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23 August 2019
Issue Six
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Principal's Page

Strategy 2022 Update

At the start of 2018 we launched Strategy 2022. Since then, the College has been making significant progress in implementing the five pillars of our strategy - curriculum, culture, innovation, growth and mission. In this edition of King's News, I have provided an update of progress made under the 'Curriculum' pillar. Future editions of King's News will provide progress updates on each of the other four pillars. A copy of Strategy 2022 is available here.

Curriculum Pillar

Curriculum is planned and taught from a Christian worldview.

The Australian Curriculum is taught from a Christian worldview so that students understand the world in which they live from an eternal and meaningful perspective.

  • Teachers reference both prescribed curriculum and Christian Worldview in curriculum planning.

  • ‘Big Picture’ template is being used by staff to plan curriculum.

  • Regularly addressed at Sub-school meetings.

  • Included as part of staff induction process.

  • Executive Leadership Team read and discussed ‘Undivided: Developing a Worldview Approach to Biblical Integration’ by Martha E. MacCullough.

Curriculum is regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure it is being taught from a Christian worldview.

  • Heads of School regularly check curriculum documentation.

  • Include as part of Sub-school meetings.

Professional development for teaching staff in planning curriculum from a Christian worldview is resourced and ongoing.

  • Teachers share in sub-school  meetings how they are implementing Christian Worldview in class.

  • Structured professional development using guided questions.

Curriculum is well resourced and documented.

Budget priority is given to effectively resource curriculum from K-12.

  • Budget is reviewed on an annual basis to ensure sufficient funds are available to adequately resource curriculum and professional development.

  • Priority is given to resourcing new curriculum initiatives that bring improved learning outcomes. eg, furniture, iMaths P-6, Toe-by-Toe Literacy Support Y6-8


Curriculum is documented using a consistent and agreed approach.

  • Google Docs template established for curriculum documentation.

  • Curriculum documentation is continually updated and reviewed.

Curriculum scope and sequence is well planned and demonstrates clear development pathways through the Australian Curriculum.

  • Scope and sequence is documented and works to build on each previous year in a logical and sequential manner.

  • Current focus on developing a Christian Studies scope and sequence.

  • Development of staff roles for curriculum leadership.

Pedagogy aligns with educational best practice

Growth Mindset is applied as the central framework for effective learning throughout the College.

  • Executive Leadership Team read and discussed ‘Mindset’ by Carol Dweck.

  • Students undertake Growth Mindset activities and apply those across the curriculum.

  • PD Curriculum to be developed further to include Positive Education principles from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Literacy and Numeracy programs use a common language and framework for engaging students.

  • Creation of Junior School Curriculum Coordinator role to facilitate literacy and numeracy programs. 

  • Co-ordinated approach between Years 5-8 with moderation of tasks to assist in determining levels. 

  • Assessment programs using  PAT Testing in comprehension, numeracy and spelling conducted twice a year from Year 2 to Year 10.

Technology is integrated into classroom practice to maximise student learning.

  • Bring Your Own Device program introduced from Year 7 to Year 12.

  • Class set of ChromeBooks purchased for Junior School.

  • Class set of ChromeBooks purchased for Year 5/6.

  • Year 5/6 are trained in the use of key programs and systems to use technology.

  • Specific technology applications are used with Coding and Robotics in Middle School.

  • Robotics resources purchased for Yr 5/6 Coding.

  • Robots purchased for Year 6 Coding.

Founders' Day

Founders' Day

On Friday 16 August, King’s College again acknowledged the faithfulness of God in providing for us the school that we have today. This day, celebrated annually, is a reminder that the tireless work of those who have gone before us is the reason we have such a strong foundation on which to continue to grow our school.


Each year, a pioneering person who significantly contributed to the building of this strong Christian foundation, is honoured with an annual Founder’s Day Award at a whole school assembly to start the day. We were delighted to present the 2019 award to Kerry Snook. Kerry, our wonderful Prep teacher, was an original member of staff when King’s College shifted to our current site in 1987, and we are very grateful for her faithful service all these years.


Former parent and College Council member, volunteer and Casual Relief Teacher, Mrs. Julie Pech, was this year’s assembly guest speaker. Julie spoke passionately of her long association with King’s College, reminding us of our early years when the school consisted of only a few relocatable buildings in a paddock, and how much God has blessed us with in the ensuing years. Julie’s two sons completed both their primary and secondary education here and now Julie’s two grandchildren also attend King’s College.


Year 12 student, Abbey Greene, gave the student address. Abbey, a member of the student leadership team, began at King’s College in Kinder. She spoke fondly of her 14 years of schooling with us and paid tribute to staff past and present who have impacted her life and provided a godly example.

Another a highlight of this day for students was the BBQ sausage sizzle lunch, followed by a round-robin games and activities afternoon. During this time teams consisting of students from Prep to Year 12 compete against each other in their sporting houses. This year the activities were Pictionary in the Pentagon, Mat Racing in the gymnasium and a “History of King’s College” quiz in the auditorium.




It was wonderful to see students interacting so well with each other throughout the afternoon, with Senior Students encouraging and caring for the very young Junior School students in their teams.

Middle School students even creatively constructed a timeline of the history of the College!


We are thankful for staff who helped run the activities, especially Physical Education teachers Mr. Brad Zeunert and Ms. Mel Keath, the principle organisers.

College News

Early Years

The Bee group children have been exploring what is means to be Australian through lens of Indigenous culture, European settlement and immigration. We have enjoyed singing songs, making music and learning dances about Australian native animals and learning about what makes Australian fauna unique.

The children have made "story stones" painted with Aboriginal symbols and use these to tell creative and imaginative stories, involving animals, people, campfires, hunting tools and landmarks into their stories. One of our local Indigenous Elders Bronwyn Ferguson led the children in a culture session. It is wonderful to see Kinder children demonstrating qualities of curiosity and creativity in their learning.


Junior School

August has been a month of learning and activity in Junior School.



Prep had a wonderful morning with their teddies, when the team from Deakin University’s “Teddy Bear Hospital” visited their classroom.


As part of their iMaths investigation, the Prep class enjoyed planning and hosting a party to cheer up Humpty Dumpty.  This involved calculating who should be invited to the party, a suitable time, venue and what type of food and activities would be appropriate.  The children had fun preparing the food and games in the lead up to the party. By the end of this investigation the children had learned about the days of the week, seasons and telling the time by the hour.

Prep students reported:
Maisie. Humpty fell off the wall so Old King Cole wanted to have a party to cheer Humpty Dumpty up. We had such fun learning so many things.

Nevaya: Humpty Dumpty was sad because he fell off the wall.
Shylah: We had a fun day for Humpty’s birthday and we did games like Pass the Parcel.
Jesse: I think Humpty liked the wall because he liked sitting on it. The words rhyme in the poem.
Zander: I liked the party because I liked all of the food and we got to make some food.
Adhyaatm: We liked making the fairy bread and eating it.


Year 1

Year 1  have been monitoring the daily habits of Bob, a noisy crow who has taken up residence in the trees near our nature space playground.


Bob is a crow. Bob eats our food. Bob is a naughty crow. Bob lives in the trees. I think Bob has babies. - Savannah

Bob loves food. Bob loves noise. Bob loves to swoop. Bob hates the sun. Bob chases me. We made a nest for Bob, I’m wondering why now. - Ollie 

Bob is a crow. Bob loves my dinner. Bob is black. Bob has a nest. - Issy 

Bob is a crow. I have to assure you that he is a naughty animal. He attacked a koala. He attacked a possum. He sits on the roof. He stole Max’s sausage rolls. He stole popcorn. He is naughty. - Sam 

Bob is a naughty crow. Bob once stole a packet of popcorn. Bob steals everyone’s food. Bob loves biscuits. Bob is my enemy. Bob is fat. Bob has a beard. Bob is a very curious crow. - Rosie 


Year 2

Year 2 have been learning about water in science. They enjoyed having Mrs Grist, from Wannon Water, visit their classroom. She has been teaching the students about how to save and conserve water. Mrs Grist is coming back to visit Year 2 later this month.









Year 3

Junior School were very proud of our Year 3 students who each received their pen license at Monday’s assembly.  Students received a laminated transcript of their exemplary handwriting with their license card, and are now entitled to write with pen in all of their subjects.


Year 4

Year 4 scientists have been learning that materials are made up of different properties.
Working in the science lab, they enjoyed conducting experiments to test for different properties.

We welcome Mrs Robertson to the Year 4 classroom for the remainder of this term, as Mrs Zeunert enjoys a period of long service leave. Miss Stephen continues to inspire our students every Thursday.

Middle School


In the last newsletter, we reported on our students debating at the Warrnambool Eisteddfod.  We are very proud to announce the following results:


Year 5/6- Out of 44 Teams

Honourable Mentions:

Brydie Steel, Evie McCosh

3rd Best Debating Team:

Evie McCosh, Brydie Steel, Ellie Trussler


Year 7/8- Out of 30 Teams

Honourable Mention:

Kristian Hutchins

Best Debate:

Warrnambool College vs Kings College 

Livinia Benfell, Heidy Fleming and Ally Thomas


Congratulations to all of the teams that had the courage to debate.


Year 5 English

This term, Year 5s have been learning how to write biographies. To begin with, we learned the feature and style of biographies through studying exemplar texts like Gloria Houston’s My Great Aunt Arizona. Each student then interviewed an adult in their life. Students are currently in the process of writing their biographies. I am really thrilled at the quality being produced. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and neighbours who shared their time being interviewed.


Year 5 Coding

Year 5 students,  Addie, Sammy and Matthew, have just completed a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' App.  Using some sophisticated coding in the App Lab in, they created a user interface for a digital story called ‘Adventure of Knight’. They are 3 very keen coders who have collaborated creatively to produce a fantastic result. Well done! 


Year 5 and 6 Police Education

Year 5/6 Warrnambool Police Education Visit

At the beginning of the month, year 5 & 6 attended a really informative session on cyberbullying with members from the Warrnambool Police Education Unit. Students learnt about the risks of social media, how to be a responsible digital citizen and strategies for staying safe online.


Year 5 and 6 Volleyball

On August 7, King’s sent four teams to an inter-school Volleyball competition called “Spike Zone.”  Our teams trained well over several lunchtime sessions and showed great improvement over that time. On the day, two of our teams advanced to the finals, which was a great effort.  Thank you to all those involved, including our coaches from the Senior School.


Year 7 Humanities

Year 7 have been studying Economics this term.  They are learning about the importance of budgets for individuals and organisations.  The difference between needs and wants, particularly for some that we do not need the latest video game.  They are also learning about entrepreneurs and how they have shaped our shopping landscape. Students worked in pairs to analyse a business and discuss the success and challenges of small businesses.



Year 8 English

We are currently working through a unit in English on Visual Language. This has involved exploring the way meaning can be conveyed through images as well as written language, and how these work together. We have explored graphic novels, comics and picture books.

We read ‘The Red Tree’, by Shaun Tan, to consider how a picture book is not necessarily targeted at children but may often have significant meaning, through the visual and written elements, for all ages. Part of understanding the relationship between visual and written language was to create visual representations of elements from ‘The Red Tree’ story in our own way. This process can be seen in the photos. We are now undertaking the task of creating digital storybooks to further develop our skills in intertwining visual and written language.


Year 8 Maths

Over the past 2 weeks, Year 8 have been working on projects that have allowed the students to explore topics related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Design with a Mathematics perspective.

Students chose their fields of interest and formed groups to conduct research, which they then worked on collaboratively to create different ways to present their findings. One group explored the difference between pole fishing and net fishing and created a model to represent that demonstrated the different effects both fishing methods have on fish populations. 



Over the last 3 days, Orchestra Victoria has been holding a workshop in Hamilton for students that play an instrument at AMEB grade 4 and above.  Maggie Zheng joined 31 other students from South West Victoria, including 7 of our Senior School students, playing her violin almost non stop. On the final day all of the students performed in an evening concert.  Congratulations Maggie on being one of the youngest students participating in this fantastic opportunity.

Senior School

VCE Biology Excursion

On Monday 19 August the Unit 4 Biology class visited Ecolinc, a specialist science centre, to participate in an experiment to compare the protein profiles of various marine animals. We extracted the proteins from muscle tissue taken from the animals, separated the proteins using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and used the protein profiles to determine how related the species were. It was a lot of fun getting to use some fancy science equipment. 


Chemistry Excursion

Students with an interest in chemistry had a blast last Wednesday at a chemistry lecture (the Hartung Lecture) presented by Professor Stuart Batten who is an expert in inorganic chemistry. He took students on a tour of the Periodic Table to celebrate its 150th anniversary. Highlights included seeing the vigorous reaction between potassium and water, getting to play with ferro-liquid and seeing a spoon made of gallium melt into a cup of hot water.


Senior Music
Over the last 3 days, Orchestra Victoria has been holding a workshop in Hamilton for students that play an instrument at AMEB grade 4 and above. King’s College had 8 students attend, seven from Senior School.  Over the three days our students received tuition and advice from some of the best musicians in Australia. On the final day all of the students performed in an evening concert which was spectacular. Well done to Jarrod Champness, Chance Fullerton, Michael Hurley, Sophie Collinson, James Philpot, Elise Drake and Tai Drake.


College Events

Coming Up

27-28 Aug-       P-12 Parent Teacher Interviews

29 Aug-              ICAS Science

                              Fathers' Day Breakfast

                              Early Years Fathers' Day Morning 


03 Sep-              ICAS Writing

05 Sep-              ICAS Spelling

06 Sep-              Medieval Day- Year 8

10 Sep-              PTFA Meeting

                               ICAS English

12-14 Sep-        College Production

Community Events

Scripture Union Victoria Family Holiday Camps

SU Victoria runs summer school holiday camps for primary and secondary aged students as well as camps for families at Camp Coolamatong on the Gippsland Lakes. Students from Years 4 -12 enjoy a week of outdoor adventures; sailing, water tubing, canoeing, swimming, archery and climbing/abseiling. It is an excellent opportunity to make new friends and explore the Bible through small group activities. All SU Victoria volunteers are Working with Children Check compliant and ChildSafe trained.


Family Camps provide a relaxed, fully catered opportunity for families to spend time together. SU Victoria runs 6 Family Camps over January, including one for sole parent families and two for families with children who have ASD and their siblings.


 For more information about SU Summer Camps and to register go to or call (03) 9487 5700. Early Bird discounts are available on all camps until 30 September.

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