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20 August 2019
Issue Thirteen
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Dates to Remember


Wednesday 21st

School Council Meeting


Thursday 22nd 

Production Dress Rehearsal & Ali Baba Dress Up Day 

L5/6 Summer Interschool Sports


Friday 23rd

Junior School F-L2 Pie Food Day


Monday 26th

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Production Props Rehearsal

Division T-Ball (Selected Students)


Tuesday 27th

L5/6 Production Cast 1 (56H, 56O & 56WM) Performance Mahon Theatre 7pm 

Foundation 2020 Transition Session


Wednesday 28th 

L5/6 Production Cast 2 (56E & 56N) Performance Mahon Theatre 7pm


Thursday 29th 

L3 Swap Market


Friday 30th 

P&F Fathers Day Stall

Senior School L3-L6 Pie Food Day


Monday 2nd

Junior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

District Athletics Carnival

L3 'ADANAC' Camp Departs (2nd - 4th)

e-Smart week (2nd - 6th Sept)


Tuesday 3rd 

P&F Meeting - 7:30 pm in the staff room

L4 'Chemical Science' Incursion

L3 'ADANAC' Camp (2nd - 4th)


Wednesday 4th

L3 'ADANAC' Camp Returns (2nd - 4th)

Level 5/6 Party


Thursday 5th

Walk to School Day

ICAS Science Testing- selected students

Foundation Grandparents & Special Persons Day - 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm in foundation class rooms


Friday 6th 

Whole School Disco; Foundation - L2 5-6pm & L3-L6  6.30-8pm

Level 5/6 Summer Interschool Sports


Monday 9th 

Senior Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Foundation Swimming Program Commences (9th - 19th)

L3 Swimming Program Commences (9th - 19th)


Tuesday 10th 

Foundation & L3 Swimming

ICAS Writing Testing - selected students

L2 'All Mixed Up' Science Incursion

Foundation & L3 Swimming


Wednesday 11th

Foundation & L3 Swimming

L1 'All Mixed Up' Science Incursion

Foundation & L3 Swimming

L4 La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary


Thursday 12th

Foundation & L3 Swimming

Walk to School Day

ICAS Spelling Testing - selected students


Friday 13th

Foundation & L3 Swimming


Monday 16th

Whole School 'Professions without Gender' Assembly - 2:50 pm in the hall

Foundation & L3 Swimming


Tuesday 17th 

ICAS English Testing - selected students only

Foundation & L3 Swimming


Wednesday 18th

School Council Meeting

Foundation & L3 Swimming


Thursday 19th 

Walk to School Day

ICAS Maths Testing - selected students

Final Foundation & L3 Swimming Sessions


Friday 20th

Footy & Billy Cart Day

Whole School Assembly - 2:00 pm in the hall

Last Day of Term 3 - Early Dismissal at 2:30 pm

Principal's Report

Book Week Parade

Another fantastic Book Week parade on Monday- a kaleidoscope of colour as the tradition lives on with our annual parade which was a stunning collection of costumes and book characters.



Weekaway Camp – Grade 4

Last Wednesday 80 students, accompanied by 8 staff members, travelled to ‘Weekaway’ in Lancefield for a two-night camp. The weather was kind to us. There were a wide variety of challenging outdoor activities presented by the camp staff, such as hut building and canoeing. The students return as more resilient people, as they've had to cope with unfamiliar situations, including taking care of themselves and their belongings, and sleeping away from home. They will try new things, make new friends and really come out of their ‘shells’. I would like to acknowledge the staff who leave families to attend camp and ensure the successful camp experience for our students. The camp program cannot run without the dedicated staff support- thank you to Anju Mehta, Karen Hastie, Mitchell Clark, Michael Sacchetta, Megan Campbell, Marika Ferguson, Sue Hargrave, Sam Carter and Liz Barr (me) for attending.

Preparations are well underway for the grade 3 camp in a few weeks’ time. I know the students and staff are looking forward to our first grade 3 camp.



Foundation 2020 Transition sessions

It was wonderful to see so many preschool children at Rangeview enjoying lessons with our current foundation team. This is certainly a very helpful program to assist these children and their parents to become more comfortable and aware of the school surroundings. Special thanks to the Foundation team together with the student leaders who assisted with greeting and directing parents. The next transition session is on Tuesday, 27th August from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm.


Mental Health

A focus on mental health within our curriculum is vital – for the wellbeing of all students. We explicitly teach the Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships curriculum in every grade once a week. If you would like to learn more about this please go to:


Parent Portal

Sentral for Parents App

Dear Families,


Sentral is an online secured parent portal that provides families with 24/7 access to different aspects of their child's education.  

Currently parents at Rangeview Primary School utilise the portal to send absence notifications, view/access school reports, receive email notifications, schedule parent teacher interviews and view attendance data. 


Rangeview Primary school will be introducing more features of the Parent Portal overtime such as;


  • Instant messages/push notifications via the ‘Sentral for Parents’ APP (see below)
  • Online Parent Consent for Excursions – coming later
  • Online Payments – coming later


The ‘Sentral for Parents’ APP has replaced Updat-ed. The app will enable you to access the portal on your device. It will also enable the school to communicate important instant messages such as reminders, newsletter notification and event cancellations. When signing up to the app, please ‘allow notifications’ to ensure you are alerted of any messages from Rangeview Primary School.


We strongly recommend that you download the APP.


Click on the link below to view a video on how to link the ‘Sentral for Parents’ APP to your existing web platform portal account.


If you have any problems please contact the school office and speak with our Administration team on 9874 6381.

Wellbeing & Engagement




Student of the Week

Change to Student of the Week Notification 

Please note we will now be informing families of the Student of the Week through the newsletter in advance every fortnight for both Junior and Senior Levels, make sure you keep an eye out!  


The Student of the week awards are presented at assemblies during term alternating between Junior and Senior Classes, commencing at 2:50 pm. 


You are most welcome to attend to see your child receive their award and all the other wonderful celebrations we have at our assemblies.


Premiers' Reading Challenge


Many Rangeview students are participating in the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge. Congratulations to the students who have already finished the Challenge. Some students have read over 100 books! Way to go!


Please log your books on to the website

The username is name & surname in lowercase with no space ie. johnsmith

The password is:    rangeview1


Please let your teacher know if you are having difficulty logging on. (There are a few passwords across the school that are different).  


The Challenge will finish on September 6th.


All books will need to be logged on before this date. No data can be entered after this date.

Marita Horvath

Learning Specialist

Parents & Friends

Upcoming Events

This term we have lots of events coming up:

  •  Hot Pie Day - Foundation to Level 2 - Friday 23rd August 
  •  Hot Pie Day - Level 3 to  Level 6 - Friday 30th August (Orders due 23/8) 
  • Fathers Day Stall  - Friday 31st August
  •  Whole School Disco - Friday 6th September

   More information on these and more events coming soon.

Hot Pie Day - Order Form


Fathers Day Stall

Volunteer Sign up

Entertainment Book 

Purchase an Entertainment Membership for Dad for Father’s Day and not only will you be supporting our fundraising but you will also go in the draw to WIN the Ultimate Father’s Day Prize - 2 tickets to the 2019 Toyota AFL Grand Final + a $400 flight voucher!

Get your Membership today



AGTV German Poetry Competition 

On Wednesday, 7th August thirteen Rangeview PS students from Levels 4, 5 and 6 took part in the annual AGTV (Association of German Teachers of Victoria) German Poetry Competition.

The Regional Final was held at Vermont Secondary College.

Students were required to recite a poem to a panel of judges, and were awarded points according to:

  • Their pronunciation
  • Dictation and Phrasing, and
  • The delivery of their poem – that is, how well students were able to express the meaning of their poem through their facial expressions, eye-contact, body language and tone of voice.

The following students took part in the competition:

Klasse 4: Sisley, Ruby, Abby, Evan and Elise

Klasse 5: Tess, Emma, Alex, Jayden and Christian

Klasse 6: Claire, Natasha and Kimberly

I am extremely proud of each of our students for their wonderful enthusiasm and for the time and effort they put into practicing their poetry performances.

They are all winners in my eyes!

Here are the results of the regional final:

Klasse 4:

1st: Sisley Meng

2nd: Ruby Tomietto

3rd: Abby Birthisel

1st (Open Category): Elise Van Praag

Please note: for students in Grade 4, the competition ends at the regional final.

Klasse 5:

1st: Tess Lalor

2nd: Emma Stockley

3rd: Livingstone PS student

1st (Open Category): Christian Lindner

Klasse 6:

1st: Livingstone PS student

2nd: Kimberly Shyu

3rd: Livingstone PS student


Students from Year 5 to Year 9, who receive a first or second place at the regional final, are then invited to attend the State Final, to be held on Saturday, 17th August at the Austrian Club in Heidelberg.

We wish our four finalists, Kimberly, Christian, Tess and Emma, all the very best for the State Final.


There are many wonderful ways to assist your child’s German language development outside of school. Here are a few recommended websites:


- Association of German Teachers of Victoria (AGTV) – everything you need to know about teaching and learning German at both primary and secondary schools in Victoria


- Languages Online (free online games and activities for beginners)


- German Online Dictionary


- German Saturday School


-Step into German (music, soccer and much more)


- Career, Education and Lifestyle in Germany


- Goethe Institute Melbourne (Why learn German?)


- Fascinating Facts about Germany (AGTV)

Common German words and phrases to use at home

Thank you to the many parents and students who have requested this:


           Deutsch                                                          English

Guten Morgen!

Good morning!

Guten Tag!

Good day!

Guten Abend!

Good evening!

Gute Nacht!

Good night!

Wie geht’s dir?

How are you?

Mir geht’s gut.

I am (feeling) good.

Bitte schön!

Here you are!       (or)

You’re welcome!

Danke schön!

Thank you!

Auf Wiedersehen!

Good bye!



Was machst du?

What are you doing?

Ich mache meine Hausaufgaben.

I am doing my homework.

Wieviel Uhr ist es?   (or)

Wie spät ist es?

What time is it?

Es ist acht Uhr.

It is eight o’clock.

Was ist das?

What is that?

Das ist mein Deutschheft.

That is my German workbook.

Kann ich bitte ein Glas Wasser haben?

Can I please have a glass of water?

Wo bist du?

Where are you?

Ich bin in der Küche.

I am in the kitchen.

Das schmeckt gut.

That tastes nice.

Ich mag Spaghetti.

I like spaghetti.

Ich mag nicht Käse.

I don’t like cheese.

Kann ich dir helfen?

Can I help you?

Ja, bitte. / Nein, danke.

Yes, please. / No, thanks.


Check out this website for more common German phrases and expressions (recordings for correct pronunciation included):




Swap Market 

Thursday 29th August


All Foundation to Level 4 students are invited to bring along unwanted items from home to swap for a different item at our Rangeview Swap Market.


Students are asked to bring along no more than 5 child friendly items, such as: books, board games, washed soft toys, collectable cards or any toys that they no longer require to the hall after 9 am.

All items must be clean and in good working condition.  (You would be happy to give it to a friend!)


The students will receive one token per donated item. Later they will be invited to use their token to ‘swap’ for a different item from the

Rangeview Swap Market.



Students have also repurposed old crayons and transformed them into new ones. These will be sold on the day for 50 cents. Please bring along your money on the day if you are wishing to purchase one of these. Limited stock available! Correct change would be appreciated.



L5&6 2019 Production

Ali Baba Dress Up Day - Thursday 22nd of August

Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits is our school production this year. As in previous years

we will be holding a dress up day for the students combined with a viewing of our fabulous

Level 5 and 6 students as they perform in their dress rehearsal.


The theme of course is Ali Baba/Arabian, we are looking forward to seeing students

dress up in an array of Aladdin/Arabian attire.


There is a $2 entry fee for students to view the performance.


Ticket Information


Happy Birthday to You!



Foundation Level Update


As part of our Term 3 Inquiry Unit Toys and Technology, the Foundation children attended a woodwork incursion where they made a rocket. Using small workbenches, they clamped and sawed wooden pieces to make their toy. The resulting toy was amazing!


Community News:

Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits will be performed by our Level 5 and 6 students. The Foundation children have the opportunity to watch the show during school hours. They will be watching the cast that their buddy class is performing in.


The five Foundation classes have started coming together to practice their singing in preparation for the Grandparents’ Day performance, and are doing a great job of learning all the songs. We are positive their special visitors will be very impressed!


All the best,

Miss Bonte, Miss Clarke, Ms Wilson, Mrs Goulding and Mrs Tzimos – Foundation Team.


Level 1/2

Level 1 and 2 were fortunate enough to watch a wonderful performance by Opera Australia. It was a shortened version of the show Barber of Seville. Students enjoyed the comedic theatrics and got involved with the Opera singing.


Students have been working hard on portfolio tasks, reviewing their learning about life in the past, and how their lives have changed. It has been really enjoyable to hear students share about their lives, using their own timelines as a guide.


We are also encouraging student’s independence when arriving and leaving school, packing and unpacking their own bags. It has been fantastic to see students take responsibility for their own items and remembering everything they need to pack for the day.



Level 3/4 

Level 4 Camp 'Weekaway'




Level 5/6 

From reporters' Emily and Keanah


Here are some level 5 and 6 students making brains out of playdough!  Everyone had a great time playing and making their brains!  We had to write down everything about the brain on a sheet of paper where we stuck our brains.

As you can see, we had to make every part individually.  It took a while but when you see it finished you know it was worth it!


This is Caitlin holding her finished brain and it looks amazing!  Can't wait to see everyone's finished product!


Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

Sneak peak for our year 5 and 6 production, Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits!  As you can see in the picture we have got our Citizens, Vizier and Booboo.  Everyone is shocked that robbers are about everywhere.  Now we can't tell you anything else, so come and watch our wonderful production!

The Genie is singing her song about herself floating inside the ketchup bottle in Egypt!  Everyone is dancing and having a marvellous time!

Here we are singing and dancing to Baghdad Bazaar!  Sorry we can't say anymore so come and watch our performance of Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits!


by Emily and Keanah

Rangeview Animal Roster


Community News/ Advertising


The View
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