Photo: Year 8 Student Leaders interview AFLW stars on International Women's Day

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21 March 2017
Issue Five
For your diary
Going swimmingly
And we're racing... Athletics Carnival this week
Sporting success
Invitation: AGM 2017
Casual Day for Good Friday Appeal
International Students represent NHS at Government House
Students embrace gender equality
The world is evolving, and so are we...
Parent Student Teacher Conversations
Feedback and Assessment: Learning Behaviour Reports
Careers News
Literary celebrations
Invitation: Friends of Music
Bon voyage Musicians
Open Morning 2017
Opportunity: student exchange scholarships
Fairfield Primary School Annual Fair
Community notices
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For your diary

Photo: 2017 Magnet

Key dates coming up



Tue 21          Year 8 Boho Camp 5 leaves

Wed 22        Athletics Carnival

Thurs 23     Parent Student Teacher Conversations

                       Northcote High School AGM (5.30pm)

Mon 27        Music Tour to China and Art Design Tour to USA leave

Tue 28          Year 8 Boho Camp 6 leaves

Wed 29        Parent Student Teacher Conversations

Thurs 30     Year 7 Immunisations

Fri 31           End Term 1 - 2pm dismissal



Tue 18       Term 2 commences

Wed 19      7A-F Camp leaves (to Phillip Island)

Fri 21         VCE Classics Camp (to 23/4)

Mon 24     Captains' Conference

                     Production all day rehearsal

Tues 25     ANZAC day Public Holiday

Wed 26      7G-L Camp leaves (to Phillip Island)

Thurs 27    Open Morning

Fri 28           Friends of Music Annual Quiz


Going swimmingly

Photo: Supporting their house

Plenty of fun at the pool

Clear skies, a gentle breeze and 30 degrees on March 9 were ideal conditions for a vibrant and hotly contested Swimming Carnival. The four houses were well represented not only in the pool, but in the wide range of novelty and non-swimming events. Creative costumes and enthusiastic cheer squads added to the atmosphere, and our VET Sports and Rec students did a fantastic job as marshalls, time keepers and organising assistants for the day.  


Records were set for participation and attendance: there were almost 400 individual participants in competitive events, plus many more in the novelty events.  Our tutorial group attendance winners were:

 7E, 7H, 7I, 7J (100%)

 8I (96%)

 9F,9G,9J (92%)


Congratulations also to our Age Group Champions:

 16 Yr  Timothy Ingram & Katie Gevaux

 15 Yr Hannah Proctor-Parkin & Oscar Mulhall

 14 Yr Hayden Nunn & Sarah Robinson

 13 Yr Grace Lucas & Matteo Rossi-Hunt


Plenty were declared the House Champions, and the trophy accepted by Year 10 Sport Captain Saumya Rauniyar.  


A huge thank you to the VET students, Sports Captains and the PE team, led by Sarah Blanchard, who made the day so successful.



Swimmers through to Regional meet

After a fantastic day at our Swimming Carnival the following students have qualified to compete in the Regional Swimming meet on March 29 at Watermarc in Greensborough -  Georgia Proctor Parkin, Hanna Proctor Parkin, Matteo Rossi-Hunt, Sarah Robinson, Hayden Nunn, Imogen Nunn, Oscar Mulhull, Katie Gevaux, Tim Ingram, Julian Krieger, Noah Rindschwentner, William Stephens, Thomas Noonan, Fergis Fennessy, Katinka Weber, Jackson Bedggood, Charlie Turnbull-Jones, Matthew Kanizay, Samuel Stephens, Demetrius Mousaferdiadis, Grace Lucas, Milla Freeman, Maddie De Bondt, Alfred Walker, Frederick Wild, Alanna Karamoshos, Ash Galea, Lily Deady, Alexandra Sarmas-Murdolo, Marcus Chick, Magnus Mulhull.  We wish all of our swimmer the best of luck.

And we're racing... Athletics Carnival this week

Photo: Competitors at the 2016 Athletics Carnival

Important information regarding the Athletics Carnival

Hot on the heels of the Swimming comes our Annual Athletics Carnival: the second large community sporting event for 2017. Similar to the Swimming Carnival, the day allows students and staff alike to develop new friendships through participating in a range of events. Students are given an opportunity to compete in a full program of events and secure their place in the divisional athletics team.


The Athletics Carnival is on this Wednesday 22 March from 9.15am - 2pm at the George Knott Athletic Track, Heidelberg Rd, Clifton Hill. Competitors in 3000m and 1500m events should arrive by 8.45am. 


Attendance is compulsory for students in Years 7-9. Should your child be ill on the day, please provide an appropriate medical note. Payment for the Carnival ($12.50) and consent can be made via Compass.


Getting to the Venue

All Students are to make their own way to the track and will be dismissed from the venue. The recommended transport route is via tram however a walking route has also been suggested (see below).


Students can take tram 86 from Northcote High Street (towards Clifton Hill) and get off at stop 25, Clifton Hill. Staff members will meet students at stop 25 and direct them towards the Athletics Track.


Alternatively a walking route has been suggested with teaching staff placed along the route (Westgarth Street/East Street as well as through Oldis Gardens and onto Heidelberg Road).

Should you have any questions please contact Sarah Blanchard via email ( as soon as possible. Please include your child’s full name and tutorial group. Students will need to arrive at Collingwood Athletics Track by 9.15am for roll marking.

Other things to know...


8.30am – 8.45am All students wishing to compete in the longer track events (3000m and 1500m) must arrive at the track and proceed to the sign-in tables at the front entrance before marshalling for their race.

8:45-9:15am  All students must arrive at the track and sign-in no later than 9:15am. Students in Years 7-9 can sign up for events on arrival at the track.

9:30am All other events begin

2pm All students will be dismissed and make their own way home from the track. NO buses will be provided. Staff will be there to assist students with directions to public transport options.



Students should be Sun Smart, bringing a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a long sleeve shirt with a collar. All students are strongly encouraged to wear their House Colours/fancy dress. House allocations can be found on Compass next to the student’s name. It is also recommended that students bring a picnic blanket.


Consent and Payment:         

Payment ($12.50) and Consent for the swimming carnival can be done via Compass or the front office.  The due date for payment and consent is Tuesday 21st March 2017.



All students are encouraged to bring food for the day and plenty of water. Northcote High School canteen staff will also be running a BBQ from which food can be purchased.


Family Participation:  

All parents/guardians are invited to attend the Carnival with events running from 9:00am – 1:40pm. There are competitive track and field events and novelty events catering for all students.

Students in Years 10-12

Year 10, 11 and 12 classes will still be running as normal. Students competing in the Athletics should make arrangements with their teachers regarding missed work.


Year 10, 11 and 12 students wishing to compete in the Athletics Carnival should have signed up via the Sport signup survey on myNorthcoteHigh.

Program of events


Sporting success

Photo: Intermediate Cricket Team

Intermediate Cricket and Tennis

Congratulations to our Intermediate Cricket team who have had success over the past few weeks winning the Divisional and Regional Competitions.  Earlier this week they defeated Uni High in the Regional Final which now qualifies them to play in the State Quarter Final in November. Well done boys, a big thank you to Mr Thompson for coaching yet another successful sporting team.


On the 16th March our Intermediate Tennis Teams competed in the Divisional Competition at Lakeside Tennis Courts in Reservoir.  We took 3 Boys teams and 1 girls team.   Our Yr 9 Boys team were outright winners on the day and our Girls team easily defeated Thornbury to also finish on top. Both teams now move through to the Regional Competition to be played early next term.

State Representatives

Congratulations to Taysen Wilcox of Year 9 who has made the U15 Victorian State hockey team and will be competing at the National Championships in April in Sydney. Good luck Taysen!


Taysen's sister Rylie (Year 7) is also a talented athlete, and has been awarded the 2016 Victorian School Sports Award for Hockey, presented recently at the MCG. A great achievement, Riley.



Invitation: AGM 2017

You are invited to the Northcote High School AGM


Casual Day for Good Friday Appeal

Photo: Good Friday Appeal

Student Casual Clothes Day Friday 31 March

On Friday 31 March we will hold a Casual Day to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal.  


Bring a Gold Coin Donation to wear casual clothes for the day.


Bring your extra change to buy food at the Sausage Sizzle and Bake Sale!


Brought to you by the Peer Support Leaders

International Students represent NHS at Government House

Photo: Meeting dignitaries

International Student Government House Reception

On the 15th March, 4 International Student representatives (JIA Li, DO Huong Ann, Kirash NIKOO & LI Ziyan) attended the annual Government House Welcome Reception for International Students. During the event international student representatives from all school sectors received welcome speeches from both Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria and Ms Dodds of the International Division. In their speeches the state leaders expressed a warm welcome to all international students and thanked them for choosing to complete secondary education in a Victoria school and wished them a great experience and to enjoy all the opportunities the state offers


This was a very exciting experience for our students who had the privilege to represent Northcote High School. On their return, our students shared their positive experiences with fellow international students and passed on the good wishes for a very successful time in Australia.


Year 11 International Student Camp

The Year 11 International Student group enjoyed the 3 days of outdoor education experience at Marysville Camp in early March. Camp highlights included claiming, abseiling, canoeing, bush- walking, cycling and environmental sustainability education. Students thoroughly immersed in the eye-opening and very stimulating outdoor experience and were appreciative of the opportunity to experience more of Australian lifestyle.


Students embrace gender equality

Photo: Students with guests Nat Exon and Darcy Vescio

Celebrating International Women's Day

Northcote students marked International Women's Day with exuberance, participating in a number of events throughout the day. Students in the 'Herstory Hackathon' researched and uploaded biographies of remarkable women from a wide range of fields including the Arts, Education, Sport and Literature. As well as ensuring that these women are better represented in the online universe, our student learnt valuable skills in finding sources, proper citation and constructing pages. 


Women's art popped up in unexpected places around the school, and eagle-eyed participants completed the Women's Art Quiz in hope of winning a prize for their class.


Finally, it was standing room only in the Library at lunchtime as Year 8 Leaders Hannah and Charlie confidently hosted a lively and interesting Q&A session with Nat Exon and Darcy Vescio from the AFLW.  It was great to see the way in which the increased recognition of women's football has captured the imagination of the community, including our students.


The world is evolving, and so are we...

Photo: Year 11 students on a Skype conference

The Northcote Model: Learning and Teaching at Northcote High School


If you want to learn more about the topics raised in this article, or talk it through, a Community Conversation is happening at Northcote on May 10th, so please save the date.


Why evolve?

Last year, curriculum leaders at our school reviewed ‘learning at Northcote’ by considering the ways we deliver programs, the learning experiences of students and the manner in which we prepare our young people to meet the future. 


Evolution is occurring in the world, particularly in the world of work. The World Economic Forum has presented the idea of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, a future where routine skilled and unskilled work will be automated, and where previously highly paid work (such as legal research, for example) may be done by intelligent machines.   There is an increasing need to prepare our students for complex and non-routine skilled work. We want them to be skilled collaborators and problem solvers, who think creatively and critically, are ethical and who have sophisticated communication skills.   Change needs to occur in (and out) of our classrooms if we want our young people to be prepared for this future.  We need our students to learn more deeply, to be self-aware in their learning, and to apply their skills to the real world.


Evolution is also occurring in our school.  Increasingly, we need to become a school that personalises learning to meet the needs of our community. At the same time, we need to make sure all of our students are working from a secure foundation of skills and that they know how to learn.


In order to be the kind of school that can continue to deliver on our responsibilities to our community, we have developed a new model for curriculum provision for Years 7 to 10: The Northcote Model. The enhancements we are making will be made in two stages. The first stage, which will be available to Years 9 and 10, will begin in 2018. The second stage, involving Years 7 and 8, will start from 2019.


What is the Northcote Model?

In the Northcote Model, learning at Years 9 and 10 will be organised to provide greater student choice.  Students will still need to complete a set number of semester-long courses in each Learning Area over two years. However, they will be able to request access to a range of courses within each area, and have the opportunity to make decisions about how they learn in their subjects. In addition, they will select six semester-length courses over two years from any of the Learning Areas, so that they can do more of what they are passionate about, or, alternatively, choose a greater variety of experiences.


The traditional distinction between ‘core’ subjects and ‘elective’ subjects will dissolve, and all courses offered will be designed around the concept of ‘hard fun’: the idea that increased achievement is best encouraged in an environment that is both challenging and engaging.  Courses are currently being documented, and the Victorian Curriculum underpins every opportunity that will be offered to students.   Our Years 7 and 8 program will focus on strengthening students’ academic skills and offering a broad program with clearly differentiated experiences in each of these two year levels.    


When will the changes start?      

If your child is currently in Year 8, you will be part of our subject selection process from Term 3 this year.  Decisions about which subjects a student requests should emerge from discussions at home and at school which acknowledge the student’s interests, skills and needs; the family’s knowledge of their child; as well as the knowledge the student’s tutor and subject teachers have about the child as a learner.  With increased subject offerings comes the obligation for us to partner with families in assisting our young people to make great choices.


If your child is currently in Year 7, 8 or 9, you may want to attend our Community Conversation on May 10th.


Further Reading
Please see below a range of research and information that has informed the review, planning and implementation of the learning program design.

For information on the future of work, see:

On the future of learning:

By Yong Zhao, who has worked with us through The Mitchell Institute and Victorian Association of Secondary School Principals.

Parent Student Teacher Conversations

Reflecting on Learning

Parent Student Teacher Conversations are this Thursday, 23 March, and next Wednesday, 29 March.  On both days, normal classes will run p.1-3, then students will be dismissed to enable them to attend the Conversations. Bookings (via Compass) opened last week, and some spaces are still available. 


On the morning of the Conversations, please check your Compass Newsfeed: a message will be sent to families to alert you of any last-minute teacher absences. This Newsfeed will also indicate teacher locations for the interviews.  On arrival at the school, you can also check in at reception to collect a map of interview locations. Staff will be on hand to provide assistance. 


We look forward to seeing all families here for the Conversations. They are an excellent opportunity for your child to reflect on their learning and to seek feedback from their teachers on their progress. 

Feedback and Assessment: Learning Behaviour Reports

Have you checked your child's Learning Behaviour Report?

Learning Behaviour Reports were released to families on Friday March 17.


Learning Behaviour Reports (Formerly GPAs) are a report located on Compass where a student’s levels of effort, organization, involvement in class and application to their studies are measured irrespective of their level of academic ability. Our data has shown a strong correlation between high Learning Behaviour Report scores and high academic success.


It is hoped that the simple ranking system of “Always, Usually, Sometimes, Rarely and Never” will provide a clear framework whereby teachers; families and students can work together to promote positive learning habits and behaviours.


These behaviours include:

  • Arrives equipped and prepared to work
  • Completes and submits work by due date
  • Follows instructions and respects others’ learning
  • Participates constructively and remains on task
  • Responds positively to feedback


Classroom teachers complete two of these cycles for each student in their class each semester, approximately six weeks apart to allow time for reflection and changes to behaviours where needed.


Student GPA's are tracked from each cycle and allow staff to celebrate at year level assemblies students who exhibit good learning behaviours or who have worked hard to improve their learning behaviours. It also allows staff and Year Level Program leaders to identify students who may be struggling.


The reports are a tool that you, as parents, can use to have a conversation with, and possibly set some goals, around your child’s organisation and application in and beyond the classroom.


Being in the right place, at right time, doing the right things can have a very positive impact on learning.


Attached is a document that outlines what each descriptor is measuring.


Careers News

Careers Expo for Year 11

Exploration of a range of different career options is an important part of the process through which young people decide what might suit them later in life. In addition, information on how to respond to changes, find opportunities or set goals and achieve them forms part of the development we all need to do in order to be able to manage our careers over a lifetime.


Last week, our Year 11 students had the opportunity to select two speakers from a range of fifteen guests, all of whom spoke about their own career journeys and provided a wide range of insights into how students might approach their own decision-making.


The following people generously gave their time, energy and expertise to prepare for and deliver thought-provoking and interactive sessions for our students; and for that we thank them sincerely. Whilst all the sessions were very well-received and there was a positive buzz in the rooms, a particular highlight was the opportunity for students to Skype with a friend of staff member Elisha Templin, who is a California-based programmer for Facebook.


Marco Bini                          LAWYER

Shelly Brown                     PARAMEDIC

Rachael Dalley                 SURVEYOR

Eleni Hatzis                        DOCTOR

Renee Johnson                POLICE OFFICER (MOUNTED)

Ricky Johnstone              PROFESSOR OF CANCER RESEARCH

Jessica Kelly                     SCHOOL NURSE, GAP OPPORTUNITIES

Gabriela Love                  MINING ENGINEER

Josh Melican                    TEACHER, SECURITY GUARD, BODYGUARD

Justin Pasqualini            PROGRAMMER AT FACEBOOK

Cara Ryan                          ENGINEER

Bret Salinger                     PHOTOGRAPHER & ADVERTISING CONSULTANT

Andrew Sweatman         ENTREPRENEUR


David Wong                     DESIGNER, EDUCATOR


A similar event will be held for our Year 10s on May 17, so we would welcome volunteers from our community who have an interesting career story to tell.


Work Experience dates 2017


Year 10 Monash Discovery Day 

Bring your curiosity, optimism and passion, and discover a course that’s right for you.


WHEN                          5 April 2017, 10am – 2pm

LOCATION                  Robert Blackwood Hall 49 Scenic Boulevard Clayton campus

REGISTER NOW        Places are strictly limited.

University Open Days

All tertiary institutions hold Open Days during the year, as well as providing multiple other opportunities for students to explore their options. It is important that families consider doing this well before Year 12. Firstly, because what you find out in earlier years will shape the decisions you make in the lead-up to your final year of schooling – and may even determine whether you study VCAL or VCE. Secondly, because regardless of the program you choose, Year 12 will be a busy and demanding year, so it is advisable not to place too much pressure on your precious spare time. Ideally, Year 12 should be reserved for revisiting places you’ve already explored, to reassure yourself that they are still suitable for your goals.


In addition to the official “Open Day Season”, which generally fills out August to September, many institutions offer targeted holiday programs, and special events designed to give students greater insight into what it’s actually like to be a uni students. In most cases, these events are smaller and you will have greater access to information specific to particular areas of study. These will be advertised via this newsletter and myNHS, and families should also be subscribing to the newsletters sent out by unis.


"Inside Monash" Seminar Series

More intimate and targeted than Open Days, these seminars offer you detailed information on specific courses throughout the year. They bring together course experts including staff, current students and graduates to provide valuable insights about admissions, the university experience and career outcomes. This is a perfect opportunity for future students to ask the questions that matter to them!

Seminars commence at 6.30pm and finish at 8pm.

Examples for this term include:

  • March 28 – Pharmacy
  • April 5 - Design & Fine Art
  • April 11 – Architecture
  • April 12 – Interior Architecture

Register via this link: 

A Day at Melbourne University

Ever wondered what it’s really like to be a uni student? If you’re in Year 12, sign up for a Day at Melbourne and find out for yourself!  Sit in on a first year lecture, quiz our current students, go on a guided tour and check out the residential colleges. You can choose your own adventure on the day, with activities and info available on the Melbourne Curriculum, scholarships, study abroad, Access Melbourne, clubs and societies, accommodation options and much more. There’s even a session just for parents, so they can learn what they need to do to support you during the exciting times ahead.


The University of Melbourne,

Parkville campus

Friday 7 April 2017

9.00am – 3.00pm

For more information, please call 13 MELB (13 6352)

Register now:

Experience LaTrobe University

Be a uni student for the day

Students can attend workshops, lectures and seminars, find out about career options, areas of study, pathways and student life. Students can come with their friends and parents and chat with our Student Ambassadors about what to expect at university.

Experience La Trobe is a free event – with lunch and entertainment on us!

Register now

Select from a range of different workshops on offer and register now.

Deakin University

Deakin Step on Campus Event

Go on a 45-minute tour of your chosen campus, where you'll find out more about university life, study areas and be able to gain a feel for the campus from your tour guide, a current Deakin student!  Students interested in studying at Deakin University might like to consider attending!  Details for the Melbourne campus are:


Dates:              Mon 3 April OR Thur 6 April OR Mon 10 April OR Thur 13 April
Times:             10.00am OR 12.00pm OR 3.00pm

Venue:            Building HF, Level 2 221 Burwood Highway in Burwood 


To register for the Melbourne campus event, or for Geelong Waurn Ponds, Geelong Waterfront, or Warrnambool, visit Deakin Step on Campus  

Curious about Surveying?

Surveying is one of those undervalued, misunderstood career titles that actually offers a wide range of opportunities. If you enjoy Maths and Geography, you should consider finding out more about the options available to you. Surveyors can work flexibly in office and outdoor settings, and the profession is currently experiencing growth.


Spend a day with the experts at RMIT, try out some of the equipment, find out whether this might be for you ...


Follow this link to register:

Discover Design at Swinburne

Discover Design is a creative school holiday program in July for Year 10–12 students who would like to learn more about design careers, courses and pathways. Participants will develop a design portfolio, broaden their problem solving and design-thinking skills and work in teams—just like in a real design studio! 


Discover Design is run by academics who teach Swinburne's design courses so students get to experience campus life first hand, meet design students and find out more about the courses on offer.


To register and find out more, visit the links below.


Registration Page


2016 Promotional video

Free Design Workshops

RMIT offers some first class opportunities for our students to fine-tune their folio preparation and interview skills in readiness for selection into many of their design-based courses. In most of these courses, performance in these tasks carries a higher weighting than the ATAR result, so students are encouraged to make use of opportunities such as these to gain advice from the experts.


Literary celebrations

Photo: Writers Talkfest

Stella Prize Awards

Save the date: April 18.

See attached flyer for details


Writers TalkFest

Back by popular demand, the annual Northcote High Literary TALK-FEST is back! In 2017, a panel of
Australia’s finest writers discuss Writing Freedom. Maxine Beneba Clarke, Abdi Aden with Clare Wright… more writers to be announced. Book now - this popular event sells out quickly!


Wednesday 3 May, 7:30 – 9:00pm

Oliver Hall, Northcote High School
Tickets: $20 / $12 conc


Invitation: Friends of Music

Are you a music lover? Is your child involved in the music program?

Join the Friends of Music and help us support Northcote's highly regarded music program.  NHS Friends of Music is a group of parents who fundraise for the Music Department. We are a welcoming, creative and active group, always on the lookout for new ideas, skills and energy to keep building our Music community.


Friends of Music is a great way to get involved in Northcote High School!

Fundraising is done via

¨ Annual Quiz Night (coming up soon - see article below)

¨ Refreshment stand at School Production

¨ Raffles at Music concerts

¨ Selling of programs at Music events

¨ Catering for Big Band Boogie and Strings, Wine & Cheese



¨  Citizenship Awards

¨ Bassoon Scholarship

¨ Tuba Scholarships

¨ Music chairs for new building

¨ Musical instruments

¨ Sound equipment


There are only 3 or 4 meetings per year to plan events.


If you would like to join Friends of Music or you can offer goods or a service we could raffle or auction please email: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you soon!




Annual Quiz Night

Get your finery out and your trivia muscles working! Tickets are now on sale for the Annual Friends of Music Quiz Night on Friday April 28 at 7.30pm.


It's always a great night of games, questions, challenges (not all of them musical!) fun and prizes. Funds raised go to supporting the NHS Music Program, including student scholarships and specialist equipment purchases.


Bookings via Tickets are $20 per person; bring your friends and family to form tables of up to 10.

Bon voyage Musicians

Photo: Rehearsal

International tour

On Sunday 26th March, the 2017 Music Tour to China will depart. 33 students and 6 teachers will travel to Shanghai, Huaibei, Tianjin, Beijing and Xian for two weeks. The group of talented musicians will perform at a range of venues and explore all that China has to offer.Family, friends and staff enjoyed a farewell concert from the group on Monday 20 March. We are looking forward to tales of their trip featuring in coming editions of this newsletter.


Open Morning 2017

Community Engagement for prospective parents

Spread the word to your Primary School connections: Open Morning is coming up on April 27, starting at 9.15am. Grade 6 students interested in the ACE program for 2018 need to apply by April 24 - application forms can be found on our website.

Opportunity: student exchange scholarships

Would you like to see the world as an exchange student?


Fairfield Primary School Annual Fair

Fairfield Primary School invites you to their Annual Fair

Community notices

Construction update: M40 Preston Reservoir to Merri Creek Water Main Renewal Project

An update on the works currently affecting St Georges Rd median strip tram line and bike paths

Opportunity: Voiceworks Writing Competition for young authors


Alphington BlueTongues 

Alphington Football Club is a welcoming, community run soccer club based at Alphington Park, Parkview Rd, Alphington. It fields senior teams, junior teams and a development squad (mini roos).


University Hill Eagles FC seeking players - New soccer club


Train to be a Swimming Instructor


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