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27 July 2018
Issue Ten
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Principal's Report


Pakenham Springs Primary School acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the land on which the School stands.

Welcome Back

We have had a great start at the Springs to Term 3.  It's hard to believe we are in Semester 2!

This term we welcome back our Assistant Principal, Jane King.  Jane has been gaining valuable experience as an Acting Principal.  We are looking forward to another busy term of learning.


Parent Opinion Survey



Our school is conducting a survey to find out what parents think of our school. The Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training that is conducted amongst a sample of randomly selected parents.  It is designed to assist schools in gaining an understanding of parents’ perceptions of school climate, student behaviour and student engagement.  Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

Approximately 30 per cent of parents have been invited to participate in this year’s survey.  All responses to the survey are anonymous.   This year the Parent Opinion Survey will be conducted from Monday 23rd July to Sunday 26th August.


The survey will be conducted online, only takes 10-15 minutes to complete, and can be accessed at any convenient time within the fieldwork period on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.  The online survey will be available in a range of languages other than English. These include: Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Chin (hakha), Hindi, Japanese, Somali, Turkish, Punjabi and Greek.

The survey results will be reported back to the school at the end of September.


Working Bee

This term we have welcomed back Tanjil-Lea Delport who has taken over our STEM program. Our students have been working hard on a new garden project and we are almost ready to get the tools out and start developing the space. 

In order to prepare, we will be holding a working bee on Saturday 11th August.  Many hands make light work, so we hope you can make it.  Further details have been sent home today.



Late last term we held our disco for the Junior, Middle and Senior school.  Students had a great night with their peers.  Thank you to our community building team, parent and staff volunteers for giving up a Friday night to provide our students with a fun event.


Hoop time

A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to the Year 3 & 4 Boys All Star Hoop Time team WINNING the tournament this week. They have now qualified for Regional Hoop Time finals.  Mr Holmes has written a comprehensive report on the day.


Kerryn Baillie


Junior Assistant Principal's Report

Welcome back to Term Three

Welcome back to our Pakenham Springs community, for what is sure to be a very exciting Term Three.  It's hard to believe that we are over half way through 2018!  It has certainly been a busy year, with many exciting changes such as our new School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework, new playground equipment, the introduction of Compass and the recent arrival of new i-pads and laptops to increase student access to technology.


In the Junior School, we have really hit the ground running this term, and it has been a pleasure to see the way that students have approached their learning after returning from a well-earned break.


The Prep team are up to stage 5 of Little Learners Love Literacy, and now that they are familiar with all letters and sounds, beginning to explore double letters and plural words. This coming Tuesday (July 31st) is a very exciting day for our Preppies, as it marks their 100th day of school! Prep Teachers are currently busy preparing some fun activities to mark the occasion and to reflect on all of the amazing learning that has taken place across these 100 days.


In Year One, students are starting to explore money. Identifying Australian coins and their value, ordering them based on their value and adding small money amounts will be a real focus over the coming weeks, so be sure to ask your child about these at home and talk to them about money when out shopping next.  In Inquiry, students will be learning all about their own personal family histories, so again, take time to discuss these at home.


In Year Two, students are learning all about the concept of multiplication.  In doing so, students will be exploring how multiplication involves equal groups and finding a total, as well as how using repeated addition can help us to solve multiplication problems (ie 4 x 5 = 5 + 5 + 5 + 5). Telling the o'clock, half-past, quarter-past and quarter-to times on an analogue clock will be another focus in Numeracy over coming weeks. Teachers are very busy planning for the Year Two sleepover coming up in week 8, which students seem to be quite excited about!  Permission forms will be going home very shortly.


I hope that all families enjoyed a relaxing break over the holidays and I look forward to another exciting term at Pakenham Springs Primary School.



Danny Forster

Acting Assistant Principal in Junior School



Middle/Senior Assistant Principal's Report

Respect, Responsibility and Resilience in the Middle/Senior School

This fortnight in the Middle and Senior School all students have been embracing our brand new school values and demonstrating them in a variety of ways.


Our Year 3 Students have really taken on the job of spreading the message about our new values, with M23 going out and distributing posters in the school yard to show everyone exactly what is expected in different sections of our playground.

The Year 3 students also had the opportunity to demonstrate our values in the wider community, when they headed into the City on Wednesday to visit the Shrine of Remembrance and the Botanical Gardens. They took part in a program to broaden their knowledge of the commemoration of culturally significant events in Australia and also the significance of country and place to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Reports back from the excursion say that the behaviour and participation of all students on the excursion was exemplary! Thank you to our teachers and parent helpers for organising and running such a successful program.


Our Middle School and Senior School students have also been displaying their respect, responsibility and resilience this week at the Hoop Time tournaments. We have spoken about showing respect for ourselves, our team mates, our opposition and all officials, and I am proud to say that again, the behaviour and participation of all students at Hoop Time has been excellent. Another thank you to the teachers for organising this event, and all parent helpers who coached, scored or cheered on the day.


Although it is wonderful to see our students representing PSPS in such a respectful way in the wider school community, we are also seeing these values demonstrated each and every day in each and every classroom. My favourite part of being an Assistant Principal is when I see our students celebrating their learning - I was lucky enough to have some Year 4 students visit me this week to show off their Spelling work. They produced some very entertaining stories including all of the 'au' words off their spelling lists. Thanks you Year 4's, for sharing your wonderful learning with me.


Have a great week!

Renee Cotterell

Assistant Principal (Middle & Senior School)

Upcoming Events

Term 3:

The following events are scheduled for the next few weeks.  Make sure you are aware of the ones which are applicable to you:


Tuesday 31st July 2018:

  • Prep celebrations - 100 days of school

Friday 3rd August:

  • Springers Celebration 2.30pm

Friday 10th August:

  • Year 3 - 6 Athletics Carnival - Casey Fields  (School Canteen closed on this day)

Saturday 11th August:

  • Working Bee  (Refer to the flyer handed out today)

Advanced Notice:

Wednesday 29th August - Friday 31st August:

  • Year 4 Phillip Island Camp




Monday 16th July 2018 — Friday 21st September 2018


Monday 8th October 2018 — Friday 21st December 2018

Upcoming Fundraising Activities:

To continue to add to our fundraising efforts this year (funds going towards playground updates and additional outdoor activity options for all students) we currently have the following fundraising activities happening:


Shopping Tour - Bookings are now being taken for our first ever Pakenham Springs Shopping Tour! Come and shop til you drop with us on Saturday October 27th.  Please see the flyer posted on Compass for booking form and details of the outlets we are visiting.  Lunch is included, as is plenty of laughs!  Tickets are limited! 


SAVE THIS DATE.... Saturday 10th November!

Stay tuned for information regarding our upcoming 'Bogan Trivia and Games Night'!  More details to come.


Entertainment Book Sales - Books can be purchased for $70 and have over $22,000 value in discount vouchers, special offers, etc.  Display book is up at the office if you wish to view.  Digital or hardcopy books can be purchased online through:     



School Wide Positive Behaviour



Notices recently published:

The following notices have been distributed over the last fortnight.  If you missed them copies are available from Compass or the school’s website 


Some new resources have been added to the school website, check them out by clicking here

Junior School

 Year 2 Sleepover

J12 - Letter to parents - appointment of Miss Molony as the class teacher

Middle School

Important information from STEM (Year 3 and Year 4)

M27 Change of teacher

Year 4 Camp - Clothing and Equipment

Senior School
Homework Term 3

Camp Information Evening - Thursday 26th July

Whole School

Upcoming Working Bee



The Education Department will continue to offer CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund) for families who are entitled to a Health Care or Pension Card.

Please remember to write CSEF on the bottom of your permission form for any camps, incursions, excursions coming up for the remainder of 2018.  The office girls can print your permission notices at the office if you are wishing to pay using the CSEF funding.




Community News


Learning in J17

Inquiring and Inspiring in J17

Down in J17, during Term 2 the students eagerly unpacked and explored the term inquiry question, 'How do living things survive and change?' The students initially tuned in to the key concepts of what to survive meant and what does change mean in relation to the key question. The students have used a variety of tools such as Venn Diagrams, sort and classifying, T-Charts and graphic organisers to explore and develop their understanding throughout the term. 


Initial inquiries focused on the students themselves and their existing understandings of the key concepts. Students had a few exciting Philosophy discussions around what is truly the most important items required to survive - funnily enough, an I-Pad and the X-box finally left the conversation. The students' conversations around these concepts were rich and diverse in nature and often including some hard sell opinions as to why they felt the finer things in life were essential to survival.


In order to broaden the students' understanding, the class then explored other living creatures, in particular, Australian animals, through the use of non-fiction big books. Students learnt to expand their vocabulary through the use of a glossary, they learnt how to determine different genres of a text and identify the difference between fact and fiction. As part of the final assessment for each student, they were asked to choose an Australian animal to research and create a research project.


Throughout this process each student learnt some vital research skills. They learnt how to take and make notes, how to sort all of the information presented in a variety of ways such as online, fact sheets or through information texts.  Each student learnt how to determine if the books they had were relevant to the information they needed and when to find an alternative source of information.  Students used some proformas for their note taking to follow.  Each student then transferred their notes in written prose for the purpose of publishing their final brochure.


As a final culmination to the students' learning and understandings from our inquiry, the Year 2 cohort embarked on an excursion to Healesville Sanctuary, so each student could have an authentic 'hands-on' experience to see their chosen research animal in its natural habitat.  The students engaged in an Aussie Animal Adventure throughout the Sanctuary where they discovered numerous Australian animals they had been researching. They listened to the ‘Tails from Platypus Creek’ presentation, where they observed a male platypus with his keeper and learnt the key understanding of how platypus live and develop.


Finally, the students got to experience the ‘Birds of Prey’ exhibit in the flight arena, where they saw several of our amazing Australian birdlife come to life in front of their eyes.  They saw endangered bird life, raptors and the largest of them all the Wedge Tailed Eagle with a wing span of up to two metres.  All in all, the students had a successful term of learning that finished on an amazing high.


I would like to congratulate all J17 on a fabulous term of learning in Year 2!



Learning in M27

Middle School Little is sharing... 
M27’s Classroom Respect Agreement


Students Respecting Students

Students Respecting Students

We stay on task and not distracting others

We positively communicate with each other (body language included)

We fully listen to all members of the class and wait our turn to speak.

We trust each other

We share resources

We include each other in group work or conversations

We care for each other- give hugs or smiles.

We speak to each other calmly

No put downs- we encourage each other!

We always use our manners

We use eye contact

We help each other in their learning



Teachers Respecting Students

Positive and happy attitude

Allowing time for student questions and concerns

Actively listening and giving time for students to speak

Give trust and responsibility to students

Care about student’s feelings

Give enough time for learning and extra time when necessary

Encourage student’s effort and achievements

Use manners

Being fair and having consistent consequences

Helping ALL students


Students Respecting Teachers

We follow instructions from all teachers - no arguing

We always use our manners

We arrive to class on time

Attentive listening with our hearts

Be thankful for the teacher’s time and effort

We take part and participate in learning tasks

Help the teacher when needed

We have a positive attitude and have a go at new things

Be honest- even when we make a mistake


Everyone Respecting Property

We take great care of other people’s property

Put rubbish in the correct bins

Ask before borrowing property (using manners)

We hold and use computers/iPads/technology with great care

We follow the workbook expectations

We leave the classroom clean and tidy

We don’t lean on/damage displays

We return property of others in a timely manner

We follow the classroom library expectations of borrowing books

We keep our workspace clean

We sit on our chairs safely


Special Events

Hoop Time

Year 3 & 4 Hoop Time Tournament

Monday 23rd July saw us take 49 students to Cardinia Life stadium Pakenham to compete in the Pakenham and Officer Year 3 & 4 Hoop Time tournament.


This Basketball tournament consists of different skill level divisions and with each team playing 4 games in their pool section of the draw.  Winning teams advanced to a finals series on the day, competing against winning teams from other pools.


All Star Boy & Girls champions are decided and Future Star mixed team champions are also decided on the day. These tournament winners go on to the next round, Regional Hoop Time finals.

Pakenham Springs PS entered 6 teams: 1 x All Star Boys, 3 x mixed Future Star and 2 x mixed Rookie teams.  All teams played some fantastic games with the majority of our teams winning at least 2-3 matches for the day. We were lucky enough to get our All Star Boys and Future Stars #1 teams through to their respective grand finals.


Future Star #1 – Pakenham Springs Sparks – Runners Up

Our Future Star #1 team comprising of 3 girls and 4 boys did a fantastic job all day. After losing their initial game of the day to a really strong Beaconsfield PS team, they then went on to win their remaining 3 group games in fine fashion. Their semi-final victory was a dominant performance against a skilled St.Brigid’s team. The grand final against the Beaconsfield Bobcats wasn’t to go our way although we tried hard all game, never gave up and displayed some fantastic sportsmanship.  Final scores 22-5 - with the Bandits taking the honours.  Runners-up status in Monday’s future star division is one to be super proud of.  Well done to coach Sam and her future stars Heidi, Indiana, Harley, James, Riley K, Isabella and Sebastian.

Pakenham Springs All Star boys – Tournament Champions 

This team, comprised of all Year 4 boys, had a great tournament on Monday, winning 6 out of 6 games and never really headed all day.  We defeated St Patricks and Pakenham Consolidated PS twice during the day very convincingly. Beaconsfield PS proved to be our biggest challenge on our way to winning the tournament.  We managed to beat them in a close encounter during our pool game, trailing at halftime by 3 points, our boys dug in hard winning the game 22-17.  A super performance in our semi-final game against Pakenham Consolidated triumphing to victory 19-4 displaying pure class. This set up a rematch in the grand final against Beaconsfield. We were never headed and came out eventual winners 22-8. A massive congratulations to coach Rob Mollison and his All Star team: Riley, Hunter, Divan, Noah, Blake, Nicholas and Jakeb.

It was an awesome day had at Hoop time with all of our students showing AMAZING sportsmanship, fair play and encouraging not only their fellow students but also players from other schools.  We are proud as teachers when we take our students to days like this and watch them carry themselves in such a fine manner.

A huge congratulations to all students for participating to their full potential. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped to coach, score and supervise students.


We now look forward to our Boys All Star team who have now qualified for the Regional Hoop Time Finals



OSHClub News

Flyer attached for School Holiday Program.


Hello Everyone

Welcome back to Term 3 everyone.  Once again, the new term has brought us a lot of new faces, so we would like to say a big welcome to all our new Oshclub families.  Over the holidays a few changes have been made in the OSHC room, like the re-arrangement of all the furniture, some new wall displays have gone up and some have come down to make room for new ones.  One of the new changes to come is our new community board that parents are welcome to use.  


This term we are looking at focusing on friendship, gardening and our school values.  We are also going to be changing up science day for something new.  Any ideas from children or parents on what we can do to replace this activity will be great.  We are lacking  some resources at oshc as well, so if any parents have any pva glue, boxes or soil around we would really appreciate it.  



·         All enrolments should have at least THREE emergency contacts.  

·         Our lost property is overflowing so please come and have a look for any lost jumpers or toys.  


At the moment our recycled supplies are looking low so if you have any items such as  

 wood, boxes , cardboard, material scraps and unwanted clothes suitable for dress ups  

 etc they would be greatly appreciated.  



Kristen and Courtney 


Coordinator: Kristen Askew

Assistants: Courtney Dodson, Angela McLachlan

Program Phone: 0438 564 038

OSHClub Head Office: 03 8564 9000


All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is free to enrol!   Please create an account online at - all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via

your online account.   For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the service.












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