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28 February 2019
Issue Five
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Principal's News
Religious Education Prayer in 5/6FA  
Literacy Creative Writing Club
Wellbeing Berry Street Model in 5/6MG
Ride to School Day Friday 22nd March
Student Leadership 
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Upcoming Events

What's On - Term 1




28th February - Junior Welcome Evening CANCELLED

6th March   - Ash Wednesday Mass @ 9.15am

21st March    - Harmony Day and Multicultural Night

25th March- Open Day

26th March    - Year 3/4 Camp @ Campaspe Downs

28th March - Books in Homes Assembly

2nd April  - Learning Expo at 9am

5th April   - Last day of Term 


Term 2

23rd April - Students Return

9th May - School Photos

9th May - First Reconciliation Parent Night

23rd May - School Sports Day

15th May - Family Mass @ 9.15am

31st May  - School Closure Day- Berry Street 

5th June - First Reconciliation

11th June - School Closure Day- Aboriginal Catholic Ministry

19th June - Trinity Feast Day Mass @ 9.15am

26th June - Student Led Conferences

27th June - Reports Home

28th June - Last day of Term


Term 3

15th July - Students Return

30th July - First Communion Parent Night

31st July - St Ignatius Mass @ 9.15am

8th-9th - August School Closure Days- Catholic Identity and First Aid

15th August - Assumption Mass @ 9.15am

19th September - School Concert

20th September - Last day of Term



Term 4

7th October - Students Return

9th October -  Confirmation Parent Night @ 7.30pm

23rd October -  Whole School Mass @ 9.15am

25th October - Confirmation

30th October - 1st November Year 5/6 School Camp

28th November - Student Led Conferences

5th December - Community Carols

10th December - Year 6 Graduation

11th December - End ofYear Mass

12th December - End of Year Celebration Day

16th December - Last Day of School (students)


Principal's News


Dear Families

Thank you to our prospective Prep families who visited our school on Monday.  It is such a great honor to introduce families to our wonderful school. Visitors commented on the great learning that was happening and at how engaged our students were as they walked around.  Thanks to all those students who welcomed our visitors as we walked around. 


Enrolments for Prep 2020 are now open. Please see Julie to fill out an application form

Parent Information Night

Thank you to those families who attended the Parent Information night last week. We had close to one hundred of our students attending the Coach Approach sessions and were pleased to have most of our families attending the evening. Thanks to the staff for their presentations and for walking our families through our digital learning platforms. 

Sun Hats

Just a reminder to Parents that we are a Sun smart school. All students must wear a hat at play and lunch, and are encouraged to wear a hat as they exit school if it is a high uv day. Please make sure your child's name is on their hat in case it is lost so that it can be returned. As a school we do not provide sunscreen for our students, but we strongly encourage our families to apply sunscreen before their children come to school to provide extra sun protection. 


Nominations are open for a new Vice President as Sue retires from her position. Thank you to Sue for her great work on the Parents and Friends!  The position description of Vice President is as follows:


Parents & Friends - Vice President

The Vice President plays an important role by assisting the President with Parents’ Association responsibilities - primarily to

  • Replace and chair meetings in the absence of President
  • Serve as a cheque signatory

If you might be interested in the position please complete the nomination form attached below and return to the office (addressed to Principal) or emailed to [email protected] by Friday, 8th March.

Thanks everyone- have a great week!



Religious Education
Prayer in 5/6FA

5/6FA Explore Prayer

During Term 1  5/6FA have been learning about prayer and the importance it plays in our daily life.  We used the scripture reference Isaiah 43:1 ‘I have Called you by Name’ as our reference. We discussed the meaning of this scripture and how it relates to our lives today. As an activity 5/6FA students created a poster about their names, where they researched the meaning of their names, who gave them their name and the reason their parents chose that name.


Below are comments by 5/6FA children on why prayer is important to them
- Prayer is important to me because you can speak to God when you need to.    Alexi 
- Prayer is important to me because it makes me feel closer to God.    Osama 

- I use Prayer in my daily life when l say the things I’m grateful for.    Julieanna 
- I use Prayer in my daily life when I’m sad or l need help to do things.   Debbie 

This is a poster created by Serah  in 5/6FA about her name.

Creative Writing Club



Our creative writing club has begun with much interest and enthusiasm. Our enthusiastic authors from Year 3 to 6 have met each Monday at snack time to share their ideas and learn new skills in writing. We are working towards learning how to write short stories and poems to enter two upcoming writing competitions. We look forward to sharing our writing with you throughout the term.


Student reflections:

“I like the writing club because it is creative and you get to experience new writing techniques with new writing pencils” Ford 

“We have fun materials to work with and we are going to enter cool competitions” Amy

“I love all the different writing utensils and the special new books we have to write in as well.” Leonardo “I’m looking forward to writing stories and entering the writing competitions” Claire 

Literacy and Maths Leaders

Congratulations to the following students who were elected as Student Leaders for Literacy and Numeracy. They received their Student Leader badges at the School Assembly on Monday morning. These students were among many who carefully crafted a written application as to what they would bring to the role and why they should be chosen. Their applications were passionate and full of enthusiasm. I look forward to working with these students this year.


Student Leaders for Literacy

Amy, Claire & Serah 


Student Leaders for Numeracy

Leonardo, Ford & Imogen 


Helpers Needed

A call for help- I’m looking for some parents who would like to offer their time (and patience) to help with sorting some of the home readers. This is quite a big job, however if we could have a few parents volunteering, it will make the job quite easy. It involves sorting and labelling books according to reading levels. We literally have hundreds of books to sort and the sooner we can get these done the quicker they will be in your children’s classrooms. Many thanks to the parents who have tirelessly helped with this in the past. I look forward to working with parents again this year. Many thanks in advance for any time that you have to help with this.




Annabelle Marinelli

Literacy & Numeracy Leader

Berry Street Model in 5/6MG


We have been learning about different strategies that we can use to help us to remain calm whe

face difficult situations.

We use positive self talk such as 

"I’ll use a different strategy"

"I am going to train my brain"

"This may take some time"

"Mistakes help me learn"

"I’m on the right track"

 and strategies to help us remain Present, Centered and Grounded in every situation we are faced with.   Everyone is Unique so we all do it differently.


Year 5/6MG made Well Being Cubes to remind us of ways to look after our Well Being.


  • When I need time to myself I write in my journal and reflect about my thoughts - Philiana
  • I am important and unique because I am different from every other person - Luca
  • When I am in a good space I will be around my family - Daniel
  • When I am in a calm space I am usually around my friends - Kenny
  • When I am feeling upset or angry, I calm down by listening to music – Selena
  • I think about my family and how lucky I am - Anna
  • When I need someone to talk to someone I trust, I talk to my brother because he is the closest person to me – Ari
  • I talk to my mum because she is the one I feel connected to the most - Corbin
  • When I need to be by myself I take a walk to calm down - Yashwanth
  • I get myself Present, Centered and Grounded by staying positive and well rested - Luca


What does Music mean to you?


In Music classes, we have been exploring the value that Music adds to our lives. We began our term discussing how a piece of Music is made from all different notes but when we arrange the notes together, we can make beautiful music. Similarly, every child is a unique individual, but when we work together - we create something beautiful! Students have decorated their own individual musical note, to make up our wall display, which shows the beauty of us all coming together.  We have also been responding to different types of music and discussing the emotional connection we can have with it. Students said “Music helps me focus”, “It inspires me to be a better person”, “It helps me be relaxed and calm down”, and “It sounds beautiful and helps me be creative.” Our Junior classes have been enjoying discovering the sounds they can create with different instruments and practicing taking good care of them.


Our Trinity Trebles choir are enjoying learning some new songs and are looking forward to singing for you at Multicultural Night. I look forward to meeting you then.


Belinda Nechwatal

Music teacher


Sustainability Captains

Here is the wonderful team of Trinity students who will be responsible for issues of Sustainability during this year.  Congratulations and well done to Abol (4/5TR), Oscar (5/6FA), Thao-Anh (5/6FA), Vinh(5/6FA) and Yafet (5/6MG).


They are very excited and we are expecting to see their involvement in matters of recycling, reducing waste, reuse of our resources, and sustainable use of water and energy.


Here are some of the things they had to say in their applications for the positon:

  • I am dedicated and committed.
  • I don’t like how people pollute the ocean … I would like us to keep this planet a clean and healthy spot.
  • I have a big imagination and look out for Mother Nature.  I have two words for the world “Stay Green”.
  • I will do the best of my ability to protect the environment. I will be committed and you could always count on me.
  • I would like to see people put rubbish in the bin and taking good care of the plants and flowers and putting correct rubbish in the correct bin.
  • We wish them well.

Ride to School Day
Friday 22nd March

Ride to School Facts

Here are some facts that might interest you.

Student Leadership 

SEL Awards 

These awards are awarded when students have demonstrated great social-emotional learning, a highly valued part of our school learning community.




Prep/1 AP     Vinhson

Prep/1 LO     Max & Leo

1/2 RM           Gracelyn

1/2 UR           Ellie

3/4 HT           Quinn

3/4 GT           Sai & Lena

4/5 TR            An         

5/6 MG          Philiana

5/6 FA            Nghia

Music             Oscar

Art                   Abigail

Sport             John

Mandarin       Finn

Ignatian Award

The Ignatian Award is awarded to students who demonstrate the values and qualities of St Ignatius. This term, our Ignatian Value is Welcome. 


This week the Ignatian award is awarded to Ngha from 5/6FA. Congratulations Nghia!

EXTEND After Care

Extend Autumn Holiday Bookings now open





Richmond Community Announcements

Play AFL in Richmond


Richmond Library Activities


Richmond Scout Group


Learn Chinese at Lynall Hall

Chinese classes are available at a low cost for families who are interested in their children learning Chinese.  at a very 

Address: Corner of Highett Street & Glealdell Street.

                                   Lynall Hall Community School.

Time: Every Saturday morning 9:30am  - 11:30am

Contact Number: 0403 086 532 Ms Ma

Tuning Into Kids Programme


Richmond High School Tours


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