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09 February 2017
2017 Issue 1
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Principal's Message

A warm welcome to the start of the College year and especially to our new families.


It has been thoroughly enjoyable to start this 2017 school year. Among the highlights of the first week with students was having the opportunity to visit the new Prep students last week, and then having them return the favour and come and visit me in my office.



As Principal, I am acutely aware of the need to work together and for us as a College to ensure that the lines of communication are open. With respect to this, I do hope that you received the email from me that updated you on our new Educational Coordinator structure and the contact details of the entire Coordinator team. If not, then please contact Ben Williams for a copy.


Later in the term (15 & 16 March), we will have Parent-Teacher Conferences. This is a great opportunity to meet teachers face to face and discuss how we can work together to support learning. While these times can be great, I would encourage you to make contact with the teaching staff early in the year either at an Information Evening or by contacting them directly.


97 Robinsons Road

From time to time I get asked about the developments on our new property across the road. I am sure that the progress of developments appears slow. Certainly, we are very keen to have the buildings completed and have the community see how they can enhance what we do here at Bayside Christian College. In brief:

  • The Trades Skills Centre, which will provide us with an opportunity to have two additional programs in our VCE or VCAL pathways, is currently having a few finishing touches applied.
  • The large Secondary Classroom Building is to be completed in the Autumn.
  • The new carpark works are progressing very rapidly and should be completed by the end of this term.


We would appreciate prayer for the Bayside Christian College Building Committee as they vision, plan and work on behalf of the College on future developments.


If there is one thing I cannot emphasise enough as we begin this year, it is that we are here to support all families. We exist to be in partnership in Christian schooling. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask rather than leave those questions unanswered.


It is my hope that we have a wonderful year as we provide opportunities for the young people of this community to grow in the knowledge of God’s world and their place in it.




Christopher Prior


From the Deputy's Desk

This semester teachers and students are focusing on our College Purpose #4 - helping students to discover and develop their own God-given abilities and to recognise and respect those of others. Each person is gifted with different talents and abilities, strengths and passions. When we use these to serve one another, we are serving God. It is a wonderful thing to encourage others when we see them using their gifts too. As we read in 1 Corinthians 12, we are all part of the one body and each part has its place and purpose.


In classes, teachers will be encouraging students to discover their gifts, by challenging them to try new things, push their limits and have a go.


The Secondary School Years 7 -10 classes are currently on camp,s which also will challenge students to push past their perceived limits and to be comfortable with being uncomfortable!


At home, you can help your children to recognise their own gifts, and to look beyond themselves to see the gifts in others, and to encourage one another in them.

We look forward to a new year of partnership with you in Christian education.

Car park

The College is continually working towards safety in our car park. To do this, we need all families to respect the rules that we have in place. These are not only a courtesy for all users, but to keep students safe at all times.


We request all families adhere to the following car park standards:

  • Please follow the arrows, park only in the marked bays with the vehicle’s nose facing in, or collect from the drop off zone.

  • When you enter the gate, ONLY go straight ahead. Please do not turn right to park in the BUS ONLY zone or to drive through the car parks at the end of the pedestrian island.

  • Students may only be collected from in front of G-Block or A-Block. No students are permitted to wait on the pedestrian islands. These areas are checked regularly and students will be sent back to the correct waiting zones.

  • If you use the staff car park as a turn-around area to come to the drop off zone, please do not exit against the arrows. Other vehicles are waiting to enter.

  • Vehicles should not be left unattended in the drop-off zones. Please continue to move as far forward as possible to allow more vehicles to collect their passengers.

  • When you park in a bay, please only use the crossings to cross the car park. Model correct procedures to your children.

We are continually mindful of student safety as our main priority during morning drop-off and afternoon collection. We appreciate your support and patience. particularly during the busy afternoon time.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

It has been a wonderful start to 2017 in our Primary School. It is lovely seeing students’ smiling faces and joyous laughter. One of the best things about returning to work after a break is seeing all the children; in particular, seeing how much they have grown!


We had our Swimming Carnival last Friday, and we were blessed with a sunny day. The Carnival was beautifully organised and all the children were involved, whether in formal style swimming or in novelty races. I was so proud of our students - they encouraged and supported each other and their behaviour was exceptional. It’s such a privilege to celebrate the different forms of gifts God has given us – whether it is swimming, encouraging, supporting or caring.


We also badged our Primary captains in a special Primary assembly on Monday. Our captains for 2017 are:


Captains - Jasmine Gleed & Cory Vass

Vice Captains - Aidan Gabon & Hannah Popplestone

House Captains

Believers (Green) - Finn Carlic & Anya Stapp

Conquerors (Yellow) - Jordan Lock & Ezekiel Agesa

Overcomers (Red) - Patrick Marden & Zenith Malbacias

Sustainability Captain - Hayden Lay

Information Technology Captain - Caleb Heaton

Hospitality Captain - Bella-Rose Jago


These children had to submit an application form detailing their reasons for wanting go be a Primary Captain, as well as have an interview with myself. Part of the interview process was to ascertain an understanding of what they thought leadership was within a Christian school. The students understood that having a servant heart is at the core of Christian leadership. It implies recognising student needs (without judgement) and then doing what can be done, in line with the higher purpose of serving God first. I am really looking forward to spending more time with our Primary Captains, and watch the gifts God has given them develop and flourish.

Joy Plummer

Head of Primary


Primary Swimming Carnival

We had a beautiful sunny day for our Swimming Carnival, and the students took to the pool with enthusiasm. 


Beginning with the traditional swimming strokes and finishing with the less traditional (but arguably more fun) events, the students had a wonderful day, especially when Mrs De Haan and Miss Wright took to the pool in a competition event of their own.


Preps First Day

Our new Preps started their first year of school on Thursday 2 February, and what a busy day it was!


After starting the day by settling into their classrooms, getting to know their teachers and classmates they then headed down to the Secondary gym for their first "whole school assembly".  If they were intimidated by the size of the building or the Secondary students you could't tell. The only challenge appeared to be sitting still for such a long time!


By lunchtime they were completely at home and enjoyed themselves on the Primary playground with their new friends. After lunch it was off to the Principal's office, but only for a visit! Mr Prior entertained them with his Lego collection, and before long he had been moved from his chair so that they could take over!


They had a wonderful day but I am sure they were exhausted.


Secondary News

Years 11 & 12 City Camp

It was fabulous to see our wonderful Years 11 and 12 students back together again for their City Camp on the first three days of school.


As a team, we focused on community and the ways in which we can serve and honour those around us using our varied God-given gifts. Understanding that God has created us all with purpose and value, and that every person matters to God is an essential part of life.


We stayed at the very comfortable CYC accommodation on Collins Street and toured different places including the Victorian Institute of Sport, RMIT and Australian Catholic University. 


Students learnt about empathy and the plight of our homeless population during engaging sessions with 'Urban Seed'. 


Our VCAL students planned community events while our VCE students discovered strategies for effective study.  

An Amazing Race took students all over the city, they entertained each other in 'Bayside's Got Talent', and enjoyed the thrills of Luna Park on our last night. 


We pray that students came back feeling inspired to give God their very best, and ready to influence, impact, minister to and shape the world around them.


Special thanks to all the staff and students for their wonderful attitudes.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Coordinator (VCAL & VCE)

Plus Club

Our Years 11 & 12 VCE students had their first Plus Club on Wednesday after school, and it was great to see such a good attendance.


The VCE teachers make themselves available each Wednesday after school in V Block to assist students with their study and any challenges they may be having. It is a great opportunity for students to tap in to, and use the knowledge and resources the College has to offer.



Praise for BCC Student Mitchell Butler

I would like to congratulate Mitchell Butler on his recent exchange to Japan.


He was a credit to Bayside Christian College and conducted himself in an exemplary manner. He was a  great ambassador for Australia and made many friends both at his Japanese school and within the local community!


This was an inaugural scholarship program provided by Tokyo Board of Education together with AIIU.


We hope that the program will now continue as planned each January until the Tokyo  Olympics and look forward to hearing from any future Year 9 - 12 Bayside Christian College  applicants 


Email [email protected] for information


Once again thank you to Bayside Christian College for supporting our programs.


Kind regards,


Christine Ithier


BCC Noticeboard

Travel Conveyance

Families that travel more than 4.8km to the College (either by car or bus) may be entitled to receive a Travel Conveyance payment. To apply please fill in the attached.


Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund

If you hold a valid-means tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, please see attached information to see if you are eligible to claim the Victorian State Government's Camps, Sports & Excusions Fund.


Years 11 & 12 Information Night

This is a very important evening for all Years 11 & 12 - VCE and VCAL - parents. Sessions will be presented by all teachers for each subject, so that you are fully informed about Years 11 &12 and how we can all work together to support your children through these final years of school.


The evening will be held on:

Date:Tuesday 21 February

Time: 7pm.

Place: We will begin the evening in V Block


We look forward to seeing you there.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Coordinator (VCAL & VCE)


A huge thank you to all parents who have returned their 'Payment Arrangement' and 'Family Details' forms. Your speedy response is very much appreciated. If you haven't returned these yet please do so as soon as possible.


The Admin Team

Advertising in the College Newsletter

We receive many requests from sporting and other groups requesting to advertise in our newsletter. In the past we have included these, and then due to the number of requests and the difficulty in accessing such a large file we had to stop. Due to the success of the new 'iNewsletter' format we can once again include advertisements which are of direct interest to our College community.


If you wish to include a flyer or advertisement in the newsletter please email: [email protected]


Later in the year we are also planning to compile a "College Business Directory". If you own your own business offering a trade, service or products which you feel would be relevant to the College community we would love to include you in this directory. More news on this to come.

Community Noticeboard

We would also welcome the opportunity to let our College families know about any of your upcoming church, children’s/youth or sporting activities, events and programs via our Community Notice Board, prominently located on G Block. 


Please contact our Community Development Officer Ben Williams at [email protected] or call 5971 6718 for details.

Canteen News

We have updated the canteen menu to start the year for 2017. Please check the school website before placing your orders as there have been a number of changes!

The complimentary fresh fruit is again available. We have placed a donation jar at reception and at the canteen which will enable us to continue to provide fresh fruit daily at no charge to students. We also gratefully accept donations of fresh fruit which can be left at reception any time. Please be generous with your donations, as the children love to come and have fruit at snack and lunch. It's wonderful to see their happy faces as they walk away eating such a healthy snack!

We are also seeking helpers in the area of hospitality. If you have a gift in this area and would love to assist with the set up and running of functions and events at Bayside, here is your opportunity to get on board and have some fun! There are plenty of opportunities to get creative, as we host a number of community events throughout the year, and we are always looking for willing helpers. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested in joining our team, or pop in and see me at the Canteen.

We look forward to a wonderful year in the canteen, getting to know your children and feeding them delicious meals and snacks.


Karissa Gaskell

Canteen Co-ordinator

Second Hand Uniform 

Our Second Hand Uniform Shop has relocated to room ELC12 (enter via Primary playground) and is open each Wednesday during term from 3:10-3:30pm.


At other times the Shop can be contacted on 5971 6746 (answering service – please leave a message) or [email protected].


Good quality second hand uniform items that you would like to have sold at the shop can be left at the College office with contact details attached. Blazers for sale should be dry-cleaned.

2017 Working Bee Dates

The Working Bee dates for 2017 are:


Saturday 25 February, 7am-1pm (Term 1, week 4)

Saturday 29 April, 8am-2pm (Term 2, week 2)

Saturday 24 June, 8am-2pm (Term 2, week 10)

Saturday 26 August, 8am-2pm (Term 3, week 6)

Saturday 28 October, 7am-1pm (Term 4, week 3)


Families are reminded that they may work 8 hours at Working Bees throughout the year in lieu of paying the Working Bee Levy of $150.

35th Anniversary Events

In 2017 Bayside Christian College is celebrating its 35th Anniversary. To commemorate this significant milestone, we are hosting three major community events throughout the year. All families past and present are invited to attend the following events:


Thanksgiving Service

Monday 24 April 2017, 9-10am 


Back to Bayside Reunion Day

Saturday 2 September 2017, 10am-2pm


Celebration Assembly

Monday 13 November 2017, 2-3pm


For more information please contact our Community Development Officer Ben Williams on 5971 6718 or [email protected].

2018 Enrolments - ELC, Prep & Year 7

We are now gladly accepting enrolment applications for 2018 and beyond. If you are seeking a sibling enrolment for 2018, particularly in Prep and Year 7, it is a good idea to lodge an early application in order to secure a place.


Parents seeking an ELC enrolment in our 3yo and 4yo programs in 2018 should lodge their application before the enrolment deadline of 30 June 2017. Late applications may be considered after all on-time applications, and subject to the availability of remaining places.


Application information and forms are available from our Registrar Julie Rebbeck, who can be contacted on 5971 6709 or [email protected].

Jogging Club

Welcome back to school Baysiders!


Jogging Club has re-commenced for Primary School students. All students in Prep-Year 6 are invited to come along on Wednesday lunchtimes (1.00pm - 1-23 pm) and Friday mornings (8.20am - 8.40am) to walk, jog or run laps of the oval. Parents are also welcome Friday mornings. Certificates will be presented at year level assemblies for those students who have completed 10 laps, 25 laps, 50 laps, 100 laps and 150 laps. I am excited about the year ahead, and I look forward to encouraging students to find fun and engaging ways to burn energy and live actively.


 Zacc Klan 

Primary PE Teacher

School Banking

Hello again to our Bayside bankers. We would love to welcome you back to another exciting year of banking with the theme being 'Future Bankers' . Have a look for our poster which will show you the exciting rewards we will have available this year. Please make sure you send a deposit each week to watch your savings grow.

Camp Australia Newsletter

Camp Australia is our new After School Care provider. Please see attached their newsletter.


Community Noticeboard

Frankston Hockey Club

Frankston Hockey Club are running hockey clinics at some local schools in conjunction with Hockey Australia, and will be kicking off its Hookin2hockey Program with a free come and try day - see attachments:


Irish Dancing Lessons

The Mulcahy School of Irish Dance is excited to announce that they will now be offering Irish dancing lessons right here at Bayside Christian College.


Lessons start on Saturday 18 February at 8:30am - 9:30am. The first lesson is free, so come along and give it a go!


See attached for further details:


Frankston YCW Junior Football Club Registration Day


Somerville Eagles Soccer Club Registration Day


Bayside Raiders Basketball

After a very successful year for Bayside Raiders Basketball, our school-based club is looking for more players. We have places available for boys and girls in divisions from U8 (Prep and up), all the way to U18 in the Secondary School. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Ulli Austermann (Secretary) 0400 172 188 or Sheila Waring (Treasurer) 0433 845 201 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you. Go Raiders! 

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