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22 November 2018
Term 4 Week 7 2019
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Principal's Corner

Staffing Announcements 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to share official news of staff who have been appointed to Heritage College for 2019 and also share appreciation for those who are leaving.



First and foremost I would like to affirm the years of work, time, blood, sweat and tears, that has been invested into Heritage College by Jody Lawson.  Jody, as I’m sure you all know, will be departing at the conclusion of 2018. We wish her all the very best for her next educational chapter at our sister school, Nunawading Christian College.  We will continue to pray for her in her journey and will certainly see her around.
We are excited to welcome John Kama into the Biology learning pathway for 2019.  John comes to us from Sydney and he has worked extensively in the Biology space for several years and has successfully prepared many Year 11 and 12 students for their final exams in this specialist area over the many years he has been a teacher.   We look forward to seeing him and his family next year.


We also, farewell Samuel Ladson, who has only been with us a short time.  Samuel has also invested the blood, sweat...perhaps not the tears, but certainly the energy into his short time with us.   We wish him well as he begins his journey at our other sister school, Edinburgh College. Thus, we will also see him again too!  


We welcome Bianca Maggs into the HPE (Health and Physical Education) department for 2019 to replace Samuel.  Bianca is a new graduate from Avondale College who comes with the highest endorsement from Avondale lecturers and referees.  She is excited to be a part of the team, has a lot of energy and ideas to bring to the College as well as being passionate about service (including having lead trips to Nepal).


Camilla Christian has been with us for many years and has given of herself through her time, energy and passion for Psychology.  Camilla is taking a number of years away from teaching in order to be with her family. We continue to pray for her time to reinvest into her family.   


We are excited to welcome Steven Petrou into the Psychology space for 2019.  Steven is no stranger to us here of course as he currently teaches Psychology as a replacement for Camilla while she is away this year.  Steven will simply continue his role into 2019. We look forward to seeing Steven more next year while he covers a very popular and important subject.  (I may be a little bias!).


Finally, as we continue to grow as a school, our Officer Campus (Primary) now requires a new teacher.  Our ASV HR department have advertised and are still interviewing potential employees to step into a very important position as Year 5/6 teacher.  Please continue to add your prayers to ours for a suitable person to fill this role also.




Non-teaching staff
There has already been an announcement for our new bus driver Adil Tadros who has replaced our long standing driver John Ferguson.  We appreciate John’s long hours of enduring busy buses and the unmistakable aroma of ‘after school’ that permeates even the cleanest bus.  He will be missed! Adil has been working for our sister school Nunawading Christian College and so is familiar with the system already. We hope he quickly feels a part of our College.


Also in 2019 there will be a slight change to our Wellbeing team.  Elsa Cangy who is our Wellbeing Coordinator, will be reducing her time to 2 days per week and will focus solely on the Secondary Campus.  Thus, we will be looking for another Wellbeing person to work 2 days for the Primary Campuses. We will share more on this when the position is filled.


As we move into the final stretch of the year, our team at ASV will still be busy working on finding the right personnel to fill the various smaller portions of time in the different areas of both the primary and secondary school.  


We solicit your prayers for the employment processes still to be completed and thank you for praying for our wonderful staff who are moving on to different fields and those of course who have accepted the call to Heritage College.   


Mr Sonny Aiono


Dates to Remember


24th Nov - 6th Dec

Year 12 Nepal Service Trip


Tuesday, 4th December

Primary Swimming Carnival


Thursday, 6th December

Year 6 Celebration Dinner


Monday, 10th December

Service Projects - Secondary

Presentation Night - Primary


Tuesday, 11th December

Service Projects - Secondary

Primary Picnic

Presentation Night - Secondary

Last Day Term 4


Thursday, 13th December

ELC Closes


Friday, 14th December 

Staff Christmas Breakup


Tuesday, 18th December

Offices Close

General Information

Entertainment Book Fundraiser


Cash War Fundraiser


Host a Japanese Student

Heritage College will be hosting a group of 4 Japanese boys through AIIU for Term 1 2019


We are hoping to have as many students as possible hosted by Heritage families so this opportunity is open to all students from ELC to Year 12.  If you are able to offer accommodation for a student from 31st January until 6th April or for a portion of this time or would like some further information please email AIIU Regional Manager Christine chrisi@aiiu.com.au


Host families receive a tax free stipend of $245 per week to assist with hosting costs.


Host Family members 18 years and over must have WWC checks.

PB4L Value Awards

Prep/1W - Elijah

Year 2/3C - Kujang

Year 4/5N - Jean-Pierre

Prep DH - Leonardo and Hosea T

Year 1WV - Emily and Evie

Year 3MC - Lantu for Resilience

Year 4CJ - Dannica for Service

Year 4/5W - Anesu

Year 5RJ - Joshua P for Resilience

Year 6E - Asha for Resilience

Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 7

Should My Child Be On Social Media

Fact sheet


Mrs Naomi Moss

eLearning and Curriculum Coordinator

Heritage Church

“Our church seeks to be relevant, inclusive and non-judgmental. We acknowledge and respect differences and offer fellowship to anyone who seeks it. We are an active church that practises hands-on ministry.”


Heritage College

333 Centre Road, Narre Warren South.

Saturday Mornings


10-11am - Hot Drinks and Catch Up

11am - Worship Team and Pr Lagi bringing the Word


Pr Lagi Limu

Heritage Church Pastor

Grand Piano Recital 2018

I would like to congatulate all of my piano students who performed on Sunday, 11th November for our Piano Concert. Thumbs up!!


You all came prepared, well dressed, bowing before and after performances, bold, and brave enough to perform in front of the audience, a job well done!


Our Deputy Principal, Mr Roger Sevenhuysen, said it was an excellent concert!


I would also like to thank all the parents and relatives for coming and supporting your children, you are of great inspiration for these young aspiring children.

Mr Joel Moldez

Piano Teacher

Casey Church Visit

Heritage College welcomes all families to attend our upcoming church visit to Casey SDA Church on the 24th of November. Our students will be taking the service on the day including items, speaking and music.



Heritage College MPC Building

333 Centre Rd, Narre Warren South.


10:30 am - 12:30 pm


Pr Lagi Limu

Heritage Church Pastor

PB4L Report 
Week 7

Resilience was the biggest value I needed to complete Tough Mudder. About an hour into the challenge my right calf started sizing up everytime I lifted it. This made running near to impossible. At one stage I dropped due to the pain and a team from Singapour stopped and helped rub my calf as well as give me some pickle juice (apparently it’s great for cramps). At the second last challenge, one of favourites as it’s going up and down mud hills into water, I climbed the first hill and as I went to stand both calves sized up. The pain was so bad I let out a tiny squeal. I was trying trying to be tough!

Toughness went out the window as I had to be carried off the hill by two men so I could stretch out both legs. I’m so glad that there was only one obstacle left!


‘Bouncing back’ bought on a whole new meaning to me when I took on Electroshock Therapy - running through hanging electric wires that are hock up to generators. When you get zapped, and you will get zapped, it feels like someone has hit you with a baseball bat on your back. It also makes you freeze for a few seconds. If you take a look at the photo below you can see me cautiously making my way through the obstacle. Take a look behind me and see the guy in blue… You guessed it, he came running through not caring about those around him and pushed me over. I got zapped an extra two times because of him. It hurt even more know that what had happened was because of someone else's carelessness. But in spite of that I had to ‘Bounce Back’ and move on and focus on my achievements rather than failures. Having a relationship with God helps us to have the strength we need to ‘Bounce Back’ when life tries to knock us around.

Mrs Isabelle Millien

PB4L Coach



Road To Bethlehem


Piano World


From Narre Warren South

Songs, Dances, Choir, pop Up Bands, Instrumentalists, Solos and Groups

What a fun-packed, fast moving, talented event! Every child performed in some capacity in the All Stars Concert!  It was great to see children pursuing their performance goals, doing their very best and having fun!


This year, humour and talent and confidence made a great mix. It was great to see children of all ages contributing to the event. 


This year we had pop up bands which were very much 'child originated and directed', one involving every student in a class! Children in various grades have worked hard and collaborated on projects to produce a great sound. 


Children are combining their skills and working together from the humorous  boys group, singing their 'hit' song, 'Its Raining Tacos!' to keyboard performers, singers, dancers, a violinist, tuned and untuned percussionists . 


The whole purpose of this event is to allow children the opportunity to perform, to showcase their skills and instil a sense of well-being and confidence. 


This year we also had talented sound technicians from Grade 5 who were on hand to make sure microphones and sound was working well.  Thanks to Mrs Capon, Filip and Amish, on the day and Vichara and Simarjit and Joaquin as back up sound technicians.


Congratulations to EVERY STUDENT ! You should be proud of your achievements! We are proud of you!   

Miss Nomi Jackson

Performing Arts


The All Stars Concert was EPIC. I loved everything about it. It was adorable when the Preps were singing. My favourite class song was 'Charlie Over The Water'.  4CJ did Tafta Hindi. At first the music didn't come off when we started. I hoped it worked. At the third verse my prayer came true. Thank YOU LORD!   After our performance, Dannica and Amelia  danced to a song that the school loved plus cheerleading! Then it was me and Jayden. We were doing the Cup Song. I was singing and Jayden and I were playing the cup part. My favourites were Wade and Israel playing the piano. The piano is my favourite. Anyway, Israel played, 'The Entertainer' and Wade played 'Why Am I Blue?' Thank you Miss Jackson !!!! Shanel 


Music 2018 was fun but my highlight was the All Stars Concert! Even though I didn't get the pop up band ready in time we still had a truck load of fun practising for it as a band. I also enjoyed playing Li'l Liza Jane with my class.. as I was playing the xylophone. But what I enjoyed most was the well put together items that miraculously fitted into two periods by the Grace of God.  I also appreciated all the time and effort that was put into the All Stars Concert to make it so amazing. Matthias


In my opinion I really enjoyed Evelina, Daniella, Tiana. Jalane and Nyamer singing, 'Try Everything'. I thought that Filip, Joshua and Vichara's song 'It's Raining Tacos'  was great It made me laugh!  I loved the sweet sound that came out of Parsa's violin and Nyabiel sang amazingly.  Mwakwe 


 All Stars Concert 2018 was the best so far!!  This year I played the spoons for Waltzing Matilda. I also sang It's Raining Tacos which the whole school loved.. even the teachers. I can't wait for 2019 and I hope to sing more silly songs!! Vichara 


The All Stars Concert was AMAZING! My favourite part was when we did ' Holy Spirit' I did the tambourine with Hanna . When the other classes performed they were AMAZING! I loved their singing and dancing. I had a lovely day on the All Stars Concert.  Linda


 The All Stars Concert was a fun experience and it was os amazing how EVERYONE was either singing or dancing or playing a musical instrument. It was an extremely enjoyable day and I wish we had it more often. Mannat


On The All Stars Concert I played the xylophone with my class and I was so, so scared but when I started to play, I loved it and it was so fun!! When I stopped  I said to myself 'I wish I could do this every year! Heavenly  

Library Reminder

A reminder that this week is the last week of borrowing and ALL book/s will need to be returned by Nov 29th, 2018. The library will be closed starting Nov 30th, 2018 for stocktake. 

Grand Piano Recital

Joel's 4th Grand Piano Recital was held at Piano World last weekend with over 30 performances from students under his tuition at Heritage College.


Congratulations to all those students who dressed to impress and performed under pressure to wow the audience. It was an enjoyable afternoon and a fine musical experience.

Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Final Primary Art Projects for Year 6

With just a few precious weeks left in the school year, Year 6 are busy working on their final primary art projects. Students were given several art projects to choose from. Some students chose to explore the elements of art in preparation for Year 7 Visual Arts program. Another group of students chose to make a mosaic tile, and some students are busy learning to draw optical illusions. Whatever the project is, we are enjoying our final Primary Art lessons together.

Mrs Yolanda Horne

Art Teacher

Desktop Drumming

This term we have practiced to work as a team. Working together has been a challenge of timing, skill and patience.


This is Desk Top Drumming from 2K. 

Mrs Rachel Aiono

Year 2KA Teacher

From the Secondary Campus

Art Room in Need

Newspapers are urgently required for the Secondary Art Room. 


Please bring these to either Campus and I will arrange for these to be picked up.


Thank you in advance for your continued support.


Thank you.


Mrs Sharlene Stratford

Art Teacher

News from the Second Hand Uniform Shop

Term 4 Opening Hours

Please note the following dates and times the shop is open for the rest of the year:

  • Tuesday 27th of November: Usual Times
  • Tuesday 4th of December: Morning Only
  • Closed for the Holidays
  • Reopens Tuesday 15th of January: Usual Times
  • Tuesday 22nd of January: Usual Times
  • Tuesday 29th of January: Usual Times

Please note that if you wish to visit the shop outside of the normal operating hours please  email:

uniformshop.officer@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au or contact Reception to arrange an appointment.

From the Officer Primary Campus

News from the Second Hand Uniform Shop

Term 4 Opening Hours

Please note the following dates and times the shop is open for the rest of the year:

  • Tuesday 27th of November: Usual Times
  • Tuesday 4th of December: Morning Only
  • Closed for the Holidays
  • Reopens Tuesday 15th of January: Usual Times
  • Tuesday 22nd of January: Usual Times
  • Tuesday 29th of January: Usual Times

Please note that if you wish to visit the shop outside of the normal operating hours please email: uniformshop.officer@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au or contact Reception to arrange an appointment.

A message from your School Banking Coordinator

If your child has collected 10 Dollarmites tokens and would like to redeem them for a School Banking reward item this term, please fill in your child’s redemption slip and bring it along to one of our School Banking days before 30th November 2018. This will ensure the reward item will arrive before the school holidays.


Our final School Banking day for 2018 is Thursday, 6th December.  Any Dollarmites tokens that are not redeemed this year can be used in 2019.


Mrs Krystelle Kothe

School Banking Coordinator

From the ELC


One of our most favourite mat times during the week is French time with Miss Jess.  The children learn to sing, share stories and express themselves through dance in the French language.


This week…


We welcome our new friends Tawhiri and Liep to our 4 year old Kinder program!!


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