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28 April 2017
Issue Six
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Principal News

The Ode

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; 
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. 
At the going down of the sun and in the morning 
We will remember them."

Lest We Forget.

Dear Parents, Students and Friends

Welcome back! I trust that everyone has had a restful break and that everyone is focused and ready for what will be another busy term.

Today the College held our ANZAC Ceremony. I thank the HSIE staff and Year 11/12 Modern History and History Extension students who prepared the material for our assembly along with thanks to the staff and students who provided the music. A special thanks from the College community goes out to History teacher Mr William Lyon who volunteered to address the assembly. There are some photos of the ceremony further into this newsletter. Here is an extract  from Mr Lyon’s address to the College community.

“For today’s address I wanted to recount my personal connection to the meaning of ANZAC through the experiences of my Great Grandfather William Gerald Lyon my namesake. I then wanted to touch on the symbolism of ANZAC and its meaning for all Australians and the relevancy of commemoration in 2017.

Many of you in the audience today may think that you do not have a connection to ANZAC, maybe you are sitting here bored and perhaps slightly confused. So I will attempt to alleviate your confusion with my personal connection.  

William Gerald Lyon was born in Wellington in the latter half of the 19th century. He had always dreamt of being a soldier and from a very young age (15 to be exact) he enlisted in the Wellington Regiment and joined an artillery company. By the time the war had broken out Will had been promoted to lieutenant and was in charge of his own battery. His journal of the war has survived so through it, we can begin to paint a picture of the war through his eyes. I will gloss over sections of the story in the interest of time. But, there are several elements that are worth mentioning.

He landed at Cape Hellas with the 6th Lancaster Fusiliers on April 25th. The landing was rough. 3 Victoria Crosses (highest military medal) were earnt during the landing. Will was fortunate that he was not injured during the campaign. After Gallipoli he went on to serve along with the other ANZACs in France. First along the Somme Sector where he took part in the Somme offensive which has the record of being the bloodiest day in British Military history (60,000 casualties in 6 hours)... yeah it did not go according to plan. There is a morbid photo in my family home in NZ of Will surrounded by the six officers that served under him. Within 24 hours of that photo being taken all six were dead.

After the Somme he served the remainder of the war along the Ypres sector. Where he would be awarded a Military Cross for saving three soldiers from no-mans land under heavy machine gun fire. He also got to meet the King. He ended his military career as a Colonel. During WW2 he was in charge of the defence of New Zealand.  

I have told you his story which is mimicked by countless others because it details his service to a cause which true purpose has been to some extent forgotten. Is that normal? Well maybe, it is 100 years ago. However, due to is prevalence in the media today I believe it is vital to explain the real meaning of ANZAC and it’s importance in 2017.

Now what does ANZAC day mean for you? Is it just another day off? This year was it the realisation that you had to go back to school the next day? In the 21st century as we face unprecedented tension across different parts of the world it is important that we look back and recognise the sacrifices of those that went before that helped to secure a future for us all..  

For each of you, you do have a connection. Perhaps it is as simple as knowing what to say at the end of the ode… Lest we forget.”


Congratulations to Mrs Tonetta Iannelli who has been successful in her application to be Acting Assistant Principal for the remainder of 2017. Her duties commence on Monday May 15, when at that time, Ms Scoble will be Acting Principal at Marian as I am on a study tour of schools and school systems in New York and Toronto with a group of Principals and Catholic School Leaders from various parts of Australia. After that program finishes I will be taking Long Service Leave until June 26.

Next Friday, May 5 is the annual Athletics Carnival, held at West End Oval. Students, particularly Year 7, are asked to listen to arrangements about the day. Any last minute change due to weather will be announced over local radio and the Marian Catholic College Facebook page.

Peace and Best Wishes

Alan Le Brocque












Assistant Principal


Attention Parents of Year 7 and 9 Students

NAPLAN is coming up in Week 3 this term. The information letter for parents is included below. The timetable for the testing is as follows:

Tuesday 9 May 
Language Conventions

Wednesday 10 May

Thursday 11 May

Friday 12 May
Catch up tests

It is important to remember that NAPLAN is not a pass or fail type of test. The purpose of NAPLAN is to provide information to parents, teachers and students about where students are at with their understanding, knowledge and application of literacy and numeracy skills.


Year 7 students will take their NAPLAN tests in Homeroom groups, supervised by their Homeroom teacher. We believe this provides our Year 7 students with the supportive environment needed to do their best. Year 9 students take their NAPLAN tests in the Hall.


Parents need to support their child by reassuring them that NAPLAN testing is not something to be anxious about. This is particularly pertinent for Year 9 parents, whose children may be feeling additional anxiety due to the recent announcements for the HSC. In terms of meeting the national minimum standards, please remind your child that NAPLAN is only an early opportunity to demonstrate these standards. There will be many opportunities in Year 10, 11, 12 and five years after school to demonstrate it.


HSC Minimum Literacy and Numeracy standards - Message from CEO NESA

"The HSC minimum standard us being introduced to help ensure that students leave school with the basic literacy and numeracy skills fundamental for life after school. NAPLAN is a chance to check a student's progress towards the HSC minimum standard or, for more advanced students, prequalify for the HSC minimum standard with Band 8s or higher. Most students will demonstrate the minimum standard by passing online reading, writing and numeracy tests in the lead up to Year 12. Year 9 students have three more years of learning before the HSC."


Please support us in ensuring that Year 9 students do not feel any additional anxiety leading up to NAPLAN this year. We will be speaking with students next week.


If you have any questions in relation to NAPLAN testing, please do not hesitate to contact me on
6969 2400 or via email on [email protected].

Christie Scoble

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching


Pastoral Care

Welcome back to what promises to be a very busy term. I extend a warm welcome to the many new families that have joined us and l hope that you and your children are becoming familiar with your new community.

This term we will continue to ask for volunteers to cook for CAREVAN. This service is extremely important and more so in winter as for many children and their families it may be the only hot meal they have. Students from year 9 have also been asked to volunteer their time and pack frozen meals for “Meals on Wheels”. Vital community services such as this rely on the work of volunteers and we are fortunate enough to have many keen students willing to participate.

At our staff development day this week staff were joined by the Sisters of Mercy and were asked to reflect on the idea that God is a Verb; that is a “doing word”. Through the action of kindness ; however small students who  continually volunteer or assist those less fortunate are indeed following the teachings and philosophy of the Catholic faith and continuing the work of God.

This term the major activity for the COMMUNITY ACTION TEAM is, with school support, to create “I CARE KITs” for the homeless or those at risk. These kits contain the necessities to maintain personal hygiene and increase the recipient’s social and general well being. The kits are donated to St Vincent DePaul as well as Linking Community Network for distribution to those in need.

More details will be given to the students at next week’s morning briefing and a list of required items will be included in the next newsletter as well as the COMMUNITY ACTION TEAM’S FACEBOOK page.

Next week at the briefing year 11 students will also be inducted into the SOCIAL & WELL BEING COMMITTEE. This group focuses on mental health including the emotional, social and well being of students. Their responsibilities include organising “Stress Down Day” and R U OK DAY activities and looking at ways of de stigmatising and creating more positive outcomes and educational experiences regarding mental health. Students are to be congratulated for applying to be part of the program and for having the commitment to rise to the challenge to help in bringing about change.

With the cooler weather comes the need for students to be wearing their winter uniform. Many thanks to those who have donated uniforms which are no longer required and please do not hesitate to contact me if you require assistance and are seeking winter items.

Have a wonderful week and stay warm and safe.

Regards Sue Hone

College News


Friday 5 May 2017

All Students are expected to attend, Students may be dropped off at West End Oval or at MCC where a bus will be provided.

Students can dress in house colours or full sports uniform.



We keep in our prayers the families of Mrs Aventi, mother & mother in law of Simon and Belinda Aventi  and Mrs Vaccari Grandmother of Renae Savage and Kate Vaccari, who sadly passed away.


We also pray for  any families in our community who have lost loved ones or are suffering illnesses.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.




24th May  - Marian Feast Day - Mass time to be advised

28th May  - 9am at the chapel Marian Youth MAss!

Year 11 and 12 Vaccinations


Vaccinations 3rd May - Yr 11 & 12 / Meningococcal W


As per notification from NSW Government Health they are now recommending all Year 11 & 12 Students the opportunity to be vaccinated for Meningococcal W. 

This vaccination will take place at Marian Catholic College on Wednesday, 3rd  May. Week 2, Term 2.

If you have any questions or queries please contact NSW Government Health Department website or the local Community Health Centre phone: 69669938. Callie Macklin 

Marian Catholic College is just a venue for immunisations. All queries need to be addressed to NSW Government Health as above.

Events Calendar and Canteen


Parish Chaplain

Saint Francis Prayer

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy. 

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive, 
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, 
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.



A fitting and moving ANZAC Day Service was held at Marian Catholic College on Friday April 28 at 10.30 am in front of the School’s Lone Pine, Flag Poles and the special Commemorative Poles area which display the values of the ANZAC legend: Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice. These values along with the value of loyalty were the essence of Guest Speaker William Lyon’s address to the whole school community.  

Will, a HSIE and Modern History teacher at the College, reminded the staff and student body of the significance of these values due to what these terms actually represent in relevance to the time of the Australians at War during World War One.  Furthermore, Will challenged each of us to continue to demonstrate these important values in our daily lives in honour and commemoration of all those that have sacrificed their lives during war and conflicts in order that each of us can live democratic, peaceful and happy lives.

It was a privilege to have ex-student, class of 2016, Jay Zanesco return to the College to play the Last Post and the Reveille during the service, whilst Year 12 Modern History students, Emma Papaolo and Jacinta Seukeni respectfully lowered the Australian flag to half-mast.

The College Captains and Vice Captains, along with the Year 12 Leaders, Year 11 and 12 Modern History students and Extension History students all contributed to the various parts of the service with respect and reverence.  A somber part of the service was when the College Captains, Erin Golden, Daniel Parise, Megan Beecher and Jack Martin laid two wreaths at the Commemorative Poles. The experience enabled the community a moment to deeply consider the true meaning of ANZAC Day from William Lyon’s address, along with the words from John’s Gospel, read earlier by College Captain, Daniel Parise, and the essence of each of the readings and prayers read by the Year 12 School Leaders.

A beautiful service at the College always encompasses the talent of our music students and choir under the leadership of Matt Segrave, Sam Rizzeri and Belinda Aventi, where these students led the school community in singing our National Anthem, Advance Australia Fair. The service concluded with the beautiful voice of Lara Camm singing “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda,” supported by the music students, where the words of this song again reminded us of the sacrifices that all Australians in World War One endured in order that we can continue to live fulfilling and happy lives, with each of us contributing to a peaceful society. The ceremony was a beautiful tribute to all Australians, past and present who continue to protect us and make the world a better and safer place.

Mrs Tonetta Iannelli

Leader of Learning - HSIE




Careers News


Director of Pastoral Care


Every year Marian Catholic College are proud to enthusiastically contribute to the ANZAC Day march and ceremony. Unfortunately, the RSL executive decided to call off the march due to the continued rain and based on all the information they had at the time. Although this was disappointing for the College it was understandable and the RSL Sub Branch are to be commended on swiftly transferring the proceedings to the Exies Club in the Mirrool Room. There was limited space which meant our usual numbers could not attend the service that commenced at 11 am. The College Captains were still involved in prayer, reading of the Veterans and the wreath laying ceremony. Marian Catholic College was also still well represented with a variety of students across the year levels. The College is extremely grateful for their attendance and their efforts. It was a beautiful ceremony and we were once again grateful to be apart of it and remember the efforts of our ANZAC’s.


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