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22 March 2018
Issue #3, 2018
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Principal News

Student attendance at school; parents legal obligation

Parents are legally required to ensure your child attends school every day (including being on time and not leaving early).  If your child misses school you must promptly contact the school on the day of the absence and provide an explanation unless permission has been already been granted (which will then be recorded).
Parents are highly encouraged to avoid planning holidays or making routine medical appointments during school time.  Where possible, you should inform the school in advance of upcoming absences.
If your child reaches 5 days of unapproved or unexplained absence in the preceding 12 months then the school will work with you to implement the appropriate support or intervention to assist your child and ensure they attend school every day and remain at school during school hours. The  principal can make a referral to the School Attendance Officer -

School phone calls

We are currently experiencing an alarming increase of the number of phone calls from families requesting alternate arrangements for student pickup during or at the end of the day.  This is interrupting classroom learning time.  The following is the updated process:

  • Unless an emergency situation, the office will not be accepting/relaying such calls to the classroom.
  • Families are to communicate directly with the classroom teacher via a written note (with a minimum of 24 hours notes) if a change of arrangement is required.
  • At 3.45pm students still remaining in the yard are to go to the office for further arrangements to be made (not beforehand).

Empowerment Project callout

We are looking for family members who may be interested in assisting and contributing time to our school Empowerment Project this term in Junior School. We are thrilled with the activities run by parents and members in the past and are interested in the skills and learning our families can contribute to our students.

Whether this is gardening, building, cooking, cubby making or maintenance work, team helping with odd jobs around the school, students are receiving life learning experiences. If you would be interested in running an activity or assisting where possible, come and have a chat about how you can be involved.

We are also looking for ways in which we can reach out and support our community with this project and are open to suggestions families may have to achieve this.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Empowerment Project and how you can be contribute, please contact Jessica Doolan. 

Upcoming Events

School Council 

Wednesday, 21 March 

Casey South Districts Athletic Carnival

Thursday, 22 March

Qualifying year 4-6 students

School 'Bright' Disco (PFA Event) 

Friday, 23 March 5pm - 8pm

Junior School Assembly

Monday, 26 March 9.00 - 9.50am

Planning Week

Monday, 26 - Thursday 29 March

Easter Raffle Drawn (PFA Event)

Wednesday, 28 March 

Term 1 concludes

2.30pm dismissal

Thursday, 29 March

Term 2 begins

Monday, 16 April at 9am


Wednesday, 25 April

School Awards

School Values


Spotlight Awards

Congratulations to the following children who have demonstrated our four values; Positivity, Persistence, Pride and Passion. 

Week 6

FA =  Millie D

FB =  Riley M

FC =  Libby S

1A =  Jett E

1B = Mia E

1C =  Hannah C

2A = Lucas B

2B =  Lily K

3A =  Ryder H

3B =  Kade H

4A =  Bailey K

4B =  Chloe R

5/6A = William C

5/6B =  Tamika C

5/6C = Tess L

5/6D =  Jesse C


Week 7

FA = Nathan B

FB =  Amity R

FC =  Sein C

1A =  Brody F

1B = Tegan M

1C =  Ella C

2A = Ruby M

2B =  Ava S

3A =  Reanna K

3B =  Mackenzie C

4A =  Ruby G

4B =  none recorded

5/6A = Jorden C

5/6B =  Cooper P

5/6C = Christian S

5/6D = Cooper H

Overall Award

Week 6: Tamika C (5/6B)

Week 7:  Brody F (1A)

House and Lively Learning Celebrations

Artistic Flair

Week 6 

Student =  Logan C 

Class = 5/6D

Week 7 

Student =  Lenny M

Class = 1B

Cultural Fusion

Week 6 

Student =  Kaylee A

Class = FA

Week 7 

Student =  Connor B

Class = 5/6C

Physical Vibe

Week 6 

Student =  Cooper H

Class = 5/6D

Week 7 

Student =  Kade C

Class = 2B

Facilities Updates

Tree collapse; Sunday, 18 March 

At 4pm Sunday 180318 an incident occurred in our playground.  A 25m high/15 m canopy Blue Gum had uprooted next to the 3b classroom.  No one was harmed and the building was not touched.  Cushman and Wakefield (DET insurer) have been notified.  Note:  an Arborist report has been completed Feb 2018 identifying the age and condition of all the trees surrounding CSPS.  We will continue to work with support services to gain momentum of works requiring urgent need.  Year 1a/1b, 3a/3b have been temporarily moved to another learning space until confirmation of the next stages of tree care/removal (School Council meeting on Wednesday, 21 March and agreed that such arrangements will continue until Friday, 23 March).Any questions, please see Sally Herbert or Monique Corcoran.

New Septic System

After much consultation over many years, the school Septic System is finally being upgraded.  This a massive and extremely expensive undertaking, which financially is being addressed by the Department of Education.  During the upcoming months, there will be disruptions to the oval area of which we will address accordingly.  The current Water Treatment cement structure (between 5/6 classrooms) will be removed.

Student toilets

The upgrade to the Septic system is separate to our continual local focus on the toilet blocks. 

Upon the request from myself, School Council President Jodi Price and Vice President Kylie Murphy, an official hygienist report was conducted earlier in this week.
We have been informed that the student toilets are to be closed until works have been completed.
Temporary toilets (including disabled) have been installed.  This is a positive step towards improving what the CSPS community and School Council has requested for a number of years.
School Council will keep the community informed.

Future 'tradies' in the making

We have been busy commencing works on a cubby house construction in our playground; with the help of students in Year 3 and the Maintenance Man; Brendan Corcoran.  

In consultation with various stakeholders, we hope that such constructions continue, in conjunction with adventure playgrounds and utilisation of our natural environment to support students at CSPS.   Watch this space.


First     Aid

Head Lice

There have been a number of head lice cases reported to the office recently. Please check your child’s hair and report any cases of head lice to the office.

Please see the attached flyer for more information: Head Lice fact sheet

Medical Records

We would like to thank the school community for the fantastic response in returning our Student Medical Details form.  A friendly reminder to those that have not had a chance to return their forms as yet to please do so asap.  If you have misplaced your form and require a new one, they are available at the office. 

Your child's health is extremely important to us.

Change of clothes

It is always a good idea to have a change of clothes in your child's school bag, not matter what the age.  The school does have a very limited supply of spare clothes but we do not have underwear or socks.

Education News 

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

On Friday 16th March, CSPS celebrated the eighth National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. This year the theme for the day was “Imagine a world free from bullying”. During the week students undertook a number of activities with the aim of building greater student awareness of what bullying is and the positive strategies to respond to bullying. Students also contributed to a whole school display which can be viewed outside the Art Room. To wrap up the National Day of Action each class met on the basketball court to participate in a whole school rally. Our School Captains read an Anti-bullying passage and then each student joined a giant conga line with the message of everyone standing together against bullying. It was an extremely positive and special day for our school and the message was heard loud and clear.


Professional Practice Days update

Teachers have been excitedly planning and preparing for these valuable Professional Practice Days.  A summary of those conducted by the teaching staff so far include:

  • CAFE online training: completed by new staff members.
  • Fountas & Pinnell Reading Framework: To familiarise with and ascertain greater use of the framework. 
  • VCOP Day 2 training.  To explore the Andrell Criterion scale for assessing writing - as follow on from VCOP Day 1 training in 2017. 
  • School visits:  The Foundation team attended Pearcedale Primary School to observe and discuss VCOP and CAFE reading programs.

SS Empowerment Project 

We wish to invite you to join us in celebrating all the amazing projects we have embarked on this year as part of the CSPS Empowerment Project. Each group will present a snapshot of their experiences over the 4 weeks of the Project.  The projects this term have included: Cooking, Ukele, Mechanical Madness, Crossfit, Team Sports, Digital Art, Mindfulness, Table Tennis, Nature Craft, paper planes, woodwork and Science.


With the addition of our new Multipurpose Hall, we will be hosting the presentations in the one place allowing everyone to see all the activities students have been working on. Remember if you would like to be involved in future projects please come and have a chat or email.

URGENT Old or Used Instruments call out

We are in desperate need for used and broken instruments for the Senior School Mechanical Madness Empowerment Project.
If you have any instruments gathering dust or are not needed anymore, Mrs Herbert and Mrs Corcoran will be most appreciative.
Please bring straight to the office ASAP.

Parents and Friends Association (PFA)

School Disco

To celebrate our awesome new multi-purpose room, and a new school year, we will be holding an after-school disco on Friday 23rd March. 

Easter Raffle

Our yearly Easter Raffle is being drawn on Wednesday, 28 March. Information and raffle tickets have already been sent home.

Please consider donating Easter items (chocolate, books, craft, toys, etc) and place in the boxes at the Office and the Gallery (Foundation and Year 1 area). Donations will be bundled into hampers and prize sets. Good luck!

Parent Support

Primary School Nursing Program

Your Visiting Primary School Nurse for 2018 is Erica McWilliams (0477 763 881)

[email protected]


Together With Me @ The Library summit

Monday 16 April 2018

3 - 6pm Support Services for students, community and professionals to roam and chat

3.30 - 5.30pm - Professional Development Workshop: Facilitated by Heart Links on Trauma Informed Practice

6.30 - 8pm: Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Keynote Speaker: Building Healthy and respectful relationships


Gateway Health; Positive Parenting


Parent Zone


School Crossing


Community Connections

Cranbourne Mobile Donor Centre


Cranbourne Golf Club Junior Open 



City Of Casey- School Holiday Program  

The Casey Teenage School Holiday Program is for teenagers aged 10 – 17 years and offers fun, age-appropriate activities at reasonable prices.

Contact our Youth Services team on 9705 5200 for further information or alternatively you can look at our website or Facebook page as listed below;

Veronica Stanley
Youth Engagement Officer  


Pelican Park Swimming Carnival

Saturday 14 April 2018 1pm to 4pm – Cost $5 per swimmer – and enrol in as many events as they like to gain points for their School.

Held on the last weekend of the April School holidays.  This is a school event where all participants will gain points in each race they enter – for their School.  We have a trophy for the winning school, lots of novelty events for all ages plus a fundraising frog race.  Lots of fun – also for the younger swimmer with events in the leisure pool.  Prices and ribbons.

The program also includes the Inflatable Thunderbolt with leap frog races on the inflatable.

Meredith Wardlaw Program Coordinator


Obstacool School Fun Day

The Obstacool School Fun Day program is now in its fourth year.  The course has been set up around the country and has seen thousands of kids take part in the 12 months alone.  In 2017 we attended over 70 schools and ran 20+ community events.  

Peter Spanidis   CEO & Director - Obstacool

P 0426 244 456

E [email protected]


Moonlight Sanctuary


Yarra Valley Ranges
Easter Extravaganza


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