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02 August 2019
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Principal's Report

Principal's Report

Last night we farewelled our visitors from Hong Kong at a dinner with members of the Killester and Mazenod communities. I have been very proud of the way our whole school community welcomed our guests and made them feel such a part of the daily hustle and bustle of school life in Australia. The students from Hong Kong were very grateful to everyone who helped them throughout their time at Killester. 


Today the library was a hive of activity as each student in Years 10 and 11 sat with a member of staff to individually look at the programs they intend to undertake in 2020. This is a very time consuming enterprise for the school, however it is one that is incredibly important in ensuring that our students set themselves up for the greatest chance of success in their chosen pathway. It is very pleasing to see our young women embrace the fact they now have so much choice in their chosen subjects, and are able to fully develop their skills in areas that hold interest for them and where their passions lie. Subject selections are now closed and the important work of formulating a timetable for 2020 begins. I thank all staff who have been so heavily involved in the process thus far.


I had the privilege of visiting a VCAL class today where I observed our VCAL students engaged in planning their project work. The young women who undertake the challenge of a VCAL program are required to do so much more than the traditional student at school. Our VCAL students learn the importance of organisation, flexibility, workplace relations and teamwork. As the students and I discussed, it is these skills of great emotional intelligence that will hold them in good stead in the years to come as employers look more and more for staff who have these vital skills. Our VCAL students are a great credit to our College in the way they conduct themselves in the workplace, at school and in their study setting at TAFE. Moving between these three very different settings, requires them to be diligent and open to learning in a multitude of ways. I am very proud of both the students in our VCAL program and the program itself. 


Finally, a quick reflection on the week shows how wonderful the opportunities are for the young women of Killester as they participated in Volleyball, Netball, Chemistry quizzes, critical thinking exercises, volunteered for tutoring at St Joseph's, visited many of our Catholic partnership schools, attended Year 12 Learning conversations, and last but not least, to the 155 students who participated in the National Maths Competition - best of luck!


Ms Sally Buick, Principal


Mary, Help of Those in Need

Holy Mary,

help those in need,

give strength to the weak,

comfort the sorrowful,

pray for God's people,

Mary all who seek your help

experience your unfailing protection.


Latest News and Reminders

The Week Ahead

Monday 5th August

School Tours 9.00am-9.45am

Year 10 St Margaret to Indoor Beach Volleyball 11.00am-12.30pm

Year 10 Volunteers to St Joseph Homework Club 3.45pm

Tuesday 6th August

SCSA Inters Aerobics 7.15am to 1.00pm

Year 10 St Anne to Caribbean Rollerama 12.55pm to 2.50pm

SESG Inters Sport 2.45pm - 3.30pm

HPV Night Riding Training Session @ Killester 3.30pm-9.00pm

Wednesday 7th August

Year 10 PD Day - Including Alcohol Awareness Presentation. Refer PDF below for further details.

Year 12 PE Excursion to Anytime Fitness Dingley 11.45am-1.20pm

Thursday 8th August

Year 10 St Michael to Caribbean Rollerama 8.55am to 10.45am

SESG Juniors Sport 3.30pm-4.15pm

Friday 9th August

SCSA Rugby Seven's - All Day

Year 7 and 8 shared Morning Tea - Recess in Year 8 area 

Killester College Thrift Shop Event - Kennedy Hall @ Lunchtime


Catholic Education Today 

Published each term, Catholic Education Today celebrates the faith, life, achievements and culture of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

From the Finance Office

We still have some outstanding VET fees and Term 3 Bus fees. Please forward payment.  If you have outstanding fees and are having any difficulty in making payment, we are always here to help. Please contact the College today to arrange a meeting with the Business Manager to discuss payment options.  A reminder for those that have automatic fee instalment arrangements. If your bank details or Credit Card expiry date changes, please let us know immediately.

Out and About....

Hong Kong Exchange Students

Kei Kei Huang

Time past so fast. I already stay in Australia about three weeks! Well, I have my best time here. Everyone at Killester has been so nice to me and all of them are so lovely. Petrina had to take care of me for three whole weeks. I hope she does not feel tired. I have to say Petrina's family are  hilarious and gorgeous. Julian and Gabi are always arguing with each other and I mean like EVERYDAY. But they are really cute when they are arguing, don't ask me why. Sophie feels like a sister to me because she is considerate and friendly. Julian and Gabi are both easy-going and energetic. Petrina and Adam made a lot of  wonderful dinners for me and took me to lots of places to take photos. Anushka was my first friend and she was like a mother taking care of me in school. She is so cute and pretty! I also made lots of friends here too. I really want to say thank you to you guys and I love you all! I am going to miss you so much. Please come to Hong Kong one day and I will be your tourist guide! I love you all.

Hei Man Ma 

These three weeks in Australia were not long enough. I spent time with my friends that Anushka introduced me to.  These girls were very friendly and made the time more memorable.  I remember on the first day of school I couldn't understand what the students were saying, and I felt very lost.  I was afraid that I couldn't communicate with them.  I did not speak, but my friends were willing to slowly teach me which made me feel moved and warmed my heart.  During these three weeks, the host family took great care of me.  Especially my close friend, Anushka, who I have become very close with.  She is willing to accompany me everywhere, comfort me when I am feeling homesick and she explained anything and everything I couldn't understand.  She is nice, funny crazy girl who always makes me smile.  Anushka's family was very hospitable and made me feel like their own.  I really like Australia and Killester College.  I also like the kind teachers.  I will miss this place very much!!! If I get another chance to come back, I will not hesitate to come and visit everyone again.  Thank you Petrina, Ms Cannon, Anushka's friends and family and Anushka for make this trip so special.

Upcoming Events



Brigid's Well Yoga Session

On Wednesday, Ms Timlin our Homeroom teacher took St Rafka to visit Brigid's Well in our pastoral care lesson to do some calming yoga. We are very lucky as we were the first Year 7s to go there. When we arrived we saw comfy chairs and mandala colouring books set up on tables.  


As we walked in we quietened down as Bridgid’s Well was a relaxing area to be in. We spread ourselves out into the open space and began to sit down. When the noise began to fade the yoga video started to play and we started off with some easy stretches, exhaling in and out as we exercised.  There were a few hard stretches but we all managed to do them. It was a good exercise to start off the day. The yoga activity went for about 30 minutes which was really fun. We enjoyed it very much. Brigid’s Well is a peaceful, calming place where you can go when you are feeling a bit upset or if you want to relax.


Katherine Trinh - St Rafka, Year 7 Student Council Leader



Career News

Year 12 Students: VTAC Registration

On Thursday Monash University presented the A-Z of Applying to the Year 12 students. This session provided them with the information about applying to tertiary study. I have also emailed all students a PDF copy of VTAC’s presentation for parents and students and placed it into the VTAC folder on the Careers team drive. If you would like a copy of this, then please let me know and I can email it to you. VTAC also has videos to help you and your daughter with this process and can be found here:


VTAC registration and tertiary applications will open on Monday August 5th and the process of  interviewing each student about the this and their post-secondary school pathway will happen with me from then until early September. Parents are most welcome to attend.


Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) Applications

Your daughter may have had something occur, particularly in the last two years that might have affected her academic performance. She may be eligible to apply for SEAS. Once a course application has been made then a SEAS application can be put in.  All girls should be applying for category 1 which includes information related to age, recognition as an Indigenous Australian, living or school location, attending an under-represented school, applying for courses which have historically been under-represented by a specific gender, coming from a non-English speaking background or being the first in family to attend a tertiary  institution. The other categories are:

2. Disadvantaged Financial Back ground

3. Disability or medical condition

4. Difficult circumstances.

All of these will need supporting documentation of some kind: impact statements, support statements and supporting documents. I will help students through this process during their interviews should they be applying. Please refer to the VTAC website for more information:


All SEAS applications and supporting documents should be preferably organised and completed by the end of Term 3 to ensure there are no problems. The final application shuts at 5pm on October 11th 2019. However, VTAC has advised documents may not be checked by them if they are submitted after the September 30th payment deadline.  


All VTAC dates for 2019-20 can be found here:


Some Advice for Choosing Courses:

Some things to think about as you make your course selections:

  • Read the course information provided carefully, look at the subjects offered and go to the institutions website directly to get more information. Subject selection if often greater at large institutions.
  • Always place your courses in the order that you want to do the course
  • Make sure you have a realistic range of courses with a range of ATAR scores.
  • Always be prepared for an alternative pathway into a course should you not get the required ATAR.
  • If you are applying for a fee paying course, then check out what the fees might be and if you are eligible for assistance such as VET fee help
  • Think about the location of the courses for which you are applying: can you get there easily, travel time, the size of the institution, number of offers made and class sizes – what suits you best?
  • Students are reminded to check all the selection requirements for the courses in which they apply.  These often have a variety of due dates and if you miss these you will not be eligible for the course.  These extra requirements could include:
  • CASPer – for Teaching courses
  • Auditions
  • Supplementary forms
  • Pre-selection kits
  • Folio presentations
  • Interviews
  • If you are applying for courses directly to the institution please follow their instructions and application process carefully.

Pathways into University Courses

Completed VCAL this year or think you might not get the ATAR or study score you need for your course or want to try a course before you commit to 3 years then check out the pathways offered by some  Universities and TAFEs. Some of these courses can be applied for through VTAC and for others it is directly with the institution.


Tertiary Open Days

Tertiary Open day season has started and I would encourage students in Years 10 and 11 to go to a few before their weekends are taken up too much with study and preparation for final assessments and exams. Please see the link provided for dates and getting the most out of open days. The Open Day list is attached here. For other Australian Universities then please use the following website:

Year 10 Work Experience

All applications for work experience during the week September 2nd to 6th should now be complete. Please check that your daughters have submitted all the required forms. If they have they will be provided with a pack to tack to their employer. If you have any questions then please contact me.


Year 9 and 10 Monash Champions Update

The Year 9 Participants: Arushee Padmanabhan, Gloria Le, Nandira Xavier, Lydia McCracken-Matthews, Lucinda Tran, Gracemaria Ukken, Melinda Lao, Leah Cashman, Jessica Wright and Harleen Kaur have all been busily working on their presentations about post-school study options. They are creating an informative PowerPoint with video they can hopefully be used a s a resource to educate the student body about the various options available.


The Year 10 Participants: Lan Vo, Justine Ly, Kelly Hoang, Kanishka Kapil, Taylah O’Connor and Leila Tabak have selected the issue of fast fashion and how it impacts our society and our environment on many levels. With the average Australian purchasing 27kg of clothing a year and some of it hardly warn they are holding Killester’s first ever Thrift Store and clothing swap at lunchtime on Friday August 9th. To learn more, the girls provide this link:


The girls presented this information to staff at Thursday briefing and have been going around to Homerooms in the morning to promote this event. If you have any clothes at home you would like to donate to the swap then please give them to your daughters before Wednesday August 7th.  The girls will all present at the Monash University Peninsula Campus Champions Presentation Day on Tuesday September 10th. Permission slips and details about this will be provided shortly.


Ms Megan Larritt, Careers Counsellor





HEPE and Sport


On the 25th of July, 48 students across various year levels ventured out to Parkville to compete in the annual SCSA AFL competition. Killester fielded a Junior (Year 7-9) and a Senior (Year 10-12) team and luckily enough we were bumped up a division following last years brilliant results!



Although the typical cold Melbourne weather greeted us on the oval, this didn’t stop our girls from putting in 100% from the get go. Throughout the day, both teams played 3 games and produced some amazing results against schools such as Avila and Sacred Heart. The Junior team won 1 and lost 2 while the Seniors won 1, lost 1 and drew 1. Our Senior team made it to the Semi finals and played a whole game without no bench but unfortunately lost in a tight and competitive match. 


It was an amazing effort from each and every player out on the footy field despite many girls having never played a game of footy before. Well done to you all! Lastly, thank you to our coaches Mr Brodie and Mr Peace who guided us throughout the day!


Jessica Nguyen, Year 12, Captain and Coach

SCSA Volleyball

On Monday the 29th of July we took six teams to compete in the Division 1 SCSA Volleyball competition at MSAC (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre).   As soon as we arrived at the venue, the enthusiasm of the girls could be felt. They immediately started digging and setting in their teams, warming up in preparation for a big day of volleyball.   On the day, most teams played five games; six if you made the grand final match. The schools we played against on Monday were: Santa Maria, Academy, Presentation College, Mater Christi and Avila.  The girls played exceptionally well, encouraging each other and chasing down every ball. We were so proud of the sportsmanship our girls displayed throughout the day, they always humble in victory and gracious in defeat. 



A special congratulations goes to our girls in Senior B who won their grand final game against Presentation College Windsor. There were a few last minute changes to the team, but they came together well and outplayed Presentation in the final. A fantastic effort girls. 


The final placings for the day were:

Junior A - 4th

Junior B - 3rd

Junior C - 3rd

Inter A - 5th

Inter B - 3rd

Senior B - 1st 


Thank you so much to Trelene Luecke, James Blanchfield, Bethany Dodgson, Emma Sadler and Sam Campion who all coached a team on the day.   As well, thank you to all the girls who participated in the day, you were a credit to the school girls! Well done girls! 


Rebecca Roberts, Sports Learning Area Leader

Maths, Science and STEM


Performing Arts

"Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination enriches the world" Albert Einstein

A recent study completed by IBM asked CEO’s to rank series of qualities based on what they think is the most important skill to possess in the next five years. Overwhelmingly, creativity was voted number one. When we discuss ‘creativity’, we must remember that we are not just talking about the Creative or Performing Arts. Creativity is crucial, no matter what your occupation.   People in all walks of life - business, education, law, medicine - all need to develop their creative potential and learn from each other. People with the imagination to come up with good and new ideas, in order to solve new problems, are necessary in every area of our society. Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Steve Jobs. These individuals were pioneers in their fields and have had a tremendous impact on how each of us live our day to day lives. And they couldn’t have done that without creativity. 

Creativity allows individuals to think instead of remember. 


It was late last year when I first heard about the Creative Ambassador’s Initiative run by the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Sydney. The same NIDA that was recently voted in the top 10 greatest Drama schools in the world. Now in its 3rd year, the initiative brings together a small group of teachers from all around the country to learn, share and empower one another. Participating in a number of practice lead sessions with a variety of practitioners who are Industry Professionals and specialists in their field.  I was incredibly humbled to be chosen as a Creative Ambassador in 2019.  


In Week 1 of this term, I flew to Sydney to begin what was one of the most difficult yet exhilarating weeks of my life. Performing Arts departments tend to be on the smaller side so getting the opportunity to join in a room with a group of fellow drama teachers from all different school contexts was incredibly valuable. One thing was evident from the very beginning. It didn’t matter what part of the country you came from, whether you taught in state, catholic or independent systems. We all shared the same passion for creativity and all face similar challenges on a day to day basis. Part of the week was spent looking at our individual school contexts with a new lens. Examining the ‘creativity culture’ at our schools. 


I returned to Killester with a plethora of strategies and skills to not only introduce throughout our Performing Arts curriculum but as a whole school approach. I look forward to working with Staff and Students to introduce these to our school in the future. 


Thank you to Killester College for allowing me the time to go and participate in this incredible development program.


Jenna Cronin, Performing Arts Learning Area Leader

Visual Communications

Year 8 Visual Art 'NGV' Excursion  
‘First Australians Tour’

On Tuesday 23rd of July, Ms Stabologlou, Mrs Miha and Ms Leggo’s Year 8 Art classes,  travelled to the National Gallery of Victoria- Ian Potter Centre, to learn about the culture and creativity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. At the NGV the Department of Indigenous Art is responsible for the collections of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art spanning thousands of years, from the art of ancient civilisations right up to contemporary art of today. When we arrived at the NGV, we divided into smaller groups. We viewed the Australian Indigenous Art Collection with a focus on the exhibition ‘First Australians Tour’. We were addressed by NGV Education Officers who showed us different paintings around the gallery and explained the meanings and stories behind these artworks. They also discussed the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists connection to Country.

Later, we had the opportunity to explore the gallery independently. During this exploration, we found even more intriguing pieces of art. We loved exploring the vast and open spaces of the gallery. Visiting NGV and viewing the exhibition was most valuable to us as we gained a deeper understanding of these Artists and their work to inspire, develop and extend own ideas and artworks.


Jorja Long , Madison Brown Yr8 St Faustina and Phoebe Collins Yr8 St Peter

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