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08 November 2019
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From Mr Phillips

Our Year 12 students enjoyed a positive end of their secondary schooling earlier this month and it was a delight to share this experience with them and their families. Most of the students are now well into the VCE exam cycle and our community looks forward to celebrating the formal completion of Year 12 at the Valedictory dinner to be held at Marvel stadium Docklands, on November 19th.


The building works for our Senior School are now in full swing following a ceremonial “ Turning of the Sod” with the Member for Eastern Melbourne, Sonja Terpstra. All of the demolition work has been completed, as have critical services such as gas, stormwater, fire services, data and other slab services. Benching and pre prepped crushed rock has been laid and in the coming fortnight we expect to see the first of our concrete pours. It will be exciting to witness the structural form of the building beginning to take shape before the end of the school year too.


On Monday 11 November 2019 we mark the 101st anniversary of the end  of the First World War (1914–18).  In the four years of the war more than 330,000 Australians had served overseas, and more than 60,000 of them had died. The social effects of these losses cast a long shadow over the post-war decades. Each year on this day Australians observe one minute’s silence at 11am, in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts. This Monday, a number of our senior students from Year 11, will join with me at the Ringwood Clocktower for this year’s Ringwood RSL Remembrance Day Service.


Another successful Band Tour was held in Central Victoria last week as nearly 130 students from Years 7 to 10 worked together to bring their love of music to students throughout this region. Multiple performances were staged at schools throughout the region including Bacchus Marsh, Ballarat, Sebastapol and Daylesford areas and provided an excellent opportunity for our students to work together and improve their music skills at the same time. The opportunity to interact with students from schools across these rural areas of Victoria was a great highlight too.


Typical feedback has included, …..”couldn’t believe the brilliant “team work” to unload, set-up, perform, change bands and pack-up all of the music gear. An extraordinary feat. There was no “dead” time in the performance.”


Congratulations to all involved and it was such an enthusiastic homecoming concert on Wednesday evening.


Speaking of productions-

Tickets for Aladdin Jnr are now  available online. Book your tickets for this great show -


In the coming weeks our senior students in Years 10 and 11 will be completing their semester two exams. These serve as great preparation for VCE Unit 3 and 4 studies. Regular feedback continues to be available through the Compass portal.


During the most recent term break, whilst I was on leave, I received a road safety School Information Sheet from Maroondah City Council. It provides details of:

·         Some of the existing illegal/inappropriate driving behaviour in the area;

·         The traffic devices in place (i.e. turn ban signage);

·         Why the traffic devices are in place (to prevent certain dangerous scenarios and operational issues).

I have included the full letter with the newsletter for your consideration and action.


Save the Date:

This year’s presentation night will be held at the Camberwell Boys Grammar School Performing Arts Centre. Save the date for Tuesday December 17, 2019 at 7.30pm.


Michael Phillips






Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

Continuous feedback

Students are receiving continuous feedback throughout the year on their progress, and at this stage of the year, there is an opportunity for students to critically evaluate the feedback they receive and implement strategies for improvement. A perfect example of this involved Year 11 Environmental Science students in Mr Jim Norman’s class who presented to their peers and a group of judges- including yours truly- their research investigation on the overarching question; ‘How does rainfall affect the hydrosphere?’ Each group of students:

  1. Developed their own research question
  2. Developed a hypothesis
  3. Developed and modified a method for the investigation
  4. Monitored the Mullum Mullum creek over 7 months to observe quantitatively or qualitatively the changes in the creek under different rainfall conditions
  5. Analysed the data
  6. Created a Scientific Poster and conducted a 5-minute oral presentation

The research questions included:

How does rainfall affect turbidity of Mullum Mullum Creek?

How do turbidity levels change when there is different amounts of rainfall at Mullum Mullum Creek?

Does rainfall increase the population of macroinvertebrates?

Does rainfall increase dissolved oxygen levels?

How rainfall affects the phosphorous levels in Mullum Mullum Creek?


It was wonderful to listen to and to see science students engaged in meaningful and important research and to present their findings. The students appreciated the feedback they received from their peers and judges who learnt a little more about the quality of water in our hydrosphere. Congratulations to all students and their teacher on this authentic learning activity.



Parent Citizen Teacher Association – Year 11 Ball

The last meeting of the PCTA for 2019 will be held later this month to celebrate the committee’s work over the year. The PCTA is looking to increase the number of parents on the committee. If you are interested in joining this parent committee please do not hesitate to send an email to Eleni Stathatos with the subject title Expression of Interest in the PCTA 2020 with your name and the name of your child.

Last night we held our information session for the Year 11 Ball in the Junior School building. It was a very well attended night as Kathy Donovan- Year 11 Ball co-ordinator, James Barut – Assistant Principal of the Senior School and Caitlin Doyle-dance instructor informed parents and students of the event. I explained the elements that remain the same and the changes from the Debutante Ball to the Year 11 Ball regarding the new format of presentation of the participants. All students involved in the Year 11 Ball will be celebrated, and as usual with style- there will be a formal dress, dance routines, a three course meal, a sensational band and a fun family atmosphere for all. Preparations for the Year 11 Ball which will be held on the 29th of February in 2020 have begun and a notification on Compass will provide further information to families. 


France 2020- Information night – Wednesday 13th November 6.30-7.30pm

Interest is being sought from the Languages Department for a proposed trip for students of French in Years 8-11 in September next year. The information night will provide families with an itinerary of the trip and answer any questions parents and students may have. Further enquiries about the trip are to be directed to the Head of Languages, Jessica Lundie or the trip organiser Beatrice Dauguet.


Stage 2 Building project- Senior School

It was exciting to take part in the turning of the sod event with the Member for Eastern Metropolitan, Ms Sonja Terpstra MLC, student leaders and representatives from Ringwood Secondary College, Ringwood Training, builders, architects, the Department of Education’s Victorian Building Authority for Stage 2 of the building project which will be a new Senior School centre. Sonja gave an encouraging speech which acknowledged the great work that is being done to undertake the project and then she spoke to our student leaders about politics and how important it is as citizens to become aware of the political process.

Two events over the past fortnight which were highly successful included The Art and Technology Exhibition and Band Tour. Feedback from different communities about our students and their work and effort has been very pleasing. Well done to all. The next fortnight will see our Year 10 and 11 students finalising learning tasks and revising for their examinations.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From Mr Barut

Busy! Busy! Busy! and Mobile Phone Policy anyone?

For all our Year 12s and those Year 11s studying a Year 12 subject, VCAA exams are on in earnest! Last minute revision, new batteries for CAS calculators, sharpened pencils and sharpened minds; it all equates to another learning experience for our students. Many have exited the exam centre looking flushed and relieved and the feedback from students was that they went ‘okay’ and ‘it wasn’t too bad’ – whatever the outcome, we wish them all the best. What a fantastic learning experience for them! It is important to maintain the rigour and positive mindset all the way through until the end of the examination period.


As a community, we look forward to coming together at the Valedictory Evening on Tuesday, 19th of November at Marvel Stadium. Thank you in advance to the Senior School team for all their hard work in salvaging the night, shifting the evening from a sinking venue!!!


Let’s not forget the Year 12 class of 2020, as they are about embark on their final year of secondary schooling. They have to navigate the examination period and transition week to prepare for next year. Transition classes will be very important for our students, as there will be a task outcome set for holiday homework.


In the other Sub Schools, classes continue, learning tasks continue, assessment continues – it is business as usual.



Further to my Compass post to families and students early this week, a new mobile phone policy will operate in all Victorian schools from next year. This is a Ministerial Order and cannot be ignored, thus, the College is working with all the community to facilitate a clear, respectful, harmonious implementation. The draft policy will be posted on the College website late November, coming into full effect from Day 1, 2020.

Please peruse the Department of Education and Training website for further information on this new policy. Alternatively, you can email the College directly if you seek further clarification.



Can parents/carers please notify the College as soon as possible if your son/daughter does NOT intend returning to the College next year. Please contact Mrs Karen Carden in the General Office on 9870 2002. This important information helps with planning and major organisational matters.


Thanks in advance,


 James Barut

Assistant Principal

From Mrs Allison

Co curricula programs at Ringwood Secondary well and truly are having a positive impact on our College community!


Art and Technology Exhibition

The Visual Arts and Technology students and staff created a wonderful display for our annual Art and Technology Exhibition, that showcased student’s skills and talents from a wide range of the Arts and Technology subjects such as: Art, Studio Arts, Visual Communication, Media, Photography, Textiles, Wood, Food Technology, Materials, CAD and Digitech. It is always a great collaborative event well attended by the College community.


Band Tour

Last week’s Band Tour travelled through Western Victoria, entertaining a variety of schools with their enthusiastic musical talent. This event is a huge undertaking and I extend a heartfelt thank you to all people involved, the staff and students for their enthusiastic participation and dedication, to make this another successful tour, one that enables students to flourish and to contribute positively to other school communities. The home coming concert held on Wednesday evening was a celebratory event again showcasing the talents and improvement of the band.



It is always exciting to hear about, and see our students doing their personal best within our sporting teams and/or individual events. Congratulations to participating students and the energetic staff who give up their time in lunchtimes or after school, to coach and guide them. This week, both the Year 7 and 8 Cricket teams played fantastic games, striving to do their very best. They were as always great ambassadors for our College and despite not winning the blue flag we are very proud of their achievement.


Positive Education and Pathways


What is happening with Positive Education, pathways and wellbeing at RSC?


  • RSC staff, Alyce Bailey and Karly Horton, completed their Certificate in Positive Education facilitated by The University of Melbourne.
  • The Year 7-12 ‘Bounce’ Scope and Sequence has been revised to incorporate careers and health education that will complement the existing program, as well as help build the House system.
  • Coming up on December 18th all staff will participate in a wellbeing professional learning session focussing on relationships, facilitated by Berry Street Education, followed by elective wellbeing sessions in the afternoon.
  • The Wellbeing House is currently being refurbished to provide extra counselling rooms which is a necessary and welcome change for our team.


Student Leadership

It is inspiring to see so many students applying for leadership positions expressing their willingness to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of people in their wider community. Leadership applications are due soon with positions being finalised within the next few weeks. Upcoming events include the 2020 Prefects leadership camp, and early in 2020 the Years 7-11 collaborative Maroondah Schools Network leadership training event. These events are a means for connecting like-minded leaders who may dream about what the future can be.


Wellbeing focus for this week…


Wellbeing Builder: Positive Feedback

Wellbeing Element: Meaning and Purpose

Character Strength: Spirituality

Wellbeing Fitness Challenge: Brain Stretch


During adolescence, students’ capacities to stay focused on the job at hand and ignore distractions are often tested. Focusing on the strengths leadership, bravery, self-regulation and perspective will connect them with the moment, enabling them to do the right thing and do the thing right. It’s about developing grit = passion + long term persistence.

Many students need to learn the difference between activity and action which is:

• activity – having little meaning and purpose for what they do and allowing their minds to be hijacked by their emotions;

• action – having meaning and purpose for what they do and following through on what they say they will do;

• leaders know that difference and show it in their every thought, word and action.


Several of the key ingredients which make up leadership are believing that others matter; having a higher purpose in life; using a combination of their own and others’ strengths to achieve what the group sets out to do; understanding that the right thing to do is nearly always the hard thing to do and then being prepared to do it; and welcoming challenges and overcome them by using growth mindsets to learn new approaches to build their brain’s abilities.


Bringing your whole self to school, to work, to home.

Being present.

Being vulnerable and open to change.


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal



Around the School

From the Chaplain

I love my job! I had the privilege in the last two weeks to participate with two of our sporting teams. These were the Intermediate Basketball and Year 7 Volleyball teams, who both made it to the regional finals. I could not be more proud of both of those teams that participated at such a high level.  I’m not even referring to the high level in regards to being in the regional finals but more about the high level of effort, passion and hard work demonstrated when they were faced with adversity. Both the basketball and volleyball teams played against schools with specialised sporting programs focused on crafting skills in specific sports. Our school brought a team of students just committed to giving their best. Our students pushed these elite schools to their limits and nearly came home with the gold. We didn't yield the outcome we all desired but I hope as I spoke with the students that they remember, effort is so much more important than the result and we proved to ourselves that when we believe in each other and our team we can take it up to the best of them!!  Both teams narrowly missed making it to the finals which would have meant taking our teams to compete at State!!  Well done teams you did the college proud but more importantly your parents and families as you applied yourselves to the very end of each game we played!!


Adam Bryant

Chaplain (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs) 

RSC Heritage and Alumni Group News

Students leaving school this year may be preparing their first CVs or job applications for their future years.  This committee can help students who are preparing their CVs, or they can take advantage of our trial interview offer to de-mystify what happens at an interview.  Being properly prepared for an interview allows the student to concentrate on the interview itself rather than being distracted by the unfamiliar interview procedures.  Our experienced interviewers can assist with this, as well as offer pointers on what interviewers are looking for when they ask some seemingly odd questions.


Students can request an interview at a time to suit by contacting their Careers teacher or by calling the Convenor, Barry Ring on 9725 7535 to make a time for your interview.  They can also contact me at  for an appointment or for further information.


We have been conducting these trial interviews for more than 10 years now with much success.*

This is one of the services this volunteer committee provides for this college.

The group comprises mostly of past students and some retired teachers who are a valuable asset.


*This is based on student feedback and Careers teachers’ comments over those 10 years.


Barry Ring
Convenor - RSC Heritage and Alumni Group.

Arts and Technology Exhibition 2019

A large gathering of the college community attended the official opening of the Art and Technology Exhibition on Tuesday 22nd of October. It was very pleasing to see so many enthusiastic teachers, parents, students, family members and guests.

Our Visual Arts Prefect Fraya Jordan (Year 12) hosted the opening and announced the Creative Arts and Technology Awards with the assistance of our House Captains Suki Marsden (Year 11) and Charlotte Jackson (Year 9). All three students were excellent ambassadors and displayed fabulous leadership skills.

Cr. Kylie Spears Deputy Mayor (Arrabri Ward Councillor) Maroondah City Council officially opened the exhibition with an inspiring speech about the importance of encouraging critical and creative thinking and the value that the Creative Arts and Technology disciplines have on students’ career pathways and employment opportunities.

Lisa Higgs, the president from the Ringwood Art Society, presented the Graeme Hildebrand Award. This award recognises Graeme’s passion and contribution in the arts and education. His bequeath gives financial aid to developing artists through Ringwood Art Society. In conjunction with Ringwood Secondary College and in the name of Graeme Hildebrand, we were very pleased to continue his wishes by awarding a prize to a deserving student at the exhibition opening. The 2019 Graeme Hildebrand Award for an outstanding Year 10 student was awarded to Jarrod Ridgeway. Congratulations to Jarrod for demonstrating significant learner qualities including persistence, hard work, resilience and teamwork in the Visual Arts.

Thank you to everyone who voted for the 2019 People's Choice Awards. Congratulations to the following Year 12 students:


Studio Arts                                                     

Ngun Len Sung Cen Hrang                

Product Design and Technology – Wood       

Dylan Burr

Visual Communication Design                       

Lachlan Brown

Product Design and Technology – Textiles     Melanie Arthur


Cody Wake


Congratulations to the winners for the Express Yourself Art Competition for submitting such creative artwork around the themes: interests, hobbies, values, beliefs, family and self-identity.


Lucas Ananiadis Year 8H

Maya Garrett Year 7A

Anastasia Clarke 8I


Congratulations to our students, and the local primary school, who successfully completed the Art Scavenger Hunt.


Hannah Day Year 7I

Wendalyn Yu Year 8B

Nick Zhang 10F


Eastwood Primary Students:


Jaiya Kutasara 5/6E

Oliver Hanly Grade 6


A huge thank you goes out to the woodwind music students Catherine Buckingham, Tiffany Hayes, Gimhan Senevirathne, Hannah Walne, Nick Zhang and Leo Zhou for performing at the exhibition opening. A special thank you to Ms Rosemary Kenna who led the students.


The Arts and Technology faculty would also like to thank the following music students Will Vandermeer, Rachael Brown and Stephanie Henry for their contribution on the night and to Mr Dane Sorensen for facilitating these performances.


We greatly appreciate our student volunteers for their time in assisting with various jobs on the opening night: Abby White (7A), Keira Scott (7A), Ashlea Keys (7H), Sahara Sinclair (7H), Isabella Burdan (7I), Mia Grasso (7I), Jay Kennon (7I), Isaac Yau (7I), Nina Zhou (7I), Rose Sherwood (9H), Lucy Ahearn (9J) and Xiangyu (Shaun) Yu (9H).

This exhibition would not have been possible without the incredible support of all the Visual Arts and Technology staff. Everyone worked tirelessly to ensure everything ran smoothly before, during and after the exhibition.


We are immensely proud of our students and were delighted to showcase their artistic talents. They created a fantastic variety of work, ranging widely in discipline and theme, but all executed to a high standard. We are proud to showcase their work in all subject areas within the Visual Arts and Technology Learning Area such as Art, Visual Communication Design, Studio Arts, Media, Photography, Wood, Textiles, Food Studies, Digitech, Materials, Computer Aided Design, Robotics, Information Technology and Systems Engineering. We offer a wide range of visual arts and technology subject choices at RSC in the Curriculum. The RSC staff aim to foster their students passion in these subjects, to develop advanced skill levels, and to encourage all students to achieve their own individual style. Our students further benefit from the critical encouragement and companionship provided by other highly motivated Art and Technology students.


Finally, we would like to express our appreciation to the wider school community for their attendance and support of the 2019 Arts and Technology Exhibition.


Looking forward to seeing you again next year!


Dina Mihailidis

Head of Visual Arts

Respectful Relationships Student Voice Forum

On Thursday 24th October, Audrey Goodman, Jessica Suares, Alannah Simpson, Emily Young and Holli Budd took part in the Respectful Relationships Student Voice Forum at Ringwood Federation Estate.


During the year the students have been preparing a gender equality and respect audit of Ringwood Secondary, and presented their findings to the Department of Education, Yarra Ranges Council and Edvos. The Student Voice team want to create a safer place for students to have their concerns on respect and diversity heard without judgement or bias. Michael Phillips also presented to the forum, made up of many state, independent and Catholic schools in the Eastern Region.


Benn Jamieson



Recent activities on the Facilities front includes:

- New flood lights installed on RT Hill St wall and replacement of several security lights around the school

- Additional camera works around the school

- Oval works are now in full swing in preparation for the summer season

- Framing, electrical and plastering works on our long awaited Wellbeing building project

- Major Building works: Installation of below ground services for the new senior school including fire, power, communications, gas and sewer lines are nearing completion

- Facilities Committee meeting- Thank-you to our parent committee members who recently attended the last Facilities meeting of the year.


The Facilities Committee is a group of dedicated parents who make a great contribution through meetings and working bees to improve the school environment.


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager


Junior School

Junior School News

The glorious sunshine we have been experiencing lately – interposed, in true Melbourne fashion, by the odd thunderstorm – reminds us all that summer is just around the corner. The Junior School team are loving seeing our students roam around in their House-coloured bucket hats so they can enjoy the weather in a sun smart manner. We have also seen many students putting on sunscreen before heading out for their breaks, a great demonstration of the care and respect our students have for their health. We encourage students to bring a drink bottle to school so they can stay hydrated throughout their lessons.

Due to the success of last year’s Community Project in BOUNCE, our Year 8 students are once again working with a local community agency to assist families for the upcoming holiday season. In BOUNCE classes, Year 8 students have been encouraged to raise $10 each by completing chores or other tasks. This hard-earned money will be combined in groups so students can purchase a present to be delivered to families outside of our community. The project ties into the BOUNCE Term 4 theme of ‘Empathy’ and it is exciting and heart-warming to see our young people so eager to engage with their community and help others.


Later this term, our Year 7 students will participate in a specialised Commerce unit running for two weeks from November 25th. Details about this program will be communicated to parents via their Compass email closer to its commencement date. This means that Year 7 students will need to submit all their required tasks for their classes by Friday the 22nd in order to have their work assessed and included on their school report.


While the top half of the school complete their exams and say goodbye to their school year or indeed RSC altogether, the Junior School team are planning and preparing for a few key events in the last weeks of the year. Members of the team have already completed a number of positive primary school visits to begin the transition process for our 2020 Year 7 cohort, and our official Orientation Day is December 10th, with Small Schools Afternoon just prior on November 28th. We would like to say a huge thank you to our Year 7 Ambassadors who have been working alongside us in this process so far to guide us with their firsthand knowledge; Transition is a unique and sometimes overwhelming experience for young people, and so the input of our current Year 7s is invaluable.


The Junior School team would like to wish our VCE students the very best during their exam period, and thank them for being such important role models for our Year 7s and 8s. 


Marissa Lee

Frazer House Coordinator



Middle School

Term 4

Final Weeks

The final Term for 2019 is now well underway!  The term already has lots happening for students, along with their usual classwork, assignments and assessment tasks.  Term 4 always seems to disappear quickly, so it is very important that students keep up to date with all work and submit tasks in a timely manner.


Please refer to the list below for some key dates for students and parents are aware of:


Wed. 13th Nov:        

French Education Tour Parent Information Night
Mon. 18th – 22th Nov.:     

Year 11 Exam Week

Mon. 25th – 29th Nov.:     

Year 10 Exam Week

Mon. 2nd – 6th Dec.:        

Year 10 into 11 Transition Week

Mon. 9th Dec.:            

Year 10 Formal

Wed. 11th – 13th Dec.:     

Year 9 Bike Tour

Tues. 10th Dec.:        

Final day of scheduled classes for Year 9 students

Wed. 11th – 17th Dec.:    

End of Year Program

Matthew Tucker
Middle School Leader


Year 10 Semester 2 Exams

The Semester Two exams will be commencing on Monday 25th November and finishing on November 29th November. There will be no timetabled classes on for Year 10 students during the exam period and students will not be required at school except for their timetabled exam. The exams have already been scheduled into student timetables, which can be viewed via Compass. Students will be told what equipment they will need by their teachers and if any student needs any Special Consideration for any reading, writing and/or extra time, please let Mr Vlahos know via email: (
Peter Vlahos
Jackman House Coordinator
(Middle School)


Year 10 Formal

The annual Year 10 formal will be held on Monday the 9th of December at Linley Estate in Kilsyth. Students will enjoy a three-course dinner, soft drinks and have a DJ playing on the night. A photo booth will be present and students can collect their prints instantly. Students must organise their own transport to and from the formal and no bags/backpacks can be brought to this event. The formal begins at 6pm and concludes at 10pm. Students are expected to dress in formal attire. The event is supervised by staff and security.  Payments close very soon, so if you wish to attend, please ensure you make your payment ASAP! Any further information can be located on the Compass event.  


Jacqui Godfrey 
Mabo House Coordinator
(Middle School)


Term 4 InterGREAT

We’ve had an exciting start to the InterGREAT program in term 4. Our Year 9s have been busy working on their Global Challenge task and are working to raise awareness of a chosen global issue, including Indigenous Rights, Overfishing, Plastic pollution, Child labour, Asylum Seekers, Homelessness, Deforestation and Palm Oil and Climate Change.  


We also had a fantastic guest speaker, Boori Monty Pryor come and speak to us earlier in the term, sharing his story and his culture. Boori is a multi-talented Aboriginal author, performer and storyteller. He had the students listening to his every word, sometimes in laughter and other times with concern.

Boori's story is so inspiring and relevant. He connected with so many students who took the opportunity to meet with him after the conclusion of his presentation. We have been honoured to host Boori at our school for the past twenty-nine years now!


Come to the Fair – Tuesday 26th November at Recess!

On Tuesday 26th November, the year 9’s will be holding a business fair at recess. There will be a huge variety of exciting stalls, ranging from arcade games, various types of food and drinks, clothing, art, craft, health and beauty and lots more! There will certainly be something for everyone!


To top it off, with the theme of InterGREAT being ‘Making a Difference’ the year 9’s will be donating all profits to Oxfam Australia. Oxfam are empowering communities to tackle poverty by helping families grow more food, earn a living, access clean water and toilets, live healthier, safer lives and have their voices heard.


So make sure you bring some spare change to school on Tuesday 26th November and make sure you come down to the 500’s area during recess to enjoy the carnival-type atmosphere!


Virginia Watson

InterGREAT coordinator



2019 State Athletics

Congratulations to all the Ringwood students who competed in the State Athletics Championships at Lakeside Stadium. An amazing effort to reach this level of competition and you should be proud of your performances.


Congratulations Ella on your outstanding performance in the 14Yr girls shot put multi class event. Two state gold medals in two years is a fantastic achievement. Not to mention you hold the record for the event. Well done!

Luke Anderson – Bronze medal 15Yr Boys Hurdles. Not the best start by Luke, making contact with the first hurdle but he recovered quickly and finished strongly to feature in the medals.

Luke Anderson, Tyrese Pomponio, Evan Cribb, Jack Martin – Bronze medal 15Yr Boys relay. This was a tough race with a number of strong teams going head to head. Cool, calm Luke got us off to an excellent start before handing of the baton to Jack. Not the smoothest of change overs but Jack made up the lost ground.

The change over between Jack and Evan was smooth putting us in an excellent position to attack the second half of the race. Evan came around the bend strongly to hand off the baton to Tyrese.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the cleanest of change overs, something the boys will definitely need to work on in the future. However, once Tyrese had the baton in his hand, he put in a fantastic finish clinching the bronze medal. Congratulations boys. You blew the opposition away at Region and had another scintillating run at State.


A talented team that we hope stays together next year and goes for Gold.


Well done to all competitors on the day. Cameron Brown, Abbey Whitaker, Angus Norman, Jasmin Hass, Ciara Willey.


Roi Boutsikakis

Director of Sport





Queer Voices Seminar

Celebrate the Achievements of our Storytellers


FreeZA Event

FReeZA is a free event management program for young people aged 15-25 that teaches everything from booking bands, how to promote, setting up/packing down an event, operating AV equipment, working with cash and more! Participants will be part of the 2020 Bassline Productions FReeZA crew, meeting weekly to plan and run 5 live music and cultural events throughout the year (including the Maroondah Festival youth space). Participants will receive free training during their time in FReeZA, and will leave the program with transferable life skills that they can take into any profession. 


Community Notices

Self Defence Night

The date for our annual self defence night, we would like to  invite  students and their families along. 

The seminar will be held on Wednesday 4th December at 6.30PM onwards.

Ringwood Ballet Group

Ringwood Ballet Group is a not for profit dance group and has their annual concert coming up in December.  Many present and past Ringwood Secondary students dance with Ringwood Ballet and put many hours of practice into the performance. 

This year our senior ballet is Coppelia and we would love for to invite the community.  It is a great opportunity to see a full length ballet locally and each year we have wonderful feedback from the general and dance communities.


If you have any enquiries please so not hesitate to contact me at or on 0418 101 983.


Cassandra Bowman

Ringwood Ballet Group

Maroondah Festival

Upcoming Maroondah Festival held on Sunday 10 November.


Foster Carers Information Session

We are running an information session for potential foster carers on Wednesday 20 Park Orchards in Mitcham.


We are desperately short of foster carers and your school’s support will assist us greatly in recruiting new carers and supporting vulnerable children.

South Croydon Junior Football Club 

Registration Day Details


With One Voice Community Choir

With One Voice Community Choir starting at Arrabri Community House.


With One Voice choirs are for everyone – all ages and backgrounds – and no auditions required. Simply come along and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of singing!


Please find attached some information  to let people in the local community know about this new and exciting opportunity to be part of With One Voice Bayswater.


RSC News
Self defence FLYER 2019.pdf
Colour invite Coppelia.pdf
v4_100670 MCC Festival 2019 A4.pdf
Maroondah City Council Letter.pdf
Queer Voices - Main Event.pdf
Queer Voices - Main Event.pdf
FReeZA - Recruitment Flyer.pdf