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07 August 2019
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Key Dates


Friday 9th August

Radio Club 7am – 10:45am


Monday 12th August

Education Minister Visit


VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) Parent/Student Information Session 5:30pm


Wednesday 14th August

Crepes for Change Visit


Thursday 15th August

School Tour 9:15am


Year 7 Science Week in Schools Incursion 2pm – 3pm


Friday 16th August

Year 8 Interschool Sport


Saturday 17th – Friday 23rd August

CBCA Book Week


Monday 19th August

Year 8 Scot Gardner Author Talk Incursion 9am – 10:30am


Tuesday 20th August

Year 7 Interschool Sport


Wednesday 21st August

Victorian State Schools Spectacular Mass Choir Rehearsal


Year 9 Cath Crowley Author Talk Incursion 9:57am – 10:45am


Cath Crowley Workshop Incursion 11am – 12pm


New Caledonia Exchange Program Parent Information Night 5pm – 6pm


College Council 7pm – 8:30pm


Wednesday 21st – Friday 23rd August

ELC Camp


Thursday 22nd August

Parent Teacher Interviews Years 7, 11 & 12 2:30pm - 6:30pm

All students dismissed at 2pm


Year 8 2020 Chromebook Information Evening 6:30pm


Friday 23rd August

Year 7 Michael Pryor Author Talk Incursion 2:15pm – 3:07pm


Sunday 25th August

Year 12 French La Matinee du Francais Excursion 9am – 12:30pm


Thursday 29th August

Radio Club 7am – 10:45am


Music Gala Concert 6:30pm


Monday 2nd September

Melbourne Writers Festival Excursion


Tuesday 3rd September

Melbourne Writers Festival Excursion


Wednesday 4th September

Year 7 2020 Welcome Afternoon 4:30pm


Tuesday 10th September – Friday 13th September

Year 11 Ski Camp


Thursday 12th September

Victorian State Schools Spectacular Mass Choir Rehearsal


Friday 13th September

Victorian State Schools Spectacular Mass Choir Rehearsal


Year 7B Parliament Role Play Excursion


School Tour 9:15am


Saturday 14th September

Victorian State Schools Spectacular 1pm & 6:30pm


Monday 16th September

Beachside Track & Field


Monday 16th – Wednesday 18th September

Year 10 Camp


Year 7A, 7B, 7C & 7F Camp


Monday 16th – Friday 20th September

Year 10 Work Experience


Wednesday 18th – Friday 20th September

Year 7D, 7E & 7G Camp


Thursday 19th September

Parent Teacher Interviews Years 8 – 10 2:30pm - 7:15pm

All students dismissed at 2pm


Friday 20th September

Last Day Term 3


Saturday 21st – Saturday 28th September

New Caledonia Trip

From the Principal

Welcome to all of our new students who have joined our College this term and their families.

Congratulations to all students who received awards across a range of areas at our annual Mid-year Awards Assembly.  It was a wonderful celebration of our students’ success. We were delighted to welcome Anna Nguyen as our guest speaker.  Anna was our School Captain and Dux in 2009 and is now a lawyer with the Department of Education and Training.  Thank you to the many parents and friends who were able to attend the assembly.

The Wizard of Oz

I was delighted to attend opening night of this year's production of The Wizard of Oz. Our students and staff have worked incredibly hard since late last year and it certainly showed.  The production was superbly lead by Sarah Mortimer.   We also had the production band, led by Laura Baker-Goldsmith, involving staff and students entertaining us prior to the show commencing.  With close to 100 students involved on stage and off stage there was certainly a way for everyone to be involved.  It was highly professional, completely engaging and loads of fun for the audience and all the students involved.  Well done to everyone involved.  



Student Survey Data Feedback and other DET Surveys

We recently received the first part of the results of the 2019 DET Student Survey which was conducted in May.  The data we have been given so far provides the percentage of students who agreed or strongly agreed to the questions – indicating positive perception.  We were very pleased to see a positive trend in most areas including:

  • EFFECTIVE TEACHING PRACTICE FOR COGNITIVE ENGAGEMENT which includes questions around Differentiated Learning Challenge, Classroom Behaviour and Stimulated Learning
  • TEACHER-STUDENT RELATIONS which includes questions around High Expectations for Success and Effort
  • SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT which includes questions around Student Voice and Agency and School Transitions (moving from one year level to the next).

We will be conducting focus groups with students at all year levels and determine our plan of action for further improving our great school.


Currently, a randomly generated sample of over 200 parents will have received the DET Parent Opinion Survey which comes to you electronically.  I would really appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey as the feedback is highly valued.


Our staff are also currently completing the DET Staff Opinion Survey.


Your feedback is always welcome.  It is always great to hear your positive comments and I appreciate receiving this feedback and sharing it with staff and students.  I also greatly value your suggestions and ideas for improvements and for raising any concerns that you have.  It is important to us that we work together to ensure the best outcomes and opportunities for our students.  Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with me via telephone, a meeting or email.

The Victorian State Schools Spectacular 2019 – Made Of Stars

Saturday 14th September 1pm & 6.30pm at Hisense Arena


We are really excited that our school has again been accepted to participate in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular.  This program, managed by the Department of Education and Training, helps to develop each student’s performance skills, discipline, perseverance, cooperation and confidence under the training of industry professionals. 


Congratulations to the fourteen students have been selected to sing in the 1200 voice Mass Choir and to Ben Matthews and Yvette Lipovetsky who successfully auditioned for the Spectacular Performing Arts Special Choir.


I am very proud of all students involved and appreciative of the work of our performing arts and instrumental music teachers.  I am looking forward to the production. 


To purchase tickets, visit or phone Ticketek on 132 849.

Course Counselling 2020

Course counselling has begun in earnest for our Year 9 and 10 students. Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the VCE information evening. The process of course counselling will take most of the term. Finalised subject selection sheets should be completed by 9th August. I trust your child has discussed selections with you and together you have discussed a potential 2 or 3 year plan.

Label FrancEducation Accrediation

We are delighted to have received a further period of accreditation from the French Government for our outstanding French Immersion Program through the Label FrancEducation SEAL.

This network is now composed of 395 schools in 59 countries and provides a bilingual education to 142,000 students.

Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust

We are pleased to be part of the Community Project Advisory Group for the Caulfield Racecourse.  Please see below details for a Community Issues and Opportunities Workshop being held to hear from the broader community their ideas about the future of the reserve.


Community Issues and Opportunities Workshop

Date: Thursday, 22nd August 2019

Time: Drop in anytime between 4pm – 8pm.

Location: Peter Lawrence Room, Rupert Clark Grandstand, Caulfield Racecourse (Enter via Gate 22)

RSVP: Register to attend by emailing or by visiting

Student Lateness - Learning Begins at 9am

Our staff have raised concerns regarding some students arriving late for school on a fairly regular basis. Unfortunately this is a situation that can have a negative impact on the education of not only those students who are late, but also the other students in the class.


Learning begins at 9am.

Students are expected to be at school no later than 8.50am which is when the bell goes to allow students to go into the building to their lockers. There is a teacher on duty in the yard in front of the main building from 8.30am.  Ideally students should arrive around this time, allowing them to catch up with friends before the school day starts.  Also, the canteen is open for breakfast from 7.30am.


What impact does being late have on the student?

Students who are late miss a lot of instructions and information about what is happening, not to mention important learning activities. This means that they have to catch up somehow. It’s like being late to see a movie and not being able to understand what’s happening because you don’t know who the characters are and what the plot is.

Students can feel unsettled, disorganized and unhappy for the rest of the day and it can take them some time to complete and understand the work that they have missed.


How does it affect the other students in the class?

Students who are late have an unsettling effect on the rest of the class. As not all late students arrive at once, the interruptions go on until the last student is settled. Students who are late often have things that need to be done prior to them joining the class and this causes even more disruption. Sometimes other students have to wait to get the teacher’s attention and important issues can be forgotten.

Consequently students late to period one repeatedly may not be admitted to class until the beginning of period 2.


Why does student lateness cause difficulties for the teacher?

The teacher has a certain amount of material and activities to cover each lesson. Also, organizational issues are usually dealt with at the beginning of the day. Teachers can become increasingly frustrated when late students continually and repeatedly interrupt their planned routines, as they have to stop teaching to deal with the issues involved.


We are all human. Cars can break down and unexpected situations can occur. We know that family morning routines are not always straightforward. If you are experiencing problems, speak to us, as we may be able to offer suggestions to help.

We are happy to accept that students will be late on the odd occasion because of unforeseen circumstances. However, arriving late on a regular basis is not acceptable.



Being half an hour late to school each day from prep to Year 10 adds up to missing the equivalent of one year and one and a half terms of school.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Year Level Coordinator, Wellbeing staff, Assistant Principals or myself for support in ensuring your son or daughter is on time to school.  We are always happy to help.


Sheereen Kindler


From the Assistant Principals

Writing and Reading

We continue to have a focus on writing and reading this year at the college in 2019. The English KLA leader and Literacy Coordinator, Cristina Presa and Literacy Learning Specialist, Justine Douglas, have been leading a focus on improving the writing and reading of students across the school. A particular focus has been at Year 7 and 8. These students have been working on the Seven Traits of Writing program and how to become more sophisticated readers. The experience of other schools and the educational research into these programs provide a strong foundation for our approach. Our teachers regularly moderate student writing together to improve the quality of written work. Staff have been undergoing professional development over the year in vocabulary development and reading strategies.


Cristina and Justine have been working with our teachers on ensuring that our students’ reading skills are enhanced. We are using a range of reading strategies such as reading conferences, which enhance the ability of students to be discerning and intuitive readers. This is particularly important when reading exam questions.

Reporting timeline – Semester 2, 2019

Years 7-11 Progress reports - 3 times per semester


Year 12 Progress reports - 2 in term 1, 3 in term 2, 3 in term 3


Assessment Task Criteria 7-10


Year 11 and 12 – Assessment Tasks are graded as a percentage.

Parent Teacher Interviews Term 3

Year 7, 11 and 12 - 22nd August 2.30pm – 6.30pm

Year 8, 9 and 10 - 16th September 2.30pm – 7.15pm

Last day of term

On the last day of term the school day will be adjusted – 6 shortened periods of 37 minutes each. The school day concludes at 2.30pm.


Nick Hamer-Smith

Assistant Principal

School Photos

An additional round of school photos has been arranged for Friday 30th August.  This will mean any new students (or students who were absent earlier in the year) can have their photo taken.


Siblings who were unable to have their group photo captured at the start of the year will also be able to sit for their portrait.


Order forms have been sent home with students this week.  If you have not received one, please contact the front office.  Online orders must be made by 8am on photography day.  To order online enter your personal Order and ID Numbers found on your order form and go to  You do not need to return the order form if you order online.  To complete a manual order, please collect a Sibling Order Form from the office or download it from the SchoolPix website. Complete your order form and return it with payment to school on photography day.


Students who have previously had their photo taken do not need to re-sit. 


Several students have been injured in recent weeks whilst travelling to and from school.  In each incident, students have been commuting legally and courteously.  Unfortunately, many road users are not looking for students travelling by foot, scooter or bicycle.  I encourage all parents to set a good example for other road users and to speak with their children about safe travel to and from school.   


Be on time – learning begins at 9!


Daily attendance is important for all young people to succeed in education and to ensure they do not fall behind both socially and developmentally. Minimum 95% attendance is expected from all students in all year levels. School participation maximises life opportunities for young people by providing them with education and support networks. School helps people to develop important skills, knowledge and values that set them up for further learning and participation in their community.


Parents are required to contact the school absence line on 9571178 on any day a student is late or absent. Alternatively, write a note or email the school at the following address: 

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Congratulations to GEC’s first Bronze Award recipient, Ben MatthewsThe Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an internationally recognised program for young people. Through this program, young people are given opportunities to develop the skills that equip them for life and work. Over the period of 12 months, Ben has demonstrated his capacity to develop skills, get physically active, be of service to others and experience adventure.


The Duke of Edinburgh Award was an initiative of Mr Chamotin last year.  We are delighted that Ben is Glen Eira College’s first recipient of this internationally recognised award. 

Australian Scout Medallion

We recently acknowledged Alicia Scott of Year 9, who will be presented with the Australian Scout Medallion by Scouts Australia.  The Australian Scout Medallion is the highest award in the Scouts.  This achievement reflects initiative, sustained effort, self-discipline, teamwork and leadership. 


To achieve this award, Alicia led various scout activities and planned an overnight hike; she undertook formal leadership training and was a recipient of an adventurer chord and badge. 

AAFEBS Idiom Competition

The Australian Association of French English Bilingual Schools (AAFEBS) recently hosted an idiom competition.  This national competition required students to demonstrate an idiomatic expression as a video or illustration. 


This year, Glen Eira College won two of the three secondary categories.   Four students from Glen Eira College won the artistic prize for best representation of the idiom. Congratulations to Ella Carmeli-Wolski, Finn McBride-Car, Isabelle Keusgen and Lulu Schori.


Seven students were rewarded with the secondary school grand prize for their entrance; well done to Alex Johnston, Freya Matthews, Gus David, Ines Gotmaker, Jay Trickey, Rudi Hudson, Yvette Lipovetsky.

Mid Year Awards Assembly

Year 7

Academic Excellence:   



Claudia ONG


Gabriel SLATEM



James LEE

Jasmine CHEN




Milena HAIN





Academic Endeavour:




Crystal CAO

Destiny VILI



Jorja VALE

Natalie DUIEB



Bansari PATEL


Patrick CRUDEN



Year 8





Candice ROXAS



Eloise NG






Nicole MAZIS


Rusha SHAH

William WONG




Ebony RYAN











Kayla FOX


Susannah STAPLES



Year 9


Bradley LOK






Nishant SURTI


Shaonika BASU


Yashasvi AGRAWAL








Alicia SCOTT

Ashleigh DATT

Caitlin BLAIR

Cedar CHIN









Year 10




Alannah DE JESUS



Dorothy VUONG

Hyuk KIM



Lachlan SEALIE


Queenie PHAN




Emmalee HAZELL 

Eric YUNG 

Preyanshi SHAH 




Year 11




Laurence SHI

Harrison RYAN










Antoine HOBBS

Elya TAL













Year 12



Chandraditya AKELLA





Morgan LEEB





Sierra DANON




Alanna GRAY

Angela HORTA

Ashleigh HARRIS

Camille DUBOIS



Jennifer FOSTER


Pierre-Alexandre GALLIOT






Aaron Petersen

Assistant Principal

Junior School Highlights

Year 7 Highlights

And we’re back…! After a quick two week break to recover from the fast paced first semester of high school the Year 7s have hit the ground running. It’s obvious to see that this cohort has already become accustomed to high school life and the friendships they have built are flourishing. These friendships will only get stronger with the Year 7 camp coming up fast.


This semester started with an awards ceremony and we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those students who received an award.


We are also very proud of the significant involvement of the Year 7s in the school production: The Wizard of Oz. It is brilliant to see so many students getting out of their comfort zone and challenging themselves.


Finally, we would like to welcome some new students to our constantly growing cohort:

Josh Marshall

Grace Kim

Kirk Kodre

Parul Hassan Ramakrishna

Arvin Luo

Jian Shi

Sriya Kondhalkar

Steven Xiao


We hope they have settled in and are making some new friends.


Daniel Lake & Sue Rio

Year 7 Coordinators

Year 7 Yarra Trams Incursion

On Wednesday 26th June, Year 7 were fortunate enough to have Yarra Trams come in to teach us all about safety and public transport. I learnt so much about the history of trams, and that trams have been around for quite some time! I discovered that there are quite a few things that you can and can’t do in a tram and that there are hefty fines for violating those rules. The incursion was both fun and informative, which made it more interesting to learn about. Overall, I enjoyed learning about many aspects of tram safety, and how to stay safe.


Alana Smith

Year 7G



Year 7 & 8 Disability Awareness in Schools Incursion

On Friday 2nd August, Year 7 and 8 students were part of a program organised and delivered by the Glen Eira City Council, aimed at promoting inclusivity for students and people in the community with a disability. The Council also provided teachers with additional resources relating to the presentation, which team teachers will utilise over the next few weeks to support the key messages of these sessions.



In this incursion I learnt that strokes aren't what they seem - they are much worse than I thought and they can have a very bad effect on your life. I didn't know strokes would affect you for the rest of your life and I didn’t know that you had to re-learn how to do all the basic things, like walk, talk and other things like that. I learnt that it’s very hard for people like Mark our presenter who have had a stroke to come back from it and recover well. 

Oscar Bongiorno 8A


I understand how important this incursion was. I learnt that a stroke is when you don’t get enough blood to your brain. I understand that people can’t control if they have a disability; our presenter Mark said he felt the best way to think about it was to “play the card that you have been dealt” which means to make the most of what you have (particularly if some things are beyond your control). 

Roanin Jackson 8D

Year 9 Highlights

A big welcome back to all Year 9 students! This term the Year 9s will be working on their subject selections for next year and will be receiving individual course counselling. To assist them in their selections the Year 9s have just completed the Morrisby test to identify subjects that align to their recommended pathways. All Year 9 students are reminded to come to the Junior School office to speak to myself should they have any problems.


Well done to the students who received an award for Academic Excellence and Academic Endeavour at our recent mid year award.


Benton Hale

Year 9 Coordinator

From the Junior School Captains: Reflecting on Semester 1

Last semester was full of highlights for the Junior School from the Year 7s joining us at GEC to Year 9s experiencing a whole new part in their timetables.


The first two terms of the year provided us with copious opportunities to enjoy as we learned, although they went by in a jiffy. In term 1 we were able to play in the water and compete in races at the swimming carnival, which was quite the refreshment under the hot summer sun. All four houses had representatives from all age groups participating in events to earn the most points for their respective houses.


Following the swimming carnival was the Year 9 sleep-out which was organized and run by the students to raise money for St Vincent De Paul. It was an outstanding learning experience about the struggles faced by the homeless community. This sleep-out was supervised by some amazing teachers who were able to combine learning with absolute entertainment. Yet, they got more than they bargained for when they had to wake up early and help “run” cross country with only a few hours of sleep. Cross Country was a breeze for most of us - which then concluded term 1.


Term 2 started off with an ANZAC Day Memorial. We had two special guests for the ceremony. One of them served in the police force then transitioned into a role in the UN peacekeeping mission to Cyprus. Our other guest was an ex-student of Glen Eira College when it was called Caufield High, who had also served in the military and as a police officer.


Following the Anzac Day Memorial, we were able to enjoy our day at the Duncan Mackinnon Reserve on 23rd May for the House Athletics. This was a long day with the running events first, followed by the field events. This day was an all-round success with many junior school faces progressing to the next round. Late in term 2, the Year 7 & 9 had the NAPLAN testing which was good for many of the Year 9s to get ready for exams next year.  earlier in the term, all junior school French classes participated in the Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition. 


The Year 7 students also had numerous great incursions throughout the semester, including the Yarra Trams incursion and the Indigenous Education sessions - which was then integrated into the schools' learning. To wrap up the semester the Year 8 students were also involved with innumerable excursion and incursions, one such incursion was the Cyber Safety Talk they received. We look forward to enjoying school and various events in the upcoming semester, hoping to see new faces step up and get involved throughout the school and receiving opportunities to guide the Junior School students through this semester.        

Yashasvi Agrawal and Darcy Messenger

Junior School Captains

Year 7 Transition Leaders

Adjusting to a new high school environment may be overwhelming for young people. To aid future Year 7 students transition into Glen Eira College, the school has established new leadership roles; ‘Transition Leaders’. All Year 7 students were invited to apply for this role and were required to submit a written application.


The following people were elected as transition leaders: Alana Smith, Benjamin Howell, Eve Gascoigne, Harshitha Meenakshisundaram and Rayhan Singh. Led by Ms Mathieson, Glen Eira College’s Sub-School Leader, Transition Leaders are aiming to make Glen Eira College even more engaging, and a more welcoming place for all students. The Transition Leaders will visit primary schools to represent GEC, give some background information about what to expect, and take the initiative to talk to students who are planning to make the move to GEC. The Leaders are also developing a website to assist with the transition for prospective students to access. 


All in all, the Transition Leaders and Ms Mathieson are working towards one of the schools aims; To make sure that Glen Eira College can be even more welcoming towards future students. 


Eve Gascoigne and Harshitha Meenakshisundaram

Year 7

Senior School News

Year 10 News

Year 10 Peer Support Leaders have been facilitating the Year 7 team sessions each Friday for “Fun Friday”. They have been doing a marvellous job of making the transition period for the Year 7s a most welcoming and positive experience.


Congratulations to all Year 10 students who participated in The Wizard of Oz production. It was a great production full of amazing talent and brilliance.


Students will have the opportunity to attend the Araluen Lutheran Year 10 camp that provides great facilities and activities located on the Great Ocean Road. Camp dates are from the 16th – 18th September.


We are required to confirm numbers to the camp by Sunday 18th August and would appreciate you giving permission and paying before this date.


Work Experience Week will be on the 16th – 20th September. This is a great opportunity for students to work in a field of their interest for the week. Students need to ensure they see me or Heather Palm if they have any issues or questions. Work Experience is held in Week 10 of term 3.


Progress Reports are available through XUNO. It’s important that parents, guardians and students sit down and look through the report together. It’s an ideal time to set goals, develop study routines at home and touch base with teachers if there are concerns. We are looking forward to seeing you at parent/teacher interviews in the coming weeks.


Delanka Peiris

Year 10 Coordinator

Year 11 News

Term 3 began with a whole school assembly to celebrate our students’ academic and sporting efforts. It was wonderful to see so many Year 11 students receiving awards for Academic Excellence and Academic Endeavour. By now you should have received your student’s Unit 1 Progress Report and Assessment Results. I strongly recommend taking the time to examine these results with your child and assist them in setting goals for their Unit 2 results.


Year 11 students who are currently studying a Unit 3 & 4 subject have received a copy of the ‘VCE Exams Navigator 2019’ booklet. This booklet contains specific rules and requirements for each exam. A digital copy can be found here:


Additionally, each student studying a Unit 3/4 subject will be receiving an individual ‘Examination Advice Slip’, which details when and where each exam will be conducted. This slip will be issued in a few weeks and should be kept in a safe place.


All Year 11 students are currently returning their course selections for 2020. Students needing course counselling are encouraged to make an appointment at the Senior School Office.


Benjamin Wickham

Year 11 Coordinator

Year 12 News

Term 3 is one of the busiest times of the year for Year 12 students, with the aim to complete unit 4 content in all subjects by the end of the term and with revision the focus for the first few weeks of next term.  To assist our Year 12 students with their overall health and wellbeing, the wellbeing staff have organised for fresh fruit and vegetables to be available in the VCE study centre every Thursday.  Our school nurse is also working in the study centre during period 2 so that students have the opportunity to go and see her if they feel the need. 


On Monday 5th August, the VTAC portal will open for Year 12 students to register and complete their application for tertiary studies 2020. Ms Heather Palm (Careers and Pathways Coordinator) will be working with each student for the rest of the term and beyond if required to ensure that this process is done correctly.  I will be assisting students with completing SEAS and scholarship forms, which are an integral part of the VTAC application. 


Please be aware that a VTAC parent/student information night will be held on Monday 12th August, at 5.30pm. I strongly encourage all parents to attend with their Year 12 student.  On this night, we will go through all things VTAC including the actual application process, ATAR and study scores. This event will be published on the XUNO parent portal. 

Year 12 Key Dates

Monday 5th August: VTAC course applications open

Monday 12th August: VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) parent/student information session 5:30pm in the Glen Eira College PAC

Monday 30th September: VTAC course application closes at 5.00pm (but late applications will be processed at a higher cost)

Friday 11th October: VTAC SEAS and Scholarship applications close at 5.00pm

Monday 23rd September – Friday 27th September: Practice Exams


Monday 21st October: last day of classes for year 12 students (students in class until the end of the day)

Tuesday 22nd October: Year 12 Celebration Day

Monday 7th October - Tuesday 29th October: VCAA Oral Examinations

Wednesday 30th October - Wednesday 20th November: VCAA Written Examinations

Wednesday 20th November: Year 12 Valedictory


Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you need to speak to me about the rest of 2019.


Laura Brancatella

Year 12 Coordinator

Library Corner

The mid semester holidays were a welcome break for our student community, many of whom sat exams and SACs.  Students were encouraged to visit the Library to collect holiday reading while keen VCE students opted to borrow study guides from the VCE Collection.


In support of our Francophile staff and students the Library curated a Tour de France display, featuring cycling guides, biographies of past Tour de France winners and titles very “chic and Frenchy”.


Students were invited to have a say in their Library’s future by participating in an online survey over the holiday break. Feedback will be used in setting the Library’s goals, objectives and budget proposals moving forward. A lucky student from each year level won a Dymocks book voucher for submitting their responses - Lauren Gilfedder (7E), Freya Matthews (8C), Nat Cosgrave (9E), Ishwarya Polisetti (10C), Mehrien Hussain (11B) and Shoan Kondhalkar (12A).



Fourteen students have completed The Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge - eight students in 7B, two students in 7C and one student each representing 8D, 8E, 8G and 9B. It’s not too late to log in and start the Challenge - follow the links on the Library’s Web OPAC page: Please see Library staff should you need your log in details.


Book Club members have begun preparing for an upcoming excursion in September while the Library Monitors finished the term on a high with a morning tea. Congratulations to Dan Federer (7G) who was presented with a Library Monitor Award for his outstanding contribution in planning and delivering a student lunchtime event. Library Monitors held a meeting during the first week of term 3 to plan future lunchtime activities. Watch this space for further news!



Many new books are now available - most chosen by students via the Book Suggestion Box kept at the Library’s circulation desk.  Come and check these out - and don’t forget the great range of eBooks and audiobooks available through the College’s ePlatform.


Library Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

The library is open at Recess to Year 12 students and Library Monitors only

Lunchtime opening from 1:00pm onwards (Closed to general access during the fortnightly Book Club meetings)


Homework Help:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school, 3:15pm to 4:30pm


Sherri Michael

College Librarian

Languages Corner

French Model United Nations Conference

On Monday 22nd July, Emily, Sophie, Luise, Luisa, Estelle, Clement, Louis and Leah, accompanied by Mr Chamontin, went to Melbourne University to participate in the annual French Model United Nations Conference. Representing the nations of Nauru and Greece, the Year 11 and Year 12 students respectively showcased an skilful mastery of debating skills whilst learning more about the situation of refugees around the world.




Congratulations 8C!

Congratulations to Madame Loveena, 8C students and Year 8 CNED students for winning the AAFEBS competition "Quand les cochons voleront"! 

Berthe Mouchette

Congratulations to all 31 finalists of the Berthe Mouche French poetry competition! They were given the perfect score of 20/20. 


Patrick Cruden

Pakhi  Joshi  

Alma-Mia Marret

Ariana Mijares Mendez

Prithvi Shah

Lily Skinner

Maia Weisinger Braun

Bella Campbell

Gus David

George Fetsis

Jemima Gill (Woodmansey)

Ines Gotmaker

Rudi Hudson

Sofia Johansson

Yvette Lipovetsky

Freya Matthews

Anaelle Micciche (HC)      

Diksha Padmakumar  

Amiya Panwar

Shira Reznik

Natasha Vakhariya

Shaonika Basu

Caitlin Blair

Nat Cosgrave

Kael Lok (HC)

Daniel Mijares Mendez

Jasmyn Roberts

George Sempelidis

Marcus Georgiou

James Mazis

Ishwarya Polisetti           


Cedric Chamontin

Head of Languages

Science News

Year 7

As an introduction to Forces, students designed paper “Whirlybirds” and had a competition to see whose whirlybird could stay in flight the longest. Students observed that the air is forced down and inward towards the centre base by the wings of the whirlybird, which pushes against the opposite edges of the base, causing it to spin. They also acknowledged that gravity is pulling the whirlybird to the ground. Using this knowledge, students were able to design models which stayed in flight for up to 4s. That’s a long time in whirlybird land!!



Following on from this, students explored pushing forces and used an “Aspro Rocket” to demonstrate this. Students placed half an Aspro clear tablet into a filmed canister filled with warm water. They quickly closed the lid of the canister and turn it upside down. As the aspro clear reacted with the water, gas was released inside the canister, creating a high pressure chamber. This pushing force of the gas particles inside, forces the canister to propel so high up, hitting the ceiling of the science room.



Year 8


As part of their studies of Body Systems, two Year 8 Science classes combined to observe Mrs Loucaides dissecting a rat. A camera was set up so that students could view the dissection through a TV screen. Students assisted in the dissection and were able to identify different organs including the heart, liver and intestines. 



Concurrently, the Japanese Immersion class created posters of the human body, labelling the different organs and systems in Japanese.

Year 9

Miss Tingate’s 9E class dissected sheep’s brains as part of their studies and investigation into the structures of the Nervous System. Here students were required to label lobes of the brain they could identify on the outer surface. They previously learnt a song to assist them with this task. Following this, they then dissected the brain into the 2 hemispheres (left and right) and identified structures including the hypothalamus and medulla oblongata.



It is important to acknowledge that without access to materials like brains and hearts, students wouldn’t have the opportunity to observe and study things like body systems first hand. Thank you to “Your Local Butchers” in Malvern East for always providing our students with fresh and clean material that they can learn so much from.


Haroula Loucaides

Head of Science


Running Club

Rail, hail or shine cannot stop Glen Eira’s running club! No matter what the weather, every Wednesday afternoon, a solid group of Glen Eira students and teachers are putting in the hard yards. There has been a strong improvement from all runners every week and it is great to see a tight knit group emerging amongst a range of different year levels. We are looking forward to seeing some new faces in the coming weeks and anyone is welcome to join. A huge thank you to Mr Golding for facilitating running club and being crazy enough to run in all weather with us! 

Also a shout out to Mr Petersen for joining us in the last couple of weeks!


Zoe Markopoulos

Year 11

Wellbeing News

Holistic Approach to VCE Student Wellbeing

Glen Eira College endeavours to promote a holistic approach to student wellbeing by nurturing each student’s physical, emotional, cognitive, social and mental health.


These dimensions are developed in a healthy school community that continues to enhance and promote the value of each individual. One of the main priorities of the wellbeing team will be to provide extra support to all VCE students during this busy and hectic time of the year. We will be providing weekly baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables donated by the school and Woolworths Glen Huntly. This is to promote and encourage students to eat a nutritional diet, promote concentration and brain development.


The wellbeing team will also be providing extra support by allocating the Adolescent Health Nurse, Christalia Formoso to work from the VCE Centre for 3 weeks to provide further supports to the students as needed. The students will continue to have access to the wellbeing team:


Student Wellbeing Leader - Ms Jenny Sanchez

Student Support Service Psychologist - Ms Zoe Markopoulos

Student Support Worker - Ms Alyssa Zumbo 

A Headspace Clinician


We strongly encourage students to have a healthy work, study & play balance and to seek support as needed.


Christalia Formoso

Adolescent Health Nurse




Performing Arts News

Victorian State School Spectacular

Thousands of Victorian students are perfecting their dance moves, memorising their words and tuning their instruments as part of this year’s Victorian State Schools Spectacular, including the following GEC students:



Yvette Lipovetsky 8C

Benjamin Matthews 10C



Odelia Ashkar 7A

Nina Gibbs 7B

Alma-Mia Marret 7C

Ananaya Sreejith Chandroth 7D

Ola Aftanas 7G

Patrick Cruden 7G

Lihee Ashkar 8A

Orleanna Murray de Brossard 8B

Harriet Rowsell 8B

Rudi Hudson 8C

Diksha Padmakumar 8G

Alannah De Jesus 10

Gauri Gupta 10

Lottie Hudson 10


We had the first of our four Mass Choir rehearsals at Melbourne Town Hall on Wednesday 24th July. It was a great day out going through all of our repertoire in preparation for September.



The 2019 Victorian State Schools Spectacular: 'Made of Stars' will be staged at Melbourne Arena on Saturday 14 September 2019 (1.00 pm and 6.30 pm) – and filmed by Channel 7 for broadcast at a later date. Tickets are already on sale via Ticketek.


'Made of Stars' will present a galaxy of out-of-this-world performances by daredevil BMX riders and skaters, acrobats, circus artists, musicians, haka and hip-hop dancers. The three-hour show will feature the arrival of a spaceship with a visitor from another planet, a crew of sassy blue street urchins, and a tongue-in-cheek look at fashion and fame with a plethora of Anna Wintours and a sea of paparazzi.


While many talented Victorian students will be in the spotlight on-stage, other students will work behind the scenes, gaining unique, on-the-job experience in running a professional event.

Production Orchestra

If you arrived early to take your seat for one (or more!) of The Wizard of Oz performances you were lucky enough to be serenaded by the GEC Production Orchestra made up of students, staff and even a very talented parent. We played a number of film selections including music from Toy Story, Harry Potter, Star Wars and of course The Wizard of Oz.  We also performed a feature length piece called “The Wizard of Oz meets The Wiz” medley.


We also continued a GEC music tradition with the Best In Band “BIB” award, which is like the Best On Ground or the Brownlow (only much more prestigious). Dominik Duszniak on the drum-kit was this year’s winner, and got to wear his incredible grey bib for our final performance on Thursday night (sorry Domi!).


Thanks to all of the students who were invited to be a part of this advanced ensemble along with our dedicated Instrumental Music staff - you all did a brilliant job, not only for giving your time to rehearse and perform, but also for putting in a tremendous amount of effort every single time you played. To acknowledge this fantastic contribution all band members were presented with a GEC Music badge that we hope they wear with pride.



Production Orchestra

Musical Directors – Mr Mark Dipnall / Ms Zamarah Morley / Ms Laura Baker-Goldsmith 

Flute - Crystal Cao   

Clarinet - Terry Sun and Mr Mark Dipnall 

Violin - Jacinta Ide, Erin McNaughton, Natalie Peverell and Ms Zamarah Morley

Viola - Elly Berhang

Alto Sax - Harry Chen

Tenor Sax - Daniel Mijares Mendez

Bari Sax - Ms Laura Baker-Goldsmith

Trumpet - Oskar de Bruin, Leon de Bruin (parent) and Mr George Hronakis       

Keyboard - Richard Shao

Piano - Ms Charlene Wijaya

Guitar - Yuda Ardianto 

Bass Guitar - George de Bono 

Drum Kit - Domi Duszniak 

Percussion - So Kitamura and Mr Mark Voogd

Interested in learning a musical instrument?

There are a limited number of additional spaces in the College Instrumental Music program for Semester 2 for the following instruments:

  • Brass - trumpet and trombone
  • Drums
  • Woodwind - flute, clarinet and saxophone
  • Strings - violin, viola and cello


Instrumental Music lessons occur on a rotating timetable during class time. This minimises the chance of students missing the same class more than once a month. All students are expected to participate in at least one ensemble, with rehearsals occurring during lunchtime or after school. The semester levy is $200, which covers the costs of delivering the program including purchasing/maintaining instruments and equipment, photocopying and the like. There are also limited numbers of instruments available for hire from the college for $100 per semester.


For further information or to request a place in the Instrumental Music program, please contact Ms Laura Baker-Goldsmith (Head of Performing Arts) on 9571 7838 or

Upcoming Dates

Week 6: 21/8 VSSS Mass Choir Rehearsal 2

Week 7: 29/8 Gala Concert 6.30pm

Week 8: 4/9 Year 7 2020 Information Afternoon

Week 9: 12-13/9 VSSS rehearsals

 14/9 VSSS performances at Melbourne Arena 1pm and 6.30pm

Sport Report

Thank you to all students and staff on a fantastic term 2 of sport!


Well done to all students who competed in House Athletics. Topaz placed 1st on 1269 points, Ruby placed 2nd on 926 points, Sapphire placed 3rd on 852 points and Emerald placed 4th on 562 points.


Congratulations to the following students who placed within the top 15 of Beachside Cross country; Liam Mischel, Max Gilbert, Mateo Munoz, Lily Skinner, Jay Trickey, Ali Hussani, Chloe Kaufman, Barnaby Kinsella, Osman Haji, Bridie Skinner, Jasmine Shaw,  Hayato Serag, Nicholas Silka, Kartik Panikar and Zoe Markopoulos.


During term 2 the Senior girls softball team that placed 2nd in the state finals and  received a silver medal.  Congratulations  to the following students; Alanna Gray, Sierra Danon, Ashleigh Harris, Taylor Lowery, Kei Someda, Bridie Skinner, Pamela Parvakis, Zoe Markopoulos, Jenifer Roitman and Gabriella Karavanny.


Congratulations to the Year 7 Boys and Girls Badminton teams, Senior Girls Soccer team and the Year 8 Basketball teams who all made it through to Southern Metropolitan Region finals.


Our senior girls’ soccer team participated in the SMR finals on Thursday 25th July. Whilst they weren’t able to progress through to the state final, they were commended for their enthusiasm, fairness and sense of inclusivity.  


A special thank you goes to all staff who took the teams out on sport, athletics and cross country, it would not have been possible without you!


Term 3 sport has started on Monday 5th August when the Intermediate Basketball, Table tennis and Futsal teams competed. All students in Years 9 and 10 were invited to participate in these sports. 


This will be closely followed by the Year 8 teams competing on Friday 16th August and the Year 7 teams on Wednesday 21st August


Beachside Division Athletics will be held at Duncan MacKinnon on Monday 16th September.


Please ensure that if your child is participating in sport that they arrive to school on time, in correct uniform and have  food and water for the day.


If your child is participating in Futsal or Hockey and has shin pads it would be ideal if they could bring them with them on the day. If your child is participating in table tennis and has their own table tennis bat it would also be helpful if they could bring this along. If your child does not own their own shin pads or table tennis racket, the school will provide them.


Marybeth Atkinson

Sports Intern

Careers Corner

Year 9

All Year 9 students have recently completed their Morrisby Online Testing, which is an online career discovery tool that assists students in understanding their strengths and interests, as well as helping them to explore possible future career options. Each student then has the opportunity to attend a one on one interview with an external Morrisby consultant, where they can talk through their results in more detail. These Morrisby Interviews are currently taking place and are due to conclude on 19th September.

Year 10

We recently held a successful VCE Information night on 24th July, where a large number of students and parents had the opportunity to learn more about the 2020 VCE and VET subjects on offer. We are currently in the process of conducting all of the one on one subject selection / course counselling appointments with the Year 10 students through until 9th August.

Work Experience

Just a friendly reminder that all Year 10 students who won’t be attending the Year 10 camp this year, should have already started their search for a work experience placement. Work experience is mandatory for all students who are not attending camp. Placements will need to take place during the 16th to 20th September, which is the final week of term 3.


We strongly encourage all students to try and make arrangements themselves for work experience, as this is a great learning opportunity for the students to research suitable industries and companies that are of interest to them, as well as learn how to professionally approach prospective employers.


For any students who are struggling to find suitable work experience, or need some additional assistance, please come and speak to myself as the Careers and Pathways Coordinator for assistance. Work experience forms can be collected from the Senior School Office.


Any parent who can potentially host a Year 10 student at their workplace would be greatly appreciated, as it’s not always easy finding varied placement offers for students. Please contact the Careers and Pathways Coordinator if you are able to assist with this.

Year 11 and 12

VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre)

All Year 12 Students have recently been given their VTAC guide booklets which details the process of researching courses and applying through VTAC. Please refer to the ‘Year 12 News’ which lists all appropriate dates, including for our VTAC Information Night on Monday 12th August at 5:30pm, as well as when all VTAC, SEAS and Scholarship applications open and close. For any Year 11 students wanting a copy of the VTAC guide to read through as well, please come to the Senior School Office to collect one.

University and TAFE Open Days

All University and TAFE Open Days are well underway at the moment, from late July through August and are a great opportunity for students to learn more about the culture, atmosphere, pathways and courses of each institution. Students who are considering attending University or TAFE are really encouraged to attend these open days and information sessions. A list of all open days have previously been sent around to students and parents regarding information, dates and times. Please also check with the institutions directly to confirm exact dates and times.


Heather Palm
Careers and Pathways Coordinator

From the Office

Update Your Information

Have you recently changed, or are about to change, address, home, mobile or work phone number or email address? Please remember to ring the College on 9571 7838 or update your details on Xuno to keep us informed.

Student Absences

Student absences should be reported to the school on the day of the absence. Parents are reminded that the College has a designated telephone line for notification of student absence – 9571 4178.


There is also an absence proforma in the student planner that parents can complete for the student to return to the General Office on their return to school.

Early Leavers

If your child needs to leave school early you are required to provide a signed note for them to show their year level coordinator and bring down to the General Office when they sign out. Students are not permitted to leave the school early without signing out at the General Office.


This newsletter is emailed home to all families three times per term. If you have any items of interest to the college community or would like to advertise your business, please contact Penny Marks on 9571 7838.

Parent Payments

The College is committed to providing the broadest possible educational opportunities to prepare our students for life-long learning and success in their chosen field. Most funding for the College comes from the Government. However the amount allocated is insufficient for us to provide the type of education expected by the College community and required in today’s complex world.  Thus we seek parent support with regards to the payment of the Consumable Materials and Service charges. These are used during the school year for the direct and immediate benefit of each student. Monthly statements are sent out to families where there are outstanding fees.


Parents may make payments in instalments, and are provided with several methods of making payment including, cash, cheque, BPay, EFTPOS, Centrepay and XUNO Events. Parents experiencing financial hardship are able to enter into confidential payment arrangements by contacting the nominated parent payment contact person, the School Business Manager (Gabrielle Darvell) on 9571 7838 or

XUNO – APP available for all platforms

The new look XUNO APP has been launched and we encourage you to start using it. Download the APP from the Apple store or the Google Play Store.


You can login using your XUNO login details and use the school code f3ci5b.



Please send through any feedback on

Woolworths Earn & Learn

A huge thank you to all the parents, students and staff who helped to collect Woolworths Earn and Learn stickers. We collected a fantastic 24,900 stickers which we will redeem for footballs, dodge balls, netballs, soccer balls, playing cards and a variety of games and educational resources.



Gabrielle Darvell

Business Manager


Glen Eira Parents Association Meetings

  • Thursday 15th August Anabella Pizza and Pasta, 1141 Glenhuntly Road just west of Glen Huntly Station, 7.30pm for meeting and coffee or dessert or come from 6.30pm to share a meal first
  • Saturday 31st August Aaron & co café 11am 572 Glen Huntly Road west of Kooyong Road
  • movie night – TBC – early term 4 – suggested Ride like  Girl - Michelle Payne’s story
  • Thursday 10th October Anabella Pizza and Pasta, 1141 Glenhuntly Rd just west of Glen Huntly Station, 7.30pm for meeting and coffee or dessert or come from 6.30pm to share a meal firs
  • GECPA end of year dinner Thursday 14th November Theio Theo Greek restaurant  5 Waverley Road Malvern East


Come along and help us plan a movie night, and other activities - all GEC parents and guardians welcome – a great chance to meet some school families and help the school. Our meetings are friendly and informal, and your level of involvement is up to you. If you are interested in being involved, want to come to any of our meetings or are not already receiving our emails, please send an email to Volunteers (welcome even in a small way).


Eliza and Jelena

GECPA Co-convenors 

2nd Hand uniform stall - Thursday 22 August 5pm - 6.30pm evening with Parent teacher interviews
helpers and donations needed

GECPA is planning a sale of second hand uniforms as a service for families and fundraiser for the school. Please donate your unwanted uniform items to the office by Friday 9th August. This is a donation to the school - families will not receive any payment for their items.  Please ensure that all items are in reasonable condition and have been washed and dried before you bring them in. Please note that we cannot sell items that are no longer part of the college uniform, such as polar fleece jackets or the older-style sports tops (sports tops in the current style - with red sleeves- are very welcome).

Helpers needed to set up the stall at 4.30 - please RSVP by sending an email to

Supper at GEC Musical Production

Glen Eira College Parents provided a dessert feast for families attending each night of the production and, together with program sales, raised $516.10 for the school. Thanks to the bakers, tea makers and cleaner-up-erers!

Welcome to next year’s families - Wednesday 4th September 4.15pm

Welcome to Year 7 families  for 2020 – we would welcome current school parents from the GECPA to be there to give a friendly greeting to new school families.

Recycling and Sustainability at GEC

GECPA is keen to improve GEC eco-sustainability and discuss ideas for recycling and other sustainability initiatives – let GECPA or school know if you have ideas and can help.

Entertainment Book

The fundraising Entertainment book is available at the school office or digital memberships.
Please help our fundraising efforts by buying an Entertainment Membership from us. You'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do - helping our fundraising at the same time!


With the newer Digital Membership (having a copy on your phone), you'll use it even more – especially with the brilliant ‘Near Me’ feature.  You simply hit the 'Near Me' tab to see what deals are around you anywhere, anytime! AND you can download it onto your child/s phones for them to take advantage of the offers too! Many families save from $550 - $1000+ per year with their membership. It really is brilliant value for just $70.


Weekly walk and talk  

We have a social walking group which meets once a week to walk and chat for an hour.  We meet on Tuesday evenings (weather permitting) at 7:45pm at the corner of Crosbie and Murrumbeena Roads at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve. So that we can keep in contact, we have set up a messaging group on Whatsapp. To join the group, just email us your name and phone number.  (If you don't already have Whatsapp installed on your smartphone, you will need to do that first -it's very easy to install and to use). send an email to if you want to walk with us.

Glen Eira Council #YouthVoice explores climate change

Who's it for? Young people aged 10 to 25 years who live, work, socialise or study in Glen Eira.

When and where? Thursday 4pm to 5:30pm Youth Information Centre 86 Robert Street Bentleigh

This term in #YouthVoice, we are exploring a new topic — climate change. Recently, there have been many protests regarding the #stopadani movement and climate change. #YouthVoice has decided to dissect the topic and explore why this is such an important issue for young people. We will be interviewing experts, the public and gaining first-hand accounts and footage of the protests. Throughout this process, we hope to educate and inspire people of Glen Eira.

Contact 9524 3676


Cathy McNaughton


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