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27 March 2020
Issue Two

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Principal's Message

Welcome to another ‘bumper’ edition of the College Newsletter for 2020!

Our first edition was a tremendous success, and I am sure you will enjoy reading through our final Newsletter for Term 1.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank our College Community for their ongoing support. It is has been a very busy term, given the number and breadth of opportunities provided to our students. We thank our families for partnering with us to further improve the learning outcomes of our students. Please be reminded that families and students can expect the Cycle One Reports to be made available via Compass on Friday, March 27th.  If there are any queries concerning the Cycle One Reports, please contact the College on wheelers.hill.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au.



As a school, we offer outstanding opportunities in the four areas important to our College Community:

  • Academic excellence across all learning domains
  • Sport
  • The Performing Arts
  • Student Leadership

Given the outstanding opportunities we provide, I am not surprised that the interest in our College so far in 2020 has been strong. The number of families coming through for College Tours in Term 1 has been extraordinary. Changes to our Facebook page, Newsletter and website have all been well received by our community. It is pleasing to see such a high level of interest in our College, and we look forward to sharing more information about our great school with the community in the weeks and months to come.



The College's Aspire Challenge and Enrich (ACE) Program, a learning extension initiative designed to meet the educational needs of high-achieving students, is uniquely structured to engage students of exceptional ability, and is designed to work alongside the College's many excellent and existing co-curricular and extension programs.


We are thrilled to offer this challenging and simulating program to Year 7 students enrolling in 2021, and we remain committed to ensuring that all our students - existing and future, across all Year levels - are supported and empowered to reach their full potential.


Due to the early start to the Easter holidays, the closing date for applications has been moved to Friday, April 17th. Parents of Grade 6 students are encouraged to apply for this program, and to share application information in their networks to any interested families. To download an application form, please click here.



We are committed to providing a high-quality teaching and learning experience to our students. In Term 1, we adopted table groups in all of our classes to allow for greater collaboration amongst students. Our teaching staff continue to follow our Teaching & Learning Model which allows for consistency of practice, and relevant students were best preparing for the NAPLAN assessments before the announcement (20/3/20) of their cancellation for 2020.



Many schools have a House System in place to support key areas. Sport is an example of one such area. Our Houses System of Jells, Napier, Scott and Derrimut have served our College community well over an extended period of time. Whilst students have the ability to gain House Points in a number of areas within the College, it is our Sports Program that currently provides the greatest opportunity for students to contribute to the success of their House through any given year.


Many schools have a ‘Vertical House Structure’ allowing students from across the Year levels (eg. Years 7-9) to come together on a more regular basis (eg. once a day, or once a week). Such a structure can develop an even stronger connection to the House System within the school. A Vertical House Structure can allow students to more strongly identify with their House and peers which can create an even stronger ‘House Spirit’ across a number of areas within the College.


A Vertical House Structure is being discussed amongst staff and students for 2021. If families would like to contribute to this discussion, please contact the General Office.



Our Sports Program has been very busy this term with Interschool Sports, Swimming Competitions, and the Athletics Carnival featuring prominently. I thank all staff for their involvement in our Sports Program, particularly Ms. Kerrie Lay and Ms. Sally Pryde for their leadership of key events. Please read on in this Newsletter for a full report of student achievement and participation in this important area of the College.



Another important area of our College is, of course, our Performing Arts Program. We were thrilled to learn recently that the College Production this year will be Mary Poppins Jnr. We are renowned in the community for our high quality Productions, and 2020 I am sure will be no exception. The 2020 Cast List has now been released and we wish everyone involved all the very best for this years' Production. I thank Ms. Genelle Lentini and her team for their tremendous work in this area of the College.



Whilst our College Council for 2020 is in place, we have postponed our March meeting until further notice. The appointment of Office Bearers and the development of Sub Committees can be discussed at our next meeting of Council.



As a community, we are in unprecedented and uncertain times; the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has changed our lives and the way we live. As a College, we will continue to act on the advice of the Department of Education. The Corona Virus has created so many challenges for us all and I am proud of how our College Community has been able to meet these challenges throughout Term 1. I believe our communications and management of the issues presented by the Corona Virus has been strong, including our support of students with their learning. I thank our staff, students, and families for working as a team to best manage the Corona Virus situation.


At the time of writing, there has been no confirmation of our school closing after the Term 1 Holidays. Nevertheless, our staff have been incredibly busy in recent times, best preparing a Remote Teaching and Learning Program in the event of any school closure.


I am under no illusion as to the challenges that a Remote Teaching and Learning Program would bring. Many families may already be working from home, and might be faced with combining their work commitments with the responsibilities of parenting, presenting a very challenging dynamic at home. As a College, we are simply asking families and students to do their best, remembering that the health, safety, and wellbeing of your family is the most important consideration during these difficult times. In the event of school closures, students, and families can expect further information to be provided about our remote Teaching and Learning Program if and when it is required.


As per previous communications with our College community, the school holiday period commenced on Tuesday, March 24th, and it will continue through to Tuesday, April 14th (currently a Student Free Day).  The current start date of Term 2 is Wednesday, April 15th, but please continue to monitor Compass for Newsfeed Updates from the College concerning COVID-19 and any changes to this date.


Given the situation with COVID-19, the health, safety, and wellbeing of students, families, staff and the broader community is the priority. I ask that our College community take every measure and precaution to best keep healthy, safe, and well during these unprecedented and uncertain times. Be sure to follow the most recent advice and guidance from all of the relevant authorities.


I am proud of how our College community has responded to the challenges of COVID-19. Through Term 1, I am proud of the focused and dedicated approach of our students, and the committed and caring approach of our staff. Furthermore, I recognise the wonderful support provided to our staff and students by families during these challenging times.


I thank our staff and students for their hard work throughout Term 1, and I wish our College Community a safe school holiday break.


Mr. Aaron Smith

Principal, Wheelers Hill Secondary College


Contact Us

Ph: (03) 9561 5811

Email: wheelers.hill.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au



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Holiday Homework
& Learning

Teacher tips for making the most of your Easter school holidays at home.

With so much going on in the world these school holidays, it's important to keep yourself safe, engaged, and healthy in both mind and body while staying home as much as possible. While Netflix and YouTube are great ways to kill a few hours, don't forget that there's heaps of simple things you can do to make sure you're ready and raring to learn when the holidays end. To get you in the right headspace, some of our fantastic teaching staff have offered to share their top tips (and their home workstations) to help you form good work routines, plan and use your time productively, and above all, stay positive!

Mr. Pedro Mello | STEM Learning Specialist

I am spending my school holidays planning lessons for my students in science, maths and the technologies for when we return to school, hopefully, next term! Regardless of when we come back, these new lessons will have to look a bit different. Collaboration might no longer mean face-to-face in the classroom but will now be driven by digital platforms. Certainly challenging but also an exciting push into the modern world.


To get me through this time I am making sure that work time is work time and relaxing time is relaxing time. I am still waking up early and going through my normal routine, ready to start my day at 8:30 am. Scheduling breaks and eating meals at the right times is essential for me to be successful and keep me motivated! It is also important that when I have my break I leave my work desk, located in our spare room, and I give myself the opportunity to fully unwind. Whether this is by going for a walk with the dog, playing some video games or doing the Himeji Castle 3D puzzle I have been meaning to do for a year!

Ms. Michelle Galea | VCAL / Pathways

I will be spending these holidays looking at the current curriculum and ways that this can be taught remotely for students (if required). I will be making sure that students are offered the best learning opportunities in our digital age and accessing the resources to do this. Work tasks for students will be planned to engage students in the best means possible using the resources that they have available to them. After the holiday period I will be available to respond to students and families regarding learning platforms and opportunities.


When you're doing school work at home these holidays, it is important to maintain routines (i.e getting up at the same or similar time and getting showered and dressed). Take the time and make an effort to set up a space for your learning, a space that is not distracting and comfortable. Having headphones might help with distractions as there are likely to be distractions when you are at home.


If you're working for a long time, remember to have a break and leave your working space, get up and move around, go outside and get some fresh air, go for a walk (making sure that you are maintaining social distancing), read a book, or partake in your hobbies and interest areas.


It is important that we not only look after our physical bodies but our mind as well during this time. There are free meditation and mental health apps that you can use to relax your mind. Here are some of many that are available:

  • Headspace - A free App of meditation and mindfulness activities.
  • Calm - A meditation program aimed at beginners, including programs that that are aimed for more advanced users, sleep stories (for teens and adults), soothing nature sounds and leisure to relax you.
  • Aura - A personalised meditation experience, the app learns by asking you questions, you then receive a 3-minute mindfulness meditation based on your answers. It is designed to help you control your stress and thoughts better to reduce stress and increase positivity.
  • Stop, Breathe, Think - A personalised meditation and mindfulness experience. It delivers meditation and mindfulness strategies based on your current emotions and feelings.

Ms. Genelle Lentini | Performing Arts Leader

Planning for Performing Arts subjects to be potentially run remotely isn’t an easy task… but we’re working all through the holidays to make it a smooth transition! This is my desk space… mug of coffee at the ready, sanitiser on standby (because that’s the reality we live in now), a pink notepad and R2D2 pen (because normal paper and pens are boring), and my avocado stress ball on hand (you all know why). I try and only put things on my desk that I need to focus on for that particular task. If I was marking, I would have a pile of assignments next to me.


My chair is comfy and my desk is free from a lot of clutter – because I know I need to focus in the coming days. I also make sure that I have a space in my living room to run practical lessons too! Just because we are working at studying at home these holidays doesn’t mean we can’t be creative and share stories and art – in fact it’s definitely more important than ever! Make sure you are looking after yourself and each other. Get fresh air, listen to music you love that motivates you, and wash your hands!

Mr. Ben Shepherd | Year 7 Coordinator

The prospect of learning and teaching remotely presents all of us with a challenge, and who doesn’t love a challenge, right? Preparedness is key here, having a healthy working space will make this transition easier. Now, my house doesn’t actually have a designated study area (as ordinarily I do most of my work at school – but these are not ordinary times we are living in) so I will be transforming the dining table into a makeshift desk.


I like to keep my materials compact so I can easily pack them up and move them around should the need arise (all students have strong locker game, I know you are all accustomed to this!). Being a habitual creature I like to have my notepad and diary right on hand so I don’t miss anything important (a cup of coffee is never far away).


We teachers have been meeting regularly using the software MS ‘Teams’ to share ideas, make plans and prepare ourselves for Term 2 -  I consistently make notes on dates, need to know information, and list things I need to do. A great habit I live by is putting my phone in another room when I sit down to plan my lessons or mark student assessments. These devices are a distraction! Try it out, I promise you your productivity will improve.


Find the time (when you’re not studying) to check in with your friends and loved ones, stay connected, because it is time like these that we need to lean each other. Lastly, find time for yourself, exercise regularly, eat healthy and stay safe.

Ms. Claire Hanley | Literacy Specialist

"It is our choices ... that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." - Albus Dumbledore.


As I sit and work around the online learning opportunities for our students, I feel overwhelmed and anxious, but then I stare at my Lego Hogwarts Castle and feel at ease. Why? Because I don’t have to fight trolls, three headed dogs, Umbridge or Death Eaters! Why do you think??


But seriously, I feel at ease learning how to use online platforms because I choose to offer the best education for our students. I don’t have an expert ability to use this technology. Yet. But I choose to get better and I choose to ask for help and collaborate with my peers whenever I can.


WHSC have been communicating with each other every day during the last week of term using Teams and other online communication tools. In such difficult times, I am in awe of how the WHSC staff have the energy and engagement to take on this new challenge and tackle the online beast, the way Harry takes on Voldemort. We now ask the community, parents and students to do the same, and we know you will. If we do enter remote learning, our students will need to choose to come on this adventure with us.

Ms. Kerrie Lay | Sport Coordinator

Yes teenagers, the world did exist before the year 2000. I remember the year 2000 well for two reasons:

  1. Cathy Freeman won an amazing gold medal at the Sydney Olympic Games in the 400m. Australia had not won this event since the 1964 games in Tokyo.
  2. The AFL Grand Final win by the mighty Bombers against the Demons was the culmination of a fantastic season by Essendon. (James Hird captain, Kevin Sheedy coach)

I work from home in my study that has reminders of these two events. I prefer lots of light and fresh air when working, so my desk is next to a window and usually open. A list of things to do, a clear working space, and a hair band help me be most productive (hair in my face is very annoying). Creating an organised space to work and listing tasks to be completed would be my best advice for students working at home these holidays.


I feel very grateful to work with fantastic colleagues that support me. Challenging times create opportunities to learn together. It’s important to show gratitude and kindness to those around us, and be considerate of others’ space if we end up in lock down and working remotely for a period of time. Work hard and keep well.

News For Students

Production 2020 | Cast Announcement

Auditions for the 2020 College Production were a roaring success and we have finally got the cast of Mary Poppins Jr. locked in and underway! Despite times of uncertainty, the Production Team are working on ways to best deliver this whole school initiative to the community. We believe that in times of high stress and panic, creative outlets and a safe space to work are important so that students feel supported and are reminded that their college cares for them. As Mary herself says, “Anything can happen, if you let it."


Ms. Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader

Year 7 Geography Excursion | Liveability Walk

As part of Year 7’s Geography studies on Liveability, some classes undertook an excursion to visit the local Wheelers Hill area. Students were able to undertake a survey on the area based on how liveable the area is – while walking to the local shopping precinct, as well as the Monash Gallery of Art and nearby lake.


This field trip supported them in their completion of their first CAT, where students were able to suggest changes to the local area to improve its liveability. 


Ms. Elisa Baldwin

Year 7 Geography

Year 9 Humanities Excursion | Port Phillip Bay

Across three days in March, all Year 9 students had the opportunity to visit Half Moon Bay, Sandringham Harbour and Hampton Beach to apply their geographical knowledge and skills in the field. Students completed activities in the Fieldwork booklet, looking at coastal landscapes and landforms, as well as management strategies.

Students were able to collect data in the form of photos, sketches and notes to assist in their completion of their first CAT - a Fieldwork Report. This is what the students had to say:


“It was good to see what we have been talking about in class.” 

“It was a nice day to be together and learn.” 

“It was interesting seeing in real life what we have been learning about in the classroom.” 

“I learned a lot more about Management Strategies in relation to Coastal Landscapes and Landforms.” 


Ms. Michelle Galea 

Year 9 Humanities

Theatre Studies Excursion | The Importance of Being Earnest 

One classic play, two amazing actors, a theatre full of VCE Theatre Studies students... a theatrical experience guaranteed to delight! Travelling to Malthouse Theatre, VCE students had the privilege of watching Oscar Wilde's timeless classic, “The Importance of Being Earnest” performed by the English company, Ridiculusmus.


Sharing nine roles between 2 actors, the students were privileged to witness a performance of incredible design, direction and acting.


Ms. Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader


“I thoroughly enjoyed this excursion, taking part to be an audience member in a complex but well thought out performance. The Importance of Being Earnest engages themes such as marriage, class, social expectations, and the lifestyles of the English upper class. My peers as well as myself, understood and grasped the concept on the performance. Broke down the important segments and demonstrated our ability to write about the play. Watching this performance made me analyse and think of different theatre technologies and theatre styles and conventions the actors and the entire crew manipulate on stage. I would definitely see this performance again!” - Jess H (Year 11)


“From mistaken identity to cucumber sandwiches and tea cake, seeing the hilarious chaos that was Ridiculumus’ rendition of the Importance of being Earnest was a great learning experience and overall incredibly enjoyable to watch. When we weren’t crying from laughter we were learning about different styles of theatre and how they are used on stage. Seeing two grown men in pretty pink dresses, skipping around the stage will always be enjoyable and seeing the same two actors embody over many different characters is astonishing and inspiring to witness. Being given the opportunity to see live theatre and learn about it will always be something I am so grateful to experience as a part of my VCE studies.” - Felicity G (Year 11)


“Being able to watch the Importance of Being Earnest was a phenomenal experience that I will cherish for years to come. We learnt about and fleshed out much of our knowledge in regards to everything that goes on during the development and presentation of theatre. This was especially present during the Q&A section at the end of the performance where we were able to get an insight on the many challenges that had to be overcome by the actors and crew in the process of creating the play. Aside from being a valuable learning experience, the Importance of Being Earnest was one of the most exhilarating and hilarious pieces of theatre that I’ve had the pleasure of watching, from the witty innuendos, to the absurd physical comedy, this play was one that I will not soon forget.” - Rabi Z (Year 11)

Year 12 Physics | Luna Park Excursion

On the 4th of March, our Year 12 Physics class embarked on a journey to Luna Park to explore the physics of amusement park rides. This would help them to gain a direct experience of the concepts covered in class as part of motion and formed the basis of one of their SACs. It would also be potentially enjoyable for the students and mildly amusing for myself.


The students were spun and bumped, turned and dropped, but eventually they got off the bus at St Kilda where the real rides began. After facing the terrors of the Grand Carousel, the students had the opportunity to experience acceleration, g-forces, circular motion and apparent weightlessness as they spun, climbed, dived and looped on the various rides at Luna Park. The Twin Dragons produced changes in kinetic and gravitational energy as the ride oscillated backwards and forwards. It also gave the students a quick rinse and spin with the help of a passing shower. The Enterprise allowed students to measure the forces in horizontal and vertical circular motion as they spun round at high speed. The Top Drop generated apparent weightlessness and high g-forces as students were dropped from a great height and slammed to a stop. Pharaoh’s Curse spun them upside down and shook all the change out of their pockets. And of course there was the challenge of the Speedy Beetles.


Overall, a fun, educational, and slightly nauseating day was had by all.


Mr. Paul McGlynn

Senior Physics Teacher 

International Women’s Day 2020

On March 4th, Riversdale Golf Club held an International Women’s Day Lunch to celebrate successful business women and women in the space industry. Carley Scott, the CEO of Equatorial Launch Australia, is the amazing woman who spoke to us for majority of this lunch. She is someone who has dominated in her field and continues to represent women on behalf of all her work. She’s Australian born, and attended Wellington Secondary College and Monash University whilst growing up in Dandenong North. Currently, Carley Scott is leading the development of Australia’s first spaceport in the Northern Territory and has secured a world first with NASA planning to launch from the site in 2020. While attending the special speech we were given an insight to the upcoming plans and what is to be expected in the coming years, in not only Australia but the next movement in the world of space.  


We were given the privilege of attending this lunch, for free, as an extension to our trip to NASA in the USA as of late 2019. Carley talked about various things that were of immense interest to us and our futures, including her journey and what pathways she took to get where she is. The lunch also consisted of a delicious two-course meal, a main meal comprised of either salmon or steak with various vegetables; followed by desserts, pannacotta or pavlova, both of which were beautifully presented.  


We got to sit with successful, strong-willed women, including Ms Anderson, and hear about what they do and how they’ve been successful. We also participated in a quiz that included questions about women; such as how there is 130 million girls denied education, how a woman would need to work 56 more days than a man to earn the same wage from the same job, and more disappointing yet not surprising statistics about how women and girls struggle for equality in society.  


To sum up our experience, we were captivated by the group of determined women we talked with and were pleased to have the opportunity to speak our mind and talk about all the various programs Wheelers Hill supports. It was a very special day and gave us a lot of insight into just how hard the women, all over the world, work to get to the places they are today. We are very privileged to have been selected to attend this lunch and hope it will inspire other students to take the same opportunities.  


Erin S-J (10C) & Laura S (10A) 

News For Parents

ACE Program | Applications for 2021 Now Open

The Wheelers Hill Secondary College Aspire, Challenge, Enrich (ACE) Program is an exciting new initiative for high achieving students, launching in 2021. All students enrolling in Year 7 in 2021 are eligible to apply for the ACE Program, which provides high-ability students with a stimulating alternate curriculum, offered in tandem with the robust co-curricular opportunities provided to all students at Wheelers Hill Secondary College.

Due to the extension of the Easter school holidays, the application close date for the ACE Program in 2021 has been moved to Friday, April 17th. Applications will be accepted digitally via email, as well as via post. To download an application form, please click here.

Open Night 2020 | Register Your Place Online

The Wheelers Hill Secondary College Open Night is our most important event for prospective parents and students, allowing students in Grades 5 and 6 to experience the very best that our College has to offer with interactive tours, a faculty fair, and current student meet-and-greets.


If you know a friend or family member who would be interested in learning more about our College, please invite them to attend our Open Night for 2020 on Wednesday, April 29th, from 6:00pm. The evening is free, and parents can register their interest using our online registration form.


All families who register will also be notified in the event that Open Night is postponed or moved to a date later in Term 2 due to the developing COVID-19 situation.

Parent Survey | What Does Wheelers Mean To You?

In order to help improve our College's communication platforms, we'd like to hear from the people who know us best - our community! All parents and guardians are invited to respond to this short survey, which will allow you to provide invaluable information about what we're doing well, what we can improve, and what you'd like to see more of in the future.


The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and all responses are anonymous, so please be as honest and candid as you wish. To complete the survey, please click here.


Mr. Jack Richardson

Communications Officer

Literacy | Experiment & Adapt These Holidays

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." - Samuel Beckett 


What to do in times like these? Experiment. Try new things. Talk to others and see what they are doing.  They say it takes a community to raise a child and I couldn’t agree more. Although, with my children, I think I need a back-up community to step in when my first community drops everything and runs away when it gets too hard!  But in truth, it will take a caring community to get us through these times. We may be physically in isolation, but our communication is not isolated, and we must embrace the opportunity to connect and support each other whenever we can. 


In my role as a Literacy Leader, I want you to know that you can do many things to support your child at home. And here are just a few: 


  • Reading for 20 mins per day. Ask your child to read for 20 mins and then engage in conversation about the book. You can even model this behaviour and sit down with them and read your own book.

  • Engage in conversation after the reading. You can use the Five Finger Retell model. If it is fiction, ask these questions: Orientation (When and Where), Problem (What went wrong?), Event (Then what happened?), Event (What happened next?), Solution (How did it end?) If it is Non-fiction, ask these questions: Main Idea, Fact 1, Fact 2, Fact 3, Connection to Self Again, model this, by discussing your book/text first so you lead the way and your child can see what a good conversation about a book/text looks like. 

  • Writing. Writing to Learn activities are fun, low stakes tasks, that just get our students to put pen to paper, not fingers to keyboards. You can do simple things like an A-Z lists of all the foods they like. They can do a Mind-Map of activities they can do in the house. They can do a Top Ten list of their favourite movies. You can do any topic and give it a time limit to add a bonus challenging element to it.  


As a Literacy Specialist, all I ask is that you give it a go. Because who cares if it fails. When I make an error, I turn to Samuel Beckett’s saying: "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."


For more ideas around literacy, have a look at the Learning Strategies table below, or please contact me: chan@whsc.vic.edu.au


Ms. Claire Hanley 

Literacy Learning Specialist 


Assistant Principal | Information for VCE Parents 

As we complete Term 1, we find ourselves in unprecedented times and through necessity, navigate through uncharted waters. As such, I would like to reassure both senior school students (particularly our Year 12s) and their families, that as we navigate these times of uncertainty, there is a team of dedicated educational professionals at WHSC who are working extremely hard to ensure that there is continuity of learning for all.


To date we have set up all VCE classes on MS Teams. This platform will enable teachers to facilitate classes in a virtual environment, enabling collaboration to take place and providing access to resources, as would be the case in an onsite classroom environment. Staff this week have been trialling the system and we have been extremely pleased with how everybody has adopted and embraced this different way of working.


As always, if you need to contact any member of the senior school team, please refer to the contact details below: 





Leader of Senior School 

Judith Riddoch 


Year 12 Coordinator 

Louise Ford 


Year 11 Coordinator 

Max Ellis 


Year 10 Coordinator 

Megan Hodgkinson 


Careers Practitioner 

Voula Jakubicki 


Social Worker 

Helen Charalambous 



Please contact members of the senior school team if you wish to discuss anything in relation to your son or daughter. You can also contact me directly: jand@whsc.vic.edu.au


Ms. Judy Anderson

Assistant Principal

VCE Careers Update | Careers Coordinator


As part of the Department of Education and Training initiative, Wheelers Hill Secondary College has once again offered all year 9 students the opportunity to undertaking the Morrisby Online Career Assessment.


Year 9 students sat this assessment on Wednesday 18th March and they should all be commended on the positive way they approached this task.  The Morrisby Assessment is an amazing tool which is designed to assist students with making better choices about subject selection, vocational education and training, senior secondary school certificates and further study.


Upon completion of this assessment all year 9 students will be scheduled in for a one to one careers consultation. These consultations are due to take place at school from Tuesday 14th April-Friday 17th April.  The Career Consultants will guide each student through their Profile Report to ensure that they understand their findings and therefore be able to use this information to effectively make future career decisions.  At this stage one to one appointments are still scheduled to take place at the school and students who have completed their profiling will be emailed their appointment time over the school holidays so I encourage them to regularly check their emails.  If there are still restrictions with regards to running these face to face appointments then alternative measures will be put in place and once confirmed, students and parents will be notified.


Finally, I would like to thank the team of teachers who assisted with facilitating this assessment as without their help our students would not have been able to participate in this valuable program. 


Ms. Voula Jakubicki 

Careers Coodinator 

College & DET Privacy Policy

Our school collects, uses, discloses and stores student and parent personal information for standard school functions or where permitted by law, as stated in the Schools’ Privacy Policy. Please take time to remind yourself of the school’s collection statement, found on our website.


For more information about privacy, see: Schools’ Privacy Policy – information for parents. This information also available in nine community languages.


College Athletics Carnival | Captain's Report

The 2020 WHSC Athletics Carnival was a big success to say the least!! It was held at Knox Athletics track on the 16th of March. Participation from all year levels and houses was at a high level, which made it a super enjoyable day and a great competition.


The day was full of cheering, running, jumping, and throwing, as well as lots of colour as everyone went to great efforts to create a sea of their House colour. We congratulate all students for their participation and success, especially those who will move on to the Monash Division Athletics.



Of course, the day couldn’t have happened or run so smoothly without the great time and effort of Ms. Lay and Ms. Pryde!! Big thank you to you guys, as well as all the House Captains who did a great job of organising relays, cheers, and getting students into events!!


Napier were absolute superstars and gave all their events everything, enabling us to win the shield for the second year in a row!!! Congratulations Napier students and teachers, you guys are awesome!!! GO NAPIER!!! 


Gabby G (Year 12)

Napier House Captain 

Athletics Carnival | Results & Records

House Ranking

1st Place 


1590 Points 

2nd Place 


1489 Points 

3rd Place 


1438 Points 

4th Place 


1367 Points 


Age Group Champions 

13 Yr 

Samantha M 


13 Yr 

Lochie E 


14 Yr 

Jasmine H 


14 Yr 

Isayah S 


15 Yr 

Matilda D 


15 Yr 

Lachlan J 


16 Yr 

Olivia T 


16 Yr 

Cameron C 


17 Yr 

Ashleigh M 


17 Yr 

Ben P 


20 Yr 

Erin McK 


20 Yr 

Cameron P 



Records Broken 

16 Yr 

Triple Jump 

Cameron C 



17 Yr 


Ben P 



15 Yr 

Shot Put 

Abigail B 



College Swimming and Diving Team | Report 

On the 27th February, 60 students from Yr7-12 went to Aquanation to compete in the Monash Division Swimming and Diving Championships. Wheelers Hill had a strong team and student participation was high. We would like to thank all those that competed in the College Swimming and Diving team. We are very proud of the many students who swam in multiple events, some above their age group, and of the numerous students who placed on the day and will be proudly representing Wheelers Hill at the upcoming EMR competition.


Overall, everybody did an amazing job and we were very impressed with how hard everyone competed and the enthusiasm shown in representing our school. We really appreciate the effort of all those who swam or dived. Overall results of the day were:


Overall Diving Championship – 1st Place 

Overall Swimming Championship – 2nd Place 


13 Yr Monash Division Age Group Champion: Makayla L

15 Yr Monash Division Age Group Champion: Brady T

New Monash Division Record: Brady T (50m Backstroke:  34.92sec)


Individual event winners included:


Makayla L: 15 Yr 200 Freestyle /13 Yr 50 Butterfly / 13 Yr 50 Freestyle / 13 Yr 50 Backstroke / 15 Yr 200 Individual Medley / 14 Yr 4x50 Medley Relay / 13 Yr 4x50 Freestyle Relay

Brady T: 15 Yr 50 Butterfly / 15 Yr 100 Freestyle / 15 Yr 50 Freestyle / 15 Yr 50 Backstroke / 15 Yr 200 Individual Medley

Shay C: 13 Yr 50 Breaststroke / 14 Yr 4x50 Medley Relay / 13 Yr 4x50 Freestyle Relay

Jasmine P: 15 Yr 50 Breaststroke

Emily F: 20 Yr 50 Freestyle

Kara O’G: 20 Yr 100 Backstroke / 20 Yr 400 Freestyle

Kristen S: 14 Yr 4x50 Medley Relay

Jasmine H: 14 Yr 4x50 Medley Relay / 14Yr Diving 

Emma N: 13 Yr 4x50 Freestyle Relay 

Caitlyn N: 13 Yr 4x50 Freestyle Relay 

Liam K: 20 Yr Diving 

Logan C: 14 Yr Diving 


Emily F & Liam K

2020 Swimming & Diving Captains 

Community Notices

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