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Huntingdale Primary School

16 October 2019
Issue Fifteen
Principal and Assistant Principal's Page
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Huntingdale Primary School
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Principal and Assistant Principal's Page

Principal's Report

Welcome back to Term 4! I hope you enjoyed the school holidays and had a well-deserved rest. Term 4 is always a busy one with many events and preparations for the 2020 school year.


2020 Planning

We are well underway with our planning for the 2020 school year and taking enrolments for all year levels.  Do you know of any neighbours, relatives or friends who are looking to enrol for 2020? Please let them know about our fabulous school! We offer tours at 9.30 on most Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

If you are intending on leaving the school in 2020, please contact the office as soon as possible so we can assist with the transfer process.


Rebuilding Process

As part of the 2019-20 State Budget, Huntingdale received $5.033 million as part of the Modular Building Program. The Main Classroom Block will be demolished and replaced by a modular building. Over the holiday period, the school took delivery of 3 portables. Workmen are currently putting the final touches to the buildings ready to be used and we are expecting the delivery of a portable toilet block soon. In upcoming newsletters, I will share the new building design once it is finalised.


Japan Trip

31 students along with Mori-Hanzono sensei, Harada sensei, Miss Koyama, Mr Thomas, Miss Ewart and Jenny have left for the Japan Trip. The group has arrived safely, embarked on a tour of Nara Park, met the Acting Mayor of Nabari City and met their homestay families. They are off to school for the next few days at Kuramochi Primary School and will complete some sightseeing with their host families. We wish them all the best!


World Teacher’s Day

On Friday 25 October, we will celebrate World Teacher's Day. We have a fabulous teaching staff here at Huntingdale who look after the educational, social and emotional needs of our students. They spend time assessing students abilities so that they can plan a differentiated teaching program targeted to student needs. They act as mentors , are called upon to be ‘nurses’ when a child has bump or scratch,  lend a listening ear to help children with their problems, are mediators when students have disagreements, are event planners for camps, excursions and concerts and finally teach the Victorian Curriculum so that it is enriching for students.

I ask our community to acknowledge the work done by our teachers. On Friday 25 October a simple ‘thank you’ for teaching me or a handmade card is a wonderful gesture to recognise the work our teachers do.


Supervising Children Before and After School

In the morning before school starts there is a teacher on yard duty from 8.45-8.55am (the first bell rings at 8.50am when students can go into classrooms). Students should not arrive at school before 8.45am. After school, teachers are on duty until 3.45pm. After this time, parents and carers are responsible for supervising their children in the yard. Can parents please ensure they are within ‘eye sight’ of their children, both school aged and younger siblings. We thank you for your cooperation. We have a fabulous before and after school care program run by Team Kids. Please make sure you register with them at so you can use the service.


Notification re: Measles and Chickenpox Reminder

Each term there is a reminder in the newsletter regarding Measles and Chickenpox.  As you may or may not be aware, there are currently children in our school community who are receiving medical treatment.  The children participate in the normal school program without any major limitations when they are well enough to be here.  A major concern, however, is if these students develop measles or chickenpox, they can become seriously ill.  I seek your cooperation in preventing this situation.  If your son/daughter has or may have measles or chickenpox or is unwell, I request that you do not send them to school during this period and notify your class teacher and the office as soon as possible.  Thank you for your support in keeping our school a safe place for all of our children.


Anaphylaxis and Allergies

We have a number of children in the school with anaphylaxis and allergies to a range of substances.  We ask please that all parents avoid packing nuts or nut related products in their child’s lunch.  This is will assist us all in keeping our environment safe for all of our children.   


Medical Plans and Update contact details

At school, we often need to contact parents for a variety of reasons. Over the break many families’ telephone numbers, home address and email addresses have changed. If you do change telephone numbers, email, and/or home address or there is an update on personal/medical/family situation, it is most important that you contact Gill in the school office to let us know so we can update the school records. An early reminder that we must have your correct email address as school reports are emailed to parents. We thank you for your cooperation with this matter.


Parent Opinion Survey Results

Each year DET administer the Parent Opinion Survey. A random sample of families are chosen to take the survey, which is online. Thank you to our families that participated. We recently got the results, which are overall very pleasing. The green indicates a positive response, grey is neutral and black is not positive.

In summary, our parents view is that:

  • Students are connected to the school
  • ¾ of parents have positive participation and involvement in the school
  • The school overall communicates well to parents
  • Around ¾’s of parents communicate well with teachers
  • The school promotes positive behaviour and manages bullying well
  • We respect diversity
  • Over 80% of parents are generally satisfies with the school and have pride and confidence with the school
  • Over 80% agreement that the school has high expectations for success, effective teaching and student support/motivation
  • Our results for the ‘physical environment’ were our lowest…..hopefully with the development of the oval and our building project this may increase next year!

If you have any feedback about the school, you can communicate it to the school with FlexiBuzz (Open FlexiBuzz -> Enter Here -> Contact (with Envelope Icon)


Student Attitudes to School Survey Results

In May, our Year 4-6 students completed the online survey asking for their opinions about school.

Overall, the results were very pleasing! I have unpacked with Year 4-5 students their results last week to gain further insights. These students will be our leaders next year and it’s wonderful to hear their point of view.

Students feel:

  • They put in effort
  • They have high expectations for success
  • They are connected to the school and have a sense of inclusion
  • They have  a positive attitude to attendance
  • They have a sense of confidence
  • They have differentiated learning, classroom behaviour is good and teaching time is effective

School Uniform Review

As promoted on Flexi Buzz on 3 October, the Dress Code Policy is currently under review.

The policy (attached) has been reviewed using the Department of Education and Training’s (DET) exemplar policy and staff feedback. All changes to the current policy have been highlighted in yellow.

In the first two weeks of Term 4, parent feedback is being sought. I have undertaken some consultation with students as well.

Using this feedback, final changes to the policy will be made through the Education and Future Directions sub-committee, with the view that the policy be taken to School Council to endorse on 12 November.

Please read the policy and complete the survey using the following link:

Please complete your feedback by Friday 18 October.

If you have any questions, please contact the school.


Have a great fortnight!

Ruth Biddle



Student Achievements 

Alannah, Ruby & Shunsuke 

Alannah from 2O, Ruby from 2M and 

Shunsuke from 2M run the 5km  Melbourne Marathon on Sunday 13th October.   Well done!



Louis (and the rest of Dorringtons) attended to the Melbourne Marathon


It was a 3km walk event that we completed (not 42.195km!), but we were happy to be a part of the cause! Louis is very proud of his achievement. Go Louis!


Dates to Remember 

October 2019

Thu 17 - Healthy Living incursion session 2 - grades 3/4

Thu 17 - Regional Athletics 

Mon 21 - Fri 25 - Junior Swimming Week

Thu 24 - Healthy Living incursion session 3 - grades 3/4

Mon 28 - Fri 1 Nov - Senior Swimming Week

November 2019

Tue 5 - Melbourne Cup day - public holiday

Wed 6 - Kindergarten to Foundation Transition - 1.30pm to 3pm 

Thu 7 - Foundation & Grade 1 Incursion - details to follow

Tue 12 - Grade 3/4 Cricket Tournament at Davies Reserve

Wed 13 - Kindergarten to Foundation Transition - 1.30pm to 3pm

Thu 14 - AFL 9's competition 

Tue 19 - Grade 3/4 Interschool Sports at Clarinda PS

Wed 20 - Kindergarten to Foundation Transition - 1.30pm to 3pm

Tue 26 - Pre-Foundation Parent Information Night - 6.30

Wed 27 - Kindergarten to Foundation Transition - 9.30am to 12pm



December 2019

Fri 6 - Carols in the Park - Taiko and Senior Choir performing

Thu 12 - Christmas Concert and Picnic

Term Dates 2019

Term 3: 15 July to 20 September
Term 4: 7 October to 20 December

Term Dates 2020

Term 1: 28 January (school teachers start) to 27 March * 
Term 2: 14 April to 26 June 
Term 3: 13 July to 18 September 
Term 4: 5 October to 18 Decembe

Click here to see Term Dates up to 2025




Japanese rap workshop at CERES, 19th October

Want to see something different? Come immerse yourself in an East Meets West Global Rap Melting Hot Pot. It's Ramen meets Rhymes.

Japanese hip hop artist Zigen is visiting Melbourne for just a few days, so weve organised for him to do his thing at Horse Bazaar, invited two of Melbournes most exciting spitters of verse, Emkew and Fck, evened the scales with another crazy Japanse hip hop expat, Atom, and then thrown the scales WAY off kilter again with the mysterious doyen of the Melbourne Westside DJ Decks, Maltese Well Monster (Curse Ov Dialect). Phewy, what could go wrong?

If you are a fan of Alt-Japanse culture, hip-hop culture, strange cultural juxtaposition, then you must be there. These stars aint never going to align again.


Zigen is a rapper / truck maker / writer / illustrator / from Himeji in Japan. In 2007, he released the first full album ever to come out of Hyogo prefecture. This begun a series of firsts for Zigen; the first hip hop video release from the region, first solo shows outside of the club scene and, later, the first regular rap workshop in Japan. The workshop, called Japanese Rap Salon runs out of a bookshop with direct line-of-site to the ancient, UNESCO world heritage listed Himeji Castle and evolved into owns destination, Bar Zigen.


Zigen vid:

Emkew vid:

Fck Vid:

Atom Vid:

Maltese Well Monster in blue face with Curse ov Dialect:

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