27 March 2018
Issue One
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Be Your Best

The banner hanging in our gym at Kew High School displays the following words:


You don’t have to be the best. You just have to be your best.


It is there for all in our community to read in memory of our past student, Jack Marchesin, who, in his short life, was known for always giving one hundred percent. He was motivated, engaged, keen to learn and he made the most of his opportunities. It is there to inspire others to adopt his approach.


Sometimes it is easy to think we are giving everything, but on reflection and through comparisons with the efforts of others, we realise that we have fallen short. To give your all requires commitment, passion, grit and persistence. The idea of a personal best involves the prospect of the bar being lifted. There is the possibility to aim higher and improve with sustained effort.


To stretch yourself to perform at your best means that you run the risk of failing. You don’t know what your best is until you hit the wall and can go no further, when you feel the burn and you are physically or mentally depleted. To be your best requires that you move from the comfort zone with your known strengths and abilities to the courage zone, where all progress occurs, into the unknown, the uncertain, the unfamiliar.  This requires strong moral fibre.

The students who achieve at their best exhibit a strong work ethic, rigour, a willingness to collaborate, to reflect and revise, and to seek assistance. They genuinely Aspire, Strive and Achieve. 

No matter where you are being placed on a continuum, at the standard, below or above, you should feel assured that you have challenged yourself and this is actually your best.  When you receive a satisfactory only you can ascertain if you have cruised or if you have extended yourself, only you can judge if you are just getting by and in fact your input is mediocre. There should be no pleasure in achieving an average result if you are capable with more effort, of accomplishing better outcomes.


At the end of the day only be content when you have attained at your best, realised your potential and reached your optimum.  Seek to find opportunities to give more, extend yourself further in order to really understand your capabilities, strengths and possibilities.


Clare Entwisle

Photo: Year 10 Peer Support Leaders


Photo: Year 10 Peer Support Leaders

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to all of the new students and families attending Kew High School in 2018.  My name is Rosemary Carter and I am the Kew High School Chaplain.  As the chaplain I am involved in a range of programs in the school including Connect, Peer Support, house spirit and pastoral care.  Students are also welcome to come and see me in room 105 to discuss any issue or concern.

Wednesday 31st January marked the first day of school for the year 7 students.  It was also the first day of the Peer Support program for 2018.  It was fantastic to see over 200 year 7 students racing around the school with 43 newly trained year 10 Peer Support leaders in a school information hunt.  The Peer Support program is aimed at helping year 7 students transition into high school life.  A wide range of topics are covered over the semester including: finding and keeping friends, getting organised and working through hassles.  Welcome to the new year 7 students and congratulations to the year 10 Peer Support Leaders.

This year the Chaplains Assistance Fund has again aided many students’ and families with new and second-hand textbooks and uniforms.  We are very grateful for the support from the Rotary Club of Yarra Bend, Kew Country Women’s Association and the Bendigo Bank Kew East Community Bank.  Without their generous support, the Chaplains Assistance Fund would be unable to continue to offer assistance and support to Kew High School students.  Applications for support through the Chaplains Assistance Fund can be collected from the general office.


The Second hand Uniform and Book Shop have again had a busy three months with the volunteers running a highly successful end of year sale.  A big thank you to all of the volunteers for donating their time for this huge undertaking. If you are interested in purchasing items from the shop our regular, opening time is Tuesday’s 12:20pm – 1:10pm and two Monday evenings per term.  Watch the Compass newsfeed for advertisements of these evening opening times and dates.  New volunteers are encouraged and welcome to join our team in the second-hand shop or you make like to attend the Friends of Chaplaincy meetings twice per term.  For information on volunteering or to find out how to sell your own uniforms and books through the shop, please see the school webpage www.kew.vic.edu.au or email the school chaplain rosemary.carter@kew.vic.edu.au. 


Rosemary Carter

School Chaplain


A Starting Note from Musicland

Term 1 has been a short but busy one for all who dwell in Musicland.


We have already been involved in a number of performances, including the VCE band playing for Clean Up Australia Day, The Stage Band at General Assembly and numerous student performances at year level assemblies.

The Music captains for this year are: Howard Aitken, Kevin Dhima and Joshua Marra.


There has been a high number of enrollments into the instrumental music program and we welcome all the year 7's who have already joined bands.


The school production this year is Grease; the production band has already started rehearsing for this and we look forward to having a good, rocking time at the show in August.


Term 2 will have the Music students involved in Anzac day ceremonies, the Music Camp, The Royal Melbourne Hospital Well Being festival, excursions to various venues and finally the half time concert.


I look forward to seeing you all there.


Judy Bartosy

Director of Music


Year 7 First Day

On Wednesday 31st January, the year 7 students stepped through the gates of Kew High School in their uniform, fresh and ready for their first day of high school. On this day, the students participated in a range of activities with the purpose of introducing them to their peers, teachers, the schoolyard, classrooms, and their peer support group.

The Year 10 Peer Support leaders lead small group games that encouraged them to socialise and connect with one another. These peer support groups assisted in the year 7’s smooth transition to high school and they still meet on a fortnightly basis to reconnect.

Students from 7G have recorded memories and first impressions from their first day of school.


I met many different people, lots of whom are still my friends. On the first day I was very excited, I met the teachers who were very friendly. I remember feeling very unorganised. Now I believe I am prepared, as I have got used to the school. Tiffany Dao.


I feel more comfortable with school now; it feels like my second home. At first, I was scared with how busy it was but now I’m used to it. Jasmine Harbison.


On the first day of school we waited outside with our heavy backpacks. I was very nervous coming to school and worried if I had forgotten something. Now I’m not nervous coming to school. Joe Qi.


On the first day of school I remember feeling unorganised because there were so many room switches. Now I feel confident because I know where all of the rooms are. Ringo Kojima.


On the first day I was quite unsure about what was going on. If I hadn’t made any friends on orientation day it would have been a lot harder. After a few hours I settled in and decided to focus on my work. This helped calm my nerves. Matty Hoy.


I was nervous about having to adapt to a completely new environment. Now it is familiar and I am excited to come to school every day to see and learn new things. On our first day we played soccer with our peer support group, it was fun. Harry Zheng.


I remember lots of people helping me find my way around. There were lots of activities to get to know each other and the treasure hunt activity really helped me understand where everything was. Although the treasure hunt was tiring, it was still lots of fun and I had a great day. Emily Wright.


On my first day of school I remember being really nervous. I was worried about having to find the right classroom for different subjects and having to find my way around the school. I soon found my way around easily and didn’t have to rely on anyone. Nellie Heafield.


At first I felt really far away from my family and sometimes I didn’t want to come to school but now I’m excited to come to school and I really enjoy it. It is different to primary school. I have met many new friends that I hope to keep for a while. At first, I was anxious and intimidated but now I’m excited and curious. Ella McNamara.


Study Camp

On the 31st of January, the Year Twelve class of 2018 returned to school after our final summer holidays for our time at Kew High School. After a fight for the best lockers in the morning, the year twelves began a two day study camp which focused on teaching skills and techniques to aid us in getting through the year, as well as attending lectures relating to the different aspects of the three English subjects. Casual clothes and free lunch were greatly appreciated as we slowly adjusted to the holidays coming to an end.


Over the two days, the students undertaking Core English first enjoyed lectures on creative writing and one of the novels which we are studying this year – The Golden Age, by Joan London – from Rosalie Ham, author of The Dressmaker, and Kay Perry. From them, we were able to learn strategies to enhance our creative writing pieces, as well as finding out what it was like to work with Liam Hemsworth on the set of The Dressmaker film adaptation. We’re told he’s even better looking in real life!


In addition to this, journalist John Kilner provided an entertaining lecture about the ability of language to persuade a reader.


Throughout this time, students undertaking English Language were introduced to a number of key topics for their course for the year by linguistics expert Jonothan Lum. The English Literature students had multiple talks about the texts which they are studying throughout the year from passionate teachers and VCE examiners, Margot Thompson and James Pinnuk.  


On Thursday, the students attended a session run by Elevate Education – a company that provides study skill seminars – which educated us on a number of study tips and techniques. This talk provided further insight into ways that the year twelves can more effectively utilise their time throughout what can be a very busy and stressful school year.


At the conclusion of study camp, 2018’s year twelve cohort prepared themselves for the beginning of classes the following day, ready to get straight into the school year ahead.


Zoe Austen

Year 12 Student



The Winning Streak Continues

On Monday 12th February, all Kew High School students walked to Boroondara Sports Complex for our annual House Swimming Carnival.

It was a fantastic atmosphere as always. It was great to see so many students getting involved in the swimming and diving events including those who participated in the activities run by the Unit 1&2 VET students who did a great job. The House Captains lead their houses and encouraged students from younger year levels to get involved.

When it comes to House points, Cotham continued its winning streak finishing ahead of Boroondara, Barker and Wilsmere.


Congratulations to those who participated and those who went on to represent the school at Division Swimming.


Division Swimming

Congratulations to all the students who represented Kew High School at the Division Swimming Event on Thursday 8th March. It was a great day out and a very successful day for our Swim Team.

A special mention to the age group champions:

  • Angus Lim - 13Y boys
  • Chris Skarakis - 17Y boys
  • Jaime Hare - 20Y girls

A huge congratulations to those who broke division records:

  • Nasia Ikosidekas - 50m butterfly (16Y girls)
  • Angus Lim - 50m freestyle (14Y boys)
  • Jaime Hare - 50m backstroke and 50m butterfly (20Y girls)

Congratulations also to those who represented us at Regional Swimming late in Term 1 also.


Louise Bates

Sports Coordinator



A Busy Term in English

It has been a busy first term in the English Learning Area with four enrichment events running for our students.


Firstly, Year 12 English students visited ACMI to watch the Hitchcock classic, Rear Window. After the screening, a lecture was held to assist students in their initial analysis of the film and understanding of Hitchcock’s directorial decisions.


The fantastic anthology of short stories, Foreign Soil, is a new addition to the Year 11 English course this year. Local writer, Maxine Beneba Clarke, came to talk to our students about her life experiences and the inspiration for her work while affording them greater insights into the stories studied. 


This year we were lucky to secure a session with touring, Sydney-based, poet Zohab Zee Khan. The Australian Slam Poetry champion performed for our Year 9 students, offering positive messages of peace, tolerance and self-acceptance while being thoroughly entertaining.


The Flying Bookworm Theatre Company visited Kew High School to perform their production of Macbeth for our Year 11 English students. Their schools’ program is titled, Shakespeare Without Tears as their aim is to help students break down The Bard’s poetic, and often challenging, language in an engaging and fun manner.

Vicky Brahmin

Head of English


A Great Success!

Opportunity for the parents of our new Year 7 students to meet their child's teachers and speak to them in a relaxed and informal setting. It was attended by approximately 250 Year 7 parents and students.


The event was a great success with very positive feedback being received from parents about the transition process to secondary school.

A special thank you to Catriona Christie and Helen Handley, with our Q Network Parent Group, who provided the drinks and refreshments on the night, and also to our Year 10 Peer Support Leaders who were great waiters for the night.

Val Steane

Community and Transition Liaison  


Camp Charnwood

In week six of Term 1, the Year 7 students spent three days away at camp.The camp took place at Camp Charnwood in Lima East. Throughout the camp the students participated in a range of activities with the purpose of building teamwork skills and new friendships.

Here is what students from 7C had to say about the camp...


Camp was amazing. I enjoyed camping out for the night in a tent and cooking our dinner. I also loved the water activities and the bush walk up through Ned Kelly’s land. My year 11 leaders were really helpful and nice. They helped make things fun and enjoyable. Thank you Irene, Chelsea and Chris. Overall, it was an amazing camp and I hope the school keeps going to Charnwood. Saskia Cehun.


Camp was a great outdoor experience filled with adventures and activities to help adjust to the different setting. My favourite activity was the water activities that required teamwork skills. Overall, I really enjoyed the camp. Maggie Heath.


I enjoyed the two-minute noodles at the tents. The activities were fun and interactive especially the water sports. Overall, the camp was very good and I recommend that the school do the camp for years to come. Jack Hallam.


I liked the abseiling and the rock climbing because it’s not something you do every day. The food was great. You couldn’t ask for a better camp. Leo Varasdi.


I liked how I got to try new things like the abseiling. I also found out how to ride a gear bike. Chris Papastamopoulos.


I enjoyed every moment of this camp from the two-minute noodles to the water sports. I hope they keep this camp for the future year 7’s. Will Richards.


On year 7 camp, one of the great moments was abseiling as it was something new and I hadn’t done it before. Ole Kemp.


The thing I liked about this camp was the activities such as raft making, water activities and the game night. I also liked the camp because it was different from all the other camps I have been on before. Fleur Gordon-Carne.


I enjoyed camp because I was able to meet and bond with new people I didn’t expect I would. They are now good friends of mine. I also love camping. Camila Fontana Cordero.


Camp Charnwood was an awesome experience. I loved the mountain biking and camping in a tent was educational. Dimitri Gosios.


The best thing about camp was sleeping in tents. They were very comfortable and soft so I slept well. David Lu.


I enjoyed camp this year. I loved the water activities even though you got dirty. I also liked the night activities with the year 11 leaders. It wasn’t my favourite camp as it felt sort of like an exercise camp because of the long bush walk and the walk to the abseiling. In the end, I rate this camp a 7/10. Hannah Musgrave.

My favourite thing about camp was the water activities such as canoeing and crossing the wires over the lake. I also liked sleeping in the tents. Melissa Dalrymple.


My camp experience was exciting and fun. I met new people and did some things out of my comfort zone like abseiling. The water activities were fun. We played games in canoes and a game where two rafts had a battle against each other. This was my best school camp yet. Jacob Blowfield.


Camp was great. We went abseiling down a rock that was really fun. Aiden Johnson.


Some of my favourite things from camp were making the fire, rock climbing and the bush walk. Daniel Galati.


I liked all the games on the last night of camp. I also enjoyed camping outside and I learnt how to cook. Ben Thomson.


I liked the water activities and the abseiling. It was fun going outdoors and do things you don’t normally get to do every day. Scarlet Barnes.


The best part of camp would have to be the water activities and lighting a fire. I made new friends and achieved things I wanted to. Lotti Bogovic.


The camp made me do things I didn’t expect I’d do. It was a great experience. Ginger Habben.

My favourite thing about camp was definitely the water activities. From kayaking to rafting to raft building, all of the games we played were amazing. Eva Mossman.


My favourite thing on camp would have to be the water sports. I also made new friends, which was good. Sam Tillig.


I have to say that year 7 camp was an incredible experience for everyone. Whether you were scared of doing something and had to learn to push through your boundaries or extremely excited, it was fun for all. The camp leaders encouraged us to do things but if you really didn’t want to do them, they wouldn’t force you. Overall, camp was awesome! Maya Twigg.



Volleyball Victoria Beach Schools Cup

On Thursday 15th March a selection of Kew High School students were chosen to participate in a one day beach volleyball tournament held at South Melbourne Beach.


Year 10 boys and girls took out their day, both genders winning both the Gold and Silver medals for the Fours Event. A fantastic effort!


Louise Bates

Volleyball Program Coordinator



Games, LEGO, Cards, Crafts Club

This is an exciting and well-loved club running every Friday at lunch time. An average of 50 students attend to play a huge range of technology-free games.


Some of the favourite games include Chess, jig-saw puzzles, Lego construction, Battleship, and more.


Students enjoy the Chess and Connect 4 competitions.  The Simpson’s Chess set is great fun to play with a particular mention to Oliver Mansfield and Daniel Galati who are enjoying the challenge, doh!

A fun time is had and often the noise level can be deafening. Many friendships have been formed across the Uno and Yugiyo Card game tables.


Many have tried to beat Games Captain, Robert Garner in Connect 4.  Here he has successfully challenged Jess Kaur.  

There is a great deal of social interaction happening and everyone is welcome to join in the fun.


We would love to see you on Friday at lunch time in Room 6.

Veronica Brunton and Jess Kaur

Games Executives


An Incredible Experience

Last year 19 Kew High School Students from years 10 and 11 were lucky enough to travel overseas to South India and Sri Lanka with World Challenge.


We spent a month exploring, trekking and immersing ourselves within the diverse culture.

We began our expedition in South India trekking through the Western Ghats, a picturesque mountain range. After a tough five days of hiking, we headed to Sri Lanka.

Over the next 20 days, we explored many facets of Sri Lanka, which included train rides, safaris, food poisoning, temples, white-water rafting, visiting a turtle rehab centre, and relaxing by the beach.

The majority of our time in Sri Lanka was spent at a local school in a rural area surrounded by tea plantations. We spent the week involved in various labour tasks such as mixing concrete, fixing furniture, painting furniture, and repairing the school roof.


The local school children were keen volley ballers. Every afternoon we played a competitive Australia versus Sri Lanka volleyball game. They had never seen such good competition!


A huge accomplishment that the whole World Challenge team achieved was hiking up 5,500 steps at two in the morning to see the sunrise from the top of Adams Peak at 2,243 metre elevation.

The entire trip was such an incredible experience and we would highly recommend anyone and everyone to apply for the coming World Challenge expeditions in the future.


Catherine Riggington

Year 12 Student


Mid Summer Night’s Dream

Mid Summer Night’s Dream was an unexpected, unique Thursday night event. Unexpected; that I would attend the Botanical Outdoor Observatory Gardens to watch a unique Shakespearean play.


Under the starry night, sitting on the grass on our picnic rugs, I sat among friends, teachers and students from Kew High School enjoying a great picnic whilst entertained by outstanding actors. From the second the play began, it was as though we entered a magical world set among the Botanical Gardens and trees as the backdrops. 

The extraordinary well-known actors recited sonnets and poems from the famous play. It was precise and creative in every way. From the lighting, set, costumes, to the expressive portrayal of this wild love story. It was a modern take on a play which was written in 1595 by the famous Shakespeare. These are some extracts from the play:

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind…”

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

“The course of true love never did run smooth.”

“And yet, to say the truth, reason and love keep little company together nowadays.”

The actors worked hard for two hours and kept us enthralled from start to finish- with their costume changes, acrobatics, dance and brilliant, hilarious character portrayals from animals, to fairies, to Kings and Queens from Athens.

When you least expect it, the most amazing memories are made. I thoroughly enjoyed the play. It was an enchanting performance I would most definitely repeatedly see. I am so grateful to my teachers for the invitation and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a fun, magical night out.


Photos and Article by Mariam Pileggi

Year 10 Student



Clean Up Force and Raising Funds

Kew High School celebrated Clean Up Australia Day on the 2nd of March.

Clean Up Australia Day is all about increasing awareness around the simple steps that communities, such as Kew High, can take in order to make a massive difference.  


We celebrated Clean Up Australia Day by hosting a bake sale to raise money for the environmental fund as well as running a clean-up committee during period 5 on the same day.  


The bake sale went tremendously well, and everything was sold out!  We raised $247, which will go towards bettering our environment within Kew High School.  

It was great to see all the students getting involved in the clean up during period 5 and the enthusiasm that we received around the day.  We are so happy about how involved and interested everyone was!


Alessandra Carnovale and Kate O’Dwyer

Environment Captains


The Old Replaced by the New

Kew High School Council works hard to provide the best resources and equipment possible for our students. The funds generated from parent payments to the Building Fund, Library Fund, Chaplaincy and general donations makes an enormous difference to what can be achieved each year.


Term 1 has seen the installation of a new kiln in the Art department. This has allowed for more efficient firing of the ceramic artworks. Expect big things from your students!


Thank you parents.


Terry Ryan

Business Manager




Gnurad Gundidj

Six Kew High School students were selected to attend Gnurad Gundidg School for Student Leadership in Term 4, 2017. The school for student leadership was a nine-week leadership program located in South-East Victoria. The purpose of the program was to develop our leadership skills, life skills, how to better manage ourselves, and a gain a deeper understanding of our strengths and weaknesses.


We were at the school with 44 other kids from other schools who we ate with, worked with, and saw almost every day. No day was the same at Gnurad. Some were spent mountain biking or camping over 2 or 3 days and others were spent mucking around in first aid class, coming up with fake injuries and using paint to make it more real. We had other activities like a movie night, formal night, and many off-campus trips.


F-10 Strands

While on campus we had activities called ‘F-10 Strands’. These were classroom activities, but weren’t like our usual Maths and English classes at Kew High School. We had classes such as Metacognition which was ‘thinking about thinking’, Self-Awareness, Questions and Possibilities, Cultural Diversity, and so on. These were made enjoyable by the teachers as we were engaged with different physical activities rather than working from textbooks.


Bridge Building

Bridge building was our first activity as a group. We had three hours to build a bridge across a stream, without touching the water. We learnt how to tie specific knots and make tripods to lean the wood on. Throughout the bridge building we learned that everyone had different strengths we used in different ways. We all worked really well as a team.


Raft Building

Raft building was our last activity as a team. We went to a Stingray Bay to build our raft on the beach off the river. We used drums and wooden poles to build our raft, which failed on our first attempt. We were given two options; we could either go and have lunch or try again with only 45 minutes remaining. We tried again but we didn’t have enough time so we just mucked around on the drums and the main-frame. It was a really good way to end our last activity.


Expedition 1

‘Expo 1’ was our first camping trip as a group. We started hiking in Timboon and had to hike along an old railroad, a riding/walking track. We hiked along the railroad for 12 kilometres, through dense forest. We had a stopover at a natural waterhole around halfway through the walk. That night we cooked our dinner and slept in tents overnight at Glenfyne. The next day we had an 18-kilometre ride along the railroad on tandem bikes.


Expedition 2

‘Expo 2’ was our second expedition. We rode tandem bikes for 18 kilometres from Koroit to Port Fairy campground, where we set up tents and went to the beach to muck around. The next day we went surfing on the beach in the morning and after, we had to walk seven kilometres along the beach in 35 degree heat to our campground in Killarney, where we would spend our last night. We spent the afternoon snorkelling or fishing in the ocean right next to our campsite. In the morning we got up at 5:30 in the morning to see a beautiful sunrise on the beach before continuing on for another five kilometre walk on the beach to the end of our journey.

Canoeing and Mountain Biking

Canoeing was about an hour drive from campus in Princetown. We went canoeing along a river that led into the ocean about one hour away. For some of the group we went with, it was a new experience and for others it was something they had experienced before. The point of canoeing was to create strong ties between everyone in our group. This idea of getting closer together through challenging activities carried through to our Mountain Biking trip. We drove to Forrest and spent the day there. Both these experiences made our already tight-knit group eve closer.


Mt Noorat

Mt Noorat is a mountain that we climbed in our first few weeks at the camp. You could see it from our campus and we were told stories of how the indigenous elders used to meet there as a meeting place. Even though it is called ‘Mt Noorat’, it was actually a dormant volcano, which scientists believe will erupt in around 3000 years. The mountain/volcano is 300 metres above sea level and the crater is 200 metres deep. We all walked down the crater and raced to the top afterwards, which was fun. At the top you could see the school in the distance as well as kilometres and kilometres of farmland.


Mt Sturgeon

Mt Sturgeon was another mountain we climbed. The mountain lies in the Grampians National Park around 50 kilometres from Halls Gap. The walk up the mountain was steep, with loose rocks and dense forest. Mt Sturgeon is a lot higher than Mt Noorat as it was 533 metres above sea level. This gave us an amazing view of the Grampians National Park and the town of Dunkeld below.


Surprise Tour

For one day during the camp we got to go on a surprise tour somewhere. Our day started off by driving to Wreck beach, along the Great Ocean Road. The weather was rainiy and cold. The waves crashed really close to the beach, getting us absolutely soaked. After that we drove further along the Great Ocean Road to the 12 Apostles. The wind and rain made it hard to see anything but we didn’t really mind as we had all had a really fun day.


Community Learning Project

As part of the School for Student Leadership, we participate in a Community Learning Project (CLP). The CLP is a project that we do back in our home community. After tough debate, we decided to create a garden at Kew High School between the VCE lockers and the library. This will turn an unused, empty looking place into a lively looking garden for our school community to enjoy.


Leah Boxshall, Merrick Craven, Lia Jowett, Marlena Lange-Pirrie, Lewis Mossman, and Sam Richards.


Courageous Students Show their Support for the Leukaemia Foundation

On Friday 16 March, some students from Kew High shaved their heads to raise awareness and funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. The money raised will be used for much needed research towards blood cancer, leukaemia.

A special mention to Bronte Jacob in year 10 who bravely shaved her head on the day and has raised close to $3000. She hopes to continue to raise funds, if you would like to donate you can access her online profile here - http://my.leukaemiafoundation.org.au/brontejacob

Students could contribute to this worthy cause not only by shaving their heads, but by spray painting their hair or buying a sausage from the sausage sizzle. 

The school raised around $540 (excluding personal fundraising from shaving hair).


A big thank you to the two barbers, Chris and Declan, from The Shed Barbershop in Camberwell. We were thrilled to have you on board and thank you for making all of the students haircuts look and feel amazing.

Overall, it was an entertaining day, full of laughs and smiling, bald faces.


Annabelle Davey and James Andreevski

SRC Captains


Photo: Camila Fontana-Cordero missing from photo.


Photo: Camila Fontana-Cordero missing from photo.

2018 Student Ambassadors

The Year 7 Ambassadors for 2018 have been announced. The final choice of the ten students who will fill the role for this year was extremely difficult, as there were over 30 applications and so many of them were outstanding. Criteria used to make the final decision included: student written application; Year 7 Teacher recommendation and Junior School Co-ordinator recommendation.

The Year 7 Ambassador Program is an important leadership position at Kew High School. Ambassadors are asked to represent the school at a range of functions and events throughout the year and are given the opportunity to develop both their leadership and public speaking skills. The first event that our ambassadors will be involved with is the Parent Information Evening for Year 7 2019, which will be held in early Term 2.


Congratulations to our ten ambassadors for 2018, and commiserations to those students who were not successful this time. I would encourage you all to consider very seriously applying for other leadership positions, such as SRC Representative.


Ambassadors for 2018:

Emma Boxshall 7H
Mia Cowley 7B
Parisia Cutts 7G
Natasha Ferrier 7F
Camila Fontana-Cordero 7C
Dimitri Gosios 7C
Natalie Govic 7H
Jacqueline Johnston 7E
James Pringle 7A
Kyan Robins-Pittock 7I


Val Steane

Community and Transition Liaison  


Triennial Art Exhibition

Year 12 Studio Art students spent the day in at the NGV viewing the current 'Triennial' Art Exhibition. Students had an introductory lecture to the exhibition and they then had to find and discuss their two chosen works and write up responses that will be used as a reference in their exam at the end of the year. There were some amazing works displayed throughout the gallery and students were most impressed with Ron Mueck’s work especially since he is an ex-student of Kew High school.


Unfinished Business: Perspectives on Art and Feminism

The Year 12 Art students attended the 'Unfinished Business: Perspectives on Art and Feminism' Exhibition at ACCA with the purpose of exploring the analytical frameworks in art. The frameworks fit very well under the themes that were explored in the exhibition.

Students chose an art work and responded under the frameworks which will be useful to them in exploring their own work and writing about art.


Katherine Smith

12 Studio Art & Art Teacher

Photo: Branden Milburn


Photo: Branden Milburn

Congratulations Helen Vu

Congratulations to Minh Hang (Helen) Vu on receiving Monash University 2018 Scholarship Award.


Minh Hang came to study as an International Student in 2014 and graduated from Kew High School in 2017 as our School Dux with an outstanding ATAR score of 99.80. Minh Hang is in her first year Medicine course in Monash University.


Junling Yang

International Student Coordinator


A Memorable Event

On Tuesday 20th March, the annual house cross-country event took place. It was a successful afternoon. The students were able to get some fresh air and enjoy a run around the surrounding parks of the school.

This year, students in year 7 participated in a colour run. Along the run, the year 7 students were covered with colourful powder with the intention of making the run an exciting and memorable experience. This was an extremely entertaining and enjoyable event for all those involved and thank you to the year 10 peer support leaders who were responsible for providing the colour!

Congratulations to all students who participated.


Sophie Richards

Publications Coordinator

Photo: From https://portal.clubrunner.ca/9575


Photo: From https://portal.clubrunner.ca/9575

Scholarships for 2018 - 2019

The Rotary Club of Yarra Bend, represented by Edda Williams have provided the Kew High School Chaplaincy Assistance Fund with $3000 towards 12 students scholarships for 2018- 2019. On hand to receive the cheque was Penelope Cleghorn Leader of Student Learning, Empowerment and Pedagogy and Rosemary Carter School Chaplain.

This is the fourth year that the Yarra Bend Rotary have provided scholarships to Kew High School students. In 2018 the scholarships assisted low income families with the basic costs of education including music tuition, text books and camps.


The Rotary Club of Yarra Bend meet Wednesday nights at 6:30pm at the Amora Hotel, 649 Bridge Road, (enter carpark via River St), Richmond. New members are encouraged to attend, please contact Anne Brown on 0404 029 165 for more information.




Rosemary Carter

School Chaplain


Year 7 Camp Leaders

An integral part of VET Sport and Recreation course involves students delivering activity sessions to a variety of groups. To meet this requirement the year 12 VET class attended the year 7 camp and delivered a variety of activity sessions including canoeing, raft making, mountain biking and tabloid games. All students in the class performed extremely well in this assessment. Some of the students were even offered part time work with the camp organiser!


Below are some of the student reflections from the camp:


“If one activity is taking longer than expected, but the kids are still having fun, then you may as well continue with that activity rather than stop it early just so you can do the next activity that you have written down on your lesson plan.”


“I learnt a lot but the best thing and most helpful was the ability to have fun with the students.”


“I learnt to pause rather than raise my voice to get everyone's attention.”


“Don't just have one tone of voice- it doesn't have the same effect and that it's really important to be able to adapt to what the students interests are.”


Dan Norton

VCE VET Sport and Recreation Teacher


Year 7 Tennis

Four teams competed in the year 7 sport round robin at Borondara Tennis centre on 14th March. The girls A team led by Lotti Bogovic faired well against some strong competition from Balwyn High School and Doncaster Secondary College. The girls B team improved as the day went on and they now know most of the rules of tennis!

The boys A team played against some strong competition especially the Doncaster and Balwyn teams who appeared to have been training for some time in preparation for this day! Luke Allen led the B team who faired better than A team winning most of their doubles matches. 


At the end of the day our teams finished in second place in three grades, two of which were decided on a count back. Well done to the three student coaches, Mia, Adeena, and Marcus, and Mark who helped with scoring our matches and coordinating the teams.


Dan Norton

Physical Education Teacher

Photo: Boipelo Langa


Photo: Boipelo Langa

Prevention and Management of Social Issues Presentation

On two consecutive Friday’s, a group of around 80 Year 10 students, who were selected at random, participated in a live stream hosted by an organisation called Generation Next. Generation Next is an educational organisation that provides information about the prevention and management of mental illness in youth.


The live stream showed a group of people who discussed social issues relevant to people our age group (15 to 16 years old). They discussed issues such as healthy relationships, phone use, social media and the influence on youth, sexting, consent, hatred and racism, and study techniques. Sometimes the live stream discussion group would take a poll on our responses to questions and used our results as points for discussion.

Overall, it was an insightful experience. We learnt about our legal obligations as users of social media and how to use our phones appropriately, to avoid getting into trouble. Most importantly, it was interesting to hear about different issues from different peoples perspectives. Especially people who have worked or studied in the field of these certain social issues.


The presentations have really opened our minds to what the internet is really like and that it isn't so 'black and white' like we assumed it to be. Overall, it was a great experience to be a part of and we will all take what we have learnt and use it in our everyday lives moving forward.


Ella Daly and Boipelo Langa

Year 10 Students