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13 February 2020
Issue Three

We walk hand in hand to grow curious, caring, life long learners.

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Weekly Calendar

This information is also available on Compass!

Week beginning Monday 17th February is an Even Week.


Whole School Assembly

Friday 14th February

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM


EDEC Swimming Sports - (Selected Students Only)

Monday 17 February  9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Squad swimmers only and Year 3-6.


School Council & AGM

Monday 17th February 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Meeting in Mandy's Classroom


Information Evenings:-

Classroom teachers will be holding an information session for 2020.  This is a great opportunity to find out what will be happening throughout the year and to also meet your child's teacher if you haven't yet done so.  Please note that these evenings aren't the setting for 1:1 opportunities to discuss individual student progress.  We have tried to spread them out to avoid clashes.


Class 1/2 Information Evening

Tuesday 18 February 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM


Class 3/4 Information Evening

Thursday 20 February  6:00 PM  - 6:45 PM


Class 5/6 Information Evening

Thursday, 20 February 7:00 PM - Thursday, 20 February, 7:45 PM


Cool Cats Training

Monday 24th February 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

For Families who are interested in helping in the Cool Cats room.


House Sports

Monday 24 February 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

All students will participate in athletics events at Knox Athletics Track and share the day with Selby Primary School.  Parents are also needed to help transport children, we would really appreciate your support.

Senior School Bus departs promptly at 8:30 AM

Junior School Bus departs promptly at 9:30 AM


Life Education Van

Tuesday 25 February 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM


Life Education Van

Wednesday 26 February 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM


Foundation Literacy Information Session

Wednesday 26 February 9:00 AM -  11:00 AM


Life Education Van

Thursday 27 February 9:00 AM — Thursday 3:30 PM


Vegan & Organic Bake Sale

Friday 28 February 9:15 AM — 9:45 AM

Vegan & Organic Bake Sale - Raising Money for Bush Fires. Following assemble & after school


Acting Principal

Weekly update

School Photos

We had some interesting looks this morning as families arrived at school wondering why all the staff were looking so relaxed in their Hawaiian clothing.  This was our theme for our 2020 photo.  Our school captains have been working hard all day ensuring the schedule was maintained and it was wonderful seeing extra smiling faces today and the Year 6’s looked great in their new jackets. It was great fun watching our whole school assemble together for one big photo!!

I’m sure everyone will be keen to see the final product.




This is vital, between home and school, as the term gets underway there will be more and more events and activities to be aware of.  Luckily, we have a one stop shop to help us out, this being Compass.  Staff will provide enough time for events being posted to ensure families can provide consent and payment prior.  Staff will send out a reminder but won’t be chasing families at the last minute. If there is no consent/payment provided then students will miss out and be placed with another class for the day.  To avoid this please regularly check your news feed.  We already have events ready to go so get checking!!  Good luck to our swimmers competing in the EDEC competition next Monday


Information nights

These are taking place next week, again check Compass for details.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet your child’s teacher and other parents from the class too as well as finding out all about the year ahead.  This is not an evening for students; however, if you are stuck and need child minding please let me know.



Tomorrow we will have presentations from 3/4B and 1/2L.  A schedule for when each class is due to present has been sent out this week.  Thanks to Daniel and Lilly and their students for being brave and starting us off for the year.  Congratulations too to our Year 6 student leaders who introduced themselves and their mottos last week.  We wish them well in their leadership endeavours.



Please ensure that you are adhering to the posted signs when parking near the school.  It has been noticed that cars are parked in both disabled (without a pass) and in no standing zones.  Please do the right thing as I’m sure the council won’t hesitate to issue any fines.



I’d like to thank the community for taking the time to come and say hello to me over the first couple of weeks and sharing the positive things about the school, the staff and the wider community.  It is greatly appreciated and welcomed.


Have a great week,

Dale McInerney



School Council News

School Council Up-date

Hi everyone,

Nominations have now closed for school council and I am delighted to announce that Eric Thane and Hayley Coviello will join school council as new parent members. Both have children in foundation (amongst other stages) and it is great that we are building representation across a wide range of voices to represent our community. I’d like to thank Leigh Benbow for his service on council and the facilities sub-committee over the last two years – he has brought good ideas and personally done a lot to improve our school, including getting our decks in much better shape. On the teacher side, I’d like to welcome back Anne Matheson and Justin Benne to school council, and thank Daniel Sutera and Kieran Cantwell for their significant contributions over the last two years.


Our AGM is on this Monday from 6:30pm. Community members are welcome to come along and observe. Look out for an update next week about upcoming events, such as a welcome picnic and our first working bee.


Kind regards, Rowan





Woiworrung word of the week

Meaning - Family


A Note from the Office

A Quick Note from Tina in the Office


Just a reminder that it is important to ensure your child has a hat each day.

'No Hat, No Play, No Fun Today!!'



A number of items of clothing are in lost property.  Please ensure all uniform items are clearly labelled with your child's name.  Please come into the office to collect lost items. Thank you.















All year levels will compete in House Sports events at Knox Athletics on Monday the 24th February. This is a wonderful day where all students take part in athletics events. The junior school (F-2) and senior school (3-6) will participate in different events throughout the day. The track is shared with Selby Primary School to reduce costs. This is a memorable event and will require a lot of parent helpers on the day to ensure students can be transported to the event and the events run smoothly. If you can assist on the day please let me know as soon as you can, either in person or via This is a highlight of the year and your support would be greatly appreciated.


The senior school leave earlier than the junior school and buses have been booked to transport most students, we do require some senior school parents transport some students to the track to avoid bus costs.


Senior school buses will leave at 8:30 am

Junior school buses will leave at 9:30 am.


Please contact me if you have some free time to do this, leaving school at 8:30 am and returning the same students to school at 2:30 pm. Thank you for all your support so far this year.


Date/Time/Venue: Monday, 24 February 2020 (8:30 AM to 3:00 PM), Knox Athletics Track, Knoxfield

Dress Code: Students are allowed to wear their house colours on the day, otherwise it is school uniform. Running shoes are recommended for comfort and performance. Hats will be required for all students.


Transport: The majority of students will be transported via bus but we do require some in the senior school to be transported with parents. If you are able to help out on the day, please let me know as soon as you can.


Staff member in charge: Matthew CODY

Consent: Required, due by Monday, 17 February 2020
















Weekly Awards


Shepherd Newton:- For having a fantastic start to Foundation.  You are kind and caring and can bring a smile to everyone's face.  Keep shining bright.

Maya Thrane:- for always being so helpful to all in the classroom.  You are such a kind friend.

Sadie Hennes:- For exemplifying our school guideline "do your best" with your writing.  I love your enthusiasm for school!

Spencer R:- For coming up with an excellent definition for the study word "Jump'".  You have taken to school so well, way to go!



Zoey Talbot:- For being a great communicator.  I love the way you always have something interesting to contribute to our class discussions.  You are a clever cookie!

Dustin Whitling:- For a brilliant start to Year 1.  You are consistently doing your best.  Well done!

Aiken McLean:- For the brilliant effort you put into your learning this week.  Super Stuff!

Moss Golding:- For doing an amazing job at everything you do.  Your're a Star!

George Poole:- For always trying your best at everything you do.  Well done.

Heidi Moulday:- I love how you had a go at writing.  Once you started you couldn't stop!  Great effort!



Tilly Lowrie:- For teaching the class all your gymnastic moves even though it's impossible for us to do.  You have made a wonderful start to the year keep it up!

Drew Miles:- For coming to class each day with a big smile and positive attitude.  3/4D is very lucky to have you!  Keep it up!

Dylan Trimnell:- For putting in your best effort to everything we did this week.  Your maturity and helpfulness is greatly appreciated.

Rayne Dinnie:- For showing great care and compassion for your environment.



Grace Arnott:- Thank you for being the most loving, caring and considerate friend to every member of our class.  I love your positive attitude to life.

Penny Rubin:- I am so proud of how hard you worked on your goal.  I love the thought you put into

how you can improve your learning.

Aliah Jurewicz:- I love your passion for positive change!  I also love your baking skills.

Alice Seddon-MacDonald:- For your mad trivia skills.  A formidable opponent.  Indeed!

Oliver Freedman:- For displaying leadership and being a good friend to all in class.

Lilli Rubin:- For her persistence during problem solving and for sharing her knowledge of 3D shapes.

Quin Rubin:- for letting yr personality shine.  We appreciate yur ideas and sense of fun.

Tim Liddelow:- For encouraging your team mates to contribute during problem solving, you're a real leader.



Kadira Horan:- for displaying great confidence in sharing your ideas in class.  Great work!



Roger Beart:- For showing fabulous focus in Science.  You are a Star!





OSHC has changed

Menzies Creek has proudly operated our own OSHC service for many years. We realise the important role this plays for our children and our community. However, this has become an increasingly onerous task:

  • higher staff turnover has required significant time in recruiting and training new staff, often at short notice
  • Policies and standards increase each year, which can be challenging to for our volunteer OSHC sub-committee keep across
  • Our smaller size means that our principal sometimes needs to cover OSHC from 7am in the morning when staff are unwell


With Tanya’s retirement, and Kelly Verwey (who has tirelessly helped OSHC on school council for 10 years) finishing up in 2020, School council has determined that the current approach is not sustainable. The only viable option is to bring in an external provider to keep the program running. This is in line with most schools in the Hills who already outsource this service. Kelly and Tanya have investigated several options and we have selected Theircare as our OSHC provider starting in 2020. We do acknowledge that this will increase the costs for our families, and this has been a key consideration in the selection process. Many families are eligible for rebates, and these will also increase to offset some of the cost. Key benefits of the new service are as follows:

  • Our new principal can focus their time on getting up to speed with their core role
  • All policies and standards will be managed by the service
  • The service has a pool of staff who they can draw upon to cover any absences
  • Bookings and enrolments can all be handled online
  • The service will be able to offer OSHC on curriculum days, and could possibly provide a holiday program in the future
  • The service will provide some financial benefit to the school, which can be invested in our programs and facilities



Preschool News

First week at Preschool


Community Information


Just a reminder that instrumental music lessons are offered at Menzies Creek with experienced music teachers. Lessons are held during school hours and are available for Guitar, Piano, Voice and Drums. Fees vary depending on your choice of instrument. If you would like to know more please fill out an expression of interest form from the office and return it, and a teacher will be in touch.

Regards, Jed.





Cool Cats Need YOU!...


Cool Cats Need YOU!...







Kinesiology Tool Kit


PTV School Photo ID



Local sporting clubs

Emerald Cricket Club


Belgrave Junior Football Club




Upwey Tecoma Junior Football Club


Selby Netball


Extreme Tennis


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