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24 June 2016
Term 2, 2016
Indigenous Reconnect Program
ANZAC Day Assembly
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Athletics Carnival
Samoan Language Week
YAC Grants and Awards 2016
Multicultural Youth Leadership
Refugee Week
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Indigenous Reconnect Program

Indigenous Reconnect Program

Staughton College has been fortunate to be part of the Indigenous Reconnect Program, facilitated by the Western Suburbs Indigenous Gathering Place Association.


The program ran at the school over a three-week period, and included our students from Years 7 – 9.

Over the six sessions, students reconnected with their heritage. They took part in a vast array of activities, which included Aboriginal history; symbol painting, storytelling and dance, and the boys tried their skill at playing the didgeridoo.

Students enjoyed the experience of connecting with each other, learning more about their history and all the activities. 



Learning Support Manager


ANZAC Day Assembly

Understanding ANZAC Day

On Friday, the 22nd of April, students and staff at Staughton College attended the ANZAC Day Assembly. This is an important occasion, held to commemorate the men and women who have served in our Armed Forces, those who have sacrificed for our freedom and way of life.


What is ANZAC Day? 

ANZAC Day – the 25th of April – is probably Australia's most important national occasion. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The soldiers in those forces quickly became known as ANZACs, and the pride they soon took in that name endures to this day. 


What does it mean today?

Australians recognise the 25th of April as an occasion of national commemoration. Commemorative ceremonies are held at war memorials around the country at dawn – the time of the original landings. To commemorate ANZAC Day and reflect on the meaning of war and sacrifice, students and staff are also invited to display and be photographed wearing any service medals belonging to their family. 


On Friday, the 22nd of April, we had a whole school assembly where we were able to pay our respects to those who have fought for our country. It was a wonderful way for us as College Captains to voice the importance that such a day holds in our country and community. 



College Captain


Monday, the 25th of April, holds a very special place in my heart. It’s a day where I can give thanks to those who have fought for our country and remember those who didn’t make it home. This year the date marked 100 years of the RSL and fifty years since the landing at Long Tan, during the Vietnam War.


My grandfather (Raymond Pollock) is a Vietnam Veteran who was lucky enough to make it home. This is a very special day for him, as he gets to celebrate and remember his successful journey and remember those he was with. Maggie, Mert and I were lucky enough to stand by his side during the Melton march, which the Vietnam Veterans led. Zac was also marching with his Scouts group. 


Maggie, Mert, Zac and I were at the Dawn and Morning Services in Melton, along with Mr Lord, to lay a wreath in memory of those who are still battling over in Afghanistan and Iraq and to those who have fought for our country. 



College Captain

EAL Morning Tea

CDW Celebration

On Wednesday, the 4th of May, the EAL team held a morning tea to thank all the people behind the successful Cultural Diversity Week in term 1.  We were joined by the students who performed traditional dances and songs, the models who paraded in cultural clothes, the chefs who prepared sumptuous authentic cuisine from around the world, the teachers, and the production team behind the stage.


When asked what was the best part of Cultural Diversity Week, the students responded:


  • The teamwork and effort everyone had initiated.
  • Modelling with some great people and showing who I truly am.
  • [It] brings everyone together.
  • Everything and everyone working together and all performances and the teachers hard work.
  • The best part of Diversity Week was cooking all the multicultural foods.
  • Getting to know everybody’s culture and learning about the traditions, while I was making the PowerPoint.
  • The best thing about it was that we get to all work, and dance together and plus tasting different kinds of food.

Athletics Carnival

Athletics Carnival

What a wonderful day we witnessed for what was a very successful Inter House Athletics Carnival last Friday. The enthusiasm and participation from our students was simply outstanding and has been widely commented on by various staff and parents. 


On Friday the 29th of May, Staughton students once again made the journey to Werribee to compete in the annual Athletics carnival. Despite the horrible weather all week, the sun came out for our determined students who came in their droves to support their houses.


Students took part in many field and track events and again there was a competitive spirit among the different Houses as the House Captains frantically ensured that each House was well represented in all the events. Congratulations to Lorna Mclory and Paul James for taking Kitson to victory.

Final tally was as follows:

Kitson (Green) – 3349points

Watts (Red) – 2894points

Cotterell (Yellow) – 2849points


Individual Age Group Champions will be placed on the College website after they have been formally announced to the students at the next school assembly.

Many thanks need to go to the staff who braved the chilly conditions to run various events on the day and to the many staff who came early to the track to set up equipment before students arrived. It is a very large day to organise and to have many staff and students all involved in organising the event it does make for a smooth day!



A huge thank you to the VCAL students for putting together yet another amazing BBQ and Lauren Moore for organising some live music to entertain us on the day.


Students will be notified as to whether or not they have progressed to the next round of Athletics in Term 3.



Sports Coordinator

Samoan Language Week


The EAL and Instrumental Music Team proudly brought the Samoan Language Week celebrations from the Ministry for Pacific Peoples, New Zealand to Staughton College!


This year's theme was "Birds migrate to environments where they survive and thrive". Our lives are enriched every day by the presence of the beautiful Samoan culture at our college, and we celebrated this with a lunch time concert on the 3rd of June, 2016. 


Cultural Captain Nyibol Atoc co-hosted with Celine Aiulu, with a fantastic partnership of Samoan directly translated to English.


Lily Taulamago, Rosanna Faaola, and Adoralyn Papalii Seu were joined by the Samoan girls to sing “Liliu Le Taimi”. Roughly translated, means, “Times Are Changing”.


Lily and older sister Grace sang “Samoa Matalasi” or “Samoa’s Finest”.

Halina Tavita Alama, Jazmine Tuilau and Justine Aiulu sang “Uo Moni”.


Christine Papalii Seu sang “Eye on the Sparrow” with voice teacher Cody Bell.  She then sang “Tu I Luga”, roughly translated, means “Stand Up”.

And last but not least, Grace was accompanied by Ferinna Maua and Maua Faaola to dance to “O Oe Ole Toa” or “You Are The Strength”.

Everyone did a fantastic job, and the weather was lovely.  Massive thanks to Ms. Lauren Moore and Mr. Will Cachia for all the support.


In case you missed it, don’t you worry!  The Cultural Family Picnic is scheduled for the 13th of OctoberSave the date!

YAC Grants and Awards 2016

YAC Grants and Awards Night

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Grants and Awards Night was held last Friday, the 3rd of June at the Melton Youth Centre.  With Mayor Cr Kathy Majdlik and fellow councilmen in tow, it was a fantastic night to celebrate today’s determined and talented youth.  This year, several students received grants and an award.


Congratulations to Kyal Jarrett (Sports), Kali Joyce, and Henry Lal Din Mawi (Arts/Music) for receiving grants to support them in their chosen interests.


A round of applause must also go out to Susan Tinilau for her speech on Road Trauma Support Services.  She was composed, professional, and did an excellent job!


We are especially proud of our Cultural Captain, Nyibol Atoc, for winning a youth leadership award for cultural diversity.  Her teachers Ms. Sarah-Jane Woodward and Ms. Sarah McLachlan were more than happy to be her referees for the nomination, as Nyibol embodies everything that we hope our students would be.  She is an ambassador of humility, kindness, perseverance, wisdom and heart.  We know there are great things in store for her future!


There were wonderful performances to be enjoyed from the dance group called Multination, singer/song writer/guitarist Kiana Prewett, and guitarist extraordinaire Adrian.


Present to support the students were Mr. David Lord, Ms. Tanele Spiteri and yours truly.

Multicultural Youth Leadership

CMY Short Burst Training

The Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) is a Victorian not-for-profit organisation supporting young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to build better lives in Australia.  Recently, CMY came to Staughton College to deliver their Short Burst Training for Leadership and Team Building.


Year 9 and 10 students from a CALD background were chosen to join this two day workshop: Andrea Kakuca (9.1), Bethany Pamintuan (9.2), Alani Apineru (9.2), Fahad Moidy (9.3), Sakir Nawaz (9.4), Stacey Tulaga (9.4), Ian Pilapil (9.7), Freedom Moeau (9.7), Fourlove Sein (9.7), Lily Taulamago (10.1), Prabh Samraz (10.1), Aster Mersha (10.1), Justin Aiulu (10.5), Natasha Aumau (10.6), and Deborah Maua (10.6).  The end goal is for these students to help organise and facilitate more activities in school to promote cultural diversity and responsiveness.


The topics and activities aimed to teach them about leadership styles, roles and qualities, how to identify barriers to leadership and ways to overcome them, diversity and participation, group decision making, and conflict resolution.

When asked what she thought about the workshops and the facilitator Tizita Yohannes and assistant Nyayoud, Aster said that, “It’s actually good. I liked that they were young and they could relate. They made it fun.  With the plane game, she was really good. She told us to get the plane to the other side of the room, but we didn’t listen carefully.  We thought ultimately, to fly it, because it was a plane, you know?  If you listened carefully, you might get it right. We were meant to walk across the room with the plane in our hands”.


One activity that Mr. David Lord was able to witness was a discussion on their opinions about certain topics.  When given the statement, “Sometimes you need to get physical to solve problems”, Aster said, “Words are more powerful than punches. If we fight, other people who are not strong would just get hurt if they were defending themselves from being bullied. If we work all of us together, we wouldn’t have to resolve that by fighting.”



Refugee Week

With Courage Let Us All Combine

On the 22nd of June, the Melton City Council held a Refugee Week celebration at the Melton Community Hall.


Sakir Nawaz (9.4), Sharie May Castillo (11.4), Christine Papalii Seu (11.4) and John Riak (11.5) were accompanied by Ms. Felicity Hemiak, the EAL Coordinator, and Ms. Yvette Medina.


Several speakers were present to share their amazing refugee stories.  First was Mr. Abdi Aden, the author of 'Shining - The Story of a Lucky Man'.  He came and spoke to our Year 8 cohort several months ago.


You may also know of him from the documentary 'Go Back to Where You Came From'.




The second speaker was Ms. Samia Khochaba, a Syrian refugee.  And last but not least was Ms. Mahshid Bazartabi, an asylum seeker from Iran.


When asked about what they thought of the speakers and their stories,  Christine said, "It was inspirational for everyone who feels left out."


John said, "It was eye opening and educational".


Sakir said, "It was for everyone (not just refugees)".


Christine spoke highly of Ms. Khochaba, who had left a 15 year career as a lawyer, and how she has reinvented her life here in Australia.  Sharie added,  "Often, we don't want to go out of our comfort zone. And I think it's really brave of her... doing that."  Everyone agreed that she was brave to be so confident.


John had an opportunity to speak to  Mr. Aden. "Abdi's kind of like me. He was alone in Australia coming here. And when he told me what motivated him, it got to me."


Mr. Aden told John that , "...he's got nothing to lose." 

Tutorial Group News

Literacy Planet

Congratulations to Rose Mary Lauchai (7.5), Ro Da Thangaw (8.2) and Harnaaz Kaur (7.2) for coming in 1st, 2nd and 4th respectively in the recent Literacy Planet competition that ran during Term 2 tutorial groups.


We caught up with Mr. Ben Cork, the Literacy Coordinator, to find out more about the program.


When asked to tell us more about Literacy Planet, Mr. Cork said that, "it is a games based software program which looks at reinforcing the core conventions of literacy. Things like sentence starters, word endings, word blends, grammar, punctuation, and that kind of thing.


Literacy Planet works really well for all students, but especially EAL students because it's not necessarily culturally contextual. It's just looking at words and structures, so you can do it from wherever you're from.  


It's got lots of support; (like) when you read a book, for example, you can push a button and it will tell you what a word means. It adjusts and adapts to all sorts of levels, which is great for EAL because you have quite a broad range in there.


They can learn at their own pace... and they seem to really enjoy it.  It was fantastic that they really got engaged with it, and I believe that some kids even took it home to practice on it.  I was really, really happy to be able to say that the top student in the whole school is an EAL student."


The students received certificates as well as boxes of chocolate to celebrate their triumphs.  Good job, girls! We're very proud of the effort you've put into your work! 


Sapasui (Chop Suey)

To further celebrate Samoan Language Week, here are some traditional recipes for authentic Samoan food!


500g blade steak, sliced into strips

1 large onion, diced

8 cloves garlic, diced

50g ginger, diced

100g bean vermicelli noodles 

750mls to1 litre water

100mls dark soy sauce

100mls peanut oil

2 cups mixed vegetables

salt and pepper to taste



1) Put water in bowl and soak vermicelli for 1/2 an hour. Then cut with scissors when vermicelli is soft along the middle and corners.

2) Heat oil on high.  When sizzling, fry garlic and ginger till about to turn brown.

3) Add onion, cook till clear. 

4) Add meat and fry till cooked, then add half of soy sauce and cook for about two minutes.

5)  Add vermicelli and mix vegetables.  Stir well and simmer for 5 minutes or until vermicelli is clear on low heat.


Adapted from:  


(Sweet Coconut Buns)


1 package (or 2 ¼ tsp) active dry yeast
1 cup (240ml) warm water
¼ cup (50g) sugar
½ teaspoon salt
1 egg, lightly beaten
2 tablespoons (30ml) vegetable oil
2½ - 3 cups (313-475g) all-purpose flour or bread flour



1) Put the yeast and water in a large bowl and leave for 10 minutes.

2) Add all the rest of the ingredients and mix to form a soft dough.

3) Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and knead for 10 to 20 minutes or until dough is smooth and elastic.

4) Place the dough in a lightly greased bowl, cover and leave to double in volume.  

5) Punch the dough down and turn out onto a lightly floured surace. Shape the buns and place in a un ungreased baking tin. Cover and leave to rise until almost doubled.

6) Preheat ove to 190 degrees C, and make your coconut sauce.




½ can (200ml) canned or fresh coconut milk
½ can (200ml) water
½ cup (100g) sugar



1) Combine all ingredients well.

2) When the buns have doubled in size, pour the sauce over them. Bake fore 25-30 minutes or until golden brown and the sauce is bubbling up around the edges.

3) Let cool for at least a half hour before cutting into them.



Source: http://www.samoafood.com/2010/06/panipopo-sweet-coconut-buns.html

What's Next?

Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences are schedule for the 10th of August. Save the date!

Teenage Holiday Program

For more information, please contact Jaime Villareal at Melton Youth Services on 9747 5382 or 0412 617 304.


29 June, Tuesday

Gold Class & Shopping

Cost: $20

Movie title: WarcraftPopcorn, drink and choctop provided during the movie.

Pick-up: 9am

Drop-off: 5:00pm


1 July, Friday

Ice Skating at O'Brien Group Arena (Icehouse)

Cost: $10

Pick-up: 11:45am

Drop-off: 6:00pm


4 July, Monday

Fun City

Cost: $20

3 hours of activities + 1 Go Kart

Pick-up: 9:30am

Drop-off: 4:00pm


July 6, Wednesday

Ballarat Wildlife Park

Cost: $10

Pick-up: 10:45am

Drop-off: 6:00pm


7 July, Thursday


Cost: $10

Pick-up: 9:25am

Drop-off: 3:30pm


8 July, Friday

Magic Workshop at Melbourne Art Centre

Cost: $15

Pick-up: 8:45am

Drop-off: 4:00pm


Pick up in Melton is at the Youth Services on 193 Barries Road. Please not that all events are BYO lunch or money.

Cultural Family Picnic

Save the date! We're all set for the 13th of October.  Join us as we celebrate the diversity of our college and the success of our students for the 2016 school year.

From 3:30-6:00 pm, enjoy performances, great food and join games with staff and students!


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