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18 February 2020
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White Gum Valley Primary School
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Upcoming Events

For Your Diary


Friday 14th February

Student Councillor/Faction Captain Elections


Thursday 20th February

Assembly - Year 6    Room 1


Wednesday 26th February

P&C  AGM Meeting at 3.15pm  -  Undercover area, everybody welcome

P&C General Meeting at 4.15pm   


Friday 28th February 

Keep Australia Beautiful Day 


Monday 2nd March 

Labour Day Public Holiday 



Term 1 - Monday 3rd February to Thursday 9th April

Term 2 - Wednesday 29th April to Friday 3rd July

Term 3 - Monday 20th July to Friday 25th September

Term 4 - Tuesday 13th October to Thursday 17th December


PUPIL Free Dates:

Tuesday 28th April  (Monday 27th April is ANZAC Day public holiday)

Friday 29th May 

Monday 12th October

Friday 18th December



8.50 Housekeeping
8.55am - 9.55am
9.55am - 10.55am
10.55am - RECESS
11.15am - 12.15pm
12.15pm - 1.15pm
1.15pm - LUNCH
2.00pm - 3.00pm




If you wish to pay for excursions or School Voluntary Contributions directly into our bank account, please use the following details:

BSB: 066 107

Account number: 0090 1498

Name: White Gum Valley Primary School

REF: Students SURNAME and name of excursion/incursion

           (ie. LAP for Lapathon)


Our canteen is open Wednesday and Friday.

Canteen phone number - 0436 808 948




Opening hours are:

Monday afternoon —  2:45—3:15pm


If you are unable to come in on Monday, you can place an order by completing an order form  and with the correct money or by cheque and hand in at the Front Office (Front Office is unable to give change).   Your order will be delivered to the Front Office the following Monday for you to collect.  Any outgrown uniforms are gladly accepted for our second hand rack. 


Please contact our Uniform Shop Team - Anjea and Jess wgvuniforms@gmail.com should you have any queries.                            


To be part of the program contact our OSHC Coordinator: 

Mobile: 9433 3911


Email: southfremantle@horizonschildcare.com.au

Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate Available




Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers


WELCOME to the new year.


The staff met over two days at the end of January to finalise planning for the start of the year.  Thank you to the staff for their enthusiasm as all were already planning well before school returned!  Welcome to our new families to our school community.  It is great to have you with us.


The school formed 11 classes again this year even though our numbers are a little lower. The numbers in each year level determined how these classes were distributed.  We welcome to our staff for Term 1 Ms Richards who is with the Year ½ class and Ms Mackinnon who is with the Year 1 class. During this term Mrs Zurita will go on Parental Leave. We wish Mrs Zurita and her husband all the best for the impending birth of their first child.   Congratulations to Ms Andrew, our 2019 Deputy who was promoted to a new position at the end of Term 4.   We are very fortunate that Ms Tingle who was returning back to the school this year was able to pick up the Deputy role undertaken previously in 2018.  White Gum Valley PS will be running a process for a Deputy Principal during the term to replace Mr Stone from Term Two.  Our thanks to Mr Stone for his efforts and support of our school.


Thank-you to our cleaning and gardening staff for their efforts during the long Break.   


Rooms 5 and 6 were repainted as part of our ongoing refurbishment of classrooms.


The Term Planner which will be available on our website, outlines a busy term.    We plan to run another ‘Colour Run’ to raise funds for an incursion in Term Two to support our Aboriginal Studies program.

There will be Swimming carnivals, and an acknowledgement of events like E Safety, Ride to School, Keep Australia Beautiful and the National Day Against Bullying.   Various incursions/excursions are planned and a Welcome Picnic too.


The P&C will be embarking on their Strategic Plan that was developed during 2019 with interesting innovations including an Ideas Shack. The plan is on our website and information will also come home. Congratulations to our P&C on the wonderful efforts that have gone into this.


Our school has been part of the ‘Your Move’ initiative through the Department of Transport.  The school through various activities last year have earned two rewards.  One is a free bike service for our riders through a local bike organisation and a skateboard clinic. More information will come home during the term.  One of our projects this year will be the development of some photo books for the library on bicycle type topics.  If there is a parent who has some background in the design of these books through Officeworks and could assist our senior students, please contact me. 


Messages for students this week have included: checking the labelling of clothes and in particular hats, bikes and scooters to be walked on the school grounds and the need to come to the Covered Assembly area if arriving to school before 8:45am for supervision.  [Where possible, we ask that students not arrive before 8:30 as there is no staff supervision at that time.]


Councillor and Faction Captain elections will be undertaken on Friday. I listened to the speeches from our Year 6 students in front of parents, staff and Year 4/5 students.   I was most impressed with the confidence and content of the speeches and the innovativeness of their advertising posters!   Our first Assembly will be on Thursday the 20th of February at 9:00am and run by the Year 6 class.


There are two vacancies coming up for our School Board.  We encourage diversity in the make-up of the Board.   The Board consists of five parents, three staff and a secretary which are representative of the school community.   It plays an important role reviewing the use of school resources and monitoring that the needs of the students are being met by the school priorities and community expectations. Through legislation there are both advisory and approval roles for areas like the Uniform code and Voluntary Fees and Charges.   Mrs Amanda Booth, our Chairperson and Ms Stephanie Matthews have completed their terms and we would like to thank them for their important role in the transfer of our school from a Council to a School Board three years ago.   Further information regarding nominating and if necessary voting procedures will come home shortly. Information is also available on the Education Department website.


Glenn Rondoni


School News

Play Equipment for Years 1 and 2

In line with our National Quality Standards (NQS) Improvement Plan for our K to Yr. 2 students, this year we have introduced play equipment for Yrs. 1 and 2 students at recess and lunch sessions. Our play equipment is currently quite limited but we will add to it over the year. We are seeking rugs for the children to sit on whilst playing and would appreciate any donations.


Kind regards,

K to Yr. 2 Teachers

On Entry Assessments

This year we will extend our PP On-Entry assessments to our Yr. 1 and 2 students. We believe this will give us wonderful baseline data to track our students and inform our planning and teaching. A note outlining more information on this program will be sent to parents of PP to Yr. 2 students.

Pre Primary News

WOW – What a super hot and very busy start to Pre Primary. We have spent the last two weeks getting to know each other. We have been learning to say goodbye to our Mums and Dads and having a ‘long day’ every day! We have talked about what we like about school and there has been some great answers; such as  ‘making new friends’, ‘playing’, ‘water play’, ‘monkey bars’, ‘drawing’, ‘lego’, ‘learning letters’, ‘activity tables’, ‘fly splatting numbers’ and my personal favourite ‘you!’ (me!)


We have also loved how caring the big brothers and sisters are who have been visiting over the fence to make sure we are okay.   Next week we will be learning all about the letter ‘t’ … how terrific!



Mrs Colkin

Room 5 - Pre Primary 

Valentine's Day in Room 5 and 6

Today in Rooms 5 and 6 we talked about Valentine’s Day and made love-heart biscuits.  The students are settling into a lovely rhythm and we thank our parents for their support in what has been a hot introduction to 2020.


Whats Happening

From the Chaplain

The school holidays seem like a distant memory already and we are already in the full swing of Term 1! It’s been great to meet some new students and reconnect with our returning students and to see everyone settling in so well to school life again this year.


For those who don’t know me, let me introduce myself.  This is my 4th year at White Gum Valley and my 10th as a chaplain. I’ve worked with children and young people all of my adult life, and I’m a mum myself.  I’m here on Tuesdays (you can find me in the senior block) and Fridays (when I’m in the music room).


So…that’s a brief introduction to me, but what about chaplaincy?  Not everyone is quite sure what it is that we do in schools.  Let me begin by saying that we are not here to teach or talk about religion – that’s a really common misconception. We have a strict Code of Conduct to follow which addresses that issue. Our role in schools is to support children, families and the school in their wellbeing.  How that plays out depends a lot on the needs of the individual school. Here at White Gum Valley, I run the breakfast club every Tuesday, provide emergency morning teas and lunches, support a variety of other welfare needs, sometimes provide social and emotional wellbeing programs for students in class or in small groups outside of the classroom, see students for one-on-one pastoral care support and spend time out and about in the playground connecting with students and families.  I work as part of the Student Services team here at WGV, which includes our School Psychologist, and make referral suggestions for further support outside of school where appropriate.


Pastoral care might mean helping a student to learn how to deal better with anxiety or anger, giving another student strategies to cope with bullying or to fix a friendship problem or just providing a safe space for a student going through hard times at home to unwind, relax and just be a kid for half an hour. Plenty of kids need a friendly adult listening ear once in a while, and I’ve yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love a game of Uno!  Because I’m part of the school community, I liaise a lot with teachers and other staff to make sure that the students who come to me for pastoral care are getting the support they need across the board.


You are very welcome to contact me if you would like support for your child, or even to chat with me yourself about your own concerns.  My email address is bronwen.speedie@education.wa.edu.au 


Bronwen Speedie

School Chaplain



P&C dates for the Diary 2020


Term 1


AGM - Wednesday 26 Feb @3.15pm - 4.15pm, Undercover Area  

General Meeting -  (Week 4) Wednesday 26 Feb @4.15pm - 5.30pm, Undercover Area

IdeaShack - Wednesday 11 March @3.30pm - 5.30pm, Undercover Area

General Meeting - (Week 8) Monday 23 March @7pm - 9pm, Library 


Term 2


General Meeting - (Week 3) Wednesday 13 April @7pm - 9pm, Library

General Meeting - (Week 8) Monday 15 June @3.15pm - 5.15pm, Undercover Area



Term 3


General Meeting - (Week 3) Wednesday 5 August 3.15pm - 5.15pm, Undercover Area

IdeaShack -  Wednesday 5 August @7pm -9pm, Library 

General Meeting - (Week 8) Monday 7 September @7pm - 9pm, Library 



Term 4


General Meeting - (Week 3) Wednesday 28 October @7pm - 9pm, Library

General Meeting - (Week 8) Monday 30 November @3.15pm - 5.15pm, Undercover Area




Community News


Term 1 WGV Before School Tennis Program

Tuesday 11th February - 8 week program from 8am -8.45am

White Gum Valley Primary School Basketball Courts (we use mini tennis nets)

All new enrolments receive a free hot shots tennis racquet


To enrol or inquire further please contact Brendan on 0401 565 051

or fremantletopspintennis@gmail.com  





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