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16 August 2016
Issue Twelve
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Extended Investigation to the State Library
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What's Coming Up Summary

Photo: Yr 7 Assembly

Summary of upcoming events


Mon 15 Aug - Sat 20 Aug - 2016 Writer's Festival
(see article) including events Poetry Slam and Community Writing Festival.


Mon 15 Aug - Science Week begins


Mon 15 Aug - Northern Territory Trip departs


Tues 16 Aug - 4 pm. Bookings for Parent Teacher Student Meetings Open on Compass (TODAY!)


Tues 16 Aug - VTAC Information Night


Wed 17 Aug - Landcare Camp begins

Thurs 18 Aug - Big Band Boogie


Frid 19 Aug - Visit by Huaibei N1 High School (to Wed 24 Aug)

Tues 23 Aug - Strings Wine and Cheese


Wed 24 Aug - 1.30-7.00 PM Parent Teacher Student Meetings 


Thurs 1 Sept - 1.30-7.00 PM Parent Teacher Student Meetings

Latin at Northcote!

Latin is no longer a dead language at NHS. A group of dedicated latinists have been learning after school since last year. They will tell you that not just is Latin fun, it helps with literacy; with language learning; with studying English Language or Classics and with feeling more confident generally!

New students are always welcome (and interested parents too!). We have an intermediate class and a beginners class - with specialised teachers who can help even if the only Latin you know if the school motto!

Want to know more?  Ms Carlene Wilson for more information.

Languages @ NHS

Consultation on Northcote High School’s Language Program for 2018 and beyond


As part of the school’s broader Realising the Vision - Project Refresh curriculum renewal work, School Council will consult the school community about its language program. Differing views have been expressed about the proposed changes and in light of this, we are undertaking a consultation.

There will be no changes to the language program for Year 7 in 2017 with four language/s offered – Chinese (Mandarin), French, Greek and Italian.


The consultation will focus on which language/s to teach at Northcote High School from 2018, to enable the school to offer a vibrant language and cultural learning program within the context of the broader school curriculum.


School Council is partnering with an independent consultancy, SenateSHJ, to undertake the consultation.  We will be seeking perspectives from across the school community.


There will be various opportunities to have your say, including a discussion forum for families and the option to make a written submission. School Council will provide details in the coming weeks regarding the process and ways you can participate. The consultation will commence in September and will result in a report being presented to School Council.


School Council will make a decision at its meeting in November/December regarding which language/s will be taught from 2018. This will allow sufficient time for curriculum planning for 2018.


It is important to note that School Council’s objectives and functions are set out in Victorian legislation and include the responsibility to ensure that its decisions are made “having regard, as a primary consideration, to the best interest of the students and to enhance the educational opportunities of students at the school”. 


School Council is guided in any decision making by the principles in the Education and Training Reform Act. These principles, together with School Council’s legislated objectives and functions, will guide the Council’s decision making about NHS’ language program for 2018 and beyond.



Gabrielle Ostrognay PhD               Kate Morris

School Council President               Principal




Research shows that one in five Australian children aged 8 to 17 has been the target of cyberbullying in the past year. That is an alarming statistic and it should concern all Australians, not just those who have children or work with them. One of the reasons NHS has contributed to federally funded anti-bulling programs, including The Federal Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner's film Tagged, made several years ago, and a series of online commercials made at NHS last term, is to model the importance of this issue in our community.


There have been several recent high profile cases of cyberbullying in private schools, however its important to realise this can happen at any school. Cyberbullying is not acceptable in our school community, not is it acceptable anywhere in Australia - in fact, it may be a criminal act.


What you can do if you are a victim of cyberbulling or similar on-line crime:

1. Talk to someone you trust straight away—like a parent, sibling, uncle/aunt, teacher or friend, or contact Kids Helpline

2. Don’t retaliate or respond—they might use it against you

3. Block the bully and change your privacy settings

4. Report the abuse to the service and get others to as well

5. Collect the evidence—keep mobile phone messages, take screen shots and print emails or social networking conversations

6. Do something you enjoy—catch-up with friends, listen to good music, watch a good show or chat online to people you can trust

7. Remember you didn’t ask for this—nobody deserves to be bullied and you will get through this.


The Federal Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner can help you make a complaint, find someone to talk to and provide advice and strategies for dealing with these issues. They can sometimes track down "anonymous" cyberbullies.


Social Media sites will usually take down hate pages or block users if you report it. However, as the most popular social media are based in the USA, there is often a delay in their response. 


The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner has a 24 hour 7 day a week number for help and advice - 1800 55 1800


A useful download summary can be found here:


Coming Up - Science Week

National Science Week: 15-19 August


Drones, Droids and Robots is this year’s theme. Come to M6 every lunch to program robots, build game consoles and even catch some Pokémon!




Monday 15thAugust

Game console tutorial (Makey Makey) for years 7 and 8

Sphero robot programming tutorial (Hour of Code) for years 9 and 10

Tuesday 16thAugust

Pokémon Go tour of the school, meet at M6 at 12:30pm. Tour departs at 12:40pm

Game console construction and sphero programming


17th August

Game console construction and sphero programming at lunch and after school

Thursday 18thAugust

Game console competition

Astronomy night in the D block at 7pm.

Friday 19thAugust

Sphero programming competition



Coming up - PTSNs 

Parent Teacher Student Meetings this term are  from 1.30-7.00 pm on



- On those days, the whole school operates periods 1-3, with dismissal after Period 3—approximately 12.30 pm.

- Bookings are made online, using Compass School Manager.

- Students are expected to attend! After all, the conversation is about them!

How to book

Compass Bookings for both events open from Tuesday August 16, 4.00 pm

1. On the welcome page or under the Community tab you will find Parent Student Teacher Conferences. Click to follow the link.

2. After 4 pm Tuesday August 16 you will see “2016 PTSN3 Wed Aug 24 ” and also “2016 PTSN4 Thurs Sept 1” Click on the day that suits you. It does not matter which day you attend.

3. A panel will come up, as shown . At the top is “My Bookings”, with available spots in green. At the bottom are the names of your son/daughter’s teachers—”Available Staff”.

4. Click on the time you would like to see a teacher, in the top pane. Pull down to find your teachers name. Click the Update button. A green sign at the top will show you its done! (If you don’t click the update button it won’t save your bookings)

The page looks a little like this one:


- It’s a good idea to print or copy down your bookings! We do not keep a copy for you at school. 

- All appointments run for 7 minutes, (although the schedule appears in blocks of 10 this allows you time to move from one appointment to another)

Who to see?

Parent Teacher Student Meetings are always well attended at Northcote High School. However, if you are new to the process, here is some advice:

- It is not necessary to try to see all of your son or daughter’s teachers at Parent Teacher Student Meetings. For example, you don’t need to see your Year Level Program Coordinator, Head of School or even your child’s Tutor, unless there is a specific need.


- Interviews book out quickly for some staff. Please don’t delay to make your appointments.

- Select teachers to see on the basis of need. For example if you are concerned about how your child is going in a particular subject, contact with that staff-member should be a priority! If you miss out on seeing a teacher but need to see them, please contact them for another appointment via Compass .


Please check Compass on the day for any teacher absence announcements.

Some other teachers work part time and have limited availability on both days. Look for availability when you log on to Compass. If the teacher’s name does not come up as an option when you look on Compass, it means they don’t work that day! Please contact these teachers by Compass if required.

All teachers take a break between 5.00 and 5.40 pm for dinner. (It is not possible to stagger this break in a way that would be equitable for parents and staff)

How Long?

All our interviews are scheduled to run for seven minutes. This then gives you time to move to the next appointment and teachers a chance to catch breath and get things together for the next.


Student workshops Mon 15 Aug - Frid 19 Aug.



Tuesday 16th August


Period 2 – John Harms – Sports writing

Period 3 – John Harms – Sports writing


Wednesday 17th August (Year 7s and 8s only)


Period 2 – Archie Fusillo – becoming a writer

Period 3 – Archie Fusillo – becoming a writer


Thursday 18th August


Period 2 - Simmone Howell – getting started with short stories and novels

Period 3 - Simmone Howell – Young Adult fiction writing


Friday 19th August


Period 2 – Tric O’Heare – Writing Poetry


All workshops will take place in the library


Selecting and paying for workshops

Students have been indicating interest in workshops via a survey on myNH.  This week they will be finalizing selections and the costs for workshops will be added to Compass events.


The costs are:

$8 - Single workshop pass

$12 – Two workshops

$16 – Three workshops


Enquiries about the in-school workshop program can be directed to Paul Gilby (Head of English) 

Email: [email protected]


Community Festival
Sat 20 Aug

The Community Festival will be welcoming students, parents and the community on Saturday 20th of August between 12 midday and 4pm, to the presentation sessions listed below:

12 midday

Will Kostakis (Writer of The First Third )


Patricia Karvelas (Journalist, Host of RN Drive on Radio National)


Alice Pung (Writer of Unpolished Gem, editor of Growing Up Asian in Australia)


Myfanwy Jones (Shortlisted for 2016 Miles Franklin Award for Leap)


There will be music, and food available, and Fairfield Bookshop will be onsite. Each session will be 45 minutes long, leaving time to ponder, chat, and have a book signed.

Student writing by Year 7 and Year 8 students will be on display from Monday to Saturday, and parents and community members are welcome to view it during that time.


Tickets for the Slam and Community Festival available online from Trybooking .

Follow these links:

Poetry Slam (Friday 19th August 7.00pm, School Hall):

Community Writing Festival (Saturday August 20th 12 Midday-4.00pm, School Library):


Music News

Essentially Ellington Award

Northcote has won gold in the Essentially Ellington Down Under Regional Festival 2016. The Northcote High School Senior Stage Band won the gold award in the inaugural competition in Melbourne on Wednesday. The event was presented by JMI and the Jazz at Lincoln Centre, and it was an exciting opportunity for all musicians to perform and an excellent professional development opportunity. What a fantastic couple of days we had with Reggie Thomas (Professor and Director of Jazz Studies at the Northern
Illinois University) and Vincent Gardner (trombonist of the Jazz at Lincoln Centre Orchestra).


Everyone who attended learnt an incredible amount. It was
inspiring to see so many young musicians sharing the joy of
creating amazing music in a collective.
Be sure to catch all the Northcote High Stage Bands at Big Band Boogie on Thursday 18th August. This night will feature many works by the legendary Duke Ellington. Contemporary musicians are heavily influenced by the stylistic richness of Ellington’s music. The night will showcase many of our talented students, including jazz violin, bass clarinet, flute, and even tuba!

The Melbourne Jazz musician Nick Mulder is the guest artist and he will be playing works with trombonist Callum McKinnon-Mintzis (year 11) from the album The Great Kai and J.J (released 1961) accompanied by Theo Carbo (year 11) on guitar. Both Senior and Intermediate Stage band will then be traveling to Ballarat on Friday 2nd September to compete in the Royal South Street Eisteddfod. We wish them all the very best. As Prof. ReggieThomas said, “Remember to always keep a thrill in your heel.”

Thurs 18 August, 7 pm NHS Hall

An evening of Big Band Music with the NHS Stage Bands.



Music Quiz Night

Friday 2 Sept, NHS Hall
2nd Annual Quiz Fundraiser Event, organised by Friends of Music. 

Strings, Wine & Cheese

Tues 23 August, 7 pm NHS Hall
An evening of String music deaturing the NHS string Ensembles and orchestra.

Bookings at


Coming Up - next Night Sky Viewing 

Photo: Is such a photo even possible....?



Our terrific telescope (courtesy of the Telescopes in Schools program) will be set up in the courtyard near D13 on

  • Thursday 18th August 6.45pm to 8.00pm*


Bring your ipads, phones and cameras to take your own pictures of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.

Come along and gaze upon the Universe!

Students, teachers and families all welcome.

For more information please see Ms Hutchens.

*Weather permitting. If it is a cloudy evening we will reschedule.

Year 8 philanthropic project

For the philanthropic project this year, the year 8s have chosen to support various animal rights charities. This project will be running throughout term 3, with several events focusing on raising money and raising awareness for these important issues. All events are open for the whole school. Running until week 6, a competition will be held for the best animal picture. Students are asked to take cute or funny photos of their pets, and submit them to . The prize will be a massive lolly and chocolate hamper. Entering will have a small fee of a gold coin donation. A PG movie will be shown over two lunchtimes in the hall, and a variety of snacks will be sold. Students from certain classes will be selling tickets for $2 across the school. A basketball tournament will be running throughout three weeks. An entry fee will be required per team, and students can go along and support their friends. Year 8 students will be asking for donations during tutorial time. Any small amount of change will be greatly appreciated. The class who raises the most money will get a pizza afternoon. We will also be holding a mobile phone drive for the gorillas. More details will be in a specific article. We are raising money for Guide Dogs Victoria, the RSPCA, and the Lost Dogs Home. Students and parents are encouraged to participate in any event they can. Please help us make the year 8 philanthropic project as successful as possible.

By Alice Brown

Sport Report

We have had a busy start to term 3 and I would like to personally thank all staff and students for their dedication to the sport programme.



Congratulations to our year 8 girls’ soccer team on qualifying for state finals following a number of tough games at regionals. A nail biting final took place against Gladstone Park but we managed to secure the win during penalties. Congratulations girls and good luck in the State Final on Thurs September 8th. Thank you to Ms Young for coaching the girls to success as well as our student coaches Ella Baxter and Holly Frances.


Our year 7 boys’ soccer team also had success playing in regionals. They finished top of their pool after defeating St Helena 8-0, defeating Uni High 4-0 and a tie against Lalor in between.  Northcote then played in the final against the winner of Pool A and defeated Scared Heart 5-0. The Boys should be congratulated for their teamwork and sportsmanship. We wish them luck for the state final which is to be played on Friday September 2nd. Thank you to Mr Thompson for coaching the side and to our student coaches Jon Pappas and Jael Antoine.



Our intermediate girls, year 7-8 Boys and VCE boys all competed in the regional finals at NETS Stadium, Macleod. Although the teams did not make it through to the finals they all played well and showed great sportsmanship. A special thanks to Mercedes Kane and Michaela Lattanzio Barnes for coaching the Intermediate Girls. 


On Friday July 29, we had a team of year 7 girls compete in the 2016 Schools Champions Netball Cup.  Well done Eliza Aronson, Rebecca Aronson, Eve Beckford-Saunders, Charlie Doyle, Evie Hartshorne, Saski Ritman, Ella Rodger and Djava Tologata-Thompson for your hard work and commitment. One of the day’s highlights was the team photo taken with Melbourne Vixons player Tegan Philip (posted on @NorthcoteSport Twitter). A big thank you to Carlee Holmes for managing and coaching the side and for Rob Rodger (Ella’s Dad) for scoring and team support.


On Wednesday 10th August our year 8 and year 7 girl’s teams competed in the regional finals at NETS Stadium Macleod.  Well done girls for making it to regionals and thank you to Ms Wright for coaching the year 8 team and Ms Tayton for coaching the year 7’s.



It certainly has been a big week in football. A rundown of teams and coaches are as follows:


·         Year 7-9 girls coached by Mr Price

·         Year 8 boys coached by Mr Hore and Mr Price

·         Intermediate boys coached by Mr Barrett with the help of student coach Christopher Zapantis

·         Year 7 boys coached by Mr Price with help from Ben Levens and Jacob Bourke.


All four competition days were cold and windy, but this did not stop our teams from enjoying the day, showing great sportsmanship and doing us proud. We would like to thank all staff and students involved for running many training sessions on cold and wet mornings. Well done to the all teams that have competed in regionals so far and good luck to those competing in the up and coming weeks.


NHS Sport is now on Twitter please follow and support our teams. You can track all of our sports teams and catch up on the latest news by following us. Find us on Twitter @NorthcoteSport.

Ms Blanchard

Coming Up


August 19 - Year 7 and 8 Girls Hockey

August 24 – Year 7 – 10 Boys Hockey


Extended Investigation to the State Library

"Despite the freezing weather, the trip to the State Library was very fun and informative. We were given a private tour around the library, and saw the extensive range of books and articles as well as artefacts and art pieces that have been collected for the last 150 years. The collection has grown to encompass around 2.5 million books and approximately 2.5 million artefacts and other art pieces. The librarian also explained to us how they digitise their collection for better access and safe keeping. We learnt how to navigate the complex databases and find any relevant information for our research questions for the subject. 

The class got a brief tour of the gallery and met Graham, which is a temporary sculpture on exhibition that was developed by experts to show what a human would have to look like to be able to withstand a high impact car accident. He wasn't very nice to look at, though it was interesting to see what the experts and the artist who brought him to life, had come up with. "

Milla, Daniella and Cathryn


Report - International Students events

Speaking Forum

On Thursday 4th Sep, the 2nd International Student Public Speaking Forum was held at Northcote High School with great success. This year’s topic is “Freedom of Speech is not always a good thing”. The judicators and audience were very impressed by outstanding performance of the 13 speakers from 9 participating schools.

This International Student focused program was initiated by NHS aiming to provide more opportunities for International Students to improve their ability in using English language and build up more confidence to speak to audience. Now this program is well recognised by the International Division which attracts more and more schools to participate. The school community is very grateful to Mr Ramsay for leading this project and providing more opportunities for International Students across Victoria.

International student AFL day


On Sunday 7th August, as part of the tradition of Northcote High School each year, International Student AFL day was held again in Birraung Marr Park and MCG.

On the day, our International students enjoyed a great BBQ session alongside Yarra River, with an interesting footy training session before game on in MCG.

Later International students went to MCG to watch the real AFL game, joining the fans in MCG to support their teams:  St Kilda and Carlton. They said it was a definitely great way to experience Australian life style and it was a great fun.

All the international students want to express their thanks and appreciation to our participated teachers. Special thanks to Ms Sarah Green for organizing the whole event so successfully!


Report - Yr 7 Public Speaking

On Friday the 15th July, twenty-two students from across the Year 7 group presented a short, persuasive speech to the student body. Two students were chosen by their classmates and their English teacher to represent the form. Topics ranged from cyber bullying, animal cruelty, the death sentence, horse racing  through to marriage equality. Students and staff were all equally impressed with the high caliber of these speeches.

With great consideration judges had to narrow the field to simply eight students who would then go on to present their speeches to an adult audience and another panel of judges two weeks later.  Hosted by Mr Martin Ramsay on the 25th July, we were privileged to hear a number of incredibly persuasive and powerful speeches.

A huge congratulations to these finalists:

Lucinda Symons

Christopher Robinson

Tilda Exton

Baptiste Emery

Juliet Day


Congratulations to those placed in the top three:

1 – Indigo van der Hoeven

2 - Milly Shell

3 - Ella Rodger


Over the next few editions of the newsletter we will present a transcript of the top three speeches. Here is Ella Rodger's


Report - Coffee & Cake

This week, as part of the coffee and cake program, year 10 students were the lucky beneficiaries of training by barista Dylan who works at Journeyman coffee in Prahran. During a special intensive session, aimed at reinforcing skills and expertise, barista Dylan came in and provided some on the spot training for the students. During the session he instructed the students on what to look for in a well-made coffee, and he articulated the importance of having consistency in coffee making. Dylan was able to provide information about the way coffee beans are produced and what specialty coffee makers are looking for when purchasing their beans.
Dylan was able to guide each student through the techniques involved in making coffee and students used the espresso machine to practice their skills.
Students had the opportunity to ask questions about the way some of Melbourne's best coffee houses create coffee for fussy Melbourne customers!
Having Dylan come to Northcote was invaluable for demonstrating to the students what professional best practice looks like.
Ms Peta Siric

Community News







Pathways and Careers

Important dates for Year 12 students:



VTAC registration and course applications are now in full swing.

·        Parent Info Night August 16 (newsletter issue date)

·        Student Assembly August 16

·        Open Days

Additional resources are available on the myNHS careers page.

RMIT Selection Dates


Students in Year 12 who want to pursue tertiary studies at RMIT in any of the design-based courses may need to address additional selection criteria, such as pre-selection tasks, folio presentations and interviews. These activities are prerequisites and it is essential to meet the additional deadlines associated with them in order to remain eligible for these courses. RMIT has compiled a helpful resource that outlines the main tasks and their dates – download it here or from myNHS careers page.




Are you a budding ANU student who is impatient to begin their career as a researcher? Perhaps you should be heading up to ANU’s Open Weekend and the PhB Symposium on the weekend of August 26-28. Read the attached flyer to see if this is something for you.





If you have contributed to the wider community in any of the following ways over a number of years, you may be eligible to apply for some of the Early Entry Schemes offered by unis.


•        Volunteering or involvement with religious or cultural groups

•        Ongoing community service

•        School leadership

•        Social justice, charity fund-raising

•        Sustained involvement in sport or performing arts


Early Entry Schemes offer a variety of benefits, such as a reduced ATAR requirement, mentoring, special seminars and more. You can find more information via these links:


La Trobe Aspire Program:

ACU Early Achievers’ Program:


In addition, ACU has two faculty-based early entry schemes. Students who are studying Legal Studies and/or Business related subjects will find these interesting:

Passion for Business:

Passion for Law & Commerce:

Open Day Calendar

Download the attached calendar, and start planning your weekends in Term 3. Uni Open Days are suitable for students of all year levels – the earlier you start your research, the better informed you will be by Year 12.


Work Experience Guidelines 2016


Year 10 students have started to organise their work experience placements. An outline of the procedure is attached here for your information.


Northcote High School Newsletter
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