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15 December 2016
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Principal's report

As the 2016 school year draws to a close, all of our Year 7 to 11 students have undertaken their 2017 course commencement programs and have had the opportunity to spend time as Year 8 to 12 students. They have had an introduction to their teachers and subjects for 2017 and will be well prepared to get into their studies from Day One next year.

Year 12 VCE Results Released

Year 12 results are now released and special congratulations go to Dat Phan with an ATAR of 98.3 and Robert Doyle with 98.25.  Both were acknowledged as the Highest Performers at the Graduation Dinner because the teachers could not make a call on who would be Dux, and for good reason with a .05 difference between them.  Congratulations also to the whole cohort who achieved a 98% completion rate.

2017 Staffing

Our significant increase in enrolments in recent years, as well as a few retirements has led to the college recruiting quite a number of new teachers. This will be the case again for 2017 with ten new teachers joining our staff. So far we have engaged

Minh Nguyen               Maths/Science

Shumailla Paracha   Maths/Science

Sally Christie               English/Media

Malcolm Fretz             English/Media

Marlee Zirkler              English/Humanities

Malisa Govori               Art

Natasa Ciabatti           Italian/EAL

Aaron Boyle                  PE/Health


Aaron has worked at FCC as a CRT (casual relief teacher)  throughout 2016 so he is not entirely new to us, and Sally is part of our alumni so she will be joining some of her ex-teachers as a colleague. However, we look forward to welcoming all of our new teachers to the staff for 2017. We will also be welcoming Elaine Rose, Jak Dunstan and Mayling Constantinou back. All three  will be returning from extended leave, although Mayling will not be re-joining us until term two.


We will be bidding farewell to Gayle Anderson and Maureen O’Flaherty who are retiring at the end of this year. Gayle has been teaching for approximately 37 years and after the closure of Fitzroy High, she joined the staff at FCC in 1993 as a Health and PE teacher. Gayle also coordinated the VCAL program at the college for several years, and supported and guided many students through to successful completion of this program. Maureen O’Flaherty has spent approximately 35 years within the teaching service and commenced at FCC in 1997. For many years Maureen has been the International Student Program coordinator, and in fact has had this role since the program was first introduced into the college. She has recruited and supported numerous students through this program, with the majority of them coming from Vietnam and more recently China, although many other countries have been represented within the program. We thank both Gayle and Maureen for their different  and valued contributions to the college, and wish them the very best in their new lives ahead.

2016 Awards Presentation Evening

Our Presentation Night was held at the Moonee Ponds Clock Tower for the second time and it again proved to be an ideal venue for this occasion. Once again students led the proceedings with Tia Altschwager, James Madsen-Smith, Maddison Lewis and Vincent Victory as the masters of ceremony. The usual array of awards for academic performance, sport, leadership and community contributions were presented to a wide range of students, and many students were involved in the music and theatre performances that were interspersed throughout the evening.  Congratulations must go to the masters of ceremony, those involved in the performances, and of course those who were recipients of the awards.

It was a very successful and positive evening and was great to have the public recognition of the varied achievements of so many of our students.

Centenary Art Show

As well as celebrating the brilliant artworks and design of our students, our Art Show this year was used to celebrate the centenary of FCC. In a nutshell, the one hundred years of history of our school began in 1916 when Footscray Technical School opened its doors on the corner of Nicholson and Buckley Streets. From there it moved to Ballarat Road in 1943 with the opening of a new junior campus, the Footscray Junior School. Eventually by 1968 this site had developed into the Footscray Institute of Technology and in 1972 the secondary school separated from the Institute but remained on the Ballarat Road site – the current site of Victoria University. After some years of considerable community campaigning, and political and industrial pressure it was agreed that a new secondary school would be built, and hence our school came into being on the corner of Kinnear Street and Farnsworth Avenue.   

In keeping with the marking of the centenary, it was thought appropriate to open the Art Show with someone who was closely associated with the design and building of our current school. Hence Paul Rovis was invited to be our keynote speaker. Paul had worked closely with the architects who designed our current building and he had also been head of the Art department at the school, as well as becoming an Assistant Principal. He spoke in some detail of his experiences working with the architects during the building phase in the late 1970s, and prior to its opening  in 1980.


As for the actual art show, and as is always the case, the exhibition had a very impressive range of student artworks in the different mediums, reflecting the depth of creative talent amidst our students.

Centenary Open House

In addition, the centenary year was honoured with an Open House afternoon on Sunday (20th November) and it provided an excellent opportunity for many ex-students in particular, to visit their old secondary school. As well as checking out the impressive centenary displays, there was the option to tour the school, listen to music performances by ex and current students, and/or partake of a sausage or burger from the BBQ.


Thank you to all parents for your support and willingness to work together with the school for another year. On a personal level it has been a difficult year, and I thank all of those parents and families who offered gestures of support and kindness – they were very much appreciated.


On behalf of the college, to all families, we extend our best wishes for the festive season. We hope the holiday period is a relaxing one for all, and look forward to the return of our students in the new year.


STEM program

Building Bridges STEM Intensive


By Tim Beare, Head of Technology


The inaugural two-day “Building Bridges” STEM Intensive program ran on Wednesday 30 November and Thursday 1 December with all year 8 students. The activity was an attempt to raise the profile of STEM education at FCC and draw links (“build bridges”) between the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths); bring together (“build bridges” between!) teachers with different backgrounds, experience and expertise, as well as demonstrate to students the benefits of teamwork, collaboration, communication and contribution while working on a community based project.

The students were given an engineering design challenge to model a pedestrian bridge to span Farnsworth Avenue to connect (“build a bridge” between) the Environmental Science Centre to the main campus. Some STEM lesson material and guidance were presented to the students prior to them breaking into small groups to design and make scaled bridge models using materials like paddle pop sticks, nuts and bolts and wire.

The models were load tested by hanging water buckets from them until they failed (broke). Students had to calculate a Strength Factor based on the results and then deliver a short presentation to their peers about the whole process.

The activity was well received by the students and teachers who were involved. It was a hands-on, fun activity with some rich STEM content embedded in it.


Thankyou to all participating students and teachers for embracing the concept with such vigour and enthusiasm.


Art Show 2016


Exhibition showcases student work


by Beth Cleary


The Footscray City College Art show this year coincided with our school centenary celebrations and was a huge success.


The exhibition showcased the works of students from all levels in art, photography, digital art and furniture design. Our opening night celebrations featured a captivating contemporary drama performance: “The Year 9 Epic theatre performance” and the food technology students provided delicious hors d'oeuvres.


Past Assistant Principal and Art teacher Paul Rovis opened the exhibition and delivered an engaging speech on the school's history.

There was a large turnout of students, staff, parents and the wider community and a great opening night was had by all.


Congratulations to the people’s choice winners Chloe Hildebrand, Shaun Bathan, Samantha McIlwaine, Miu Imaya, Lily Baker and Albert Arellano.


World challenge 2016

We're in Peru!


Hey everyone, we have arrived safely and have settled into our first home stay. We have just had breakfast and are currently meeting our in-country-agent to find out how we're getting to Cusco tomorrow morning. We were all pretty exhausted from four consecutive flights and 23 hours of flying, but after some sleep the 14 tired teenagers are now 14 much-less-tired teenagers.


Cuddling lambs in Cusco

Hey just arrived in Cusco this morning. Everyone's loving it here, booked into our hostel which is really cute. Cuddled some baby lambs and going to spend the rest of the day organising our acclimatisation treks which start tomorrow and then exploring the streets. Here's some photos from the end of our time in Lima and our flight to Cusco. We will post some crazy photos of cusco later. Gotta go lots of hectic things to do

Adios xoxo



Hey guys! We're in Cusco at the moment which is awesome. Today Imogen took us on a tour of the town which included walking through some local markets which were super colourful and amazing. Then we hiked up towards Sacsayhuaman and finished at the statue of Jesus overlooking Cusco. The view was beautiful. We've also seen a ridiculous amount of llamas and alpacas (including baby ones, which some of us had thought were baby lambs originally!!) in the past few days which everyone is very happy about. Tomorrow we will be hiking to an even higher altitude in preparation for our main trek, which we will be starting in a few days.

Buenas noches!


Peruvian adventures in happy pants

Hola everybody!!! We have spent today hiking from Tambomachay (Incan baths) through Sacsayhuaman (an Incan fortress) then back to our accommodation in Cusco (just over 8kms). It had such amazing views and the weather was incredible AND WE SAW OUR FIRST LLAMAS! Tonight we had a surprise dinner for Gretel's birthday, we gave her a pair of honorary 'happy pants' and a (surprise) cheesecake that was divine. Early night for us all because some of us were falling asleep at the table. We have all been coping really well with the altitude and having an amazing time. Tomorrow we are having a rest day and exploring the massive city even more. Looking forward to all our Peruvian adventures in happy pants. Have a groovy time in Australia everyone and we will see you all soon.

Chao compadres


from Kellie Catanese and Gretel Edwards


Duke of Edinburgh camp

Rock climbing, abseiling and snow fights

by Ruby Baum, Jackson Glover, Kieran McMahon, Rosy Jones and Aidan Burkitt


The Duke of Edinburgh camp was a great experience for all of us who were taking part in the award classifications, as well as for the five international students who came with us. We will treasure and be grateful for this experience forever.


We left from school on Monday 28 November at 9.00 am and ventured for six hours to the village of Bogong. We went from the urban scene to farms and paddocks and all the way to mountains surrounded by forests. Upon pulling up to the Bogong School we noticed it was nothing like FCC. The school was outdoors with only a few buildings for sleeping and eating, on a huge mountain and surrounded by luscious flora and fauna. On the first day, we settled in and were given a tour. We were also greeted by Eaglehawk Secondary College, who were the other school attending the camp. That first night of our stay, the chef (Phil) cooked a lovely chicken breast with vegetables and lemon gravy. We were able to share the dinner with Eaglehawk in the dining room. After dinner we had our first activity, which was a sustainability walk around campus and found facts about the area’s animals, history or ways to be sustainable. The day ended by watching a movie, then off to bed.  


The second day began with our morning duties, getting ready, then eating breakfast. Our first  activity of the day was abseiling and rock climbing. We learned how to abseil and rock climb safely on a wall roughly 12 metres high. We were also taught how to belay a person while they climbed up and down the wall. After this activity was lunch, then we all headed down to Lake Guy where we went canoeing and on a river walk up the stream. A lot of the rocks were a little unstable but that didn't deter from the fun. By this time it was around 4.00 p.m. which meant free time. So most of us had showers and then played games of uno, cheat and celebrity heads. By then it was 6.00 pm and time for dinner. Not many of us ate all of our dinner because we were trying to learn a magic trick that the chef taught us with corks. After a long hard day, we prepared for the hike the next day and went to sleep.   


The hike and overnight camp were the main part of the Duke of Edinburgh award qualifications. It was 8 kms from Pretty Valley to the camping site with many hills and and things to cross, but we all helped each other, which made it a lot easier and much more fun. However, the highlight of the hike was finding a patch of snow about 1 km from the camp site. It was small, but seeing a patch of snow in Australia on the last day of spring is almost unheard of. We had snowball fights, made snow angels and slid on the snow as if it was a slide. Once we arrived at the campsite, we set up camp. The night went fast for some because a few slept quite well, but for others it was one long night.


The last day was certainly a memorable one. We returned to the snow one last time, had snowball fights on the first day of summer and then headed off on another 2.4 km walk to a cliff where we rock climbed and abseiled one last time before heading back to Bogong for a much needed shower. Later on that night, we had a reflection task with Eaglehawk where had to share our favourite moments at camp. We shared many laughs then.

The experience was one that all of us will carry in our hearts for a long time. From making memories of friends, sliding into rivers to valuable lessons about life. We would like to make a few thank yous before this article is finished. First we would like to thank the staff of Bogong Outdoor School because they made the experience 10 times better than we had all expected. Thank you to Eaglehawk Secondary College, they made us laugh and added to the fun of the camp. The international students who came on the trip with us deserve a massive thank you for being awesome, putting up with us and trying to teach us Vietnamese. And finally, thank you to our teachers Claudia Esquivel and Michael Hardiker for taking a week out of their lives to take us on the camp. All of the Duke of Edinburgh students would certainly recommend the camp to anyone who has the opportunity to attend it. It's certainly worth it.


High achiever

Maxine Huntsman wins Victoria Young Historian of the Year


by David Browning, Year 10 History Teacher 


FCC student Maxine Huntsman's Women Behind the War project achieved four awards in the National History Competition. Maxine won the Victorian prize in the Year 10 category, the Victorian prize for Women's History, the National prize for Women's History, and in an awards ceremony, she was announced as Victorian Young Historian of the Year. 


Maxine investigated the lived experience of women during the Second World War with a focus on local history. Her extensive research included an interview with 92-year-old Pauline Priestly from Williamstown, who served in the Australian Women's Army Services in Darwin during the Second World War.  Maxine decided her research would be best presented as an educational website for Year 10 students. As you can see, she has split her chapters into the lived experience of women before, during and after the war, with a focus on the influence of the war on the feminist movement.


Here is a link to Maxine's website:


Congratulations Maxine. Footscray City College is extremely proud of this impressive achievement.




English activities

ARENA Artificial Intelligence incursion: Year 8D English

by Emma Schmitt, English and Drama teacher 


This term Year 8D all-boys English class were visited by Arena Theatre company and participated in an interesting incursion with three theatre makers, posing as CSIRO scientists. The boys were presented with the task of designing their own Artificial Intelligence and then asking questions of it to see whether it was real or not.

Initially the sense of mystery around the AI and its authenticity was fully in play, but after one student disappeared and a strange voice came over the speakers, (good work Arion) the class began to suspect these presenters might not be “real” scientists after all. I thought it was very rewarding for the boys to be treated with maturity, particularly in the many activities and conferences that took place before any construction of the AI or an actual “robot” materialised. The facilitators conversed with the boys on all manner of topics, giving them the spotlight and genuinely listening to their stories giving each class member the mic for a few minutes. The boys have never been so quiet, and with prompts like: “What is the most crazy thing you ever did in primary school?” the scene was well and truly set for a great afternoon. I was very proud of the boys, they really got into the spirit of the activity, asked many probing and interesting questions, and the theatre makers thought they were fantastic. The deeper questioning and thinking that came about was a great way to engage my students. Thank you Year 8D and Arena, come back any time, we enjoyed your visit.


Script work: 8D English 

A picture tells a thousand words!

Documentary scriptwriting was a really enjoyable way to finish the year. Congratulations to all the class on their final performance, an unpolished masterpiece.



Horror in 7C


Year 7C performed their short horror play last week utilising stagecraft and an Edwardian script to bring their old fashioned characters and plot to life. Thank you everyone: despite the time constraints you all pulled it together in time. I loved the monkey spirits and the Fakir, the ghostly narrators who poured the tea, and the rather spooky leads who were haunted by the very ill-gotten gains of the Monkey’s Paw. Costumes, lighting and makeup were all beautifully created by the backstage crew. Well done.


Year 7 debating: an enjoyable challenge


by Charlie O’Regan, Year 7


Year 7 Debating 2016 had a successful year! The team consisted of Charlie (myself), James, Edie and Dylan, with David Browning as our mentor/instructor. It started when we went to a session with a couple of other schools about debating, how it worked and what an actual debate was like. After that, we met on Mondays and worked on our debate tactics and topics. Our first debate was on “After-school sports should be compulsory”, and we were on the negative side. The debating team was James, Dylan and me, and we won by just one point. The next debate was the same team, and the debate topic was “The government should increase the funding to the Arts”, and this time we were on the affirmative. We won again, this time by three points. The final debate was James, Dylan and Edie, and it was “Parents should have access to their children’s social media account”. We were on the affirmative, but unfortunately lost. We all had a great time learning the challenging art of debating, and we were all really proud of ourselves when it was over. I recommend joining the debating team next year – it’s a great way to make friends and challenge yourself, while picking up on important public speaking and critical thinking skills. Thank you to David Browning for organising and helping us!



Concert Band plays in Port Melbourne


by Paul Dooley,  Music coordinator


A faithful remnant of the FCC Concert Band took part in the Bay Street Music Festival in Port Melbourne on Friday 2 December. Congratulations to the band members who were able to participate and cap off what has been a year of solid progress for the Concert Band. Under the direction of our woodwind teacher, Mark Daniell, and our brass teacher Marc Matthews, the band has been tackling increasingly difficult repertoire at 8am on Monday mornings all year, and were able to perform at full strength in our end of year music concert in November.


2016 Sport Round-up


By Mark Komp, Sport Coordinator


A very busy 2016 of sport has now come to an end. The most pleasing aspect has been the level of student participation at Interschool competitions.  Along with record participation rates, Footscray City has also enjoyed success in a wide variety of sports. Teams to progress to Western Metropolitan Region finals after winning our local competition this year included:

  • Year 7 Boys Cricket
  • Year 8 Boys Basketball
  • Year 7 Girls Badminton
  • Year 7 Boys Aussie Rules
  • Year 8 Boys Aussie Rules
  • Senior Girls Badminton
  • Senior Boys Tennis
  • Intermediate Boys Tennis
  • Senior Boys Hockey
  • Senior Boys Volleyball
  • Intermediate Boys Badminton
  • Senior Boys Cricket
  • Year 8 Boys Cricket
  • Year 8 Girls Cricket
  • Year 8 Girls Netball
  • Years 7/8 Boys Hockey
  • Year 7 Boys Table Tennis

Three of these teams – Senior Girls and Intermediate Boys Badminton and Year 7 Boys Table Tennis, were successful at the WMR finals and went on to the State finals. Also, congratulations to all students who have represented the school on their behaviour and sportsmanship displayed. It has been really pleasing to witness the spirit and goodwill shown throughout these competitions.

Apart from the team highlights, I would like to acknowledge some individual 2016 sport awards:

  • Swimmers of the Year:  Olivia Battaglia and Kingston Keen
  • Athletes of the Year: Monica Reason and Brody Vorano
  • Sportspersons of the Year: Lillian Ly and Brody Vorano

These students will be remembered as their names will now go on to the FCC Sport Honour Boards.

As well as Interschool competition, there have been weekly timetabled Sport Education classes for all Years 7, 8 and 9 students and our hugely successful Year 7, 8 and 9 Swimming and Athletics carnivals this year. This was the first year students competed in houses at these carnivals and I am hoping the “house spirit” will continue to grow in 2017. Apart from the traditional sports mentioned above, Sport Education classes in Personal Fitness, Self-Defence, Skateboarding, Dance & Lawn Bowls have also been running in various terms.


Finally, many thanks to the staff that have volunteered to coach our teams both at sport days and after school. It has been a pleasure overseeing our students as they develop their skills and tackle the challenges that are presented on the sporting arena. I would like to thank all the FCC staff members who put in a lot of time and effort to train and coach our teams to perform to the best of their ability and in the right spirit of sportsmanship.


Performing Arts

The year that was

by Emily Unt Wan, Drama and Theatre teacher


What a massive year it has been in the performing arts! Take a deep breath, because I’m going to take you on a rollercoaster ride through 2017.

In Term 1, the year 12 Theatre Studies class presented the play “Away” by Michael Gow.

In Term 2, we saw the year 11 Theatre Studies class present “Antigone” by Sophocles (and adapted by Emma Schmidt).


In Term 3, we showcased the talents of our actors, singers, dancers, musicians, technical and backstage crew in “Bye Bye Birdie”, enjoying yet another sold-out season of our school musical, as well as the largest student involvement seen in my time at FCC.

We also witnessed a spectacular treatment of “Summer of the Seventeenth Doll” by the year 11 Theatre Studies class.

In Term 4, our year 12 Music and Theatre Studies students completed their performance exams and proved to us all once again that they are talented, hardworking and dedicated artists and designers.

But these are just the big events!


On top of this, the Music department has put on numerous concerts and soirees, highlighting the vast talents of our instrumental music staff and their students. They have held lunchtime concerts, class performances and even an impromptu rendition of “Sons of the West” after the great win by the Doggies!

The junior Drama department has produced a variety of small plays and performances witnessed by parents and friends. They have created hideous monsters with our year 7 horror makeup classes and taught students how to perform in an ensemble. Our year 9 Drama class produced a stunning Epic Theatre performance, presenting it at Sunshine Gallery and the Centenary Art Show. The year 10 Drama class presented an adaption of Shakespeare’s classic “Hamlet” and a small group of year 9 and 10 students attended and performed in “The Suitcase Series” at The Malthouse Theatre.

And next year? Well, it will be just as amazing!


Thank you so much to any parents, friend or teacher who has contributed in some way to the performing arts this year. It has been a wild ride!

Backstage crew


by Emma Pook and Holly Golz, Year 7


Holly and I have always enjoyed music, and being a part of theatre. Being a part of the musical was important to us, because we loved the atmosphere, and the people.  We were very nervous to start, because we were new in year 7 and felt intimidated.


We started helping in backstage rehearsal, and people were extremely welcoming.  We had to make different props and clothing, as well as find them, and people were very lovely and generous. Everybody was willing to help us, and were open about everything. At times it was stressful, and we had to be committed but we knew it would be worth it. At times we had to stay after school, and come in on weekends to help out.


Backstage included painting the stage, getting all the clothing ready and more. When the show was open to the public, backstage helped with tickets, selling food and programs. Throughout the show, backstage made quick transitions with props, so the audience didn't see us. Holly and I are so happy that we joined the great community of theatre people, and becoming friends with higher year levels felt like a privilege. We learnt a lot, and we are definitely going to be back next year.


EAL and
International students

My Bogong Experience

by Sang Nguyen, ELC


Last week, during the morning of 28th November, 10 Footscray City College students, teachers and I travelled by bus to the Bogong Outdoor School in Victoria. Michael Hardiker organised our destination and camp activities for us because some of the students were doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award. I was very keen to see the Victorian countryside.


We arrived in the evening and I breathed in the fresh air. I viewed the beautiful mountains and gum trees, so different from my city in Ha Noi. We were introduced to many new friends from Eagle Hawk Secondary College. In the evening we gathered in the Environmental Centre and played games such as “Finding Nemo”. I shared a bedroom with three other students and was very excited about what would happen the next day so I couldn’t sleep!


During the week there were many interesting and new activities to do. The highlight of Tuesday was when Jamie taught me to climb using  abseiling indoor rock climbing equipment. During the lesson, I was scratched by a rock because I was distracted by the height! Luckily, my teachers and my friends gave me some encouragement, so I wasn’t  afraid anymore. When I made it to the ground, everybody applauded and smiled at me. That small thing made me very happy.


Later in the week I hiked to Mt Cope and Langsford Gap via Cope Saddle Hut and camped for the evening. I helped to prepare dinner and found fresh water in the creek. I slept in a sleeping bag for the first time and was warm even though it was a very cold night. In the morning we rock climbed at Strawberry Saddle then hiked back to the the school.


I learnt many things that I will always remember such as assembling a tent, tasting vegemite, making new friends and walking for five hours.

My best memory was when Jamie invited me to walk to the peak of the mountain and it was a great opportunity to learn something about myself.


English Language Centre visit to the NGV

 by Rebecca Nguyen, Year 8 ELC


Earlier this year, my Language Centre peers and I visited the National Gallery of Victoria - International Art.


We travelled to Melbourne by train with our teachers, Adrienne and Beth. We arrived at the Gallery to view the Degas Exhibition and create art in the workshop. We completed an abstract oil pastel drawing and Rosemary our mentor helped us to frame our work.


I was delighted and proud to have my class exhibit our work at the recent Footscray City College student art exhibition. We had written about our experience at the National Art Gallery during our english class and now could review the exhibition where our work was displayed!


I had a great experience!


International students reunite

By Maureen O'Flaherty

SInce making friends while studying at FCC during 2007, past international students Birte Kröger and Hilda Lou keep in regular contact. Birte and Hilda have remained great friends, staying with family and friends when visiting one another in Germany and China. Most recently they both attended the wedding of an ex-FCC student in Tasmania.  Birte is studying Psychology in Germany and will continue with further studies in Psychotherapy.  Hilda works at an Accounting firm in Melbourne after studying at RMIT and in London, and lives in Wheelers Hill with her mother and brother. During Birte and boyfriend Andrés’ road trip of Australia, I met up with them in Northern NSW where we had a wonderful time reminiscing and enjoying the tropical beaches, rivers, and markets.

Pictured below:

1. Birte and Hilda in Tasmania

2. Laurie, with Hilda and Birte in Laurie's daughter's coffee shop in Williamstown. Birte and Hilda lived with Laurie in Homestay arrangements while studying at FCC.


Library gazette



by Daniel Micallef, Library Manager


The library has recently added over one thousand new and classic ebooks to our online collection. Ebooks are great because they can be accessed during school holidays, weekends, at midnight... In fact, they can be accessed at anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection! You can read them on your netbook or tablet or smart phone, and now our collection has been bolstered by the addition of hundreds of the hottest titles in YA literature as well as the old classics. We have the latest Harry Potter volume as well as other hot series by authors like Derek Landy, Veronica Roth and Amie Kaufman, so the collection has definitely improved since the last time you may have checked its virtual shelves.

You can browse our ebook collection by visiting  but for the easiest and quickest way to read our ebooks you should download the ePlatform app from the app store that matches your device:  

Once you’ve done that, search for our school and login using your compass details - then you can start borrowing and reading. With this app, once you’ve borrowed your book you don’t even have to be online to keep reading it!

Why not download the app and take advantage of the huge range of ebooks you can read over these upcoming school holidays.


One of our students, Nadia Harley from Year 11 (pictured above with Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff authors of “The Illuminae files” at MWF16) has a book review on the Melbourne Writers Festival blog. You can check it out here:



Our book club continues to meet during Friday lunchtimes in the library classroom.  We talk about books, puns, and many other topics of interest.



On Friday 18 November, Emilie Zoey Baker hosted a slam poetry workshop for 20 of our students from different year levels.  The students got to learn about the origins of slam poetry, they brainstormed ideas for their poems, expanded on their ideas and then created their own poetry.  A number of them performed their poetry in front of the group on topics such as Trump being elected president of the USA, statistics on the issues facing transgender youth, bullying and the environment to name a few.  One great play on words that came out of one of the performances was “you don’t need balls to play sport”.  



The three best reviewers over the next three weeks will each win a new book. Go online to our school library catalogue, search a book title and add your review.  Please speak to the library staff if you need any assistance adding your review.  Happy reading!

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