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08 March 2019
Issue Four
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From our Principal


“Everything changes and nothing stands still” is attributed to Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher who lived from 535BC to 475BC.  I have used this expression while working with staff this term as we talk about the future of education and the place for Moama Anglican Grammar in this future.


Education is often thought of as an industry that has experienced little change since the industrial revolution which is considered to have finished transforming society by the 1840s.  Many people question if the model of education established in the 1840s continues to prepare students for society today.  The industrial age is often considered a time when there was a high demand for people to be prepared to work in factories on production lines where one or two skills were required and repeated daily. 


This is no longer the world our young people leave school and enter in to, but the future is not set.  Professor Alan Reid AM, from the University of Adelaide commented in his research that “the future is not inevitable: it is fashioned by humans who can either allow events and trends to wash over them and then respond to the effects, or be proactive and try to shape the outcomes.” I believe strongly that it is better for us to shape the future and be masters of our destiny.


We are currently exploring possible futures as we create a new strategic plan to direct the school until 2025 that continues to honour our vision statement; “To provide a safe and inspiring educational environment that provides students with the skills and confidence to move forward in life.”  We have begun to work with staff about changes to learning and teaching that is based in research and we will continue these discussions to develop our profession further. We will also engage further with parents and the community about our strategic plan as it develops and seek input and feedback from you.  This is an exciting venture as we dream about the possibilities for our young people and their future and our role in shaping these dreams.


I omitted to let parents know that last week Jenna Hildebrand finished work as the Librarian at Moama Anglican Grammar.  It was remiss of me to have not acknowledge Jenna’s wonderful contribution to the development of the Resource Centre.  Jenna has been instrumental in developing the collection of resources, supporting staff and students and creating an inviting and inclusive environment in the Resource Centre.


Jenna has decided to continue her study full time.

Mrs Carmel Spry


Chaplains Chat

Lent has begun!

You may have noticed your child come home on Wednesday with a smudge on their forehead. If you were lucky that smudge may still have been in the shape of a cross at the end of the day. This was not the result of rolling in the dirt or burying their head in the sand. These marks came from our Ash Wednesday chapel services . In services across the day students from Year 1 through to Year 12 entered a time of self reflection, confession and a reminder that God is kind and compassionate and welcomes us with forgiveness. We were joined by Rev. George from Christ Church Anglican Echuca for the ‘giving of the Ashes’: a sign of the cross, our commitment to change to be better than we sometimes are and a call to trust in Jesus to achieve this.


Before the more solemn day of Ash Wednesday students enjoyed the edible tradition of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Food is always a wonderful way to bring people together and enjoy each others presence and the student leaders and Parents & Friends served up a delicious treat for us all. Thank you for the gold coin donations! All money raised through Shrove Tuesday will support the work of Habitat for Humanity and their work in Cambodia, working towards a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.


As we enter the season of Lent, preparing ourselves for Easter, we are thankful that God journey’s with us in Jesus helping us to become a community of kindness and compassion.


If you are looking for some easy ways to engage with the season of Lent follow one of the links below for a weekly devotion:


Tear Australia

Join us on a journey towards Easter with our ‘He Restores my Soul’ series, with captivating art and weekly prayers:


Common Grace and the Bible Society

Parables – rediscover Jesus profound teachings veiled in everyday stories:

Captain Marvel Movie Fundraiser

Our Habitat for Humanity fundraiser was a marvellous success! Thank you to everyone in the school community who supported the Captain Marvel movie night on Thursday evening. We sold 220 tickets and ran a raffle on the  night both contributing to raising $2450 for Habitat for Humanity! Habitat's motto is 'a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.' In June/July this year we have 34 students who are travelling to Cambodia to build houses with HFH. All money raised from our evening goes directly to Habitat's work in Cambodia!

Congratulations to Charlotte McGillivray who took out the raffle. We would like to thank St. Anne's Winery and Echuca Chocolate Company for providing a fantastic prize!!

Tim Bowles


Coming Events

Coming up

Term 1 Dates:

Labour Day Public Holiday: Mon 11 Mar

G'Day Space information Night: Tues 12 Mar 7pm in the Multi Purpose Hall

SEQTA Information Night: Wed 13 Mar in the Multi Purpose Hall

Year 7 Camp: Tues 12 - Fri 15 Mar

Year 7 and 10 vaccination: Wed 20 Mar

Primary Athletics carnival: Thurs 21 Mar

Secondary Athletics carnival: Fri 22 Mar

Family Movie Night - Toy Story 3: Fri 22 March on the Primary Lawn

Year 8 Camp: Tues 26 - Fri 29 Mar


A reminder school starts at 8:50 am and students are to be dropped off anytime after 8:20 am. 

Family Movie Night on the Primary School Lawn

You're invited to the Moama Anglican Grammar Parents and Friends Family Movie Night.
Let's kick start 2019 by getting together for a free, fun family evening.

Friday 22 March starting at 6pm, with Toy Story 3 beginning approximately 7.30pm.

BBQ, popcorn, drinks and snow cones will be available for purchase with all proceeds going towards our Cambodia Service trip.

BYO picnic welcome, this is an alcohol free event.
Don't forget to bring your camp chairs, bean bags and blankets to get comfy on the lawn.


The Addams Family EMTC production

Moama Anglican Grammar students Aedan Lias, Harper Raverty, Jazmin Bourke and Ella Carriero are working hard for the next EMTC - Echuca Moama Theatre Company production, The Addams Family. 
Tickets are now on sale for the show in May. Don't miss out on seeing these talented young students.


School Noticeboard

Hosting Japanese exchange students

Are you interested in hosting a Japanese Exchange Student in 2019?

Students aged between 15-16 will be joining us at Moama Anglican Grammar from 17-28 August and are looking for host families during this time.

Students will attend school classes throughout the week, and enjoy spending time with their host family and exploring Echuca Moama on the weekends.


If you are interested in being a host family, please email:

Carmel Spry

[email protected]

for an application pack.

2019 Premiers Reading Challenge

The 2019 Premiers Reading Challenge has begun! The Premiers Reading Challenge is open for students from K - 9, and aims to encourage a love of reading for pleasure, and appreciation of quality literature.


To participate in the challenge students register their name in the Resource Centre. Once registered students receive a username and password and can log into the Challenge website here and record books.  


Students from K - 2 can list books that they read with their family. Students from 3 upwards must read the books themselves.


Further details, rules and book lists can be found here at the Premiers Reading Challenge website.


Happy reading!


Battery Drive

In June 2019, Grace Andrews, Jessica Smith and Caitlin Ebsworth, along with 31 Moama Anglican Grammar students are participating in a Service Trip to Cambodia.


While in Cambodia, the student team will help build homes for three families in need using their own hands through Habitat’s Global Village program. Students are currently involved in a preparation program that includes team building, developing their cultural understanding and fundraising.


Jess, Caitlin and Grace have developed a fantastic fundraising initiative and have been busy collecting old batteries from Farming communities around Deniliquin and surrounds to then sell on to a South Australian Battery recycler.


If you can assist in their fundraising efforts, please contact the school office on 5480 5900


School Sores (Impetigo)

Please refer to the NSW Health Impetigo Fact Sheet for current information about this common condition.


It may be timely to discuss with your child / ren how we can you avoid spreading the infection (extracted from the fact sheet):


While you have the infection:

​Sores should be kept clean and covered with a waterproof dressing to prevent them being touched or scratched.

Used dressings should be placed in a sealed bag and put in the garbage bin as soon as they are removed.

Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and running water for 10 – 15 seconds after sores are touched or redressed.

Children with impetigo should be kept home from school or other group settings if their wounds cannot be kept covered until 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has been started, or until the blisters have dried out if antibiotics are not used.


To prevent impetigo children should be taught:

To wash their hands often with soap. Resources on hand washing can be found in the 5th Edition of Staying Healthy: Preventing infectious diseases in early childhood education and care services.

Not to scratch scabs or pick their nose

Not to share their clothes, towels, or toothbrushes

To have scratches and cuts cleaned and covered.


Children with impetigo should be kept home from school or other group settings if their wounds cannot be kept covered until 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has been started, or until the blisters have dried out if antibiotics are not used.


Years K-4

K-4 students can have a lunch order only. Student orders will be delivered to the classroom at the beginning of lunch. Students are not permitted to attend the canteen during the day to purchase items over the counter.

The canteen offers an online ordering service for School families. You may register at

Alternatively, students / parents need to complete their lunch order on a brown paper bag with payment and deposit it in the canteen bag in their classroom each morning before 9:10 am.


Years 5 -12 

The canteen offers an online ordering service for School families. You may register at


Alternatively, students will need to drop their orders to the canteen in a paper bag with payment and their full name, class and order written on it prior to school commencing. Collection of lunch order will then be available from the small side window at lunchtime. Recess and lunchtime snacks can be purchased over the counter.


Anaphylaxis Strategy

All children with a known allergy or anaphylaxis require a health care plan including an anaphylaxis plan.

Nut Minimisation Strategy - The School is unable to guarantee a nut free environment. However, it will endeavour to reduce the risk of exposure to nuts by:

  • Requiring the School Canteen to ensure meals produced on site are nut free. Packaged foods may contain nuts, so children need to check labels and avoid such products
  • Requiring the Food Technology staff to ensure a nut free food preparation area for use by students with nut allergies and to provide a nut free food technology program for the student
  • Ensuring all staff involved in the direct care of students are trained in the use of epi-pens
  • Requesting that all parents avoid sending food to school which contain nuts 
  •  Insisting on any foods brought for sharing (birthday cakes) are only provided after the prior agreement of the class teacher and are sent in with a list of ingredients showing the items are nut free and were prepared in a nut free environment (ie adequate precautions were taken to avoid contamination – benches washed down, etc).

For more information, refer to Anaphylaxis & Severe Allergic Reactions Guidelines for Schools – Second Edition 2006 as provided by AIS NSW. This guide can be located on the AIS Website

Summer Uniform Requirements

Short sleeved white School shirt; formal blue School shorts; plain navy school socks (no logos); polished, laced, black leather school shoes.


Summer School dress; plain white school socks (no logos); polished, laced, black leather school shoes. Girls’ dress length should be to the top of the knee.


Hats During Terms 1 & 4, at Recess and Lunchtime, and while engaged in any lessons outside a classroom (eg. PDHPE classes or any class doing practical work outside), ALL students are expected to wear School bucket hats, even if under shade. Hats are not to be worn in the class room and should be removed prior to entering the room.


A 'no hat, no play' policy operates in Terms 1 and 4 and students are required to wear their hats for all outside activities. For Kindergarten to Year 2 students, please note: if you wish your child to wear his or her hat to and from school, please supply a spare school hat to remain in your child's classroom at school. This will ensure that your child will always have a hat available. Sunscreen is available.

Uniform Shop

Regular opening hours during term time:

8:30 am to 9:15 am on Tuesday

2:45 pm to 3:15 pm on Thursday


Alternatively you may download a uniform order form and price list here.


Around the School

The sheep have arrived

Have ‘ewe’ seen the Riverine Herald today? Our Caroonboon Merinos ewes have made the front cover! They will be lambing in mid April and we cannot wait to see the growth of our extended Primary Industries family. 

Students participated in a Sheep education day in Jerilderee


Moama to Menindee Water Drive

We are overwhelmed with the generosity of our students and families! In total the school community has donated 28,414 litres of water to the town of Menindee and a second truck is required to deliver the donations received across the district.
A big thank you to students and families that have donated water in the last few weeks, along with a generous donation from Woolworths. We cannot thank you enough for supporting this cause.


Open Day

Our Secondary Open Day  today has been a great success with plenty of Year 6 students and their families visiting from across the district. They we treated to a drum line performance at the entrance to the school and were taken on student led tours with our Student leadership representatives. We look forward to welcoming these families back for our Year 7 showcase on June 14.


Lion's Youth of the Year Competition

On Sunday 3 March, Mia Oberin participated in the district final for the Lion's Youth of the Year Competition in Lockington. There were five contestants involved in the competition, all who had won their local final in order to advance forward to this level. Mia won both the public speaking award and the overall competition. The Lion's Youth of the Year Competition involves contestants sitting an interview in front of a panel of judges and presenting a five minute prepared speech of their choice. In addition to this, contestants address two impromptu questions under timed conditions. Mia now proceeds through to the next round of finals held in Albury at the end of March.


You can read Mia's interview with the Riverine Herald in today's edition.



Cara Haley's show success

Year 6 student Cara Haley has had great success at the Rochester Northern District Show on the weekend, in the craft, art and photography pavilion. Cara entered 16 divisions and won 15 firsts places as well as three overall champions ribbons and the HIGHEST AGGREGATE AWARD for achieving more than 5 firsts in one medium. Cara entered in woodwork, metalwork, sewing, drawing, weaving and photography. All but one entry in photography was in the U17 category as the U12 category only had one subject category.  Cara also won a spot in the Northern District  Agricultural Show Association Regional Finals in Bendigo in March where winners in NDAS sections of  sewing ( a cushion), greeting card and photography from different show societies from across the state will compete against each other in a special exhibition/ gala dinner.


Secondary Sports

BISSA swimming

Yesterday a team of 42 secondary school students competed at the BISSA Swimming Carnival in Wagga Wagga, against 12 other schools from the Riverina area. Throughout the day we had students competing in almost every event with many students swimming multiple individual events throughout the course of the day. The day started off fairly chilly, and the students found the water of the outdoor pool a little cool, but the sun warmed us up and presented us with a very pleasant warm day at the pool.


Many students swam personal bests at this carnival, and even more placed well in their heats. We had a few ribbon winners with:

  • Bernard Uys, 17 – 19 years age group achieving an overall First Place in Butterfly and Breaststroke and Second in 50m Freestyle;
  • Scarlet Southern, 12 years age group, achieving an overall Third Place in Breaststroke; and
  • Ayla Wise, also 12 years age group, achieving an overall Third Place in Backstroke.


Thank-you to Mr Lee Macey and Miss Georgia Walton for accompanying me on this trip and supporting the students in being able to participate in this carnival.


Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent the RAS (Riverina Anglican Schools) Team at the CIS Swimming Carnival on 1-2 May in Sydney.

Max Carroll – 50m Freestyle

Jake Clancy – 50m Backstroke

Tilli-Rose Peters – 50m Freestyle, 50m Breaststroke, 50m Butterfly, 100m Freestyle

Scarlett Southern – 50m Butterfly, 50m Breaststroke

Bernard Uys – 50m Freestyle, 50m Breaststroke, 50m Butterfly

Maia Uys – 200m Individual Medley, 50m Backstroke

Ayla Wise – 50m Freestyle, 50m Breaststroke, 50m Backstroke



School Athletics Carnival

Today students signed up for events at our school athletics carnival, which will be held on Friday 22 March 2019 at Jack Eddy Oval. All students are expected to attend this carnival, in their school sports shorts and house shirt, and either compete or volunteer to help in the running of the day.


I am still hoping that there are some more parents who are or have been involved in athletics with their children who would be happy to volunteer some time to help us run our field events. If this is you, please can you let me know as I would love to have some more helpers on the day.

Bar-Rook School Shoot

Bar-Rook Sporting Field & Game Australia are holding their annual School Shoot on Monday March 18 2019. If you participate in shooting as a sport, own your own firearm and have a junior permit or equivalent and would like to participate in this event, please contact me.


The event will commence at 9am sharp at Bar-Rook Field & Game grounds, Gonn Road, Barham. The cost per student participating is $15.00, with ammunition and targets covered as part of this entry fee.


The school will require students to be taken to the event by their parents, however the school will coordinate the entries. Last year we had some very successful students participate in this event, so please let me know if you are interested in participating this year.

Sport success

Please continue to let me know of student successes in sport outside of school, as I enjoy sharing and recognising personal successes of students with our school community.


Mrs Kim McFadden

Head of Secondary Sport & VET 

Community News

OTIS Foundation Fundraiser

Join us for a night of great music, food, wine and fundraising.
Come and help MAGS Mum Kath Nye raise funds for an organisation close to her heart – the OTIS Foundation, who provide free retreat accommodation to those affected by breast cancer.
The Gala event also helps the kids of Dillmac raise funds for their upcoming musical “Godspell” plus at the same time assisting people in our district with cancer through the Gift Cancer Fund.
Our main auction item is an $1800 Hummer limo trip donated by STARDUST LIMOS!! Plus try your hand at our silent auction and our raffle! Hear from the Kids who will perform between courses plus rock the night away to the amazing Dillmac super band. Grab a group of friends and contact Liz Dillon [email protected] For more information and tickets!


In Good Company

Join in a wonderful night of song and dance with a production by Lewis Beer: in Good Company. Previous Moama Anglican Grammar students will be performing alongside a fantastic local cast.

Tickets available from the Paramount Cinema.


Mainly Music


Soccer Camp

Sports Camp Australia are hosting  the SCA Under Armour Soccer Camp in the April School Holidays at the Moama Recreation Reserve.


This is a great opportunity to provide a fun environment for those that are interested in playing soccer and great activity to partake in during these school holidays.


Players will be coached each day by George Lazarou and his experienced coaching staff from AYFI. George is one of Australia's leading youth development coaches with a distinguished Australian National Soccer League (NSL) career in Australia.

The unique curriculum of SCA Under Armour Soccer Camps will help improve your weak points and is open to all abilities.


Event Details

Dates: 11 – 12 April 2019

Location: Brick Alley Oval, Moama Recreation Reserve

Cost: $120 for 1 full day, $200 for 2 full days


For more information please see attached flyer or   

Additionally you can contact Michelle Nikiforos at Sports Camp Australia at [email protected]  or 02 8065 9495.


YMCA April School Holidays program

Join in on the YMCA School Holiday program. Booking form can be found below.


Rochester Basketball Association


Learn to Swim These School Holidays



Teddy Bears Picnic



Echuca Junior Football Club - Youth Girls Team

We need your HELP!
Echuca Junior Football Club is thrilled to announce we are again fielding a youth girls team for season 2019 (now for the exciting part) we require another 10 players to guarantee a second team. Yep you heard right we are seeking interest from another 10 enthusiastic female players aged between 14 to 17 years. We are calling on you, our football community to help us spread the word so please get liking, sharing and tagging so our girls can represent for Echuca Bombers. 
Training Wednesday nights from 5.30pm at Vic Park. 
For more information don’t delay please contact Chris 0409033682 or Jodie 0437830304. Let’s go Bombers

Junior Casual Positions


    Requirements for front of house:

  • Available for weekends
  • Strong communication skills
  • Great work ethic
  • On job training
  • Strong Team Support

  Please drop your resume to 542 High St, Echuca or  email to [email protected]

Dumbo movie fundraiser


Moama Anglican Grammar 
Term1 Canteen Menu.pdf
19_2617_BRYMCA_ School Holiday Program Booking Form.pdf