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22 November 2017
Issue 36
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Upcoming Events

Thursday 23rd November

Year 7 Vaccination Clinic #3


Friday 24th November

Founder's Day Festival


Saturday 25th November



Monday 27th November

Year 10 Immersions / ABW Begins


Friday 1st December

Year 11 conclude

Snowy Hike departs to 7/12

Christmas Twilight Concert


Monday 4th December

Year 10 Peer Support Training

Year 10 Dinner Dance


Tuesday 5th December

Year 10 Peer Support Training

Years 5-10 Reports on Portal


Wednesday 6th December

Junior School Prizegiving Day

Years 5-10 Closing Mass/Term 4 concludes


Thursday 7th December

Staff Day

P/T Interviews (if requested)


Monday 11th December

College Office open


Thursday 14th December

HSC Results


Friday 15th December

Year 12 BBQ


























From the Principal     

Photo: Volunteers' Christmas Gathering - Tuesday 5th December

  • Prayer  
  • Founder's Day
  • Report on the progress of the 2017 Annual Plan
  • Volunteers' Christmas Gathering:  ALL VOLUNTEERS - YOU ARE INVITED!
  • Christmas Appeals



Prayer written by Alan Paton (South African author and anti-apartheid activist)


O Lord, open my eyes ...

Show me where love, hope and faith are needed,

and use me to bring them to these places.

Open my eyes and ears that I may, this day,

be able to do some work of peace for you.


Lord of Light - shine on us.

Lord of Peace - dwell in us.

Lord of Might - support us.

Lord of Love - enfold us.

Lord of Wisdom - enlighten us.


Founder's Day

Our annual Founder's Day Festival will be celebrated at Oxford Falls this Friday and the students will be learning about interfaith dialogue and respect for difference.  Our guest speakers are from the Christian, Islamic and Jewish communities. The College will also be enjoying the entertainment supplied by both students and staff and a beautiful recess and lunch provided by generous parents and friends of St Pius X College.

The College would like to especially thank John and Cathryn Leo, Guy Russo and Nadine Robson for their ongoing major support of this wonderful annual social justice event.


Report on the progress of the 2017 Annual Plan

At the final meeting for 2017 of the College Board held last Monday 20 November I presented a report outlining the progress of the College against the 2017 Annual Improvement Plan.  Attached is the report for the consideration of parents and the College community.


Volunteers' Christmas Gathering

TUESDAY 5 DECEMBER 5.30-7.00PM in the Junior School Playground

I am pleased to invite all College volunteers to join together for our Annual Volunteers' Christmas gathering. We will host this in the Junior school playground this year.  If you have assisted in the Canteen or Uniform Shop or perhaps with the Junior School Reading Program, the Library, Robotics or Public Speaking please come along.


We invite all parents who have assisted the Sports program as coach, manager or in other ways. Parents who have been volunteers in the Performing Arts are also very welcome. Members of the P&F Executive, Committee members of Football, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball and PAPA are all cordially invited.  Class parent representatives, social committee members and Year Group parent coordinators are also very welcome.

I hope I haven’t missed any volunteers but please pass this invitation on to anyone you know who has been a volunteer this year at the school.  Everyone is welcome.

For catering purposes please RSVP to Ann Brady [email protected] by Friday 1st December.


Christmas Appeals

Please give generously to the Year 7 Christmas Giving Tree, the Year 9 Christmas Food Hamper Collection and the collection of clothing, coloured pencils and crayons for the poorest villages in the Philippines.  
Details can be found on the Mission and Social Justice and Student and Parent Matters pages.


Mr John Couani - Principal

Mission & Social Justice

Photo: Christmas Carols at Willowood Aged Care

Mission & Identity:
-  Advent

-  Immersion Students
-  Founder's Day
-  Tuesday Mass and Closing Mass times


Social Justice:
-  Christmas Carols at Willowood Aged Care
-  Year 9 Christmas Food Hamper Collection
-  Year 7 Christmas Gift collection for Walgett
-  Collection for the Philippines
-  Social Justice Immersions


Mission & Identity


Advent is drawing near and will officially arrive on Sunday 3rd December with Advent Sunday. In the busyness of our lives it is easy to forget that Advent is an important liturgical season of the Church that prepares us for the significant solemnity of Christmas.

Each year there is always debate about whether our Closing Mass should have a focus on advent or Christmas when we finish so early. We do try and incorporate aspects of each to allow staff and students the opportunity to celebrate both of these together.


On Monday our Immersion students will head off to their various venues for a week of integration into their new communities. We wish them God’s blessing as they seek personal growth and a strengthening of faith as they build relationships with our partner communities. I am privileged to return to St Mary's Primary School Bowraville community next week and I look forward to witnessing firsthand the wonderful work being done within this Indigenous community.


As we make final arrangements for our Founder's Day I pray that this day will be a day based on interfaith dialogue and respect for difference.  The focus will be the Gospel Spirituality Values of Respect, Faith, Compassion and Tolerance.


  • Tuesday Mass:   8.00am 5th December
  • Closing Mass:  10.00am 6th December - Our Lady of Dolours Church

Ms D Dempsey - Assistant Principal Mission & Identity

Social Justice

On Monday Mr Listo again accompanied some of our Year 10 students to Willowood Aged Care. He was accompanied by Ms Whelan, Ms Gan and a choir of very beautiful Pius boy’s to sing Christmas carols to the residents. The residents had a wonderful time both listening to and joining in with the choir as they spread their Christmas cheer throughout the local senior citizen community.



The Year 9 Christmas Food Hamper Collection continues. Students from Year 9 will be coming around to homerooms collecting Christmas type foods to be distributed to the less fortunate in our local community.



The Year 7 Christmas Gift collection for Walgett has begun. Students can drop off a present for a child under the tree that will go to the families in one of our partner schools, St Joseph’s primary school Walgett.  We ask that all presents be wrapped and marked boy or girl and their age to assist in distributing them to the right kids.


Photo:  The Edmund Rice Society continue to collect shoes, light clothing, coloured pencils, sharpeners, rubbers etc for some of the poorest villages in the Philippines.


There are collection points in the foyer for all three drives currently under way, the Year 9 Christmas Hamper appeal, the Year 7 Christmas Gift Giving Tree and the Edmund Rice Society Philippines clothes and shoes collection.


The St Vincent De Paul Matthew Talbot Men’s Hostel toiletries packs for Christmas has completed and all your generous donations have been put into bags to be delivered to Matthew Talbot. There are almost 50 separate packs to be handed out to the homeless men of Sydney, thank you all for your generosity.



The Mission and Identity team will next week be leading twenty seven Year 10 students on five separate social justice immersions. These have grown substantially from four students who went on our first immersion seven years ago to Walgett. The immersions are:

  1. St Joseph’s Walgett indigenous immersion
  2. St Mary’s Bowraville indigenous immersion
  3. St Edmund’s Wahroonga special needs immersion
  4. St Gabriel’s special needs immersion
  5. Huntington House local social justice immersion


Mr D Blake  -  Social Justice Coordinator

Student & Parent Matters

Photo: Year 9 Ceroc Dance Workshop with Brigidine College St Ives, Oxford Falls last Monday 20th November

  • Year 9 Christmas Hamper Appeal
  • Year 7 Christmas Giving Tree
  • 'Lights Camera Pius!'  Film Festival
    From the Head of Student Services

                 -   Strictly Year 9 Ceroc Dance Workshop with Brigidine College St Ives

                 -   Year 9 Christmas Hamper Appeal:  request for student assistance with distribution

                 -   Pastoral Care Reports in Progress

                 -   MindMatters Involvement

                 -   Peer Support Training

                 -   Year 5 Kokoda Walkway Excursion

  • General Notices:  Lower North Shore Youth Group for Years 5 to 7


Year 9 Christmas Hamper Appeal

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is time again to think of others for our St Pius X College Christmas Hamper Appeal. This year students are asked to bring in quality Christmas foodstuffs to make Christmas hampers for needy families in our communities. Our Year 9 students will then help to pack and distribute these gifts to spread some joy this Christmas.

As such we are asking for your help in helping those less fortunate in our communities. We are asking for quality non-perishable food items that you would expect to see on your Christmas dinner table. We are also asking that the boys themselves, if possible, raid their own savings to buy these gifts - so they feel like they are actually contributing. Please ask your child to get involved or provide him with the necessary goods so he can bring these in to his homeroom teacher. Alternatively they can leave them in the foyer as they enter the school.

This is a small way in which we can help to teach the boys to have a sense of social justice – actions speak louder than words and we truly hope every student will contribute. We pray that all families may know the hope and joy which is what the season of Advent and Christmas is all about.

With thanks,

Mr P Ticli - Year 9 Co-ordinator

Year 7 Christmas Giving Tree

Dear Parents and Carers

Year 7 students have the special responsibility each year to run our St Pius X Christmas Giving Tree Charity event.  Every year ALL students, from Years 5-11 are asked to bring in Christmas gifts for our Giving Tree.  In the spirit of Christmas giving these gifts are taken to underprivileged communities at Bowraville and Walgett and given to indigenous children.

As such we are asking for your help in helping those less fortunate in our communities. We truly hope every student will contribute.  We are asking for:

  • wrapped gifts, labelled for a Boy or Girl
  • and indicating the age group:  5-7;  8-10; 11-13

We are also asking that if possible the boys use some of their own savings to buy these gifts so they have  the feeling of personally contributing to this cause.

We pray that our young indigenous brothers and sisters may know the hope and joy, which is what this season of Advent and Christmas is all about.  

Mr S Yue - Year 7 Coordinator

'Lights Camera Pius!' Film Festival

Last Friday students enjoyed the second 'Lights Camera Pius!' film festival in the College Gym. The competition was open to students from all years and there were many strong contenders from Years 6 to 11 with films in a range of genres from animation, documentary, news style, advertisements, comedies, dramas and the avant garde. The judges were impressed with the standard and the audience clearly enjoyed the films as there was much loud cheering and clapping. The final winners were:


Senior Division 1st Prize:                Between the Lines  by Oliver Bowers, Oliver Lenehan, Luke Thompson,                                                                      Harrison Wallace and Charles McElvogue (Year 9)

Senior Division Runner Up:            The Spinning Dream by Oliver Lenehan and Luke Thompson (Year 9)

Junior Division 1st Prize:                Cringy Crew by Josh Squires, Jack Spurr, Peter Jastreboff and Charlie                                                                          Dwyer (Year 8)

Junior Division Runner Up              Basketball by Christian Robson (Year 6)


Many thanks must go the the tireless Film Festival Committee members:  Peter Yastreboff, Tristan Williams, Ethan Rockett,  (Year 7) Jared Lohtaja, Benjamin Mooney, Oliver Robson, Adrian Tuersley, Ben Marino, James Baldock, (Year 8) Harrison Wallace, Oliver Bowers, James Shelton, Charlie McElvogue, Oliver Lenehan, Luke Thomspon (Year 9) and Cooper Allan (Year 11).


Many thanks to Ms Sarah Fernando and Chris Lanzon (Year 11) who assisted James Baldock and Ben Marino with the judging and also to Mr Mark Casey who gave much encouragement and support to  the Festival.

Ms F Doyle - Visual Arts Teacher

From the Head of Student Services

Strictly Year 9 Ceroc Dance Workshop with Brigidine College St Ives, Oxford Falls last Monday 20th November.

Congratulations to the Year 9 House Vice Captains and MindMatters Student Empowerment Team who, under the direction of our Stage 5 Wellbeing Coordinator Ms Alex Foord, ran a hugely successful Ceroc Dance Workshop with our guests from Brigidine College on Monday. The Opening Acknowledgement of country, prayer and orientation to our highly regarded facilities at Oxford Falls was conducted by Kiefer O’Brien, Stuart Dingley and Daniel Fileman.

Indeed the grounds, impeccably tended by Mr Ron Noort, were greatly appreciated by the Brigidine cohort who enthusiastically entered into and enjoyed the integrated games of touch, soccer, frisbee and just mingling on the Watkins and Walsh Ovals surrounds at both recess and lunch.

It was a pleasure to welcome and host the Brigidine staff including former St Pius X College Mission and Identity Leader Mr Bill Gleeson who retires this year, Deputy Principal Mr Brian Loughland (father of St Pius X College ex-students Sean and Mark), Year 9 Coordinator Ms Kate Ryder, Curriculum Coordinator Ms Jo Baker and PDHPE Coordinator Mr Josh Holmes. The links between the two schools are strong with Year 9 Mindmatters Leader Tyson McCallum relating that his grandfather John McCallum, was an early pupil of CBC Chatswood (St Pius X College), while his Grandmother Mrs Maureen McCallum was a first day pupil of Brigidine College along with Mrs Barbara Brannan, mother of Brigidine College Year 9 Coordinator Ms Kate Ryder.

Our students gratefully thanked SPX staff Ms M Leedham, Mr B McBrearty, Mr P Ticli and Mr R Russo who facilitated the event

On the dance floor Gregor Dingley was unable to defend his Best and Fairest title from 2016 with the respective partners of Daniel Halverson and Joel Ghannoum  leading them to Bronze and Silver Medal performances. Ceroc was definitely the real winner on the day although on his home basketball court Michael Fakhoury and partner Juliet Buchanan took out the 'Best and Fairest' title first awarded to Angus Growden in 2015. Lets hope Michael moves just as well this Saturday to beat St Pat's at the same venue.

A great day was had by all and the spirit of involvement, connection and learning between our two schools was enhanced by the excellent conduct, manners and dancing ability of our Year 9 students who were a credit to Mr Ticli, Ms Foord and the College.


Christmas Hamper Appeal

The Hamper Appeal for families less well off than ourselves continues to gather momentum with the Year 9 Leaders accumulating food and gifts from across the school in the College foyer.  We will source several student volunteers from local Parishes to assist Mr Brannan with the following associated tasks and events.

  • Thursday 7th November 11.00am (to be confirmed):  Loading Hampers into College Van to deliver to St Anthony in the Fields Church, Frenchs Forest Parish.  Wear comfortable clothes and sports polo.
  • Sunday 10th November 9.00am:   Christmas Hamper Mass St Anthony in the Fields Church 46 Myoora Rd Terrey Hills.  Wear comfortable clothes and sports polo.
    Tuesday 12th November at 11.00am (to be confirmed):   packing prepared hampers into vehicles and delivering to local charitable organisations from St Anthony in the Fields Church, 46 Myoora Rd Terrey Hills.  Wear comfortable clothes and sports polo.

Please see Mr Brannan if you are interested in assisting in this important social justice outreach on behalf of the College community.  


Pastoral Care Reports in Progress

At this important time of Advent reflection in the Church Calendar coinciding with the culmination of the annual educational cycle for Years 5 to 10, Pastoral Care staff are actively preparing Pastoral Care Reports for students in these year groups. To this end all students are encouraged to be pro-active in assisting their homeroom staff in the development of these reports by ensuring that all information, including College Curricular, Extra Curricular, Social Justice and Community Wellbeing involvement, achievement, etc is correctly recorded and accurately communicated.  Students can then take part in the collaborative process of evaluating and taking ownership of these important elements of their Pastoral care development.

At this time it is also worth reflecting  on the degree and quality of your involvement in activities offered both by the College and beyond the gates. To paraphrase President JFK:   Asking not so much what your school can do for you, but rather what you can do for the College and wider community, “For it is in giving that we receive."  (St Francis of Assisi)


MindMatters Involvement

With the Annual MindMatters Buddies Beachwalk emanating from the social justice Founder's Day Festival this Friday (see details in Mr Russo's MindMatters section) all students are reminded of the benefits of involvement in the MindMatters programs for wellbeing.

This Friday we catch the bus after Founder's Day at Oxford Falls to Long Reef from where peer mentors and their buddies will walk in a supervised group to Dee Why beach.   Weather permitting, we will have a swim in the flags or pool and have some afternoon tea together.

Other activities conducted this year and/or planned for next year include:  Boxercise, Paddleboarding, Canoeing, Warrumbungles Camp, Lads and Dads/Mums gym workouts, Buddies not Bullies Bushwalk, beach activities, camping, peer mentoring and much more.

Students can see Mr Brannan or Mr Russo to get involved in whatever capacity they can:  mentor, mentee, buddy, wellbeing team or Student Empowerment Team.


Peer Support Training

Year 10 Peer Support Training will take place under the guidance of Ms Dempsey, Ms Foord and Mr Lynch on Tuesday 5th December at Oxford Falls. All Year 10 students are required to back up from the Dinner dance the night before and develop their skills in communication and empathetic leadership at this important peer support training day.

The day will be headlined by inspirational Positivity Project advocate James Cummins who assisted with our Year 9 Camps this Year and following the training all Year 11 students are challenged to make themselves available for this important leadership role facilitating the successful integration of our Year 5 and Year 7 cohorts into their new situations within the college.


Year 5 Kokoda Walkway Excursion

Following the recent commemorations of Kokoda Day, Remembrance Day and the Centenary of the Australian Light Horse Charge at Beersheeba our Year 5 students continued the recent tradition of visiting the Kokoda Walkway at Brays Bay Reserve, Concord, adjacent to the Repatriation Hospital where many of our WWII veterans convalesced after wounds, sickness and injury took their toll.

Our students took the time to listen to the stories of Veterans of the ADF as they walked the commemorative track and learned about the 1942 Kokoda Campaign in defence of Australia.

There was a Commemoration ceremony, laying of the wreath and Last Post in the Walkways Memorial area led by the Veterans and our Year 5 students. Afterwards the Year 5 students laid a poppy beside the name of a service man / woman in the Hospital Rose Garden of Remembrance and will complete a research project presentation over the coming days.

Thank you to Garry Brigden and Barney Flanagan representing Chatswood RSL, who generously support this initiative through the purchase of poppies and funding for our transport and conduct of the excursion.  

A fitting extension of the initiative will be incorporated in Ms Foord’s Years 7 to 9 Leadership Forum next Monday when EREA Council member Mr John Honor will address our students on the topic “Leadership with Integrity”. This address will highlight the life and deeds of Lt Colonel Ralph Honner veteran of North Africa, the Middle East, Greece, Crete and then the Commander of the 39th Militia Battalion at the battle of Isurava and recapture of Gona, famously reporting “Gona’s Gone”!

Lest we forget.


Mr S Brannan - Head of Student Services


Lower North Shore Youth Group - Years 5 to 7

Please see details in the flyer below.



MindMatters for Students

Photo: 2016 Buddies Not Bullies Beach Walk

Buddies Not Bullies Beach Walk this Friday

Our final activity in the Mentors/Mentees program for 2017 will be a “Buddies Beach Walk” from Long Reef to Dee Why Surf Club this Friday afternoon following the Founder’s Day Festival at Oxford Falls.  This activity is planned to further support our students in building caring and friendly relationships within our school community as part of the College’s MindMatters Program.


This mentoring activity is an important program which the College greatly values in providing emotional support and friendship for our younger students whilst giving our seniors the opportunity to provide leadership and guidance to their mentees.  I am particularly grateful to the large number of staff members who regularly support our students in these MindMatters school initiatives.



A reminder that Boxercise is held every Thursday and Friday morning at 7.30am in the Junior School playground.  This MindMatters initiative provides friendship, fun and fitness to strengthen students’ resilience and general sense of wellbeing.  Classes are free to all students.

Mr R Russo - College Counsellor

P&F Events

Photo: Year 7 Class Picnic - Sunday 3rd December from 2pm

  • New Year 12, 2018 Parents' Social  - Friday 1st December
  • Year 7 Class Picnic - Sunday 3rd December
  • Year 9 Mums' Drinks - Friday 1st December
  • Year 5 Parents' End of Year Gathering - Saturday 2nd December


New Year 12, 2018 Parents' Social  - Friday 1st December

After farewelling the boys on the Snowy Hike, or at the completion of the Twilight Concert, come along and join us for a bite to eat and a drink at the Willoughby Hotel.

Please RSVP ASAP to [email protected].  Details can be found in the invitation below.


Year 7 Class Picnic - Sunday 3rd December from 2pm

Bring your picnic gear, snacks and drinks to Davidson Park for a fun family afternoon. Sausage sizzle provided.  Click on the invitation below for all the details.

PLEASE RSVP to [email protected] before 19th November so we know how many sausages to purchase.


Year 9 Mums Drinks - Friday 1st December

Come along and join other Year 9 mums for a drink and/or a bite to eat at The Orchard, Chatswood from 6.00 to 6:30pm on Friday 1st December.   Please see the invitation below and RSVP to Fiona or Marissa via [email protected].


Year 5 Parents' End of Year Gathering - Saturday 2nd December 

We are organising a catchup/end of year social gathering at the Match Smokehouse in Roseville, 7pm on Saturday 2nd December.   

Please confirm attendance with Anja Lineen (Billy 5G)  on [email protected]



Nadine Robson - Assistant Secretary P&F

[email protected]

0412 272 056


Department News

Photo: China Trip

  • Languages
  • Performing Arts
  • Science 


CHINA TRIP - Report by Hamish Alexander

Shanghai (上海), meaning above water, was one of the places we had an opportunity to visit while in China. For me, it was a personal favourite. There was a profound sense of wonder within me while we were walking along the busy streets of Pudong, surrounded on all sides by Feudal buildings that towered over us and rain that refused to hold. This was the sort of wonder and amazement found in a small child lost in a very large department store. Everything was so foreign and unrecognisable, but that’s part of the reason of why you can’t stop marvelling at it, even getting lost amongst the crowd and having to wait for your tour group to find you was part of the thrill. This experience was unmatched for me throughout the trip but others came close.

While still in Shanghai we took a ferry up the Pearl River running through Shanghai and as in most places throughout China, were a crowd favourite because of our appearance ... variations of tall, fair and curly-haired. People were in a rush to converse and take photos and not only did this send our ego through the roof because of our new celebrity status, it also allowed us to share unforgettable memories in attempting to hold a conversation with the locals, which was quite challenging. 

We also had the opportunity to visit the Yu Gardens. Its peaceful serenity was a stark contrast to its busy surroundings and we took the time to take some quality panoramas on our phones.  We continued to drop our jaws as we took in our surroundings, occasionally interrupting our train of thought to ponder on how it would feel to put your feet in the small rivers filled with large fish that wound their way through the gardens.

Shanghai was an experience I will never forget and hope to go back one day .


Performing Arts  


Last Friday afternoon saw several St Pius X College musicians join forces with Mercy College for this annual concert. It was great to see the collaboration between the two schools at this student organised event. It was also wonderful to see a large number of St Pius X College boys in the audience.



Thank you to Miss Whelan, Ms Waddington and the Vocal Ensemble for the joy they brought to the residents of Willowood Nursing Home on Monday afternoon. The Christmas carols they sang certainly went down a treat with the residents and staff. Thank you also to Mr Listo for organising this opportunity and for transporting the students.



A reminder to all students in the Orchestra that this Friday’s rehearsal will commence at 7.00am and finish by 8.00am to accommodate those students who need to leave early to assist in setting up for Founder’s Day.



Our last Concert for the year is on Friday 1st December (Week 8) commencing at 5.00pm in the Junior School yard. The following ensembles will be performing; Junior, Intermediate and Senior Concert and Jazz Bands, Intermediate and Senior Percussion Ensembles, Junior and Senior Choir, Vocal Ensemble, Senior String Ensemble, College Orchestra and Junior Drama Ensemble. Parking will be available in the College yard and it is anticipated that the Concert will conclude between 7.15 – 7.30pm. There will be the usual barbeque run by the Performing Arts Parents Association and also a raffle, where first and second prizes are Christmas hampers and third a gift voucher. We look forward to seeing many of you there!



Congratulations to the following students and their tutor Ms Waddington on the following results; Year 5: Luke Mooney ‘Honours’ Grade 1 Piano, Ashley Kwan ‘Honours’ Grade 1 Piano for Leisure, Alex Yastreboff ‘Honours’ Grade 2 Piano; Peter Yastreboff ‘Credit’ Grade 4 Piano; Year 8: Thomas Hopkins ‘Honours’ Grade 2 Piano for Leisure; Year 9: Daniel Halverson ‘Honours’ Grade 3 Piano for Leisure, Oliver Bowers ‘Credit’ Grade 4 Piano for Leisure; Year 10: Jonathan Ling ‘Credit’ Grade 5 Piano; and Year 11: Matthew Gardiner ‘Credit’ Grade 6 Piano.

Ms T Bates - Performing Arts Coordinator



Fun Science Opportunity for Students Aged 8 to 12:  Science, Model Making, Cartooning & Animation 


Learning Support
& Enrichment

  • FREE entry:  Autism information afternoon - Friday 24th November
  • Thank you Mrs Bradford and Ms Porteous
  • Is your son eligible for exam and assessment provisions?
  • Head to Health: Australia’s new digital mental health gateway to government-approved publicly-funded services, resources and programs
  • Could your son benefit from Handwriting improvement or Touch typing lessons at school?
  • Thursday Enrichment Club
  • After-school Study Program
  • Maths Drop-in Centre


Free entry:  Autism information afternoon at Gordon Friday 24th November

For the interest of parents, students and educators, this after-school expo-style event provides presentations on transitioning from school to work, how to access community networks, as well as workshops on music therapy and Lego therapy. This one day event will be held at the Gordon Uniting Church Hall, Pacific Highway Gordon, from 3.30pm until 7.00pm. For more information see the flyer below.


Thank you Mrs Bradford and Ms Porteous

During the recent Year 7-9 Exam block, two very generous parents volunteered their time and patience, to be provisions parent-helpers, and undertake the role of reader or scribe, for the benefit of our eligible boys with support needs: Mrs Kathy Bradford (Mum to Andrew Bradford, Year 6, 2017) and Ms Kate Porteous (Mum to Keegan Aikin, Year 9, and Brendan Aikin, Year 11, 2017). The LSE staff and the boys involved, were very grateful for your expert help, which made all the difference to the boys at such a stressful time. We look forward to your assistance again in future.


For all parents and carers, who are interested in becoming an occasional provisions parent-helper in future, please contact Joanne, Coordinator of LSE for details, at [email protected]

Is your son eligible for exam and assessment provisions?

At St Pius X College our Provisions Program is managed by the Learning Support and Enrichment (LSE) Department, and includes all years from 5-12. It involves a formal in-school approval process in which provisions are granted to your son for all his whole-grade tests, exam blocks and timed written in-class assessment tasks. Exam blocks are those listed on the school calendar, and they include the NAPLAN test week. However, for other tests such as competitions (eg. the UNSW ICAS tests), students are not given provisions on these occasions.


Provisions are administered by LSE teachers, our LSE teacher’s aide, and by trained parent-helpers who assist as readers or scribes, from time to time. The most needed provisions include: small group supervision, extra time to write (2.5 minutes per half hour of working time), rest breaks (5 minutes per half hour of working time), use of a computer, reader, support person (eg. to fill in multiple choice items on a test paper, for a student with a hand injury), or writer/scribe.


Interested parents and carers, wishing to volunteer as provisions parent-helpers may enquire about assisting for each of the various exam blocks throughout the school year, by contacting the LSE Coordinator: [email protected]. As little as 2 hours of your time, during an exam block of your choice, will be most appreciated.


In accordance with NESA (formerly, the NSW Board of Studies) guidelines on the granting of provisions, medical documentation is required to confirm the presence and impact of a current condition or disability, including all mental health related conditions, which may be negatively affecting your son’s ability to perform to his true ability in an exam or assessment situation. Only those students whose medical or clinical documents have been processed through the LSE Department, can be approved and granted provisions. LSE staff are obliged to take into account the recommendations of your son’s doctors, in addition to functional evidence which we gather from your son’s teachers who are the closest observers on how your son is performing in the classroom and in test situations.


To maintain or amend your son’s provisions from the start of next semester, all continuing approvals for exam and assessment provisions will require updated documentation (no older than 12-14 months in general). This documentation may include medical reports, diagnostic assessments, reviews and letters regarding medication changes, and we prefer PDF scanned copies emailed to the relevant staff member (see below).


Alternatively, if your son has a new diagnosis for a current and ongoing condition or disability, which you believe is impacting on his learning and exam performance, and you wish to inquire about provisions for him, then please contact the LSE teacher-in-charge and IP Convenor, on the LSE staff, as follows:

Bridie Barrett: Years 5-6. [email protected]

Amanda Fileman: Years 7-8. [email protected]

Carla Leonardi: Year 9. [email protected]

Joanne Raheb-Mol: Years 10-12. [email protected]


  • Head to Health: Australia’s new digital mental health gateway to government-approved publicly-funded services, resources and programs.


Could your son benefit from Handwriting improvement or Touch typing lessons at school?)


Thursday Enrichment Club


After-school Study Program 


Maths Drop-in Centre


Ms J Raheb-Mol - Learning Support & Enrichment Coordinator



Photo: Sturt Summer School - 3-7 January 2018

  • Careers News
  • Careers Newsletter


Careers News

SRS – Schools Recommendation Scheme

Congratulations to many 2017 Year 12 HSC students that have received an early entry university offer through the SRS.  If you have received an early offer for university through the SRS please email Ms Janes the details. 


TSFX HSC Summer Head Start Lectures

Get a huge head start to the HSC by working through Year 11 & 12 course materials in advance of school, in a simple, time-effective, step-by-step manner. Free A+ notes & bonus lectures included.

Lectures are held throughout the holidays at the University of Sydney.

Year 11 info -

Year 12 info -


Sturt Summer School - Wednesday 3rd to Sunday 7th January 2018

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Careers Newsletter


Ms D Janes - Careers Adviser

Senior School Sport

Photo: 2nd XI in the field against St Andrew’s Cathedral School

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • NSTA Tennis


D Teams: The bus travelling to Moss Vale Basketball Stadium will leave from Anderson St at 6:45am. Players need to be at school by 6:30am. The bus will be back at Chatswood around 2:30pm.

C Team Game Time Changes: There have been some changes to this Saturday’s game times. The 14Cs now play at 10:00am and 15Cs play at 11:00am.

This Saturday is the last round for this year. It will be a big day at Oxford Falls with all our A, B, C and F teams playing home games. If you can please come and support our teams. The season will continue next year with Round 7 games on Saturday 3rd February. This is the first Saturday back next year.


Thank you to all who have helped do the score benches this year, I much appreciate your efforts and I’m well aware it can be a difficult job at times. I would also like to thank all our coaches for their efforts. Some teams have not experienced the joy of victory so far but have battled on regardless and I do hope all our players have had some fun either at games or especially at training.


Game of the Day:  3rds win by one point over St Andrew’s Firsts

Play of the Day:  Matt Ledbury slots the winner for the 3rds with only seconds to spare.

Deserves a mention this week:

Angus Paterson, James Hanna – 13C. Oscar Fellew,  Carlo Berarducci – 13D.

Jack Thornton – 13E. Tristan Williams – 13F. Nate Arena, Conor Lo – 14C. Liam Mattera – 14D.

Luke Petito, Jaime Dobles – 14E. Matt McKenzie – 14F.

Joel Ghannoum, Tristan Farnworth – 15A. Jake Cetinich, Corey Johnson – 15E.

Ryan Moss, Max Wilden-Constantin – 15F. Matt Davey – 17C. Tim Roser, Nick Brewer – 17D.

Nicholas Lowe – 17E. Lachlan Green – 17F. Nick Parker, Jonathon Stewart – 4ths.

Angus Growden, Jordan Payard – 5ths. Tom Zwart, Nathan Mellino – 6ths.


I ran out of time preparing Woodchatta last week, so below are more ’Deserves a mention’.

Deserves a mention from last week:

Luke Burton, Oscar Fellew – 13D. Fred Braddock, Lachlan Onslow – 14A. Ryan Ho, Joel Chand, Jacob Goad – 14D, Sam Gregoric, Jack Garrett – 15A. Nicholas Rainbird, Taj Varlow – 15D.

Zac Lomas – 17A. Max Martin, Toby Stockeld – 17D. Erec Bacic, Jono Moait, Brae Fuller – 1sts. Jeremy Harris – 2nds. Matt Ledbury – 3rds. Matt Murphy, Declan Dowling – 4ths.


Use the link below to see all of the ISA Basketball Teams Results:

Mr N Gibson -  Senior Basketball Convenor



Results and Draw:


Match Reports

Mr D Reay - Convenor


NSTA Tennis

Excitement was in the air as the boys arrived for the last round of the season before the finals and play offs next week. With eight SPX teams playing in the first session it was bound to be a good one. Pius 17 and Pius 18 had an excellent game with superb rallies. Luka Komadina produced some excellent returns along with his doubles partner Aiden Saraceno but Tom Ryan and Michael Chan were the better team on the day and won all three sets. John Cantali and Alex Kurdoghlian were the quiet achievers on Court 2 outplaying Pius 24 in the singles but Jayden Chan and Toby Thornton-Bott proved to be the better team in the doubles.

Thank you to Lachlan Gauci and Ky Simpson for their help with umpiring in the first session before playing their own games in session two.

The rain held off and session two began. The Lahoud brothers in SPX 1 played an exciting doubles game, seizing the win with a tie-breaker. Thomas Fong (SPX 7) made some amazing returns in his singles match that some would not think possible.  All in all a great day for tennis for St Pius X College!

A reminder that this weekend all boys will be involved in either finals or play-offs, with the exception of those teams playing Barker who have now forfeited all games for this weekend. Please refer to the draw for games and venues. 

As this Friday is Founder’s Day, could you please let me know if your son is unavailable via email. Good luck to all boys!​

Mrs S Iwatani - NSTA Convenor

Junior School News & Sport

Photo: Creative Writing Workshops with Author John Larkin

  • Junior School News
  • Junior School Sport 

Junior School News

Saturday Sport

The IPSHA component of Saturday sport concluded last week.  Best wishes to the tennis players on their finals and to the cricketers who will soon reach the halfway mark of their season. 


Year 6- PLD Returns

Year 6 will be handing back their PLDs next Tuesday 28th November. Please ensure your son has their : 

       PLD

       Charger

       Case

       Stylus


First Lego League

Best wishes to the following boys who will be going on a Robotics excursion on 29th November:  Franklin Clayton, Hudson Lomas, Aaron Lau, Jack Lonergan, Joel Santelli and Justin Boustani.   I hope you enjoy the event and share your experience when you return.


Year 6 Disability Presentation – Guide Dogs


This week Year 6 had an inspirational presentation by Margaret Booth, a lady who is blind and requires the use of a guide dog.  Margaret’s speech was fantastic because the boys saw how a person could overcome adversity.  Margaret told the boys that she can do almost everything they can do - she just has to work out another way to do it.  It was a wonderful lesson in life and certainly puts our problems into perspective.


Margaret very generously took time off from her office job to talk to us.  Desiree, her trusty guide dog, sat beside her and behaved herself as expected.  This is worthy of a conversation at home.


Year 5 Parents' End of Year Gathering - Saturday 2nd December

There will be a catchup/end of year social gathering for Year 5 parents at Match Smokehouse in Roseville at 7pm on Saturday 2nd December.   

Please confirm attendance with Anja Lineen (Billy 5G)  on [email protected]




Junior Science Academy - School Holiday Programs at Macquarie University

I received the flyer below regarding a Junior Science holiday program being held at Macquarie University.  Please look up the website to confirm dates. If you do use this program I would appreciate some feedback so I can ascertain whether it is worth advertising in future.



  • Friday 24th November:  Founder’s Day – lunch supplied, no school bags, boys wear Colour House sports uniform
  • Friday 1st December:  Twilight Concert
  • Saturday 2nd December:  Year 5 Parents' End of Year Social,  7.00pm at Match Smokehouse in Roseville.  Please confirm attendance with Anja Lineen (Billy 5G) on [email protected]
  • Sunday 3rd December:   Year 6 Picnic – details in the flyer above
  • Wednesday 6th December:  
         -  10.00am Closing Mass for Years 5 to 10 at Our Lady of Dolours Church 
         -  12 noon to 2.00pm: Junior School Prizegiving in the Gym at Chatswood

Mr T Long - Head of Junior School



Author in Residence / Year 6 Writer Workshops

Author John Larkin returned to St Pius X College for creative writing workshops, thanks to the generous support of the P&F.  Students in Years 5 and 6 had the opportunity to discuss creative writing ideas and develop techniques that capture the reader’s imagination. This was of great value for our students as the boys were able to commence their own narratives.


Mrs E Martin - Junior Teacher Librarian


Junior School Sport

Thursday Sport:  We continue our swim program in lieu of regular sport. Year 5 attend Macquarie Uni Aquatic Centre for a pool based program and Year 6 attend Dee Why Beach for a surf skills program. Parents can collect boys directly from each venue by 2.15pm.


Basketball: Please return singlets ASAP this week so that I can prepare them for the 2018 season.


Mr G Virgona - Junior School Sportsmaster





Report Round 12:  We played our final game last Saturday against Grammar at St Ives. It was a slow and evenly matched game similar to the previous week, which caused many nail biting moments for the coach.

Thomas Wilkins won the ‘bat toss’ and sent the opposition in to bat. Jhon Evans was our first pitcher. He was consistent with his pitching, only allowing three runners to touch home base. SPX unfortunately had our first three batters dismissed so we were back in fielding very quickly. Both teams in the second innings were unable to score a run and we were up to the third innings in record time.

Will Mathie, Andrew Bradford and Michael Whitehead scored the first runs. At this stage the game was even 3-3. Marcus Steen came in to pitch and had Grammar out with no runs scored. Eliot Sanders caught a fly ball again and threw it swiftly to the bases to dismiss two runners. Jose Monk came into bat and belted a ball hard and low to help Luca Van Vuuren and himself home. Max Lenton, Joshua Connors and Patrick Hall were once again fantastic in the outfield. They were able to run on to the ball and send it flying back to have Grammar’s run rate kept to a minimum.

We have had a fabulous softball season. I wish the Year 6 players well in their future sporting endeavours and I hope to have my Year 5 softball stars return next year. The St Pius A team showed sportsmanship and never gave up whether fielding or batting.

I would like to thank the parents for their support during each game and always having my players on time.   Thank you to Mr Evans for keeping score.

Ms J Williams - Convenor



NSTA Tennis:  Please see the Senior School Sports page.

Mrs S Iwatani - NSTA Convenor

Canteen & Uniform Shop


Volunteers needed:  If you can assist on any weekday between 9:30am and 2:00pm please contact either Anna or Marianne on 9414 4301.  It's a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and your help will be greatly appreciated.

Please click below to see the Term 4 2017 Canteen Roster:


Ms M Erickson and Ms A Coombs - Canteen Supervisors


Uniform Shop




The online ordering system  can be accessed via

An updated Price List is now available on the College website.                                       


Orders can be placed:

Collection of Orders (whether made by phone or on-line):

  • Students in Years 7-12  will be sent an email when their order is ready asking them to collect it from the Uniform Shop. If it is not collected by end of school on Wednesdays, it will then be available from Student Reception as the Uniform Shop is not open on Thursdays and Fridays. This arrangement is to prevent interruptions to classes.
  • Junior School :  Orders will be given out at Assembly after lunchtime as required.

Blazer Buttons are available from shop - $2.00 each.   

Second-Hand Uniforms:  Parents are reminded that the Uniform Shop also sells second-hand uniforms, including Blazers. Please read the form below for information on providing second-hand clothing to the Uniform Shop.  


Gift Items:  The College Uniform Shop also stocks a range of gift items:


- Golf umbrellas  $30

- Coffee mugs $15

- Lanyards $5

- Aprons $20

- Scarf $20

- Glasses $5 (Tall and Short)           ​









Ms D Muirhead - Uniform Shop Supervisor

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