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14 December 2018
Issue Nineteen
Important Dates
2019 First Day Student Conferences
Principals Report
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Important Dates


Tuesday 18th: Presentation Night  - Eastbank 7.00pm

Family members of award winners are most welcome to attend this free event.

Thursday 20th: Euroa Pool Activities Day

February 2019

Wednesday 30th: First Day Student Conferences

2019 First Day Student Conferences

2019 First Day Student Conferences


To establish a foundation for successful learning, McGuire College will be holding Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences in 2019. The First Day Conferences will take place on Wednesday, 30th January 2019 between 10:30am and 6:00pm. The purpose of these conferences is to enable all students, parents and teachers an opportunity to establish and continue to develop their relationships and develop a better understanding of your child and their individual needs at the beginning of the school year.


We will discuss responsibilities and expectations for the year and also ensure students and parents can access Xuno so that attendance, student learning goals, timetables and school reports can be easily accessed. McGuire College planners, student timetables, locker allocation, and school photos will also take place on this day, therefore students will be required to wear their full school uniform for their conference. Attendance on this day is compulsory. 


There will be no scheduled classes on this day. All enrolled students, accompanied by at least one parent/guardian (preferably both) are asked to come to school and meet with their Mentor Teacher for a 15 minute conference on Wednesday 30th January 2018. Parents and students will need to meet in E wing on arrival to school.


To schedule appointments for this day, you will be able to book via the school online Xuno portal. A letter will be mailed to all families with further information.

Principals Report

Dear Parents and Friends,


It’s hard to believe that this is our last newsletter communication for the 2018 school year.


A fitting time for me thank you for trusting us to care for your children and support their secondary school learning journey.


It is a great privilege to be part of a school community and a huge privilege to work with the staff at McGuire who are committed to educating students for life by providing learning opportunities which are explicit and purposeful in a safe and supportive environment.


Our 2018 school year has been a year rich in learning for all stakeholders. At the heart of our community is indeed our goal to foster a supportive and inclusive College community where wellbeing is nurtured within the College, within families and within our wider Greater Shepparton community.

The reimagining of our school instructional learning model has been a major driving force behind teaching and learning in 2018. We have also embraced the learning of the Professional Learning Communities initiative supporting the work of Professional Learning Teams across all areas of our College.


This year, we have continued to work closely with our Alliance colleagues at Shepparton High School, Wanganui Park Secondary College and Mooroopna Secondary College – our work towards our new shared Secondary College continues to be both exciting and renewing. 

As a Principal Team, Megan, Anna and I would like to acknowledge the support given to us by the College Council. The time given on a voluntary basis to meet the many, often onerous requirements of being a College Council member, is enormously appreciated by the College community.  School Council members have also been a significant presence at many College events and functions in 2018, spending time mixing with parents and supporting the work towards our new school.


A special thank you to our School Council Chairperson, Ms Jill Clapperton, for her vision and energy, both of which are always on display.


Students again represented our College in a huge range of sporting competitions, achieving outstanding results at local, regional and State levels.  We would like to congratulate all students who cooperated excellently with staff on the various days, and who participated with a very friendly, yet competitive, spirit.


As a Principal Team, Megan, Anna and I would like to congratulate each of the 2018 student leaders, including our College Captains and House Captains. A huge thank you to all student leaders who faced the challenge of both representing the College on many occasions and being role models for other students; they have all had a very successful year.


As our school year comes to end we thank all members of our staff team who have worked together to ensure that all students leave McGuire College as confident, competent individuals able to face challenges and take responsible, active roles in a diverse world.


We thank all staff for the many gifts they have shared with our College this year. Next week we will gather as a staff team to farewell staff who have been with is for a short time who are perusing new ventures in 2019. We will also farewell three long standing staff members – farewell and best wishes to:

Mr Cosi Rando - Cosi, who has been with us since 2008 when he began his teaching career. Thank you Cosi for the many gifts you have brought to the development of the Digital Learning across the College.  Your fun stories and welcoming and friendly nature will be greatly missed.


Mrs Nicole Leys – Nicole has been with us for 4 years and leaves us to join the team at Kyabram P to 12.  Thank you Nicole for your contributions to and leadership of our Visual Arts team and for your support of early career teachers in your team. 


Mrs Faye Farrant - Faye began teaching at McGuire 9 years ago and leaves us to join the team at Wanganui Park Secondary College.  Thank you Faye for your contributions to and leadership of our Mathematics  program across the College.


As a College community we would like to sincerely thank Megan Michalaidis and Anna Sloane our Assistant Principals who alongside our College leadership team Sam Owen, Deanne Dewar, Megan Dixon, Stacie Lundberg, Paige Martin, Jamason Miller, Julie Hannan, Sharon Wagstaff, Carly Bostancioglu, and Matt Koutroubas have led our College community with integrity, passion and a deep commitment to living out our school vision as a Caring Learning Community in all their endeavours

– thank you for your tremendous support, your deep commitment and your outstanding efforts to improve the lives of the young people in our this year!


We wish you all a safe and happy festive season.


Claire Kelly

College Principal




Extension Writing Group

What is your name?

Lay Napier


What is your role here at McGuire?

Social Worker. A social worker is a person that looks out for the wellbeing of the students, not just at school, but in their home life as well.


How long have you been in this role?

June this year.


Why did you choose to work at McGuire? 

Because I have friends and family that have had students at McGuire and I know that there is a high need for more support here at McGuire.


What do you like doing when you are not working?

I like to hang out with my 3 boys, and we usually do some kid activities together.


What is your favourite moment working at McGuire?

I like the Breakfast program and seeing people come together and make new friends.


What is your funniest moment working at McGuire?

Too many to pick one specific moment…


Written by Jaiden Heinzmann

Music at McGuire

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