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29 November 2019
Issue Thirteen
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From Mr Phillips

Our Year 12 students have now completed all of their examinations, and we wish them all the very best as we eagerly await their results on Thursday 12 December. We have heard that there were no major surprises on any of the examinations, and the teachers have been pleased with the work ethic displayed in the final weeks leading up to the examinations.


Our Careers Advisors, Mrs Helen Doherty and Ms Stacey Miriklis and other Senior Staff will be available from Thursday 12 December to offer assistance and counselling to students, should they wish, and to assist with any changes of preferences for University or other courses. 


The year culminated successfully at the Valedictory celebrations held last Tuesday at the Marvel Stadium. The event celebrated the success of all students who have completed year 12 this year and it was wonderful to celebrate with so many parents staff and friends.


We are delighted to learn that two of our Year 10 students, Daniel Watson and Fanwen Zheng have been successful in being awarded a Kwong Lee Dow Scholarship from the University of Melbourne which is an academic enrichment program designed to support high-achieving Victorian secondary school students. While still at School, the program offers opportunities for participation in workshops and seminars, and students will be able to interact with the University and with other Kwong Lee Dow Scholars.  


We have been notified of the following nominations by the judging panel for the Theatre Guild of Victoria 2019 Awards: Congratulations to Damon Delaney for his nomination for Junior Male in a lead role and to Michael Syme, Junior Male in a supporting role and to Karl McNamara as Director. This adds to the nominations for the Lyrebirds that were notified earlier and we can be well pleased with the achievements of all involved with this year’s production of the Spamalot.

During the next few weeks, we will be involving the students in Year 6  in a series of orientation activities for next year, so that they can enjoy a smooth transition into the next stage of their schooling.

Orientation day is December 10, 2019.


Construction work for our senior school development has resulted in concrete pours being undertaken this week and we should shortly observe the beginnings of a new structure. The project is currently on time for completion at the start of Term 4 next year.


Tickets for our production of Aladdin Junior are selling fast and there are some good tickets still available. .

The large team of students from years 7 to 9 are really looking forward to performing on stage from December 13th to December 16th



Michael Phillips






Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

Impact of Gambling Unit at Year 7

There was a very positive reception by Year 7 students to the Economics and Business unit called the Impact of Gambling, which was launched this week in the Junior School Building. The unit provides the opportunity for students to deepen their financial literacy and work collaboratively with their peers. Thank you to the team of teachers who created the unit and to the Year 7 staff who are delivering it. It is fantastic to see the work the students are doing collaboratively which draws on their critical and creative thinking skills.


Instructional Model- student voice

The GANAG Instructional Model has been implemented for almost two years at the college and is used to provide consistency of teacher practice across year levels and learning areas. Feedback from students is that they like seeing their Learning Intentions and Success Criteria in their lesson plans as this information provides them with a direction of learning. Further student input is being sought to qualify what teachers and students should be doing in each stage of the model. A great deal of research has indicated that seeking student voice in the creation of tasks encourages them to think about their learning and motivates them to improve.

Thank you to the parents of the Parent Citizen Teacher Association for their presence and work in the committee. In our last meeting, parents gave feedback on the Mobile Phone policy which has been welcomed as a positive move to minimise distractions during lessons. The PCTA’s first meeting in 2020 will take place in mid February and we welcome new members.


France 2020

There was standing room only for the France Tour 2020 presentation to parents and students in the college library. It was in the year 2000 when the first trip to France was taken and I know that for language learners it has been a motivating factor in continuing their language studies. The general office is accepting deposits for this exciting trip.


Among the end of year celebratory events, the Year 12 Valedictory dinner at Marvel Stadium being one of them, there is an effort to complete final assessments and examinations and to prepare for next year’s courses. The transition program running for our middle school and senior students offers students the opportunity to meet teachers, familiarise themselves with course outlines and make a head start in their learning for 2020.  Reading their new texts and jotting down key points is a great transition starter for all students.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From Mr Barut


As you can see by the many photos that adorn this report, the valedictory evening that was held at Marvel Stadium was a huge success with over 750 members of the college community gathering as one to farewell the class of 2019.

The night was filled with warmth, affirmation, friendship and reflection. The College is so proud of the class of 2019 and they are to be wished all the best in the next phase of their life, whether that includes further study, employment, travel or a gap year.


The staff of Ringwood Secondary College are to be congratulated for their input into our students, thus preparing them to take their place in the world as global citizens.

Many thanks must also go to the Senior School team – Mrs Cathy Menz, Ms Emma Lim, Ms Lucy Moore, Ms Caitlin May and Mr Matthew Saunders, for all their meticulous planning and organisation of the night. This team’s immediate challenge was to move from a sinking venue to one that had stable footings!!


Thank you to the office staff who prepared all the awards and thank you to all the staff who attended and supported the evening.


On another note, transition classes for Year 11 students going into Year 12 have just been completed and the class of Year 12, 2020, will begin their first day next year at Box Hill TAFE (Lilydale Campus) with a series of workshops that will focus on study and exam preparation, well being and health tips. Year 10 into 11 will be happening next week, after the conclusion of the Year 10 exams.


Every student, in every subject will have a task that will need to be completed over the summer holidays. The transition program establishes preparedness for the upcoming school year and allows all our students to start the year in a positive manner, willing and ready to take on the challenges that they will face.


The College program continues with all our students in Years 7-9 and they, too, have tasks to complete as teachers get ready to produce all the end of year reports.


 James Barut

Assistant Principal

From Mrs Allison

The days and weeks are rushing by and in the busyness of the festive season, we often forget to thank people around us so, I would like to extend my gratitude and thank you to all our staff, students and families for supporting Ringwood Secondary College in 2019. Without collective efforts, our positive impact in providing opportunities for our students would certainly diminish and I hope that in 2020 our college community continues to foster creative talent and the growth of flourishing and thriving individuals.


I am looking forward to the next few weeks…

  • Presentation Night -a celebration of many fine achievements of our students
  • Orientation Day- which heralds the arrival of our new 2020 year 7’s
  • 2020 Prefects camp- builds direction for our student leadership team


Year 9 Market Day

Congratulations and thank you to Virginia Watson and her team of interGREAT teachers and students for creating a vibrant bustling market day. It was wonderful to see the great variety of stalls, interesting creations and diversity of ideas.


Sun Smart

As the weather is warming up students must ensure they cover up with sunscreen and use a protective hat. Cancer Council Victoria recommends using SPF30 or higher broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen. However, sunscreen alone will not provide adequate protection against over exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Cancer Council recommends five steps to protect against sun damage during the daily sun protection times (when the UV level is 3 and above):


1. Slip on sun-protective clothing.

2. Slop on SPF30 or higher sunscreen–make sure it is broad-spectrum and water-resistant. Put it on 20 minutes before you go outdoors and re-apply every two hours.

3. Slap on a hat –that protects your face, head, neck and ears.

4. Seek shade.

5. Slide on sunglasses –make sure they meet Australian Standards. UV levels are most intense during the middle of the day. Check the daily sun protection times, available via the free Sun Smart app online at or or in the weather section of newspapers as a free website widget. The sun protection time shows when the UV Index is forecast to be 3 or above.


Wellbeing focus for the week…


Wellbeing Builder: Positive Self-Image

Wellbeing Element: Strengths and Emotions

Character Strength: Humility

Wellbeing Fitness Challenge: Emotions Spotting


The greatest assets we all have to be happy with healthy wellbeing fitness are ourselves and other people. How we see ourselves, our self-image influences how we want others to see us. For adolescents in particular, how they are accepted and viewed by their peer group is all important for them.

 “If I had nine hours to cut down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my axe” Abraham Lincoln


Providing students with effective tools to develop a positive self-image is the sharpening part of this exercise. To do this, each week role model two positive personal descriptors they want others to think of when they see them. They will need to practise the body language which shows each of them.


Make a list of positive emotions they want to feel and negative ones they want to avoid, then use positive self-talk to encourage themselves to accomplish what they have set for themselves to achieve and develop social-emotional resilience.

Year 9 market day



Maria Allison

Assistant Principal



From the Office


The last few weeks has been very busy on the Facilities front.


The Senior School construction is reaching an exciting stage with the pouring of the slab now underway.

The Wellbeing building is undergoing major renovations including the construction of additional offices, new carpet, roof insulation, painting and installation of air conditioners. This will complement the recent installation of ducted heating and ensure the building is far more comfortable for staff and students.  


Other areas we are working on include:

Oval maintenance

Camera installation and repairs

Mulching of gardens

Service of grease pits

Service of equipment


We are currently planning a renovation of Room 207 to enable the teaching of Digitech and improve the room’s flexibility.


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager


From the Chaplain

It’s great to remember how blessed we are. I am constantly reminded of this as I reflect on some of the incredible ways we as a school community connect and engage with the wider community. Just in the last month there have been two great examples of this.


Firstly, our awesome year 8 cohort recently participated in our Empathy Project as part of our Bounce program. Students were given the challenge to raise $10 by doing chores around the home or helping out family members with jobs. With the money they raised they were to purchase some gifts as a group which would go towards some families in the Maroondah community. What an amazing success it was with great participation from all of the students. Here is a short story from one of the groups. 


"When this project was first introduced, we had the idea to have a bake sale. Not long later, we met up to walk around the local neighbourhood and knocked on peoples doors offering our baked goods. One lady even gave us 25 dollars so she could stock up for the week! We are happy about the results!"  Zimo Wang, Lauren McDonald, Abbey Rennick, Jasmine Chacko, and Kaylah Loy-Abrahams 


Secondly, just last week we took some of our year 12 students into the city for our Alternative to Schoolies Program. These students spent the week helping out different community agencies that assist homeless people and being challenged about what it means to be a global citizen.


What an awesome school we have with so many caring and compassionate students and staff!! 


Adam Bryant

Chaplain (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs) 

RSC Heritage and Alumni Group 2019 Summary

This has been a fulfilling year for us, starting with the first ever RSC Expo in June and ending the year by awarding Heritage Perpetual Scholarships to worthy students to enable them to continue studies at RSC.  This scholarship was established by original members of Ringwood High School and generously supported by many other students as its capital increased to assist students annually.  Each year more students are applying for scholarship support, but with the fund’s current value we can only support two students each year.  Donations of any amount are always very welcome and will help students get support from this fund going into the future.


The 60th Anniversary bollards project was created by this group.  Has your name been included yet?

You can have a plaque attached to a bollard to say you were at this college at some previous time.


We were also active in converting our archive documents and photographs to digital format with the most-welcome assistance of our college librarian.  With her help most of this work is complete and should be finalised next year.  Later, these historical records will be available via the college website.


We have an offer to assist students with trial interviews.  We aim to help students feel more at ease when they have real job interviews.  Careers teachers can arrange trial interviews.  Our interviewers have offered their time and experience as former managers and senior staff to assess, advise and discuss any aspects of interviews with students that are leaving school.


We can suggest constructive changes to CVs and explain how to approach interviews.  A good CV presentation can make the difference between getting a job and missing out.  Ask your careers teacher to make an appointment.


Our group members have been associated with either RHS or RSC and we would like to see that connection maintained by interested past students joining this alumni group.  People bring many skills and collectively, by combining those skills, can produce great results just as we have already shown.


If you are considering assisting your school and share your skills we would like to hear from you.  We have done the hard work; all we need now is some fresh blood to help keep the ball rolling as the older members retire.

Meetings are held 8 times each year on Mondays of 3rd and 8th weeks of each school term.


For information on any of the above contact the school or


Barry Ring

Convenor, Heritage and Alumni Group

Junior School

Junior School News

As we bid farewell to our Senior School students for 2019, the events down in Junior School are only heating up.


We are certainly gearing up for what will be an exciting end to term with our new incoming Year 7s joining us for a day of exploration, excitement and what we’re sure will be an all-round great day. Orientation Day for our newest members to the College will take place on Tuesday the 10th of December.


As a reminder to all our Junior School students, your teachers are currently in the midst of finalising reports and assessment tasks therefor it’s imperative you stay on track of your work and handing in those final pieces of work for the year.


With rehearsals for the Junior Production also well under way, parents, guardians along with all family members and friends are reminder to snap up those tickets!


With the calibre of actors we have here at our Junior levels, we can guarantee tickets won’t last long. We would also like to congratulate all of our Junior students who recently applied for leadership positions for 2020. What we saw was an incredible display of maturity, leadership and collaborative ideas that we’re sure will only make RSC even more of a collective community. As a team, we are so looking forward to working with you and formally announcing our Junior student leadership team within the coming weeks.


Finally, as a mention from the College Principal team the final day for classes for Years 7-9 will be Tuesday 10th of December. As for the remaining two weeks, students are welcome to attend the end of year program and details can be found on the College’s Compass page.

Junior School  



Jessica Friend

Freeman House Coordinator



Middle School

InterGREAT Market Day

The 500s area was abuzz with excitement on Tuesday as the InterGREAT Market Day was in full swing.

During term 4, students have been focussing on ‘Self in the global community’ and learning to become active global citizens. The major project of the term was a ‘Global Challenge’ where students set up a business for Market Day in order to raise awareness of global issues and raise money for charity. Students chose to promote a wide range of global issues, including climate change, plastic pollution, palm oil, whaling, homelessness, extreme poverty, animal rights, overfishing and access to clean water and sanitation.


There were a great variety of stalls, with students producing some quality artisan wares. Many had a focus on sustainable products to reduce our impact on the planet. It was great to see the school community come together to support this event.

To top it off, as the theme of InterGREAT is ‘Making a Difference’ the Market Day raised just over $1600 which has been donated to Oxfam. Oxfam are empowering communities to tackle poverty by helping families grow more food, earn a living, access clean water and toilets, live healthier, safer lives and have their voices heard.

Congratulations to everyone involved. Your hard work and effort really made a difference! The most profitable stall was run by Jemima, Alicia, Maeve and Taylor. This team promoted awareness of plastic pollution by designing and making their own reusable bags. Congratulations on your entrepreneurial skills, creativity and for raising awareness of such an important issue.


Virginia Watson

InterGREAT coordinator




Royal South Street Competitions:

 Junior Choir Gold

Jazz Combo 2nd place

Senior Choir 3rd place

Intermediate Strings 3rd place

Senior Strings 3rd place

Intermediate Concert Band 3rd place

Training Strings Honourable Mention

Symphony Orchestra Highly Commended

Junior Stage Band Highly Commended

Senior Stage Band Highly Commended


Out of the 15 sections entered we received 10 placings and mentions. 


Also, this year we had the privilege of premiering 3 students’ compositions written by, Patrick Wallace, Nick Zhang and Sean Mc Bride, for their ensembles, which were performed at Generations of Jazz, Victorian Schools Music Festival, Royal South Street, Ballarat and at our Gala Concert.

We also had one of our most successful Band Tours, performing for audiences between 330 to 900 students. This week long tour enable year 7 to 10 students to develop their performance skills, something which can be transferred to many other areas of learning.

Some of the feedback received:


“The kids were fantastic. The whole school community thoroughly enjoyed

the concert and the kids were out in the yard together at lunchtime.

I am so glad we could be your first stop of the tour.

It was wonderful.”

Bacchus Marsh Primary School


“Your school band visit to us yesterday was outstanding.

From the performance of the students to their general attitude and manner while visitors in our school. We were particularly impressed with how they interacted with our students in such a kind and friendly way, before during and after the official performance.


All the staff at Ballarat North spoke of the high professionalism, and quality of this performance. So many highlights and such a well put together piece that is a credit to the students and staff.” Ballarat North Primary



“Oh my!!! That was the most sensational band performance experience! Just astounding!


The energy, the sense of fun, the high standard of musicianship, the way your students interacted with ours....


Congratulations!! For the joy of music, you're sharing with audiences, for giving Ringwood Secondary legendary status! and for all your personal achievements. YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!” 

Daylesford Primary School


"Your school must be so proud of the staff and particularly the students. They were polite, helpful and obviously care about your school.


I couldn’t believe the brilliant “team work” to unload, set-up, perform, change bands and pack-up all of the music gear. An extraordinary feat. There was no “dead” time in the performance.” Phoenix P-12 Community School, Sebastopol, Ballarat


“I just had the best hours entertainment ever. What a great school music program and what a lovely group of kids, they were all brilliant”.

St James Primary

Finally, congratulations to percussionist Charlie Lodge for being accepted into the Recital Centre’s Accelerando Program. Charlie was successful after many competitive rounds of auditions involving hundreds of highly accomplished applicants state wide.


This free year-long program is open to Victorian Government Secondary School students in Years 10-12. Successful applicants have the opportunity to;

·         receive instrumental lessons with leading industry professionals,

·         access world-class concerts,

·         participate in music workshops with the highest quality resources and technology, and

·         perform in an end of year recital in the Primrose Potter Salon.

Also, congratulations to Sean Mc Bride and Jackson Mangold for being selected for the Distance Education’s Making Waves Concert for Music Style and Composition. This concert showcases musical works written by students in Year 11 and 12 who have completed VCE Music Style and Composition at the DECV state-wide. 


Again, thank you to everyone for such a productive year in RSC music.


Upcoming dates:


December 9, 3.30-4.30pm - Rehearsal for Orientation Day – all Band Tour students.


December 10, 12.15- 3.15pm Orientation Day rehearsal and performance


December 16, 9.30- 12.30pm – Presentation Night Rehearsal – Symphony Orchestra


December 17, 6.15pm – Presentation Night Performance – Symphony Orchestra.


Janine Pero

Director of Instrumental Music

Music and Performing Arts 


Four weeks ago 83 students started the

'Aladdin Jr' journey, along the we have had 20 further students who have joined the crew to assist with makeup, set and backstage.


It is amazing that in just over 4 weeks, these students have  rehearsed, learned lines,  practiced songs and dances, have been fitted with costumes and pulled together an terrific show.  Along with assistance from backstage crew, staff and parents - this is a show not to be missed!


In two weeks time the cast of Aladdin hits the Ringwood stage so make sure you don’t forget to book your tickets at:

Lyrebird and Guild Awards


Congratulations to our students who were nominees at this year's Music Theatre Guild of Victoria Award.



Damon Delaney


Michael Syme






We also received a further nomination for :


Karl McNamara

The awards will be held in Ballarat on 14th December.


Congratulations to our Lyrebird Youth Nominees for our fabulous season of SPAMALOT!


Caleb Chilcutt 

Ben Noble-Saroto
Nick Freeman

Charli Krenn 
Hannah Mebalds 

Callum Rigg
Coleman Shook
Jackson Smith 

Tayla Burr

Niamh Mebalds

Cody Wake & Jackson Smith 

Corey Lucas-Evans


The awards will be held in Ringwood on 8th December.


Whatever the outcome, we will all continue to look on the bright side of life! 👑 🐄 🏆 🛡


Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts


Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place

Please see an upcoming forum with guest speakers from Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place and author/Senior lecturer Tyson Yunkaporta

What: Forum on the Indigenous perspective on the concept  of the Anthorpocene, climate change and environmental sustainability.

When: Saturday 14 December, 2-3pm
Where: Maroondah Federation Estate Gallery, Ringwood
Who: All welcome

Cost: FREE!

Bookings: or 9298 4553


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Community Notices

Entertainment Books

Entertainment Books have gone completely digital, with a 12 month expiry date from activation, and a multi city/country deal.


They may make good Xmas gifts


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