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27 April 2018
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Principal's Page

Welcome Back!

We welcome back our College Community for what will be another busy term at Wheelers Hill Secondary College.  The College will continue to provide opportunities this term in the four key areas important to our community:

- Academic Excellence across all learning areas

- Sport

- Performing Arts

- Student Leadership

We expect our students and staff "To Be The Best That They Can Be".

Anzac Day Assembly, Tuesday 24th April

Our College commemorated Anzac Day with a special Whole School Assembly earlier in the week.  Given the building works currently taking place with our Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex, we held our Assembly outside - we were very fortunate with the weather on the day.

We were privileged to have Major Grantley Wood (retired) speak at our Assembly.  Grantley first enlisted as an Army Reservist in 1979.  He then joined the Army in a full time capacity in 2004 and saw active service in Iraq.  Grantley returned to the Army Reserve in 2016 where he now works to edit Army publications, and he is connected to his local Returned Services League (RSL).   Interestingly, Grantley's children are ex students of Wheelers Hills Secondary College.  Grantley was able to share his thoughts relating to Anzac Day, together with his experiences of having served with the Army.  We thank Grantley for his time and his speech - his involvement helped our College mark this very special occasion being Anzac Day.

Our students were very respectful during the Assembly.  A number of students were active participants on the day involved with compering, readings and laying of a ceremonial wreath - we thank them for their efforts.


Building Program - Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex

After meeting with the Builder and Architect, they tell us that the Building Program involving our Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex is proceeding on time.  The weather has been 'kind' to the Program thus far allowing for great progress to be made. Our Sport and Performing Arts Domains continue to cope well with their temporary arrangements concerning alternative teaching and learning spaces.  We acknowledge the disruption caused by the Building Program and we thank all staff, students and families for your patience.  It is hoped that the Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex will be complete before the end of Term 3 this year.


The National Assessment Program - Literacy And Numeracy (or NAPLAN) will be held Tuesday the 15th to Thursday the 17th May.

"NAPLAN is an annual assessment for all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. It tests the types of skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life. The tests cover skills in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy. The assessments are undertaken every year in the second full week in May (National Assessment Program Website, 21/4/18)".

We encourage families to speak with their Year 7 and 9 children about NAPLAN leading up to the assessment dates (15 to 17/5/18).  Whilst NAPLAN gives a 'snapshot in time' of students and their learning, there needs to be an understanding that strong partnerships between schools and families allowing for quality teaching and learning over an extended period, provides the necessary opportunities for growth and improvement in Literacy and Numeracy.

Student Feedback

We value student feedback. Teaching staff want to know from our students their thoughts on their learning experience across all faculties or learning domains.  

We survey all of of our students across all learning domains twice a year asking questions relating to the content covered in class, how content is delivered, and how skills my be developed.  Survey results can then be used to inform teacher practice, together with developing and refining curriculum programs.  The first results of student surveys in 2018 should be known in the coming weeks.

Surveys completed by students in 2017 showed that 'feedback' was very important to them.  Feedback from teaching staff that is clear, concise and ongoing is vital to improving student learning outcomes.  Feedback is important to students not only at the completion of assessments, but also as assessments are being completed.  Our teaching staff in their Domains (Learning Areas) have spend some time devising strategies and ideas so as to provide high quality and ongoing feedback to students.

School Council Election - Student Representation

The Department of Education (DET) are requiring secondary schools to have formal Student Representation on College Council.  Students from Year 7 to 12 can nominate / be nominated for two positions on Council as part of the process.  

Please see important dates below with respect to the School Council
Elections – Student Members:

  • Notice of Election and Call for Nominations, 23/4/18
  • Closing Date for Nominations, 30/4/18

Hard copy Nomination Forms can be gained from the General Office. 
Students may Self Nominate or Nominate others for one of the two positions.  For this first year of its implementation, it is reported that one position will be for one year and the other position for two years so that every year after the positions stagger.

Hard Copy Nomination Forms can be gained from the General Office as of Monday 23rd April. 

The School Council Elections – Student Members is open to all students from Years 7 to 12. 

If more Nominations are received than available positions, then a ballot will need to be held (more information will be made available of any ballot as appropriate and as required). 

Information relating to WHSC Council Elections - Student Members is in the Student Bulletin for students, and information will also be provided in the College Newsletter this week (27/4).

Electronic copies of Nomination Forms together with Fact Sheets for families are attached.


If students and / or parents and guardians have any questions, please contact me via the General Office

Thank you 

Information has been provided on the process for School Council Election - Student Representation via our Student Bulletin and on Compass (23/4). Some information from DET is provided below relating to the process, and any queries can be directed to the General Office.


Assessment & Reporting

As mentioned previously, we have now moved to a Cyclical Assessment & Reporting Model.  The first Common Assessment Task across Learning Domains has been completed with feedback on student performance provided to families via Compass.

This is a new system for the College. We will continue to work with Compass to ensure that our Cyclical Assessment & Reporting Model meets the high expectations of students, teaching staff and families, in terms of accurate and timely feedback that is provided in a manageable and effective manner. If families have any thoughts that they would like to share on our new Cyclical Assessment & Reporting Model, please contact Andrew Dixon (Assistant Principal) via the General Office.

'Value of the Week' - RESPECT

Our Whole School Assembly earlier in the week (24/4) was tremendous a mark of respect by our students at a very important time of the year being Anzac Day - well done to all of our students.

'Lest We Forget'








Aaron Smith


Assistant Principals Report

Attitudes to School Survey 2018


We value student voice as a means to improving student engagement, wellbeing and quality instruction and are conducting a survey to find out what your child thinks of our school. The Attitudes to School survey is an annual student survey offered by the Department of Education and Training to assist schools in gaining an understanding of students' perceptions and experience of school. Our school will use the survey results to plan programs and activities to improve your child's schooling experience.

Students from Years 7 to 12 at our school will participate in the survey. Your child will complete the survey online during school hours using a purpose built secure online survey tool.  It is important to note that we are not in any way “testing” your child. Your child has the right to refuse or withdraw from the survey at any point before, during, or after completion of the survey.

Your child will be provided with a unique login to complete the survey. The student login is an assigned identifier that may be used by the Department to combine data for research purposes only. Your child’s privacy and the confidentiality of your child’s survey responses will be protected at all times. No identifiable personal data is included in the survey response file.

The survey results will be reported back to the school in term 3. No student can be identified in the results reported to schools or in any other report of the data. 

This year the Attitudes to School survey will be conducted at our school during the week commencing May 21. The survey only takes 20-30 minutes to complete and occurs during your child's class time.

Please speak to your child’s teacher if you would like more information or visit the Department of Education and Training 


Bringing science to life for students – Monash Technical School’s Year 8 Superpowers Program

On the 29th, 30th and 31st of May, 25 of our Year 8 students will participate in the Superpower Pilot Program offered by Monash Tech School. The program will provide them with a chance to explore sustainable energy and understand innovative technology.


The students will be introduced to the FLEET project, a research program aimed to minimize energy loss in electronic devices. They will learn about superconductors (i.e. an electronic piece with nearly zero resistance) and observe their “magic” property: a superconductor that floats over strong magnets and slides on top of them like a roller-coaster.


Students will visit Woodside Innovation Centre to check out the application of 3D Printing in energy production and surgery techniques. The team of researchers at Woodside will allow them to see that 3D Printing is more than just printing little plastic elements and there are a lot of different materials that can be used for 3D printing, such as metal, and silicone.


The power of simulation will be shown in the CAVE, a room with a circular wall of TV screens. Wearing 3D glasses, the students will observe the wind pattern in Melbourne and be able to compare energy produced by wind farms and coal-fired power stations. After this informative section, students will take an exciting tour to the tombs in Egypt, the surface of Mars, and a look at Mars from a satellite dishes in space. The 3D video will give the students, a look at where scientists believe there has been water on Mars, and the arctic spot located on Mars.

Students will then travel across the road to CSIRO and learn about flexible solar cells, and the potential they have for sustainable energy in the future.


Finally, the students will be given a hands-on experience to explore different types of energy. The Superpower Pilot Program has incorporated a series of activities to help students to understand energy transformation and renewable energy. Using gadgets like heat cameras and sound detectors, students will measure the energy produced by solar cars, rubber bands, and rubber cups.

Tutoring Program - 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to accommodate the majority of requests for tutors.  The program will commence next week. Students will receive an email invitation via their school email address giving details of times, etc. If the time or subject area is not convenient or appropriate could you please contact me on [email protected] to see if an alternative arrangement is possible.


However, due to the overwhelming demand we have not, at this point, been able to provide a tutor for all students. This is particularly true of senior students who have requested specific subjects. We are endeavouring, in conjunction with Monash University, to seek tutors in these more specialised areas.


We still have some tutors in the areas of Legal Studies, Psychology and Maths (VCE only). Please contact me via the email address above if you are interested.


Due to a successful application to Digitech, a Department of Education initiative to fund STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Programs into Victorian schools, Wheelers Hill Secondary College have now purchased 2 3D Printers, a 3D scanner, a drone and extensive Robotics systems that will be incorporated across the curriculum throughout 2018 and 2019.


These purchases will provide students with opportunities to undertake problem solving projects, further enhance the College's coding and programming education and broaden the types of models that can be produced in our already substantial Technology area.


Watch for future features as these 21st Century tools are incorporated into the curriculum allowing our students to further develop their 21st Century skills.


School of Rock Excursion - Year 7

In previous years the Year 7s have attended 'Matilda - The Musical' and 'Aladdin'. This year we are offering all Year 7s the opportunity to attend 'School of Rock', a show that is currently showing on Broadway and London's West End.

The students will attend the performance on Wednesday November 6th. Details will be available on Compass in the near future.



Student leadership is thriving at WHSC! Over the past few weeks our student leaders have been involved in a range of activities. These include, Jells Park PS leadership day, Monash Youth Forum, and representation of our college at both the Shrine of Remembrance and Glen Waverley Cenotaph for the ANZAC day commemorations. I would like to thank Gemma McMahon (Student Leadership Coordinator) and all the students who were involved in these activities. Keep up the great work!


Mrs Judy Anderson & Mr Andrew Dixon   

Assistant Principals

Dates to Remember


  • 27 Year 10 Wired
  • Year 7C Geography Survey
  • DanceFair 2018


  • Superstars of STEM Program - Year 8


  • Sports Coaching Primary School Visit


  •  College Open Night
  • Top Designs 
  • Careers Expo - Year 10


  • Senior Sport


  • Dance Day 2018 - Year 9


  • Bastille Day Celebrations


  • Arts Center Excursion - Year 10
  • Sports Coaching Primary School


  • Top Arts - Year 11 & 12


NAPLAN Test Program

As highlighted in the Principals report the NAPLAN tests assesses literacy and numeracy skills and are undertaken by students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 across the country. This years NAPLAN tests will be conducted in the mornings of the 15th, 16th and 17th May and involve four tests of up to 75 minutes duration.

The timetable for these tests is shown below and will be posted on Compass.

Tests will be conducted in form groups with PE, Cluster and elective classes not running during the test periods. Students should bring pencils, erasers and sharpeners for all tests. They should also bring a calculator for the Numeracy test on Thursday. Students will need to bring some reading material to occupy themselves if they finish early or a test does not occupy the entire period. They should not bring any other unnecessary material. Mobile phones, laptops or electronic devices should not be on during the test periods, even if a student finishes early.

In addition to changes required to the program for Year 7 & 9 students there will be some disruptions at other year levels due to room changes.

More details will be distributed through Compass newsfeeds closer to the dates regarding requirements and room changes.


NAPLAN and your child

NAPLAN assesses literacy and numeracy skills that students are learning through their regular classroom activities. As such excessive preparation or coaching is not required. You can help your child prepare for NAPLAN by reassuring them that the tests are just one part of their school program, and by reminding them on the day to simply try their best. NAPLAN is not about passing or failing, but about assessing learning progress.

All students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are expected to participate in the annual NAPLAN tests. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's involvement in NAPLAN please contact the College/Middle School Office. You may also find more information by visiting the VCAA website or the FAQ page for NAPLAN on the National Assessment Program website.


Year 12 Luna Park Physics Day

On the 7th March our Year 12 Physics class embarked on a journey to Luna Park to explore the physics of amusement park rides. This would help them to gain a direct experience of the concepts covered in class as part of motion and formed the basis of one of their SACs. It would also be potentially enjoyable.

After an extended and delayed train and tram trip due to the vagaries of the public transport system, the students arrived at Luna Park. While the students avoided the terrors of the Grand Carousel and Ferris Wheel, closed allegedly due to maintenance, they still had the opportunity to experience acceleration, g-forces, circular motion and apparent weightlessness as they spun, climbed, dived and looped on the various rides at Luna Park.

The Twin Dragons produced changes in kinetic and gravitational energy as the ride oscillated backwards and forwards. The Enterprise allowed students to measure the forces in horizontal and vertical circular motion as they spun round at high speed. The Top Drop generated apparent weightlessness and high g-forces as students were dropped from a great height and slammed to a stop. Pharaoh’s Curse spun them upside down and shook all the change out of their pockets. And of course there was the challenge of the Silly Serpent.

Overall a fun, educational and slightly nauseating day was had by all.


 Paul McGlynn

Senior Physics Teacher

Year 10 Extended Experimental Investigation

Science is part of our daily lives: all day, every day, everywhere we go. Our personal lives provide real world contexts for learning science and understanding the impact of science on our lives. Some of our professional lives also build on this learning and understanding through careers in engineering, technology, research, academia, construction, health, safety, education, environment and many more. The knowledge and skills in Science are important components for all year 10 students as they begin to consider their own career paths and their transition into adulthood.

To build on this one of the assessment tasks all year 10 students undertake is an Extended Experimental Investigation. This task is designed to further develop their skills in sourcing relevant information, using this information to ask questions, designing and conducting experiments to test these questions, analyzing the results of these experiments and linking this analysis to the overall scientific process they have undertaken. For students to achieve excellent results it is important that they ask as many questions as possible in relation to their research, they seek continuous feedback from their teachers, they spend time designing an appropriate experiment and they undertake a deep analysis of the results they observe.


Students have been asked to work independently and productively on this assessment task since the end of last year when it was introduced in the transistion program. They have chosen their own topic to investigate covering topics such as,

  • What keeps you in your seat of a giant loop-de-loop roller coaster?
  • The ‘Mpemba effect’ – which freezes faster hot or cold water?
  • Why is water so special?
  •  What is the best method to remove ink stains from cloths?
  • How does sugar preserve jams?
  • What is tropism? Who does it and why?
  • Can a person’s mood affect their ability to learn? 
  • Can you teach an old dog a new trick?

They have researched their topic, designed and conducted experiments to answer some key questions and then analysed their results. Students will use a poster as the basis for presenting their findings and will also be required to explain their poster and the overall process of their investigation to a wide audience including parents, teachers and other students.

Now we are approaching the end of this process with students preparing to present their posters to the public and we are inviting you to come and see the end point of this process.

All posters will be presented as part of a year level display to parents and the school community on Thursday 17th May. We invite you to attend from 2pm until 3pm . 


UNSW Science Competition

The UNSW Science Competition will be conducted on Tuesday, May 29th. The competition is a written test, consisting of 45 multiple choice questions, examining students knowledge and skills in the scientific areas of biology, chemistry, earth science and astronomy, ecology and physics. 


The competition is available for students in Years 7 to 10, at a cost of $11 per student. As part of the competition, all students will be awarded a certification for their participation, and feedback on their performance in the competition. If your son or daughter wishes to compete, please pay via Compass prior to the closing date of Monday, April 30th. 


Stephanie Clemons 

Science Domain Leader 

Middle School Report

Middle School News

Welcome back. I hope all had a relaxing holiday and were able to recharge the batteries.

Middle School was very busy last Term and I would like to make a special mention of the Middle School Leaders who ran the Middle School Assembly. They stepped up and also reflected on what they could change next time. Looking forward to this term's assembly.

Middle School Captains

Our Middle School Captains, Sarah T, Amelia P and Liam K represented our school at the Glen Waverley Cenotaph Anzac Day memorial service. It was an afternoon of reflection and recognizing the importance of what our past service men and women did over the years so that we can live in freedom.



One of our Middle School Students Charlotte Verplak of Year 9 has earned the Australian Scout Medallion. To attain this top award in each of the five sections in Scouting, reflects initiative in tackling this challenge with a sustained effort over many months and years plus self discipline, teamwork and leadership.


Year 7, 8 and 9

As we settle back into life at Wheelers Hill, I would like to remind students that we should be wearing the school uniform with pride and making sure that as the colder months approach we wear the correct jumpers or jackets.

We have all started the next cycle of CAT's which means that all teachers will be expecting you to stay on track and keep up to date on requirements. If you are having trouble there are many options that you can choose to keep up. Let your parents know, let the teacher know, or let your Co-ordinator know. They will have many ideas and there may be something that they suggest which will help you on keeping up to date.

This term all the Year levels will be visited by Brainstorm Productions which will look at issues pertaining to your child. Please make sure that you fill in the consent form so that your child can attend. These issues look at things like Cyberbullying, bulling and peer pressure etc.

Lastly, thank you to Mia M and Zach T of Year 7 who took up the wreath's for the Anzac Memorial service at school.



Mrs Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader


Senior School Report


Welcome back to term 2 - I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. What a busy time term 1 was! Year 10 students were beginning their start through the Senior School, Year 11 students were starting the first year of their VCE and the Year 12 cohort commenced their final year at the College. It was not long though, before students found their feet and established a settled routine. 

This term will be no less busy with CATs, SACs and examinations. With so much going on, keeping your concentration level up is important.


It is not easy to concentrate in this time of constant distractions, and a lack of concentration can destroy your ability to study effectively. People who can concentrate and focus will do better in education, work and life.

Key tips to improve your concentration are:

- find the purpose in your work

- plan before you start

- have a study place

- turn off your internet connection

- stick to an efficient study schedule

- vary your study activities

- take regular breaks

- eat enough, but not too much

- slow down

- reward yourself!

(adapted from "Study Success" Deakin University)


Mrs J. Riddoch

Senior School Leader


Work Experience [email protected] WHSC Rotation 1 - 26th-29th March

Several of our Year 10 students undertook work experience during the last week of Term 1.  Placements varied and included work in areas such as Engineering, Vet Clinics/Animal Farm Assistant, Classroom Assistant and Physiotherapy, just to name a few.  Thank you to those year 10 students who successfully completed work experience.  I know you would have gained many skills and industry insights during your time on placement.

Employer evaluations have been very positive and we congratulate these students for doing a wonderful job whilst on their placement. Some of the employer feedback included comments such as – “he problem solved independently”, “they were very punctual”, “pleasant and well organised…has been a pleasure to have her”, “worked well as part of a team”, “he was a delight to have in the classroom”, he was great to have around our project”.  In particular, I would like to congratulation Emily Fitzpatrick who has been offered a part time job as a result of her performance during her placement.    

A thank you is also extended to the staff who volunteered their time to go out and visit students on their placements.  The feedback you provide is valuable and I am sure that the students were very excited to have you visit them.  Finally, I would like to thank the year 10 Futures teachers for all the support they provided which ensured the success of this excellent program.

The next Work Experience rotation is from Monday 13th – Friday 17th August.  I encourage all year 10 students to get their placements organised as it’s a great way of ‘testing out’ an area of interest that you may be thinking of pursuing in the future.


Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator

Student Leadership

World's Greatest Shave

Term 1 concluded with a fund-raising free dress day for the World's Greatest Shave, organised by the Student Voice group. We had a waxing stall for the brave students waxing their legs for the cause, which many students were keen to watch! There was also a photo booth, where students could have their photos taken with crazy wigs, a raffle to win the right to shave some of our students' heads and a hair colouring stall. We thank Jacinta Frisina, who volunteered her time to take care of our student (and staff) shavers and make sure they all received clean shaves with no bald spots. We also thank Veronica Buckley, who helped run a very popular braiding stall, to which she donated coloured hair extensions that the students could have braided into their hair. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this event, including the Student Voice members and staff and student volunteers who helped to run the stalls. 

While some cash donations are still being processed, the school community has raised approximately $6000 for the Leukaemia Foundation! We thank everyone who donated in support of the school team of shavers, waxers and colourers. Donations are still able to be processed, so please donate via the following link if you wish to support the team or one of its members: 


ANZAC Day Ceremony

The College Captains, Nina Notaro and Molly Sceney, and one of our Vice Captains, Tash Buckley, attended an ANZAC Day Ceremony for schools on the 20th of April. The ceremony was held at the Shrine of Remembrance, and was attended by representatives from many different schools. We thank our captains for their attendance at this event, and for laying a wreath at the Shrine on behalf of the Wheelers Hill Secondary College Community.


Monash Youth Forum

On Friday the 20th April, we were proud to be represented at the Monash Youth Forum by two year 8 students, Lachlan Palmer and Mitchell Wills, and two year 10 students, Emily Fitzpatrick and Regan Goumas. This forum sought student opinions on issues affecting them in today's society, including stress in the education system and career pathways. We thank these students for their participation in the forum.


"The Monash Youth Forum was a gathering of students from all different schools located in the City of Monash to represent our views and beliefs on the topic of stress being linked to career options and experience to do with the workforce.


All the students who attended were encouraged to co-operate with others in order to come up with valuable different pathways to assist those in finding a career that they enjoy and are good at, helping younger teenagers decide early on exactly which direction they will head in when they’re older and to provide opinions/advice to those wanting to alternate their current job placement.

We were also presented with puzzling questions which made us think deeper about how to get around such issues, e.g ‘How do social expectations and stereotypes affect career choices?’


Overall, the Youth Forum gave incredible insights into the troubles and thoughts of other students heading into adulthood and allowed us to really offer our opinions on this topic."

-Regan Goumas

Leadership Day at Jells Park Primary School

The Peer Support Leaders were offered the opportunity to run a workshop at the Leadership Day run at Jells Park Primary School. This event involved student leaders from a range of different schools, who had the opportunity to hear from guest speaker David Schwarz and participate in a series of workshops and activities. Austin Agathogleous, Gabby Giulieri, Mikayla Harvey, Caryss McCulloch, Molly Petty, Iliana Suliman and Jack Thomson collaborated to design a workshop that actively engaged the students in learning about leadership qualities through various activities, which they ran with three different groups on the day. The primary school leaders worked well to put their skills into action, and our year 10 leaders demonstrated excellent reflection on their experiences by improving each subsequent workshop in terms of time management and linking the activities smoothly together. We thank the staff at Jells Park Primary School for the opportunity to be involved in this experience.

"On the 19th April, myself and 6 other year 10 peer support leaders had the opportunity to go to Jells Park Primary School. On the day we had our own workshop and worked with captains from multiple primary schools. In our workshop we completed activities that focused on skills that are needed for leadership such as communication, team-work and the ability to confidently speak publicly. Throughout the day we also had the chance to listen to guest speaker, David Schwarz, a former football player. He talked to us about his own experience of facing difficulties and how to overcome them. He showed us that in order to conquer a problem, you need to acknowledge it first and talk to family and friends.  Overall the day was very successful; not only did we get to teach the students about the features of a good leader but we learnt even more about being leaders ourselves." 

- Iliana Suliman 


Miss Gemma McMahon

Student Voice Coordinator


Mental Fitness Tips

Peter Allen & Louise Ford

Student Wellbeing Middle & Senior School

Community News

Second-hand Uniform Shop Times

  • Thursday 3rd May
  •  Monday 14th May
  •  Thursday 31st May
  •  Monday 18th June

Rotary Youth Exchange


Lions Club of Wheelers Hill Book Sale 5th - 6th May


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