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04 August 2016
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Traralgon College
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College Princpal's Report

Mrs Sue Coffey
College Principal


Already we are approaching the middle of term 3,  and for our senior students this is rather daunting and there always seems to be so much work to get through and so little time. The Senior Campus are preparing for Parent Teacher Student Conferences and l would really encourage as many parents and students as possible to attend. This is an excellent time for checking in and seeing how your child’s learning is progressing and the right time for the student to accept that they might need to put in that extra bit of effort to achieve their desired results. The teachers will provide advice on what each student needs to do to improve their learning outcomes and its always beneficial if the parents know what their child needs to be doing. The “I don’t have any homework” line might need challenging.  


Congratulations to the Wakakirri team, again Traralgon College has been awarded the Friendliest School Award and we await to see if they progress to the finals. l believe the announcement is still a couple of weeks away. The work that the students, staff and parents do for this amazing performance is outstanding. The commitment and enthusiasm of all involved is what generates the excellent results, Toni Callander writes the script and then her team work tirelessly to create costumes, design the set and choreograph the moves and our very talented students practice hard and pull it all together. Hopefully we will get to see it again at the Grand Final.


The Year 11 students are practising their dance moves in preparation for the Deb Balls which will be held in the first week of September. If you haven’t purchased your tickets you should do so quickly before numbers are finalised. Also students who are travelling to Central Australia at the end of term are reminded that full payment needs to be made to the office

Junior Campus Principal's Report

Mr Michael Shone
Campus Principal

Term 3 is a busy term and during this term, Year 7 , 8 and 9 students will be asked to make an important set of decisions – their preferences for 2017 Year 8, 9 and 10 elective subjects. This year’s Year 7 and 8 students will complete their elective subject preferences on a hard copy Course Selection Sheet. Students will be taken through the process for selecting their preferences by their Advisory teacher and will use either the Year 8 or Year 9 Electives Handbook 2017 to help complete this process. 2016 Year 9 students will complete the 2017 Year 10 course selection process using the ‘Web Preferences’ online software. Each student will receive an individual login and password and Advisory teachers will take students through this process, including a detailed guide on how to complete the web preferences process. Parents are encouraged to discuss these selections with their children and attached are the Course Handbooks for 2017 Year 8, 9 and 10.



In Term 3 many students have the opportunity to deepen their learning through a range of extra-curricular activities this term. Our teachers continue to organise a ranges of varied learning experiences that reinforce and deepen learning within and outside of the classroom, and I have reflected on a number of these occurring at each year level during this term:


Year 7

Cultural Tour to Melbourne – All Year 7 students have the opportunity to travel to Melbourne to visit the Chinese Museum where they will learn about Chinese customs, traditional Chinese clothing such as clothes for wedding ceremony, what early Chinese gold diggers' life was like and some facts about famous Chinese-Australians. Students will learn about the Han Dynasty and how it influenced Chinese civilisation. A lunch at an authentic Chinese restaurant will also be part of the tour. 7A, 7B, 7C and 7D students are going on 19th August and 7E, 7F, 7G and 7H are going on 12th August - payment and consent can now be made online via compass.


Year 8

Like Minds Sovereign Hill Camp – On 19th to 20th July the Year 8 Like Minds students visited Sovereign Hill in Ballarat to learn about early Chinese culture in Australia. Sovereign Hill has a Chinese camp and a model of a temple the early Chinese gold diggers used, and students learnt about what early Chinese gold diggers lives were like. As part of the camp, students translated the camp information from Chinese to English. After the event, students wrote a short essay about their camp experience, highlighting their favourite part of the camp and give reasons using Chinese phrases learnt in LOTE class.


Year 8 Olympic Day – On Tuesday August 16th all Year 8 students will participate in a special Olympic themed program. The day will be divided up into six sessions and each session will include a different curriculum area with an activity based on that subject. The students will have the opportunity to earn points for their form group. The aim is to to engage students with current events (the Olympics) while practicing their skills in core subjects and electives in a way that is both fun and educational.


Year 9

Year 9 Forensic Science - On Tuesday August 16th students in the Forensic Science elective will travel to Melbourne to participate in a 2 hour CSI Forensic Workshop. The program introduces students to the role of forensic science in police investigations. They will learn about the different scientific techniques commonly used to investigate and solve crimes. Students will discuss Australian cases where forensic techniques were crucial to the police investigation. Students will examine a mock crime scene and forensic evidence in an attempt to solve the crime.

Victorian Young Leaders to China (VYLC) & the School for Student Leadership (SSL) - In Term 4 this year eight students from Year 9 will travel to China for 6 weeks through one of these two separate programs. This Term Year 9 Assistant Year Level Leaders Sharon Taylor and Sally Kardash are currently working with the students and parents in preparation for this exciting opportunity. Students are meeting regularly with either Sharon or Sally over the coming weeks to finalise preparations. Students on the VYLC program will attend a pre-departure camp in Melbourne on 27th-28th August and parents of these students were invited to an information session at the school on Thursday 4th August. Students on the SSL program will spend 3 weeks at the start of next term at a residential leadership cam in Glenormiston before leaving for China.


All Year Levels

Australian Mathematics Competition - On Thursday July 28th all Year 7, 8 and 9 students had the opportunity to participate in the Australian Mathematics competition. This annual event is run by the Australian Mathematics Trust and is the world's largest mathematics competition. All students who participate receive a certificate of participation stating their achievement. Students completed a paper test at and have the option to access online training. The school provided some subsidy towards the cost of this activity. Students will sit the test during school time under strict exam conditions. High achievers will receive relevant certificates and will be recognised at the first Campus Assembly in Term 4.

Wakakirri – Wakakirri is a state-wide competition in which students from schools compete by telling a story through a dance performance. Our team of 60 students has bene rehearsing since the start of term 1 and On Monday 1st August I was fortunate to attend the Wakakirri heat performance in Frankston. Through a student choreographed and led dance, our team explored the notion of diversity and acceptance. Their performance was outstanding and widely applauded by the judges – congratulations to all the student performers and backstage crew and a big thankyou to the school staff and fantastic parent volunteers that made it possible.

Senior Campus Principal's Report

Ms Nicole Pryor
Acting Campus Principal


It is a pleasure to be at Traralgon College Senior Campus for the rest of this term as Acting Campus Principal. This is a fantastic school for the local community and I have been impressed with the passion and dedication of the teachers and the friendliness and curiousity of the students. I look forward to working with everyone over these next few weeks.


Course Counselling

Term three is a busy time for senior students. Course counselling is taking place and course selections for year 10s moving into year 11, are well underway along with counselling for year 11 and 12 students for subjects, VTAC preferences and pathways after-school. There are notices on COMPASS for students and parents about dates and support available. The teaching team ran a successful Student-Parent Information evening last Thursday, which was well attended and there were a lot of interesting conversations between students and parents about choices.


Learning Experiences

Our year 12 English students attended the Bob Hillman Lecture on Tuesday and by all accounts this was an interesting lecture from a highly experienced educator providing them with an excellent opportunity to enhance their studies.


The Outdoor Education students have been in the snow these last three days and I am sure they have enjoyed some sunny weather and a fun but educational experience.

The Wakakiri performance was on Monday in Melbourne and all reports were that the students were outstanding. I congratulate them and their teachers and support crew on a fantastic initiative plus their hard work and dedication to developing their performance.


Students also had the opportunity to attend the Youth Sustainability Summit at Federation University last week and have brought back some great ideas to implement in the school to help this campus become more environmentally friendly. We look forward to seeing these initiatives put in place by the students.


Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

These will take place on Thursday 11th August between 2pm-4pm and 5pm-7.30pm. Bookings can be made on Compass and I encourage all parents and guardians to take this opportunity to check-in with their child’s learning and progress. It is with all of us working together that our students have the most success.


Coming Up

Year 11 Psychology trip to Amaze’n’Things in Phillip Island this Friday where students will get to practically look at their studies around perceptions and senses.


The Debutante  Ball is drawing near and the excitement is growing for what is sure to be an exciting night. Tickets are now on sale for the two nights on 31 August and 1 September, contact the Senior Campus Office to purchase tickets.

Senior Campus News

'Medea' Excursion
29 July 2016

Blake Fitzgerald, 11C


Our day began when we all met at the Traralgon train station around 9am and made our departure for Dandenong shortly after. After we arrived in Dandenong, we still had some spare time before the production began so we all split into small groups and explored the plaza there to fill in some time. At around 12:30 we, as well as the other schools also attending the play, filed into the medium-sized theatre where we saw the iconic backdrop piece of ‘Medea’ and awaited the beginning of the play.

Before the play started, we received a brief introduction where we learned the play’s lead had fallen ill, yet still had the dedication to play her lead role as Medea. She, as well as all the actors, duly brought the play to life, showcasing the emotions of the play’s characters in ways far superior than what a class reading would achieve. The lead actor in particular did a fantastic job of incorporating her flu into her character to add to the grief-struck character she was playing; there was not a time during the play where the flu took anything away from her performance.


After a blood-curling child’s scream and the play’s finale, it was time to head back to the train station and home again, arriving just after 6pm. Overall the day was fantastic and we are all appreciative of everyone who allowed us the opportunity to see ‘Medea’ live and spend the day in Dandenong.

Youth Sustainability Forum

Jorja Hartley, 10F

On the 28th and 29th of July. 11 students from Traralgon College went to Federation University Churchill for a Youth Sustainability Summit. The summit was two days long where different schools from around Latrobe Valley came together to talk about Climate Change.


We all came together to make plans to better schools around the valley so kids can have a safe and improved future. It was amazing to see how many students from the Valley cared and wanted to make a change for the good.


We started off by getting to know people. Then we shared ideas and talked about sustainability. With each school they got a AYCC buddy to help them improve their school. Our buddy was Michael Slot. He is helping us improve our school. Such as getting worm farms for cooking waste at our school, eventually getting solar panels so we can save energy and build new and great gardens in the school.


We really enjoyed this experience and hope we can visit and come together again next year. We encourage you very much to join in and help us.

CreatIF Program Excursion

Mr Aden Wyers, Program Coordinator


Last Tuesday Mr Wyers and 4 Year 10 Students from the year 10 ‘CreatIF… program – Anthony Forth, Cantique  James, Liv Howlett and Logan Alexander visited a network meeting of the ‘Paradigm Shifters’ program at Templestowe College. Leading up to the visit, our students led by Jack Hita, prepared a video showing what our school is doing, which the 4 students presented to the large audience of teachers and students.


The CreatIF… program at Traralgon has given students the opportunity to identify an area of learning they are passionate in, choose an entrepreneurial project to apply their skills to, and make decisions about which classes they would like to study, and which they do not. It is based on the idea that successful people today and in the future are exceptional at a few things and less good at others, rather than average at many things. To become exceptional the key factor is practice time, meaning some things will need to be left out to provide this time. The jobs that exist now are unlikely to provide long term, stable careers in the future so it is important for young people to learn to become ‘entrepreneurs’ – understanding the needs of others and using their skills to meet these needs.


Our visit to Templestowe allowed us to see what 12 other Victorian Schools were doing to use these ideas of student control and entrepreneurship. Templstowe College is a lot further down this road and the students and teachers noticed a number of things that either excited us or challenged our thinking, including:

  • After ‘entry year’ (Year 7), any student can choose any subject offered at the school.
  • Many classes work on a ‘workshop’ idea. We met an art student who was working on a painting she had been doing for the whole year – the teacher offered a workshop once a fortnight which was voluntary to attend and the rest of the time was spent on her painting.
  • Many students are involved in for profit enterprises or paid by the school to work. We saw animal exhibitions that students run, artworks purchased from students to decorate the school, a café run by students who hire other students to work, and senior students tutoring junior students.
  • Each new staff member needs to do two interviews – one with staff, and a second one with students!


To find out more feel free to watch this TEDx talk from Templestowe Principal Peter Hutton.



High Tea College Fundraiser

Join us for High Tea!


The College is hosting an afternoon tea to raise funds to assist students of Traralgon College who are in need.


Date:  Sunday 14 August 2016

Time: 3 pm

Place: Victoria Rose Tea Room, 42 Prince Street, Rosedale

Cost: $30.00 per person (Gluten Free too!)


If interested, please email [email protected] 

or text/call 0409 433675


Teen Mental Health First Aid

Mrs Pam Odgers
College Council Member and Parent


Earlier this year I had the good fortune to attend the Youth Mental Health First Aid program offered at Traralgon College, and held in the Library of the Junior Campus over 4 evenings during April and May. The program was designed for adults working or living with adolescents between 12 and 18 years of age, and covered areas of youth mental health including: Depression; Anxiety; Eating Disorders; Psychosis; and Substance use, and included a useful action plan acronym ALGEE, which we all became very familiar with as a framework to apply our new knowledge.

According to the training organisation, Mental Health First Aid, the purpose of the program is to provide members of the community with:

  • Skills in how to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health problems;
  • Knowledge of the possible causes or risk factors for these mental health problems;
  • Awareness of the evidenced based medical, psychological and alternative treatments available;
  • Skills in how to give appropriate initial help and support someone experiencing a mental health problem;
  • Skills in how to take appropriate action if a crisis situation arises involving suicidal behaviour, panic attack, stress reaction to trauma, overdose or threatening psychotic behaviour.

I feel the program was of great benefit and has already been useful in my dealings with younger people. It was also a nice way to meet other parents and staff associated with the school.

The presenter Susanne was very experienced in her field and delivered the information in an interesting and clear manner, with course material that included interactive discussion and video presentations. Approximately twenty parents and school staff attended the program, which also offered the opportunity to achieve a certificate of Youth mental Health First Aid via an online assessment for those who were interested. All in all, I found the course very worthwhile and would highly recommend it to anyone else who works or lives with young people.
Pam Odgers
You can find more information about this course and others by visiting

School Bus Management System

Important News for Bus Travellers


Mrs Carolyn Brent, Bus Coordinator

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and the Department of Education and Training (DET) have reviewed the administrative system of the School Bus Program in order to streamline and improve the process for parents and students.


A new online School Bus Management System for school bus applications, centralised and undertaken by PTV, will soon be introduced to support these improvements. The changes will mean that the eligibility assessment, application processing and fare collection (where required) currently undertaken by your school will be looked after by PTV.


Traralgon school bus network has volunteered to be part of the pilot program for the new arrangements, commencing 23 August 2016. Between now and then PTV will work with your school and DET to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.


Existing Bus Travellers

Once these changes have been introduced, all existing school bus travellers that had already applied through their school prior to 23 August 2016 will be automatically transferred to the new system and will not need to do anything to access their school bus in Term 3.  Each family will receive notification from PTV informing them of their username, password and next steps.


New Bus Travellers

Any new student who would like to access a school bus from 23 August 2016 will need to apply online directly to PTV, rather than through their school. 


PTV will issue a bus passes to all new and existing students approved to travel.


Schools will retain a key role in managing school buses, particularly with regards to emergency management and student behaviour, and will continue to provide PTV with on the ground information. Until the changes formally commence on 23 August 2016, all current arrangements regarding school bus travel will continue to be handled by your school.


Further information will be available as the transition to this new system progresses. If you have any questions in relation to the upcoming changes please contact your school in the first instance, Public Transport Victoria’s School Bus Reform team on (03) 5172 2668 (business hours only) or alternatively email [email protected].


Donate to the School Resource Fund

Voluntary Financial Contribution


Parents and Guardians are requested to make a contribution to the school to support the School Resources Fund.


While $150 is the suggested amount, Traralgon College are grateful for contributions of any amount.


Donations ot the School Resources Fund will be used to purchase much needed resources and equipment that will enhance your student's learning, including:

Science lab equipment

Sports and outdoor recreation equipment

Audio Visual equipment

Art & Technology equipment

Class sets of books

Access to sigital subscriptions

Other erquipment as required.


To donate call the office or drop in and see our office staff.


College & Community Updates

Beleza Seasonal Trading Hours


Beleza Traralgon are changing their trading hours, form June to December 2016 the hours are as follows:

Weekdays: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri Open 10:00am to 5:00pm, Wednesday CLOSED


Deconstucting Gaming Parent Session

Are you worried about how much time your teenager spends online?

Cant get the phone or game console out of their hands?

Do you know what internet addiction looks like?

Want to make changes but don’t know where to start?


Traralgon College are proud to present an information session for parents which provides helpful strategies to assist with managing teenagers reliance/addiction to social media, smartphones and gaming.


It will be held on:

Wednesday 24th August


Junior Campus Library

Light refreshments served.

Interactive presentation by Gail Macfarlane and Chris Little


Please read the flyer below for more information



Autism Health & Well Being Expo

The Autism Health & Well Being Expo is being held on Sunday, 31st July 2016 in Preston, Melbourne. Over 70 Exhibitors will be on board to share information on clinical, natural and social autism services, along with teacher training organisations and equipment companies that specialise in sensory calming products for students with autism at your school.



There’s also speaker presentations and a Quiet Room to retreat to when needed. This event is for people with autism, carers, teachers and anyone else that wants to know more!


A flyer is enclosed that you can distribute to staff and families by email, post on Facebook and noticeboards, and include in your school newsletter. 


Tickets are selling fast and are capped this year to keep the event autism friendly, and are available at


See the below flyer for more details


College Calendar

August 2016

5 - Year 11 Psychology trip to Amaze N Things

10 - VCE Environmental Science Water Sampling Excursion

11 - Year 11 Studio Arts Excursion to Latrobe Regional Gallery

11 - Senior Campus Parent Teacher Interviews

12 - Year 10 Health Services Excursion to Morwell

12 - Year 7 Chinese Cultural tour to Melbourne

14 - High Tea Fundraiser - See details on earlier page

15 - Senior Boys Interschool Basketball Final

16 - Year 9 Forensic Science Excursion to Victorian Police Museum

18 - Print A Car Challenge -  Qualifiying

19 - AIME Day for Indigenous Students

19 - Year 7 Chinese Cultural tour to Melbourne

24 - Deconstructing Gaming Parent Info Session See College Updates for info

25 - Year 9 Outdoor Education Mountain Bike Trip

31 - Debutante Ball

September 2016

1 - Debutante Ball

7-16 Natural Wonders of the Ouback Camp

7 - Matilda The Musical Excursion

18 - Print-A-Car Challenge 

12 - Wakakirri Grand Final

13 - Victorian Space Centre VCE Physics Excursion

16 - Last day Term 3

October 2016

3 - First day Term 4

21 -  Last day for Year 12

26 -  Year 12 exams commence

November 2016

1 - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

18 - Year 12 exams conclude

December 2016

20 -  Last day Term 4

College Connection
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