Photo: ANZAC Day Commemoration Ceremony

Huntingdale Primary School

20 April 2017
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Principal and Assistant Principal's Page

Acting Principal's Report

Welcome back to Term 2! I trust everyone had a fabulous holiday break and I believe there was some stunning Melbourne weather. I spent two weeks overseas in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, with most days being between 36 and 39 degrees!  I had a lovely time exploring the sights, culture and food of these countries, with my highlights being bike riding around Luang Prabang in Laos and seeing Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

This term I will be Acting Principal as Principal Kate Gray is taking long service leave and having a well-deserved break! She will also be coaching the Under 15 Australian Schools Netball Team in their tournament in Fiji and we wish her and the team all the best! Naomi Mori-Hanazono will be Acting Assistant Principal during this time to support me.


ANZAC Day School’s Ceremony

On Wednesday 19th April, School Captains Callum and Jolene joined me at the Monash Waverley School’s ANZAC Ceremony at the Cenotaph at Central Reserve in Glen Waverley. Callum and Jolene listened to Colonel John Coulsen retell an ANZAC story and they laid a wreath on behalf of our school community to commemorate those who have died during World War 1.


Play Is The Way Session for Parents

We have advertised on Tiq Biz a parent session on ‘Play is the Way’ and we strongly encourage all parents to attend.

Date:                     Monday 8 May 2017

Time:                     6.30-8.00pm

Venue:                 Gillian Penfold Hall

RSVP:                    Monday 24 April- either via Tiq Biz or contacting the  

                                 school office

Cost:                      NIL- free event

Coffee, tea and light refreshments will be served on the night


Our presenter, Wilson McCaskill, creator and founder of “Play Is The Way” will discuss and demonstrate:

  • Behaviour education versus behaviour management.
  • Helping children learn and practise behaviour that is socially responsible and personally effective.
  • The National Curriculum domain of Personal and Social Capabilities and how Play Is The Way’s guiding concepts, games and self-reflective language help teachers to help students develop those capabilities.
  • How parents can work alongside teachers to help children develop resilience, self-mastery and empathy.
  • The obligation of schools to prepare children to live and learn well.

This session is the perfect opportunity to understand Play Is the Way through direct experience as well as ask questions and enjoy yourself with other parents and carers.

Wilson’s informative and easy reading book, “Children Aren’t Made Of China" will be available for the discounted price of $30 on the night.

Grade 6 Polos

At the very end of last term our new Grade 6 polo shirts and jackets arrived. We offered an alternative colour purple for the polo shirt this year, which contrasts well with our new school logo. This really makes our Year 6’s ‘stand out’ and our younger students know who our school leaders are. Chiara and Jay modelling the new design.


School Research Project

This year we are excited to announce the beginning of a 5-year research project on ways in which effective and sustainable school-based features and practices can help our Huntingdale students excel in different subject areas, help their learning of Japanese, and also help them to become interculturally competent. This project is called: 'Language distribution in a Japanese-English bilingual program: Processes and outcomes' and will be conducted by Dr. Marianne Turner, a senior lecturer in bilingual education and teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) at Monash University. Marianne is also mother to Hector in 2E and Leo in FW so, if you'd like to ask any questions, she'll be around!


Running parallel to this is building our understanding of the language profile of our school community. We are asking that our families complete a survey online to help us with this. There are two versions of the survey:



At our Term 3 Curriculum Day staff will be undertaking a workshop in Bilingual Education and in building their own language profile.  

If you have any questions about this project or the survey please come and see me.


On 26 March our Taiko Group performed at the City of Kingston/ Cheltenham Community Centre Multicultural Festival of Creative Arts. Our group preformed well on the day and got a warm reception from the audience, some of whom had never seeing Taiko drumming before! Thank you to Hanazono sensei and our wonderful parents for supervising our students on the day.

Premier’s Active April

At Huntingdale Primary School we are participating in Active April. This is a great way to promote health and fitness to children. If you sign up to Active April, you are eligible for a 10-free pass to local swim centres such as Oakleigh Rec. Students are able to track their activity on our team page.

To join up please visit the website:

Our team name is huntingdale-ps.

Have fun!

Working With Children Check

Thank you to the many parents and volunteers who have submitted a copy of their Working With Children Check to Gill at the office.

Just a reminder if you wish to work in classrooms at our school including Literacy sessions, the Japanese Reading Program,  ICU Week activities or any other curriculum area you must have a valid WWC check. All parents who attend excursions and camps must also have one.

Early in Term 4, we have our annual swimming program. Any parents wanting to come and watch children at the pool or help teachers must have a WWC check.

Information on how to obtain a WWC check can be found at:


If you have any questions, please come and see me.



On Saturday 15th of April, Emerson from Grade 3/4S competed in the

Victorian State Trampoline Championship.  He competed in two events:  Double Mini and Trampoline.  He came away with a Bronze medal for trampolining.  He was surprised he got it but was also very proud as he had tried his hardest in the competition.

A reminder that we ask that any parents who have a child who has achieved something special at any time to please take a photograph and write a short sentence or two about what the child did, when it happened and what it means to the child and send this through to the school account at [email protected]   Achievements could be getting an award from the local footy team or ballet performance or library book club or gaining their Grey Wolf Award at Scouts or any other hobby your child pursues we’re here to celebrate Personal Best in whatever form that takes.   


Notification re: Measles and Chickenpox Reminder

Each term there is a reminder in the newsletter regarding Measles and Chickenpox.  As you may or may not be aware, there are currently children in our school community who are receiving medical treatment.  The children participate in the normal school program without any major limitations when they are well enough to be here.  A major concern, however, is if these students develop measles or chickenpox, they can become seriously ill.  I seek your cooperation in preventing this situation.  If your son/daughter has or may have measles or chickenpox or is unwell, I request that you do not send them to school during this period and notify your class teacher and the office as soon as possible.  Thank you for your support in keeping our school a safe place for all of our children.


Anaphylaxis and Allergies

We have a number of children in the school with anaphylaxis and allergies to a range of things.  We ask that all parents to avoid packing nuts or nut related products in their child’s lunch.  This is will assist us all in keeping our environment safe for all of our children.   


Have a great fortnight!


Ruth Biddle

Acting Principal


Acting Assistant Principal's Report

It is very gratifying to step up to the role of Acting Assistant Principal for Term 2. I will enjoy seeing our school and children under a  different view.


Japanese Traditional Performance Incursion

Kodomo no Hi (mining ‘Children’s Day”) is a Japanese national holiday which takes place annually on May 5. It is a day set aside to respect children’s personalities and to celebrate their happiness.

Jarrod Hoare who is the Performing artist performed traditional Japanese performing arts (rakugo, Kyogen and kamishibai) for our children at our school on 3rd November (Culture Day) last year. We are grateful to again have a Jarrod Hoare part of our children’s day celebration.

Even many Japanese people aren't familiar with Kyogen. Kyōgen is like a comic kabuki, where skits from Edo times are performed. Characters speak in strange voices and move in deliberately exaggerated ways. When people see kyōgen for the first time, they try not to laugh, thinking it may be offensive to do so. But unlike the darker, more dramatic noh and kabuki, kyōgen encourages people to laugh and have fun! An audience of children usually receive a short explanation about kyōgen from one of the actors before the show starts. I think this would benefit many adult audiences too. We would like to enjoy the Japanese traditional performance with lots of laughter and fun to celebrate our children’s day this year. He will be visiting our school on Thursday 27th April. Details are as follows.


Date: Thursday 27th April

Time: Foundation to Grade 2 – 11:30am-12:30pm

            Grade3 to Grade6 – 12:30om-1:30pm

Place: Gillian Penfold Hall

Gold Coin Donation

We ask children to bring Gold coin donation on the day for the performance.

Parents are very welcome to join in.


Artists in Schools Project in Term3

Our school has received an “Artists in Schools” Grant from Creative Victoria.

Thank you very much to Lisa Gleeson and Chris Leffler for their work in completing the application. We have invited Chaco Kato and Dylan Martorell from Slow Art Collective to assist us in this project. The Slow Art Collective is an artistic collective that focuses on creative practices and ethics relating to environmental sustainability, material ethics, DIY culture and collaboration. Slow Art Collective is interested in process-driven practices where the focus is on the act of making. We would like to examine the social function of art including the meaning of collaboration, community engagement and sustainability.


Project Title: Connectricity

The Slow Art Collective will collaborate with Grade 6 students to design and create a major outdoor artwork: The creation of a temporary architectural framework, made of bamboo and scaffolding, which then becomes the site for a variety of activities and workshops, including a large scale weaving loom, and interactive electronic sound installation. As part of the workshop process, grade 6 students will also create a large macramé object for permanent display within the school.

Connectivity is the key to the artistic concept: Grade 6 is a time students are taking on leadership roles within the school, connecting them to their teachers and younger peers in a new way. The connections across the age groups, and across the school community as a whole are integral to this collaborative art project.

A temporary structure (“Archi-Loom”) of scaffolding and bamboo will be created. This will form the basis of a space designed for further workshops and activities, and will house a series of large scale looms, with desk spaces designed for smaller experimental activities. We will explore various concepts of recycling and upcycling as well as methods of structural improvisation (such as working with bamboo). Recycled materials combine with science and maths to create the basis of a series of artworks including woven artworks integrated into the structure, as well as a large scale macramé object, which will become a permanent legacy of these students, displayed within the school.

Basic concepts of electrical conductivity are explored through the creation of a sound based interactive component that will utilise found materials, local plant life and sound samples recorded by the students using various materials and structures found on site. The sounds will become part of a touch based trigger system which uses human touch to trigger samples from a computer. The samples will be triggered by the creation of a series of small conductive sculptures which use plants and earth as the element of conductivity. This work highlights the concept of connectivity that is the touchstone of the various elements inherent within the project as a whole. 


This project will involve the whole community to create the art work. We will be inviting artists to visit our school to run a parents workshop, so you know what your children will experience in Term3.


Please keep the date free for the workshop with artists. So you can meet with artists


Upcoming activities for your involvement include:

Mother’s Day Morning Tea

Please keep the date free for now. Details come in due course.

Date Friday 12th May

Time: 9:00am


Japanese Festival on Sunday 21st May

Details will be advised through Tiqbiz close to the date.


Parent Workshop for Artists in Schools Project

Date: Tuesday 23rd May

Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm

Place: Gillian Penfold Hall


We have many exciting activities coming up. I hope you can enjoy the opportunities to be involved in your child’s learning.

Acting Assistant Principal

Naomi Mori-Hanazono

Bulletin Board



Dates to Remember 

April 2017

Tue 25 - ANZAC Day - public holiday

Thu 27 - Whole school Cross Country 9am to 11am

Thu 27 - Performance by Jarrod Hoare 11.30am to 1.30pm

Fri 28 - Grade 5/6 Sports Gala Day

May 2017

Tue 2  - Grade 6 to 7 Transition - parent inform. session 6pm to 7pm

Wed 3 - JMSS Mini Maths 

Fri 5 - Foundation excursion to Myuna Farm

Fri 5 - Grade 1 excursion to Melbourne Zoo

Fri 5 - Grade 5/6 Interschool Sports at Clarinda PS

Mon 8 - Play Is The Way parent informat.session-6.30pm in the Hall

Tue 9 to Thu 11 - NAPLAN test - grades 3 and 5

Mon 15 to Fri 19 - Book Fair

Fri 12 - School photos - Individual, Family and Home Group

Fri 12 - Mother's Day Morning Tea - 9am 

Fri 12 - Year 6 to 7 transition forms due back

Tue 16 - School Council meeting - 7pm in the Staff room

Wed 17 - JMSS Mini Maths

Thu 18 - District Cross Country

Fri 19 - Grade 5/6 Interschool Sports at home

Sun 21 - Japanese Festival at Box Hill Town Hall - details to follow

Sun 28 - Working Bee - 9am to 12 noon

Tue 30 - Division Cross Country

Wed 31 - JMSS Mini Maths

Term Dates 2017

Term 1: 30 January (school teachers start)  


Term 2: 18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3: 17 July to 22 September

Term 4: 9 October to 22 December


* The first day of Term 1 is a student-free day in all government schools to allow for appropriate planning to take place for the arrival of students. Each year government schools are provided with four student-free days for professional development, school planning and administration, curriculum development, and student assessment and reporting purposes. The remaining three student-free days are determined by each individual school, so contact your school for details


Working With Children Check

Under the new Child Safe regulations introduced last year by the Victorian State Government, any person having contact with children must present a current and valid Working With Children Check (WWC) card.   This includes visitors to schools – both presenters and parents – who are in the classroom or on an activity with the children.

As from 18th April 2017 (1st day of Term 2), all parents going in to the classroom to assist in anyway must sign in and out at the office and show their WWC.  Unfortunately without this card, we cannot allow you to go into the classroom or on the activity.


For details on how to apply for a Working With Children Check card please click here.