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31 March 2017
Issue Three
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From the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends

Here we are at the end of Term 1 with so much has been achieved by students and staff in a relatively short time.  Our Year 7 students and new students in other year levels have well and truly settled in, being a delight to have at Frankston High School.  Also I am very pleased to report that Aus Build Constructions will be commencing refurbishment of our Senior Campus during the school holidays.  Whilst the Senior Campus will be a building site next term the final product will be worth it.  Please be reassured that plans have been put in place to avoid any disruption in the delivery of our high quality teaching and learning program for our VCE students. 



The strength of our swimming team is forever improving thanks to the efforts, expertise and enthusiasm of our swimming semper coaches: Ms Carly Douglas & Ms Kate Burgess.

Recently I cheered our team on at the All High Swimming Championships where the competition is predominantly against elite private schools such as Scotch College and Caulfield Grammar.  I am very proud to report that we held our own against such exceptional competition.  This resulted in Frankston High School,  blitzing the opposition at the district sports to yet again become District Swimming Champions.  Thanks to our students who showed great sportsmanship and were excellent ambassadors for our school throughout these competitions.



A large number of parents attended our recent ‘Meet and Greet’ evening and such a crowded house is certainly a reflection of the quality of our 2017 Year 7 cohort, who, all staff have agreed, are an exceptional group of students.  Parents were able to attend mini briefing sessions to learn about how to use Compass, how their children work with Onenote, how we as a school design curriculum and use formative assessment as a critical component of teacher practice.  Thanks also to the many staff who attended along with parent volunteers to make it a great night for Year 7 parents to meet many school community members.



A huge thank you to Ms Sarah Wallace who devoted countless hours to training our teams and preparing our vehicles for the Wonthaggi HPV Grandprix.  We had 16 students in two vehicles compete in this very grueling 24 hour race.  I was there in my sleeping bag throughout the cold night watching our students work in their teams working cooperatively to encourage each other and carry out smooth pit lane transitions.

The students were from all year levels and it was heartwarming to observe them looking after each other.  The  students and I are indebted to Ms Georgia Tierney and Ms Carly Douglas for giving up their weekend to help run this event.  Staying up all night to supervise students whilst they race is true devotion.  We are indebted to these staff for providing our students with this great learning experience, where they learnt the importance of teamwork in very challenging circumstances.



Whilst I was losing my voice cheering our teams on at Wonthaggi, parents, staff and students were toiling away at our recent working bee. From all accounts it was a great turn up, allowing much to be achieved.  As usual Ms Lee Anne Smith was wonderful in overseeing and organizing the many attendees to achieve so much during the Sunday morning.  Many thanks especially to parents who so generously give of their time to help maintain the pride we all have of our great school.  It is uplifting for us all to be part of  a school that has such beautiful grounds, capped off with a breathtaking view of our treasured Port Phillip Bay.   



Congratulations to Jackie Mandarino (Year 10) and Daniel Rogozinski (Year 9) who won gold to become state champions at the recent Victorian Schools State Rowing Championships.  There were other teams that made it to the ‘A’ Grade Finals and also those that were 'B' Grade winners which was also a terrific achievement.  We are the only government school on the Peninsula to offer rowing thanks to the enthusiasm of our Head Coach Ms Mary Hunter,  who generously gives of her own time for early morning training and weekend events to allow our students to have this special sporting experience.  Well done to our rowing team who are becoming fitter by the day and are also learning the importance of demonstrating our value of persistence when faced with a challenge. 



Over the last fortnight we hosted our Japanese friends from Osaka Seikei Girls High School.  They have returned home with many happy memories, improved understandings of our culture and greater mastery of the English language as a result of their visit.   Thank you to all those Frankston High School families and staff who generously opened their homes to host these students.  Such programs are a way of contributing to the shared goal of world peace.  I encourage families to participate in this experience in future exchange programs because it is a very rewarding experience for all involved. 



I enjoyed meeting the many parents and students who attended Parent Student Teacher conferences this week.  Such large numbers in attendance demonstrates that Frankston High School parents and students clearly value the learning opportunities on offer at our amazing school. I was pleased to observe students participating maturely in discussions with their parents and teachers to plan for future improvement.   I extend a huge thank you to our teachers who showed their professionalism, offering support to our families by providing constructive feedback about each student’s progress.  Also thanks for your positive feedback in relation to our revised improved reporting format.  I know our Assessment and Reporting team will continue to consult with parents and students to make further improvements in this area.  Parents and students often mention how thankful they are to have such dedicated caring teachers and I regularly receive such feedback during such an event.  I echo these sentiments.  


I wish everyone happy holidays as you enjoy some family time over the Easter break.  I look forward to welcoming you back to our high performing school where many more exciting challenges will be in store for an invigorating second term of teaching and learning.


Mr John Albiston


Senior School News


Gerard Felipe (Year 12) and Jackson Ramage (Year 11) recently participated in the 22nd National Schools Constitutional Convention which was held at The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House in Canberra.

The National Schools Constitutional Convention programme provides senior students with an opportunity to become better informed about how Australia's Constitution provides a democratic framework and encourages them to take an active interest in the operation of government.  The topic of the 2017 Convention is ‘Indigenous Australians and the Constitution’.  

In becoming national delegates, Gerard and Jackson were selected from around 4,000 students from government, independent and Catholic schools, most of whom took part in feeder conventions in their home state or territory.

 “I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and am looking forward to get to the bottom of one of Australia’s constitutional issues. This opportunity can help us pave the way for our political, legal and social future career choices”- Jackson Ramage


 “It has truly been an amazing experience in Canberra and words can never express how grateful I am for it.  The convention brought together the 'best and the brightest' of Australians, as said by the Federal Minister for Education, Simon Birmingham, and it is was our privilage to take part in such a prestigous event. It was a great honour discussing the importance of Indigenous Australians in the Australian Constituiton”Gerard Felipe


We received outstanding feedback from the organisers of the convention on the outstanding contribution both students made to the discussions and debate. 

A further congratulations to Gerard who won the 2017 JKA Australian National Karate Championships held in Melbourne.  Gerard has the honour of holding the national title for the 6th time now and to be officially selected to represent Australia at the World Karate Championships held in Dublin, Ireland later this year. 



Students may wish to nominate for the 2017 VCE Leadership Awards.  These awards recognize the efforts of VCE students in promoting leadership and participation in their school and local community.  VCE Leadership Award recipients are students who demonstrate initiative, inspire others, work well in a team and are committed to making a difference.  They take an interest in activities such as the arts, sport, debating and public speaking; they may campaign for social justice and environmental protection and/or raise funds for worthy causes.

To qualify students should be studying at least two Unit 3 & 4 studies.

If you are interested in nominating yourself or another student, please see me as soon as possible.



Students should now have developed regular study habits and an organization/study timetable according to the guidelines presented in the Elevate Education seminars and iSupport.    In the Senior Student diary there are great hints on where and how to study, motivation, goal setting, note taking skills, essay writing, research strategies, memory skills and stress management.

I encourage all students to have a look at this valuable resource and discuss how they can use these techniques to develop better study skills, which are vital for Years 11 and 12.

Students should also be practising as many exam type questions as possible, in preparation for the end of year examinations.



Thank you to all parents, guardians and students who attended these conferences.  The feedback was extremely positive and it was reassuring to know how much the school community values the excellent work of our teachers.  These conferences provide an important opportunity for parents students and teachers to work together to further improve learning outcomes. 



Students who drive to school are reminded that they must complete a consent form (which is available from the Senior Office) and attach a photocopy of their driver’s licence.

Students are not permitted to park in the school grounds and hence, must ensure that they follow local parking restrictions on nearby roads.  For safety reasons, students are not to park on Foot Street outside of the Senior Campus.

Students should also be aware that they must not park too close to the pedestrian crossings or driveways.



I wish all senior students and staff a relaxing and safe holiday.  Students need to ensure that they are revising their work over the holidays and Year 12 students  should continue to practise past examination questions.

Examination papers  can be viewed on the VCAA website:  Students should also look at the assessment reports on this website; these are written by the examiners and individual questions are discussed.  Generally, if students have performed poorly on a type of question then this question may reappear on future exam papers.

I cannot stress highly enough to students the importance of using part of these holidays for study purposes. 


Ms Helen Wilson

Senior Campus Principal

Important Dates and Notices

Important Dates


Finance Office Hours

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

8.00am - 4.00pm



8.00am - 11.00am 

11.00am - 1.00pm (CLOSED)

 1.00pm - 4.00pm

Uniform Shop Hours


Sarah Smith & Sara Dawson

Telephone 9784 9080




12.30pm - 1.30pm

3.00pm - 4.00pm

7.30pm to 8.30pm


10:00am - 12:00noon





Parent Survey

As you may be aware, Frankston High School introduced a new Interim Report format this year followed by Parent Student Teacher Conferences.  In order to help us review the success of both the reports and the conferences, it would be greatly appreciated if you could spend five minutes completing this short 10 question survey.

Click HERE for link to survey.


School Tours - 2018 Year 7

To Book Online please Click Here

Work Experience Raffle

1 – Jayden De Jong - $20 iTunes voucher

2 – Liam Wilkinson - $5 canteen voucher

3 – Ben Jenkins - $5 canteen voucher

High Resolves Program


Once again this year Frankston High School will participate in the High Resolves Initiative.  High Resolves is a not-for-profit, non-religious and non-political organisation that presents programs to school.

In 2017 both Years 7 and 8 students will participate in a three period session in Term 2.

The Year 7 students will undertake the Collective Identity Module.  This module is designed to support students in becoming effective global citizens who act in the long term collective interest of humanity.  By the end of the module the aim is for students to realise that regardless of our differences we all belong to one human race.

The Year 8 students will undertake the Social Justice Module.  This module has been designed to support students in becoming effective global citizens who act in the long term collective interest of humanity.  Students will realise that we all have a personal responsibility to make the world a more just place.

The timetabling of this activity which will take place in the school hall is as follows:


Tuesday 18 April, Periods 1-3,  7A, 7C, 7E
Tuesday 18 April, Periods 4-6,  7D, 7H, 7M
Wednesday 19 April, Periods 1-3,  7B, 7F, 7G
Wednesday 19 April, Periods 4-6,  7J, 7K, 7L
Thursday 20 April, Periods 1-3,  8D, 8F, 8G
Thursday 20 April, Periods 4-6,  8B, 8K, 8M
Friday 21 April, Periods 1-3,  8C, 8E, 8L
Friday 21 April, Periods 4-6,  8A, 8H, 8J


NAPLAN Testing

YEARS 7 AND 9 - 2017

The annual NAPLAN testing will take place for all students in Years 7 and 9 on:

Tuesday 9 May

Wednesday 10 May

Thursday 11 May


The tests are as follows:

Tuesday 9 May:

Language Conventions test,

Periods 1 and 2 (45 minutes)

Writing test,

Periods 3 and 4 (40 minutes)


Wednesday 10 May:


Periods 1 and 2 (65 minutes)


Thursday 11 May:

Numeracy – calculator,

Periods 1 and 2 (50 minutes) 

Students must provide a calculator for this test*  

*Calculators used for the Numeracy test must not be multi function or internet accessible devices.

Numeracy – non calculator,

Period 2 (10 minutes)

There has been a change in the format of the Numeracy testing.  There will be fewer questions and students will sit one Numeracy test session instead of two.


Parents may choose to exempt their child from the NAPLAN tests.  Please contact Ms Suzanne Caldwell via [email protected] if you wish to have your child exempted.  Parents need to sign an official exemption form.


Mother's Day High Tea Chaplaincy Fundraising

To purchase your tickets Click HERE


Entertainment Book

Frankston High School Chaplaincy Program is raising funds. Here's how you can help...

We are raising as much as we can to support our cause, and we need your help! Order your NEW 2017 | 2018 Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership now.  You'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time. 


"The Entertainment Book is such a great way to try new restaurants. It’s also a great opportunity to help community organisations. – Ali"


Online VCE Study Guides and Resources

Just letting you know about the great VCE Resources we have available via the Resource Centres portal page, including online study guides, resources, eBooks and tutoring services.

To access these resources please go to the Resource Centres Portal page:

Attached PDF document shows you what all the buttons are for.



Walking To School


Community Sport/Events


Compass News

Compass Card


All Frankston High School students are issued a Compass Identity Card.  It is required to be with students at all times.


This card is used at the Compass Kiosk in the General Office for signing into school when:

  • a student is late,
  • signing out with permission from the First Aid Centre,
  • signing out of school early with parent/guardian permission and
  • when in the Junior Resource Centre (JRC).

Should this card be lost or damaged a new card will need to be ordered/paid for by the parent/guardian (see attachment below).


Please be aware of our expectations below:

  • Students must carry their Compass Card at school at all times;
  • Students may only use their old cards as a student ID outside of school, or they must purchase a second card for this purpose;
  • Students must obtain a replacement card if they have lost their card;
  • The General Office will refer students to the Coordinators if they don’t have their card to use the Compass Kiosk,
  • JRC will not loan any resources to students without cards, including loan laptops.

Compass Cards make many processes around the school quicker, easier and more reliant, but we depend on students carrying them for this to be the case.  We appreciate your support in this matter.


Download the Compass App Now!

Compass App is available for parents to download.  FREE push notifications are available with the app.


You will find the 'Compass School Manager' app in the Apple Store or Play Store for Android users.


Student Leadership Council

SLC Camp

The year officially began for the Student Leadership Council in Phillip Island at the beginning of March, on our annual and highly anticipated camp – an event packed with inspiration, teamwork and plenty of fun. Sorted into seven separate colour groups we undertook a variety of different activities, often testing our cooperation and collaboration abilities, and ultimately enabling us to meet a host of new people in a positive and enjoyable environment.

There were several incredible guest speakers who visited us on camp, including Jason Ball, the Young Victorian of the Year – a passionate advocate of removing the stigma around homosexuality, predominantly in football. Jason’s speech really resonated with all of us, and has informed us of not only what he has achieved to date but what he aspires to achieve in the future, and how we can endorse his message of acceptance in our everyday lives through simple actions. We were also lucky enough to be visited by Project Rockit, who provided us with an upbeat session about the power of language and the amazing difference that employing positivity in our lives can have upon people.

The Casual Dress Day charities were selected for 2017: these being the Epilepsy Foundation, the Thin Green Line Foundation, It’s Okay Not to be Okay and UNICEF.  As well as this, we established our working parties for the term, these included: SLC assemblies, Year 7 induction process, International cooperation, ANZAC assemblies, Alpine School students, Casual Dress Day and the SLC Logo.

Perhaps the highlight for some was Laser Strike on Day Two – an energetic competition in the campgrounds or the highly amusing Skit Night, wherein each group performed a short skit to the theme of ‘Change’. We also had a session on goals and values, which was really quite enlightening run by a former Frankston High School student Sarah Astone and Dan Kellett.  There was a session run by the Executive, which was also particularly interesting and motivational.

The final day of camp consisted of Mr Russel’s Public Speaking Activity - which taught us the importance of having pride in oneself - as well as the thanking of the Year 12’s for their incredible contributions to the SLC, not only over this camp, but over the many years that they have been involved.  As well as this, the teachers who gave up their time to come on camp received thanks for their generosity and we all received our ‘Warm and Fuzzies’ – notes written to us by other students over the course of the camp – which left everyone feeling very happy on the bus ride home. Overall, I cannot express how wonderful this camp was, and I am sure that all the SLC students are already fervently looking forward to the next one, I know I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that we are so grateful to have had this opportunity.

I would like to thank the following teachers who attended SLC Camp – Ms Elizabeth Pearce, Ms Lucy Foskett, Mr Stephen Crouch, Ms Kate Burgess, Mr John Russell and Ms Lauren Costanzo and a big thank you to Mrs Sarah Bahramis who organised the camp and amazing guest speakers.

Stella Cowan – Year 11 SLC member

International Womens Day

On Wednesday 8 March, I had both the honour and the privilege to represent Frankston High School at the International Woman’s Day breakfast by Rotary, held at the Mornington Racecourse.  I was given the opportunity to listen to the very accomplished Kate Carnell who is currently the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman and the incredibly strong Susan Berg who is a survivor of two very near death experiences.  Both women had strong take away messages of ‘make people feel important’ and ‘you have the choice of being a survivor or a victim’.  However, I was blessed with another take away message that will help me to continue to grow as an individual. I could have listened to these woman talk for hours and I wanted to know more when they finished but the impact they had on this occasion was so positive and empowering to everyone in the room. I am without excuses for being born as a female. I have been encouraged to be proud to be a woman and to continue my life as one. I take pride in being who I am and that was the most important message I took away from this event. I can’t try to follow someone else’s footsteps when my feet are leading me in a different direction. I would like to formally thank Frankston high School for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity and I hope other students in the future can receive messages that I have received on this lovely morning.


Lizette Gerryts (Year 12) Co-School Captain

On Wednesday 8 March, six students from the SLC were lucky enough to go to a community breakfast in Mornington to celebrate the achievements women have accomplished throughout the years.  Today, in some countries around the world, women are still degraded and put down – it is extremely sad how our gender represents our pay levels and our ability to achieve something.  Our society is growing in the respect of seeing the importance of both genders and understanding the newly evolved roles they play and how equality is so important to peace in this world.

On this special day, members from our community gathered around to listen to some truly inspirational women with totally different stories. Kate Carnell, a business woman, CEO of Beyond Blue and Family Enterprise Ombudsman taught us to always take risks because life isn’t waiting for you, you are the only one who can control what happens next.  Another memorable message I took away from Kate was, makefor me to feel important. If you make the people around you feel loved, respected and simply take an interest in them, you will receive the same in return. Susan Berg told us her story in order to find happiness again, after she lost her family on a boat trip in her early teen years. Her story required an endless amount of courage and strength to get to where she is today – conquering her life fear of water by swimming the Pier to Pub, Lorne and taking her past to grow as a person, this made her such an inspiration.

Mia Davis (Year 9) SLC Co-Captain


On Friday 10 March 2017, a group of SLC students from Frankston High School, Hana Kolar, Fraser Daniels, Jazmin Zamfirescu, Roo Gambiza, Gerard Felipe, Sam Ilobuchi and myself, attended a VicSRC student voice workshop at Frankston Arts Centre. Kate, Matty, Gerard and Sam were the hosts for the event.  We gained more knowledge about leadership and all contributed ideas of how we are able to make more student voice progress in our schools.

We made new friends from other schools, got to know about them, found out issues that they face within their schools and worked towards finding a solution for it. We learnt about ALTER, which is a model of action that means; Ask, Listen, Think, Enact and Reflect. We discovered the many leadership opportunities VicSRC offer including Congress and being part of the VicSRC executive.

It was such an honour to attend the workshop. Many thanks to Mrs Sue Robinson and Mrs Sarah Bahramis for this opportunity and attending the day.

Gerald Decena (Year 10) SLC Executive member

Harmony Day

On Tuesday 21 March, SLC Students and International Students all came together to celebrate Harmony Day. This day aims to celebrate Australia’s culturally diversity.  Everyone in various year levels played a “Find someone who” game to help students to interact with each other.  After that, many SLC Students and International Students made speeches.

They spoke about their culture and experiences that they have faced in the past that has made them who they are today.  These speeches were very inspirational as we learnt what it is like to be born in a different culture and live in Australia.  It was lovely to hear how the international students settled into a completely new environment once they left their home country. Afterwards we had a BBQ followed by cultural desserts.  We had desserts from places like Germany, Italy, India and United Kingdom.  All in all, this experience helped everyone to gain a new insight on Australia’s diversity and we all embraced it by coming together!

Many thanks to Ms Lorelle Molloy for her help and a big thank you to Mrs Sharon Koning and Mrs Sarah Bahramis for organising the great celebration.

Anzali Nedumaran (Year 10) SLC Co-Captain

Year 9 LEAD Class

Group 1

The Year 7 Camp was above and beyond our expectations and it was full of surprises for all of us.  We were the first group to go to the camp and boy did we feel some pressure on us.  The group consisted of Erin Kent, Perri Hobbs, Amy Edleston, Leanne Smith, Jasmine Adams and Christopher Tang. Our team spent the whole school day running activities and spending time with the Year 7's.  We joined in one activity to start the day and got to know some of the kids a little better. After that we enjoyed some nice morning tea and then we went straight into our activities.  Our group was split into the 'Presentation group' and the 'Sports group' both having a goal of teaching the kids more about leadership skills and helping them with any troubles they might be having at Frankston High School.

The Sports group consisted of Chris, Leanne and Jasmine.  We started off with some thrilling games of 'Octopus' however we changed it up slightly by making whatever we called out, if you had it you got a free walk.  Octopus got them talking about how they both had older siblings or something like that.  The next game involved more interaction between them.  We made them do some 'sick dance moves' while we played some music and we stopped the music we yelled out a number which they then had to get in a group of that number.  In that group we made them find out everybody's name in a short amount of time.  We then asked somebody in a random group to list off everybody's names and if they succeeded they had a delicious reward.  We just played some other random games to fill in any extra time we had.  At the end of the day I think the sports group accomplished their goal of making some new Year 7 friends and even helping the Year 7's learn more about each other.


The presentation group consisting of Perri, Erin and Amy, took our group inside and played ice-breaker 'get-to-know-you game' to get the year 7's to warm up to us. We played other games such as the "circle game" to get the Yr 7's to know about things they have in common with others and then we spoke to them about fears that some of them had spoken to us about including getting to class on time, detention and making/losing friends.

Group 2

On Thursday 23 February Mia Davis, Fraser Daniels, Jemimah Wilksch, Cameron Price, Elliott Willis, Matisse Knight and myself Chelsea Morris from the Year 9 LEAD class were lucky enough to attend the Year 7 camp with the classes 7B 7F and 7K. 

Our LEAD class prepared two weeks in advance to the camps.  Each group was assigned a task that was completed before the first camp set off on the 21 February.  These included schedules, teacher and self-assessment work sheets, cards for the circle game and much more.  We regularly practiced and rehearsed what we planned on doing on the day and before we new it the day had arrived.  

After a couple of wrong turns down the wrong ‘Browns Road‘ we finally made our way to Flinders where the Year 7’s were camped.  We split into two groups: a presentation based group and a more interactive group. Each group ran activities to get the students interested and more comfortable with the school environment.  The students loved octopus and we were all introduced to a new game called bullrush (a game similar to octopus).  The presentation group played games like the circle game and even handshake murderer.  Each group was involved and happy to share experiences making our job a lot easier.  The day was a huge success many of us walking away with a new friend.  Over all this was an amazing experience and I speak for all when I say we all came back to school laughing and smiling because now we understand how much effort teachers go to everyday to plan classes.

A huge thank you to Ms Caldwell, Miss Williams and Mrs Bahramis for a great opportunity.

Group 3

After extensive discussion with Miss Williams and Mrs Bahramis, the LEAD class decided to do a workshop at Year 7 camp.  We were put into groups of four to six, depending on the date we were going to camp.  We started planning for the exciting weeks ahead.  The class decided what activities we were going to run on camp.  After lots of ideas being thrown around we finally decided to split our date groups in half, so that we could run an activity about fears that the Year 7's could have moving into high school and a group who would run sports activities.

Once all of the groups we decided upon, we started planning.  This process took nearly two weeks.  During that time, we surveyed some of the Year 7 classes about their fears, we also thought of some icebreaker games to play before and after we would talk.  We each chose a subject to talk about and added some real life experiences and anecdotes to our speeches to help the Year 7's realise that we’ve all been through the confusing times when starting high school.  The sport group planned some fun team building games such as octopus, dancing games and untangling games.

When it came to our day to attend our Year 7 Camp, most of us were very nervous but very excited for the day ahead.  We started off setting up the room by moving the tables and putting all of the chairs in a circle for the presentation group, after we went outside to have the Year 7s split in two groups with three classes in each.  One group went off with the presentation group inside and the other stayed outside with the sport group. Shelby and Tori where in charge of the sport group while Audrey, Gabby and Maddy were in charge of the presentation group. Tori and Shelby started off by introducing themselves and started explaining the first game, 'octopus' which most already knew how to play. The Year 7's seemed to really enjoy octopus and had a lot of fun.  The next game they played was a game of musical groups. In the game they had to dance around until the music stopped, then they would find a group and learn everyone’s name. We all enjoyed attending Year 7 Camp and meeting the new Year 7's.

Group 4

On Thursday 2 March we attended the Year 7 camp.  When we arrived we had a chance to set up and socialize with some of the Year 7’s and teachers.  After our time getting to know some of the Year 7’s, we helped to set up for morning tea, after enjoying our cordial and biscuits.  We then moved inside to go over our speeches and do a final set up and practice.  Finally the Year 7’s were handed over to us.  We split them into two groups and went to our activity areas.  Both groups of kids listened and interacted with us well, they showed respect towards us as we showed them respect too.  Our whole group loved the experience of getting to know and talk to the Year 7’s, I think we all learned some new skills when it comes to leadership and talking to a large group of people.  The teachers we worked with gave us tips on how to improve.  The day overall was a really great experience, we all learned a lot and we hope that the Year 7’s did too.  Our goal of our Year 7 Camp was to influence the Year 7’s in a positive way.

Senior Boys Cricket

The Senior Boys Cricket Team had quite a successful School Sport Victoria (SSV) Campaign this term. They defeated Elisabeth Merdoch College, Monterey Secondary College and Mt. Erin Secondary College to win the Northern Peninsula Division title on Monday 27 February in a Super 8’s (8 overs a side) format. Then they backed it up the next day with a win in the Sothern Metropolitan Region Quarterfinal against Cranbourne Secondary College in a Twenty over match.  The following week Tuesday 7 March they faced Nossal in the Semi Final to earn a place in the Final that afternoon against Mornington Secondary College with another strong victory.  After winning the Southern Metropolitan Region title the next challenge was the State Quarter final against the Gippsland Region winner which was Marist Sion College. This took place at Yarragon on Monday 27 March.  Unfortunately, this is where the great run ended. Frankston High School fell 33 runs short of Marist Sion’s total of 190 runs (off 20 overs), being bowled out in the 17th over.

It was a fantastic effort by the team to progress very deep into the SSV Senior Boys Cricket competition, finish in the final 8 teams in the state and falling one day short of making to the Semi Final/Final competition day. With the bulk of team comprising of Year 11 students the team should be strong again next year to try and make it to the last round. I would like to congratulate the team on making it that far and look forward to seeing how they go again next year.


Simon Cameron

Senior Boys Cricket Team Coach

Summary Of Results

Northern Peninsula Division Round Robin – Monday 27 February


Round 1               FHS 0/146 d Mt. Erin 10/99

Round 2               FHS 7/98 d EMC 6/58

Round 3               FHS 1/181 d Monterey

Final                       FHS 5/148 d. Mt Erin


Southern Metropolitan Region Quarter Final – Tuesday 28 February

Cranbourne All for 47 (14 overs)

James Long 5/13 off 4 overs


FHS 1/96 (10 Overs)

Jacob Long 43 runs

Ryan Hammel 39 runs


Southern Metropolitan Region Semi Final – Tuesday 7 March


FHS 9/242 (20 overs)

James Long 92 runs

Ryan Hammel 59 runs


Nossal 7/107 (20 overs)

Max Horell 1/4 off 2 overs

Ezra Hughes 1/11 off 3 overs

James Long 1/12 off 3 overs

Liam Wishart 2/34 off 3 overs


Southern Metropolitan Region Final – Tuesday 7 March


Mornington 10/60 (11 overs)

Max Horell 4/19 off 4 overs

James Long 2/8 off 2 overs

Lucus Taylor 2/8 off 2 overs


FHS 2/69 (7 overs)

Ryan Hammel 34 runs

Ben Walker 24 runs


SSV State Quarter Final – Monday 27 March


Marist Sion 4/190 (20 overs)

Lucas Taylor 1/31 off 4 overs

Max Horell 1/38 off 4 overs


Frankston High School 10/157 (18 overs)

Liam Wishart 41 runs

Nathan Keon 31 runs

International Student News

Christine's Biography

I was born in the north of China, in a beautiful seaside town.  My primary school was not a big school, it just had three buildings, even though, I loved it so much.

I can’t remember clearly my primary school, to be honest, it was many years ago.  I just remember that the teachers and students were really friendly.

My secondary school was a really nice school, it not only looked pretty, but it also had good teachers, and if you had any questions they would carefully tell you how to tackle these questions.  Also, the canteen’s food was pretty good.

I am an only child, because China has a very high population, the government implemented family planning, so a family could just have one child.  I don’t have any other brother or sister, but I have a lot of cousins.

I want to go to university in Melbourne, and I want be a banker or actress.  However, the future is unknown but I am enjoying the present.

Christine Hao (Year 10)


Limhour's Biography

Hi! My name is Limhour.  I’m from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  I enjoy reading books and shutting myself in a dark room with only enough light for me to read or do my homework.

Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia.  Since it is a capital city, there are not many botanical gardens.  What I like about Phnom Penh is that it is the best place for young adults to hang out.  There are many malls, but the one I like the most is Aeon.

I’ve come to Frankston High School to improve my English.  Nowadays, English is the most important language.  So I think learning English is quite essential.

I have many good memories of my former life.  My last three years in my Cambodian school were great fun with my friends, and are now wonderful memories.  They gave me so much to remember that I will never forget them.  We played sport together, went to the cinema together and went on school trips together.

I thought that I’d be doing really well at school, but that isn’t true.  I’m struggling in some of my classes because my English is not good enough but I’m catching up quite slowly.  Luckily, I’m doing just fine in my Mathematics class and I get to play sport as well.

I hope I’ll catch up in every subject.  Also I hope you guys will say hello when you see me.  I’m not sure when I’ll be able to visit Cambodia next, but I think I’ll go during the next school holiday.

Limhour Kruoch (Year 10)


Annie Sanell (Year 11)

Annie Sanell is an exchange student from Sweden who is currently living with a local family and attending Frankston High School for Terms 1 & 2 this year.  She is an exceptional sportsperson & excels in Archery.  She is ranked as one of the top junior persons in Sweden.  In April, Annie will represent Victoria in the State Team and compete in the Championships.  Annie will be competing in the recurve division which is used in the Olympic Games.  We wish her all the best in her competition.

Sharon Koning

International Student Coordinator

Victorian International School

On Wednesday, 15 March our school attended the Victorian International School Student Welcome Event.  The students who attended were - Sena Amamiya, Kim Fritz, Sachiko Okamoto, Coralie Schnitzel and Yuka Watanabe.


It was a very formal occasion and was held at Government House.  We were seated in the Grand Ballroom with many other students from around the State and schools represented were from Government, Independent and Catholic.  We listened to speeches from our Governor & other official guests, past high achieving students followed by a video of highlights of excellence awards for International students.  Our school was represented by three countries - Japan, Germany & Austria.


We also had the opportunity to view the building & grounds & enjoy morning tea afterwards.


Mrs Sharon Koning

International Student Coordinator

Out And About

Welcome Bronte and Storm!

On Friday 17 February the Frankston High School Equestrian Team competed at Ayr Hill in the ISJ Showjumping.  We welcome Bronte Antal (Year 9) and Storm as new members to our team.

Ms Jackie Evans

Equestrian  Team Coordinator

Dressage Competition

On Friday 3 March Jenna Bos (Year 10) represented Frankston High School at the Dressage competition.  Jenna rode Meg beautifully.



HPV: Letter from Students

Hi, this is Maddy and Kirrah and we are members of the 2017 Frankston High School HPV team.  HPV stands for human powered vehicle, it’s like lying down in a bike while steering round corners at high speed while using your gears and horn.

This year Frankston High School entered two teams in the Wonthaggi Grand Prix.  Our bikes are called Links and Recliners.  We had eight riders in each team, two pit crew and four teachers.  It was a 24-hour race and we all took shifts riding in the HPV.

Members in the Recliners team are Jeremy Fraser (Year 12), James Porter (Year 10), Benjamin Kelly (Year 10), Harvey Hodgson (Year 11), Connor Does (Year 11), Brigid Newton (Year 10), Matthew Crouch (Year 8) and Jack Poole (Year 8).  In the Links Team the members are Hannah Russell (Year 7), Maddison Porter (Year 8), Kirrah Henderson (Year 8), Archie Borradale (Year 7), Rohan Porter (Year 7), Sankeert Kapatkar (Year 11), Matthew Jurinec (Year 7) and Lachlan Gourley (Year 8). We also had Emily Cross and Alison Cross (Year 10) in our pit crew helping with timing laps and fixing the HPV’s.

Even though the staff didn’t ride the bikes, they did a great job by fixing the HPV’s, staying up all night and putting up with all us kids! We would like to thank Ms Georgia Tierney, Ms Carly Douglas and most of all Ms Sarah Wallace for being a great HPV Coordinator. We would also like to thank Mr Albiston for not only camping the night in the freezing cold with us but also for getting the bikes up to scratch ready for race day! 

Though we didn’t come first, we thoroughly enjoyed spending three days camping and making new friends. We make a great team and we can’t wait to do it again soon!

Maddison Porter and Kirrah Henderson.

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