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15 August 2019
Issue Six
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Quick Dates

Week 5/6, Term 3


Friday 16 August

Catholic Colleges Music Festival continues (to Sunday)


Sunday 18 August

5.00pm  Brisbane Sings (QPAC Concert Hall)


Monday 19 August

Year 10 Hospitality Barista Course


Tuesday 20 August

Year 10 Legal Studies (Class 2) excursion

3.05pm  World Challenge Vietnam team meeting (Delamore Room)

6.30pm  Parents & Friends Support Network meeting (Delamore Room)


Wednesday 21 August

Periods 1 & 2  Shake 'n' Stir Romeo & Juliet - Year 10 English (Assisi Room)

Period 1  Years 11 & 12 Physics workshop

Period 2  Year 10 Physics workshop

3.00pm  AFLQ Tournament (Yeronga)


Thursday 22 August

Year 10 Hospitality Barista Course

Cultural Corner

August is a busy month for the arts and culture of our college life.  Our choirs and bands perform over the next few days at the Queensland Catholic Colleges Music Festival.  We wish them all the very best as the many hours of practice will culminate in these performances this week at Villanova College at Coorparoo.  We also thank the teachers who have supported them along the way.

This week saw our Senior Theatresports team compete in semi-finals.  Whilst they haven’t made it past this round, I know they have worked together to become stronger and more confident individually and in their ability to perform as a team.  Well done to students and teachers.


Preparations continue for our end-of-term extravaganza, our Cultural Festival to celebrate our College Feast Day, on 19 September.  We encourage students to put themselves forward to courageously and confidently perform in heats for the vocals, dance, instrumental, and acting out categories.  The non-performers can participate by entering the literature competition, cake decorating, video, photography, and song writing categories.  Which house will take out the coveted title this year in the Battle of the Houses?  We look forward to a fun festival day when students can also dress up in the theme of the day Girls just want to be fabulous!

Lorella Masci
Learning Area Advisor: The Arts


What does participation in cultural activities do for us in life and learning?


The definition of culture: The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.


This definition of culture fits the word perfectly.  Culture is who we are and who we have become.  By immersing ourselves in cultural activities, such as ArtX or Drama Club, FCIP, or Choir, we will broaden our horizons.  Cultural activities give us an opportunity to gain more knowledge and, most importantly, express ourselves.  The Cultural Festival, which is coming up soon, is a great opportunity for this. Whether it may be dancing or singing or cake decorating, you can express yourself at Cultural Festival.  In short, participation in cultural activities gives more meaning in life and more in-depth learning.

Sneha Reju
Clare School Cultural Captain, Term 3


Drama Club

This term in Drama Club, we have been focusing on working with the girls in creating scenes from only a few lines of blank dialogue - meaning no stage directions are given with the script.  The goal for this term is to familiarise the girls with working with an unseen script, which will be a useful tool for future years in regard to audition processes.  We then hope to provide opportunities for the girls to use these skills to audition for a short play and then rehearse and perform during Term 4 as a way of showcasing what they have learnt in Drama Club throughout the year.

Emily Stitt, Drama Co-Captain

Drama X

Our new extension ensemble, Drama X, has been in full swing with its training this year.  We have a dynamic and passionate group of girls from Year 9 through to Year 11, who are an absolute delight to work with. 


The ensemble has been working intensely with the brand new script, The Final Days of Bedlam, as part of the LB Riot program with La Boite Theatre Company.  The girls spend two hours each Tuesday afternoon developing their skills in devising, performance skills, directing, problem solving, and creative thinking.

We have also been extremely lucky to work with industry artists including Zach Boulton and Bryan Probets.  They are working towards an original interpretation of the script to perform for a public audience early in Term 4.


Elise Cohen, Teacher



The cultural activities in which I am involved have influenced my life and learning from the day I started at Mt A.  On day one, I was already playing the violin and I knew that I was definitely going to join the choir.  Music is my love - my passion - and always will be.  Whether it be in rehearsal or when I am performing, I just love the atmosphere and the energy making music as a group brings - I truly couldn't imagine my school years without it!


Term 3 is always jam packed in the world of music at Mt A.  This term started off with the annual FCIP junior/intermediate music camp, which I know worked wonders with regards to improved playing skills as well as forming new friendships.  This term also brings a series of concerts for all string players.  I personally enjoy these concerts as they showcase what we have been working on all year long, and gives the parents an insight into our rehearsals.  Senior Chamber Strings also had their first gig the other night, and I know they did the FCIP proud.  The Concert Bands are rehearsing in preparation for Catholic Colleges this weekend.  The Rock Band has also been preparing for numerous performances and they are sounding great!


All musicians have been working hard in rehearsals and I am sure they will do Mt A, FCIP, and their parents proud.


Beginner Strings Concert is on Monday 19 August, at 6.30pm in the  St Anthony's Hall.

Junior Strings Concert is Wednesday 28 August, at 6.30pm in the St Anthony's Hall.

Intermediate/Senior Strings Concert is on Sunday 25 August, at 4.00pm in the FCIP Rehearsal Room, Padua.

Claire Reid, FCIP Captain 



This term in Theatresports, I have been blown away by the talent, dedication, and effort of the girls participating in Junior and Senior teams.  Our recent quarter-finals have proven that the girls are able to effectively work in teams, and push themselves to the limit.  Although neither team made it through to the semi-finals, we will continue to strive for improvement whilst still having fun and learning from our experiences.  I also want to shout out all the girls on the reserve teams who have timelessly showed up for training, heats and everything in between.  Finally, I would also like to thank all our supporters (including teachers and coaches) who travelled to the previous heats to show their appreciation and support. 

Therese DeBellis, Theatresports Captain



From the Sport Development Leader

We have been talking a lot about how stressed we all seem in Term 3; the pressure of schoolwork, home life and everything in general can creep up at this time of year. 

I would hope that all students are aware of the importance of exercise in reducing stress levels.  It is all too often the first item to be shelved when we feel the pressure.  We have such a large range of sports here at the college, team sports, individual sports, Bootcamps, lunchtime games etc. But what other activity’s, maybe not so conventional could you maybe try from home to spruce up your fitness a little.


Below is an article from on eight stress busting activities that maybe are worth a try.

Josh White






Exercise is One of the Best Ways to Reduce Stress

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which are hormones that fight stress.  Exercise helps you get your mind off your problems and clears your head.  Here are eight different kinds of exercise that can heighten energy and provide stress relief.


High-Energy Activities

The benefits of aerobic exercise — like running, dancing, cycling, or skating — include an increased heart rate.  When your heart rate is accelerated, your body releases endorphins - natural opiates that make you feel good with no side effects.  High-energy activities help you feel better physically and mentally.


Yoga - an excellent stress-relief exercise - involves a series of moving and stationary poses, or postures, combined with deep breathing.  A mind-body exercise, yoga can strengthen your body’s natural relaxation response and bring you into a healthy balance.  For stress relief, do gentle yoga or yoga for beginners — popular 'power yoga' classes may be too intense if your main goal is to ease stress.


Tai Chi
Like yoga, tai chi is a series of self-paced, flowing body movements and breathing techniques.  Although the movements have their roots in martial arts, they are meant to calm the mind and condition the body — making tai chi an excellent choice for stress relief.  According to recent studies, this mind-body practice has many health benefits: Tai chi can help build bone density, lower blood pressure, and boost the immune system.  Another advantage is that, once you learn the moves, you can practise them anywhere and at any time — making it an easy activity to incorporate into everyday life.


Pilates - a series of controlled movements and mat exercises named after their creator, Joseph Pilates - is designed to build your strength, flexibility, and endurance, all of which make practising Pilates - an anaerobic (as opposed to aerobic) exercise - a great stress reliever.   Pilates also tones your body, which in turn helps you feel great inside and out.


Other Martial Arts
Another effective way to release energy, frustration, and tension is to learn and practise a martial art. There are many to choose from: Krav Maga, karate, judo, tae kwon do, and more.  In addition to keeping you active, martial arts have other benefits; they teach you self-discipline, and the self-defense techniques you learn can make you feel safer.


Kickboxing is a powerful means of reducing stress.  It involves controlled punching and kicking movements carried out with discipline.  You can get quite a rigorous workout in a kickboxing class, and that’s only one of its excellent benefits.  Kickboxing regularly will help improve your balance, flexibility, and coordination.  It’s also a great way to work out frustration — having an outlet to release energy and anger can relieve stress.


Team Sports
One of the best ways to fit exercise into your schedule is to round up friends and family and organise a game of football, basketball, or soccer — just three of many choices.  You get a double dose of stress relief from participating in team sports: Not only are you having fun with friends, but you’re also working up a sweat and releasing endorphins. 


Take It on the Road
Long-distance running, biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities provide a change of scenery and a dose of fresh air, both of which can help clear your mind.  Also, outdoor settings such as mountains, a biking trail, or a neighbourhood park are pleasant places to spend time in.  Beautiful settings, especially in winter in Queensland, can lift your mood and shake up your workout routine.



Trimester 2 Final Results


From the Sport Captain

The Ribbon of Strength Campaign

Statistics show us that a staggering 57% of young women stop participating in sport before the age of 24, due to a lack of belief in their ability to succeed.  The Ribbon of Strength campaign, promoted by Pantene, has some of Australia’s top female athletes such as Charlotte Caslick – Rugby 7s Olympic gold medallist, Ellie Cole - Paralympic gold medallist, and Zoe Clarke - professional surfer, working to encourage women to back themselves, and others around them, to put 100% effort into whatever they set their mind to, and to believe that they can achieve anything they want.  This campaign was created as an inspiration to women of the world, encouraging them to overcome their fears, find their inner strength, and actively participate in the sports they love.  By braiding your own personal symbol of strength into your hair, you can send a message to women everywhere that strength is all in your head and belief in yourself is your biggest asset.


“For all those times you’ve told yourself that you’re not strong enough, not fast enough, or not tough enough, think again.  When the voice in your head says you can’t, there are a million women saying you can.”  Whilst this may only be a Pantene ad, the underlying message speaks for itself.  Never underestimate YOUR strengths because, in the end, it is only you doubting yourself and making yourself feel less than enough.  Each and every one of the girls of Mount Alvernia is a powerful, strong minded, and determined young woman, and you should be telling yourselves YOU CAN.  When you feel the negative self-talk holding you back, remember to listen to the many voices saying YOU CAN.



This year at the CASSSA Athletics Carnival on Monday 19 August, all girls from the Mount Alvernia Athletics team will be wearing a ribbon of strength throughout the day to make them stronger.  These ribbons will have the quotes: “Your time is now, NO REGRETS!”, “Tough times NEVER last!”, and #WEAREUNBREAKABLE!”, inspired by this campaign advertisement.  The girls will wear these ribbons like amour, to show the world that strength really is all in your head.  This will remind them that YOU CAN do anything you put your mind to and it is only your own doubts that are stopping you from succeeding at your personal best.

Maddie Brown


The Movements to Build an Exercise Program Around

In my last article I promised to show you what exercises you can do easily from home with no or minimal equipment.  But, before we come to that, I think it is important to have you mentally ready for the task.  First with the head, then with the heart!


As a health and fitness professional the single biggest ‘reason’ (ahem, excuse) I hear for not exercising is, “I don’t have time”.


The truth of that statement is that it just simply hasn’t been made a priority.  Now, just before you rail against that statement, consider this scenario.  If I promised you that I would pay you $1 million this time next year but only if you put aside 30 minutes a day, every day, in the pursuit of health and fitness, would you do it?  I am guessing you would somehow find the time.  I would like to propose that all the money in the world is not worth losing your health over.


There is a lot of research about a lot of things out there, but the idea that consistent exercise and a diet of quality proteins, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables has positive and measurable effects on our health is as close to 'proven' in the scientific world as something comes.  This statement of fact is important because, when you really dwell on it, the 'why' of exercise becomes very motivational and is not to be underestimated.


Okay ….  Now we are on the same page and we agree that both exercise and nutrition are a critical part of a healthy existence, then how do we practically get the exercise part in to our busy lives?


I am going to focus on just the exercise part today but, more specifically, the movement part.  The actual exercises will be part B of this second in the series. 


Before I get into specifics, I would like to put forward the idea that a membership of a local 24-hour gym is usually no more than pocket change and is well worth considering, especially if it is quick and easy to travel to.  The biggest issue with these memberships, however, is that plenty are sold but very few are used.  That won’t be a problem for you because you are motivated now :) and pretty soon I am going to tell you what movements I think you should be building your exercise routine around.  Once you establish an exercise routine in which you are confident, you will have the best return on your valuable time doing really useful exercises in what is usually a pretty neat space with great equipment.  The equipment stays great because very few people who have these memberships actually turn up, so there is very little wear and tear!


Okay, regardless of whether you are going to work out in a 24-hour gym or at home, there is a general way I would do any workout and a choice of exercises that make sense for just about everyone.  Of course there are specific issues in individuals that should be addressed to be completely safe.  You will know who you are, and anything I am about to say shouldn’t be taken as me telling you what to do precisely for you personally because everyone’s circumstances are different.  The most sensible thing to do is to visit your doctor and get the all clear before beginning any exercise program.  These comments are more targeted towards adults reading this, but again any issues that you may be unsure of in regards to the safety of the exercise for you as and adult or a young female, given your own physical history, should be addressed by a health professional before commencement.


Phew, with disclaimers out of the way, here are the eight movements I believe you should incorporate into an exercise routine that you could all do as a family.  The goal is for the habit to be formed such that  they could be part of what you do for the rest of your life.  A big ask?  Well, the power of habits tells us that maybe it isn’t that big.  If you are still cleaning your teeth nightly you will know what I mean.


At our studio we always start a workout with foam rolling/trigger pointing, core, and glute activation and then a general whole body aerobic style warm-up.  Stay tuned for the next article in the series for more detail on this part of every workout.  In the meantime, however, If you would like to know any specifics about that warm-up process, please feel free to reach out directly to me.  My contact details are at the bottom of this article.


Once you have warmed up the body and are prepared for action, we generally like to see our programs built on the following movements that have been dubbed the primal movement patterns (Paul Chek). The movements listed below are what are usually required for competent interaction with the world on a daily basis.  We at my studio call this “useful fitness”.  We believe that, if the exercises don’t help you in your day-to-day life, then they are pretty much for ‘show and not go’.  We prefer go!


  1. Squat movement - hips down.  Day-to-day use.  Sitting to standing.
  2. Hinge movement - hips back.  Day-to-day use.  Picking up something heavy off the ground as long as back is straight.
  3. Lunge type movement - single leg strength/balance.  Day-to-day use.  Being balanced when you get in to and out of your car.
  4. Push movement - vertical and horizontal.  Day-to-day use.  Putting a box up on a shelf or pushing a piece of furniture to vacuum behind it.  Good one for the kids!
  5. Pull movement - vertical and horizontal.  Day-to-day use.  Pulling an object towards you in the house or garage.  Or trying to climb up a ladder.
  6. Rotating movement - day-to-day use.  When picking up groceries in a bag and horizontally putting them across in to a trolley.  Or putting an infant in to a car seat.
  7. Gait - walking - day-to-day use.  Goes without saying!


Look out for the next article on actual exercises that you can do that incorporate all these movements.  I will show you ones that you can do without any, or with minimal, equipment at home.


Obviously there is advanced movement training for various sports but starting with the basics is a great ‘build from’ or ‘go back to’ structure that everyone would do well to have in their kit bag of managing life.


Until next time, keep moving folks.  We are built for it.

Anthony Gillespie, BSp Sc, BSc Psych Hons

Ph 3854 0386


Athletics Carnival Results

Overall House Trophy

Belle Prairie - Field: 446; Track 634; Total 1080

Villa Spada - Field 406; Track 663; Total 1069

Rieti - Field 378; Track 627; Total 1005

Greccio - Field 360; Track 504: Total 864

Perugia - Field 314; Track 486; Total 800

Spoleto - Field 272; Track 333; Total 605



Age Champions

12 Years

1st        36pts Mia Newbold

2nd       29pts Lucy Cresswell

3rd        20pts Molly Dwyer

13 Years

1st        50pts Giselle Shaw

2nd       46pts Trinity Woodward

3rd        25pts Chloe Skewes

14 Years

1st        50pts Jemma Keefe

2nd       48pts Erin Winstanley

3rd        36pts Alice Kelly

15 Years

1st        50pts Breanne Shepherd

2nd       40pts Aleisha Ling

3rd        36pts Cara Dinneen

16 Years

1st        39pts Orlaigh Green

2nd       35pts Keali Nicholson/Molly Browne

3rd        34pts Grace O’Donnell

17 Years

1st        45pts Luanna Moors

2nd       39pts Hend Abdalla/Brianna Born

3rd        31pts Carla Galvin


2019 Records


17 years 200m Luanna Moors   28.61 (2014) down to 27.88



13 years Discus Georgia Blake 26.01m (2002) up to 28.18m
13 Years Discus (2018) Jemma Keefe 26.01m(2002) up to 31.35m
14 years Discus  Jemma Keefe 29.0m (1980) up to 36.82m
14 years Javelin Jemma Keefe 24.7m (1984) up to 35.12m
15 years Long Jump Breanne Shepherd 4.85m (2003) up to 4.99m
15 years Triple Jump Breanne Shepherd 10.17m (2013) up to 10.37m
16 years Long jump Orlaigh Green  4.76m (2011) up to 4.89m


Honourable Mentions

100m Track

14 years Jemma Keefe missed by .43 sec
15 years Breanne Shepherd missed by .31 sec
17 years Luanna Moors missed by .16 sec

200m Track

13 years Giselle Shaw missed by .60sec
14 years Jemma Keefe missed by .68 sec

4 x 100m Relay Track

16 years Belle Prairie missed by .20 sec

High Jump

14 years Jemma Keefe short by 2cm

6 x 60m Relay

Mrs Kerry Jell and Mrs Shelley Turner injured in the line of duty


Athletics Camp

Last Friday after school, nineteen students and four staff members departed for the 2019 Athletics Camp.  Before we even departed we were divided into two teams - red and yellow.  Who knew that it would bring so much rivalry??


On the Friday night we ventured out to Lazerzone and competed in our two teams.  Both teams were allocated two teachers for the duration of the camp as well.  Lazerzone was a lot of fun and brought all of us together as a group for the next few days. 


Saturday morning was an early rise as we had breakfast and headed straight out to the USC athletics track where we spent four hours training, with a morning tea break in between.  While training was challenging for some athletes, it was all worth the hard work, and we then got to go back to our accommodation to have a great lunch before heading out for stand-up paddle boarding and the annual Beach Olympics.  I must say that Ms B and Mr B's sibling rivalry really shone during these activities and it was nice to see the staff get right in the mix of the competition.  The Beach Olympics was a lot of fun and I know that we all had our game faces on, not letting any cheating occur.  That night after dinner we watched a movie at the accommodation before heading to bed.  I think I can say on behalf of everyone that we were all exhausted by this point and were all ready for bed.


Sunday morning came around quickly and it was time to pack the bus and head back out to the track for one last training session, with a 10 x 100m relay to finish before we departed.  However, before we left it was integral to find out which team had won.  I am pleased to say that the red team won, on 1339 points to the yellow team on 1322 points.


I know all who attended had a wonderful time and I would like to give a special mention to Mr White for organising such a great camp, as well as Ms Butterworth, Mr Butterworth, and Ms Schneider, who gave up their weekend to spend time with us and assist in training over the weekend.  I would also like to thank Noel and Mitch who came and helped with the training sessions at the track.


Claire Reid, Year 12 


Cheersport is going strong in 2019, and is now in its thirteenth year at the College.  The girls have already laid down a solid performance on the Gold Coast earlier in the year, and are now finalising the routine for the next competition on 25 August at the Logan Metro Sport Complex.


Keep an eye out for them in the next few weeks as we receive a report on how they go.  As always, the program is looking to keep growing.  Remember to sign up for 2020.

Sanford McMurray,Head Coach


The past couple of weeks have been a tough fight for our football teams.  I am incredibly proud of the girl’s efforts this season and in finals.  We had great cooperation and turnouts to training, with all four teams training together.  This has allowed the junior players to get to know some of our senior players and vice versa. 


Each team should feel extremely proud of its efforts this season.  Our Junior A team and Open C teams have worked extremely hard on the field and at training, which has led to them scoring some amazing goals.  Our Open B team has come home with six wins out of the seven matches played.  With most of the Open B team being in Year 12, the girls took the field for the last time in their grand final. Unfortunately, the girls came second on the day, but still played with great pride.  Our Open A team has done an amazing job this season, only losing one game leading up to the grand final.  Unfortunately, the girls lost 3-1, but also fought proudly, with only ten players for the second half due to injury.  The Open A team also participated in the UHL Sport cup quarter-final; however, after going into extra time they lost 1-0.


I would like to congratulate all teams and coaches on a great season.


Mika Weygood, Football Captain


We have had a great year for Futsal, with our Intermediate and Senior teams making it to State Championships.  The Intermediate team was undefeated most of the day, but unfortunately was knocked out due to losing the last two games.  The Senior team had a tough day against some of the harder teams in the competition.  They drew and won the majority of their games, and were sadly knocked out due to goal difference.

I would like to thank Mr Rodgers and Mr Fisher for running training sessions, driving the bus, and coaching on the day.  Finally, a big congratulations to both teams as making it to States is an incredible achievement.

Mika Weygood, Futsal Captain


The 2019 Hockey season was certainly a fun and memorable time.  At the start of the trimester it was clear that the girls were excited to work together and to make this season a great one.  It was particularly great to see the girls who are new to the sport begin with such enthusiasm towards the game.  As the teams started to gain momentum, it was great to see them improve from start to finish.  In the end, the Junior team placed fourth, while the Opens placed fifth.


I am incredibly happy with the results; thank you to all the girls who have committed themselves to training and games and put all their effort into the season.  On the behalf of both teams thank you to Ms Gibbons, Ms Myer, and Sophie for training us and supporting the teams.


Alana Tweddell, Hockey Captain



The CaSSSA Senior and Intermediate Netball season concluded on Wednesday 7 August.  As Netball Captains of 2019, we congratulate all the teams who participated, as well as coaches, managers, and umpires who gave their time, and spectators who came out to watch the girls playing.  If it wasn’t for these many individuals, the season wouldn’t have been as successful as it was.  A special congratulations is given to the Intermediate A, Senior B, and Open A teams for making it into the top four positions in their respective divisions.  Unfortunately, due to the lovely rain that joined us last week, no teams were able to play off in a final as rounds were cancelled.  As Captains we are very proud of how well all netball teams have performed throughout the season - every team competing to represent the College with pride and integrity.


However, the netball season isn’t over just yet for the Junior, Intermediate and Open A teams, as they are competing today at the annual Vicki Wilson Cup tournament.  This is being held at Pine Rivers Netball Association throughout the day as teams compete against both private and public school across the Met North Region for the top position in each division.  We wish these girls competing the best of luck; we believe you will represent the College with pride and integrity, as you have throughout the season.


With this in mind, the Junior netball season is also set to start in Trimester 3, with the first round beginning on 4 September.  Trials for these teams have recently been postponed to 19 August, next Monday afternoon at Brisbane Netball Association.  We would also like to wish the girls trialling for these teams all the best with grading and in the upcoming season.

Elise Black and Maddie Brown

Netball Captains


The Junior Volleyball season has now come to an end and results are in.  Our junior volleyballers played at their best to secure their spot on the leader board.  It was a wonderful season of volleyball, with skills being learnt and refined and friendships being made in the social environment.


The overall leader board for the Junior Volleyball season is as followed:

  • Junior A: 2nd Place
  • Junior B: 2nd Place
  • Junior C: 8th Place
  • Junior D: 6th Place
  • Junior E: 6th Place
  • Junior F: 6th Place


Coaches' quote of the week for our Junior Volleyball girls is: “Serve strong.  Dig fierce.  Spike hard.”

Well done, girls; fantastic end to a great season.  You should all be very proud of your efforts.


Keali Nicholson, Volleyball Captain


La Cucina


Monday 19 August

Rachel Browne, Jacqueline McLindon

Tuesday 20 August

Sharyn Hall

Wednesday 21 August

Robyn Nicolle

Thursday 22 August

Kathy Leddy, Mark Petersen, Colette Rosso



Open from 7.15-9.30am & 10.30am-3.00pm (3.15pm Wednesday).   Staff, parents, and friends are very welcome to drop in for coffee—$3.50; $3 in own cup.


Please direct any enquiries to Kim at College Reception, ph 3357 6000.

Activities Corner
House Guardian Elise Cohen with House Captain Mika Weygood