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17 September 2019
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Dates to Remember


Tuesday 17th 

ICAS English Testing - selected students only

Foundation & L3 Swimming


Wednesday 18th

ICAS Spelling Testing - selected students only

School Council Meeting

Foundation & L3 Swimming


Thursday 19th 

Walk to School Day

ICAS Maths Testing - selected students

Final Foundation & L3 Swimming Sessions


Friday 20th

Footy & Billy Cart Day

Whole School Assembly - 2:00 pm in the hall

Last Day of Term 3 - Early Dismissal at 2:30 pm



Monday 7th 

First day of Term 4

Whole School Assembly 2:50 pm in the hall

Walk to School Month


Tuesday 8th

P&F Meeting - 7:30 pm in the staff room


Wednesday 9th

Division Athletics - Selected Students

L1&2 Minibeast Incursion 

Vermont Secondary College - Parent Info Evening 6:30 pm


Thursday 10th 

L1&2 Minibeast Incursion 


Monday 14th 

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Walk to School Month


Tuesday 15th 

Foundation Transition #3 , 11:45 am to 12:45 pm with Specialist Teachers - meet in the school hall


Thursday 17th

eSmart 'Brainstorm Productions'


Friday 18th 

Oktoberfest Day


Monday 21st

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Walk to School Month

Level 1&2 public speaking comp 9:15 am


Thursday 24th 

Whole school 25th Anniversary Assembly & official opening of the Enchanted Tree and Paving - 9:15 am in the hall


Friday 25th

P&F Colour Run 2:00 pm -3:30 pm


Sunday 27th

Diwali Festival of Lights


Monday 28th

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Foundation-L2 SEDA Cricket Inflatables Incursion

Walk to School Month


Thursday 31st

L3-4 Colonial Show Incursion 


Friday 1st

L3-6 SEDA Cricket Inflatables Incursion


Monday 4th

No assembly


Tuesday 5th 

Melbourne Cup Public Holiday - students do not attend school


Wednesday 6th

P&F Meeting - 7:30 pm in the staff room


Thursday 7th 

Foundation Transition # 4 11:45 am to 12:45 pm held in current Foundation rooms

Music Count Us In Celebration Day


Monday 11th 

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Wednesday 13th

Foundation Royal Botanic Gardens Excursion


Monday 18th 

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Body Safe Parent Information Night 7:00 - 8:00 pm


Wednesday 20th

L1&2 Museum Excursion


Thursday 21st

Foundation 2020 Information Night 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm 


Friday 22nd

School Pix L6 Graduation Photo


Monday 25th

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Thursday 28th

L5/6 Body Safe Program 


Friday 29th

L1&2 Museum Excursion


Monday 2nd

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Tuesday 3rd

L6 Marvel Stadium


Wednesday 4th

P&F Meeting - 7:30 pm in the staff room


Thursday 5th

L5/6 Body Safe Program 


Monday 9th

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall


Tuesday 10th

Final Foundation Transition # 5 1:.45 am to 12:45 pm 

L6 Secondary School Orientation Day


Thursday 12th

L5/6 Body Safe Program 


Tuesday 17th

L6 Graduation


*  Times/dates may be subject to change

Principal's Report

Grandparents and Special Visitors Afternoon

Wonderful attendance for the Grandparents and Special Visitors afternoon in foundation classes recently.  The session finished with a performance of songs in the hall.

Many families shopped at the pop-up shop in the gallery after school. Thanks to the students and all the families who helped out.


School Council Meeting - 18th September at 7pm in the Staffroom

At the meeting this week we will be looking at some of the data sets from term 3- NAPLAN by grade 3 and 5 students and Attitude to School Survey (ATSS) by grade 4 to 6 students. Marika Ferguson and Kate Mcleod will prepare a presentation for school council. Staff have looked at the data in teams. We have improved some areas of Student Attitude to School Survey data. NAPLAN results are excellent and comparable to similar schools and continually better that the overall state results as you expect for a school in this area. I will include this in the next newsletter in term 4.



Yes a week to go of term 3 and all of term 4. Some students have misplaced their hats so keep them labelled in large letters to help them return to their owners.


Billy Cart Day and Footy Colours

Don’t forget the special day this Friday where students get to test their driving and pushing skills on the synthetic turf basketball courts and wear their favourite footy team colours. A great fun way to finish the term.


Bendigo Bank Community Grant Awards Evening

I attended the recent Bendigo Bank Community Grants evening. We have been granted $5,500 for our cooling project from Bendigo Bank. I was asked to speak about the project and the potential impact on our community. The many community groups represented spoke passionately about their projects and I was in awe of the projects undertaken by volunteers and the impact. It was a powerful evening of inspiring stories across our community.

New School Website

The new school website is under construction by Digital Schools. The work is almost complete and should be ready for the live launch to begin term 4. We are currently reviewing and updating content under various headings.


Swimming Program for Foundation and Grade 3 Students



Class Ambassadors

Our class ambassadors met last week to look at some of the projects planned and some completed this term and in term 4. It is and exciting time. There will be another meeting in the second week of term 4 as we get closer to the 25 year celebrations and the colour explosion.

Term 3 & 4 projects

Lots of Projects are underway or completed in term 3:

•             Synthetic grass floor in the junior gaga pit completed

•             Maintenance works completed from CAR funding- plumbing, fencing, steps, asphalting                  pathways, carpentry work to remove rot, and minor electrical work. Asphalting pathway and steps at    the oval to be completed during the September holidays.

•             Laying turf in the junior play area and footy goal areas on the oval.

•             Investigation of a boom gate for the staff carpark

•             25-year Garden and Gnome tree at Munro St entrance- design completed by students, roof, door and windows by Paul McGowan and pavers ordered by Rachel W (P&F) for the pathways at the base of the tree. Pathways in early term 4 for the official ceremony on Thursday 24 October. Colour Explosion on Friday 25 October.

•             Cooling in the hall – quotes received, decision through school council for installation in term        

•             The green mile replacement surface. I have sourced 3 quotes. I am in negotiations as to the time frame. I will inform the school community when we have a start date.

•             Parents and Friends have requested the extra funds raised in 2018 be allocated to the shade sails over the new playground near the oval. We have quotes and ready to inform the successful company.


Walk to School – Save our Crossings on Thursday ever week for the remainder of the term

Every Thursday for the remainder of the term is Walk to School Day to collect our data and encourage families to park away from the school, use our crossings and walk to school!


Principal Internship with Peggy Mourelatos from Mont Albert PS for term 4

Peggy Mourelatos, Assistant Principal from Mont Albert will be joining Rangeview in week 2 of term 4 as part of the Bastow leadership program Unlocking Potential internship.  I met Jason Walker, principal of Mont Albert and Peggy at the mentor day at the MCG earlier this month to plan her time with us. I have been selected as Peggy’s mentor for the period of the internship. The program is designed to build the capacity of future leaders in the principal class across Victoria.


Reminder:  We finish at 2.30 pm this Friday 20th September


Wellbeing & Engagement

Special Assembly – Professions without Gender


This week we had a fabulous special assembly – Professions without Gender. We heard from four special guests about what it is like to have ‘A Day in the Life’ of their profession.

  • Sarah Last – VFLW player and several years as an AFLW player for Carlton.
  • Riley Owen – Netball player – played for the Under 17 Australian team and now plays for the Victorian Under 20 team.
  • James Roche – Primary School Classroom Teacher
  • Michael Sacchetta – Primary School Specialist Teacher

Our most sincere thanks go to our presenters who gave up their time to speak to our students about their different days and career paths. It was a wonderful opportunity and clearly our student body enjoyed the presentations and had much food for thought around future possibilities.


On Friday 20th September, there will be the Rangeview Primary School Traditional Billy Cart and Footy Day.  Children can come in their footy colours.  Racing starts at 9:15 am.  At the end of the Billy Cart finals the whole school will sing the Footy songs.  


Any students that want to race a Billy Cart will need to have their own Billy Cart at school in the morning.  They will need to organise a friend from their level to be their partner.  One person drives and one person pushes the Billy Cart around a track on the bottom asphalt.  All children participating will need to have their own helmet; also knee pads and elbow pads are a good idea if they have them.


The students can choose to enter the Billy Cart race if they have a Billy Cart, all other students enjoy watching, cheering and singing.


Don’t forget 2:30 pm finish on Friday 20th  September. 


Rangeview is very privileged to be the location for the filming of a World Vision Christmas commercial. One of our students will be featuring in the commercial and around 10 others will be extras in the commercial. The storyline is around a student who writes a speech for her class on sponsoring a child in Cambodia through World Vision. The story then moves to Cambodia to show the sponsor child speaking to her class ablut being sponsored and the positives for her education and her life.


This is a lovely connection for the students involved to a charitable concept and a positive contribution our school can make to World Vision. Look out for this new commercial at Christmas time.



25th Anniversary Invitation


Parent Portal

Sentral for Parents App

Dear Families,


Sentral is an online secured parent portal that provides families with 24/7 access to different aspects of their child's education.  

Currently parents at Rangeview Primary School utilise the portal to send absence notifications, view/access school reports, receive email notifications, schedule parent teacher interviews and view attendance data. 


Rangeview Primary school will be introducing more features of the Parent Portal overtime such as;


  • Instant messages/push notifications via the ‘Sentral for Parents’ APP (see below)
  • Online Parent Consent for Excursions – coming later
  • Online Payments – coming later


The ‘Sentral for Parents’ APP has replaced Updat-ed. The app will enable you to access the portal on your device. It will also enable the school to communicate important instant messages such as reminders, newsletter notification and event cancellations. When signing up to the app, please ‘allow notifications’ to ensure you are alerted of any messages from Rangeview Primary School.


We strongly recommend that you download the APP.


Click on the link below to view a video on how to link the ‘Sentral for Parents’ APP to your existing web platform portal account.


If you have any problems please contact the school office and speak with our Administration team on 9874 6381.

Student of the Week

Due to a Whole School Assembly on 7th October there will be no Senior student of the week awards


Science Club

Rocket Kids

It was the first sunny day for a while.  There was no visit from Elton John so our Science Club kids rolled up their sleeves and made their own rockets.  Their excited cheers when a rocket did succeed in blasting off drew a crowd of younger on-lookers.  If you listened to the background noises of the yard that lunchtime, maybe you could hear the faint strains of a song . . .


And I think it's gonna be a long long time
'Till Science Club comes round again to find
I'm not the kid they think I am in class
Oh no no no I'm a rocket kid
Rocket kid vinegar and bi-carb blasting off


Mars ain't the kind of place to land, now kids
In fact it's just too far
In one lunchtime with a bottle, and pencils
And all this science I can understand
We just try it five times a term
A rocket kid, a rocket kid


And I think it's gonna be a long long time
And I think it's gonna be a long long time . . .


And if you spin quickly through the gallery of photos below, you’ll be able to see the trajectory of one of our wonderful rockets taking off and landing.


We do have fun.


Science Club parent volunteers – Emma, Julie, Mel C, Jasna, Kyla, Sally, Alissia and Heather



Potions Class

Let’s just say that our Science Club members have all neared or passed their 11th birthday and are familiar with Platform 9 3/4 - you know what I mean?  We can’t tell you everything, but we can say that our final Science Club this term was a Potions Class. It was conducted by a mysterious group of visiting professors from Rangewarts. The class involved mandrake root, dragon spit and phoenix tears.


James astonished Professor Petrilliamus when he stirred the cauldron and then caused his gallium wand to disappear. If you’ve never received a letter delivered by owl, and you weren’t in this class, you can google what happens to gallium in warm water. It’s a little bit cool.


The class worked diligently, observing the effects of basilisk venom on spiders eggs and did their best to make the elixir and restorative draught. There is still some need for improvement in consistency and control, as the results were a little ... explosive and, strangely, each group produced potions of different colours.  Science Club loves surface tension and adding vinegar to sodium bicarbonate. 


The kids then used impressive teamwork and Purple Gillyweed solution to identify Muggle substances.  Purple Gillyweed solution is an ‘indicator’, so it’s a wizard at showing how acidic or basic a substance is. Ten Rangewart house points are awarded to Eloise’s group who shared their turns in an exceptionally organised way.


This was our last Science Club for the year. We farewell our Level 6s, we wish them all the best and hope they had fun with us. We also thank and farewell Jasna, who has been integral to the success of Science Club at Rangeview, as she embarks on some international adventures. She is one of the wonderful team of parent volunteers who organise these opportunities for interested kids to explore our universe.


See you next year!


Julie, Kyla, Sally, Emma, Mel C, Jasna, Alissia and Heather - parent volunteers



Physical Education - P.E

Nunawading District Athletics Carnival - 2/9/19

Last Monday a number of students from our Rangeview athletics team competed in the Nunawading District athletics carnival!


All the students that competed had a great day cheering on the entire team and congratulating each other.


Every single student that competed earned points for Rangeview and at the end of the day every point earned contributed into a score that put us in an overall 4th place in the District.


Congratulations and good luck to the 18 students that progressed to the Division level of the competition.  Everyone did extremely well and should be very proud of their efforts.


Thank you to all the teachers, parents and helpers who came down and supported all students.  A special thanks to Mr Sacchetta for helping us train and for being a great support on the day.


- Terra house captain, Georgia.




Rangeview Oktoberfest 2019

Our annual Oktoberfest celebration will be held on Friday, 18th October, 2019.


This whole-school celebration of German language learning will immerse students in German cultural and language-based activities, give students the opportunity to sample German foods and take part in German songs and performances.


Students are invited to come dressed in either the German flag colours (black, red, gold/yellow) or in the traditional Bavarian costumes (Dirndlkleid und Lederhosen).

This week students commenced making their Oktoberfest hats in their German lessons. Students will wear these on the Oktoberfest day, displaying both their name and the group they will be allocated to.

Here is a song about their 3-pointed hats, that the children have also been learning in their German classes:

Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken:


Parents & Friends

School Disco 

A BIG thank you to our wonderful helpers on the night; Fiona H, Joreen L, Mel C, Michelle D, Hayley B, Terry P, Stefanie H, Robert R, Alice S, Tim K, Bec M, Min H, Terry P, Tracy B, Kanchana D, Despina P & Jennifer T.



Whats coming up - Term 4


The Colour Explosion Course - Friday 25th October

Information and sponsor forms will be given to students for this “colour” filled day Wednesday 18th September.  In preparation for this event keep an eye out for a white or light coloured t-shirt to wear. Kmart have them for $3-$4



Oktoberfest Lunch Day - Friday 18th October


Entertainment Book 

Purchase an Entertainment Membership for Dad for Father’s Day and not only will you be supporting our fundraising but you will also go in the draw to WIN the Ultimate Father’s Day Prize - 2 tickets to the 2019 Toyota AFL Grand Final + a $400 flight voucher!

Get your Membership today

Happy Birthday to You!




German News ​​

In German lessons the children have been learning a traditional German children’s song and dance called ‘Brüderchen komm tanz mit mir’ (Little brother come dance with me).

This song was performed on Grandparents Day and will be performed again at our whole-school Oktoberfest celebration in Term 4. Here is the link for you to enjoy with your child at home:


Community News

Wow! What an amazing turn out on Grandparents and Special Friends Day. The children enjoyed engaging Grandparents/ Special Friends in colourful ‘hand in hand’ craft in their classrooms. Some children then played ‘Roll a Grandparent’ whilst others showed off their literacy and numeracy learning by sharing their workbooks. This was followed with all our Foundation children performing a concert to their special visitors. We are all so proud of how well they performed.


With this week to go until our swimming program comes to completion, please remember to send an extra item of food for our young swimmers, as they certainly build up an appetite after all that swimming!


All the best,

Miss Bonte, Miss Clarke, Ms Wilson, Mrs Goulding and Mrs Tzimos – Foundation Team.



Level 1/2

Level 1 and 2 have enjoyed exploring Chemical Science. We had wonderful incursion which helped us explore the difference between a Chemical Reaction and a Physical Change. Students made their own water bead, and got to take it home as it kept growing. They also experimented with Cabbage water, watching it change colour when mixing with an acid, neutral and a base. Level 2 have already completed their Science rotations, exploring with cooking and other chemical reactions and physical changes. Level 1 will be completing their rotations in the last week of term.


We have also been revising about online safety and completed some activities for Cyber Safety Week. Some classes read the book The Fabulous Friend Machine and discussed different things you need to watch out for when playing online. Another great book was Unplugged, a book about a robot exploring outside in the real world and making friends offline. Both books have great themes for students to learn about playing with their friends and being careful online. Some classes also created a Cyber Safety Superhero, discussing what their superpower may be as they are trying to keep people safe whilst playing online.


We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and rest after a long and busy term!


Level 3/4 

Level 3 Camp at Adanac

We all had a wonderful time at Camp Adanac in Yarra Junction. We like to thank all staff for their wonderful effort with the camp.



Level 4

On Wednesday the 11th of September Level 4 attended the La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary. It was a fantastic day to be outdoors in the sunshine, as the students explored different activities to help further expand their knowledge on this terms science unit Friends or Foes. A special thanks to the parents who attended on the day. 

Level 4 Team Mitchell Clark, Karen Hastie, Anju Mehta



Level 5/6 

For the past two years, Rangeview has worked with Vermont Primary and Vermont Secondary in a "Vermont Coding Cluster" in Digital Technology. Last year, we hosted students to allow them to see our First Lego League teams in action. This year, it was Vermont Primary's turn, and they hosted a fantastic afternoon demonstrating and then using Scratch to create multiple choice quiz games around cyber safety. Due to capacity, we were only able to take a small group of students from Rangeview, but they all reported that they thoroughly enjoyed the visit, making new friends and learning about Scratch.



Summer Sport - Ultimate Frisbee 13/9/19


Rangeview Animal Roster


Community News/ Advertising


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Parent Consent Colour Explosion.pdf
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