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25 May 2017
Issue Fourteen
Dates To Remember
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Dates To Remember

Important Dates 2017

Term Dates

Term 1: 30th January to 31st March

*Easter Monday 17th April

Term 2: 18th April to 30th June

Term 3: 17th July to 22nd September

Term 4: 9th October to 22nd December


Public Holidays

Labour Day Monday 13th March

Anzac day Tuesday 25th April

Queen's Birthday Monday 12th June

Melbourne Cup Tuesday 7th November



Sunday 22 October

11:00am - 4:00pm


Friday, 26 May

National Sorry Day


Friday, 26 May

Family Film Night


Friday, 2 June 

Community Fundraising Meeting


Friday, 9 June

Student Free - Report Writing Day


Monday, 12 June

Queens Birthday – Public Holiday



Wednesday, 21 June - 5:00pm

Junior School Midwinter Festival


Thursday, 22 June

Senior School Midwinter Festival - 6:00pm


Wednesday, 28 June

Semester Reports Published


Thursday, 29 June​

Teachers Midwinter Play - 3:45pm


Friday, 30 June

Last Day Term 2 – 12:40pm Finish

School News


Friday, 26th May Primary Movie Night


On Friday, 26th May from 4-7pm the VCAL Senior class in association with the Parents and Friends are running a Movie night to raise funds for the school's low SES students to attend events such as the Snow Camp. The Movie to be shown is 'MOANA' and for the Price of a ticket (Children $10/ Parents $15 with all additional donations welcome) attendees will receive several slices of gourmet Pizza and freshly made juice prepared by the schools VET Hospitality class. Tickets are available from the front office (Cash only). The VCAL students strongly urge you to support this worthwhile cause.

Many thanks 
Jason L Drew

VCAL & VET Co-ordinator




Dear Parents & Carers

Just reminding all families that Friday, 9 June is a STUDENT FREE DAY. Teachers will be using this day to prepare Semester One Student Reports. Monday, 12 June is the Queens Birthday Public Holiday. There will be NO SCHOOL that day.

Sam Luck                        Craig Bradley

Primary Principal       Secondary Principal




Dear Parents & Carers,

We currently have eighteen Year 10 students without Work Experience placements.

Do you know anyone who would be willing to take a Year 10 student for two weeks? 

Dates are 13th June - 23rd June.


Please let me know ASAP as we need to have them sorted out by the end of the week.

Melanie Singleton

Class Teacher

[email protected]




The Year 9 Girls represented Collingwood College at inter-school soccer with pride and determination this week.

The first game saw the team lose (5-0). However, their sportswomanship and effort was triumphant in the face of adversity. The second game saw the team’s confidence return with a win (3-0). The back line remained crucial throughout the day and the forward line created multiple scoring opportunities. The third game was tough but the midfield worked hard to push the ball up the field. Fatigue was felt during this game and resulted in a loss (2-0). Fantastic team work saw the group win their final game for the day (1-0).

Enki, our coach for the day, provided strategies, tips and moral support.

I am so proud of you all. See you this time next year!

Mel Singleton




On Thursday, 25 May, 'The Age' ran a story about financial literacy amongst students. They heard positive stories about a Financial Literacy course running at our school with the result that we have some very money savvy students including Malaz who is featured.

Click here to read the article 




When: Monday 29/5, 6:00 - 7:00pm

Where: Collingwood College Theatre, Cnr Cromwell St and McCutcheon Way, Abbotsford

Why: Because it's your chance to see the incredible talents of senior FHS + CC students - FOR FREE!

Please come along and support the superb efforts of some very talented students as they explore the idea that the world is devoid of heroes...or is it?




Hi All

At Lunchtime, meals are served in small bowls (360 ml) for $4, and large bowls (500 ml) for $5.  Please note, chicken is an optional extra at $1.50 (not available on Mondays).  Toasted sandwiches, fruit salad cups, Anzac biscuits and muffins are also available at lunchtimes.

The theme for each day and menu examples are as follows:

Meat-free Monday - Pasta Napoli, Mixed Vegetables with Egg Noodles OR Steamed Rice, Pumpkin soup

Pasta & Noodle Tuesday - Pasta Bolognese, Singapore Noodles, Pasta with roast pumpkin, beetroot and spinach, Minestrone soup

Rice & Rolls Wednesday - Vegetable Fried Rice, Risotto, Pumpkin soup

Rice & Pasta Thursday - Pasta Bolognese, Vegetable Fried Rice, Pasta Napoli, Stone (Vegetable) soup

Favourites on Friday - Pasta Bolognese, Vegetable Fried Rice, Singapore Noodles, Vegetable & Lentil soup

If you have any questions or concerns, please see me at Canteen or email me at [email protected]

Kind regards






School photos are currently being printed and will be ready for Monday, 29 May.

Craig Bradley

Secondary Principal




On Thursdays between 3pm-5pm Greg Giannis will be in lower room under music, running a space for all students, teachers and families, to engage with technologies in creative and engaging ways.


Greg need's your help with gathering some equipment for people to tinker with, if you are able to donate:

- remote controlled (RC) toy cars/helicopters/planes etc

- robotic toys that sing, dance, talk, etc

- wii remotes, old computers, gaming consoles, etc

- TOOLS - screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, soldering irons, glue guns, etc

- clear plastic tubs for storing stuff


Drop off to space on Thursdays between 3-5pm. 

Any contributions greatly appreciated.


Please contact Greg for any questions: [email protected]





There have been some revisions to the musical instrument list. If you are wanting to buy an instrument for this year, or move on from an out grown one then have a look at this list. There is no point in buying a brand new one if you can get one second hand! And if you have one you want to sell, contact me at [email protected] and I will add it to the list.

Naomi Durston


Please click on the link to see full list of instruments for sale:

Instruments for sale UPDATED 17 May.pdf





Please click on the links below to read the current recipes being prepared in kitchen-garden classes:


  • Our Perfect Salad Greens with Garlic Croutons
  • Risotto of Pumpkin, Peas & Herbs (vegan)
  • Vegetable Stock
  • Braised Vegetables, Red Kidney Beans & Garden Greens 
  • Crepes: With our Cumquat Marmalade or Crab-apple Puree
Salad greens with perfect dressing 2017.doc
Risotto of Pumpkin, Chard & Herbs 18.4.2017.doc
Potato, Red kidney bean, Pumpkin, Broccoli &Tomato Curry.18.4.2017 doc.doc
Crepes with our apple puree 14.4.2017.doc




PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) is an extensive and holistic program for encouraging social skills and emotional literacy in Primary and Secondary students. PATHS is designed to be used by educators and psychologists and effectively addresses behavioural problems.


PATHS was implemented in the Primary School at Collingwood College in 2014 and later adopted by the Lower Secondary School.


Lessons in the PATHS program are adapted to the disparate pedagogies within Collingwood College and include guidance in identifying and articulating emotions; appropriate emotional expression; interpreting social cues; controlling impulses; using strategies for problem solving; developing a positive sense of self and learning to value the perspective of others.


PATHS lessons often form the basis for rich class discussion and assist students of all ages to develop emotional intelligence.


The PATHS focus in the Upper Primary School this term has included conflict resolution; learning de-escalation strategies; stress management; and developing awareness and respect for divergent views and beliefs. 


Please speak to your child's teacher about current PATHS lessons in their classroom.

Kate Schmeiszl

Year 3-6 Leading Teacher





See below for Thursday Market Rosters for Terms 2 - 4

2017 Thursday Market Rosters updated 20 March.pdf



Community and Fundraising Committee

Collingwood College Spring Fair Update

Thanks for taking the time to get up-to-date with all things Spring Fair, one of the most loved events on the Collingwood College calendar.  


Spring Fair Committee 2016 again express their thanks for the feedback and questionnaire responses received following the 2016 event. Feedback was collated, presented to School Council, reflected upon and the following plan has been endorsed by the Collingwood College School Council.


Spring Fair will be happening on Sunday 22nd October 2017.


There are some spring fair funds remaining from 2015. Further news on how these funds will be allocated will be shared with the community soon. The 2016 funds will be used to support projects throughout the school grounds and gardens.  


Funds for a Spring Fair Staff Member:

Funds have been approved for a member of the Collingwood College Support Staff to undertake some paid work organising the 2017 Spring Fair.

We are excited to announce that Silvana Tsipiris one of the school's dedicated educational support staff has agreed to work additional hours focussed on the Spring Fair. 

Silvana has organised many primary school fetes, so comes with a wealth of knowledge & experience - thanks to Silvana for taking on the role for 2017!


Spring Fair Teams to replace Spring Fair Committee:

The traditional Spring Fair Committee & general meetings are not happening this year! Joining a broad committee often comes with the fear that an individual will end up responsible for way more than they initially intended!  


So, instead, we are having a go at establishing much more specific Spring Fair Teams.  Teams will work on just one specific & targeted task or area of responsibility - the areas people are enthused,  passionate and may already have skills and knowledge in!  The teams will work in conjunction with Silvana - the Spring Fair Staff Member.


There will still be Class Stalls - the following is a request for families to commit a small amount of time to the general infrastructure work.


Proposed Spring Fair Teams:

Partnerships & Sponsorship Team - liaison & relationship building with local businesses - eg. in 2016 we engaged STREAT & Stomping Ground Brewery.

Donations Team - likely to be sub teams - eg: food suppliers, auction items.

Communication & Marketing Team - likely sub teams - student art for poster process, poster creation with design company, social media

Marquee Team - the gang who oversee the putting up & taking down the big marquee

Sound Team - the gang who organise, source the sound equipment & manage the sound shifts in the marquee over the day

Equipment Team - organise & manage the movement of equipment (eg: trestles & marquees) shared with the Fete Collective. Manage equipment owned by Collingwood  College.

OH&S Team - work with school re: safety requirements

Food Safety Team - ensuring quality control & regulation requirements

Recycling Team - oversee waste management process & organise requirements

Curry Team - chopping & chopping

Cake Stall Team - for those who like to bake


What you need to do:

If you are ready to commit to a team please email [email protected] with:

Your Name

Child’s Name & Class

Spring Fair Team you are volunteering for

Mobile #


In the feedback from the 2016 Fair a handful of people indicated they would be interested in taking a leading role in Spring Fair organising if it remained in October. If

this was you, could you get in touch via [email protected]


If you want to know more or have some questions representatives from the 2016 Spring Fair Committee be  at Thursday Market on May 18 & 25 from 3.00-3.45pm.


You can ring any of these 2016 organisers and have a chat:

Donna Mills  0434 215 938

Yuki Cameron  0414 489 814


Collingwood College is hosting a Spring Fair 2017 Meeting on

Tuesday 23rd May

Session 1 - 3.30-4.30pm

Session 2 - 7.00-8.00pm 

Collingwood College Library

You can hear more about the teams and sign up at any of the market nights or information sessions. 


These meetings will be the first opportunity for the Spring Fair Teams to meet in person & develop a plan about how, when, where their work needs to be done.


We look forward to joining this exciting project and helping make this well loved event a HUGE success.

Community and Fundraising Committee



This Thursday is International IDAHOBIT DAY and Collingwood College will be celebrating it on Tuesday, 23rd May. To celebrate and raise awareness we will be selling rainbow ribbon pins, we will be participating in chalk drawings at lunchtime, the school will be raising the Rainbow flag for the day, all teachers and students are encouraged to wear rainbow or purple, and we will be putting up some rainbow artwork around the school to show that we support the LGBTIQA+ community.

Any help on the day would be greatly appreciated.


Jessica Kelly & Steph Moussi

Adolescent Health Nurse & Health Promotion Teacher





Many people will be aware that there has been a lot of hype around a new show available on Netflix called 13 Reasons Why. This show contains some very distressing content around youth suicide as well as multiple other topics. Not all young people are watching the show, but a large number have and we would like to give parents some resources about how to address the show and its contents in a safe and effective way.  

Below we have attached an information sheet that was released by HEADSPACE which includes the main concerns that have been raised within the show and how to go about addressing these with young people. Please, if you would like any further information or resources don’t hesitate to contact the wellbeing team at school. My email address is [email protected]



Jessica Kelly & Craig Bradley

Adolescent Health Nurse & Secondary Principal

How to talk to young people about 13 Reasons Why V1.pdf


Community News




Beehive craft group will meet Friday mornings in the canteen to make for our school.


Come along or get in touch via Facebook. We welcome all people and contributions -  no prior experience required. 

Collingwood Beehive Craft Group





Day: Tuesdays, 3:15 - 4:15 pm

Location: Dance Studio, Collingwood College

Who Can Participate: Parents, Students, Teachers or friends of Collingwood College

What to bring: simple yoga mats are provided, but you are more then welcome to bring your own

Facilitated by: Reina Hoctin Boes, certified yoga teacher and mother of Mahdee (grade 2) and Luna (grade 8) 

Golden Coin Donation.

This First Week: Three adults, a teenager and three young children participated in yesterday's first parents-children yoga class. We started in a circle with a song from the Lion King called The Circle of Life. The adults stretched their backs in the so called 'Child's Pose' while the children were circling around them jumping high up and low down for their warming up and to release their great energy.

Reina Hoctin Boes

0403 488 141

[email protected]





This event, at the Victorian Archives Centre, tells the story of Sharon Huebner's (Collingwood College parent) digital history collaboration project with two Australian Aboriginal family groups: Wirlomin Minang Noongar families from the Great Southern of Western Australia and Gunai Kurnai Koorie families from eastern Victoria with a continued connection to the Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust Bung Yarnda and the country of their ancestors.

At the heart of this collaboration is the history of their ancestor Bessy Flowers (1849-1895) held in a colonial archive for more than 150 years yet markedly absent from the everyday stories of her Wirlomin Minang kin and Gunai Kurnai descendants. 

It is about the Wirlomin Minang and Gunai Kurnai families reclaiming a cultural stronghold of Bessy’s memory by visiting the historical sites of her biography and reaffirming inter-community networks of kinship. Most significantly Bessy is spiritually returned to the resting place of her Minang Noongarancestors – a site of breathtaking beauty in the Stirling Range that is Noongar boodja (country).


Date and time: Friday, 2 June

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm 

Location: Victorian Archives Centre

Conference Room, 99 Shiel Street 

North Melbourne, VIC 3051


2:00 - 2:20pm Screening of 'No longer a wandering spirit' history project

2:20 - 3:00pm Presentations by Sharon Huebner and Phyllis Andy

3:00 - 3:30pm Questions

3:30 - 4:15pm Optional tour of the archives (please book separately here)





Applications are now open for the 2017 Sounds Unheard School Holiday Intensive. From July 3-7, twelve exceptional secondary music students will work with Speak Percussion, internationally renowned composer Liza Lim and emerging composer Jeanette Little on the development of two new pieces, exploring the roles of performer, composer, producer and director. 


Applications for this free program are invited from instrumentalists, composers and electronic artists. The program will run from 10am-4pm daily at Temperance Hall (199 Napier St, South Melbourne).


Please see the flyer below with further details Applications will close on June 16 and students can apply online at


Kind regards,

Kaylie Melville

Sounds Unheard Coordinator | Speak Percussion

+61 421 922 261

[email protected]

Percussion School Holiday Intensive.pdf




A travelling exhibition showcasing the Reggio Emilia approach to education through photography, paintings, drawings, words and photography has opened at the Guardian Early Learning Group’s new Pedagogical Exchange in Richmond, Victoria.

The Hundred Languages of Children exhibition, which has been travelling the world for 35 years, documents the capabilities of children as seen through the pedagogical journey of the infant toddler centres and preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy and is described as a visual testament to children’s potential as scientists, inventors, authors and artists.

According to the Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange, the exhibition, now in its 5th edition, tells the unfinished story of the experiences, thoughts, discussion, theoretical research, ethical and social ideals of many generations of children, teachers and parents from Reggio Emilia. The story unfolds through the representations of projects carried out on a variety of topics and subject areas.

The Guardian Early Learning Group is running a series of educational workshops and events about the Reggio approach at the same time the exhibition is running. These include 3-hour evening events, introductory full day workshops on the Reggio philosophy, advanced workshops for people wishing to extend their practice and informal open days for self-guided viewing of the exhibition each Friday from 9am to 4:30pm. 67-81 Hoddle Street, Richmond.

The exhibition is open from February to July and the Guardian Early Learning Group says it will donate the proceeds of entrance fees to finance a scholarship for one or more educators working with indigenous children to attend an International Study Tour at the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre in Reggio Emilia Italy.

To book tickets and for more information on the different sessions, visit:

Reggio – Hundred Languages of Children Exhibition

Hosted by Guardian Early Learning Group

67-81 Hoddle Street, Richmond.

Fridays from 9am to 4:30pm. February to July

Cost $10





Please click on the document below for more information on this course running in July.

Biodynamic Farming Pamphlet.pdf