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18 September 2019
Issue Six
YEAR 10/11 FORMAL     
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For the last 3 years the college has been on an incredible journey to attain Authorisation as an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program college. This process has entailed staff being involved in many days of professional development, working collaboratively to develop curriculum that is line with IB expectations and engaging for students. Students have also had a role in this process. They have been a part of giving and receiving feedback to representatives of the IB organisation and supporting staff to facilitate this different way of approaching teaching and learning. We have held several information sessions in the last couple of years for parents, and will continue to do so in the coming year. If you would like to know more about the International Baccalaureate  at MESC, visit our website and have a look under the Parent tab. We will find out if we have been successful through the Authorisation process in about 6 weeks time.


Educated for excellence

Prepared for life

Danielle Vaughan

Assistant Principal


Subject allocation for 2020 subjects will be advertised in the first week of term 4.  The 2020 curriculum begins in Jump Start, November 25 2019. You will be able to confirm subject selections by making payment via Compass.  You may complete payment in full or select automatic payment by 4 equal instalments 25/10/2019, 15/11/2019, 13/12/2019 & 17/01/2020.
If you require a payment plan with alternate dates to the above, please contact the general office to arrange deductions via credit card, direct debit, or Centrepay. As an elective, subjects will only proceed if confirmation of subject have been made.



The VCE Art Exhibition will be on Friday the 18th of October from 4:30pm until 6pm. 

The main presentations and awards will be on at 5:30pm. Tea, coffee and nibblies will be supplied.

We hope to see you all there!











  • Term 4 - Friday 1 November
  • Term 4 - Monday 4 November 


On Saturday 31st of August, the Mount Eliza Uniting Church ran a fundraising Gala Dinner to fund the Chaplaincy program at MESC and local Youth Services. Part of the money raised goes towards having Chaplain, Jessica Lowe, as part of our wellbeing team at the college.  Jess runs group and individual wellbeing sessions with the students of the college, offering support to our wellbeing team. Jess is an essential point of contact for students who may find themselves in difficult circumstances or in need of pastoral care and we are lucky to have the Uniting Church support us in this work.



As the exam period (practice and final Year 12 exams) will run in the last week of Term 3, we would like to remind all our students that this is a great opportunity to practice the following skills:

  • revision strategies;
  • time management skills;
  • Identifying areas of strengths and areas for improvement.

The Senior Pathways Sub-school Team are encouraging all students to reflect on their experiences and review teachers’ feedback which is a valuable learning opportunity.

Practice exam results will be available as  Learning Tasks on Compass for all subjects.

  • Year 12 Practice Exams – Monday 16th – Friday 20th September
  • Year 11 End of Year Exams - Monday 11th – Friday 15th November
  • Year 10 End of Year Exams - Wednesday 20th – Friday 22nd November

Exam Reminders

You must wear school uniform.

Only classes for the year level undertaking exams will not run. Other year level will have normal scheduled classes.

Year 11 students undertaking Units 3/4 must attend Units 3/4 exams and Year 10 students completing Units 1/2 must attend Units 1/2 exams.

If you have a clash please inform Ms Manning or Ms McLuskie.



Revision lectures offer high school students the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on their VCE subjects. Be inspired by scholars and teachers who are experts in their fields and gain insight into the curriculum by hearing from previous examiners.



Connect Education

Deakin University



Our Senior Pathways Sub-school students were lucky to have several past students visiting and sharing their life experiences during the Mentor Session on Wednesday, 11 September. It was great to see the achievements of our past students and the interest of our current students. Most valuable learning was that having a back-up plan and being open to new experiences helps to really find your true call. The session finished with Q&A session, which provided our current students with valuable opportunities not only to find out information they were interested in, but also time for reflection on their goals and ways to achieve them.





The Year 7B Maths groups have just finished a unit of work on Measurement. Students undertook a creative project on Kites, running a kite business from design to production and packaging.  Every student was expected to put their Mathematical skills learned in lessons into practice. The task was to design a creative kite which is different from the traditional model but still retains an efficient flying ability. Students then made a sample kite using some basic materials to show the buyers. Lastly, they needed to design a volume packaging model which allows safe consignment around the globe. Students needed to use their product and calculations to make effective business decisions.

Our students enjoyed the project, especially the problem solving challenge and its relevance to real life contexts. Here are some photos of 7B students on their last lesson of the project (aka an outdoor lesson)!




On Monday 12 August the year 12 Biology class attended the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) in Parkville for our annual excursion. The students were investigating different genetic technologies that are used to study and manipulate genes. The results that the students generated on the day form part of a larger scientific study that is identifying and defining different species. The students took a sample from a parasitic worm (nematode), extracted its DNA and performed other genetic manipulation techniques to identify the DNA sequence of this organism. This activity complemented and enhanced their understanding of unit 4, area of study 2 for Biology. Every year this excursion provides an excellent, hands-on learning experience for our Biology students, giving them an insight into the work of a ‘real’ scientist, as well as being able to learn from and work with Post-Graduate students who are working in the field of scientific research.

Cath Scott

Year 12 Biology Teacher



Maths Enrichment Program 2019

Across terms 2&3 we have again been running the Maths Enrichment Program from the Australian Maths Trust. Students from years 7, 8 & 9 were nominated by their Maths teachers as being highly capable Maths students to participate in the program. They have been meeting fortnightly to work through a series of problems that are externally set. They have been working both collaboratively and individually, learning new skills and using their existing Maths skills and knowledge in unfamiliar situations. All of the students concerned have participated enthusiastically. Well done to you all!


  • Hannah Bailey 
  • Natasha Bates
  • Lauren Berechree 
  • Abbey Bradley
  • Ruby Davies
  • Evie Davies 
  • Chloe Graeme 
  • Shawn Guo
  • Monty Jacques 
  • Alex Maxwell 
  • Marcus McGloin 
  • Sean Meghji
  • Zoe Messner 
  • Julia Mikhailova
  • Xander Minzenmay
  • Tim Nguyen 
  • James Richards 
  • Hayley Richards
  • Max Rockach
  •  Sarah Standfield 
  • Abbey Standfield
  • Aaron Tran
  •  Lucy Williams


Australian Intermediate Maths Olympiad exam

This year we have had 13 students who have sat the Australian Intermediate Maths Olympiad (AIMO) exam, which is set each year by the Australian Maths Trust. The AIMO provides an opportunity for talented students interested in challenging mathematics. These selected students sat a 4 hour maths exam that challenged and extended their Mathematical skills and we are proud of all of them for having a go, regardless of their result.



  • Natasha Bates
  • Shawn Guo 
  • Kiki Jiang
  • Elise Laurent
  •  Alex Maxwell 
  • Marcus McGloin
  • Sean Meghji 
  • Julia Mikhailova 
  • Tim Nguyen
  • Hayley Richards 
  • James Richards 
  • Max Rockach
  • Sarah Standfield

Cath Scott & Laura Collard

Maths Domain Leaders



There have been many successes across the College in sport this winter. Not only did many teams and students earn their way through to the SSV Regional Finals, but so many of our students get the opportunity to play sport and develop personal skills and qualities that the sporting environment encourages and nourishes. There were  many sporting events where our College had more teams entered than schools in our district that are 5 times the size of MESC. Not only are our students present on the day but they look like a team in full uniform, they are polite, respectful and supportive of each other. As a staff member often present on these days, I always leave feeling very lucky and proud to be working with such great students on a daily basis. I would like to congratulate the following teams and students on their successes and wish them well in their future Finals Endeavours in term 4. Well done to all!

Congratulations to Gracie Fielden (year 7) who has made the U/13 Victorian Girls Hockey Team. She will compete in Hobart in the school holidays. Best wishes from MESC Gracie!

Regional Cross Country Finalists:

Abbey Brady, Nathan Acheson, Joshua Berry, Nicholas Davis, Oliver Heavey, Shyah Ithier, Jocelyn Loukes, Nathan Mann, Remme Mason, Corey Riddle, Emmerson Smith, Sarah Standfield, Jessica Ward.

State Cross Country Finalist:

Abbey Brady (6th at State Finals)


Year 7 Girls Hockey Team:

Gracie Fielden, Bella Aitken, Lily Aston, Lola Fernandez, Elizabeth Geppert, Freya Hollingsworth, Remme Mason, Isla O’Keefe, Sophie Price, Georgia Sharpe, Abbey Standfield.


Year 8 Girls Hockey Team:

Sarah Standfield, Aisling Wilkinson, Georgia Wilkinson, Hayley Richards, Lily Beardmore, Chloe Carey, Hannah Robinson, Lily Aston, Oliva Cole, Zoe Messner, Tori Ward, Milly Cunnington, Emmy Smith, Chloe O’Neill


Year 8 Girls Table Tennis Team:

Natasha Bates, Aria Chidambaranathan, Milla English, Louise Henley, Ella Kingston, Elise Laurent, Amber Monteith, Isabella Pasic, Emily Tei, Grace Wilson.

Year 8 Girls Badminton Team:

Tori Ward, Olivia Cole, Hannah Robinson, Chloe O’Neill, Natasha Bates, Aria Chiadambaranathan, Lucinda Curry, Louise Henley, Hayley Richards, Emily Tei, Milly Verhagen, Georgia Wilkinson, Aisling Wilkinson, Grace Wilson.

Year 7 Girls Badminton Team:

Sadie Gill, Iuliia Mikhailova, Elizabeth Geppert, Olivia Fitzgerald, Lizzie Abeling


Senior Boys Soccer:

Patrick Briggs, Alex Briggs, Tom Wesley, Tom Gibson, Flynn Brookes, Max Felmingham, Josh Curry, Jacob Bald, Ryan Scott, Noel Schmidt, Daniel Ringheim, Harry Maxwell, Nathan Mann, Andrew Wright







I am pleased to report that as a school we were successful in entering a school U/14 mixed hockey team into a club competition over winter this year. The team consisted of 13 girls and 1 boy so were entered into a mixed/boys competition. Coaching and watching the team play was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. They were playing in an extremely tough competition but whatever the team faced each week they didn’t give up and continued to improve all with a smile on their faces. The greatest result from this experience is that we have more teenagers playing sport and wanting to continue to do so. Who could ask for more?! I would like to send a huge congratulations and thanks to Lily Fielden (year 10), Gabi Fairclough (year 11) and Carolyn van Der Bijl (year 10) who coached the girls each week at training while I was at our weekly staff meeting. These senior girls gave up their own time to be at Monash Peninsula Hockey Field each week and demonstrated maturity and leadership to a high level. Congratulations to all coaches and players on a great season and as a College we will look forward to expanding our team entries into multiple sports in the community in Summer of 2019 and throughout 2020.

Amy Leonard


On the past Friday nights, a group/team of students have played in an outside of school hockey tournament, but still playing under the name of Mount Eliza Secondary College. We competed in a Hockey Victoria U/14 Mixed Club competition. Although we didn’t have a win, we all had a fun time playing. We have created such good friendships along the way and all have improved with our skills so much. On behalf of the team we would like to thank Mrs Leonard, Carolyn Van  Der Bijl, Lily Fielden and Gabi Fairclough (year 10s) for helping us get all this way. We would not have done any of this without their help.

Chloe Carey & Aish Wilkinson 8D

Year 8 Boys Futsal – SSV District Winners


YEAR 10/11 FORMAL     


It was fantastic to see our Year 10 and 11 students together and at their best, what a success the night was! Thank you very much to the VCAL students, for organising it.



Welcome to the MESC Learning Commons

The MESC Learning Commons comprises the Library and ICT Team who support both staff and students.  

Librarian - Mrs Lynn Swannell

ICT Manager - Mr Kevin Hunter

ICT Technician - Mr Sam Karagiannis

Opening Hours

The Learning Commons is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm each day, including recess and lunchtime.  However it is closed at recess each Friday.


Please DO NOT bring in food or drinks and we ask that you tidy up after yourself.


The Learning Commons is now a 'Devices Free Area' - this means no bringing in your phone or other ICT devices to play on during recess and lunchtimes.  Instead we encourage you to read a magazine, play a board game, talk to your friends, join in activities and/or even read your books.

Overdue Library Books

Please remember to check the 'due dates' of all items borrowed and ensure that they are returned promptly.  General overdue reminders are sent via Compass news to all students and individual notices are sent out via students' school email which should be checked regularly.  If there are any concerns regarding late and/or lost items then please contact me asap.

Melbourne Writer's Festival

Wow what a great day out for the 15 students who attended the 2019 Melbourne Writer's Festival.  The Library Team members and a couple of extras enjoyed four sessions at the festival which this year was held at The State Library of Victoria, Wheeler Centre and Treasury Theatre.  A lovely sunny day made walking between these venues very enjoyable too.



Sessions attended were :

"What if teenagers ruled the world?" with Will Kostakis

"Goodbye word!" with Lynette Noni

"What makes a hereo?" with Eve L Ewing

"Outloud ECo!Slam" the secondary schools poetry slam final


"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day!  It was amazing to hear from all the different authors.  I especially enjoyed the poetry slam.  It was interesting to see all the different schools competing and discussing very important issues in this way!" - Belle


"My favourite session was Eve L Ewing (author of the Ironheart comic book series for Marvel amongst other things) as I really enjoyed learning about her heroes and the process behind making a comic book" - Olivia

"My favourite author was Will Kostakis who had a very positive and much need opinions on identity.  Many young people today feel as though there is no one who is like them and they can relate to his represention in his books.  This give these yound people joy knowing that they aren't going through hardships alone" - Madeline

"My favourite session was the with Lynette Noni who spoke about the end of her series 'The Medoran Chronicles' and her talk gave me inspiration for my own stories" - Aaron

"I really enjoyed the Melbourne Writer's Festival because it was very interesting to hear about their journeys through writing and about their back stories to becoming authors.  My two favourite authors were Will Kostakis, who wrote 'Loathing Lola' and his new release is called 'Monuments'.  Also Eve L Ewing - she is only the 5th black woman to get a job at Marvel Comics.  She is the author of Ironheart (about a young firl superhero) and told us about the process and people involved in putting a comic together." - Lizzie


MESC Lit Fest is coming....

We are in the process of finalising our authors and illustrators for the whole day MESC Lit Fest 2019 which involves all Years 7, 8 and 9 students. This will be held on Tuesday 19th November at the college. Students will attend workshops and gain inspiration for their own writing and illustration/artwork.   Everyone will receive a gift bag on the day and have the opportunity to enter a quiz to win great prizes.  There will also be an opportunity to purchase books and author signings at a 'pop-up bookshop' which will be set up in the library on the day. 


Pictured below are authors/illustrators who attended our 2017 MESC Lit Fest - including Adam Wallace, Marc McBride, Isobelle Carmody, Paul Collins, Meredith Costain, Justin D'Ath, Andrew Plant, George Ivanoff, Judith Rossell, Sheryl Clark and Claire Saxby.



Book Review

The Friendship Riddle: Meagan Frazer Blakemore

I started to like it straight away, it was captivating and I just wanted to keep reading more. The main character, Ruth is set around the teenage age, throughout her journey of middle school (year six, seven and eight) she encounters a huge riddle! When she’s helping her local librarian, she is tasked with looking at old books when an origami envelope drops onto the floor, she immediately picks it up and finds it to be a clue, that’s when the puzzle starts to arise. Over all I enjoyed reading this book. It  was funny to read all about different problems occurring and fading away. If I had to rate it on a scale of one to ten I would probably rate it to be around seven point five (7.5/10). I would recommend this book if you are looking for a simple and fun read.

by Remme Mason








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