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06 September 2019
Issue Fourteen
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Leadership @ Monty

What's been happening @ MPS?

Athletics Day/District Athletics

Congratulations to our Year 3-6 students who competed in the House Athletics Day at Willinda Park. The sun was (eventually) shining and it was a perfect day for the track and field events. A big thank you to Mr Josh and the staff for making this day possible! It was great to see the teachers come home with the win in the 4x100m relay! 



P&F Events

Once again, thank you to the Parents & Friends committee for the Father's Day Stall! It was great to see so many volunteers helping out on the day. The students loved 'shopping' and buying gift/s for their loved ones. We hope everyone enjoyed their present/s - I hear the 'fart horn' was a real hit!


Don't forget the MPS Social Evening - Terrarium Workshop at 'Botanical Styling by Liz' is next Friday! A night out with wine/nibbles and you get to take your terrarium home! Please book via 'trybooking'.


Writer's Festival

Yesterday, 10 of our budding writer's went to the Melbourne Writer's Festival yesterday with Ms Ady and Charlotte (student teacher). They travelled by train into the city and attended workshops by different authors. Ms Ady's highlight was listening to Alison Lester - author of 'The Magic Beach', 'Are we there yet?', 'Noni the Pony' and so on. Whereas, the students loved 'the dome' at the State Library!


ICAS Competitions - Science

The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) have begun! It kicked off yesterday with the Science Competition.  Thank you to Mrs Crawford for organising the ICAS and well done to the following Year 2-6 students for giving it a go: 

Henry, Willem, Oliver, Joel, Esmae, Toby, Kirtvir, Ari, Celina, Lily, Sarah, Eve, Dean, Suchitha, Eva, Sari, Lucinda, Neo and Isy.


NAPLAN Results

The NAPLAN results have arrived for our Year 3 and Year 5 students. MPS is very proud of our students for aiming high and never giving up - well done! The results will be handed to parents/carers at the Student-led Conferences next week.


OVERDUE Term Planners

There are many families who have not yet paid their Term 1, 2 and/or Term 3 planner! Please ensure that your child's fees are up to date, so that we can continue to provide opportunities that support our wonderful curriculum.  This payment includes activities and programs such as the SAKG, Footsteps Dance, The Resilience Project, incursions that have already occurred (eg. Japanese incursion) and items to support our curriculum in the classrooms. Please contact the office to discuss your payment options.


School Hats

From September, Victoria’s UV levels are on the rise, so it’s time to dust off the sun protection gear and 'Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, and Slide' whenever we are outside. Students MUST have their hats at school for the remainder of the year please and wear them during recess time. If you need to purchase a new or secondhand school hat, please contact the office.


Baby News

As you may be aware, Mrs Clancy is having another baby - due in November! Therefore, Mrs Clancy will be finishing up at the end of the Term and taking Maternity Leave. We are very grateful to Mrs Clancy for all the work she does at MPS, especially her big smile that brightens up our day. We wish Mrs Clancy and her family all the best and look forward to the announcement of her new baby.  

What is coming up @ MPS?

Working Bee 

This Sunday 08 September from 8:00am - RAIN, HAIL OR SHINE the planting must go on! These plants will be going into the new play spaces - it is going to look amazing! BUT we need your help! Any time you can spare on Sunday would be greatly appreciated! 


Student-led Conferences

Don't forget the Student-led Conferences are taking place next Tuesday 10 September. This has been approved as an "Adjusted School Day", therefore, students are not required to attend school on this day (Camp Australia care will be available). If you have not as yet booked a time, please do so via Compass - bookings will close on Monday 09 September at 4:00pm.


For Camp Australia booking information on this day - see attachment:


Important Dates


Sunday 8th - Working Bee from 8:00am

Monday 9th  - P & F Meeting @ 9:30am

Tuesday 10th September - Adjusted School Day: Student-led Conferences (Children not in attendance at school - 20 min interview times to be booked via Compass)

Tuesday 10th - Buildings and Grounds Meeting @ 6:00pm, School Council  @ 7:00pm

Wednesday 11th - Whole School, Graduation and Sport photos

Friday 13th - Terrarium Workshop - P&F social event

Tuesday 17th -  ICAS English

Wednesday 18th - Friday 20th - Grade 5/6 Camp Anglesea Coastal Forest Lodge

Thursday 19th - ICAS Maths

Friday 20th -  Footy Day: Foundation - Grade 4

Friday 20th - End of Term 3 Dismissal @ 2:30pm

Term 4 

Friday 11th October - Grade 5/6 Swimming

Monday 14th October - P & F Meeting @ 9:30am

Tuesday 15th October -  Foundation - Grade 2 Athletics Day (on campus)

Friday 25th October - Grandparents Day (Ask Gran, not Google)

Tuesday 29th October - School Council Meeting 7pm


Friday 1st November - Foundation Transition #1

Saturday 2nd November - Bunnings BBQ - save the date to help out

Monday 4th November - Curriculum Day

Wednesday 6th - Tuesdy 12th November - Foundation - Grade 2 Swimming Lessons

Friday 15th November - Foundation Transition #2

Monday 18th November -  P & F Meeting @ 9:30am

Tuesday 26th November - School Council Meeting 6pm

Friday 29th November - Foundation Transition #3


Tuesday 3rd December - Christmas Carols and Art Show

Thursday 5th December - Whole School Transition #1

Tuesday 10th December - Year 7 Transition

Tuesday 10th December - Whole School Transition #2

Monday 16th December - Grade 6 Graduation

Wednesday 18th December - Grade 6 Day Out (Funfields)

Friday 20th December - End of Term 4 Dismissal @ 1:30pm

2019 Term Dates

Term 1 - 30th Jan - 5th April

Term 2 - 23rd April - 28th June

Term 3 - 15th July - 20th September

Term 4 - 7th October - 20th December

Curriculum Days

Monday 4th November

Students of the week

Term 3   
Weeks 5 - 8

Foundation A

Eva C - For your significant improvements in writing this term. Your story writing is amazing and very entertaining. You approach all writing tasks with enthusiasm and determination and your sense of humour and great imagination always shines through and makes me smile. We love having you in Foundation A, Eva. You are a real entertainer!!


Foundation B

Harper N - For always putting in 100% when it comes to your learning. You’re recount of ‘100s days at school’ was outstanding. Keep up the super star learning!

William D - For the outstanding reading you have been doing. You always put in 100% when it comes to your learning, making you an excellent roll model for your peers. Well done William!


Foundation C

Mackenzie B - What a super star learner you are. You always listen to the feedback your teacher gives you and try your best to achieve your new learning goals. Your writing in particular is exceptional and you should be very proud of the writer you have become!
Lionel S -  You have made your teachers, parents and yourself proud this year. At the beginning of the year handwriting was very tricky for you, but you learnt to give it a go! You practiced and now your handwriting is so neat. Well done on all your hard work and your ‘never give up’ attitude!


Emma H - For your creative flair and amazing presentation of artistic pieces of work in class. You are also such a caring and kind student towards others. Well Done Emma!



Evelyn O - Evelyn has shown the values of Learning and Friendship.  Evelyn you have been working so hard at challenging yourself  with your reading and are becoming independent with your writing.  You wrote a fabulous piece for our Resilience Project task about putting yourself into the shoes of an animal.  You are also a fantastic and caring friend to everyone in 1/2B.  Great work Evelyn!
Arjan S - Arjan consistently shows the value of friendship by being a kind friend, showing empathy and sharing his things with others.  Arjan also shows the value of learning by working very hard to stay focused and do his best writing.  Keep up the great work.


Yve E - Congratulations Yve! You are such a delightful person and a respected member of our class.  You always make sure that your friends are ok and you always display best behaviour in and out of the classroom. You are also a great learner who always follows directions and takes care in the presentation of your work. You are an all round superstar!

Eliza MCongratulations Eliza on being a superstar learner! It is wonderful to see you take initiative and responsibility for your learning by practising your maths skills at home. You are a dedicated learner and a great role model to your peers. Keep up the amazing work.



Josephine B - For writing an incredibly persuasive letter to Daniel Andrews convincing him to ban single-use plastic in Victoria. You are hard-working and passionate, and we love having all of your incredible knowledge in 1/2D. Thank you for being such a valuable member of our class! Well done, Josie!

Kade H - For being a kind, respectful role model in 1/2D. You go out of your way to help teachers and students without even being asked. You are a caring friend to everyone in the class and always show appropriate behaviours. We are so lucky to have you in 1/2D, Kade!


Henry B - Henry has really stepped up as a responsible Grade 2 role model this term. He always aims to display positive classroom behaviours and encourages other to do the same. Henry supports others in learning tasks and gives great feedback to his classmates! Keep up the fantastic work Henry!

Javier DF - Javier has consistently demonstrated his love and enthusiasm for learning. He has been especially passionate about our inquiry on Sustainability. Javier confidently shares his knowledge and ideas. Keep up the amazing work Javier!



Avalyn P - Avalyn you are so creative in everything you do! Your creativity shines through not only in your work but all your different outfits and things you make! Awesome work superstar!
Ollie WY - Ollie, you have been an absolute superstar in our classroom lately, always putting your hand up to enthusiastically contribute to class discussions and answer questions. Well done and keep it up legend!!



Valeria S - Valeria you had a superstar camp experience. You pushed yourself to do things that you hadn't done before and were so respectful to others, making sure that everyone around you were cared for and had a fun time.

Olivia S - Olivia’s fearless approach to learning enables her to set personal learning goals and she constantly strives to achieve them. It has been delightful to see Olivia’s energy and confidence increase this term. She is a much valued member of 3/4B!
Ollie S - Ollie, you are always committed to your learning. You demonstrate this by constantly contributing to class discussions and always trying to do your best work. You are a superstar - well done!



Nate M - Nate showed our school values of learning, friendship, respect and safety whilst on 3/4 camp. He ensured everyone was always included and his curiosity and contributions to the group were highly valued. Looks like you had a great time, Nate! Keep up the good work.
Suchitha M - Suchitha has been working really hard this term, particularly on her writing! She is beginning to use paragraphs to separate her ideas and has been practicing her handwriting using cursive. Suchitha is a great friend to all her peers and is always inclusive of others. Keep up the great work!



Willow AD - During Year 3/4 camp, Willow consistently displayed a Growth Mindset, mastering all activities thrown her way. In particular, she excelled during the initiative activities where her team work and spider-like climbing skills helped her team achieve challenging tasks.
Keira S - This term, Keira has increased her determination and willingness to challenge herself in her learning. She has demonstrated this in her work tasks, especially when working with money in Mathematics this week! Super effort Keira!



Caleb F - Caleb worked really well with his partner during our design challenge last week and should be proud of the result he achieved.
Emily S - For her increased level of focus in all areas of her learning. Emily you have come such a long way this year and I am very proud of you. Keep it up!



Kaitlyn D - Kaitlyn is a kind, friendly and compassionate member of our 56 Learning community. She is always open and honest and helps all members of our class to feel safe and supported. Such great qualities!

Chris M - Chris demonstrated the school value of learning in our Unit of inquiry this week. He collaborated with his peers to design and create an amazing paper plane launcher. Chris showed resilience when things became challenging, and worked through problems with his partner Bella. You got the skills buddy!
Mason M - Mason has had a great week in 56B. He has been preparing a lesson to teach his peers the skill of finding fractions of whole number groups. He is organised and has learned the skills he needs to teach.


Liam G - Liam has shown continuous improvement and persistence in all art areas. He works hard when faced with a challenge and never gives up. Well done Liam, I super proud of how far you have come! 


Claire T and Hayley W -
 Thank you for staying back after class to help clean up in the kitchen. By going above and beyond, you have demonstrated the highest level of respect for the school, your teachers and fellow students – well done!

The Resilience Project

Empathy and Diversity

To watch the The Final Quarter documentary - click here



Child Safe Standards

Child Safe Standard #2

A child safety policy or a statement of commitment to child safety

A child safe policy or statement of commitment to child safety Victoria has introduced compulsory minimum standards that will apply to organisations that provide services to help protect children from all forms of abuse.  The child safe standards form part of the Victorian Government's response to the Betrayal of Trust Inquiry, resulting in Ministerial Order No. 870.

A child safe policy is an overarching document that provides an overview of key elements of one organisation's approach to child safety.  A child safety policy or statement of commitment to child safety describes the school's commitment to keep children safe from harm.  It forms the foundation of the school's procedures, practices, decision making processes, and ultimately the school's culture with respect to child safety. It should detail the values and principles that policies and procedures will be built upon and the actions the school intends to take to demonstrate its commitment to the policy.   

To successfully embed a culture of child safety, the commitment to zero tolerance of child abuse must be led by the school governing authority, and be openly and transparently shared throughout the school community.  It is important that the child safety policy is accessible, publicly available and understood by the school community.

The "Child Safe Standards Policy" is available on our school website. Click on the ‘School’ tab and follow the ‘Policies’ link.

Class Item

1/2D - Living in a Sustainable World

The Year 1/2s have been learning all about living in a sustainable world to ensure we are treating our Earth respectfully as part of our Inquiry unit. Upon researching single-use plastic around Australia, we found that other states, such as Tasmania and SA, are banning single-use plastics such as cups, straws, plates and cutlery from 2020. In 1/2D, we decided to put our passionate views into action. We thought that it would be a great idea to write letters to the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, urging him to follow suit and ban single-use plastic in Victoria. We have seen the devastating effect plastic has to our wildlife, both on land and in the ocean, and we have simply had enough. We are hoping that our action is the beginning of change in Victoria!



Teacher Feature

Sandra Faulkner - Education Support

What characteristic do you most admire in others?

I admire honest, loyal and empathetic people.


If you really knew me you'd know...

I have a wicked sense of humour and love children and animals.


What would you name the autobiography of your life?

I'll always have your back even though sometimes it feels like I'm on it!


What is one word you would use to describe yourself as a child?



When are you the happiest?

I'm happiest swimming in the ocean.  


Bianca Byrne - Office Administration

What characteristic do you most admire in others?

Positivity.  Being able to take a positive out of any situation is something that I admire in others.  Positivity always wins. Always.


What is something that you do to relax and unwind?

Every night after dinner, right before bed, my husband, my children and I relax on the couch watching a couple of episodes of Bluey on ABC Kids.  They have a glass of milk, we have a cuddle, and a good laugh!


What did you want to be when you were younger?

A Veterinarian.  I have always loved animals, and knew that my passion would eventually

see me working with them in a professional capacity.  Whilst I never became a Veterinarian, I did become a Veterinary Nurse, and then a Sales Executive selling prescription diets to Veterinary Clinics.


What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?

My children are obsessed with the movie SING, so we listen and dance to ‘Johnny the Gorilla’ singing Elton John’s song, I’m Still Standing – at least 10 times a day.


What are you most grateful for?

Family!  My husband, both of my children, and our two fur babies make me the person I am today – they are my absolute world.



Parent & Friends

Terrarium Workshop
Friday 13th September, 7pm - 9pm

The newly opened ‘Botanical Styling by Liz’ in Brougham Street, Eltham, is running a ‘Terrarium workshop’ just for Monty Primary parents. 

Join us at ‘Botanical Styling by Liz’ in Eltham and learn how to make a beautiful terrarium (which you get to take home), whilst enjoying wine, nibbles and the company of friends.  

Liz has also offered us a 10% discount on any other in-store purchases made on the night.
Bring a friend along and have a relaxing, fun night learning how to make a terrarium (no experience required).
Tickets are $39.50 (including terrarium, wine and nibbles)
These courses are normally valued at between $80 - $100!!!
To book your tickets click here.

BOOKINGS CLOSE ON MONDAY 9th September at 4pm.  No further bookings are possible after that time.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Saturday 2nd November 

We have just found out we have been given a date for a Bunnings BBQ in Term 4.


Bunnings BBQ’s are a great way to do some very successful fundraising out in the community and we are very lucky to be given a date in this highly competitive market!


Please put the date in your diaries and information about a Volunteer Roster will go out in the next newsletter.


Term 3 Garden Class Update

In spite of the cold weather, we have spent loads of time in the garden accomplishing great things. Week 5 saw us celebrating International Science Week by completing a “paper pot challenge”. Each group was given only 2 pieces of newspaper and a small piece of tape and had to build a paper plant pot. The winning group demonstrated that they could build a plant pot that held a capacity of 250ml of soil or more and could support the soil and stand up on its own. After our challenge, we were given a tutorial on how to make a sturdy paper plant pot which we took home with a sunflower seed.

During Week 6 we focused on pest management in the garden. We played the trivia game “Tomatillionaire Hot Seat” and had to guess whether certain garden creepy crawlies were friends or foes. Many students were surprised to learn that the beautiful Cabbage Moth was in fact a foe! You may notice many beautiful white moth cut-outs around our gardens, these are white moth decoys which aim to prevent territorial cabbage moths from wanting to lay their eggs on out brassicas. The Grade 3/4 students loved this activity and especially love that it is a pest control solution that is both cruelty free and organic. You can see we weren’t taking any chances and even placed them around the geraniums and succulents – you can never be too safe!


Road Safety Around Schools

Safety First - Our Students

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been brought to my attention that some children have still been trying to access the gate at the very back of the school grounds (Alban Street) despite the fact that access has been taken away as a result of our most recent car park upgrade. (Thank you to those parent helpers that have made this possible.)

The safety of our children is paramount! Under no circumstances are children to be walking through the staff car park at any time. Access into the school from Alban Street is via the gate that leads to the path parallel to the main classroom building (and is approximately 40 metres on from the gate that is now permanently closed).

It is in fact Winter, so there may be rain of a morning or afternoon. Please send your child in a rain coat or with an umbrella and an understanding that walking a short distance to or from their classroom in the rain is not going to rate on the catastrophe scale.

A reminder that it not safe or appropriate to “drop” children off without safely parking first. Recently, parking officers have been handing out fines for exactly this so please refer to the information in the last newsletter that was provided by the council.

Under no circumstances are parents to park in the staff car park, unless there has been previous consent given by me.

Thank you for your support as we endeavour to keep our children safe.

Please refer to the attached map for further information in regards to where students can safely enter the school grounds.

Enjoy your day.


Road Safety



Road Rules Signage 



Community Events

Community Sports Camps


Fretzy Cookie - School Holiday Activities


Montsalvat Arts Festival


Lavrin & Lawrence Orthodontics


Womankind Physiotherapy


Community Bush Dance 


Doncaster Baseball Club


Australian Plants Expo


Music Concert with James Morrison


Viewbank Tennis Club - Diversity Day


Ivanhoe Aquatic - School Holidays


Watermarc's Rumble in the Jungle Open Day


T-Ball Smash


Greensborough Cricket Club - Junior Cricket Season


Lower Plenty Cricket Club


Ongoing school fundraisers

Foodworks Reward program

Everyone shops at Foodworks in Were St, it is easy and convenient. Now it can be   rewarding as well.

Next time you are in Foodworks simply ask for a Rewards Club Card at checkout and then register the card online at home. You then nominate the percentage of points you want to go to the school by selecting Montmorency Primary School as the receiver. 

Then every time you go shopping at any Foodworks, remember to have your Club Card scanned. You can see how many points you have earnt at the bottom of your receipt.

The school is rewarded with a cheque or Foodworks vouchers which we then use as raffle prizes.

Earnings for 2019 have been over $100 already! A great effort.


Stuck on You Labels


Camp Australia

Camp Australia


Not yet Registered? Don’t worry, it’s never too late. Plus, it is FREE to register.
To attend our care, you must register your child. You can register an account with us at  Remember, you may be entitled to receive the Australian Government Child Care Subsidy, visit to find out more.


Program Details

For more information about our program and fees at your school, visit us in service and chat with our qualified Educators.  Alternatively, you may visit our website or contact our friendly Customer Care Team on 1300 105 343 who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - except National Public Holidays.


We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!

Camp Australia

Superhero School Holidays

Are you ready for an epic adventure?

This Spring, we’ve got a brave, bold, exciting line-up of activities.
Book into an experience that will bring out the superhero in all children, join us at

Superhero School Holidays!

Your kids will experience fun workshops and activities to build their superhero characters from concept to reality.

They’ll create their costumes in Masks & Magic, bowl away the baddies in Strike Force! and complete their first superhero mission in Operation: Rescue.


Book now. To find out when these activities are on during the school holidays and join in the fun, visit:

Plus, every attended booking gets an entry into our competition. Your family could be on your way to the theme parks in the Gold Coast. See our website for more info.

We look forward to seeing you at Superhero School Holidays.


The Camp Australia Team

Conditions apply, see AU res 18+. Starts: 9/8/19. Ends: 11:59pm AEDST 20/10/19. 1 entry p/session p/child booked. Child must attend session for entry to be valid. Draw: S5 Erina Plaza, 210 Central Coast HWY, Erina NSW 2250 at 10am AEDST on 22/10/19. Winners at (& The Advertiser for any SA winners) on 25/10/19. Prizes: 1x trip for 2 adults & 2 children (12yrs & under) to Coolangatta, QLD valued at $6,600; & 8x $500 travel vouchers. Promoter: Camp Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 96 060 703 120) of 1731 Malvern Rd, Glen Iris, VIC, 3146. Permits: NSW. LTPS/19/36128 ACT. TP19/03714 SA. T19/1121.

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