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06 September 2018
Issue Twenty-seven
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Principal's Report

Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity. Henry Hartman

Agriculture remains critical to the fortunes of our nation and remains the biggest employer across Australia’s rural and regional communities.  Last Monday, over 130 students from across our community attended the RIST Taster Day and the College was well represented.  Our new strategic emphasis on the provision of a curriculum with more choice and balance is coming to fruition, while we acknowledge the changing expectations and requirements at community, state and national level. 

The College is proud to support community partnerships with local educational institutions like RIST who offer Certificate II and III Agriculture and the Hamilton District Skills Centre who teach Woodwork and Automotive Engineering.  Next year we will expand our partnership to include William Angliss Institute.  From 2019, our Hospitality students, under the watchful eye of Ms McGoon, will benefit from being part of a network of high performing schools.  Additional benefits for our students include all graduates being automatically granted a place at William Angliss after school while staff enjoy the benefits of cross marking and resource sharing with other similar schools. 

Furthermore, next year, the College will subsidize to the sum of $500 any approved subject taught by external providers to expand our commitment to improve the breadth of our offerings.   We aspire to seek the best for and from every student and support their choice of subjects.  This offer does not apply to co-curricular activities and courses that are sourced by students and parents.  Please contact our Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning, Mr Ralph Carolan, to find out more.

A reminder to all families that Senior School students must arrive and depart school in full winter school uniform including their blazer in Terms 2 & 3.  Failure to do so will result in them joining me for a lunchtime detention.

Dr Andrew Hirst

Deputy Principal, Senior Years and Wellbeing

An article by Michael Grose  -Parenting Ideas Schools [email protected]


Two mums came to me recently, fretting over a decision they had to make.

Their daughters, who had both just turned 13, had asked for permission to go on a Saturday night party bus with over forty 16- and 17-year-olds.

The two girls put huge pressure on their mothers to let them go – pester power had been alive and well in their homes in the preceding days. However both mums admitted that the alarm bells were ringing and they didn’t feel good about letting their daughters go on the party bus. It was the first time they had been put on the spot in such a way so they sought my advice.

My response was simple and straightforward: “Say NO!”

The age gap between the girls and the rest of the party, their experience gap and the mothers’ lack of knowledge about who was attending and the exact nature of supervision were the main issues. Both girls are in the early stages of adolescence where they think they are three years older than they are. It is an age where they tread a fine line between child and emergent teen.

The emergent teen desperately wants to act ‘older’ and be older than they are. The child wants to be protected and have their parents decide for them.

So what did the mums decide?

Despite their gut instincts both mums let their kids join the Saturday night party bus. Fortunately, their kids showed some common sense!

The young teens didn’t like what they saw when their parents dropped them off to start the evening. They didn’t feel safe so they returned home with their parents. After all their fuss they didn’t go after all!

There are three salient lessons from this scenario

First, it was evident that these mothers didn’t feel confident enough to assert their authority over their daughters. They were confused about how they should respond even when their gut instinct was giving them a strong message. Their job was to keep their daughters safe and their gut instincts told them that this situation was unsuitable for their daughters.

Second, like many parents they were working in isolation. Despite the fact that they were good friends it wasn’t until the morning of the party that they spoke to each other. By this time their daughters’ pestering had worked a treat. Next time they should call for second, third and fourth opinions.

Third, as both these girls were the eldest in their families it was the first real experience for both parents of the adolescent push for independence. The parents were unaware of the developmental stages of adolescence and the approach that is needed in each stage. They were flying blind and this is not a good way to raise teens.

Lack of basic knowledge about teen development, confusion about the best approach to take with kids at this age and solitary decision making were the real issues here for the parents.

There is nothing like experience but it helps to have an understanding about teen development, a knowledge about the best approach to raising teens and a number of allies and friends whom you can swap ideas with and – more importantly – draw strength from when your resolve and patience are put to the test.

And of course, you can just say NO!

Kristen Waldron

Myrniong - Early Learning and Primary

Our Term Three Focus - 'Gratitude'

At the commencement of 2018, the College embarked on a new five year Strategic Plan. Embedded in this plan are five values- Gratitude.  Respect.  Compassion.  Resilience.  Optimism.

Each term , the Junior School highlights one of these values and it becomes a focus of our weekly Assemblies. This term we have explored ‘Gratitude’ and along the way, we have encountered some interesting quotes.

“Thanks are the highest form of thought, and gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.”

 “Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want.”

Grandparents' Day/Art Gallery Opening

On Wednesday September 19th we will celebrate Grandparents’ Day with a morning tea and opening of our Junior School Art Gallery. Our wonderful Art teachers Mrs Lisa Addinsall and Mrs Bec Cameron have been working with all Piccino to Year 5 students to produce portraits. These will be on display in our Art Room until Friday September 21st. We invite our learning community to visit and enjoy. On Thursday September 20th, our Early Learning Centre Four grandparents and parents are welcome to join us for morning tea and a tour of the portrait gallery and Early Learning Centre. Invitations have been sent home with students.

Southern Grampians Zonal Chess Tournament

Last Friday, College hosted the 2018 Southern Grampians Zonal Chess Tournament. Over 100 players from local primary schools entered the event at the Tim Murray Room. Seven rounds of chess were played. College’s team was very competitive and finished the day a close second to Good Shepherd College Hamilton. Year Six student Stirling Cuming took away the best individual player medal, with 7 wins from 7 matches. Thanks to Mr. Graham Lewis for all his efforts in preparing the Junior School members of the team and assisting with the running of the tournament.

SSV District Golf Tournament Results

Five very keen golfers participated in the SSV District Golf Tournament at Parklands last week.  Charlie Whitehead, Emma Donovan, George Austin, Charlie Beggs and Neve McClure all played solid rounds on what was a very wet and heavy course.  Congratulations to Charlie Beggs (52)and Neve McClure (70) who have qualified to compete at the Regional Golf Championships.  We wish you luck!

Semi Final Hockey

College Bandicoots played Coleraine for the right to play in the Division 4 Grand Final. Coleraine had the better of the first half and entered the half time break leading 3-1. This remained the final score. Best for Bandicoots were Gabe Marshall in goals, Luke Marshall up front and Tobe Adamson in defence. Bandicoots will play Drop Bears in this Saturday’s preliminary final after they defeated College Numbats 5-1 in the elimination final. Isaac Hocking scored four first half goals in a very dominant display from this talented midfielder. Zoe Addinsall bagged a goal and was a constant threat on the right wing. Harry Austin continued his scoring run with a well taken goal. Best for Numbats for Jack Austin, Harry Austin and Darcy Fleetwood.

Mr Stephen Nelson

Head of Junior School

Middle Years 

The Art of Being Tactful

Over the last few weeks I have reflected on need for us to spend time talking to young people about being tactful. Being tactful is an essential life skill as it enables us to build stronger and trusting relationships. Tact is telling the truth in such a way that no one get offended or disturbed.

So why do we need to be tactfulness? Because children are learning the art of good communication and they often go too far with their comments or misread conversational cues.

There are several ‘tactful’ skills;

  • You need to see things from the other person’s point of view.
  • You need to understand what may cause offence.
  • You need verbal skills and quick thinking.
  • Not mentioning sensitive topics.
  • Not telling ‘white’ lies.
  • Not putting others down.
  • Not boasting about yourself.
  • Listen more than you speak.
  • Listen patiently, nodding, agree, praise the other person.
  • Show interest, “Tell me more…..”.
  • Avoid unnecessary conflict.
  • Use statements such as “I’m not sure if I am right, but I am wondering…”

The real communication issues;

  • “Saying whatever you think” can be problematic. Can you say it in a nicer way rather than just blurting it out?
  • Not realising you are hurting someone else’s feelings. This can happen when students tease each other. They think they are being funny but don’t realise that jokes are insensitive.
  • Not knowing when to stop.  Students are developing the ability to decode body language and facial expressions.
  • Be willing to say sorry and admit you are wrong.

Is summary, social behaviour is learnt and the essential element of tactfulness is the respect for others. I remember my mother telling my sisters and I to “think before you speak” and “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.

Julia Winter Cooke

Teaching and Learning

VCE Science Expo

Tuesday 18th September at 3.45pm in the Science Centre.


Our VCE Biology, Chemistry and Physics students are busily completing their final experimental research tasks. Their research findings will be displayed on posters and on view in the classrooms. Please come along to have a look and chat with the students about the experiments they have planned, conducted and analysed.

Refreshments will be provided.

Rebekah Bonnett


There were mixed results on the sporting field over the weekend but it was great to see so many boarders involved. The A Grade Men's hockey side had a good win on Friday night and now have the week off to see who they play in the grand final. The Balmoral footy side went down on Sunday, meaning they are now out of the finals. I enjoyed watching the two A Grade Women's sides take each other on but I really didn’t know who to cheer for considering both sides had rosters full of talented boarders. Hockey was the winner on the day and my stand out performances were by Maddi Mutch, Shayleigh Ingelse, Lucy Roberts and Chloe Andersen. Juliet Page goes through to the next round of netball finals for the Hamilton Kangas but Eliza Jagger’s team was unfortunately knocked out after a great season. The teams of Tayla Kennedy and Ayleish Beaty lost by a point on Saturday but the girls have another chance this weekend. Best of luck to all boarders playing across all sports this weekend.

We interviewed out Boarding Captain applicants this week and I can honestly say that all students were extremely impressive. We have some amazing Year 11s who are extremely passionate about boarding and we are confident we will have excellent leaders next year. The boarding cohort will vote this week so everyone gets their say for who they would like to take over from the wonderful leadership of Toby and Georgia.

The boarding extensions continue to fly along and I get excited every time I leave my residence and see the progress. We are starting to explore furniture options for the breakout study and living spaces which is taking the anticipation to a whole new level. 

We are really looking forward to our trip to the Great Ocean Road, the Twelve Apostles and Anna Spaull’s chocolate factory this weekend. This could definitely be the trip of the year!

Alex Smith


Hockey Draw - Week 2 Finals

Division 2 Men – 8/9

College Gold v Monivae – 10.00am

Division 4 – 8/9

College Bandicoots v  College Drop Bears – 1.30pm

Division 2 Women – 9/9

College Scorchers v Monivae Saints – 12.00pm

Division 1 Women  - 9/9

College Thundersticks v Coleraine Black – 4.00pm

Girls' Hockey

A Grade

College Thundersticks vs College Strikers

The Strikers are our first team into the Grand Final with an impressive 2-0 victory over the Thundersticks. This was a free flowing and entertaining game with both sides creating their chances. In the end, Strikers made the most of their opportunities. Maddi Mutch, Erin Powell and Isabelle Musson were instrumental for the Strikers creating numerous forward opportunities. Chloe Anderson was superb across the backline for the Strikers and repelled many of the Thundersticks’ forward moves. Emily Ash was a s star in goal for the Thundersticks. Gracie Austin ran her heart out all day and Lily McCure and Maddy Rowe were solid along the half line. The Strikers have been the team to beat all year and thoroughly deserve their place in the final.

B Grade

The College Blades played their best game of the season, only losing to Monivae 1-0 after they converted a penalty stroke. Millie Dopheide was just brilliant as a stand in goalie, saving goal after goal. Bridget Delany and Natalie Featherston were instrumental up forward and Jordy Brown and Jorja Hermon worked tirelessly in defense. The young Blades should feel very proud of their season, they have showed considerable improvement and there are a number of young stars who we will be seeing make their A Grade debut in no time.

The College Scorchers could not repeat their effort from a week ago going down to Demons 3-0. The girls were totally outplayed in the first half and despite a stronger second half they simply ran out of time. Lucy Roberts, Emily Ash, Amy Boland and Jodie Russell were all amongst the better players. The Scorchers will need to beat Monivae on the weekend for a Grand Final re match against Demons.

Good luck to all our girls!

Kristen Waldron

Boys' Hockey

The three boys’ teams were in action in Qualifying Finals last weekend and all performed very well.


The Open Men’s team recorded a fine 2-1 victory over Bulls to move directly into the Grand Final on September 14th.  Ralph Carolan scored both goals and he, Captain Josh Read, Lach Holcombe and Peter Musson were consistent and prominent players throughout the game.  Goalie Marcus Munro played an excellent game, remaining active and alert throughout, making several fine saves.  Our wounded warriors, Ferg Roberts and Sami Zehir, provided great run when, earlier in the week, we feared they might not be able to take the field.  Those not named contributed well too – this was a team performance in all respects.  Now the boys have to back up the effort of last Friday in the big game next week!


At Division 2 level, the two College teams, Blue and Gold, competed against each other.  This was a tight affair, particularly for much of the first half.  Blue scored two late goals to have a 3-0 lead at the break and the second half was even, a goal apiece.  Ferg Roberts scored three fine goals (and greeted the tech. bench three times also) and Tane Nelson scored the fourth for Blue whilst Harry “Hazard” Austin found the net for Gold.  It was pleasing to note that each team enjoyed periods when they had the run of play – with accurate and speedy passing and the use of space evident at such times.  Blue go straight into the Grand Final while Gold face-off next weekend in the Preliminary Final.  We hope that the two teams might meet again in the “big game” but Gold will need to take their strong effort from Saturday into next week’s match to ensure they proceed.

Neil MacLean

Australian Schools' Hockey Championships 2019

Information sheets with reply slips for parents to indicate interest in us entering our senior (Years 10-12 2019) and/or junior (Years 6-9 2019) girls’ and/or boys’ teams in this new competition on Canberra in mid-2019 were distributed at games last weekend.  We hope each family received one but if, in the hurly burly of finals, we missed some folk, copies can be gained from Fi at the front desk at the Senior School.


Please note the email we sent out this week regarding the discrepancy in dates evident in the information provided.  We have sought advice from the organisers as the discrepancy was in material they provided.  We will advise as soon as we receive further information.


So we can determine if we enter teams or not (or which ones) we need replies indicating interest and/or support for the idea by the end of term.

Hockey Dinner

By the end of last week, over half the seats were allocated for the Hockey Dinner on Saturday 15th September.  It should be a good night – already we know we will have several teams in action that weekend in Grand Finals and I understand the Captains of Hockey are planning some new initiatives for the evening. 


By the time this Newsletter is released, we will be close to the deadline for replies and (probably) to being full – so please ensure you have replied and paid for the evening before the commencement of next week as we need to confirm numbers (and close-off bookings) this weekend.

Neil MacLean, Kristen Waldron

School Information

Tuckshop - Specials for the Week

Monday 10th – Chicken Burger

Tuesday 11th – Fried Rice

Wednesday 12th – Chicken Korma Curry

Thursday 13th – Lamb Souvlaki

Friday 14th – Spaghetti Bolognaise

Roster for the Week

Monday 10th - Carla Mayfield

Tuesday 11th – Anthea Sutherland

Wednesday 12th – Suzie Hillam

Thursday 13th – Anthea Sutherland

Friday 14th - Sally Allen

Riana Beardsall


Dates to Remember 

Saturday 15 September

Hockey Dinner

Wednesday 19 September

Grandparents' Day at Myrniong

Friday 21 September

Term ends - early dismissal


Career Newsletters

Louise Manifold

Parents and Friends

Christmas Cakes

Please put the following dates in your diaries for our annual Christmas Cake fundraiser.   It is only with lots of volunteers to help over the duration of the cake weigh, make and bake that we can continue this wonderful tradition.  Times and locations to follow.


Weighing and mixing day - Monday 17 September Cake making days - Tuesday 9 - Friday 12 October Wrapping day - Saturday 13 October


Please contact Fi at Senior School to put your name on the roster.

Thanks in advance for all your support and help.  It’s a great way to meet fellow parents and friends.

Jane Evans


Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge

It’s over and we have done so well! The final list of successful challengers is:


Prep:      Aida Adamson

Year 1:  Andrew Sun, Andy Stewart, Arshi Woosantia, Camilla Edgar, Charlotte Warren, Evie Templeton, Flynn Moore

Georgia Kennedy, Rhiognach McClure, Sophie Satchell and Yolanda O'Sullivan

Year 2:   Amelie Shrive, Frederick Milne, George Nicholls, Harley Willis, Kierun McClure, Lachlan Reid and Will Sweeney

Year 3:   Alison Foster, Finlay Hunt, Millie Mould, Ned White, Phoebe Alexander and Tom Templeton

Year 4:   Alex Donovan, Charlie Hawthorne, Darcy Fleetwood, Dougal White, Evie Kennedy, Harriet Nicholls, Hugh Stratmann, James Heazlewood, Matilda Whitehead, Sarah Crowle and Sophie Rouse

Year 5:   Ava Mould, Ava Schroeder, Emma Donovan, Hugh Foster, Jock Nicholls, Olivia Rees and Sophie Merrin

Year 6:   Macey Hermon

Year 7:   Charlotte Millear and Lily Bradbeer


Congratulations to all concerned: parents, teachers, siblings and students, a fantastic outcome!

Marg Simkin


Horsemanship 2018

Best wishes and good luck to all our riders who are representing The Hamilton and Alexandra College this weekend at the WISEchamps event in Warrnambool!


We are so pleased to announce that Andrea Reidel-Carrison will be running another Intensive Dressage clinic at our Equestrian Centre on the 15th September 2018. This clinic is filling fast so please send your entries in as soon as possible. The registration form is attached to this email for your reference.

The Hamilton and Alexandra College Equestrian Centre will be hosting the following events during Semester 2, 2018. The entry forms are on our website and attached to this newsletter. We hope to see you all there!

THAC & Geelong Dressage Club Interschool Dressage Competition Saturday 6th October 2018 (Official Equestrian Victorian Qualifying Event)

Western District Interschool Equestrian Competition Sunday 4th  November 2019 (Official Equestrian Victoria Interschool Qualifying Event)

Our community greatly appreciates regular updates of results of competition and the achievements of our students in their Equestrian sport! Please make sure you email me at [email protected] or let Georgia Hodgetts, our Equestrian Captain, know what you have been doing and include as many photos as you like so that we can all celebrate and promote equestrian sport, your efforts and accomplishments for 2018.

Please make sure you join our THAC Equestrian Facebook page for regular updates and photos of all our Equestrian endeavours. Updates and entry forms for competitions are also posted on this page so make sure you keep up to date!

For updates, news, Calendar, entry forms, results and more GO TO THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES:

Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series:

Equestrian Victoria:

Please note any horses who are regularly coming to and from the Hamilton and Alexandra College Equestrian Centre must be up to date with vaccinations for Tetanus and Strangles and records of these will be maintained to ensure the biosecurity of the centre. You must also notify the Director of Horsemanship immediately if your horse has been in or originated from Queensland or Northern New South Wales. Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

Amanda Te Boekhorst

Connecting with the Community 

School Holiday Programme


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