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19 July 2018
Issue 11, 19 July 2018
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From the Principal


“Jobs lost to automation…Universities looking to ATAR alternatives…Service sector jobs to grow…Mining sector skills shortages to return…”


Paraphrased from recent news bulletins, the above statements can, I am sure, contribute some uncertainty (and perhaps even confusion and concern) to family discussions, especially for those families whose young people are making course decisions across ASC’s different secondary school pathways and regarding university preferences.


Whether students are seeking further education or employment beyond ASC, we are keen for them to have choice and opportunity, and the sense of empowerment that can accompany that. However, society is in unprecedented territory in this regard and, as the media reports illustrate, and the rate of social and technological change accelerates, it can be a confusing and concerning environment in which to be making decisions.



As mentioned, our quest is to provide choice and balance for our diverse and non-selective student community, and to support each student in whatever endeavours s/he chooses.


Rather than an “either/or” model, it is an “and/and” approach…perhaps best summed up as “ATAR Plus”.


At ASC we have students pursuing six ATAR subjects from the beginning of Year 11 to the end of Year 12; we also have students taking four or five ATAR subjects, along with some Certificates, perhaps, and even simultaneously running their own enterprises, funded by their part-time employment; and we have other students doing a wholly General pathway course, some of whom have tertiary aspirations and some who do not…


Certainly, the vast majority of All Saints’ students are seeking the highest possible ATAR they can achieve in order to have choice and opportunity at the tertiary level. Some statistics from our Class of 2017 attest to this, with:

  • 7% of the eligible cohort achieving an ATAR of 99 or above;
  • 26% achieving an ATAR of 95 or above;
  • 46% achieving an ATAR of 90 or above,
    and so on.

Could we improve these statistics (that is, increase these percentages of the “eligible cohort”) and thus position ourselves higher in the “league tables” that the newspaper prints annually (in what is evidently and interestingly their highest-selling edition of the newspaper for the whole year)?


Yes, we could if we wanted to change our philosophy and only permit students achieving above a certain mark to study a certain subject, thereby reducing our “eligible cohort” and increasing the percentage of students achieving in the top percentiles.



If we were solely concerned with the College’s placement on the league table, then yes, it would be.


Morally and ethically? Each school makes its own choice about this but, at ASC, we don’t believe such preclusion is the right thing to do. While we are committed to optimising our students’ academic success – and obviously not facilitating their failure – we also believe that our students ought to be allowed to study subjects that they wish to study, subjects that they enjoy and for which they have a passion.


As a result, while we will always strive to do all we can to support our many, many very high-achieving ATAR students who win exhibitions and certificates of excellence, and while we will continue to counsel each student carefully, our philosophy also means we are here for those students for whom success isn’t measured entirely in that way.


Optimising our students’ ATARs is certainly a key priority for us, driving many ASC decisions.


Additionally, there are other factors to be taken into consideration as we strive to do all we can to ensure we are most effectively preparing our students for life beyond the College…



There is no doubt that the world of work is changing and that these changes are already impacting the lives of young people. They no longer face long-term employment with one employer, instead having to consider their careers through the lens of portfolios, projects, mobility and entrepreneurship.


On that, I am sure everyone has heard of the “gig economy” which our young people are increasingly facing: where they will need to “pitch” themselves against others in order to win a “professional gig” – a temporary job, or a sliver of a part-time contract – and, while they are fulfilling that contract, they will be simultaneously having to scan the horizon, getting ready to pitch for the next “gig”.


In an analysis of census data, McCrindle Demographers (Business Insider, 23 October 2017), confirm that “the gig economy is on the rise”, and this was certainly reiterated by Dr Jan Owen AM (CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians) when she met with our students and parents last term.


We know from leading international research (and demonstrated recently by ANU with the announcement of their new intake process that will directly affect Australia’s current Year 11 population – another example of an “ATAR Plus” approach) that whatever pathway or combination of pathways students may choose, in addition to achieving great grades or results, there is an increasing focus by the universities and employers (whose attention our young people need to attract) on a range of other experiences and skills (interpersonal and “21st century” skills).

It would be remiss, therefore, for any school not to be supporting their students by the provision of these opportunities and the development of these skills. And again, this isn’t about an “either/or” approach – “I can achieve a high ATAR or develop those essential EQ and 21st century skills / experiences” – it is an “and/and” approach:



Further relevant reading can be found in Jan Owen’s Foundation for Young Australians’ latest report, The New Work Reality, which you can read by clicking HERE.


At ASC, we really value our diversity and non-selective approach. In order to meet the needs of our microcosm of the world, we emphasise balance and choice, and we are committed to honouring and supporting as best we possibly can – through our many and varied carefully planned strategies – each student in his/her choices.


Ms Belinda Provis

Whole College

Whole College 

When a student is absent from school or required to leave the College during school hours due to illness, or other reasons, parents are required to contact the College on the following telephone numbers.
JUNIOR SCHOOL – (08) 9313 9334
SENIOR SCHOOL – Student Services direct line: (08) 9313 9302
Please note these numbers to ensure your call is dealt with in a speedy and efficient manner, ensuring all students are accounted for.



College groups and activities will be captured at the upcoming Columba Photography Days for inclusion in our yearbook.


All photographs will be taken in the College’s Dance Studio (Senior School) and Lower Theatre (Junior School/Senior School Music Groups), and will involve students in the Junior School (Years 2-6) and Senior School (Years 7-12).

  • Senior School Columba Photograph Day – Monday, 30 July.  To view a copy of the schedule please click HERE. Please note: Two photographs require Junior School students (Dance Concert, ASC Basketball Club). All students are required to wear their full formal winter uniform with a blazer (Years 5 - 12), jumper or cardigan  (Years 2 - 4).
  • Junior School Columba Photograph Day and Senior School Music Groups – Monday, 6 August. This schedule will be available on SEQTA Notices in Week 2 and in the next edition of the College Courier (published 2 Aug). Junior School photographs will involve students from Years 2 to 6. They are required to wear their full winter uniform for all photographs: blazer (Years 5 and 6 only), jumper or cardigan must be worn (Years 2 to 4).
  • Senior School Music Groups will be photographed on the morning of Monday, 6 August as they require more set up time. These Senior School students are required to wear their full winter uniform with a blazer for all photographs and if they are part of an instrumental ensemble they must bring their instrument. Please check SEQTA Notices in Week 2 and the next edition of the College Courier for a copy of this schedule.

A copy of the College uniform guidelines can be found HERE. For further information, please email Communications Manager, Miss Karyn Osmetti: [email protected] or phone (08) 9313 9341.



The first All Saints’ College Whole School photograph was taken in 1993 when there were just 850 students from Years 1 to 12. This tradition has continued every five years since, with the College capturing a photographic record of the entire College population for posterity.


Towards the end of Term 2, staff and students from Pre-K to Year 12 had their pictures taken at the College to create our sixth Whole School Photograph. These photos were taken individually and are being produced into a composite image of everybody.


There are only a limited number of pre-orders available for purchase. Click HERE to secure yours now before they sell out!



If you participated in The Dove Goes Global by taking a photo holding our College magazine somewhere exciting during the recent holiday break, please email high-resolution images and a description to: [email protected]

Junior School

From the Dean of Junior School

It was great to welcome our students and parents on Tuesday after the three-week holiday break and for them to join teachers for the Three-Way Interviews. Teaching staff were pleased with the mature manner in which the students approached the interviews, taking the opportunity to think carefully about their learning.



In the middle week of the July school holidays, 36 of our Year 6 students, accompanied by five College staff, travelled to Canberra for six exciting and information-packed days. Greeted by a frosty sub-zero degree first morning, the students embraced all that our nation’s capital has to offer, taking in a myriad of sites and locations throughout their stay. Students visited Parliament House, Old Parliament House, the Australian War Memorial, Government House, Questacon, Australian Institute of Sport, National Museum, National Gallery, Cockington Green and the National Capital Exhibition. On top of this, students took in Canberra from the iconic vantage points of Black Mountain (Telstra Tower), Mt Ainslie and Dairy Farmer’s Hill via the National Arboretum, and even found time to play in the snow for the day at Perisher Ski Resort.


All students were exemplary in their manner and behaviour and represented the College beautifully. I thank staff Miss Evline Berger, Mr Nic Christie, Mrs Lindy Done, Mr Kadir Mastan and Mrs Jill Westerman-Power for their time and energy while away on tour. Thanks also to parents and guardians for entrusting us with the care and welfare of their children whilst on this significant journey of independence and personal growth.



For all class groups the beginning of the term includes revisiting the class Code of Conduct to confirm the group’s culture and agreement of behaviour. As part of this, our College values are considered in the context of the group and the increased maturity the students have as the year has progressed. This is an important process in welcoming everyone back after the holidays and introducing new students to their class. A sense of belonging is crucial for every student for them to learn effectively and enjoy positive wellbeing. Our commitment to inclusion and the celebration of diversity of culture, gender, learning styles and abilities is recognised in each class charter.



We are looking forward to our second Wellbeing Day in the Junior School, which will take place on Friday, 17 August. Like last year, this will be a day in which students and staff participate in activities that promote and focus on how we can look after our wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. More details will be included in the Junior School email next week.



The Years 5 and 6 Grandparents and Friends’ Morning will take place Monday, 27 August. We are looking forward to warmly welcoming grandparents and friends to the College on this day; please make a note of this in your diaries! Further details for this event will be communicated to families very soon.


Ms Penelope Crane
Dean of Junior School



All Saints’ College Year 6 students Katie Biddulph and Anthony Prasad participated at this year’s IPSHA Speakers’ Challenge held at Scotch College on Wednesday, 27 June. Whilst they were not Challenge winners, they displayed fine public speaking skills and presented speeches of sincerity, depth and conviction, each receiving a bronze medal for their efforts. 


Congratulations to Anthony and Katie for having the courage to participate. We wish them well for their future public speaking activities and commend them for being fine ambassadors of the College.



Thanks to the craftsmanship of Maintenance staff member, Mr Mark Makepeace, our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students are now enjoying a new cubby house in their outdoor playground.



Senior School


At the end of Term 2, we farewelled our exchange students Anna Giovine (Year 11), Elisa Brocca (Year 12) and Camille Laporte (Year 10). Anna and Elisa joined us from Venice, Italy, through the goYonder organisation and stayed with us for Semester 1 and Term 2, respectively. Camille joined us from France for four weeks during Term 2.


All these girls added to our community while they were with us, and it was a joy for us to get to know them. They loved their time with their host families and at All Saints’ and were sad to leave. We wish them safe travels home and hope we can stay in touch.


A very big thank you is extended to the three host families whose generosity helped to ensure the girls had a wonderful time at the College and Perth. They were afforded many outstanding opportunities to make the most of their experience in Western Australia.


At the start of Term 3, we were delighted to welcome, also from Venice, Italy and through the goYonder organisation, Isotta Zanon Croze (Year 11) and Pietro Corezzola (Year 11). Isotta and Pietro will both stay with us for the whole term. Gaia Licini (Year 11) also joins us from Italy but through WAATI (Western Australian Association of Teachers of Italian). Gaia will be here with us for a few weeks during the term.



Applications for 2019 student leadership positions (Years 9 – 12) are now open.


Students in Years 8 – 11 who wish to make an application will find the relevant documents on our Portal at the following location:

Senior School/Pastoral Care/Leadership Forms/2019 Student Leadership Documents


Applications close on Tuesday, 24 July at 4.00pm.


Students should note a new position on the Student Council for a Year 12 student. Starting next year; the role of ‘Enterprise Captain’ will support and advance the College’s strategy to assist students and our community to become more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial.



Year 12 students are excused from Year 11/12 Sport on Tuesday afternoons after lunch during Term 3. This arrangement begins in Week 2, on Tuesday, 24 July.


This concession provides the perfect opportunity for Year 12 students to create some extra study time. Students are encouraged to make effective use of the time for long-term benefit.


If any student is unable to or does not wish to leave the grounds at this time, they are welcome to stay until the end of the school day and to make use of College resources.


Students who opt to remain at the College during Period 5 and 6 on Tuesday must ‘sign in’ at Student Services. This is so that we know who is on campus, should an evacuation, lockdown or some other similar event occur. If a student does not ‘sign in’, we must assume that person has left the College grounds.


Students who remain at the College to study should locate themselves in the Senior School Library. The usual expectations for a Directed Study session will apply – quiet, effective work. Use of the Library is possible by prior arrangement with Ms Cameron, who will check on the use of the Library at that time by other classes.


Because Year 12 students will not be involved in Sport in the afternoons in Term 3, they are required to wear their formal winter uniform to school on Tuesdays.



Parents are reminded that once having arrived at school, students are not permitted to then leave the College grounds without permission. On occasion this term, students have been seen in the morning before 8.30am walking away from the College, without their school bags, visiting local shops and then returning with junk food, sugary drinks, etc. Students place themselves outside the College’s Duty of Care when they choose to leave the grounds and potentially place themselves at risk.


The following statement is noted in SEQTA Documents under ‘ASC Policies and Protocols’:


Students are not permitted to leave the College grounds at any time during the school day without appropriate written permission/authorisation from a parent/guardian/staff member. Students who do leave the College grounds during the school day without permission place themselves outside of the College’s duty of care, and may be issued with a Saturday detention for doing so.


Please ensure that your children understand they must stay on the College grounds once they have arrived, even if school is yet to commence, and must not leave before the end of the school day without permission and without ‘signing out’ at Student Services.


Mr Steven Davies

Dean of Student Wellbeing



On Thursday, 14 – Friday, 15 June the Year 11 Outdoor Education students embarked on an overnight Navigation Expedition on the Bibbulmun Track, south of Perth.


Students worked hard all term to prepare themselves to lead and brief their peers, navigate their way through unknown and challenging environments, and work as a team to communicate effectively and demonstrate their leadership skills in the field. These skills will serve them throughout all they do at All Saints’ and in the community.


As the students were blessed with great weather, they were able to practise and improve many practical and soft skills throughout the expedition, bonding as a group and enjoying time in nature, away from the structure of day to day life.


It was wonderful to see all the students work together to achieve some great outcomes.



Year 10 Outdoor Education is designed to provide students with skills, knowledge and attitudes for safe outdoor participation and lifelong learning. The program begins with activities specifically designed to develop leadership, trust and communication in our students. This is followed by a kayaking unit where students learn a variety of skills in the classroom, at the Aquatic Centre and on the Swan River. It is designed to teach students the skills they will need for the end-of-year camp in Term 4.


In Term 2 we focused on mountain biking where students were taught a host of skills, both on and off campus. They were given responsibilities when we left campus grounds and the maturity they displayed was most impressive.


Term 3 will see students involved in a bush cooking unit, where they will learn and practise fire building, menu planning and cooking. The Year 10 Outdoor Education Program is a popular course which allows students the opportunity to get outside their comfort zone and learn a range of skills they can use now and in the future.


If you are interested in learning more about Outdoor Education at All Saints’ College, please talk with your Health and Physical Education teacher.



On Wednesday, 20 June, a select group of Year 9 Outdoor Education students competed at the Western Australian Champion Schools Orienteering held at Lake Leschenaultia. All of the students were outstanding representatives for All Saints’ College. This was highlighted by their performances and behaviour on what proved to be a challenging and successful day.


Year 9 students competed in pairs, navigating around a 3.5km course. Students used a variety of skills taught in Outdoor Education such as compass navigation, taking a bearing, thumbing the map and using prominent features on a map to help them complete the course as efficiently as possible. The following results are a pleasing reflection of the depth of students’ knowledge and their ability to apply it in pressurised outdoor environments.


The below results are those students that finished in the top 10 of their division.

We congratulate all of the students that participated on the day for their planning, preparation, effort, and support of the entire team. Their attitudes and performances on the day were very pleasing and we hope they can take away a lot from the experience.



The HotHouse Company

The HotHouse Company presents:


During the first week of the school holidays (25 – 29 June) the HotHouse Company welcomed Sydney Dance Company artists Natalie Ayton and Kate Grima-Farrell to a week-long residency at the College.


Natalie and Kate worked with a group of 25 elite dance students over five days, teaching them the Company's repertoire and running creative development and improvisation sessions inspired by Rafael Bonachela’s creative process.



Joyce Henderson from UK-based international touring theatre company, Complicité, has joined the HotHouse Company this week.


Joyce worked with a group of Drama students from different schools on devising and developing an original work on Monday, and then visited Edith Cowan University the following day to host a workshop with their current and former acting students.


On Wednesday, selected Years 10 and 11 Drama students at All Saints' College enjoyed learning more about movement, and over Thursday and Friday, Joyce will run sessions with teachers who are wanting to improve on their teaching of devised and physical theatre.



The 2018 All Saints’ College Dance Concert seeks to capture the moment of now. The concert strives to depict how our individual and collective memories and experiences from the past and our dreams, goals and aspirations for the future all help to create the present moment.


The concert will showcase all College dancers from Years 3 to 12 and includes works choreographed by professional artists, Old Saints and current All Saints’ students.


Please note the dates of when Junior School students will perform:

  • Wednesday night – 3/4 girls and 5/6 girls
  • Thursday night – 3/4 girls and boys
  • Friday night – boys and 5/6 girls

To book tickets for Presence, click HERE


What's On?

WANT TO PLAN FURTHER AHEAD? Click HERE to visit our 2018 College Calendar


Click HERE for more information about Playgroup

Click HERE to book your tickets for the 2018 All Saints' College Dance Concert, Presence


Sport & Physical Education


All Saints’ College recently hosted the inaugural Harmony Cup Football event in late Term 2, welcoming students from  Edmund Rice Centre WA to play in two football matches – a girls game and a boys game.


Edmund Rice Centre WA has a proud history and an ongoing commitment to assisting people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The aim of the Harmony Cup was to unite our communities and celebrate the diverse cultures of Australia, while also having fun on the sporting field.


The two matches were followed by a BBQ where students from all teams were able to interact and get to know one another. Thank you to the many All Saints’ College students who gave up their Saturday morning to play, officiate, cook the BBQ, take photographs or help with setting up and packing down.


It was a highly successful day and we are looking forward to working closely with the Edmund Rice Centre again in the coming years.



The Semester 1 Aquatic Studies Program was full of fun and education. The semester started with a series of team-building activities where students learnt the importance of leadership, communication, team work and cooperation. This was followed by our stand-up paddleboarding unit which saw us heading down to the Swan River to learn the skills and tricks of the fun activity. The weather was superb each week, with the sun shining and minimal wind. The students were even met by a friendly bunch of dolphins on a few of the sessions.


Following this, the students began their fishing unit, where they learned the theories and history behind fishing and how to fish in a series of practical lessons that finished with a filleting, scaling and cooking lesson. Although the weather was rather more wintry, the students had a great time and learned a lot.


In Semester 2, each student will have the chance to earn their Bronze Star (award prior to Bronze Medallion) and Skippers Ticket.


If you would like to find out more about the Year 9 Aquatic Studies unit in 2018 or in the future, please contact your Health and Physical Education teacher.



All Saints’ College students have had plenty of opportunities to play Australian Rules Football (AFL) during Term 2. Our First XVIII Girls’ Football Team play on a Tuesday afternoon in the Schoolgirls’ Cup, in the South division, and the girls had a great season. We had a variety of ages from Year 7 – 12 competing,  and special congratulations must go to our Captain and Term 2 College Colours (Football) recipient, Bell Clayton (Year 12), who led the team with enthusiasm and dedication.


Our Year 8/9 Boys footballers played their interschool competition on a Monday afternoon, and had a solid season, putting in some excellent performances. Thanks to all those boys who took part, and to Mr Brown and Mr Bondini who coached the boys each week.  


Our Year 7 boys played in a Lightning Carnival during Week 8 and acquitted themselves very well, showing they will be a strong force for the College in future years. The boys played the majority of the day with no interchange, but never gave up and put in a full effort throughout the day.


Our First XVIII Boys have had a sound season, being competitive in all matches they played. The boys have played hard, tough footy and we look forward to working with the Year 11 boys again in 2019.  


There is an opportunity for Years 7 – 9 girls to play in an interschool competition on Monday afternoons in Term 3. This is the second year that the WAFC Years 7 – 9 Competition has run. If any girls are interested in playing, please email Mr Beath: [email protected]


In early August the College will be taking both a male and a female Year 10 Football Team to a Lightning Carnival day to take on a host of other schools. If any students are interested in playing on this day and have not contacted Miss Greene yet, please do so as soon as possible: [email protected]


Parents, friends and family are more than welcome to come along on the day, and if anyone is free to act as a goal or boundary umpire, we’d love to hear from you.


The Year 8/9 girls will also have an opportunity to play in a one-day carnival at All Saints’ College in Term 4 on Friday, 26 October. More details will be emailed to eligible students closer to the day.


If you have any queries or for further information on AFL at the College, please contact the Sports Development Coordinator, Miss Rahni Greene on [email protected]


Mr Oliver Beath
Years 11/12 Coordinator & Health and Physical Education teacher



Since our very successful regatta on Saturday, 16 June, a small and tough group of rowers has been training consistently during the school holidays.


At the first regatta, the All Saints’ Rowing Squad competed in 15 different events across all ages and boat categories, coming away with three first, two second and four third placings.


Our Senior Mixed Quad, Year 10 Boys Double, Year 10 Boys Quad and Year 9 Girls Quad teams were all awarded medals in their respective categories on the day.


Our next competition is at Champion Lakes Regatta Centre on Saturday, 21 July. At this event, the second of four regattas, All Saints’ will be competing in 14 different boat and age categories. Best wishes to all competitors.


The final rowing event for this year will be the All Schools’ Championship Regatta at Champion Lakes on Saturday, 18 August 2018.


Mrs Jo Boserio

Rowing Coordinator



In preparation for the upcoming Interhouse Athletics Carnival, the Running Club will be providing fitness training throughout Term 3.


In Term 3, the Running Club will be held on Wednesday and Friday mornings. The first session of Term 3 will be Friday of Week 1, and the club will then continue throughout the entire term.


Make sure you book in a session once a week into your calendars and bring some friends with you to help build fitness and have fun!


For any enquiries or more information, please contact Miss Britt Gray on [email protected]

Success Stories

We are always pleased to acknowledge the successes of our students and would be delighted to hear of their achievements. Please email: [email protected]

Congratulations to the following students on their fine achievements.


The College congratulates Aidan Smith (Year 11) who has been selected as Australia’s sole representative for the 2018 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) World Championship in Orlando, Florida from  29 July – 1 August.


Congratulations to Austin Matthews (Year 8) who has been selected to sing in his first-ever opera during the West Australian Opera’s sold-out season of Carmen. The four performances of the opera are on 21, 24, 26 and 28 July at His Majesty’s Theatre.


Well done to Jacob Smith (Year 12) who is one of four students chosen to represent Australia at the International Olympiad for Informatics (IOI) held in Tsukuba, Japan from 1 – 8 September 2018.


Congratulations to Sienna Robinson (Year 7) and Sarah Van De Klashorst (Year 6) who have recently been selected for the 2018 School Sport WA (SSWA) Girls 12s Hockey Team. Sarah and Sienna will compete at the National Championships in Newcastle, NSW from 11 - 18 August.


Well done to Zoey Chia (Year 5) who received the following awards in the Fremantle Eisteddfod, held in May 2018:

  • Second Prize in Under 11 Piano Solo section.
  • Third Prize in Grade 8 Piano Solo section.

The College also congratulates Zoey for receiving the following Excellence Awards at the annual Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) Award Ceremony:

  • Obtaining a High Distinction (A+) in the AMEB seventh Grade Piano Practical Exam.
  • Achieving 99% in the AMEB third Grade Theory Exam.


Congratulations to Joanne Zheng (Year 8) who was recently selected as one of only six students to represent the state at the 2018 Val Nesbitt Trophy Badminton competition from 28 September – 4 October in Wharoonga, New South Wales. Joanne is ranked 41st in Australia across all badminton players.


The College congratulates all three of our All Saints' College Equestrian Team members, Emma Cumming (Year 11), Bianca Ettridge (Year 6) and Teagan Ettridge (Year 11), who were recently selected for the WA State Equestrian team to compete at the 2018 Australian Interschool Equestrian Championships from 1 – 5 October.


Due to various reasons, Teagan is unable to attend Nationals and so only  Bianca and Emma will be travelling to Victoria to participate in the competition later this year.


At Nationals, Emma has been selected to compete in the 105 Eventing and 110 Show Jumping categories, whilst Bianca will ride in the Primary CT 45cm and Dressage Novice divisions.

Service Learning

Empowering our students to see problems as opportunities


With Mr Timothy Russell’s move to the role of Dean of Student Wellbeing from Week 4, the College is seeking a replacement staff member to lead our growing and unique Service program.


This is a timely opportunity to review this mission-central role, as the whole area of Service at the College has evolved considerably since the position was created just a few years ago.


We can see how Service has grown in several important aspects, including: (a) the way in which issues of ethics and justice are being embedded across our curriculum (in the classroom and beyond), and (b) the outreach to new partners who are facilitating so many new and wonderful opportunities for our students.


Some of these partnerships are beyond ASC’s campus and some are within: in relation to the latter, Service is now finding natural synergies with some other portfolios that have been developed at the College in recent years – Propeller Enterprises, the HotHouse Company and Creative Industries, for instance.


And out of some of these synergies is emerging the next stage in ASC’s Service program’s evolution – Service Enterprise – as students are increasingly working creatively and innovatively to see societal problems as opportunities for innovation.


A current example of Service Enterprise that springs to mind is the work that Service and Creative Industries have been collaborating on in Semester 1, this year, which has seen some of our service partners – Nulsen Disability Services, The Salvation Army and so on – coming in to describe to our Year 8s the real-world problems they are facing in terms of meeting the needs of their clientele. Our Year 8s have then been applying their growing design-thinking / creative and critical thinking skills, over the course of the term, to create solutions to these problems which they then pitch back to the service providers for their consideration.


Voices is an example of the synergies between Service and the HotHouse Company, as you will be able to read in our forthcoming report on the recent visit to our two partner schools in the Kimberley.



To recognise this evolution in our Service program, we have decided on a slight change of title, giving this area of the College its own title: the role will be called Head of Catalyst, The Centre for Service and Social Enterprise.


Giving programs their own titles assists in a few ways: it obviously helps give the program a clear identity (and helps to distinguish it from other schools’ programs), it helps elevate its profile; and it can also serve a very practical purpose of assisting us as/when we seek grants to support our work in this domain.


I look forward to reporting to you on the outcome of this recruitment process for our inaugural leader of Catalyst who, working with all members of our community, will be seeking to drive social innovation and transformation, thus embodying All Saints’ mission and its vision to make a positive difference in the world.

Ms Belinda Provis


We have just returned from our third Teach Learn Grow program near Fitzroy Crossing, and are just about to launch into our fourth collaborative City to Surf with our partners at Nulsen Disability Services. Along with events such as Cooking for the Homeless, Connected³ Art Show, Red Shield Appeal and a host of others, these two events are strong marker points in the Service Learning calendar.


As these events continue to grow, I am always taken back to the common unity found when we join our heads, hearts and hands in care of others and rediscover its multiplying effect. It seems that when we bring factors together through Service, the result is never simply what we expect. Rather, we find a result far richer than each individual aspect. This is certainly true of our partnerships with the schools at Fitzroy Crossing and with our friends at Nulsen.


This year in Fitzroy Crossing we introduced two new aspects to our Teach Learn Grow program. Given the larger number of students keen to offer one-to-one tutoring to primary school students, we were able to begin a relationship with another school in the Fitzroy Valley – Muludja Remote Community School.


The other opportunity, our Voices program, was born from our ongoing relationship with the community that exists around Bayulu Remote Community School. This program saw two All Saints’ media students, Christian Rudd (Year 12) and Max Baldock (Year 11), gathering the stories of some significant community members, which were rich in relationship, land and culture.


As we were welcomed to these wonderful communities, the most profound part of the experience for all of us was the sense of purpose, meaning and belonging we found in each other. Our friends in the Fitzroy Valley shared their culture with us while we shared our care in the classroom with them, and we all shared our lives with each other. There was a sense of joy that none of us predicted or will ever forget. This sense of joy seemed to rise from nowhere, as a gift to us coming from the sharing of our lives and the opening of our hearts to each other, recognising we are far more the same than different.

In these moments when we grow closer to others, develop understanding and discover our common unity, we create joy. It was palpably present at the Connected³ Art exhibition launch for Nulsen, can be almost tasted at the Cooking for the Homeless days and is certain to be a highlight at the Nulsen Cocktail party later this year.


This year, we will once again be running in the City to Surf with our Nulsen team to raise money, but more importantly as an expression of our shared community. Residents and their carers, along with our Nulsen Youth Patrons, will run, walk and wheel the course together. We encourage any interested members of our community to join us on the day.


To register for our City to Surf team, please click HERE

To receive a 15% discount on your entry fee, use the following code: CHANULSEN


Mr Timothy Russell

Head of Service Learning

Propeller Enterprises


At the end of Term 2, the Year 6 cohort teamed up with Propeller Enterprises and a College parent for a ‘Wonderment and Awe with Bismuth’ workshop.


Mr Chris Woodland, a parent of a Year 10 student, shared his time, talents and current interest in Bismuth with the Year 6s across the afternoon.


Bismuth is known for its relatively low melting point of around 270 degrees and how it creates crystals in a range of colours, depending on the exact temperature, pouring speed, and other factors. Mr Woodland had the assistance of Year 10 students, Ayla Woodland and Sarah Birney, who worked to melt the Bismuth and keep it at liquid state so that he could demonstrate the surface cooling and crystal formation.


The workshop ended with each student having Bismuth (which represented treasure) poured into the clay tiles they had created in Religion and Philosophy class. All artworks will be on display at the College’s Art, Media, Design & Technologies’ Exhibition later this year.



Over three days in the second week of the school holidays,  All Saints’ College’s Propeller Enterprises, in partnership with Firetech Australia,  hosted a variety of innovative and creative tech workshops for students aged 6 to 17 years.


The young participants had a blast as they learned new skills in robotics, developing 3D games, coding, building and flying drones, and digital photography.

Learning Technologies


Grammarly is a free cross-platform editing tool and online workspace which assists with spelling and grammar.

Your personal Grammarly account can be created via the Grammarly Home Page.

Grammarly is compatible with Microsoft Edge & Office, Google Chrome and Android. For more information, please click the link to learn about Grammarly Compatibility for your device.


For more information please visit the Learning Support Assistive Technology webpage:

Seqta > Home > Learning Support > Assistive Technology

Or contact the Learning Support team:

Learning Support Coordinator

[email protected]

Education Assistant 

[email protected]

Microsoft Stream

I see many student projects that involve creating video content which is great! Having a camera and microphone in every device it is a powerful way to share our thinking and hence understanding. The downside is file sizes are often large and sharing files can be an issue. Microsoft Stream is like our own internal YouTube service. It provides a way students and staff can upload and share video content without needing to post the videos on a file server that is often hard to access when not at school. Additionally, you can create “Channels” of content and share videos with a specified group or individuals. Details here.

Mr Greg Port

Head of ICT Integration

Cocurricular Activities


CoderDojo is about encouraging creativity and having fun in a relaxed, social environment. Students (or Ninjas) will learn how to code and explore how coding is a force for change in the world.


A Dojo is not a class or workshop. There is no curriculum. Instead, Dojos offer open, free and unstructured club settings in which Ninjas can follow their own interests, meet like-minded people and develop self-directed learning habits with support from mentors.


What happens at a CoderDojo club?

  • During a Dojo session, Ninjas will have free time to work on their own digital projects, study online using resources from CoderDojo international, socialise with other like-minded young people and explore ways to collaborate.
  • If Ninjas have never coded before, mentors will help get them started on their own coding projects (typically a game, website etc).
  • If Ninjas already have something to work on, the Dojo offers a supportive environment where they can learn and advance their projects.
  • Instead of offering structured lessons, mentors encourage Ninjas to follow their curiosity, challenging them to improve their projects and to solve the problems that arise along the way. This helps Ninjas become self-directed, adaptive learners.
  • Ninjas are also encouraged to help each other.
  • During the session, mentors will dedicate some time for “Show Me the Code,” where they will present techniques relevant to the students’ projects.

Important Information:
-Every Monday afternoon from 3.30pm to 5.00pm
-Location: F4 Senior School Campus
-Ages: Years 7 – 12
-Equipment: Bring your laptop
-Registration: SEQTA/Senior Cocurricular/ Codo Dojo Coding Club with Murdoch University (Yrs 7 to 12) 

For more information please contact, Ms Carla Miragliotta via email:
Carla. [email protected]



On Saturday, 23 June, All Saints’ College hosted the RoboCup WA South Metro Competition with over 200 students, their mentors, teachers and parents coming from as far as Margaret River to attend.


All Saints’ College entered 10 teams in the Rescue Line and Maze categories and had a very successful day.


Well done to our Year 6 primary group The Rebels winning ‘The Golden Ticket’ to the State Competition in August. The team comprising Krishni Agarwal, Kerry Cao, Isabella Lansbury and Amber Thomson-Russell won by nearly 200 points!


Well done also to Thomas Fell-Smith and Rémi Hart (Year 10) whose team Benztomi finished in first place in Rescue Open category and Mason Morgillo (Year 11) and Jay Raffel (Year 11) placing third, whilst Joel Walkemeyer (Year 12) and Liam Levingston (Year 11), placed first in Resue Maze.

The ASC Robotics Club wishes to thank our many mentors and competition judges especially Mr David Musgrave who volunteers his time every Friday during the term plus Old Saints, Nick Dumas (2014), Noah Gliosca (2017), Christopher-Jack Andrew (2014), Aaron Musgrave (2013), Rohan Musgrave (2015), Pragash Murugesan (2016), Emma Thackwray (2013), Paul Thackwray (2015), Anthony Tufilli (2015) and Mark Shelton (2011).


Thank you also needs to go to our fabulous Robotics Club parents for mentoring, judging, time keeping, cooking our sausage sizzles, making tea and coffee, and supplying some amazing baked goods. 


The Robotics Club members are also grateful to Mr John Levingston who has tirelessly spent many hours constructing our maze competition, playing field and table-thank you. 


On 3 and 4 August, our qualifying teams will compete at the RoboCup Junior WA State Event at Curtin Stadium. 


For further information about the state competition, please click HERE

Holiday Programs

Vacation Care Program for children aged 3 - 12

Vacation Care enables students to participate in a vibrant and energetic recreational program that is both stimulating and enjoyable. The children feel comfortable and secure, and, most importantly, have fun as they take part in an engaging program that fosters creativity, curiosity and wellbeing.

Further information can be found by clicking HERE.


School Holiday Program for 9 - 17 Years

Is your 9 – 17 year old looking for something to do during the upcoming school holiday break? Why not have them join our exciting Holiday Program.
All activities are conducted by qualified and experienced coaches, staff members and suppliers.
Holiday Program Dates 2018:

Tuesday, 2 October - Thursday, 4 October
For further information email: [email protected] 

Click on the video below to view highlights from our July School Holiday Program




Next P&F Meeting: Wednesday, 1 August 2018. Commences at 7.00pm in the Boardroom (located next door to the Senior School Reception).

Wanju Café


Monday to Friday: 8.00am - 11.00am AND 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Did you know Wanju has a Facebook page? Click on the video above or HERE to learn more!​



Important Contact Details

Senior School - student absence, lateness, queries

Student Services (08) 9313 9302  (8.00am - 4.00pm - Term Time)


Junior School - student absence, lateness, queries

Junior School Reception (08) 9313 9334 (8.00am - 5.00pm - Term Time)


TSC - technical help desk, log on queries

TSC Help Desk  (08) 9313 9363 (7.00am - 5.00pm - Monday to Friday)


Accounts - pay school fees, tours/incidentals

Pay fees, tours/incidentals (08) 9313 9365 (8.30am - 4.30pm - Monday to Friday)

Queries on fees (08) 9313 9313 (8.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday)


Senior School Reception 

General enquiries (08) 9313 9333 (8.00am - 5.00pm - Daily)


Uniform Store

Uniform Store Manager - Michelle Read  (08) 9313 9301


Monday:  7.30am – 11.30am
Wednesday: 12.30pm – 5.30pm
Thursday: 12.30pm – 5.30pm
Friday: 7.30am – 2.00pm

Health Centre

(08) 9313 9326

Aquatic Centre

(08) 9313 9386


In the news

Channel 9 interviews Smith brothers ahead of representing Australia

Click on the video below to watch the Channel 9 news story about Jacob (Year 12) and Aidan (Year 11) Smith who have been selected to represent Australia in two international competitions.


Co3 dancers at All Saints' College

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