is wasted per year in Australia alone? Don’t waste food because  of the world's population is starving and you can’t give your food to them so the best way to help is to EAT YOUR FOOD!

Our second activity was walking next to the Merri creek with Dan. There was a lot of rubbish and polluted water but lots of trees and plants. The water was dirty because of the rubbish and the mud. Some of the walls were covered with graffiti. So respect the environment and do not spoil the lovely creeks and rivers with litter and paint!



CERES  recount  By  Quinn  3/ 4  S


We hopped on the bus, on the way to CERES I sat next to Chloe it was a very long ride. We sang some funny songs such as pink fluffy unicorns. We finally made it to CERES. We walked through the front gate to a little shelter for a fun introduction!


After the intro we went into our groups by the way I was in group 5 and we did a tour around CERES and talked about food waste. Then we went  to have snack. 

The next activity was the Merri creek walk. We went to look at the beautiful creek and talk about ideas to stop rubbish going in the gutter. We also saw trees that were replanted. We went to our next activity which was learning how long things take to break down, I didn’t know that glass takes 10,000 years to break down it was very interesting.

Then we had a big break for lunch I had a delicious salad wrap.


We moved to our next activity it was worms and minibeasts I found  3 millipedes, 5 butchie boys and 2 worms.

You also got to hold wiggly worms.

It was time to go to the bus so we could get back to school.

I think my favourite activity was learning about how long things take to break down.



Student Achievements

Student Achievements

The children of Kalinda have many wonderful talents, achievements and hobbies. If your child has recently celebrated an achievement of some sort we would love to hear about it! Maybe they have broken a record at Little Athletics, earned a new belt in Karate, been selected for a choir or dance group, or been awarded a special badge in Cubs, Scouts or Guides. Whatever the accomplishment, please send details (and photos if possible) to hopkins.lauren.d@edumail.vic.gov.au or chat to Lauren Hopkins (Assistant Principal) because we would really like to share their achievements here! 


1/2 Girls take to the stage

Submitted by mum Erryn


These Calisthenics friends, all from Grade 1/2 at Kalinda Primary School (Eloise, Hannah, Maiya, Chloe M and Ruby M) all competed together for Joulle Calisthenics Club in Division 2 Tinies at the Calisthenics State Titles in the school holidays. They achieved some great results and all had fun performing their best on stage in the sport they love.



Around the school

Important Community Announcement
Monday November 4

Families, please be advised that the flag operated school crossing at Yarra Valley Grammar on Kalinda Rd will not be supervised on Monday 4th November. Please use the flag operated school crossing directly outside Kalinda Primary School.


The flag operated school crossing on Plymouth Rd at the side of YVG will still be in operation.

AM SHIFTS - 7.45am to 8.45am.

PM SHIFTS – 3.00pm to 4.00pm Mon 4/11/19 only (normal operating times are 3.15pm to 4.15pm).


The flag operated school crossing at YVG on Kalinda Rd will resume Wednesday 6th November 2019.






Maroondah/Manningham Division Athletics

The students who finished in either 1st or 2nd place at the Ringwood North District Athletics were provided a special invitation to compete in the Maroondah/Manningham Division Athletics. This competition was held on Tuesday the 8th of October.


All our athletes competed really well on the day, and some of our athletes achieved a PB recording which is an outstanding effort.


Congratulations to the following students:

  • Ava J for finishing 4th in 1500m
  • Harry C for finishing 3rd in Shot Put
  • Callum S for finishing 2nd in 1500m
  • Jemma W for finishing 1st  in Shot Put and 2nd in High Jump
  • Elise M for finishing 2nd in Discus
  • Chelsea Q for finishing 1st in 100m and 3rd 200m


A special congratulations goes to Callum S, Jemma W, Elise M and Chelsea Q who all progress through to the next level, in which they will compete against the best athletes in the Eastern Metropolitan Region. GOOD LUCK!


Jessica Swingler

Physical Education Teacher



Hip Hop Dance Group, years 3 to 6

We have a hip hop dance group that operates at Friday lunchtimes in the area outside the Foundation classrooms.  If your child would like to be part of this high energy group, please see TOMORROW'S special offer below:




From staff and the Office

2020 Fees and Parent Contribution Letters

This week the 2020 Fee statements were sent out via the youngest child in each family. Please check your child's bag if you have not yet received it.

There are multiple options for payment; cash, debit or credit card at the counter and of course Bpay or Compass.


If you are eligible for CSEF in 2020 (ie.hold a healthcare card or pension card relevant to 2020) please call to the office for an application form. We are asking families with CSEF to pay at the office only.

Student Banking

Student banking has undergone a slight change.  Bank books will now be collected on a Wednesday and returned by Friday.

If you don't yet have a student banking account, starter packs can be collected from the School Office.


Hats Reminder

A reminder that, in accordance with our Sunsmart policy (see below),  students must now wear a school hat whenever outside and at play.



We, of course, have many activities throughout the school, most permissions and payments can be granted via Compass. 

If you see one here, which may be relevant, please go to the Compass website to provide permission and/or payment.


Current Events on Compass Are:

Yoganauts, F, 1 and 2

Starts Monday, October 14 - Foundation, Years 1 and 2

Yoganauts 3/4                                                                  

Starts Friday, October 18 - Years 3 and 4

Senior All Star Boys Hooptime

October 28, Selected students

CERES Excursion, Foundation                                     

Wednesday, November 13 -  Foundation students

Junior Swimming Week 1

Friday, December 6 - Foundation, Years 1 and 2

Junior Swimming Week 2

Friday, December 13 - Foundation, Years 1 and 2


Canteen News
QKR is finally Here

QKR is now open to use for Canteen orders and payments. 

Download the App from your usual app store. QKR is supported by most mobile devices and very user friendly. There is even a category especially for Allergy/Anaphylaxis students. And we do ask you to select a bag option in the menu (after the cup-cake section). On that subject, these can also be selected via QKR.

As per our Compass send out last week, here are the instruction to use 'QKR' to order Canteen meals 



Surprise your child and order them a birthday cupcake for $2.50 with raspberry or lemonade icing on top.  Orders are now being taken for October, November and December. You can now order at the via the new QKR! app. FINAL DATE is 15th December.  We also hope to offer this great initiative on our new online system.



Next Week 

Monday 28th October             -  Helpers needed please

Wednesday 30th October      -  Helpers needed please

Thursday 31th October           - Helpers needed please

Friday, 1st November ,              Curriculum Day, Students do not attend

Following Week

Monday 4th November             -  help not required this day

Wednesday 6th November       -  Helpers needed please

Thursday 7th November            - Helpers needed please

Friday, 8th November              - 9am to 10am          -Helpers needed please

                                                          -  12pm to 2.30pm -  Helpers needed please


If you can help, please go to https://www.volunteersignup.org/XJ3WF

The roster is available for the whole year, including Special Food Days.

The Canteen is urgently seeking volunteers for the remainder of the term. If you can spare an hour or two, ESPECIALLY Friday lunchtime,  12pm to 1.30pm, WE NEED YOU!


Sharing of Food (and Money)

Some of our students are being lovely to their friends and sharing their food with them (for example icy poles) or lending them money to buy one for themselves.  This is very kind,  BUT....

Now is a good time to remind families that there is a 'no sharing' of food policy here at Kalinda, with a number of reasons for this; two of which are that some students have allergies or even anaphylaxis to things that may not be obvious in foods, eg traces of nuts and secondly, there are parents who do not wish their child to receive a particular food (eg icy  poles), a choice which the child's friends may not be aware of.

We are also asking parents to speak with their children about lending money to their friends to buy food, in case it is the preference of the other family that their child has limitations on their food choices.


We attach the policy here for you to read.


Special Closure

Please be advised, in advance that the Canteen will be closed on Monday 18th November.


Special Food Day

Ice Cream Day, 26th November


Final Canteen of the Term

Friday, 13th December

Fundraising and Parents and Friends




Colour Explosion followed by a BBQ after school - Wednesday 30th October.

Mega Christmas Raffle – tickets to go home in November to be drawn at Carols night.

Christmas Market & Carols Night - Thursday 5th December.

We love having the opportunity to provide these events and opportunities for our Kalinda students and families, but we can’t do it all on our own and need some support to share the load and just like the disco we encourage you to get involved where you can either by volunteering at an event or behind the scenes in the planning.  Rosters will be sent prior to each event and we are seeking support and encourage families to volunteer where you can and if you would like to get involved behind the scenes in any of our events or just come along to our planning meetings please touch base with one of the team.

Thank you from all of us,

Parents & Friends & Fundraising Teams

Christmas Market


Athlete's Foot Offer




Health and First Aid

Welcome to another instalment of Heath and First Aid at Kalinda Primary School! This week’s focus is on all things Spring!

 Melbourne Pollen Count

The Melbourne Pollen Count and Forecast is a website and app created by The School of BioSciences at the University of Melbourne. It offers a daily forecast of the level of pollen in the air. The forecast notifies you when there is a high pollen count, which could indicate the need to take preventative measures. If you or your child suffer from asthma or hay fever, this is a great app to have!

The website can be found here: https://www.melbournepollen.com.au/.

 The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.


Thunderstorm Asthma

Thunderstorm Asthma is an epidemic thought to be triggered by a unique combination of high amounts of grass pollen in the air and a certain type of thunderstorm. For people who have asthma or hay fever this can trigger severe asthma symptoms.  Vic Emergency offer notifications for high  chances of thunderstorm asthma occurring.


The website can be found here: http://www.emergency.vic.gov.au/prepare/#thunderstorm-asthma-forecast

The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.


For more information regarding Thunderstorm Asthma, visit the Better Health Channel Website: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/ConditionsAndTreatments/thunderstorm-asthma

Watch this video: https://youtu.be/mrnlel4K8tg



Have a great week!


Anna Diacos EEN

First Aid Officer

Kalinda Primary School





Articles and Information from OshClub

Ongoing Information

Phone: OshClub on 0439 992 434   Email: kalinda@oshclub.com.au

Head Office: 1300 395 735   


Coordinator: Jane Evans

Assistant coordinator: TBC

Program Assistant: Isabel Bonicci

Program Assistant: Allison McDougall

OshClub Casual Staff: Leonie Keilor, Loressa Mancuso, Giang Nguyen, Lauren Majoor


IMPORTANT - Please message the program phone ASAP if your child/ren are booked in for an After School Care session, but will not be attending. 


We need to account for every child booked into our care.  If a child does not arrive to After School Care in a timely manner our process is as follows:

  1. Check school attendance with the school office
  2. Call and text parents
  3. Call and text emergency contacts
  4. Escalate to a missing child incident and contact police

Your cooperation in letting us know in advance if a booking is no longer required is hugely appreciated. 



During Term 4 and Term 1, all children will be required to wear a hat when playing outdoors if the UV rating is at 3 or higher. Please ensure your child has a sunhat with them when attending OSHClub.


As school hats are often stored in children's classroom tubs overnight, please feel free to pop a spare sunhat into your child's bag for OSHClub. They are welcome to leave their hat at OSHClub or keep it with them in in their bags. 


We provide sunscreen, which children will be asked to apply before going outdoors. Children can also bring their own sunscreen if need be.


OSHclub news:

This fortnight children have been learning through collaboration, engaging creatively with natural and processed materials to extend their skills and thinking.  


Sewing has been a popular activity all fortnight. Initially, children were engaged in a kitset sewing activity, which allowed a sense of achievement for all ages.  Many children have extended upon the skills they have used in this activity to create and make their own designs from felt. The results are amazing!


During the first week of term we introduced a set of ten headphones to the

program. Children are free to use them to find themselves a quiet, calm space amongst our sometimes noisy and busy environment. They are proving to be a popular resource.


What we have been doing and making:


Activities for this fortnight:

Watercolour painting with colour diffusing paper

Spring windchimes with Posca Paint

Paper and cardboard necklaces

Gravitrax challenge



Recycled materials construction


Dinosaurs and Hunters



Bob Down Tiggy

Run Rabbit Run





Please note:  

Online bookings for each session close 24 hours in advance. If online bookings have closed and you would like to make or cancel a booking, please SMS the program phone on 0439 992 434.  

Alternatively, bookings can be cancelled using the KidSoft app. This will automatically mark your child as absent on our system.  

Any other queries, please feel free to call, SMS or email us at kalinda@oshclub.com.au. 

Handy Links

Instructions for accessing student sites: 

1. Click on the link above

2. Ensure (by checking in the top right hand corner of your screen) that you are not logged into any other google account other than your child's Google account. If you are currently logged into a personal or work Google account, you will not be able to access the student site

3. Select the Year level of your child. 

4. Enter the username and password that was issued via your child's diary. 

5. Please contact your class teacher or the school office if you are having issues. 

Public Announcements





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