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03 March 2017
Issue Three
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What do we do when we’re facing an upcoming big event, celebration, or special occasion in our lives? We prepare for it. Holy Week and Easter are “big events” in the liturgical year of the Church and in the spiritual life of a Christian. So, as Christians, we prepare spiritually for these through the forty days of Lent. This means that, during Lent, we rededicate ourselves to prayer. There are as many ways to pray as there are pray-ers in this world, but a few prayer methods can help us in particular to spiritually prepare ourselves during Lent: Make abstinence a prayer or make a commitment to do something positive for others a prayer...Whenever you encounter the thing you are abstaining from or making an effort to do something for others, take a moment to say a prayer in recognition of your wholeness in God. Thank God for the freedom to be wholly yourself without this or in what you have done to help someone else

Dear Parents, Students and Friends

Please find attached a letter from Archbishop Prowse

Lenten Message from the
Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn

Lenten Message I March 1, 2017







Dear friends in Christ,


The Church in Australia has been grappling for many years with the shameful scandal of child sexual abuse.


Last week the full, tragic, horrific reality for victims was once again brought home to me when I appeared before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


I cannot hear the stories of victims without acknowledging my own failings and inadequacies. I acknowledged in front of the Royal Commissioners my mistakes as an Archbishop and my pledge to do better. I ask you for your prayers that I act with wisdom and mercy. I ask especially that we pray together that the victims may find healing and peace.


I also committed to a listening tour throughout our Archdiocese, to visit and talk with victims, their families and shocked communities. I want to assure the victims that we will focus on their care and on the prevention of further abuse. It is my highest priority across the Archdiocese. My aim is to conduct these listening sessions during Lent. The hope is then to invite people to an appropriate combined liturgy of healing / lament before Holy Week. Further details will be made available later.


An embattled church faces the danger of being a defensive church. I pray that we will in justice and solidarity with the victims openly acknowledge our failings and walk humbly with them to find healing.


In recent weeks we were rocked by the release of Royal Commission statistics which identified allegations that, between 1980 and 2015, a total of 1,880 Catholic perpetrators, including 572 priests, abused 4,444 children in 1,000 Catholic Institutions in Australia.

Shockingly, the real number of victims is likely to be many times higher than that.


Since 1950 in  the  Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, there were 43 complaints against 16 priests, almost half by two priests now  deceased and 36 complaints  against 21 lay  people.


As Archbishop, I offer my deepest apologies. I condemn outright the horror of such criminality.


Structures and policies are now in place in the Archdiocese to ensure that the scourge of sex abuse does not continue in our communities . We are working closely with the Ombudsman and Police. A cultural shift, good governance and structural changes to prevent child sexual abuse are the  hallmarks in going forward in hope.  You would already be aware that I initiated last year the Institute for Professional Standards and Safeguarding to oversee this critical area with  me.


Now that the extent of this open wound of child sex abuse has been exposed, it is appropriate to turn in this Lenten Season, to the God of mercy and healing. This whole tragic situation has been like a cancer for people of faith. We pray for healing and as people of hope, we ask Jesus to lead us.


During this Lenten Season may our loving God, who led the people of God from slavery to freedom, create a new Exodus in us and lead us forward. As always in Lent, we express this sincere petition by prayer, fasting and almsgiving as we wait patiently for the Easter joy to bloom.


I assure you of my daily prayer for you and your intention s.


Archbishop Christopher Prowse

Catholic Archbishop of Canberra and GouIburn



Media Enquiries:

Ms Aoife Connors:

0450 348 597

Assistant Principal


On Thursday, 23rd February, Year 12 had their first Information Night for 2017. It featured guest speakers Belinda McKellar and Christie Scoble who talked about the ‘power of words’ and ‘teamwork in the HSC’. The night was then finished by a quick talk on ‘visual learning’ and ‘managing emotions’. The students and guests were then all handed a copy of the Excel Guide to the HSC as a gift and also various handouts. On behalf of everyone involved we would like to thank all of those who attended and supported the night. It was a great turnout and demonstrated outstanding encouragement for our current students on their HSC journey. Students are to be reminded that Mrs McKellar’s writing club is on every Tuesday after school free of charge for any assistance with students writing. Also, our next support night will be next term in week 5, 25th of May, so save the date. This will mainly focus on early entry and other related topics to do with admission to tertiary education.

Thanks again.

Heath Neville

Yr 12 Pastoral Coordinator



Congratulations to the following students who have accepted leadership roles with the COMMUNITY ACTION TEAM for 2017. The students are to be congratulated for accepting the challenge to make a positive difference in their community and their desire to be the catalyst for change. The COMMUNITY ACTION TEAM is the link between youth and the wider community and we seek leaders who have the energy and motivation to contribute. The students have already started planning for activities and attend meetings at lunchtime every 2nd Monday




Spiritual Advisor ~ ESTHER TIETIE







Students and staff are also planning and practicing their contribution for this year’s Harmony Day celebrations to be held 21 March. Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. We are extremely fortunate to have a diverse range of cultures represented in both our student body as well as our staff and the day will be a collaboration of all that is wonderful about our multicultural community.

Next week two small groups representing the South Pacific Islands as well as students with a cultural link to the Indian Sub ~ continent have been invited to entertain guests at a Senior’s Week morning tea. It is an honor and a privilege to be invited to such community events and testimony to the talent and positive image our students reflect.


This week marks the commencement of Lent as well as the beginning of autumn. The new season signals a time for change. Many people become anxious with the thought of change however I like to think it can be a time to set new goals or embrace the challenges that may present themselves. Our new students seem to have adjusted well to their “change” however if you feel that your child may be anxious please do not hesitate to contact your Year Coordinators or homeroom teacher who can make sure your child is well supported.

Have a wonderful week, stay safe and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Regards Sue Hone (Pastoral Care Worker)


Events Calendar and Canteen




This week at Marian five Year 11 students participated in their official sign up day for their School Based apprenticeships. Congratulations to Rakesh Deep, Joseph Demarco, Angela Zalunardo, Jordan Serena and Mark Gulielmini who have all taken up amazing opportunities in industry based learning over their last two years at Marian Catholic College

Joanne Benton 

VET Co-ordinator

Sports News

Sports News

Marian has a number of sporting events on the calendar in the coming weeks. Firstly, I would like to congratulate Patrick House for winning the Swimming Carnival this term. It was a very close result, narrowly edging out McAuley House for the title. Congratulations to all the Houses especially the House Captains and Vice Captains who work tirelessly to inspire their Houses.

BISSA Swimming will be held on Thursday 9 March. Congratulations to all eligible students.  Students will be receiving their notes and program for the day today and these will need to be returned by Monday 6 March.

Other Important Sporting Dates

  • Fafita Cup - Monday 6, 13, 20 March, commencing at 5 pm at the Coro Oval

         Open Girls League Tag

         U16 Boys Rugby League

         Open Boys Rugby League

  • Marian Catholic CollegeCross Country Carnival
    Held at Lake Wyangan on Tuesday 14th March commencing at approximately 1 pm All welcome to support the students
  • Girls Years 7 – 9 League Tag
    Wednesday 15th March and Jubilee Oval Griffith
  • Diocesan Touch and Tennis Carnival
    Thursday 16 March in Wagga Wagga

The carnivals are a pathway for selection in the Diocesan Team to compete at CCC

  • Netball Schools Cup
    Wednesday 22nd March at Netball Courts Griffith

          7/8 Boys and Girls

          9/10 Boys and Girls

  • Open Diocesan Soccer Gala Day
    Thursday 23rd March – Yoogali Oval
    Open Boys Soccer
    Open Girls Soccer

All parents, guardians, friends and family are welcome to come along and support our teams.

I would like to wish all our students’ luck in their respective sports and thank all the teachers/coaches for the endless time they have invested in preparing our students.

Soccer Refereeing

Soccer refereeing is a great way to earn money and be involved in a very popular sport in Griffith.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What money can I make ?

Note: The above amounts will attract a 7% deduction for administration fees.

What is involved to become a referee ?

There is an online course that must be completed prior to the 4th March course.

You must complete the course at :

Bring the printable certificate and workbook to the course on 4th March.

When is the course ?

The course will be held on 11th March at the Coro Club Auditorium.

Starting at 9 am and finishing between 3 and 4 pm.

What is the cost of the course ?

Cost of the course is $ 80

For any further information and or questions, feel free to contact :

Mark Feltracco : 0419532367


Student Achievements


Hannah Shrives Year 10 competed in K1 NSW State Canoe Marathons last week.

Hannah came 1st place U16 and was awarded a Gold medal.
We wish Hannah the best of luck, as she will compete in Penrith Nationals next weekend.

Sienna Donadel travelled to Sydney to compete in the Country NSW Swimming Championships.  Sienna, entered in 10 events, is currently placed 3rd in the 100m & 200m breastroke & in her other events she is in the top 10.

Congratulations and well done on these outstanding achievements.


Mr John Seers
Sports Coordinator


PI Day Celebration

The college will celebrate  Pi (π) Day on Tuesday, 14th of March. There will be different activities and competitions in all the Mathematics classes that students will enjoy.  There is the yearly bake a cake/cupcake contest for the culinary enthusiasts where the students’ creativity in decorating the pie cakes/cupcakes will be the main criteria in judging. There is also a pi song/poem contest for any student who like to compose a song/poem about the importance of pi.



Maths Coordinator

Year 8 News

Clean up Australia Day

Year 8 took part in the Clean up Australia Day initiative. Everyone who participated demonstrated maturity and responsibility and they have helped to make our town a cleaner place for everyone. Well done Year 8! 



Mercy Associates Information Meeting - 22 March 2017

For more information please contact Sister Theresa Foley on 0429661401 or Sister Tricia Johnson 0409913167 




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