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17 October 2019
Issue Thirty-one
The Joy of Giving Operation Christmas Child
Story-Based Learning: The Beginning
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The Joy of Giving
Operation Christmas Child

By Eleanor Roberts (Junior Art Teacher)

Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you watch someone receive a gift, when that gift is something that they truly need, or something that they really wanted but was out of reach, or something that just speaks love to the person receiving it? Especially when we ourselves are the giver. We feel a sense of warmth and joy, blessed to be able to make a difference to the receiver. Even when we don't see the transaction, that blessing is still tangible, through our sense of imagination, knowing that our gift will make a difference. 


What a delight it has been to join together as a junior school to support Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan's Purse that delivers shoeboxes filled with gifts for children in need all over the world. 


This week in junior school, we experienced that joy continually as a flow of gorgeous children brought in boxes they had thoughtfully and generously packed with their families. They will never see the transaction that takes place for the child who receives the gift, but they felt the joy of being involved, handing over the box, knowing they had done something good to help someone in need.


On Friday, Mrs Nicholas and a band of excited and willing helpers loaded up her X-trail with 147 shoeboxes (well done Junior School!) to take to the representative at the nearest collection point who informed us that they are headed for the Philippines


We are all familiar with the saying 'it is more blessed to give than to receive', but did you know that it was Jesus who first spoke those words (Acts 20:35)? Jesus said these words to encourage us to give, to help one another and to share, but also as a statement of truth, from firsthand experience as a gracious and generous giver. As we approach the Christmas season, as we prepare to exchange gifts with our families and friends, let us remember God's greatest gift to the world, His son Jesus Christ. God gave him to the world, he lived a blameless life, brought the gift of hope and healing to many during his lifetime, and gave up his life as a payment for our own wrongdoings so that we could be with him in eternity. What a gift! The thought that I am dwelling on today is that Jesus feels that  wonderful, tangible joy of giving when we receive His gift of life to us. 



Story-Based Learning: The Beginning

By David Hughes (Head of Learning and Innovation) 

So many discoveries start with a simple question. ‘What if…?’ 


It began for me many years ago. 


My second son was born with a variety of health problems and his first year of life was extremely difficult. There were hospital visits and nights of screaming. We tried everything we could. It wasn’t enough. Eventually he was diagnosed with a hernia and underwent surgery very soon afterwards. Instantly he was like a different child. But there was a cost. 


That first year had passed by and my son’s inability to focus on much other than his own pain made it difficult for him to pick up the cues he needed to make later connections for learning. We went through assessments and he received funding under the NDIS for a global developmental delay. With regular speech pathology and OT-related assistance, he gradually began to catch up on the links he had missed. 


But it got me thinking. 


The education system isn’t designed for all types of kids. My son, who was bright and clever in his own way, but unable to check the boxes that the forms required of him, was going to struggle. 


And I wanted to help. 


It began a process of soul-searching, a journey of examining everything. What if education could be different? What if we start with the student instead of the system? What if we saw each student as the agent of their own story? What if the development of character was seen as equally important to the impartation of information? 


There were many other sparks along the way - my wife and I ran a microchurch for almost a decade, which was greatly challenging and opened our eyes to the difficulties of witnessing any form of true change in a volunteer-based organisation that only meets once a month. My eyes were opened to the incredible power that can be found within a school community - a group of families who gather in a physical location day after day, with a shared vision and passion to see their children flourish. 


Story-Based Learning is a passion project of mine. A weaving together of all of the threads that I believe can create a beautiful story in the lives of each of our students - no matter what type of learner they are. In a story, we just have to turn the next page, write the next chapter, and decide how we want the adventure to end. 


Over the next few weeks, we are going to unpack a little of what Story-Based Learning means. I’m so excited to share this with you because I believe it is an incredibly transformative framework that has the power to change the way we think about learning. Drawing from the lived example of our own Teacher and forging greater connections between teachers, students and parents; I see Story-Based Learning as a way forward - an answer to what our hurting world desperately needs more of. 


A life-giving story of hope. 


General Information 

2020 BHCS Fee Schedule 

The 2020 Fee Schedule is now available. Please see below.


Summer Uniform Changeover 

All students should now be wearing full summer uniform.  This includes a hat when outdoors at recess and lunchtime.

Please see below for Alinta Uniform Shop hours.

Alinta Uniform Shop


Monday: 8:00am - 10:00am

Tuesday: 8:00am - 10:00am

Thursday: 2:00pm - 4:00pm 


The Alinta Uniform Shop will be open on 

Saturday 9 November 9.00am-12.00pm

Emergency Drill at BHCS


On Tuesday we undertook an emergency evacuation drill with our students, teachers and visitors.  We commend everyone on following our processes and completing this necessary practice in a very orderly and timely manner.


We remind families that FlexiBuzz together with SMS messaging will be our main form of communication with families in an emergency.  Should you not have received an sms on Tuesday, we ask that you please ensure you are subscribed to FlexiBuzz - to both the applicable class groups and whole school groups (please contact Reception for the password).  Additionally please ensure your details are up to date in CareMonkey.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Reception.


Year 12 Celebration Day

It is hard to believe we are about to celebrate another 'end of year' with another group of students! Friday 18th is the final day of regular classes for Year 12s, they return on Monday 21st for a day of English, English Language and VCAL.  Then the fun begins!


Tuesday is Celebration Day, the Year 12's begin with breakfast and then a whole school assembly.  The assembly will be held in the Gym from 9am, all are welcome to attend.  There will be plenty of seating for guests, please come along and help us celebrate another wonderful group of students!

Car Park Update

Thank you for embracing our recent communication regarding the car park, whereby we asked families with students in middle and senior school to arrive later to enable kinder and junior families an opportunity to arrive and depart the car park.  Additionally we have re-commenced blocking the pick-up zone until all car parks have been utilised.


We do ask that if you arrive on site and the "no entry" sign and cones are blocking the pick-up zone, please do not idle your vehicle in front of this area - as it blocks the driveway.  If the pick-up zone is blocked, please find a car park or 'do laps' of the car park until the pick up zone is unblocked.  Thank you for your understanding. 

2019 Term Dates

Please find below important dates for Term 4 ,2019

Mid -Term Break: Monday, 4 November (No School)

                                        Tuesday, 5 November  (Cup Day) 


End of Term 4:  Please not the varying finish times:

  • Yr 8-11 last day of classes - Friday, December 6
  • Yr 5-7 last day of classes - Monday, December 9
  • Prep-Yr 4 last day of classes - Tuesday, December 10
  • Celebration Night- Tuesday, December 10

Lost Property 

Lost Property items can be found in Junior School and Reception. 


To enable items to be returned to you, we ask that you clearly mark all items coming to school.  Iron on labels together with hand written names on labels are very helpful.  Please note, at the end of each term all uncollected items are discarded or given to charity. 

Eggs for Sale

The Junior School students are selling eggs on Mondays at 3.00pm outside the Burrow for $5.00 a dozen.


These eggs are from the school chickens and profits will go towards a charity chosen by the students.



Mullum VET Cluster Awards Evening

We are very proud to announce that several of our students were recipients of Merit and Excellence awards at the Awards Ceremony on Monday 14th.  Our VET students were recognised for their outstanding achievements in Cert II Kitchen Operations Year 1 & 2 and also Cert II in Automotive Studies.  Congratulations to all students, we are very proud of you for your hard work and dedication.


Merit Award Winners - Year 1  Cert II Kitchen Operations

Suhaila C.S

Nathasha B

Daniel K - received the Excellence Award


Merit Award Winners - Year 2   Cert II Kitchen Operations  

Harry V

Vimbai T - received the Excellent Award


Merit and Excellence Award for Cert II in Automotive - Year 1 run by Ringwood Trade Training 

Josh B





The Ping Pong-a-thon is tomorrow and we can't wait! 

There's so many ways to get involved throughout the day - check out the program below to see when you'd like to play! And make sure you don't forget about our Silent Auction!  All proceeds go towards fighting human trafficking:

  • Participate in our Silent Auction - bid via email, or in person on the day.  Facebook gallery with all item info is here: (facebook)
  • Keep updated via our social media platforms: 

Below can be found a schedule of events on the day - take a look and please come and join in!




During the Pong, over the course of the day the following  fundraisers will be taking place



WHERE: Recess & Lunchtime outside the Burrow & the Gym
( visit to kinder)
WHAT: Various homemade goods including (but not limited to) bookmarks, friendship bracelets, lipbalms, putty, slime, jelly, stress balls, drawings/comics, lollipops and probably more.
Prices will range from $1.00 -$5.00


5/6JN Bake sale

WHERE: Burrow & Gym during recess & lunch (visit to kinder).


$1 per pack
3 chocolate truffles
2 honey joys
2 chocolate crackles

$2 per pack
2 chocolate chip biscuits
2 brownies
2 lemon slice (GF)
2 chocolate slice (GF/DF)


WHERE: Junior school at recess, Middle & Senior school at the Gym period 2 – lunch (visit to kinder)
Gold coin donation per dip


WHERE: Recess & lunch – outside the Burrow & the M rooms, in the Gym all day (visit to kinder)

Juice $1 per cup
Lollies $1 per bag


WHERE: outside the M rooms from recess to lunch
WHAT: range of soft drinks $2 each
popcorn (plain, chicken salt or sweet)

$2.50 each
$4 for a bundle



BHCS Calendar


Friday, 18 October 

- Ping Pong-a-thon

- Ping Pong-a-thon High Tea

- Ping Pong-a-thon Family Frenzy Evening


Monday, 21 October 

Week 1

- Middle & Senior School Choir 

- Year 12 VCAL students final day

- Yr 12 English Revision Day


Tuesday, 22 October

Yr 12 Celebration Day ( Breakfast)


Wednesday, 23 October 

- 9/10 RALLY DAY

- Prep Transition

- Yr 12 Valedictory Dinner


Thursday, 24 October 

9/10 OES Climb Excursion

- Kinder Water Safe Incursion


Friday, 25 October 

- Primary/Secondary CSEN ATHS Championships (selected students)


Monday, 28 October 

Week 2

- Middle & Senior School Choir 


Wednesday, 30 October 

- 9/10 OES Grampians Camp

- 3/4 Camp

- Science Club

- Prep Transition

- VCE  Exam Period begins 


Thursday, 31 October 

- 9/10 OES Grampians Camp

- 3/4 Camp

- Kinder Incursion- Box Car Making

- VCE  Exams continue




Friday, 1 November 

- 9/10 OES Grampians Camp

- 3/4 Camp

- Kinder Excursion - Bush Cubbies

- VCE  Exams continue


Monday, 4 November 

Week 1

- Mid-Term Break - No School

- VCE  Exams continue


Tuesday, 5 November 

- Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday


Wednesday, 6 November

- VCE  Exams continue

-7 OES Bush Walking Camp- GROUP 7A

-Prep Transition


Thursday, 7 November

- VCE  Exams continue

-7 OES Bush Walking Camp- GROUP 7B 

- Kinder Incursion - Drive In Movie 


Friday, 8 November

- VCE  Exams continue

- Junior Incursion - School First Aid 

Community Announcements






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