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15 June 2018
Issue Seventeen
Principal's Update
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Principal's Update


Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


Years 9-12 Exams

Last week all Year 10 and 11 students completed their Semester One exams in all subjects. This Tuesday and Wednesday, all Year 9 students sat exams in English, Maths, Science and Humanities for the first time. Also on Wednesday, all students studying a VCE unit 3/4 sequence sat the GAT (General Achievement Test). It has been quite a sight to see so many rows of examination tables and students sitting in the new gym during the examination period. Thanks to the student management team – Robyn Wilson, Tim Randell, Rachael Pierce, Andrew Fisher, Jo Greenhalgh, Andrew Moffat, Justin Wischusen, Matina Rodrigues and Dylan Piubello for the organisation and efficient running of these exam weeks.

The new timetable for the start of Semester Two begins on Monday 18 June for the whole school.


Senior School Information Night

All current students in Years 9 and 10 will have the opportunity to attend the VCE/VCAL Information Night and Subject Expo next week on Thursday 21 June. The Information Night and Subject Expo will provide students and parents with an opportunity to learn about, and participate in, aspects of every VCE and VCAL subject we have available for students to select from at Mordialloc College. A reminder: the Year 9 information session starts at 6:30 pm in the Learning Centre; Year 9 SEAL at 6:30 pm in the Glass House (Learning Centre); and Year 10 at 7:00 pm in Learning Centre. These information sessions are then followed by the Subject Expo in the Enquiry Zone.


Year 9 Careers Talk

Congratulations to Director of Student Engagement, Sally Mitchell, for running a successful careers event for all Year 9 students during 'My Mentor' last week. Sally organised a number of speakers across eight different jobs to speak to students about their pathway and what is involved in their current role. We had parents, family members and friends of staff volunteer to participate in this event. Speakers included a professional golfer, real estate agent, builder, outdoor education leader, IT, exercise physiology and fitness trainer, business leader and accountant.


Homework Guidelines

The College believes that to promote student engagement with their learning, some homework should be set and done regularly under the coordination of the teacher. The work completed at home by a student is a vital and necessary extension of the class lessons to enable them to consolidate and reinforce the work covered during the day.  This is best done some hours after the lesson and when the student is alone.  Students’ work at home is divided into two categories:

HOME STUDY: students should independently follow-up on class work to ensure that work is understood and relevant facts are committed to memory as a foundation for future learning; and

HOMEWORK: which is a task set by the teacher or the completion of work not finished in class.

Home study should be done each night.  Consistent study through the year is essential for success in the senior years and the habit of home study must be set in the middle school years. The student planner (diary) is an important tool for students to plan their work commitment and for parents as a means of communication between teacher and parents.

Time spent in home study will vary between individuals. The following table is a guide to the time the student should spend on home study and homework most nights of the week.


Homework Hours 

Year 7 - 1 hour

Year 8 - 1 hour

Year 9 - 1½ hours

Year 10 - 2 hours

Year 11 - 2½ hours

Year 12 - 3 hours


If parents are worried about too much homework or lack of it they should contact the relevant Year Level Coordinator in Years 7-12.


Home study provides further opportunities for parents to participate in their child’s education by:

  1. Providing suitable conditions for study. Students need a quiet place, with adequate equipment (table, chair) and lighting.
  2. Taking an active interest in the work set. Check the student planner (helping your children to use it systematically to record tasks to be done). Use the student planner as a means of communication between individual teachers and your home.
  3. Taking note of due dates (put them on your household calendar too) and see that the work is actually done.
  4. Getting to know your children’s work habits. Pace of work varies from person to person. Some students work better in the morning, others at night. Make allowances for these individual preferences.
  5. Helping your children to find a suitable balance between the time spent on school work, sport, entertainment, part-time job, household chores and other activities.
  6. Encouraging your household to work co-operatively. Parents and students need to realise each other’s needs and to work together to achieve family ambitions and goals.
  7. Students should be aware of the world around them so they should be encouraged to read widely, including the daily newspapers.


Winter Uniform Reminder

I would like remind students of their responsibility in relation to the uniform. The College expectation is that all students will be in the correct winter uniform and that this must be worn in the correct manner (shirts tucked in, ties done up properly) just as would be expected in any workplace. This also means no hoodies worn under or over your jumper. 

Our uniform is a very important part of the image we project of our College community and therefore I expect all students to wear their uniform correctly and with pride to, from and at school. I would ask parents to reinforce these expectations at home. 




Ms. Michelle Roberts






Important Dates


Friday 15

  • Student Free Day
  • Facilities Meeting

Monday 18

  • SMR Cross Country
  • Whole School Roll Over to Semester 2

Tuesday 19

  • Monash University VCE Enrichment Program Part 2
  • John Monash VCE Excursion

Wednesday 20

  • Yr 11 Product Design Technology/ Media Top Design Excursion

Thursday 21

  • World Challenge Fitness Session
  • VCE/VCAL Information Night: 

- Yr 9 at 6:30pm in the Learning Centre,

- Yr 9 SEAL at 6:30pm in the Glass House (Learning Centre)  

- Yr 10 at 7:00pm in Learning Centre

  • School Council Meeting

Friday 22

  • Yr 7 Group 1 7A, 7D, 7F, 7G Aquarium Excursion

Monday 25

  • World Challenge meeting - 1:15pm-1:45pm in the HUBSPACE
  • Yr 7 Group 2 7B, 7C, 7E, 7H Aquarium Excursion

Tuesday 26

  • Yr 8B, 8D, 8F, 8H Scienceworks Excursion
  • Yr 9 SEAL Elevate Skills Incursion Memory & Mnemonic

Thursday 28

  • Yr 8A, 8C, 8E, 8G Scienceworks Excursion

Friday 29

  • Last Day of Term 2 early dismissal 1:30pm
  • Senior Formal - 6:30pm at the Southern Golf Course

Student Awards                                                           

Student Values Awards

Personal Best - Work to the best of your ability. Pursue excellence, try hard and constantly seek to improve.

Integrity  - Be true to yourself by doing what is right. Be honest and trustworthy.

Respect  - Treat everyone with equal consideration. Be accepting of others and their differences.

Responsibility - Be accountable for your actions. Contribute positively to the school and wider community.


Congratulations to the following students who have displayed the College value Personal Best:


Mara Hallowell and Chanelle Cardente for their work while preparing for MEXPO.  The amount of effort, detail and care that went into their displays on Expo Day was exceptional. Their final products were very creative, professionally presented and showed a high level of understanding of their subject.


Laetitia Ah-Young - for her English assessments


Beth Holland - for working hard for her exams and producing excellent work.


Emily Jowett - for working diligently for exams.


Abi Claypole - for her great work ethic in class and being very conscientious in Communication class.



                                                                                                                         Lana Paten




School Photos Available

School Photos 


School Photos have arrived and will be distributed by teachers next week!

Thank you for your patience.

Careers News

Workshop opportunity

The following workshop run by Box Hill Institute may be of interest to students who are considering a career in the fashion industry. Please come and see me if you would like further details.

Jane Jamieson

Careers Coordinator

Fashion Designers 3-day workshop

Aimed at students in years 7-9, this workshop provides you with the opportunity to experience life

as a fashion designer. In this 3-day workshop you will also master fashion illustration, apply

design principles, use fabric manipulation and develop skills in pattern-making and garment 

construction. To do so, you will translate an original skirt design from an illustration into a

finished garment. This workshop will be taught by one of our experienced fashion design teachers.

Students successfully completing this 3-day workshop will be presented with a Certificate of

Participation in Fashion Illustration and Design Processes.


Day 1 Fashion Illustration: working with a fashion image and using a variety of mediums to

colour your fashion illustration.

Day 2 The Design Process: designing an original denim skirt.

Altering a skirt pattern for your original design.

Day 3 Constructing a denim skirt: fabric manipulation and garment construction for your

original denim skirt using industrial sewing machines and equipment.


3 Day: Monday 9 July to Wednesday 11 July, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Please see the link below for registration details and costs:

A Day in the Life of a Fashion Designer

Lunch will also be provided.

Please note this is a 3-day only workshop.


Please contact me should you require anything further.

Andrea Dimitriadis

Schools Relationship Coordinator


p: (03) 9286 9384 | e: [email protected]

Community News

Dobsons School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 2 2018

Monday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Private appointments are available on Wednesdays after shop hours. Please call 9587 0738 for an appointment.

Visit the new, improved website Click and Collect ordering now available.

Phone: 9587 0738

Located on the corner of the main building, near the staff car park.

Junior Joeys at Aspendale Scout Group


NAIDOC Children's Day


Aspendale Gardens Community Service


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