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30 May 2019
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Quick Dates

Week 6/7, Term 2

Friday 31 May

CaSSSA Cross Country Carnival (Limestone Park, Ipswich)


Monday 3 June

Year 10 Camp commences (Maranatha, Yandina)

ISSA and Uhsport Cup Football (Grace Lutheran College)


Tuesday 4 June

Year 12 Careers That Shape the World (University of Queensland)


Wednesday 5 June

8.00-11.40am  Maths Team Challenge (Ferny Grove SHS)

Year 10 Camp concludes

6.00pm  Youth Theatresports Competition (Albany Creek SHS)


Thursday 6 June

12.50pm  Outreach & Liturgy Assembly (San Damiano Centre)


International Arts Education Week

UNESCO's International Arts Education Week

Along with Arts educators across the globe, we celebrated learning through and about the Arts.  The benefits of including arts and cultural practices in learning environments are to ensure we develop young people into balanced intellectual and emotional beings.  Such an education not only strengthens cognitive development and the acquisition of life skills, but also  enhances social adaptability and cultural awareness.  Some of our Arts students shared their thoughts on what an Arts education means to them.

Lorella Masci, Learning Area Advisor - The Arts


My name is Samantha, and I am the Cultural Captain for Clare School this term.  This role allows me to be more closely involved with culture and arts in our school.  I am more involved with the music side of the Arts as that is where I really enjoy myself.  Overall, the arts have really been a part of my life for almost eleven years.

Samantha Maguire, Year 10


The Arts have helped me to respond to real world issues.   For example, in Drama we are identifying the struggles of refugees through dramatic concepts, and in Music we are learning about how stories can be used to make music through mood and musical elements.  In conclusion, I believe this quote sums up perfectly, “Art speaks where words are unable to explain”.

Hannah Slade, Year 9

As an innovative medium, the Arts enable me to respond to and challenge real world issues.  Whether it be through acting my way through the hardships of others or channelling emotion or important opinions into film, the Arts allow petitions for change.  Therefore, I think the Arts are crucial for development and change. 

Grace Urquhart, Year 9


I’m so happy to be in Year 8 at Mount Alvernia, as I was able to choose my two favourite subjects as electives - Visual Art and Media Art.  I have been excited about joining the art program here ever since I came to the Open Day in primary school.  I have always enjoyed being creative and my teachers' experience and enthusiasm, and the art equipment provided in the art facilities, have allowed me to really start to develop my skills in design and creative art.  Another one of my passions is protecting the environment.  I can use the techniques learnt in my art subjects to create artworks and videos highlighting environmental issues.  I look forward to continuing my art studies in the future and developing my artistic skills and talents.

Rosie Thomas, Year 8


My Arts education has taught me many prized skills and life lessons, such as responsibility, teamwork, and communication.  These valuable skills help me achieve great academic success throughout my many classes.  The arts also highlight and assist me to respond to real world issues. Because of the arts, I can raise awareness of these issues and create innovative solutions using the knowledge I have gained. To summarise, the arts have taught me many important lessons, ones that I will continuously apply to my work and use to respond to real world matters.

Sofia Poy, Year 8

Francis School Cultural Captain





Rock Band

Starting the year off well, the Franciscan Colleges Instrument Programme showcased the Rock Band at the Lanham Park May Fair.  The FCIP students, under the direction of Mr Trevor Beyer, performed exceptionally well, playing a selection of chart hits featuring their new front line singers from Mount Alvernia and Padua.  Congratulations to the hard working Band and their supportive parents; you have made Padua, Mount Alvernia, and the FCIP proud!



Percussion Spectacular

Last Sunday, the FCIP Percussion 1 Ensemble attended a Percussion Spectacular hosted by Somerville House with Marist College and Ormiston College.  It included many different types of percussion music, with four pieces that were learnt on the day being played on atypical instruments such as cans, whirlies, plastic bins, and body percussion.


Each school then performed in its own ensembles, which gave everyone the chance to see what other schools were working on.  The concert then ended with everyone joining together to perform one drumming piece called Etna, which was composed by the FCIP Percussion teacher, Mr Tsoof Baras.

It was ultimately a great day and learning experience which was filled with great music from each of the four percussion programs. 

Gabby Reis, Year 10



This term in Theatresports we have four teams competing in the Queensland Youth Theatresports competition, with our one senior team having competed on Monday 27 May.


Theatresports is a competitive improvisation game that challenges all students, and even adults, to create on-the-spot witty, dynamic, and comedic dramatic scenes in random contexts given.  This Monday marked the first heat for the senior Theatresports team, Artists Anonymous, who have been training since the start of the year.  Through our continuous dedication, persistence, team work, and problem solving skills (and a side of political humour), Artists Anonymous made it to the quarter-finals.

Next week we have two of our junior teams competing on Wednesday night.  Good luck to all the girls, and a massive thank you to all our supporters at Mount Alvernia.

Therese DeBellis, Theatresports Captain




The Mount Alvernia Drama Department has leaped into our second term with enthusiasm, energy, and creativity.


On the College Open Day (19 May), the Year 11 Drama Class and the Drama X Ensemble performed an excerpt from the play, Scattered Lives by Sally Mackenzie, a sobering yet beautiful play about the lives of refugees and asylum seekers in contemporary Australia.  We were also fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to view Sally Mackenzie's performance of the play earlier this month.


At our recent Academic Assembly in celebration of International Arts Education Week, the Drama classes and Drama X Ensemble showcased our passion for the arts, demonstrating the dedication and hard work that was put into the last term.


Finally, the Drama Club girls have been preparing (and also writing) scripts to perform to their peers over the next couple of weeks.  It is very clear that this term is going to be both eventful and dramatic!

Anna DeBellis, Drama Captain

Dance Club

Don’t you agree that Mt A provides many different arts, including visual art, media arts, singing and drama, but we’re just missing one piece of the puzzle.  On the Picnic Rug every Friday during our first break we are going to be teaching a dance troupe.  Our mission is to get everyone from Years 7 to 12 to join us.  It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet or even perfect technique, we would love everyone to be involved, and the dances won’t be too difficult.


This is a huge opportunity for everyone to become more active, improve memory skills, and have fun. The great thing about all this is, if we get enough numbers to participate, it could lead into a Mount Alvernia Dance Troupe.  This also means we could contribute in eisteddfods, liturgy events, and other numerous exciting occasions. 


We really would love everyone to come down and have a go. Help us bring this idea to life.

Sarah Webb and Zoe Parkinson, Year 9

Z-Club News

About Z-Club

The Mount Alvernia Zonta Club is focused on providing support to women in our local community who, for whatever reasons, do not have access to specific necessities, or are in a compromised position where their own rights are not seen to.  Z-Club uses fundraisers such as sausage sizzles and face painting initiatives to collect the funds needed to put our services into action.  As part of the Advocacy sub-committee, it is our responsibility to get the word out about our upcoming fundraisers and ongoing projects.


Events and Initiatives

Last week we held a sausage sizzle which had great results, with many girls lining up to order and a profit that was higher than expected.  We are also still looking for donations towards the Brave Life Baby Bundle Drive.  This not-for-profit organisation supports teenage mothers by providing necessary baby items and mentoring for those who are still trying to finish high school or their first years of university.  It would be greatly appreciated if donations of new-born items could be brought in and placed into the Baby Bundle Drive box near Reception.


A Thought for the Week

Girls without an education are three times as likely to marry before the age of eighteen as those with secondary or higher education  (


In developing countries, child marriage can cause girls to drop out of school, but also vice versa.  Many girls are denied the opportunity to be educated because schools and/or education centres are either too expensive or inaccessible, or the parents don’t believe in the value of education.  This often results in the seemingly only other alternative: marriage.  “One in three girls in developing countries are married before the age of eighteen”, with the average marriage age in Ethiopia being just fourteen years.  These girls grow up with a lack of proper education, something we take for granted every time we walk through the Mt A gates and into the classroom.    


There are many other contributing factors to child marriage; however, education is an important step in preventing this issue and helping girls to fulfill their potential.  There are many organisations who support these young adults by supplying the essential tools and books to aid their learning, as well as the access to educational resources.  For more information about this topic, or for some of the supporting organisations, visit the websites below.


So, next time you are in any learning facility - your school, university, or even job, make sure you remember the importance of education, how lucky you are to be able to access these facilities with ease, and that you are in a country where you are not forced to marry before the age of eighteen.

Jillian Effeney and Erin King

Mount Alvernia Zonta Club Committee




From the Sport Development Leader

College sport is a way of life for many of us; it can help to ease the stress of school work, bringing welcome relief from the pressures of classroom work.  It can foster teamwork and friendships lasting well beyond the college gates.  It can also unite the College as we celebrate both individual or team success together as one.


Whatever the reasons, we love sport as much as your daughters.   We are now into Round 2 of CaSSSA sport, and the energy is great.  Our Football teams are for the most having a great start, Hockey is very dominant, our Netball girls as always are shining, and our Volleyball sees the Juniors competing at a high level and holding ground. 


We have such a range of girls in these teams; at the pointy end of the division we see competitive, focused girls who are trying their best to produce results for themselves and the College, through to some of our more social teams who smile and laugh through the games, no matter the result.  The beauty of this is we are happy all the same in the Sport Office that we are allowing girls to follow their own pathway of enjoyment in sport.


In today’s Assembly we highlighted the fact that 47% of students leave team sport by the time they are seventeen years old.  That statistic is scary and, while I feel we have good representation across the board, we do need to ensure we have the right pathways to keep students active in sport.  Part of this pathway has been the introduction of the Monday Mingle.  The Mingle is held for five weeks every term, and is based around non-competitive fun play of games in the San Damiano Centre.  The turnout to this has been great, with many sports offered and tried by the girls.  It was great to see how many students went from discovery of sport in Term 1 to playing sport in Term 2 with confidence in themselves and, more importantly, the team around them.  We have three more Mondays left for Term 2 and I welcome more faces to the session.

We send out our Cross Country team to compete at the CaSSSA Cross Country tomorrow.  We have a smaller team this year, but the runners we have selected have been 100% committed and attending meets together.  A highlight would have to be their work hard-play hard attitude, with a tough run at UQ Sport followed by hot pizza as a reward after.  I wish the girls and team the best of luck in what is always a tough competition.


Our Rugby Sevens program has had good interest again, and we are nearing the trial phase where teams will be selected.  We must stress that girls interested in this program should be attending the come-and-try sessions as these serve as the pathway to team trials in a few weeks.  The first carnival is early in Term 3 so we are excited about this.


We have lots of sport reports in the coming pages and hope you enjoy these from our captains.

See you out on the fields and courts.

Josh White

Met North Representatives Term 2

Touch Football:  Aleisha Ling (Year 9)
AFL:  Lily Cresswell (Year 7)

Hockey:  Trinity Woodward (Year 7), Carla Galvin (Year 12)


From the Sport Captain

Sport at Mount Alvernia has been very busy recently, with Trimester 1 sports coming to a close and Trimester 2 sports starting last week.  Trials for the new sports were successful, with strong turnouts for most year levels.  As a result we have many teams playing Football, Junior Volleyball, Hockey, and Senior and Intermediate Netball in the  CaSSSA Wednesday afternoon competition.


We have had two Futsal teams and three Netball teams playing in a carnivals representing the College over the past month.  We are very proud of the results and commitment these girls have put into these teams and congratulate them on their efforts.  The Under 16 Futsal team has made it through to the State Championships in July, while Junior Futsal has had three players selected in the Brisbane team.  The Open and Intermediate Netball teams both came away with second  place at QC Cup.


While the numbers of girls participating in team sports at the College are still strong in the junior years, there is an obvious decline in these numbers through the higher age groups.  This is something I am passionate about changing.  I believe it is very important for the girls of the College to understand the importance of sport in ensuring a balance between work and home.  It has been proven that sport builds confidence - and, the more confident girls are now, the more successful they can be later in life.


Team Girls is a program that is dedicated to fostering and promoting girls' participation in sport.  It’s about girls supporting girls, building up their confidence, and knowing they’re stronger when they stand together – on and off the court or field.  Team Girls has committed to changing the current status quo  by working to decrease the dropout rate in sport.  This empowering program has been presented on assembly this week to the Mount Alvernia College community and is strongly supported by the Sports Department of the College.  We will be supporting this initiative through the countless opportunities we offer girls to be involved in sport, both within and outside the college gates.  We strive to help decrease the dropout rate in sport and aim to see positive movement as time goes on. 


I encourage you to keep up all your efforts, girls, continuing to show how hard work and determination breed success.  You will only get stronger by continuing to focus on our whole self and maintaining balance between school and home.

Maddie Brown



Sports Report

Hi, I’m Samantha Galvin and, as a member of the 2019 Sport Committee, my aim this year is to have girls involved - to help everyone find a sport they love so they can let loose and have fun.  I want to make sure that everyone feels motivated to participate in sport around the College and be involved in the co-curricular activities offered.  I can do this by first starting with my year level - encouraging my friends and classmates to have a go and try out for a trimester sport that interests them, or join in lunchtime games or the Monday Mingles.  By doing this I hope that, by the end of the year, more people will participate in sport and see it not as something they have to do, but something they want to do.


We are nearly halfway through the school year and the winter sports of Trimester 2 have begun.  So I found Imogen Napier, a Year 9 girl, to ask her about her involvement in sport at Mt A.  Here are her responses.

What sports do you currently play?

Netball for the school Open team and for club, also touch football in and out of school, as well as Athletics, Cross Country, and AFL.


What’s your favourite thing about playing sport in general?

I love being a part of a team, pushing myself to do the best I can, and achieving my goals.  My sport teams are like my family; I love being able to train and catch up with other people who love sport just as much as me.  Sport also helps to keep me fit and healthy and I can run around - what’s not to love?


Do you enjoy sport at Mount Alvernia?  Why?

I love playing sport with my college because it’s a great way to stay connected with the community and have fun with my friends, without the pressure of upcoming exams and assignments.  The atmosphere of playing for your college against other schools is very different to playing club; everyone is behind one another and we really become a team.  It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people from other games and just have fun.


Why do you continue to play sport at the College and in club?  What makes you play your hardest and give 100%? 

I continue to play sport, especially netball for club and at school, because it is something I love.  It makes me happy when I play; the atmosphere you have at a sporting match is great, being able to say you helped your team get to a grand final is a great feeling, and I guess that’s why I always continue playing.  As for giving 100% I try to make goals for myself, for the whole season or just one game.  I want to be happy with my performance and come of the court out of breath because I tried the hardest; whether we win or lose doesn’t matter if I know I tried my hardest. 


What’s a sporting achievement that you wish you can achieve by the end of high school?

I would obviously like to have achieved well in my sports, maybe even place well in an Athletics carnival. But my main goal would just be able to look back and not want to do anything differently, to be able to say that I put in 100% to all sports, and that I pushed myself by participating in sports I wouldn’t normally do, like AFL and Basketball.



It is clear from the answers to the questions above that Imogen really enjoys playing sport, especially in the fun and social environment of school.  She is very motivated, loves playing all types of sports, and always has a go.  This is one girl of many in Year 9 and in the College; this is exactly what I want to achieve as Sports Rep and help the whole year level to be as motivated as Imogen is.


AFL News

With CASSSA sport for Trimester 1 finished, the AFL girls just couldn’t get enough!  So we decided to participate in the AFLQ Brisbane North Queensland School Cup.  In this event we played All Hallows, Ferny Grove State High School, and Kelvin Grove State College.  This was another opportunity against schools we wouldn’t usually face in the CaSSSA competition, and to test our limits on how far we can go as a team.


The CaSSSA AFL competition was nine-a-side, but this AFLQ Schools Cup is sixteen-a-side.  This meant we had to find more girls willing to participate in this tournament.  This wasn’t a very hard task, with all the girls being very committed to all training sessions, and displaying a very happy attitude towards it.

Jorja Guyatt, AFL Captain


Athletics is about to commence for the 2019 season.   We have changed our training location this year to attain better facilities for the girls.   We will be using Aspley Athletics in 2019 and look forward to the season ahead.


Attached is a letter that details the training dates and changes made to our Interhouse carnival in Week 1 of Term 3.  Please read this letter and ensure you do not miss out if you are interested in the High Jump or Distance Running events on the day.

Our Captains for 2019 are Carla Galvin (Track Captain) and Hend Abdulla (Field Captain).   I am sure you will see these students out there supporting and promoting the season ahead.


Josh White


Cross Country

During the past four months the Cross Country team has been training endlessly to prepare for the upcoming CaSSSA competition.  Part of this training includes attending meets where girls can participate in a similar race environment.


Mount Saint Michael's

On Wednesday 8 May, fifteen girls headed out to Dorrington Park to race in a cross country event against schools in the CaSSSA competition.  With the first meet of the year the nerves were evident, but all the girls went out hard, gave it their best, and the results showed this.



On Friday 17 May after school, 25 girls were bused out to UQ to participate in a practice meet.  The U12/U13 girls ran three kilometres while the U14/U15/U16/U17 girls ran four.  Even though it started to heavily rain, the girls still competed to their best of their ability and represented the College with pride. With such an amazing race from all the girls, we celebrated with a pizza dinner.


Park Run

Last Saturday, fifteen girls from the Cross Country team turned up to the early morning five-kilometre parkrun at Kedron.  The girls had a great time running with the team, as well as sharing a breakfast together afterwards.  Not only did the girls run exceptionally well, the encouraging atmosphere was the standout of the morning.


This week is the CaSSSA Cross Country competition, and we can’t wait to see the girls run, because we know that they will not only run for themselves but for the team and our college.   They have all been working so hard over the past few months, and we know they will give it their all during their races.

Sophie Green and Chloe Winstanley, Cross Country Captains



This season in football we have four teams.  This includes an Open team, two Senior teams, and a Junior team.  The Junior team was fortunate enough to participate in a nine-a-side carnival last week, playing against many other CaSSSA school teams.  The girls did not lose a game but came fifth overall and were unfortunately eliminated due to goal difference in the quarter finals.  Big congratulations to Isabella Pasqualini, who was selected in the CaSSSA Honours team for all her hard work and effort on the day. Thank you to Grange Thistle FC, which was generous enough to host the carnival.


In addition to this, the Junior team will test its skills in the ISSA cup against Grace Lutheran College in a week’s time, with the Open team also playing Grace Lutheran College in the Uhlsport Cup.  We wish the best of luck to the girls in these upcoming games, as well as to the other teams in their CaSSSA games.

Results From Rounds 1 and 2

Open Team

8-0 win vs MSM College

4-0 win vs Stuartholme College


Senior A Team

1-0 loss vs Our Lady's College

4-0 win vs All Hallows' School


Senior C Team

5-0 loss vs Loreto College

7-0 loss vs Mary Mackillop College


Junior Team

3-1 win vs St Rita's College

1-1 draw vs All Hallows' School

Tomika Weygood, Football Captain


Season Outlook


The 2019 Hockey season began with a massive hit, with the Opens winning 6-0 and the Juniors winning by a staggering 20-0. 


However, before our glorious wins the girls had to undergo two trialling sessions.  This year we were able to fill two teams with keen and energetic girls.  With a number of the girls never having played hockey, it was wonderful to see their enthusiasm for the sport.  This season, we plan to work as a team and move forward with our skills together.  I hope that the girls will be able to form new friendships and become a strong team.  It will be rewarding to see the girls improve their hockey skills while also having fun.


Overall, this, the 2019 hockey season, should be a fun and exciting one.

Alana Tweddell, Hockey Captain


QC Cup

On Tuesday 21 May, Mount Alvernia had three teams travel to Metropolitan Districts Netball Association at Coorparoo for the annual Queensland Catholic Cup (QC Cup) Netball Carnival.  The teams sent to compete in this carnival were our Junior As, Intermediate As and the Opens. 


As a college, we were delighted with the overall positioning and results of the teams participating.  A massive congratulations to our Junior A girls who smashed it out of the court, coming home with a win in their division!  Our Intermediate girls, although not coming back with a win, showed that they are going to be a threat throughout the rest of the CASSSA season.  Our Opens girls also indicated they are going to be a force to be reckoned with, coming home with second place in their division.


All of the girls participating stepped up, showing just how impressive they are on the court; we are incredibly excited to see these girls continue to shine throughout the CASSSA season which is now underway.             

Elise Black and Maddie Brown, Netball Captains

Rugby Sevens

Rugby 7s has kicked off for the year.  Pre-season training began on the first Tuesday afternoon of this term. 


We have been fortunate enough to have Glenn Dodds from Rugby Development Solutions run our training sessions.  Throughout these sessions we have learnt and been working hard on some of the basics and core skills of rugby, such as passing and catching, tackling, rucks and, importantly, how to work as a team and have fun.  These skill sessions are preparing us well for the season that is coming up very fast.  There are only two Tuesday sessions left before team trials begin.  If you are interested in playing rugby this year, it would be fantastic to see more friendly faces coming down to our last two skills sessions.  The first round of trials are going to be on 18 June at Norths Rugby fields from 3.30-5.00pm.

This year the College has registered to play in three different carnivals: Sunshine Coast Sevens at the start of August, SEQ Schoolgirls Sevens at the end of August, and All Schools Sevens in October.  In the lead-up to these carnivals the girls will be participating in gala days with local schools in order to gain experience in the sport and put their skills into practice before the big competitions.


Great work to all of the girls who have been showing up to training sessions this term.   Keep working hard and we look forward to seeing you at more sessions.

Jodie Usher and Annaleise Martin, Rugby Captains


We are now in our second trimester of Volleyball, with the Juniors turn to dig, set, spike, and like.

To kick off the junior season of Volleyball, teams played their first round of CaSSSA sport on Wednesday 15 May.  It proved a great start to the season.


The Franciscans Love a Volleyball Award (commonly known as the weekly FLaVA) is awarded to students who have portrayed Franciscan attributes during the season.  Players could be nominated for this award due to their display of sportsmanship towards the opposition or Franciscan values throughout training.


The results for the first round of CaSSSA are as follows:

  • 8A: Won 3-0                          FLaVA: Phoenix Rumney
  • 8B: Won 2-1                          FLaVA: Emma Green
  • 8C: Lost 3-0                           FLaVA: Grace Riley
  • 8D: Lost 2-1
  • 7A: Lost 3-0                           FLaVA: Ella Falzon
  • 7B: Lost 3-0                           FLaVA: Meghan Board


The second round of CaSSSA volleyball on 29 May showed some excellent results as follows:

  • 8A: Lost 2-1                            FLaVA: Tina Tevaga
  • 8B: Won 2-1                           FLaVA: Tia Kinghorn 
  • 8C: Won 2-1                           FLaVA: Callie Mumford
  • 8D: Lost 3-0   
  • 7A: Lost 2-1                            FLaVA: Tiara West
  • 7B: Lost 3-0                            FLaVA: Sienna Muir

Coaches' quote of the week for our Junior Volleyball girls is: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference between volleyball success and volleyball failure.  Work hard, never give up, and push yourself to do your limits.  That’s how you succeed.”


Well done, girls.  Keep up the good work!


Keali Nicholson, Volleyball Captain

From the iCentre

Calling All Dads

Hurry!  There are only limited tickets left to join the wonderful opportunity to read a book with your daughter and attend an author event together.  To secure a place, purchase a ticket on the College Website.


A Request

I’m desperately in need of donations of small beads, buttons and foil-ey things for our 1000 crane display in the iCentre.  I’ve attached a photo of the items I’ve been using, but I’m running out. 


Donations would be gratefully received.  Thanks in anticipation.


Melissah Lester, iCentre

Mount Alvernia Women's Network

Inaugural Event

Tickets are available on the website for the Networking Breakfast:


Embrace the Italian Culture

Opportunity for Families and Staff to Embrace the Italian Culture by Hosting a University Student from Italy


Mount Alvernia College would like to invite Benedetta to our community in Term 3, to support language students but also to share her culture, interests, and traditions with all of us.  This will only be possible if two or three generous families from the Mount Alvernia community put their hand up to host Benedetta (for a minimum of three weeks).  Be involved in this wonderful intercultural experience for the whole family and invite a piece of Italy into your home!  Please get in touch with Ms Dichiara ([email protected]) by Friday 31 May.



La Cucina


Friday 31 May

Anna Keefe

Monday 3 June

Rachel Browne, Emma Reid

Tuesday 4 June

Lidia Ranalli

Wednesday 5 June

Vicky Ferlito, Tamara Sheedy

Thursday 6 June

Tanya McMinn, Natalie Mills


Open from 7.15-9.30am & 10.30am-3.00pm (3.15pm Wednesday).   Staff, parents, and friends are very welcome to drop in for coffee—$3.50; $3 in own cup.


Please direct any enquiries to Kim at College Reception, ph 3357 6000.

Community Notices


Activities Corner
Athletics Information Letter and Permission Form.pdf
2019 Athletics Camp Expression of Interest.pdf