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22 December 2019
Issue Eleven

Respect, Courage, Care, Culture

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Living at Lockington
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Photo: Farewell Ms. Sally

Executive Director

Photo: Farewell Ms. Sally

Growth is an amazing thing.  It’s happening all around us, all the time, and yet often we can only see it when we step back and look at the bigger picture.  Sometimes, it’s obvious.  Other times, less so.  It can be exciting, but it can also be challenging.  And while it often appears to come from nothing, we know that growth only happens with lots of energy, and a bit of patience.


This year at MITS has been an amazing year of growth.  As an organisation we have grown to work with young people across two new homes – Wellington Street and The Crofts – and have excitedly looked on as the new Alumni Boarding House has grown day-by-day on Richmond Hill.  We have also grown our MITS family: from new students and parents, to new volunteers and supporters, to the many dignitaries who have joined our community: the Governor General, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, Minister Ken Wyatt, and even Prime Minister Scott Morrison!


Most importantly, we have witnessed the incredible growth of you, our Class of 2019.  You’ve stretched yourself in the classroom, taken on new challenges on excursions, camps and in the boarding house, and continued your growth as remarkable ambassadors for your communities.  As your MITS year comes to an end, you should feel great pride in all you’ve achieved.


Your MITS year is just the beginning.  As you step into your Partner Schools, and out into the world, we can’t wait to watch you continue to grow.  How exciting our future looks with each of you in it! Go well, Class of 2019!


Edward Tudor

Photo: RoboBus

In the classroom

Photo: RoboBus

A message to the 2019 MITS Graduating Class


Wow! It seems like only yesterday you walked in on your first day atMITS and I can’t believe that we are now getting ready to say goodbye. I love the MITS community and you are all now a part of the MITS story that continues next year in your new schools. We’ve created some amazing memories and had many laughs together. I have loved the way that you brightened my mornings with your high fives, big smiles and entertaining stories of weekend adventures and Lockington high jinx. I am grateful for all the experiences I have shared with you all and feel incredibly lucky to have been part of your MITS journey this year.

You have improved both academically and socially and, I hope that you feel more prepared for the greater challenges ahead of you. I certainly feel confident that you will all achieve great things. You have worked incredibly hard this year and as a result you have made great progress. You have honestly blown me away! 


If I am able to offer any advice to you, it is to continue to embrace your learning enthusiastically, look to all of your mistakes as learning opportunities, and make sure that you are challenging yourself in everything you do. Remember to continue looking for the “what went well” moments each and every day and have fun! Life is what you choose to make it… So, why not make the most of every opportunity?


Although the next chapter might seem scary for some of you, change is good. Change is when you learn something new. Confidently dealing with change is what is going to make you an awesome adult. Don't let your feelings of uncertainty stop you from going head first into new adventures. Feeling a little unsure is perfectly okay. You can do anything that you put your mind to. You have achieved incredible things and I congratulate each and everyone of you for what you have achieved this year.

I can’t wait to hear about what the future has in store for you all. 

Ryan Martin


Living at Lockington

In 2019 we graduate the fourth MITS class,

22 out of 22 students we are all proud to pass.

Adam loves photos with guests such as Dusty Martin,

Antonio buys new clothes and new shoes in the carton.

Moniquah loves football and kicks heaps of goals,

Cliffton likes to walk to the chemist and sometimes to Coles.

Playing football Ruby is tenacious, determined and injury prone,

Debbie always face times family back home on her phone.

Rumarlea walks to the MCG with her aunties to watch the Cats,

Every weekend it seems Kurt has a new hat.

Max and Sam set the standard for keeping a tidy room,

Marley has family in Wyndham, Derby and Broome.

Shakira likes chilling with Paddy and Pip on the weekend,

Bruce didn’t know anyone else at MITS but now has lots of friends.

Antwan loves to tell stories and meet visitors such as Sir Peter Cosgrove,

Latisha and Paul comes from Bairnsdale and sometimes from Melbourne they drove.

Her fellow students find Marcia to be caring and funny,

Tatiana loves playing football at RJFC, especially when it’s sunny.

Isaiah enjoyed camping at Rick and Liz’s farm,

Sometimes Serena likes to get up early and turn off the alarm.

Pauline loves to Tic Toc and show off her dance moves,

In the morning Rhiannon does not like to be woken from her snooze.

Brad Carmody

MITS Pathways

The end of a successful year

We would like to congratulate the following Alumni students on the completion of their year level.

Year 10 

Fiona, Charmaine, Anthony, Trev and Johnny.

Year 9 

Latoya, Nicki, Naomi, Kenita, Shaniya, Albert, Bhodi (in Gippsland), Shania (in Ramingining) 

Year 8  

Timikar, Denise, Marlene, Sherilyn, Elaine, Lilly, Jodie, Jenae, Sharde, Levi, Tarkyn, Cecil, Kaleb, Calvin, Leo, Liam, Gigi, Kayden (in Gippsland), Adam (temporarily in Barunga), Brayden (in Darwin) and Shontanay.


L - Plates

Johnny and Trevor were successful in gaining their L’s, working through the testing process at St Kevin’s in the past few weeks. Good work boys. Drive safely! 😊


Kew end of year dinner

The MITS Kew house had a lovely end of year dinner to celebrate a fantastic year had by all. Guests included staff, volunteers who have helped with homework sessions, friends and family who have supported the house throughout the year. Lorraine and Brad have done a great job creating a lovely home environment for six of our Alumni girls. Thank you and well done!


See you next year!

The Pathways Team look forward to the start of 2020 with even more Alumni students. We are now at a record high 50 students, ready for the 2020 year.  We will continue to strive for success for our Alumni students and provide the support to our students, our partner schools, our Communities and our host families. We thank you for a great 2019 and we will see you all next year! 😊


Photo: Floyd, Rumarlea, Paul, Marcia and Pauline

The MITS Student Page

Photo: Floyd, Rumarlea, Paul, Marcia and Pauline


My year at MITS was awesome and fun, I made lots of friends with others by hanging out with them and getting to know them quickly. My highlight was when Ruby, Rhiannon and I were in our room and the little light went out where Ruby sleeps. I saw something and I ran to them then they heard something like two kids talking.  We all freaked out and ended up sleeping in the big room downstairs.


My best memory was going to beach and Marcia was chasing seagulls. It was funny. My weekends at MITS involved going shopping and doing activities like Go-Karting, movies and other fun stuff as well. School has also been fun and sometimes tiring when we had to walk up the hill every day. In 2020, I am looking forward to meeting new teachers and meeting new friends.




My year at MITS was really good. I really liked doing all the activities on the weekend such as Laser Tag, going to the beach, going shopping and going Go-karting. My best memory at MITS was when I was on the ABC Breakfast News. I was extremely nervous at first, but when it was over, I was proud and relieved.


MITS has got me ready for my school next year by showing me how to behave at the schools, how to set up our books in Maths, Science, Geography and other subjects and showed us what our schools looks like by taking us there for visits. I have made friends with Antwan, Paul, Sam, Marley, Shakira, Antonio, Adam and Max.  I’m really looking forward to 2020.

Bruce Armstrong

The MITS Photo Booth

The final MITS Photo Booth for 2019


Photo: Marlion Pickett in the MITS Classroom

MITS 2019 Term 4 Dates

Photo: Marlion Pickett in the MITS Classroom

Dates to remember

27th January - Students return to Melbourne








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