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12 November 2019
Issue Seventeen

Our mission is to inspire the self belief and motivation in students that will enable them to achieve and grow.

Diary Dates
From the Principal, Linda Jones
2019 at Carnegie PS
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Diary Dates


Wednesday 13th November

World Kindness Day

Year 2 Excursion

Prep Orientation 2.30-3.30pm

School Council Meeting 7.30pm


Thursday  14th November

Student Teacher Swap Day-bring a gold coin donation


Friday  15th November

Year 5/6 Sport


Monday  18th November

Second Hand Uniform Shop 3.15-3.45pm


Wednesday 20th November

Prep Orientation 11.45am-1.15pm


Saturday 23rd November

Working Bee 10am-12pm


Tuesday 26th November

Prep Farm Excursion


Wednesday  27th November

Guitar Concert in hall 7-8pm


Thursday  28th November

Grade 6 Production



Thursday  5th December

Prep Celebration and Open Afternoon


Tuesday  10th December

Helpers' Thank you Morning Tea 9.15-10.15am


Thursday  12th December

Grade 6 Graduation


Tuesday 17th December

Junior athletics at school Prep-Year 2 - 11.30am-1.30pm

End of Year Picnic- Koornang Park


Friday  20th December

Last day of Term-early dismissal at 1.30pm

Assembly 1pm

From the Principal,
Linda Jones


At this time of the year staff and School Council reflect on the year whilst making goals and priorities for 2020. At all times we welcome parent input in our school community and therefore I invite parents to share their opinions with us. I have attached a sheet to today’s newsletter that you may like to consider completing and returning to school. The three questions posed are – What elements of our school are you most pleased with this year? What would you like to see as priorities for 2020 to continue to meet the learning needs of your child/children? Are there any specific areas where we could improve? Thank you, in advance, to those who choose to complete this. Your feedback is much valued.

HELPERS’ MORNING TEA – Tuesday 10th December

It’s that time of year when we thank all the people who have helped us in so many different ways throughout the year. We have had mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grandparents and very special friends help with reading, literacy activities, working bees, sport, excursions and many other things. We invite all the helpers, who are available, to attend a special “thank you” morning tea with Karen and Linda. We hope you can come and let us do something nice for you. Please put the date in your diary for this special occasion.

Tuesday 10th December 9.15 -10.15 am

In our School Staffroom

For catering reasons, if you are able to attend, can you please let Molly in our office know by Wednesday 4th December.



We are happy to announce that Desiree Oh and her husband, Daniel are expecting their second child in May next year. I know Sierra will love being a big sister. We wish them all the best!

I am sure you will join me in congratulating them on this lovely news.


Working Bee – Saturday, November 23rd

The Buildings and Grounds Committee have planned a two hour working bee to be held on Saturday morning, November 23rd from 10:00am until 12:00pm.

We would love to see as many people as possible. It is always a nice opportunity to chat with other parents and get to know them.

Most of the tasks for the day will be reasonably straightforward, including;

- gardening activities

- spreading softfall under playground equipment

- general grounds maintenance

- cleaning up sandpit areas, drains, spouts etc.

We supply tools and equipment but we can always do with extra wheelbarrows, brooms, shovels, rakes and gloves for personal use. You may bring relevant garden tools to help with these tasks, please make sure they are all labelled.

We will stick to the planned times and finish the work strictly at 12pm. We will provide drinks and nibbles at the end of the session.

If you are able to attend, please send me an email as soon as possible to help us with our planning:

Thank you.


Linda Jones & Karen Bentata – Grimm

2019 at Carnegie PS


Dear Parents,

The year is drawing to a close and it is the time of year when staff and school council are reflecting on the year whilst making goals and priorities for 2020. At all times we welcome parent input in our school community and therefore I would like to invite parents to share their opinions with us.


What elements of our school have you been most pleased with this year?











What would you like to see as priorities for 2020 to continue to meet the learning needs of your child/children?











Are there any specific areas where you believe we could improve?











Name ____________________________________________________________________


Grade levels of child/children __________________________________________________________


Please drop this form back to the office or send it along with your child. If you would prefer to speak to Karen or myself personally please call in when you’re at school. Thank you for your time.


Linda Jones


Parenting Ideas


You can help your child build self-respect as well as have respectful relationships with others. As parents we value respect and want our kids to respect us Respect is a word that gets used a lot but it can be difficult to define.


Most people would say they know when they’re being treated respectfully but they might have trouble explaining what it is. It’s also sometimes hard to know when we’re being disrespectful towards others especially when we feel upset and may have a hard time maintaining self-control.

Being respectful is something we learn through interactions with other people. Being respectful can come easily to some children but not others. As a parent you play an important role helping your child build self-respect and the skills they need to respect others.

How do you recognise respect in a relationship?

Respect in relationships exists in many forms :-

  • Self-respect
  • Respect for others
  • Respect for possessions
  • Respect for authority 
  • Respect for the law


Respect is about showing that you value other people through your words and actions. You treat other people with care and you consider how your words or actions may affect them. In respectful relationships, the following are put into action:

  • Being supported to make our own choices
  • Being accepted as a person, even if you’ve made a mistake
  • Encouraging others to grow, learn and succeed
  • Freedom to disagree without being put down, called names or hurt
  • Not dominating or controlling others
  • Listening and taking turns to be heard
  • Supporting others' needs and wellbeing
  • Trust, honesty and taking care with others' personal information
  • Not intimidating others or being aggressive


Disrespectful relationships can affect your child

Kids may experience a lack of respect in their relationships at home or at school. When kids aren’t feeling safe, supported and cared for they may show this through their behaviour and emotions. A child who is feeling distressed or unsafe may experience:

  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Nausea or headaches
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Low self-confidence or esteem
  • Changes in appetite (under or overeating)
  • Lack of trust in family and friends
  • Breakdown in friendships


How can you help your child learn about respectful relationships?

Teaching your child the skills to be respectful helps them to value their needs as well as other's needs.

Try active listening by taking a moment to repeat back what you hear them say eg. "so what I heard you say is…"

Learn to be assertive and ask for what you want in a calm yet firm way without being passive or aggressive

Understanding and empathy – ask yourself what your child’s world is like right now. What might they be going through?

Conflict resolution – try to negotiate on the little things but at the same time identify the big issues that are non-negotiable

Decision making skills – avoid imposing solutions and encourage your child to think of options and consequences first

Be honest - this will encourage trust and acceptance in the relationship and avoid misunderstandings and potential conflict


What's happening


Thank you for these great books and many happy birthday wishes from all at Carnegie Primary School.





Harini L


"A Patch from Scratch"

Advantika A


"The Monster Who Wasn't"




A 2018 Year 6 hoodie has gone missing. It has the name 'Alex' on the tag. If you find it please drop it in to the office. Thank you.


Calling all budding photographers! 

The Higgins Christmas + Holidays E-Card Photo Competition is now open. 
This year I am inviting all students from across Higgins to submit a photograph that will feature on my Christmas e-card. 
This year's theme is 

"I  Higgins"
The photo must be taken and submitted by a student enrolled at a school located within Higgins and should feature a person, place or thing in Higgins.

Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

We kindly ask that you distribute this among your school community and encourage all students to apply. 

For an entry form and a full list of terms click HERE
Entries close Midnight, Sunday 24th November 2019

Please send your photo and completed entry form to




Last term some of our year 4, 5 and 6 students chose to participate in the University of NSW ICAS Science Test. The following students received certificates for their excellent results.


HIGH DISTINCTION – top 1% in Victoria

Arthur L                  Year 4


DISTINCTION – top 10% in Victoria

Aryan M                 Year 4

Shivam                   Year 4

Siddharth R          Year 4

Elise S                     Year 4

Alistair G                Year 5

Nikhilesh N           Year 5



CREDIT – top 35% in Victoria

Avner H                  Year 4

Carlos I                   Year 4

Angus B                  Year 4

Stephanie P          Year 5

Rohan R                  Year 5

Nicholas C              Year 5

Monique F              Year 5

Zara M                      Year 5

William R                Year 5

Aaron R                   Year 6

Natalie P                 Year 6

Hunter B                  Year 6

Henry Y                    Year 6

Mack O                      Year 6


Arts News

CPS Mural- Thinking Prompts

Last term the students at Carnegie Primary School had a great time learning about murals with artist, Michael Fikaris.

Approximately 500 students contributed to our environmental mural.

Here are some thinking prompts the students completed after their experience of helping create the mural.



PFA  News


Thank you to all our wonderful parent helpers who helped at the disco last Saturday night. A particularly big thank you to Sandra Michela, Sandra Rowlands and Lou Daglish who ran things on the night-you are all wonderful!

The students had a wonderful time playing games and dancing  to the tunes!



A reminder that our fortnightly Icy Pole Day is happening this Friday. Icy poles will be available after the second bell at lunchtime for $1.



We will once again selling fresh Christmas trees this year through Rotary East Malvern. Keep an eye on Compass as we will send a note out shortly.



Thank you to those students who sent in images of their healthy nude food lunches over the last couple of weeks.  This week's winner drawn randomly from the entries, was Dhwani S from Year 4 and she was the lucky winner of a set of reusable silicon wraps donated by 'The Loft' in Elsternwick.

We will be drawing another winner on Monday 25th November so send your photos to: by Sunday 26th November and we will announce it in the next newsletter.  

We'd love to see a lot more entries next time, so please send us your inspiring lunchbox photos! 


Here are the lunchbox entries from last week to give you some inspiration when making your school lunches!




Leesa Needham

Ph: 0408 556 669

Aftercare News

Youth Leadership Victoria

Carnegie Primary School OSHC

Opening Hours:  Before School Care 7am-8.45am

           After School Care 3.30pm-6.30pm

Vacation Care 7am-6pm




Email: /

Service Mobile Number: 0402043810

A copy of the enrolment and booking form can be downloaded through our website on:

Prices for the Program:

Before School Care

Permanent Booking: $14

Casual Booking: $17

After School Care

Permanent Booking: $15

Casual Booking: $20



Parents could we please request (due to our maximum license capacity of 100), that if you are needing to cancel your child’s AFTER SCHOOL CARE BOOKING for the day, that you inform the service by email at: or by mobile on 0402043810

by 12 midday on the requested day

This will help us to accommodate the families that are on the waiting list.



The children had a great experience engaging with our local community and getting into the Halloween spirit.






This Friday 3.30-8.30pm








Carnegie Primary Newsletter
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Owen with his lunchbox prize!
Angus at the State Championships with his silver medal