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01 August 2019
Issue Twenty-three
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Literacy 4/5TR explore Moon Landing
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Term Overviews  Year 3/4: The Force be With You
Term Overviews  Seniors: Journey to Discovery
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Upcoming Events

Term 3


8th-9th  School Closure Days- Staff  Professional Learning - Catholic Identity and First Aid

15th August  Assumption Mass @ 9.00am

30th August   Fathers Day Breakfast

19th September   School Concert

20th September   Last day of Term. School ends at 1:30pm

Term 4

7th October  Students Return

9th October   Confirmation Parent Night @ 7.30pm

23rd October   Whole School Mass @ 9.00am

25th October   Confirmation

30th October   1st November Year 5/6 School Camp

28th November   Student-Led Conferences

5th December   Community Carols

10th December   Year 6 Graduation

11th December  End of Year Mass

12th December  End of Year Celebration Day

16th December   Last Day of School (students)



Principal's News


Dear Families,

Thank you for the welcome I received from families when I returned from leave this week. As mentioned in the last newsletter of Term 2, I have been on retreat at the beginning of this term. Led by the Campion Center of Ignatian Spirituality, the retreat focussed on Finding God in Nature.

It was a powerful experience for me personally and professionally, and I look forward to the team at Campion working with our staff over the next few years to bring this into our learning.  Thank you to Father Huy for supporting my attendance at the retreat and to the Catholic Education Office, Melbourne for sponsoring my attendance. 

Closure of PCW Windsor

Many of you will heard that Presentation College Windsor announced on Monday that it will be closing in 18 months. It is an incredibly sad day for the staff, families and friends and PCW who have been a part of their vibrant school community. As a school that has enjoyed strong connections with Filina (Principal), their staff and students of PCW we extend our love and support for them at this time.  

Leigh Hobbs Visits Students

On Tuesday we were very fortunate to have reknown children's author Leigh Hobbs visit Trinity. The students left feeling very inspired and staff and students appreciated his great humour and storytelling abilities. Thanks to Vicki for arranging the visit!

St Ignatius Feast Day

On the 31st of July, we celebrate the feast day of St Ignatius. St Ignatius founded the Jesuit order and left a remarkable legacy for the church. Our current Pope Francis is a member of the Jesuit order. As a Jesuit school and a proud part of the Richmond St Ignatius Parish we were blessed to celebrate mass together on Wednesday to reflect on St Ignatius. Thanks to those parents and parishioners who attended to celebrate with us and to all those who led the mass and prepared their reflections. 

Yarra Council Feedback

Yarra Council have asked our families to answer a short survey to help them communicate with and better engage local families on planning and local issues. It is really important that families have their say and help Yarra listen to and communicate with our local families. If you are interested in helping them shape their community engagement policy, and would like to be in the running for 1 of 5 $100 gift vouchers, please read the above and fill in their survey. 

First Communion Parent Night

Thanks to all those families that attended our First Communion Parent evening. Thanks also to Sylvia, Antonella and Georgie who organised the evening. Pina led the families through aspects of the sacrament and talked through what will happen on the day. First Communion will be happening at St Ignatius Richmond on Sunday, 8th of September and will take place as part of the regular Sunday mass, to acknowledge importance of the occasion for our candidates in their stage of faith. All are welcome. 

Reader Helpers: Thanks

A huge thanks to the parents and students who were here until late on Wednesday night. A big thanks to Aiofe, Kristen, Heidi, Iris, Huan and Vishal and to the wonderful Max, Lucinda and Vihaan who worked so hard getting the readers processed and ready for classrooms. A big thanks again to Annabelle and Vicki for organising the evening. 

Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

Well done to our Sustainability team who have been collecting bread tags for Finbar House, who are funding wheelchairs for people in need. Please keep them coming in- we were able to fill the collection box when they headed across to deliver them. See the link below for details of the programme that Finbar House are supporting. 



Richmond Repair Corner

Although I have put this in past newsletters, I'd like to highlight one of our community agencies. The Richmond Repair Corner aims at reducing waste by mending and repairing items such as furniture, appliances toys and clothing. They are free of charge and are held on the last Sunday of every month. See the attached flyer for details. 

School Closure Days Next Week

Just a reminder that next Thursday and Friday staff will be attending professional learning and the school will be closed. On Thursday Richard Leonard SJ will be leading professional learning entitled Catholic Identity: Jesus, Choosing and Mission.

Richard is a Jesuit priest who currently directs the Australian Catholic Office for Film & Broadcasting, is an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Catholic University, and has published many excellent books on Spirituality, Culture and most recently, on the Sacraments. On Friday staff will be updating their First Aid with Hero HQ. 


Have a great week





4/5TR explore Moon Landing

Information Reports in 4/5TR


The students in Class 4/5TR have been learning about Information Reports in their Literacy. They have looked at the three parts of an Information text and how to include subheadings and present tense. Our class is focusing our writing on the topic of Man on the Moon as it has just been the 50th anniversary of this event and it also links to our Inquiry unit Journey to Discovery. Each student has picked their own focus questions for their report and are currently researching the information needed before writing up their first draft. They have already recorded some great sentences and paragraphs.

Music news

Music News

Term 2 ended on a high note, with our Music Assembly held on the final afternoon. The Trinity Trebles sang their new song “A Million Dreams”  beautifully and raised the roof with “One Song”. Well done to our choir, as well as the Ukelele Club and all the students who performed solo instrumental pieces.



Auditions for Trinity’s Got Talent were held last Thursday. We had 15 acts audition and I was so impressed with the thought and practice the students had put into their performances. The atmosphere in the room was so encouraging and accepting as students pushed past their nerves and encouraged each other’s efforts. As there were so many terrific acts, we will have a second Trinity’s Got Talent later in the year, so none of the students who auditioned will miss out. I will pick names out of the hat this week to decide on the performers for the first round to be held in Week 6.


Tips on sharing Music with your child 


At home, listen to music together and ask them:

  • what words they would use to describe it (fast, slow, bouncy, smooth)
  • how it makes them feel (happy, excited, sad)
  • if they can name any instruments they hear. Jump online and look at certain instruments together and talk about the sounds they make.


Move to the music and describe it with your bodies.

  • How do you move to music?
  • Play musical statues and freeze when you hit pause!
  • Do you have an instrument or shakers at home? Play along, noticing if it the sounds are slow, fast, soft or hard!

Recommended Playlist

In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg

The Carnival of the Animals by Saint Saens


Belinda Nechwatal

Music teacher/Choir director


Term Overviews 
Prep/1/2 Journey of Discovery


In reading, students will look more in depth at the features of Narrative texts. Students will read and listen to a variety of Narratives and discover the differences between a narrative and an information text. They will begin to think about the purpose of a text and the choices authors make during the writing process. The children will learn to compare different kinds of images in narrative texts and discuss how they contribute to meaning. Students will learn to identify the plot, characters and settings in these texts. 


In writing, students will create short, imaginative texts that show emerging use of appropriate text structure, sentence-level grammar, word choice, spelling and punctuation. Students will continue to have choice over the subject of their writing, using the ‘Writing Menu’. They will be exposed to the Seven Steps of Writing process, which scaffolds and supports students in their knowledge and application of narrative structures. Students will experiment with complex sentence structure and punctuation, such as paragraphs, speech marks and exclamation marks. 


In Speaking and Listening, children will have the opportunity to share their writing in the ‘Share Chair’. Students will discuss how authors create characters using language and images. They will recreate texts imaginatively using performance and digital communications, such as Chatter Pics and Book Creator. Students will discuss characters and events in a range of literary texts and share personal responses to these texts, making connections with their own experiences.


In Number and Algebra students will learn about the four operations; addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. They will use a range of mental strategies and hands on materials to explore the ways these four operations work and how they are linked to each other. Students will become familiar with the language of mathematics in regards to the four operations, as well as how we use these operations in real life events. 


In Measurement and Geometry students will learn about units of measurement such as length, area, perimetre, volume, capacity and mass. They will learn about the different units of measurement and how to use objects to measure for particular purposes. 


In Statistics and Probability students will learn about chance events. They will learn that different factors affect the likelihood of a certain result and that some results are because of chance.

Inquiry Learning

Inquiry - Prep/1

During term three, students will go on a journey of discovery as they are immersed into the properties and uses of different materials. They will experiment with building techniques as they make an aluminium foil boat and a bridge and reuse a pillowcase to make a bindle. 


Inquiry - Grade 1/2

During term three, students consider sources of light and how to create shadows. They will build instruments and use their bodies and computers as they experiment with making sounds. The students will work towards presenting a production of a story using puppets and sounds.

Religious Education

In Religious Education the children are reflecting on their prior knowledge about prayers. They will investigate what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to pray. In addition they will be developing a greater sense of places and spaces that people can pray. 


Students will be making connections with prayers and the Sacraments. They will dialogue with other students in the school who will receive the first Eucharist throughout term 3 to gain understanding greater about this sacrament. 


As a tool for reflecting on the purpose and understanding of prayer and places or spaces to prayer students will develop a model of a church. They will identify and build key features of a church including the tabernacle, altar, stain glass window.


Design technology

Students will be designing various pieces of work using creative tools such as Chatter Kids, Popplet, puppet pals and Book Creator. They will be able to recreate a narrative, describe a character and type a storyboard using digital forms with special visual and sound effects. They will also be making selections of different background designs and using scissor tools to cut and paste images. 


Digital technology 

Students will engage in technology by following a workflow that includes learning skills on how to navigate various apps. Children will be using Ipads and laptops and continue to practise their typing and navigations skills as well as being able to edit and save their work. They will build on technical vocabulary of various parts and features of digital systems.


Library will occur on Monday’s for Prep/1’s and Wednesdays for 1/2 ‘s - library bag needs to be brought in those days.  Students borrow and return appropriate books from the library on a weekly basis. They are encouraged to select texts of interest, for research and at their level.

Physical Education

This term students will explore a variety of movement ideas within the Gymnastics unit; working on ways to balance, turn, roll and build routines. We will continue to develop our Fundamental Motor Skills and refine the actions while jumping, running and throwing. Students will begin to understand the link between physical activity and health, and discuss how activities make them feel “out of breath” and how “their heart beats faster”.


In Term three, students from junior year levels are learning to use place value knowledge to count Chinese numbers from 1 to 100. We are expanding our understanding that Chinese sentences have a particular word order by asking and answering simple questions. Students also learn to tell time and age in Chinese with the focus on recognising the correct tones in Chinese.

Visual Arts

In term three Prep and Year One students will explore art history. We will focus on three artists: Andy Warhol, Wassily Kandinsky and Vincent Van Gogh. When looking at the work of these artists we will learn about art elements colour, shape, form and texture. Prep and Year One students will create three artworks throughout this term, replicating the main elements explored in the artwork of the artists above.



In Term 2 Foundation students will consolidate building their repertoire of known chants, songs and rhymes. They will distinguish  between their speaking and singing voices. They will be introduced to the concept of Pitch; recognising high and low sounds and Tempo; describing music as fast, moderate or slow. The students will also further explore their emotions through music, discussing their responses to different pieces of music and exploring how music can sound happy, sad, scary, and exciting. 



This term, Year 1/2 students  will play a range of music and movement games, and explore the expressive possibilities of using their voices and instruments. They will begin to read simple graphic notation scores. They will move their bodies in response to changes in tempo.

Term Overviews 
Year 3/4: The Force be With You



Students will use various texts to build and refine comprehension strategies with a focus on summarising, figurative language and cause and effect.


Students will plan, draft and publish narrative and procedural texts. 

Speaking & Listening

Students will listen attentively to others’ views and respond appropriately. Students will plan, rehearse and present an oral report.


Number and Algebra 

Students will revise and extend their knowledge of  the four operations of addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.

Probability and Statistics

Students will further develop their understanding of chance.

Inquiry Learning

In the unit, “The Force be with You” students will explore science and the practical application of physics in everyday life by investigating how forces are exerted on other objects through direct contact or from a distance. Students will participate in an incursion on Monday 5 August.

Religious Education

Students will be investigating the significance of different sacraments.  They will look at the communal and celebratory nature of a Mass and explore the four parts of a Mass through the symbols, signs and rituals associated with each part.   Preparation of candidates for the Sacrament of First Eucharist that will be celebrated on 8 September at St Ignatius Church.

Digital Technology

Students will continue to use software  including word processing programs, with growing speed and efficiency. They will use applications, such as Piktochart to develop digital solutions to present their work and develop a simple coding programme using Scratch.

Student Wellbeing

Students will be learning through the ‘ Stamina Domain’  from the Berry Street Education Model

with a focus on strategies that build growth mindset, emotional intelligence and resilience.

Physical Education

This semester students will develop new ways to run, jump and throw by exploring the different events in Athletics. Students will also begin to develop ways of describing how their bodies respond when engaging in moderate to vigorous activity. And also make links between fitness and the different Athletic events.


Students will continue to learn the word order in making Chinese sentences by asking and answering simple questions about age and time. Students will learn about different conventions about expressing time in Chinese compared to that of English. In the unit of culture and nationality, the students will further explore different cultural traditions as well as expanding their Chinese vocabulary in the topic.

Visual Arts

Students will continue their exploration of contemporary Australian artists and examine the artwork of Peter Cromer.  Cromer is a local Melbourne artist who works in collage depicting mostly Australian animals. Students will create their own collage inspired by the artwork of Cromer.


In term 3, students will use graphic notation to record their own compositions, producing and performing a “body percussion” score. Students will respond to music, and identify and respond to changes in musical dynamics, eg loud, soft, fast and slow. They will describe and discuss similarities and differences between music they hear, compose and perform. They will begin to plan elements of music to communicate their ideas and intentions. 

Term Overviews 
Seniors: Journey to Discovery



Students will engage with a variety of texts. They listen to, read, view, interpret and evaluate spoken, written and multimodal texts designed to inform and entertain. 

Students develop their understanding of how texts, including media texts, are influenced by context, purpose and audience. They will develop strategies to compare and contrast, interpret figurative language and identify cause and effect in texts.



Students will learn how to write an Information Report and Poetic texts using the correct structure and language features. They will be using a rubric for teacher feedback and the ‘T.A.G’ (Tell, Ask and Give) process to give peer to peer feedback to improve their writing.


Speaking and Listening

Students will communicate with peers and teachers and the wider community in a range of face-to-face and online/virtual environments. Students will listen to discussions, reflect and give feedback. Students will complete and present a  report on an issue related to our Inquiry unit,’Journey to Discovery’ using developing oral skills. 



Number and Algebra

Students will be learning the value of numbers and applying that knowledge in everyday situations. They will explore Pattern and Algebra in particular how to explore describe number patterns using the four operations. They will solve word problems by using number sentences.


Measurement and Geometry

Students will explore different units of measurement. They will use different measurement formulas to solve given problems and choose appropriate units of measurement for length, area, volume, capacity and mass.  


Statistics and Probability

Students will be learning about Chance where they will describe possible everyday events and order their chances of occurring. They will list outcomes of chance experiments involving equally likely outcomes and represent probabilities of those outcomes using fractions, decimals and percentages.



Start typing your article in here...

Inquiry Learning

In the unit, ‘Journey to Discovery’ students will learn about light refraction, electrical circuits, states of matter, and the scale of the solar system through hands-on experiments and experiences. They will build a thermoscope, a paper circuit and a balloon-powered rocket.  Students will work towards creating a presentation and a quiz to highlight the wondrous facts that they have learnt during the unit.


Religious Education

Students will explore the Christian experiences and understandings of Church and Community. Students will consider the structure of the Catholic Church and compare and contrast this with other Religions.  Some students will be preparing for their Sacrament of Confirmation.


Digital Technology

In Digital Technology students will continue an online course on Cyber-bullying. They will investigate the correct protocols which needs to be followed when online. Students will learn how to identify the dangers when online and identify strategies to avoid them.

They will be using a variety of ICT skills and digital devices to create work tasks on a teacher created workflow document. Students will learn how to create an ‘APP’ using new learnt skills which will showcase their learning.  Students will continue to learn the skills of coding to prepare them for programming in the future. Students will also learn about the correct ICT protocols when accessing any digital devices.


Student Wellbeing

Students will continue to develop strategies that build their wellbeing and resilience from the ‘Berry St Model’ and will learn techniques and establish routines that will support them to be ‘Ready to Learn.’ Students will explore, ‘Growth MindSet’ where they will learn how a positive mindset can help them achieve their life and learning goals.

Physical Education

This term students in the senior level will participate in regular periods of moderate to vigorous activity and examine different types of fitness and testing through their Athletics unit. They will also develop their skills and understanding of the correct technique when throwing, jumping and running in Athletics. All students will have the opportunity to compete in the District Athletics event.


In Term three, students from the senior level are encouraged to use Chinese as a classroom language to conduct daily conversations. In the class, they will interact with teachers and peers in social and class activities, exchanging ideas and opinions, using correct tones. They will also learn to ask simple questions and gather information in Chinese. In the unit of nationality, they will reflect on how aspects of personal identity are expressed in Australian and Chinese contexts.

Visual Arts

In term three students from the senior level will explore art history. To begin the term students will learn about the sculpture ‘Little Dancer of Fourteen Years’ by Edgar Degas. Inspired by this artwork students will create their own sculpture of an athlete in motion using air dry-clay. Following on from this, students will choose an artist to research and recreate a famous artwork of their choosing.


Library will occur on a Friday (Gr4/5TR, Gr 5/6FA and Gr 5/6MG) All students are to have a library bag or satchel.  

Students borrow and return appropriate books from the library on a weekly basis. They are encouraged to select texts of interest, for research and at their lexile level in order to complete related quizzes. Children will continue to participate in the Victorian Premiers Readers Challenge.


This term, Year 5/6 students will compose, notate and read their own “body percussion” and rhythm pieces. They will read and notate their own and others’ musical compositions using graphic notation. They will identify the rhythm of known songs. They will plan elements of music to communicate their ideas and intentions.

EXTEND After Care

Extend Update


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