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21 June 2018
Issue Nineteen
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Principal's Report

It was a chilly four degrees when Year 10 returned home from their inaugural pilgrimage to Central Australia on Tuesday night.  However, not even the cold weather could dampen our spirits.  This twelve day adventure had provided us all with an opportunity to not only discover our nation’s heritage but to explore our own identities.  As staff, we witnessed true growth in each and every child and it was a privilege to share quality time with such fine young people. Indeed, the Curtin Springs manager commented that in her forty years she had not encountered ‘a more appreciative, well mannered & respectful school group’. High praise and  compliments our students thoroughly deserved. It is my hope that this trip continues on in future years and becomes a feature of The Hamilton and Alexandra College schooling experience. I do wish to thank every family who enabled this trip to happen and acknowledge the enormous contribution of Mr Leigh Alexander, Mrs Lou Williams, Beth White, my wife and the Auscamp staff. The children certainly embraced every moment of every day and were truly a credit to their families and school.

To return and discover that a record 52 families attended our “VIBE” festival yesterday capped off one of the best fortnights of my life!  The College was on show and our wonderfully dynamic and inclusive community embraced all our visitors.  It was a thrill to see the boys, girls and staff demonstrate such pride in the values and activities that are important to us.  I thank everyone involved in this wonderful occasion.

Finally, I wish all families a restful and enjoyable mid-year break and look forward to your return on Tuesday 17 July 2018.

Dr Andrew Hirst

Associate Principal, Operations Report

Welcome Back

It was good to welcome back Dr and Mrs Hirst, Mr Alexander, Mrs Williams, our GAPper Beth Whyte and around thirty students on Tuesday night after what was obviously a great trip through Central Australia for a large group of Year Ten students.  I hope you have seen some of the photos and read the blog!  No doubt we will hear of the highlights and adventures in due course.


The end of term sees the conclusion of Mrs Erin Parker’s role filling in for Ms Bolton in the Middle Years Centre.  We have greatly appreciated her efforts for and support of a number of our students during the term and are grateful for her work.

Happily, Mrs Parker returns for the first five weeks of Term Three to replace Mr Sanders, who will be on Long Service Leave.  We wish the Sanders family well for their time away and know that Mr Sanders’ classes are in good hands in his absence.

Also on Leave, for the whole term, is Mrs Williams.  As previously advised, Ms Kate Couchman will look after the classes Mrs Williams normally teaches and we look forward to having her with us throughout Term Three.

Late last week, we welcomed Dr Nicholas Palmer back to the College.  An Old Collegian, he is taking over 6N throughout Term Three and he discovered that many of the parents of his students were at school with him!  We look forward to his contributions – he seems to have settled in well already and we were impressed that, having arrived at Mortlake at 2.00am after a long flight from the Middle East with his family, he was able to arrive at school at 8.00am last Friday and stay all day.

We also acknowledge the very fine work done by Mrs Louise Patterson for much of this term as she took over 6N from Mrs Nettleton and prepared for Dr Palmer’s arrival.  In particular, her willingness to commence earlier than planned when Mrs Nettleton needed to go on Leave earlier was hugely appreciated.  We look forward to welcoming Mrs Patterson, another Old Collegian, back in the future.

Finally, hearty congratulations to the Ough and Nettleton families on the arrivals of their daughters in recent weeks!

Sporting Success

Congratulations to Isaac Hocking who has just received confirmation of his place in the South Australian Under 13 hockey team.  Well done, Isaac!

Mr Neil MacLean

Associate Principal, Operations

Deputy Principal, Senior Years and Wellbeing

In light of the shocking murder of Eurydice Dixon in Melbourne this week, I found this to be a very timely and informative article.


Being a wise, ‘wonder woman’ teen girl out and about _ Maggie Dent

As our girls get older and want to stretch their wings as adolescence arrives in all its glory, it is a challenge to let them go given all the messages about the increased dangers out there in the big wide world.

We want them to be able to travel on public transport or to go shopping with their friends or to go for a job interview or go out to have a night of dancing to celebrate a friend’s birthday– and come home safely.

It is still only a tiny percentage of assaults that do occur randomly against boys and girls, even though the media portrays a different fear-driven perception that it is happening every single day.

The vast majority of assaults occur at the hands of people we know and while this blog post is really about being aware of personal safety when out and about, it’s important to teach our girls skills to be assertive, set boundaries and get help when they need it for any situations.

Research has looked into how male perpetrators choose their female targets and when that information is combined with some serious common sense we can teach our girls how to stay brave and safe.

A good starting point is to have a conversation about personal space and that everyone has a different sense of what that means. Maybe get into the habit of checking in with others if it’s OK to step into their personal space – and then explore consent in all its contexts. I recommend the book by Dannielle Miller for teen girls The Girl with a Butterfly Tattoo as she writes beautifully and wisely about helping girls shine assertively and boldly.

Next step may be to empower your daughter’s intuition by fine tuning it with practice.

Maybe start with a large plastic hairy spider and surprising your daughter with it. OK that’s a bit mean however her early warning system will kick into action. She will feel bodily sensations of goose bumps, knots or butterflies in her stomach, chills up the neck or tension all over the body.

Explore these sensations with her and remind her these same sensations will occur when she is in an unsafe place, with an unsafe person or about to do an unsafe thing. Maybe sit with her in a large shopping centre and discreetly scan for unsafe looking (or ‘feeling’) people and more risky parking spaces so she can become attuned to observing different situations.

Staying present and aware are the best tips to remind your girls, as the element of surprise is a key ally of perpetrators.


Unfortunately alcohol and other drugs impair the early warning system and many girls have made decisions they later regretted while under the influence of these substances. Sadly, too, sometimes drugs and alcohol can leave us without any capacity for decision-making and we’ve all heard terrible stories about girls being sexually assaulted while incapacitated. Obviously girls have as much right as boys to have a few drinks (this is not about victim blaming) but it’s important to at least inform your daughters and sons that alcohol plays a factor in a very high number of sexual assaults so all young people can at least be aware of the risks. It’s terrible to have to talk about this but it sadly happens all too often so they need to be aware.

Some teens can be irrationally terrified about going out in public and some can be far too naïve– hopefully with some grounded education and practical experience we can give them the confidence to explore their world with the confidence of Wonder Woman (but maybe dressed a bit warmer!)

Some safety tips when tavelling alone:

  1. Look confident – head up, shoulders back and keep looking just above people’s heads with occasional fleeting eye contact. Wear something bright  as it can also project confidence.
  2. Stay tuned – Keep headphones out of your ears; you need to be able to stay tuned into local sounds including traffic sounds and approaching footsteps.
  3. Keep your phone nearby in your bag, hand or pocket – being distracted by looking at your phone is a key indicator that you are not paying attention and it can make you a good target to be attacked.
  4. Walk with purpose – stepping out as though you need to be somewhere soon, rather than slowly or meandering as again purposeful walking makes you less of a target.
  5. If possible travel in groups of friends or trusted associates– especially at night. Never leave a friend behind. And discuss your plans for getting home before you go out… This is especially important when drinking or taking drugs as they make you more vulnerable. Also, that way you will be less likely to have to make a snap decision.
  6. When on public transport sit closer to the driver or near an older grandparent type person if your gut feels OK.
  7. Catch buses, trains or trams from well-lit locations.
  8. If on a train or tram where you feel uneasy sit close to an exit or stay standing near the exit and at the next stop change carriages. If others are on the train who appear safe sit closer to them rather than sit alone.
  9. If catching a taxi always sit in the back and take a photo of taxi driver’s name and taxi number as you get in. Keep conversational (professional and not personal) and have your keys ready before you get out of the taxi.
  10. If someone grabs you from behind remember that elbows are weapons – swing them back hard and fast. If you can, use your bag hard and fast as well.
  11. Scream loudly –maybe practice this at home as it is common to freeze when attacked. Perpetrators tend to leave victims who are hard work. Yelling things like ”Help, Help”, “NO, STOP THAT, GET AWAY FROM ME!!” repeatedly will draw attention.
  12. If still being held hit, bite, kick, scream and aim for the bits that hurt: nose, throat, feet and groin. Again perpetrators tend to give up if it’s too much effort. Also if you can scratch your attacker, you may end up with a DNA sample for police to identify them.
  13. To learn the best protective moves it’s a great idea to attend boxing, martial arts or self-defence classes (especially those designed for women). These can be a great idea to build skills and confidence –… there are also loads of great clips on YouTube but training with an accredited instructor is the best way.
  14. Practise scenarios at home with mum, dad or older siblings –as the more automatic the response the better in situations when the body experiences sudden shock.
  15. Share this information with your besties and cousins as the more informed girls are the better.
  16. If you have been attacked tell people– your parents, your friends, your teachers and warn others where and when it happened. Your actions may save another and may help get that perpetrator apprehended.
  17. Watch your drinks… drink spiking happens so don’t accept drinks from strangers and don’t leave your drink unattended.
  18. As a back up, check out some of the personal safety apps that are around such as the Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s Help Me! app. 

Finally remember life has many risks – swimming in our oceans and rivers, climbing mountains, driving a car, being a pedestrian, and taking substances that are potentially dangerous to our health. So much of life is quite amazing and divine though and waiting to be experienced.

Having a healthy understanding and awareness of risk assessment and some life-enhancing strategies in our handbag can make all the difference.

Miss Kristen Waldron

Teaching and Learning

2019 Year 11 & 12 Subject Selection Forms

Subject selection forms for 2019 Year 11 and 12 students are due this week. Early next term, each student will attend a subject selection interview with Mrs Manifold and me. Parents are invited to join us for this meeting and a meeting time will be emailed to parents at the start of next term.


Year 6-12 Semester One Reports

Semester One Reports are now available to parents via PAM (Parent Access Module). Please use the login details and password that were sent to you by the College. Report Grade Descriptors appear on the second page of the report. These descriptors outline the percentage marks related to each grade. Please note that all VCE Unit 3 grades are not official Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority grades and are subject to modification. 


Year 6-12 Student/Parent/Teaching Meetings

Student/Parent/Teacher meetings for next term will be held for Years 6 – 12 on Monday, July 16. Bookings are now open and can be made online through PAM. Please note that we expect that students will attend these interviews with their parents. The booking site will close on Friday, July 13. 


Year 10 Parent Morrisby Information Session

This information session is available to parents and will be held in the Tim Murray Room on Monday, July 16 at 5.15pm (the evening of the Student/Parent/Teacher Meetings). The session will provide parents with information regarding the Morrisby Careers Test. The results of the test, when combined with careers guidance, will assist you to investigate different career options and start to understand the educational pathways that are involved. 

Mr Ralph Carolan

Myrniong - Early Learning and Primary


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Dee Gerring and Mrs Peta Alexander for their excellent contributions to Learning Support and the Year Two classroom. Both ladies have been welcome additions to the Myrniong team and we thank them for their collegiality, professionalism and teaching over the past 10 weeks. I would also like to thank Mrs Jenni Pike for returning to the Junior School to cover for Mrs Natalie Povey, who is recovering from a cycling accident.

A Touch of Pink

On Tuesday June 19th, Learmonth House Captains Amelie Hiscock and Ava Mould organised a ‘Touch of Pink’ fundraiser to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation . The girls and their Year 5 colleagues did a wonderful job of advertising the event, selling cakes, biscuits and pink merchandise and organising a mum’s walk to end the day. The Junior School raised in excess of $580.00 for a very important cause- well done team!

ICAS Writing

Three Year Five students- Sophie Merrin, Jock Nicholls and Miranda Page were selected to sit the ICAS Writing paper on June 14th. The students were given 30 minutes to complete a narrative.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all staff, students and parents in the Junior School learning community a safe and restful winter break. Thank you all for your contributions to a busy and rewarding Term Two at Myrniong.


In wintery conditions, College Drop Bears had a comfortable 5-2 win over Demons. Best for Drop Bears were Emily Ash, Jake Butcher and Angus Dohle.


College Tassie Devils defeated an understrength College Bandicoots 6-2. Best for Tassie Devils were Tom Templeton, Ben Potter and Phoebe Russell whilst Tobe Adamson, Sophie Merrin and Olivia Rees played well for Bandicoots.


College Numbats defeated Dunkeld 5-0 in a one-sided affair. Ben Walker was solid for Numbats. He was well-supported by Darcy Fleetwood and Charlie and Oscar Hawthorne.

Mr Stephen Nelson

Head of Junior School

Middle Years 

Middle Years

This week I was pleased to have the opportunity to discuss responsibility with my Year 9 classes, and more importantly students’ responsibilities. Education is a partnership between students, teachers and parents. Learning is core business and students need to take responsibility for their learning. Our students are still learning how to be responsible for themselves, some sometimes they self-sabotage. We expect students to behave in a courteous and respectful manner that enhances the integrity of the class.

During Middle Years students are adjusting to secondary school, and they need intrinsic motivation. They are starting to “take charge” of their own learning. Student responsibility occurs when students take an active role in their learning by recognising they are responsible for their academic success.

Tips on “how to own your learning”:

  • Be your own advocate.
  • Ask lots of questions.
  • Communicate well with your teachers.
  • Be a reliable worker.
  • Think of school as your work place.
  • Dress with pride.
  • Take pride in your work.
  • Aim for higher and do a lot more than the minimum.
  • Reliably do your homework.
  • Find ways to relate to each topic.
  • Surround yourself with supportive and helpful friends.
  • Be stronger than the hurdles that life throws at you.

I would encourage all students to read their reports carefully, and look for the positives as well as areas that can be further developed. I have said to various groups over recent weeks that they are on “L Plates” and remember “L Plate drivers” have a lot to learn. I would also encourage all families to attend parent teacher interviews on Monday 16th July.

The holidays are a time to relax, recharge and refresh. I would like to wish you all a safe and restful holiday, and look forward to a busy Term 3.

Gaoyou Middle School

We are preparing for the upcoming Gaoyou Middle School Delegation visit, in Week 3 of Term 3. There will be 19 students and 5 staff in the Delegation. They arrive on Thursday 2nd August and depart on Wednesday 8th August. Thank you to Year 9 families who have kindly offered to billet. We are finalising the Gaoyou programme and looking forward to welcoming the delegation.

Mrs Julia Winter Cooke


It has been a huge week and hard to believe it is already the last week of Term 2. It has been a huge week in sport with many of our boarders excelling. Seth Fiegert was awarded the Best on Ground for the Hamilton Kangaroos on Saturday in their second win on the trot. It is fantastic to see all of his hard work and commitment paying off.


Fergus Roberts on the other hand, most casual man alive, continues his hot streak in hockey and footy. He had a big day out on Sunday kicking 3 goals and winning the Best on Ground for the College Magpies. He then leisurely strolled across to the hockey field at Pedrina and scored 4 goals for the Men’s A Grade side in their win against the Bulls. If anyone would like more detail, please ask Fergus as he enjoys nothing more than talking himself up.


This week Isaac Hocking was named in the South Australian Under 13s State Hockey Team. He is a great young man and clearly a quality player. A star on the rise!


22 boarders departed on Wednesday afternoon on the Winter ICCES Tour to Shepparton. I am also attending and am looking forward to seeing them dominate in basketball, hockey and netball.


Our League of Legends gamers came back strongly after their defeat last week to notch up a win. Well done boys!


Unfortunately, due to shocking weather on Sunday we were forced into cancelling our paddock BBQ. Thanks to McClure’s for the kind offer. We have postponed this event until next term.


It was great to welcome back our Year 10 boarders to hear about the amazing time they had in Central Australia. I think the Year 9s should already be getting excited for next year after the stories and experiences we have heard about.


Leo Pan, Vicky Zhu and Celine Chen have been completing their work experience at the Junior School this week. I have heard lots of positive comments and judging from the photos the kids adore them. Three wonderful young people!


Thank you for a great term and I wish you all a very happy and relaxing holiday.

Mr Alex Smith


Hamilton Eisteddfod 2018


The following students and groups placed 1st in a Section:

Millie Davidson, Tess Dempsey, Katie Hayward, Charles Hiscock, Georgia Lehmann, Leyland Jones, Lily McCure, William Merrin, Nicholas Northeast, Miranda Page, Lachlan Reid, Ava Schroeder, Matthew Spence.


Amelia Bradbeer (Duet), Nicholas Hoskyns (Duet), Georgia Lehmann & Tess Dempsey (Duet), Katie Hayward & Millie Davidson (Duet), Abigail & Katie Hayward (Duet),The Hamilton & Alexandra College Year 6 Concert Band, The Hamilton & Alexandra College Senior Percussion Ensemble, The Hamilton & Alexandra College Symphony Orchestra, The Hamilton & Alexandra College Jazz Combo, The Hamilton & Alexandra College Year 5 Class, The Hamilton & Alexandra College Chorale, The Hamilton & Alexandra College Female Voice Choir, The Hamilton & Alexandra College Festival Voices.


The following students and groups placed 2nd in a section:

Lily Bradbeer, Milo Cooper, Abigail Hayward, Skye Headlam, Charles Hiscock, Brooke Hillam, Nicholas Hoskyns, Sophie Merrin, Isabelle Musson (Individual & Duet), Miranda Page, Andrew Sun. 


Amelie Hiscock & Sophie Merrin (Duet), Charles Hiscock & Finley Hiscock (Duet), Abigail Hayward, Katie Hayward and Milo Cooper (Trio); Katie Hayward, Millie Davidson, Milo Cooper & Timothy Gilling (Quartet).  The Hamilton & Alexandra College Concert Band, The Hamilton & Alexandra College Year 6 Chamber Ensemble, The Hamilton & Alexandra College Chamber Players, The Hamilton & Alexandra College Chamber Singers.


The following students and groups gained an Honourable Mention (HM) in a section:

Emily Ash, Lily Bradbeer, Abigail Hayward, Brooke Hillam, Amelie Hiscock, Nicholas Hoskyns, Leyland Jones, Georgia Lehmann, Gabriel Marshall, Lily McCure, Rupert Merrin, Sophie Merrin, Nicholas Northeast, Lachlan Reid, Charlotte Rowe, Ava Schroeder, Matthew Spence, Andrew Sun, Lachlan Tonissen, Zoe Weinberg. 


Isabelle Bradbeer & Lachlan Oliver (Duet), Skye Headlam & Ruby Holmes (Duet), Charles Hiscock & Finley Hiscock (Duet), Amelie Hiscock, Ruby Holmes, Skye Headlam & Sophie Merrin (Quartet), Andrew Sun, Katie Hayward, Lachlan Reid & Millie Davidson (Quartet), Jarman Oakley, Lachlan Oliver & Liam Bowman (Trio).  The Hamilton & Alexandra College Pizzicato Strings, The Hamilton & Alexandra College Prep, Year One & Year Two Singers.

Special Awards

The Hamilton Community Music Program

One Encouragement award was awarded to

Nicholas Northeast


Rotary Club of Hamilton

The Encouragement Award was awarded to

Katie Hayward



The following student placed 1st in a section:

Georgia Lehmann

The following student placed 2nd in a section:

Ellie Lehmann & Georgia Lehmann (Trio)

The following student placed 3rd in a section:

Ellie Lehmann

The following student Honourable Mention (HM) in a section:

Sally Aitken, Ella Churchill, Jorja Hermon (Duo), Harrison Hocking


Music Reminder

Private Instrumental Lessons will commence in the first week of term three on Tuesday 17th July.  Students are required to bring their instrument and music to lessons.  Timetables will be posted on the Music Notice Board and also displayed on SIMON.

Mrs Ory Wilson   Music Administrator  [email protected]

Mr Benjamin Hiscock   Director of Music  [email protected]


Hockey Draw - Week 8

Division 1 Men – 22/6

College v Monivae – 7.30pm @ Pedrina Park

Division 2 Men – 23/6

College Blue v  Coleraine Demons – 9.00am @ Pedrina Park

College Gold v  Monivae – 10.30am @ Pedrina Park

Division 4 – 23/6

College Numbats v College Bandicoots – 12noon @ College

College Tassie Devils v College Drop Bears – 1.20pm @ College

Division 2 Women – 24/6

College Scorchers v Demons – 12noon @ Pedrina Park

College Blades v Monivae Saints – 1.30pm @ Pedrina Park

Division 1 Women – 24/6

College Strikers v Monivae – 4.30pm @ Pedrina Park

Division 1 Women – 24/6

College Thundersticks v Dunkeld – 6.00pm @ Pedrina Park

Women's Hockey


The Strikers played a superb match on Sunday afternoon defeating Coleraine Black 8-0. The Strikers found the back of the net in the first 30 sec of play and it was non-stop from there. Short corners, deflections and field goals were all part of their scoring arsenal. They really are proving unstoppable this season.

Maddi Mutch, Ruby Cush, Hannah and Chloe Russell and Chloe Anderson were all amongst the better players.

The College Thundersticks also recorded a pleasing 3-0 victory over Coleraine Red. Despite having all of the attack in the first half the forwards simply couldn’t find the back of the net. Fortunately things turned around in the second half with Nina Pern, Alyssa Hocking and Phoebe Sweeney all scoring.

Better Players – Miss Katie Budenberg, Alyssa Hocking, Claudia Roberts and Hannah Nichols.



The Blades should be extremely proud of their efforts on Sunday going down narrowly to top of the table Demons 2-1. The Blades wonderful goalie Mrs Julia Howells made some excellent saves. Charlotte Rowe was the goal scorer with Oliva Allen, Ruby Cush, Millie Howells, Millie Davidson and Georgie Snodgrass all playing well.

College Scorchers were too good for Monivae recording a 3-0 victory. This should be a confidence boosting result for the Scorchers. Well done to Mrs Jodie Russell who bravely put on the goalie gear for this game.

Better Players were Phoebe Russell, Sarah Roberts, Gracie Austin and Sylvia Page.

Well done to Oliva Allen who umpired her first game on Saturday. Thank you to all our students who put their hand up to umpire each weekend.

This year is the first year that a Girl’s hockey team will be representing the College at the ICCES Winter Tour. We wish them every success.

Miss Kristen Waldron

Boys' Hockey

The two Division 2 boys’ teams continued their strong seasons last weekend.


College Blue recorded a fine 15-0 victory over Monivae despite the absence of the skilled Tane Nelson in Central Australia.  Ferg Roberts, Matt Spence and Eren Zehir all scored hat-tricks and the team played some scintillating hockey, using space and effective passes to move the ball quickly.  Pleasingly, both Ted Koch and Charlie Duver were also on the scoresheet, rewards for continuing to work hard to develop their hockey this year.  This team, when “on-song,” is a delight to watch.


College Gold was missing three older players – two of them in the Red Centre – and it took some time for the young team to establish a dominance on the scoreboard.  The boys ended up 8-2 victors over Demons-Coleraine and showed plenty of grit and effort.  Dave Merrin, Clancy Munro and “Hazard” Austin were multiple goalscorers; again, reward for continued effort was shown when Lachie Rees found the net also.  Other than Acting Captain Darcy Wall (and “Mr Merrin”!), all the boys were in Year 8 or below with Rupert Merrin being introduced to this level from Year 3.


Sunday afternoon saw the Open team in action against Coleraine Bulls.  We began very strongly using quick movement of the ball and the width of the field to our advantage and at half time we were three goals up, Ferg Roberts having scored a fine hat-trick.  Early in the second half, we were bogged down and unable to spread the ball.  Bulls scored two goals and looked menacing.  Sami Zehir’s goal was a steadier and we regained our composure, with Ferg (again!) and Reagan Simons, who was a key central player for us all game, finding the net to ensure a 6-2 victory.  The result is a good confidence-booster before we head to Shepparton late in the week.  Hopefully we can perform well there and then again on Friday when we get off the bus for our final fixture before the holiday break.

Neil MacLean

Term 3 Tennis Coaching


Dates to Remember 

Term 3 Calendar Dates



VIBE Festival

Students attending the Senior Campus sessions had the opportunity to be challenged by a series of short, timed tasks. Each task required the construction of an item using planks. Planks are small pieces of timber, all the same size and weighting, created by a Victorian workshop. There were no rules to how the objects were made other than planks are the only building material used and at the end of five minutes a recognisable object has been created. The only limitation was that we own 1000 planks, so creations needed to be small. The activities were designed to allow visiting students the opportunity to get to know each other and our College students, and to see the facilities and offerings provided by our Winifred Berry Library. You will shortly see a write up of the event on our blog with photographs of our challengers and their creations!


Breakout Edu - Ancient China

As part of our work supporting teachers we set up a variety of activities to support subject learning. This week our Year 7 History classes were challenged to solve tricky clues and break into a set of three locked boxes by working out the lock number, password or providing the answer to a question to get a key. This too will have a write up and photographs as soon as the second class has come through on Thursday.


Read On

Have a wonderful holiday and make sure you spend some time reading! For those taking on the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge it’s a golden opportunity to add books to the list. Kierun McClure is on to his third hundred and Lachlan Reid and Rhiognach McClure are onto their second. All Junior School classes are performing really well – our best year since the challenge started by a long way.


It has been a pleasure to have Cate Pinca in study. Cate has been at College on a student exchange program. She hails from Italy and is looking forward to starting Year 12 when she gets home. We will

miss her in Study and wish her all the best.

Mrs Margaret Simkin

Parents and Friends

Farewell Rosemary 

For many years Rosemary Langley has worked tirelessly in the Uniform shop at College. Sadly Tuesday was her final day behind the counter !

She has dressed many students in her time and worked hard to make every family’s first encounter with the College so positive. She has run the shop with extraordinary efficiency always willing to go the extra mile and has been a joy for  parents, students and staff to work with. Her knowledge of College is unsurpassed and has been so valuable in this role.  Rosemary will be missed by all who have had the privilege to have an association with her over her time at College and we wish her well in her retirement from the Uniform shop.

Gala Ball

What a wonderful night we had at the Gala Ball on the 2nd June.  Good food, wine, decorations, music and company - a great combination for a fun and happy event.  Thanks to the Committee which included Erica James, Jo O’Sullivan, Marnie White, Jodie Russell, Keri Ross, Sarah Roberts, Di Austin, Ashlyn Hiscock and Jen Hutton.  A special thanks to Vicki Whyte who provided amazing assistance with the decorations and her events knowledge.  We were able to raise over $5,000 to put towards the Middle Years Outdoor Activity Space.  Thanks and well done parents and friends.

Ocean's 8

Get your tickets for the premiere of Ocean’s 8 now. That’s right you get to see this great film first.  Opening night in Hamilton.  Premiere. Don’t miss out.  Friday 20 July. 


Sheepvention Raffle

Thanks to Jenny Watt who has offered to co-ordinate this year’s Sheepvention raffle.  Please look out for the raffle tickets being sent home or letter requesting raffle items.   Tickets will also be sold at Sheepvention at the College site.

Jane Evans


Careers Newsletters

Mrs Louise Manifold


Term 3 Horsemanship Program

Please register your interest in our Senior Horsemanship program for Term 3 2018. The forms are attached to the newsletter for your reference. Please register your interest as soon as possible to secure your place in the program.

Junior Horsemanship resumes in Term 4 of 2018.

Dates to put in your diary for the remainder of 2018!

  • Interhouse Showjumping Friday 17th August 2018
  • THAC Interschool Dressage Competition Saturday 6th October 2018
  • RESCHEDULED DATE - Western District Interschool Equestrian Competition Sunday 4th  November 2019


Entry form attached to this newsletter!

FRIDAY 17th August 2018

Starting at 2pm

At the Hamilton and Alexandra

College Equestrian Centre

Our community greatly appreciates regular updates of results of competition and the achievements of our students in their Equestrian sport! Please make sure you email me at [email protected] or let Georgia Hodgetts, our Equestrian Captain, know what you have been doing and include as many photos as you like so that we can all celebrate and promote equestrian sport, your efforts and accomplishments for 2018.

Please make sure you join our THAC Equestrian Facebook page for regular updates and photos of all our Equestrian endeavours. Updates and entry forms for competitions are also posted on this page so make sure you keep up to date!

For updates, news, Calendar, entry forms, results and more GO TO THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES:

Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series:

Equestrian Victoria:

Please note any horses who are regularly coming to and from the Hamilton and Alexandra College Equestrian Centre must be up to date with vaccinations for Tetanus and Strangles and records of these will be maintained to ensure the biosecurity of the centre. You must also notify the Director of Horsemanship immediately if your horse has been in or originated from Queensland or Northern New South Wales. Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.


Cox Street Vets are offering our riders a vaccination and health package for all our horses. Should you require further information in relation to this please contact myself at [email protected] or contact Cox Street Vets directly on ph. 55711202.

Ms Amanda Te Boekhorst

School Information

Europe 2019 -Paris, Sth of France, Barcelona - Art, Architecture and Loads of Fun

An opportunity exists for interested people to travel to Europe for the 2019 Art tour. This will be occurring over the 1st Term holidays in 2019. The three week break allows for two jam packed weeks of travel and excitement and a week to recharge, get homework completed and get ready for Term 2. Experience the amazing sights and artworks that you have longed to see. Things you have read about and seen in movies.  Things you have learnt about and will learn about in Art and History. Delight your taste buds with national delicacies, cool cafes and included meals. A tour guide will escort us through the most famous sights of Paris, Lyon, Aix, Marseilles and Barcelona. Art tours, art experiences and workshops along with a spot of shopping here and there will be the focus of the two weeks. A cost is yet to be determined as it depends on numbers and the state of the Australian dollar.  Please contact Helen Reiher at school or email [email protected] for further details.

Miss Helen Reiher

Head of Visual Arts, Head of Year 12

Tuckshop Roster - Term 3

Attached is the draft roster for Term 3.  If you are able to assist as a volunteer in the Tuckshop please complete the attached form and return or contact Fi O'Shannessy at the Senior School on 5572 1355.


Uniform Shop Opening Times - Term 2 Holidays


Connecting with the Community 

South West Sport with Southern Grampians Shire


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