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21 March 2019
Issue Four
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Important Dates and Events


  • 23rd March - MGC 25th Anniversary Celebration
  • 25th March - Progress Reports open to parents to view at 9am.
  • 26th March - Parents given access to Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences Bookings
  • 2nd April - Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences
  • 5th April - Final Day of Term One

Melbourne Girls' College 25th Anniversary Celebration

​It is with pleasure that we invite you to come and celebrate this momentous occasion with us on Saturday 23rd March, 2019. 


Our school will be open on that day from 11 am - 2 pm, with a number of activities running throughout that time. 


In addition to our Open House, MGC would like to extend an invitation to our Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Tickets for the Tea Party must be purchased prior to the event through the Trybooking event here. 


MGC merchandise will be available and can be purchased on the day, though please note that we will process cash sales and EFT on the day. 


Principal's Report

High Expectations for Learning and Character Strengths

World events, most recently the Christchurch tragedy, highlight why excellence in building knowledge, clear thinking, resilience, kindness and empathy are embedded in the MGC learning design. The events of last Friday have horrified the world and shown how the compassion of a leader can bring people together after tragedy. Jacinda Adern’s language is deliberately chosen to be inclusive and strong about changes to gun laws in the immediate time frame and for NZ to be an even more accepting society in the longer term. As global citizens NZ are leading the world in building a dialogue of inclusion rather than cruelty and tribalism.


On Monday night many Melbournians united at the State Library to reflect on the massacres in Christchurch, we united to send compassion and care to Islamic people everywhere and to celebrate the humanity we have in common rather than the differences that divide. MGC is a place where people follow passions, intellect, leadership and personal best. Harmony equates to respect for different opinions, perspectives and agendas but united in hope as we deal with the future. Please let us know if you or your children need any support at all.


Our students will become inspirational leaders who calmly ensure commitments to learning, inclusion, participation, hard work and success are essential ingredients to any enterprise or study. On Wednesday 20 March, we celebrated Harmony Day with a whole of school assembly concentrating on celebrating the diversity of cultures represented in multi-cultural Melbourne. This is our opportunity to bring our best values to the fore. Congratulations to our Diversity Captains, Lucy Xu and Sienna Chumbley- Contin who lead the celebration.


Building upon the theme of learning excellence we are working on student metacognition which can result in almost eight months of additional learning gain. Further information can be found here:

When students become aware of the learning process, they can gain control over their learning.


Co-curricular Programs

We have so many excellent co-curricular programs it is important to celebrate them all. The Leaders of each program highlight key activities, events and successes throughout the year and at times they are also celebrated in this section of the newsletter. Our programs include dance, instrumental music, choir, ensembles, band, AAF cadets, aerobics, sport, philanthropy and rowing. These co-curricular programs echo and support the formal curriculum in building character strengths, fitness and learning.



State Schools Rowing Regatta 13-14 March and Head of School Girls 15-17 March

Thank you to our amazing rowing leader Andrew Beck who ensured the season concluded with great success both on and off the water for our students. Thank you also to lead coach Paul Blanchfield, colleagues Victoria Fitzgerald, Kathryn Lloyd, Jono Rundell, Trevor Howlett, Gavin Antolos, Nancy Sandilands, rowers, coaches and parents who ensured the State School Rowing and Head of School Girls (HOSG) regattas on the Barwon River in Geelong built life-long memories for all involved.

The State Schools Rowing Regatta saw our rowers and coaches bring home 8 Gold medals,

8 Silver and 5 Bronze. At HOSG congratulations go to coach Charis Jones (class of 2018!) and her Year 9 Division 1 crew - Josie Stevens, Hannah Benhassine, Ellie Bellsmith, Georgia Watson and Tess Carmody who won gold in their A Final on Sunday. Overall we took part in 15 A Finals, 6 B Finals and 4 other finals. Many of our crews out performed their personal bests with incredible improvements displayed. The hard work and dedication of every rower and staff member is to be celebrated.

The annual MGC Rowing Presentation Night will be held this coming Monday March 25 from 7.00pm in the MGC Library, followed by refreshments in the Gillard Centre.



Currently there are National trials underway for our MGC athletes to have an opportunity to represent Victoria at the National Championships. Congratulations to Lana Croker of Year 12 who has qualified for Level 7 (senior division) of the Victorian team. Two other athletes are almost there, Mariana Pappas of Year 12 is 0.65 under the qualifying mark for Level 7 (senior division) and Holly Morrison of Year 11 is 0.4 under the qualifying mark for Level 6 (senior division). There are still opportunities for these athletes to qualify and we wish them every success. The National Championships will be held on the 30-31st May this year in Melbourne.


Performing Arts

Jordan Evans celebrated his wonderful Top Class Dance students in our last newsletter and this week Lindy Mumme highlights Issy Carney's (Year 12 2018) Drama performance at Top Class.


25th Anniversary Celebrations!

Our dedicated 25th Anniversary Committee have been meeting to plan the Open House on Saturday 23 March and Cocktail party in the Library for 11 September. It is with pleasure we invite you to celebrate on Saturday 23rd March, 2019 from 11 am - 2 pm, with a number of activities running throughout that time.  Our committee will keep you posted on the 11 September cocktail party.


Hon John Kennedy, Member for Hawthorn

On 14 March the Hon John Kennedy visited the college to see where over 230 students who live in his constituency learn and work. Our College Captains, Georgia Wolfe, Meg Funston and Gen Cox were excellent hosts leading the school tour and morning tea.

Many thanks everyone for your excellent support of our students and staff. We are very fortunate to be part of the Melbourne Girls’ community.

Kind regards,


Upcoming Events

MGC 25 Year Anniversary!


Rotary Event


MGC Open Day



Year 12 Physics Activity Day at Luna Park

Luna Park’s annual VCE Physics Day surpassed all expectations, with students descending from all over the state onto St Kilda, allowing the Year 12s to experience physics in motion, applying our knowledge of inertia, forces and circular motion to a real-world situation: roller coasters. Most of the girls braved every ride, from the Enterprise to Pharaoh’s Curse, while Mr Kazi appeared to enjoy the Carousel.

Sonia Li was unlucky enough to witness a student from another school projectile vomiting of the notorious Coney Drop: “though the male student regurgitated his lunch, its projectile path proved the practicality of the theoretical physics concepts we’d learnt”. A good time was had by all.



In2science places university students as mentors in year 7-10 science, maths and STEM elective classes. Mentors act as role models by sharing their enthusiasm for science and maths, helping students to achieve in class and encouraging them to continue with science and maths into VCE and beyond. We are thrilled to announce two upcoming partnerships: PhD student Roberta Anversa, who is studying Neuroscience will be partnered with Samone  Hosking's Year 10 Biology class, and joining our STEAM club on Thursday lunchtimes, we will have Grace Brown, who is studying mechatronics in her Science degree at the University of Melbourne. 


Catherine Walkear

Head Of The School Girls 2019

From Thursday the 14th of March until Sunday the 17th, all the MGC rowers were in Geelong competing at the 2019 Head Of The School Girls regatta, the biggest single sex sporting event in the southern hemisphere with 2146 competitors. After a bumpy season, the MGC rowing club pulled together for an incredible final few days of racing. 

On Thursday we competed in and won the SSV Regatta and at the HOSG on Sunday we had 60% of crews through to A finals, one crew winning gold (!!), five silver and two bronze. 

It was amazing to watch all of the girls getting around each other, cheering all weekend along the banks of the Barwon River, to smash out their races. Congratulations to all MGC rowers and coxes on a fantastic effort over the last 6 months and to the year 12 senior seniors on completing their last season of school girl rowing. 

A massive thank you to everyone who made this weekend possible, to Andrew Beck (Rowing Coordinator), Paul Blanchfield (Head Coach), Trevor Howlett, Jono Rundell, Karen Money (Principal), the teachers who came down, coaches and our amazing parent support team.


Molly Sharrock, Polly-Jane Decker and Hayley Turnbull, Captains of Boats

Pedal Power Cinema 2019

How many watts did it take to run a movie night!?

The 2019 Human powered cinema was a roaring success.

Thanks to the City of Yarra, this year’s event was Free of charge and attracted an audience of over 500 people. Our year 8 cohort did a stellar job on the bikes, pedaling the bulk of our 684.11-watt hours of electricity. With Sophie Clemson winning the most powerful peddler prize this year, contributing 5.0wh in her five minute block.

Class 8A were the contributed the most power in their half hour slot and the public generated an additional 560 watt hours on both the ergo and pedal generators to ensure the batteries did not run out. In fact, the batteries carried enough energy to help out the Holden St Neighbourhood House Community cinema night the following night, where we provided carbon neutral pop-corn to the movie going audience!


A huge thanks to our local business support from Officeworks, IKEA and TESLA as well as our community supporters who provided information stalls from 5- 8pm:

Zoos Victoria

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Boomerang Bags

Boomerang Alliance


Xavier College

Livewell Yarra

Yarra City Council

The Yarra Energy Foundation

Youth Voice Network

Yarra Climate Action Now.

This year we partnered with a new sustainability focused company called DIY HIFI who provided an incredible solar powered PA system for the film and our fantastic musicians

Our Major Sponsors provided eco friendly raffle prizes and gifts for Enviro Team students included:

LUSH, The Lost Lands Festival, Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream, With One Bean Coffee, Cocoon Coating and the Enviro Shop.

Finally, A huge thanks to the dedicated team of staff and parents who have supported our students to run such a great community event: Bronwyn Johnson, David Batten, Amanda Lucas, Joann Stackhouse, Sarah Foley, Anne Corry, Trev Howlett and Samone Hosking. Many of whom were at school before 7am and still there after midnight.

Keep an eye out for how you can continue to help us become a carbon neutral school by 2020. All fundraising efforts will go towards achieving this goal and will focus on energy efficiency improvements and additions to our existing solar array. If you would like to support our fundraising program, you can purchase some carbon neutral coffee for home from our long-term supporters . Select your favorite coffee blend and when you are at the checkout, enter the voucher code “MGCENVIRO”. Each 250g of coffee sold will generate $6 to MGC’s solar panel fund- and for every kilogram of coffee roasted, WithOneBean will plant a tree in Timor Leste!

For more information about the sustainability program at MGC, please contact Andrew Vance: [email protected]

Performing Arts News

MGC’s 2019 House Production- Girl Power!

We had our information meeting on Tuesday, 19th March and this year’s theme of “Girl Power” was revealed!

Each of our four houses have decided on their approach.

Lyons: Stages of Life

Maris: Stereotypes

Melba: Superheroes

Chisholm: Past, Present, Future.


If you would like to have input into the script, direction and/or song choice, then please join your Arts Captains next Tuesday, 26th March, after school, for a brainstorming session.

Otherwise, rehearsals will begin in Term 2, every Tuesday from 2.30pm- 3.30pm.

All welcome!

Unable to attend Tuesday’s meeting? Sign up forms are outside the music room.


House Production is our biannual production, created by students for all students! Students work collaboratively in their allocated House to devise, rehearse and perform an original performance of 20 minutes. Students can choose to specialise in their area of interest- performing, directing, scriptwriting or backstage doing lighting, sound, sets, props and/or costumes. All welcome!

Performance Dates: Term 3, Week 4- Wednesday 7th-Friday 9th August.

 3 evening performances @ MGC in the Auditorium.

Rehearsal Times: The majority of rehearsals will be conducted on Tuesdays after school, (2.30-3.30pm) beginning in Term 2, with some lunchtime rehearsals. Additional rehearsals on Thursdays after school may be required in Term 3.

Anne Corry.

Teacher in Charge.

Instrumental Music News

Harmony Day Assembly

Thank you to our Band and Choir who performed for yesterday’s Harmony Day assembly and for our instrumental teachers, Tony Hicks (Band) Susan De Jong and Ellyce Calder (Choir) for preparing the girls.


Generations in Jazz

Students and teachers are very busy rehearsing for Generations in Jazz in May. Parents please ensure you have completed the medical and dietary information on your Compass Chronicle by 22/3.


Harp Lessons- Expression of Interest.

Interested in playing the harp? Lessons are available after school on Wednesdays and/or Fridays.

Ensemble Rehearsals Reminder


Before school- GIJ Band

Lunch time- Choir and Soul Band


Before School-GIJ Band

Lunchtime- Soul band

Thursday Lunchtime- String Ensemble & GIJ Vocal

Friday Lunchtime- A’capella Choir

MGC Parents Association


Interschool Sport Report

The Year 8 students had their first Sport Round Robin Day for 2019. They participated in the Inner North Division Carnivals for Cricket, Tennis and Volleyball against the schools in our Division: University HS, Princes Hill, Richmond HS, Fitzroy HS and Brunswick SC.

The results across all sports were very positive for MGC, with the A teams for all three sports winning their respective tournaments, earning the right to represent the Inner North Division at the Regional Finals.

Last Friday, the A-Team travelled by bus to the Boroondara Tennis Centre. We had a successful win against the University High School girls A-team as we are now moving on to regionals. We won all of our singles matches, although it was not easy. Everyone was carefully watching and supporting each other when the pressure was building up in each match. Overall, we had an eventful day and are looking forward to Regionals. 

Lulu Spear, Year 8

Another highlight was the number of students that participated in the social volleyball tournament held at MGC. Out of the 16 teams, 8 were from MGC. This demonstrates the positive impact that our sport and physical education program has on our students.


Regional Dates are:

Cricket: Thursday, October 22nd

Tennis: Tuesday, May 7th

Softball: Tuesday, May 7th


The next coming weeks are also quite busy on the sporting calendar. The Year 7’s have their Round Robin Day for Term 1 on March 21st, while our Swimming Team compete in the Regional Championships on March 27th, aiming to qualify for the coveted State Finals.


Mr Fero-Kovassy

Head of Sport

ISP News

International Student Program News

There have been many things afoot in the international program world since our last issue. We are very excited to celebrate Harmony Day, the Photo Day and our upcoming 25th Anniversary!

It’s fantastic to see so many of the international students participate in school events. They have been practising hard for the band and the group dance. A big thank to Anne CHEUNG, Daisy HUANG, and Ailin WANG for their efforts on organizing and leading the girls to perform for the assembly. Thank you all of you girls who have spent so much time on rehearsing and practising for the event: Kelly, Eva, Anna, Sylvia, Echo, and Alice. Well done and congratulation girls!

Special thanks to Mr. Hicks who has stepped in as an excellent drummer for the performance, and Ms. Qian for her help with the preparation and her beautiful performance.  

Also, big congratulation to Elaine (year 12) on her beautiful solo performance. It must have taken lots of courage to perform in front of the school, and you have done it very well 😊

Unfortunately, due to the limited time frame, the girls’ performances were cut in short. However, they will perform on the 23rd March for the 25th MGC Anniversary in library. More international students will take part in the performance. Please come and support our girls 😊

Another exciting news to share is about the 18th birthday celebration. 18th birthday is indeed a unique and remarkable birthday that we thought is very worth celebrating. On 15th March, we had our 1st seasonal 18 years birthday party this year. Four of our girls, Jaelene, Michelle, Giang and Lan have turned 18th in their year 11 and year 12. Welcome to adulthood! All the best to them!

Finally, we are very proud that two of our international students, Yuqi Mao (Anne) from last year and Lan WANG (Lan, current Yr12) have been selected as ones of the finalists for the Arts Achievement Award (Performing Arts) and Academic Excellence Award of the Victorian International School Student Awards. This award celebrates international student excellence and recognise schools and homestay families for outstanding global learning and engagement.

The Awards Ceremony will be held on 30th May.  Congratulations to both of them! Good luck for their awards!

Library News

New Library Books


Library Events


MGC Homework Club

Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.



The Library




Hope to see you there!

Ms Hajzler

Melbourne Girls' College
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