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15 February 2018
Issue One
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Principal's Message
College Matters
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Sub School News
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Student Leadership
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Key Dates

Term 1 2018


Tuesday 20th February

Intermediate Round Robin


Wednesday 21st February

6.30pm Year 8 Parent evening - Elevate Study Skills & AWARE program


Monday 26th - Wednesday 28th February

Year 7 ABC Camp


Wednesday 28th February - Friday 2nd March

Year 7 DEFG Camp


Tuesday 6th March

District Swimming


Tuesday 6th March

7pm, Parents & Friends' Association - AGM 

Wednesday 7th - Friday 9th March

Unit 3 Outdoor Education camp


Monday 12th March

Labour Day Public Holiday


Tuesday 13th March

College Assembly - International Women's Day


Tuesday 13th March

House Music Conductor's Workshop


Wednesday 14th March

Year 8 Round Robin


Wednesday 14th March

Sisters in Science Presentation - Yr 10 (lunch BBQ)


Friday 16th March

Year 7 Immunisations


Wednesday 21st - Friday 23rd March

Year 9 Introduction to Outdoor Education camp


Wednesday 21st March

2pm VCE Parent/Teacher Interviews 


Thursday 22nd March

Year 7 Round Robin


Friday 23rd March

1pm Year 7 & 12 Fancy Dress


Tuesday 27th March

1.30pm Year 7-10 Parent/Teacher /Student Interviews


Thursday 29th March

Last Day Term 1 - 2.15pm finish

Principal's Message

Dear MGSC Families,

Welcome back everyone!  

I am sure that at the beginning of the holidays our students felt like the days and weeks would stretch on forever. And then came that realisation that there was about a week to go before they had to get up early in the morning. The days of sleeping in, binge watching a series on Netflix, working full-time to earn those extra dollars, relaxing by the pool or going to the beach were coming to an end. 

So, now that the school year has commenced, what is ahead for your daughters this year? Hopefully there are challenges so that they will always have something to strive for. I challenge each and every student to not settle for easy this year – because that is the easiest thing to do. I suggest that students do not save brain training until their final two years of school. I encourage students to push themselves a little bit further and discover what they are made of. Building critical thinking skills is no different to building stamina or muscle. To our students I suggest that this year, see what you are capable of:

  • spend a little extra time on assignments to add that extra bit of finesse;
  • take on a leadership role;
  • get involved with the SRC; or
  • participate in extracurricular activities.

And the person that will benefit is you.  You will be the person who feels the satisfaction and sense of achievement.  If you have this as a focus, you will move closer to achieving your goals which is to be the best you can be and feel liberated in doing so.

Over the holidays, preparations continued at the College to enhance our environment. We have a new look library and this is for our students to enjoy. It is a place where they can study and contemplate. The gardens are continuing to be improved and we have done quite a bit of painting as well around the school. We will continue to upgrade the facilities for our students over the year as it is important to us that they have pleasant surroundings to come to each day. 

I would like to welcome all of the new students to our school community where our moto of 'Courage and Work' underpins our values and goals. I welcome our newest and youngest students in Year 7 but I also welcome every other new student, both local and international, at every other year level.  I hope those students who have been here for some time will extend the hand of friendship through way of conversation or a smile to make them feel welcome. 

I would also like to welcome new staff and those returning from leave to our school.

New staff: Gavin Bell, Marko Berkhout, Rochelle Dickson, Christine Fay, Sam Haines, Wendy Harvey, Dolores Marie-Jeanne, Clive Milne, Alison Pickard, Dylan Reeves, Angela Sassone and Meral Simsek

Returning Staff: Alex Andrianopoulos, Eva Bell, Elise Galliers, Marcie Konsoulas, Jessica Rogosic and 

Nyree Wilson

In closing, I would to say to all of our students, enjoy the challenges ahead and never stop trying to stretch yourself.


Warm regards,

Linda Brown


College Matters

School Council Elections 2018

Mentone Girls’ Secondary College are calling for nominations for Parents to join School Council. Nominations will close at 4pm on Monday 19th February. Nomination forms can be collected from the General Office or can be emailed to you by contacting Prue Tarpey in the General Office.


Introducing MGSC’s Wellbeing Team

The MGSC Wellbeing team comprises (from left to right): Leona Thomson (Student Wellbeing Coordinator), Christine Fay (Student Wellbeing Officer), Carol Duggan (Assistant Principal) and Melissa White (Psychologist). The team meets weekly to discuss our wellbeing programs across all year levels, including projects, policies, events, student involvement in promoting wellbeing, staff professional development, case management and assessments.

Safe Travel Reminder

Could parents please reiterate the importance of safe behaviour around our local railway stations. We have been contacted by concerned members of the community who have observed some of our students running across the train lines rather than waiting for the pedestrian safety barrier to open.

It's Not OK To Be Away!

A reminder that students should aim for an 100% attendance record. They are expected to attend school regularly and remain at school and in class until officially dismissed. If Year 7-10 students are absent, parents/guardians are asked to log the reason why on Compass (through the parent portal) before 9am.

If VCE students are absent, parents/guardians are required to contact the VCE Office on 9581 5231 before 9am and update attendance on Compass. If contact is not made on the day of absence, an explanatory note must be brought from home on the day the student returns and handed in to the VCE Office for VCE students. All notes should be written and signed by a parent/guardian and must clearly show the student’s name, form and date of absence.

Uniform Update

1.   Blazer pockets

Most families will recall we have had a two year transition to the new MGSC logo on our uniform.  Our uniform supplier, Costume World, have had further enquiries about obtaining new blazer pockets, despite the cut-off date being October 2017.

Unfortunately the blazer manufacturer is not able to make another small production run of pockets. Costume World have found another manufacturer who is willing to make a small run as long as a preset minimum amount are ordered. The pockets will be available in one shade only.

If you still need a new pocket, please call Costume World on 9584 7006 to register your interest by 28th February. They will let you know the cost of purchase and/or the cost for their tailor to sew the pocket on your blazer.  

PLEASE NOTE: This is the final time this service will be offered. Any student who does not have the new logo pocket after this will be required to purchase a new blazer with the correct logo.

2.   Summer Shorts/Shirt

Many of our students are opting for the MGSC summer shorts and shirt option instead of the summer dress. Our students have appreciated having the freedom to choose their preferred uniform option.

3.   Winter Trousers

Costume World will soon update us on the availability of MGSC winter trousers. Students wishing to wear trousers in winter instead of the skirt will be required to pre-order the MGSC trousers (with logo). Those students currently wearing plain navy trousers will be able to continue to do so until the end of 2018. From 2019 onwards, only MGSC trousers (with logo) will be able to be worn during winter. We will update our community when the new trousers will be available for pre-order. Keep an eye out for a Compass Newsfeed.

4.   Second-Hand Uniform Shop

Due to the changes to our uniform, our Second-Hand Uniform Shop will have limited supplies of uniform items to sell as they no longer will purchase or sell items with the old logo.

Library Opening Hours

The College library is open for students and supervised from 8.30am to 4.30pm every school day. Students are welcome to use the library for quiet personal study during these times before and after school. At 4.30pm the library will be locked and unavailble to students.

Information and Policy Guide

Upon enrolment at the school all students and parents are given a copy of the Information and Policy Guide and asked to sign the page acknowledging that they have read it. Last year a number of key policies were updated and approved by School Council. There were some key changes to the policies regarding attendance and uniform. The updated document can be found on the Polices page on the website:

Parents and Friends' Association (PFA)

The Parents and Friends’ Association is a friendly organisation comprising every family in the College. The parents support a range of activities across the school. Meetings are held once or twice a term and are open to all to attend. The first meeting for 2018 is the AGM on Tuesday 6th March at 7pm in the staffroom.

The PFA also provides the much-valued service of the Second-Hand Uniform Shop, which is open 2.45-3.45pm on Tuesdays and 8.15-9.15am on Wednesdays. If you are able to volunteer your time to help out in the shop, please contact Donna Harrison on 0421 782 123.


Carol Duggan &  Bronwyn Moline 

Assistant Principals 

First Aid

Immunisation Dates for 2018

Parents and students of Year 7 and 10 please note the following immunisation dates for 2018. Immunisation cards have been  distributed. Extra cards can be collected from the First Aid Office.

Friday 16th March:                      

YEAR 7: HPV (1st dose) and Boostrix

YEAR 10: Meningococcal

Monday 15th October:

YEAR 7: HPV (2nd dose)

If you have any queries, please phone Sue or Lina, First Aid Officers, on 9581 5234.

Oral Medication for Students

All prescribed medication should be provided to the First Aid Office in a container that gives the name of the student, reason for the medication being administered, dose and time to be given. The name of the medication should be clearly marked. Medication will then be stored in a locked cupboard and accessed by the First Aid Officers when required by students.

Students are not to carry medication in their bags or store it in their lockers.

Please note that the First Aid Office does not provide  analgesics (i.e. paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen etc). Analgesics will only be dispersed to students if they are provided by parents/guardians as above.

These instructions are in accordance with The Department of Education and Training - Victoria (DET) First Aid Policy.


Sue Gravina & Lina Mansour

First Aid Officers

Sub School News

Junior School News

Year 8 Parent Information Evening: Elevate Education and AWARE (Alcohol: Wellbeing and Risks Education)

All Year 8 parents recently received an email inviting them to attend an information session on Wednesday 21st February 6.30-8pm on the topics of Time Management and Alcohol Awareness.

Year 8 students will be attending a session on Time Management run by Elevate Education. These skills will stand them in good stead for all year levels and we encourage the girls to practise them so that they become more effective learners. We would love you to hear the information so that you can encourage your daughter to use those skills at home.

During the Headstart Program at the end of 2017, students attended the AWARE Program which targeted harm reduction and education around alcohol and other early intervention tools. This program will provide you with information on how to best support your daughter through her secondary school years in regards to alcohol.

The evening will take place in the Lecture Theatre. We look forward to seeing you there.


Ms Lisa Kosack

Acting Director of Junior School

Middle School News

It has been a busy start to the term. We were excited to welcome back the Year 9 and 10 students after a relaxing break. Students have dived straight back into their school work and are enjoying their elective program. Year 10 students have begun their VET program across a range of studies including hospitality, music, beauty, engineering, equine studies and early childhood development. We look forward to a positive year ahead in the Middle School.

A reminder of the Students Managers in the Middle School if you would like to speak to someone regarding your daughter:

Year 10:

Mr Michael Warden - Surname A – MAO

Mrs Sue Cook - Surname MASON – Z

Year 9:

Ms Dolores Marie-Jeanne – 9ABCD

Miss Amanda O’Hara – 9EFGH


Work Experience

This exciting week is fast approaching (early Term 2) and students should be working hard to finalise their placements if they have not done so already. Thank you to Mrs Poulos, our Career and Pathways Coordinator, for speaking to the students about how to arrange their placements and complete their paperwork correctly before returning it to the General Office. Each year we have some fantastic stories from students on Work Experience and we look forward to the same this year. If students need support with their placement they should contact Mrs Poulos in the Careers Office ASAP.


Elevate Study Sessions

This is the second year we have been able to provide students with extra support with their study program. We have arranged for Elevate Education to run a study support session for all Year 9 and 10 students in the next few weeks. Feedback from last year’s session was overwhelmingly positive and students seemed to appreciate the extra tips and tricks provided to them in this valuable session.

Year 9:   Wednesday 21st February, period 4

Year 10:   Friday 2nd March, period 4


Ms Deb Jarvis

Director of Middle School 

Senior School News

After a beautiful summer vacation we welcome parents and students to the 2018 academic year.

The Year 12 Conference took place on the 31st January and 1st February. The Student Managers of 2017 and 2018 organised many activities and speakers. Students should be able to reflect on the messages they received over the two days and employ some changes to the way they approach their studies to potentially improve their final results. They were surveyed and their reflections have been positive. I hope your daughters have been able to share their experiences with you.

This week MGSC held our Swimming Carnival. This is the first of a number of major school events the Year 12 students will be enjoying for the last time. Dressing up in house colours, chanting house chants, swimming in events that they have never swum in all the years they have been at school and supporting their house mates and Captains made for a wonderful day.

As in the past, the Year 12 students are allowed to purchase an alternative to the school jumper. The VCE Committee has met to discuss and begin the process for this privilege. We are hoping that all students will continue to wear the school uniform appropriately so that they will be able to receive the jumper without delay.

It is pleasing to see the VCE Students using the VCE Centre to study during their study periods, before and after school. We have publicised that the Centre will be open from 8am in the morning until 5.30pm most school nights. Students will be notified if there are any changes to this arrangement.


Ms Sylvia Christopoulos

Director of Senior School


Enhancement Program Coming in 2019

Mentone Girls’ Secondary College will soon open applications for its 2019 Enhancement Program, which is designed to offer enhanced studies in English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities. The program will begin at Year 7 in 2019 and will expand through to Year 9 in 2021. There will be a Q&A session at the Open Night on Tuesday 24th April. More information will be available through the website soon. Please contact with any queries.


Mr Sam Haines

Director of Curriculum & Enhancement


Australian Brain Bee Challenge

Students may be interested in participating in the 2018 Australian Brain Bee Challenge. Our school has participated in this program since 2010 and the students have always loved the experience.

Steps involved:

  1. Read material related to neuroscience.
  2. Complete Round 1 online quiz during Brain Awareness week (Term 1 week 7 at MGSC in S4 at lunchtime).
  3. If you score well you progress to Round 2 which is a fun-filled day at the Brain Centre in Melbourne, where (apart from the free lunch and morning tea) you go on tours, listen to guest speakers and participate in more quizzes. In past years our students have even won prizes.

If students would like more information, they can use the link provided in the email that was sent or see Mr Shillabeer. Expressions of interest in being part of the 2018 Australian Brain Bee Challenge will be accepted up until and including Friday 16th February . Students should reply via email so I can complete the registration details for them.


Mr David Shillabeer

Science Competitions Coordinator


National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)

During January, four VCE students attended the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) on three different sessions. NYSF is a 12 day residential program aimed at students going into Year 12 with a passion for STEM. Olivia and I attended the Canberra sessions at ANU, and Kate and Sally attended the Brisbane session at the University of Queensland.

Throughout the program, we attended several social events, lectures and workshops. We learnt about the various courses each university offers and how we could get more involved in science. We stayed in the student accommodation on campus, which provided a better insight to what university life will be like. Many of the students found that NYSF helped them figure out what they wanted to do in the future, either as a career or at university.

We met many amazing and influential people working in science, such as the 2017 Australian of the Year who talked about his research in stem cells, an astrophysicist who was involved in creating the largest 3D map of the universe, and the 2018 Senior Australian of the Year who talked about biophysics. Some of the places we visited included Australia's largest supercomputer, NASA’S deep space centre and an altitude chamber, as well as many more.

NYSF was one of the greatest experiences of our lives. It was an amazing opportunity to meet leading scientists and to be exposed to real world STEM. The friendships that we made were one of the highlights, because we met like-minded people, all interested in varying areas of STEM, from all around Australia. If you are in Year 11 and interested in STEM, check out the NYSF website for more information


Margaret Bradbury, Year 12


Year 12 English students attended an incursion on their first text Extinction on Wednesday 14th February. This was an invaluable opportunity for the girls to be presented with further insights into the play and learn something about stagecraft and live performances, which are essential in terms of preparation for writing about this genre.

The English Domain leaders will be appointed shortly.


Ms Anne Gamble

English Domain Leader

Assembly Speeches

NASA Speech

Intro: Izzy

At the conclusion of the school year, six girls from our school and many other students from all across Australia came together in Houston, Texas in the USA for two weeks of Space School. This incredible event was organised by the Alliance of Girls Schools Australia, iVicon, the Houston Association for Space and Science Education and of course, NASA.


It comprised of two different camps: the Junior Space School and the Senior Space School.

And here, we have girls who have been on these camps, to share with you our extraordinary experiences.

Junior Trip: Ocean

The first week of the trip was held in Alabama through an American space camp programme at the Space and Rocket Centre in Huntsville. We started the day with a wake up call that included the time, weather and a strong southern accent. We were cold, jet-lagged and in my case ready for bed. Still, it was amazing. We got to use the simulators for walking on the moon and experienced zero gravity, increased gravity, missions and tumble spins - mostly real things used by astronauts in their training programme. It was a wonderful and eye opening week.

Before we knew it we were on a plane to Houston for our second and final week of the trip. Tonsillitis and 12am hospital trips didn’t stop us from having an amazing time. The activities, guest speakers, and what felt like heavenly hotel rooms kept us eagerly awaiting every next day. We also got to learn about other sciences such as forensics, biology and cell research. One of the nights included listening to an amazing and inspiring talk from former commander of the international space station, Lee Roy Chao. We even got to touch a real piece of the moon at the Johnson Space Centre where we spent two of our days learning about space travel - past, present and future. After another 35ish hours of travel time we were back at home.

Senior Trip: Chloe

Unlike the Junior trip, the Senior trip spent their whole time in Houston. We started our trip off by spending the week at NASA. While at NASA we attended their Space University where we got to do many different activities ranging from building rockets to Mars rovers, where we competed in challenges, from scuba-diving to training for space walking and many more interesting activities. We got to meet some amazing people who work at NASA including astronauts and one of the people who could be headed to Mars within our lifetime. We got to go on amazing tours where we saw NASA’s facilities, rockets and training centres. In the second week we went to a makerspace to 3D print rovers and worked on presentations that would be presented to our group. We were able to speak with many other people from NASA and even had dinner with an astronaut. We also performed a simulation where we did activities in a space shuttle and mission control. Throughout this trip there were also times where we experienced the American culture by going shopping and we even saw an NBA game! Casey and my group were from all around Australia and we formed some amazing friendships.

Reasons for going/what you got out of it: Casey

As you would expect from traveling, and we did a LOT of traveling, it is a really exciting and insightful experience. And learning about the American space industry in its home country made it incredibly valuable. One local I met had done an internship at NASA in high school, and worked at SpaceX, Tesla and Apple! The most exciting thing though, was knowing that everything we were learning was relevant to us; we were learning about our futures. To all the students here, your whole life, there has been someone living in space. And now we are entering a new era of space exploration, they call us the Mars Generation. For those that haven’t heard, Australia is actually getting its own official Space Agency soon. But it’s not all just about space. This trip is for anyone who is interested in STEM, or for those who just want to broaden their horizons.

Conclusion: Mimi

There will be another trip running at the the end of this year, so if you are interested in this amazing opportunity keep your eye on the school newsletter for details. Thank you.

MiSci Speech

Hey guys, my name is Indiana.

I chose to participate in the 2018 MySci event because well, I love science. I love science so much, that when a guy told me that his favourite subject is physics, which is also my favourite subject, I actually got jealous. Sorry, Aiden, but physics is mine. Go away. 

Some of you may be thinking, “Wowee, what a nerd!” Or something similar, and you are more than likely right… but don't hate it till you try it.

When I was in Years 7, 8 and 9, I was aware that events like these existed but I never really looked into them because I valued being lazy too much. It wasn't until Year 10 when one of my close friends, Dessy (I'm so proud of you!) participated in a science event and got to go to Sydney. This is the part where I get jealous AGAIN. Seriously? Science and travelling?! Pick one, you can't have both. Anyway, Dessy inspired me to sign up for the MySci program. 

I loved it. I had met so many people that I could relate to. It was crazy when the people there appreciated my nerdy comments, I mean, I am incredibly used to my brothers telling me to be quiet because they don't care. What it all comes down to is that I enjoyed every lecture, from gravitational waves to bacteria preventing mosquito-borne viral diseases. BUT, hands down, my favourite activity was flying through the solar system in virtual reality and I could control the electromagnetic spectrum. From microwaves, to gamma rays, to infrared and all the rest of them- *sigh*- just take me back, please!

To get back on track now, I seriously recommend signing up for future science events because it is so worth it, especially if you get jealous over a topic in science. 

Thank you. 

Student Leadership

Congratulations to all students who nominated for leadership positions last year and/or this year. The following leadership roles are currently open with role descriptions and nomination forms available on Compass or from the General Office

Domain Leaders: Two positions available in each of the Senior, Middle and Junior Schools for each Domain area.

Year 7 students are also able to nominate for Class Captain and SRC which will be completed during the upcoming Year 7 camp.

All nomination forms must be completed and returned to the General Office no later than Friday 16th February. All of our student leaders will be presented with badges at the assembly on Tuesday 13th March celebrating International Women’s Day.


Ms Wendy Harvey

Director of Student Leadership & Engagement


Our Start to 2018

Our EAL Club meetings will be held every BLUE Wednesday lunchtime in the ELC. We have a variety of activities planned and all are welcome.

Our new ELC students who have commenced this term are happy and enthusiastic as the school has made them feel most welcome, especially during our first assembly. Year 9 students have volunteered to participate in English-speaking sessions and Year 10 ELC Peers have been organised to support the students within the school and with their English. The students have also gone to their first City Experience excursion and had a great time, learning about the history of Victoria and eating yummy chocolates and food along the way. Thank you to Ms Zhang for attending this excursion and supporting the students.

We are celebrating Cultural Diversity Week in the week commencing Monday 19th March. 


Ms Ekaterina Xanthopoulos

EAL & ELC Coordinator


ReaLabs Incursion

2017 provided MGSC with a new focus on STEAM and the year ended on a wonderful note for the new Year 10 cohort who were chosen to participate in a two-day incursion built around STEAM focused activities. I had the pleasure of organising the event with ReaLabs, a branch of the company. This event was the first of its kind for our school and definitely not the last. Students were motivated by female entrepreneurs including Helen Souness and Georgia Beattie. The staff of ReaLabs spoke about their individual positions at the company, providing the girls with an opportunity to understand roles they may never have known about. The incursion had the girls work in teams to create a need for an app and design the facade and then went on to pitching their ideas to their peers and MGSC staff. The app ideas were all so dynamic that I personally wanted to purchase all of them. The winning app ideas were given a specially made 3D-printed trophy which was also presented at our first assembly for 2018 for the entire school community to applause.

Student winners:

1st place: Sarah Dorman, Amy Coward, Mia Hartley, Emily Poulter, Cassidy Copeland, Mikaela Modra

Equal 2nd place (to receive trophy): Poppy Kogakis, Teri Nebeski, Asha Cicchini, Chloe Hollow, Seina Green, Nicole Kaine

Equal 2nd place: Ailish Byrne, Isla McAllister, Liv McGillivray, Daisy Walker


Ms Lisa Blumenstein

2017 STEAM Coordinator

2018 Space School International Study Program

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am pleased to announce that Mentone Girls’ SC will be involved in the 2018 Space School International Study Program. Through our partnership with the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia, our students have the unique opportunity to join other students from participating Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia schools on this once in a lifetime, STEM-based experience at NASA in the USA.

Recognising the challenges facing young students today, where the change of pace in society over the next 30 years will outpace the change we have experienced in the past 5,000 years, 75% of the fastest growing occupations in Australia will require STEM related skills and an expected 50% of current jobs will disappear.  

By empowering students through this unique STEM program, they will master the STEM related skill set to prepare them for their future. Students become more focused, inquisitive to pursue the subject they are interested in through the unique access to NASA facilities, inspiring guest speakers and training programs, while learning a foundation of personal and leadership skills to apply through their school years and beyond.

This program is designed to develop leaders for the next generation, aims to inspire and ongoing interest in STEM; empowering and preparing our students for the fastest growing and most sought-after occupations of the 21st century.

A fantastic opportunity to learn beyond the classroom in the most inspiring environment.

There is a one-hour information session about this international study program to be held on Tuesday 13th March at The Rose Room, Mentone Girls’ Grammar.

Highly recommended by previous students and parents whom have participated in this international study program, view their testimonials and insight into the experience at Space School.


Junior Space School Expedition                 

Senior Space School Expedition



This is a once in a lifetime experience. I encourage you to attend this evening information session.


Ms Gemma Johnson

Visual Arts & Digital Technology Domain Leader


Mission Patch and Statement

We chose this design because it really represents our group. It is a triangle because the three sides equal the three schools we're from. We have Venus on the left because it represents women; so does the women symbol. Next to it the Latin translates to 'We are strong'. We come from Australia so that is why we have the Australian flag on Venus. The 16 four-point stars represent the students in our group and the four six-point stars represent our group leader. The space shuttle with the NASA symbol represents NASA Space Camp and the 2K17 means the year we attended. The koala sleeping is there because our whole group was sleepy the first couple of days and the koala shows Australia. We have a red border because we are red team.


Statement prepared by the Mentone Girls' Secondary College, Melbourne Girls Grammar School & Fintona Girls' School students that made up the 'Miranda' team. 


World Challenge

Fortnightly Training Walks

We hope you had a wonderful holiday break and your daughter did a little exercise to become accustomed to the trekking in Nepal in December.

Fortnightly Training Walks around Mentone beach (from outside the gym at 3.30pm) started on Tuesday 6th February. Students should bring runners, their training log sheet and a drink bottle.

The next instalment is due and should be lodged with World Challenge.

Late this term or early Term 2, World Challenge will host an evening meeting with a travel doctor who will explain the issues associated with altitude and the immunisations required.


Hint #6: Try learning a few Nepali phrases such as 'namaste' (welcome) to help you acclimatise to being in Nepal.


If your daughter is new to Year 10 or 11 and would like to participate in the trip to Nepal in December please contact Mr Warden on 9581 5208 for more information.

Equipment for WC

Now would be a great idea to look out for some clothing, sleeping bag, hiking boots, etc bargains. A lightweight, small -10 to -15 oC (women) rated sleeping bag will be the hardest item to get so please think about:

1. Borrowing one from a friend.

2. Hiring one from Outsports in Moorabbin (approx $95 for 3 weeks).

3. Buying one (-20 oC for men) in Nepal (approx $100 but limited stock in many of the 40+ shops).

4. Buying the Blackice G1000 (approx $320) or G1300 (warmer but approx $400) from an online store on but a VISA/Mastercard must be used to purchase it (I've had no problems with mine).

5. Buying one for over $500 in Australia from MacPac, Kathmandu, Paddy Pullin or an online store that sells Sea-To-Summit sleeping bags.


Hint #7: Please think twice about buying one as it may never be used again and it is a lot of money to spend, especially for a good one.


Mr Michael Warden

World Challenge Leader

In Our Community


Survive the Heat

Know the effects of extreme heat, who is at risk and how you can prepare yourself and others.
During extreme heat it is easy to become dehydrated or for your body to overheat. If this happens, you may develop heat cramps, heat exhaustion or even heatstroke. The PDF below provides information on how to survive the heat.


Mentone Girls' Secondary College Newsletter
Acrobat Document.pdf
Survive the Heat.pdf
MGSC School Council Parent Nomination For 2018.pdf