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16 February 2017
Week 3  term 1
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Principal's News




Thank you God for the people we work with.  

For their greeting in the morning and their farewell when our work is done.  For the sense of comradeship we have all day.

The happy ones and the not so happy, the sociable and the withdrawn.


Different though our natures, we meet for a common purpose, share common problems and pursue common goals.


We are not always one big happy family, yet a family nonetheless.

We rejoice like a family and deal with challenges as a family.

We try to help each other, are genuinely concerned about each other.  There is affection between us that only people who work together understand.


And sometimes when the day is over and we are parting to go our separate ways, wonder fills us, as all these people we have come to know and love through our educational work add something priceless to our lives.



What a tremendous start to our school year St James has made  in the first three weeks.   In these  weeks St James  has continued to buzz with excitement, nervous energy and expectancy of what early Term 1  holds for all of our children, parents and staff.   At the commencement period of every school year there is a great deal to organise.  Already Staff teams, Leadership teams, the Parent Association, the Project Control Group have met and many other discussions have occurred of a formal and informal nature to constantly improve and strive for excellence.


Today parents and teachers have the opportunity to come together and discuss the special relationship we share in our educational partnership.  It is Meet the Teacher day/afternoon/night.  If further time is required following your appointment to develop a learning plan for your child, please make another formal time to meet with your child’s teacher/s.


School Assembly

Tomorrow at 2:45 pm Assembly, the Year 6 and Class Leaders will be presented with their badges.  We will also be welcoming our Foundation students.


Family Disco

This Friday the Family School Disco is to be held in the grounds of our school.  This is another  way of creating our school spirit and our school value of inclusiveness.  Please make every effort to attend and support and reconnect not only with the families in your child’s level but across the school.   The Disco commences at 5.30pm and concludes at 8.30pm.


School Photos

A reminder that School Photos will be held next Tuesday 21st February.  Children will be required to be in full summer uniform; to be neat and tidy with red/ white ribbons in the girls hair and boys with those shoes polished!   As this is a Sports day, could children please bring their sport shoes to change into later in the day.  Every year SchoolPix are our preferred photographer and we were fortunate to gain an early date, however there is a clash with Tuesday Sports day which we can easily overcome. SchoolPix will be here at 8 am to commence with staff photos.  SchoolPix ID Numbers have been distributed to your children today.


Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

This year has seen the introduction of Lucas Johnson as our school’s STEM Leader. STEM Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is an important part of building our students capacity to think critically and creatively.   Lucas is excited about his passion to introduce STEM across all levels. He has already made external business contacts to introduce resources that will enhance the delivery of STEM.  Our investment to date has allowed the school to commence this exciting phase.

There is a great deal of discussion regarding the skills required for our children to be actively involved in future employment and life.  A recent Four Corners program, articles in educational journals and the general media are promoting the future world attributes required for our children.

These challenges require young people to be creative, innovative, enterprising and adaptable, with the motivation, confidence and skills to use critical and creative thinking purposefully.


Critical and Creative thinking is at the core of most intellectual activity that involves students learning. Learning Dispositions such as problem solving, ethical capabilities, questioning, open and fair-mindedness, a readiness to try new ways of doing things, consider alternatives, and persistence; promote and are enhanced by critical and creative thinking.

St James will always seek to explore the best available research to ensure our children are equipped.  ICT is a part of the STEM initiative and all teachers are skilled to deliver this as part of the curriculum.


Indigenous Education

Yesterday the children were fortunate to experience the Wurundjeri Indigenous Cultural Education Session with Rebecca, an Indigenous Educator.  We are grateful that Kate Kennedy was able to organise the learning experience for our children and teachers.

For thousands of years this culture was free to grow without interference by people from other places. They lived their lives in spiritual closeness to the land, with its animals, birds, fishes, waterholes, rivers, hills and mountains. Yesterday was an opportunity for our children to hear stories, see artefacts and hear the history of our Indigenous people.


Holt Sport

The last trial for the Swimming Sports will be tomorrow at GESAC at 7.30 am.  We have 27 children swimming in the Holt Carnival at Oakleigh on Friday 24th February.  We wish them every success in ploughing through the water against other Catholic schools.  We have some very competent swimmers who are well drilled and demonstrate wonderful technique.  I can only stand and admire them as I only ever reached the level of competing in the ‘cork scramble’ when I was a young Primary School student.


Last week Tommy T,  Eirene N, Chris A and Sofia N competed in the Tennis District Competition.  All played extremely well and represented our school and their family in a excellent manner.  Sofia was the winner of the Girls section.  Well done to all competitors.


We have converted the 2016 Library space into an exciting Foundation space, and our new Foundation students are having a great time.  As a result of creating a further classroom this year,  the Library as we know it has been decanted to areas of the school, where the resources are more available to the children and teachers.  Having the resources appropriate to your year level, at your fingertips, is important.

Providing  traditional content and knowledge resources and e-content opportunities is our strategy for success.  Mrs Ann Nicola is currently organizing the knowledge centres around the school and some classes to date have commenced library borrowings.  Connected spaces and places allow the school to make regular use of educational opportunities. 



In future the Newsletter will be sent on a fortnightly basis.




Class News


Now available on the school website

Click Here

Colour Houses

St James has four colour houses which all children in the school belong to. The houses are named after significant people from St James history.  They are:

Blue- Corbett is named after Father Francis Corbett.

Green- Mulquin is named after Mother Mulquin of the Presentation nuns came out from Limerick Ireland to start St James School.

Gold- Conquest is named after Claire Conquest who was a nun and Principal of St James.

Red-Byrne is named after Mother John Byrne who would pick up children in the area for school.

Mrs Chris Kidman our Sports teacher who takes the Foundation children for PE each Tuesday has placed the children into a school colour house.

They are:

Blue           Gold        Green         Red

Nikki          Nieve        Zoe          Violet

Lexi            Emily        Jenny        Talia

Lucinda    Sophie       Isabela      Aurelia

Charlotte    Will          Olivia         Katie

Jackson     Charlie      Marko       Patrick

Angus         Jack          Noah         Harvey


House Coloured T Shirts are worn at our St James Athletics and Swimming Carnivals and can be purchased from 'Nicholls' in Martin Street.


Cathy Busch 

Foundation Teacher




Parents Association


Tomorrow, Friday 17th Feb., 5:30 - 8:30 pm




Parents please note

Students will not be able to place Lunch Orders on the following dates, as the STAR Canteen will be closed on these days:

Tues    28 February

Mon     13 March (Labour Day Holiday)

Tues     25 April   (Anzac Day)

Fri          05 May    

Thur     25 May

Mon      12 June   (Queen's Birthday)

Fri          23 June   

Mon      17 July  

Tues      18 July

Fri          18 August

Mon       21 August

Mon       06 November

Tues      07 November  (Melbourne Cup)

Mon      27 November  

(Run by the Dads)


Upcoming Dates

Parents please note that the Staff Retreat/PD dates have changed

from    9 & 10 March

to       30 & 31 March


Please note due to Staff Retreat/PD the final day of Term 1 will be 29 March 2017

School will finish at 1:30 p.m. that day.

 Parent Google Calendar

Click  HERE   for additional dates

2017 Save the Date

17 Feb      Welcome Disco

21 Feb      School Photos

1 Mar       Ash Wednesday Liturgy TBA

2 Mar        Piano Information Session 

3-5 Mar    St James Kids' Adventure Camp

08 Mar      St James Open Day

21-24 Mar Years 5/6 Camp

29 Mar       Easter Raffle

26 April    Grandparents/Special Friends  

05 May       Mothers Day Lunch

26 May       Walkathon

29 July       Major Fundraiser

31 Aug       Thursdays Experts -FootyNight

01 Sept       Fathers Day Breakfast

09 Nov        Oaks Day Lunch

08 Dec         End of Year Parents Party

Fridays  2:45pm

17 Feb       Year 6J

24 Feb       Community Learning*                 

03 Mar      Year 5B

10 Mar      Year 5N

17 Mar      Community Learning

24 Mar      Year 4

31 Mar      School Closure -no Assembly


Parents' Association Meetings 7:30pm


15 March

19 April

21 June

19 July

23 August

11 October

29 November AGM

13 December PA Dinner


Term 1      31 January - 31 March 

Please note due to Staff Retreat/PD the final day of Term 1 will be 29 March 2017

Term 2    18 April      -  30 June

Term 3    17 July       -   22 September

Term 4    09 October-   20 December



Dads' Gatherings
From 7:30pm

Thurs 23 Feb – Hotel Brighton

·         Thurs 30 Mar – Hotel Brighton

·         Thurs 20 April – Wine Larder

·         Thurs 18 May – Wine Larder

·         Thurs 22 June – Hotel Brighton

·         Thurs 20 July – Wine Larder

·         Thurs 24 Aug - TBA

·         Thurs 21 Sept - TBA

·         Thurs 19 Oct - TBA

·         Thurs 23 Nov - TBA

2017 TERM 1
School Closure Days

  30  and 31  March  Staff Retreat/PD

VIC Public Holidays

Mon  13 Mar         Labour Day

Fri      14 Apr         Good Friday

Sun    16 Apr         Easter Sunday

Mon  17 Apr          Easter Monday

Tues   25 Apr         ANZAC Day

Mon   12 Jun         Queen's Birthday

Fri       29 Sep        AFL Grand Final

Tues    07 Nov        Melb Cup Day

Mon    25 Dec        Christmas Day

Tues    26 Dec         Boxing Day



What's On & Worth Noting


SchoolPix ID numbers have been distributed to students today.



Information Session 




My name is Belle McCubbery. 

I am a past St James student, and I have a brother Marcus who is currently in Year 3. 

I love children of all ages and enjoy spending time with them.

I am currently in Year 8 at Star of the Sea and am available to babysit after school and on weekends.

I currently babysit for several St James families and would be happy to provide contact details for references on request.

If you are interested, please feel free to come up to me in the playground at pick up time, or contact me on my number: 0466 592 341.

Thank you!

DOMINICAN ART - An Exhibition of Art by Dominican Artists.


Wednesday 22 February  & Thursday 23 February at the Parish Centre,

St Dominic’s Church, East Camberwell

Wednesday and Thursday 12 to 6 pm.

Entry $5.00 for the Artists Catalogue

Art works by:

Sheila Flynn OP (UK/South Africa/Australia)

Mary Horn OP (New Zealand)

Kim En Joong OP (Korea/France)

Maurice Keating OP (Australia)

Cristobal Torres OP (USA/Cuba)

Rosemary Yelland OP (Australia)


Curated by ATF Press, for further details please ring Hilary Regan 0411876099






"Play-a-Story" is an introductory piano program for 4-7 year olds which will be starting next year at St James.

An information session will be held early in Term 1.  More information will be available next week.














Free Come and Try Sessions - Girls Soccer


Brighton Soccer Club is hosting free come and try sessions for girls born 2006-2011.

Time: 9-10am

Dates: Feb 19th, 26th and March 5th and 19th

Venue: Mitchell Oval, Brighton Grammer School







Cabrini Emergency Dept.

Cabrini Emergency Department has offered 50% Discount for our Students

Due to the enthusiastic uptake of the 50% offer to students by schools and the wonderful response from families, Cabrini Emergency Department (ED) is extending the 50% discount offer to our school for another 12 months.


Over 350 students from participating schools attended the ED in the past 10 months, saving each family over $200+ in fees per visit.


Families attending the ED simply mention our school on arrival.  The staff at the reception will have our school on a list of all participating schools.


This offer is open to students from our school 24 hours a day 7 days a week, not just during school hours.


This is a saving of $205 (8 am to 8 pm) and $240 (8 pm to 8 am weekdays and on weekends).

  • The discount of 50% applies to the attendance fee only and would not include any further out of pocket expenses such as X-rays and blood tests.
  • Cabrini is a private, Catholic, not-for-profit healthcare service that does not rely on funding from government or the Catholic Church. Therefore, they must charge fees for emergency medical care. Unfortunately health insurers do not cover emergency attendances, so they rely on these fees to cover our costs.

Some reasons why you choose Cabrini Emergency

  • Be seen faster by senior doctors and emergency staff
  • All our doctors are Emergency specialist      
  • Cabrini has all specialists on call
  • Cabrini has a large specialist Paediatric ward
  • Cabrini has 24 hour operating theatres should they be required
  • Malvern patients can be transferred to Brighton should it be more convenient for further  treatment
  • Cabrini Emergency has the only call back service where each patient attending will be called back within 24 hours from discharge to check their understanding of instructions and wellbeing.


A testimonial from one of our
St James Parents


"My son was recently very unwell and after numerous GP visits, I ended up at the emergency department at Cabrini. 


I didn't hesitate taking him there, even though there are other public hospitals in my area. I have had previous experience with Cabrini and the professionalism and level of care was amazing. 


The absolute bonus was the 50% discount offered to the students at our school, St James Primary.


Again, the staff were so caring and compassionate. My son was X-rayed and immediately diagnosed with pneumonia. We were transferred to the children's ward and I was so happy with the way we were both looked after. I can't praise the hospital and staff enough.


Kind regards, 

Kate Bennett"