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29 August 2019
Issue Twenty-six
Principal's Update
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 Elevate Information Session   for Parents and Students
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Principal's Update

Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


School Production 

Congratulations to all students (cast and crew) who were involved in this year’s school production “Footloose: The Musical”. I am sure everyone in our school community would agree with me that it was a fantastic show of the highest quality and so professional in every sense of the word,  showcasing our wonderful talent pool at the College. The production this year was again held over four nights and in 2020 we will be most likely adding in a fifth show to assist in meeting the demand for tickets. Special thanks must go to three former students from our graduating class of 2017 - Imogen Kane, Natalie Wood and Hannah Blavo - who returned to the College to direct and choreograph the show in partnership with our wonderful teachers: Mara Sears – Production Coordinator and Producer, Demis Danoudis – Music Coordinator, Adelle Stevenson – Assistant Producer, Ariana Nickou – Cameron Young, Kelly Ferguson – vocal training, Claire Bruce – make-up, Stuart Mcintyre set construction and design, Emily Court and Leah Bright for set painting. Highlighting the sense of community that prevails at the College, former students Rhian Wheel and Gemma Benci returned as part of the “pit singers”.

Parent – Teacher Interviews

I hope parents/guardians found the parent teacher interviews on Wednesday to be worthwhile. In response to feedback received about the interviews held in the first week of Term 2, we moved the location of many staff to the EZ rather than the two storey building to avoid parents having to go up and down stairs throughout the night. I hope it was also an opportunity for students to showcase their learning to their parents and teacher/s; along with discussions around areas to improve to achieve their personal best.  If you were not able to attend the interviews, please don’t hesitate to contact any teacher you wish to speak to, to organise a time to speak on the phone or meet in person after school at a mutually convenient time.


Kingston Network Writers Festival

The Kingston Network of schools held our inaugural Writers Festival last Thursday for Foundation to Year 10 students and it was fantastic to see so many schools involved. We were able to use the vacant top floor at Beaumaris SC to run the event. Thanks to Vicky Vrettos for attending with our students on this day. Congratulations to Jackson Mould, Anna Hampson, Reema Ababneh, Aaliyah Zaph and Charlotte Zaph for all submitting a piece of writing to be displayed on the day and to then engage in the activities with the other students. They all found it to be a worthwhile and engaging event. Please see their report later in the newsletter.


Instrumental Music Showcase

Next week we look forward to three nights celebrating our Instrumental Music Showcase to be held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights 7pm-8.30pm in the Performing Arts Centre each night. I am sure it will be three wonderful nights of celebration for our instrumental and vocal students along with their family members.  Credit to our dynamic music team - Demis Danoudis Coordinator (and teacher of guitar, piano and voice), Nigel Maas (woodwind), Ashley Ballat (brass), Jason Liacos (guitar), Adrian De Luca (drums), Kelly Ferguson (voice) and Malcolm Abbott (drums) and I thank them for their ongoing support of our students.


Awards Night Thursday 12 December 2019

This is one of the key events on the College calendar! Every year we come together as a College community to celebrate student successes in a variety of areas such as Academic Excellence, the Arts, Technology, Sport and Community Involvement.  There are many prizes awarded on the night, thanks to the generous sponsorship of many organisations in the school community. Students are nominated for these awards by their teachers, home group teachers and year level coordinators and these nominations are based on specific criteria for each award. I encourage all students to strive to achieve your best for the many awards celebrated at this important occasion.

These include:


  • Academic Excellence: The ‘Academic Excellence’ award is bestowed upon students who have demonstrated outstanding academic results within a subject. They have consistently worked above the expected level and/or have achieved a B or an A (in relation to Victorian Curriculum Achievement levels) on their reports where possible. At a VCE level students need to be consistently attaining high or very high on all assessments. Students also need to have demonstrated very good to excellent learning habits in that learning area.


  • Achievement- Endeavour: The ‘Achievement-Endeavour’ award is awarded to students in recognition of consistent efforts made to strive for their personal best.  They have demonstrated academic progress within a subject and have made significant improvements to reach their learning goals.


  • Community Service: The ‘Community Service’ award is for students from across each year level who have served the College in a particular way; for example participation in a variety of school activities as determined on an annual basis such as SRC, House Athletics, House Swimming, School Production, subject competitions, contribution to the College Magazine, participation in Open Night, primary school visits,etc.


  • Sport Champion:  Awarded to one female and one male student from Year 7, Year 8, Intermediate level and Senior level in recognition of outstanding sporting achievements throughout the year.


  • Special Awards: These awards are contributed by particular organisations to recognise achievements of students in particular categories. For example City of Kingston, Rotary, Victoria Police, Australian Defence Force etc.


  • Year 12 Subject Awards: The ‘Subject Award’ is bestowed upon the student who has consistently attained the highest academic results in all assessment tasks within the subject (for each Year 12 subject).


  • Year 12 VCAL Awards: The ‘Year 12 VCAL Award’ is awarded to students who have demonstrated significant achievements and progress within the VCAL program.  A total of four awards will be given to four students in the subject areas of Numeracy, Literacy, Personal Development and Work Related Skills.


  • Year 11 VCAL Award: The ‘Year 11 VCAL Award’ is awarded to a student who has demonstrated significant achievement and progress within the Year 11 VCAL program. 


  • Art Award: Awarded to students across all year levels in recognition of outstanding art achievements and progress made throughout the year.


  • Quality Learner Award: Awarded to a Year 7 and a Year 8 student who has shown high quality commitment to individual learning excellence achieved through teamwork, a process of continual improvement and taking responsibility for their learning.


Last year we introduced a new award category – DUX of each year level based on the number of Academic Excellence awards they have received and close examination of achievement data. The DUX for each year level won’t be revealed during rehearsals, it will be a surprise to all on the night!

This night is also a significant event for our Year 12 students.  It is here that we celebrate the achievements of the graduating class by presenting all students on stage in academic gowns. Students are presented with a graduation certificate in front of the rest of the College community. Subject awards for Year 12 and a number of special awards will also be presented. We look forward to this very special event, held at the City of Kingston Town Hall in Moorabbin on Thursday 12 December at 7pm. Please enter the date into your diary now!



Ms. Michelle Roberts



Important Dates


Thursday 29

  • MEX 9A  & 9H City Experience Day 3
  • Year 12 History - Chinese Revolution Lunch

Friday 30

  • VCE Drama Professional Performance Viewing

Saturday 31

  • Instrumental Music Showcase Rehearsal 11:00 am to 2:00 pm


Monday 02

  • Middle School Student Voice Committee Meeting 
  • Instrumental Music Showcase Contemporary Band Evening 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm in the PAC

Tuesday 03

  • SEAL ICAS Digital Technologies Competition
  • Year 9 SEAL Elevate Skills Incursion: Memory and Mnemonisics  11:55am - 1:09 pm  in the HUB space
  • Instrumental Music Brass, Woodwind & Percussion Evening 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm in the PAC

Wedensday 04

  • Kingston Athletics at Duncan McKinnon Reserve
  • Instrumental Music Voice Evening 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm in the PAC

Thursday 05

  • Parent/ Carers Morning Tea 9:00 am in the Wellbeing  office
  • SEAL ICAS Science Competition

Friday 06

  • Facilities meeting 8:00 am
  • Year 7 - 10 SEAL Fizzics Science Show Period 1

 Student Awards

Student Values Awards

Personal Best - Work to the best of your ability. Pursue excellence, try hard and constantly seek to improve.

Integrity  - Be true to yourself by doing what is right. Be honest and trustworthy.

Respect  - Treat everyone with equal consideration. Be accepting of others and their differences.

Responsibility - Be accountable for your actions. Contribute positively to the school and wider community.


Congratulations to Yegor Menovcshikov in Year 7 who scored in the top 1% of Australia for the Australian Geography Competition.  A fantastic result Yegor - well done.

Congratulations to the following SEAL students on their fantastic results in the recent Geography and History competitions. They all received high distinctions.










































Lana Paten


Wellbeing Morning Tea Invite

To all  Parents,  Guardians and Carers

The Wellbeing team would like  to invite you to the next monthly Parents/Carers morning tea:
When: Thursday 5th September 
 Time: 9.00 am
Where: Wellbeing room (come to Reception to sign in )

We are excited to have Courtney McGill from Kingston Youth Services coming to talk to us.
Courtney will be sharing information about the broad range of fantastic programs, events and competitions they provide to support young  people living or attending school in the Kingston area. 
Looking forward to your company next week.


Please RSVP 9580 1184 to assist with catering. 


Di Douglas

On behalf of  the Wellbeing team

Instrumental Music Showcase Evenings

Performing Arts Update

It's been a busy term for our Performing Arts Department - and it's not over yet! 


Straight off the back of several College and Community music concerts, as well as yet another amazing College Production, the Annual Instrumental Music Showcase will, for the first time, be over three nights in the coming week!


All concert times are 7 pm-8:30 pm and will be help in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC)

Monday September 2nd

Concert 1 - Contemporary (guitar/piano/voice) 


Tuesday September 3rd

Concert 2 - Brass/Woodwind


Wednesday September 4th

Concert 3 - Voice


Bring your family and friends and enjoy listening to, as well as supporting, our brilliant music students.

Everyone welcome!



Demis Danoudis

Music Coordinator


Lote News

Berth Mouchette Poetry Finals 2019

The Year 7 and 8 Finalists participated for a second time, reciting their poem at Alliance Française de Melbourne in St Kilda on Sunday 9 August. Here is some anecdotes of their personal experiences:


Ulyana Biaroza  “The French poem competition was a very new experience for me. It was cool to see students from different schools and to see fluent French speaking people. I’m glad I went and got to experience a new environment.”


Jordan Shenouda: “On Sunday 4 August, I was invited to the Berthe Mouchette Competition finals at Alliance Française de Melbourne. I have participated in this competition since Grade 3 and have made it through to the finals numerous times. In 2017, I was fortunate enough to be awarded 2nd Place Laureate out of all Grade 6 students in Victoria. This year was another great opportunity to see if I could secure a place. On the day of the finals, I was not that nervous as I had my friend Ulyana also reciting the poem before me. I was happy with the way I recited my poem and got a chocolate croissant after. It is always an awesome experience to participate in the Berthe Mouchette Competition. I wish all our finalists ‘bonne chance’ in getting a Laureate place this year! ”


Lana Selthofer: “We had arrived a bit early so we waited a couple of minutes in the hall before I had to go in this room and wait. There were exactly 10 chairs, 5 for Year 7 and 5 for Year 8. Soon, all the chairs filled up with others who were competing. The wait in the room seemed like forever, and there was complete silence, so I kept reciting the poem in my head.

Then suddenly, a lady entered the room and asked us, just the Year 8 people, for our names and times for the recitation of the poem. She ticked us off and escorted us up the stairs to a room with a sign that read, “Année 8. Berthe Mouchette poem. Bonne Chance!”, which translates into, “Year 8. Berthe Mouchette poem. Good luck!”

She asked us to take a seat in front of the room and told us the order of our recitations. I was third. She led the first person into the room and then went downstairs. It seemed to take forever as we waited outside the door. Then the person who was in came out suddenly and quickly shuffled off downstairs leaving the rest of us to wait. We waited in silence until another lady came out and took away the next person, and I knew I would be next.

I waited patiently until the person in front of me was done and waited for the assessor to come out. She greeted me in French and asked which poem I was going to recite. I responded and the two ladies in the room told me to start. I started calmly, like I learned and had soon reached the end. They told me I may leave and I said bye. I made my way downstairs to my mum and away we went. Now that I think about it, it passed so quickly.“


Charlotte Kerr: “It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.”


Caitlyn Ford: Competing in the French poetry competition helped me to practise the way I pronounce certain French words and continue expanding my French vocabulary.


Isabelle Furtado: “For the French poem I think I did pretty good, although I may have spoken a little too fast. But overall I think I it was a great experience.“



Year 10 French Immersion Day at the Alliance Française de Melbourne, St Kilda Campus


Four of our Year 10 students (Natalie, Fasika, George and Charlotte) were kindly offered a subsidy by the DET languages department to take part in this wonderful event and they found the day very beneficial.


Natalie: “On 11 August, 3 other students and I participated in a French Immersion Day at Alliance Française de Melbourne in St Kilda.  Personally, I found it incredibly beneficial. After just one full day of speaking and hearing only French, I felt more confident in my speaking and listening skills. At first, it was a huge surprise to me when I found out that the teachers as well as students were to speak only in French. Initially, I was really struggling to keep up, as the teachers’ speaking pace was fast. Nevertheless, as time went on, I started to fully understand what was being said - it was a big surprise! The day was incredibly fun, the classes were small and I felt comfortable presenting in front of the class. I would definitely go again and recommend it to anyone doing French.”


Fasika: “I took part in the French Immersion organised by Alliance Française with a few other students. We were immersed in the target language, and the teachers only communicated to us through French.  We tried our hardest to use minimal English. The day was very beneficial, as I gained a better knowledge of how French is used outside of a classroom setting, and became much more confident in speaking and listening to French. Besides the French work, we had the opportunity to indulge with some French food (namely ‘des croissants, des pains au chocolat, des quiches, la baguette et du fromage’). Obviously the croissants we had were significantly more authentic and delicious than the ones you‘d buy in supermarkets. Moving away from the food, we were also encouraged to interact with French students from other schools. For me, I found it rather interesting talking to French students who were not one of the other eleven students in my Year 10 French class. Quelle journée inoubliable!” 


Charlotte: “C’était formidable! It was an amazing experience and I am glad I was able to take part in the day. It was different from what I normally do and I gained a lot of insight into the French culture and language, including the other people, the same age as me, who are also learning French.”


George: “On August 11, Alliance Française held a Year 10 immersion day that I was fortunate enough to attend with a few other students. Throughout the day, we attended four classes where the teachers only spoke in French and therefore encouraged the students to contribute, using the language. The activities that we did gave us all opportunities to use our listening, comprehension, writing and speaking skills, one activity designed around each. After the day I felt more confident in speaking and mostly all the language skills.

Berthe Mouchette Y9-10 Poetry Finals 2019:


The Year 9 and 10 Finalists participated for a second time by reciting their poem at Alliance Française de Melbourne in St Kilda on Sunday 25 August. Here is what they said of their personal experience:


Thorunn: “Last Sunday we went to the Alliance Française for the second round of the Berthe Mouchette competition. I performed both in the poetry and written test. It was pretty nerve wracking to go and do this, especially after performing in the School Production all week prior. I feel I did okay, but I could have done better - the fifty minutes assigned to the writing task went by so quickly!”


Our experience at Alliance Française was rewarding. There was a little cafeteria full of French pastries (that you could buy if you wished), and all of the adults were very nice. When our turn to recite the poem got closer, we were called upstairs and had to make our way to a little waiting area with some couches where we nervously waited. We recited the poem together as a way to make sure we were prepared before they called us each individually inside the room. Overall, it was an insightful experience and we are eager to hear how we did!

Group contribution by Hannah, Fasika and Andres – Year 10 French students




VCE French Exams Révision (La Matinée du Français 2019):


Ava: “On Sunday, 25 August, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre in the city for the VCE French 3+4 examinations. Personally, I learnt about all the components of the exam in depth, as well as seeing how those parts would work at the end of year exams. We also got to listen to heaps of awesome study tips, strategies and revision advice from past students, as well as current teachers. I was grateful for this chance and I think it was a great idea while we are still in Year 11, as this session will help us prepare for next year!



Madame Peerbux 

LOTE Leader

Kingston Writers Festival

Kingston Writers Festival

On August 22, five Mordialloc College students (Years 7-9) braved a bus and train to represent the school at the Kingston Writers Festival - an annual festival celebrating literature and the love of reading and writing. After signing in at host school Beaumaris Secondary College, the day started with keynote speaker, author Meredith Costain (known for her famous Ella Diaries) sharing her expertise and writing tips to the cohort, giving examples of times she based her stories on real life experiences.

After that, we split up into groups based on our year level and combined with students from other schools in order to co-write a story; after discussing which picture prompt to use and creating a plot, the year level groups allocated sections of the story to groups of two to three students. Eerily, every year level group from prep to secondary chose the same prompt - an image of a mysterious bridge! We ensured the story maintained fluency by working as a group to efficiently link them together after each section was completed. Then, the cohort combined  as a whole again to share the stories.

Tim Richardson, MP for Mordialloc, even made an appearance to show his support for the festival’s promotion of literature. Tim stayed to listen to teacher and student representatives from each year level  read out their stories. Organisers of the event revealed that all the stories written that day will be typed up, put into a book and sent to each school to display their collaborative work and serve as a memory of the festival. Thanks to Ms Vrettos for taking us and the school for organising it!



Aaliyah Zaph,

Year 9

Thank You

Footloose the Musical

Well another Mordialloc College Production has been and gone and what an amazing journey it has been.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the parents, grandparents, guardians, students and the wider Mordialloc College Community who supported the production of Footloose in 2019. Your tireless fundraising efforts, generosity and support of both the Mordialloc College Trivia Night and the Production meant that we were able to host one of the most well-attended and successful productions yet.

For those parents, grandparents, and guardians who attended the performance of Footloose the Musical, we hope you enjoyed the spectacular show, we hope we helped make some life-time memories for your sons and daughters and we hope to see you in attendance again in 2020 at our next theatrical endeavour!


Miss Mara Sears

Performing Arts Coordinator

 Elevate Information Session   for Parents and Students

Dear Parent and Carers,

Have you ever wanted to better support your child with developing effective study habits? The Mordialloc College Student Voice Committee has the perfect event for you!


In partnership with Elevate Education, the Year 7-9 Study Skills - Parent Information Evening is going to be held on Tuesday 17 September at 6pm in the PAC.

This is a wonderful opportunity to guide your child to study success. You will gain many skills that will help you to better support your child with their studies. The study techniques that will be shared during the session will reinforce great study habits for your child at home.

Bring your child along to the night to share this experience and develop a shared understanding of successful study techniques through an interactive session. The outcomes of this seminar are: to help you to get your child motivated, manage their time effectively and learn practical study tips. Please visit the link below, to register your interest:

Register here:

Proudly brought to you by

 Mordialloc College Student Voice Committee and Elevate Education.

Community News

Dobsons School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 3 2019

Monday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Located on the corner of the main building, near the staff car park.


Private appointments are available after shop hours. Please call 8587 0570 for an appointment.

Visit the new, improved website for information and pricing 'Click and Collect' is available.

Aspendale Gardens Community Centre


Brown's Reserve Pump Station Update

The Brown's Reserve Pump Station upgrade is ongoing. There is a temporary fence up around the area and it is important to remind the community that this area is still a no go zone. Please remind your children, if they use this part of the park, to NOT ride through the fenced off area as it is dangerous. In coming weeks there will be large trenches dug and cranes on the site.  Please do NOT go inside the area for any reason. If you are given instructions  by construction or South East Water staff follow them as it is your safety they are concerned  about.

Please see the attached document regarding the works.


Bonbeach St Chad's Baseball Club


Chelsea Heights Community Centre Art Classes


Chelsea Baseball Club


Aspendale Life Saving Club Open Day


Highett Neighbourhood House


College News
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