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17 March 2017
Issue Eight
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Dates To Remember


Monday 20 March

Year 11 ODE - Brimbank Park

Tuesday 21 March

Harmony Day

School Council AGM

Wednesday 23 March

Year 7-12 Interschool Chess Tournament

Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Thursday 23 March

Year 12 Media - ACMI & Museum

Year 7-11 Essendon Football Club

MSC Parent Information Night

Friday 31 March

Year 9 ODE - Hard Rock Climbing Gym

Term 1 Ends - 3.10 pm dismissal


Tuesday 18 April 

Term 2 begins

Thursday 20 April

Parent Teacher Conference 11.40 am -7.40 pm

Tuesday 25 April

Anzac Day

Thursday 27 to Friday 28 April

Year 11 ODE - Overnight Hike


Monday 1 May

Year 12 ODE - Westgate Park

Wednesday 3 May

Student Early Finish - 1.39pm

Year 7 Immunisation

Friday 5 May

Whole School House Athletics Day

Monday 15 May

Student Early Finish - 1.39 pm

Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 May

Year 9 Camp






Tuesday 23 May

2017 Careers Expo

School Council meeting

Thursday 25 to Friday 26

Year 9 ODE - Surf Coast Walk


Monday 5 June

Student Early Finish - 1.39 pm

Friday 9 June

Year 9 Maths/English Exam

Monday 12 June

Queens Birthday

Tuesday 13 June 

Year 11 Maths/English exam

Thursday 15 to Monday 19 June

Year 11 Exams

Tuesday 20 to Thursday 22 June

Year 10 Exams

Friday 23 June

Year 10 to Year 11 Subject Supermarket

Thursday 29 June

VCE ODE - You Yangs Regional Park Abseiling

Friday 30 June

Term 2 ends - 3.10pm  dismissal

Principal's Report

Parents Needed for School Review Focus Group

I would like to invite all parents who would like to have input into our review to attend one of two parent focus group sessions being held on Monday 20 March. The groups will be facilitated by our School Reviewer, Lesley Tulloch and her team to ensure that we get a strong level of parent input into her report. This week, Lesley and her team met with our School Council President, Chris Papas and with groups of students and staff,  she visited classrooms and reviewed the college curriculum and policy documents. By attending a parent focus group and sharing your views about how you think our school is performing, you will be making a valuable contribution to its future.

Melton Secondary College in new SBS Documentary

After a year of filming, I have been told that the SBS documentary we have been apart of is in its finals stages and will be ready to air early next term. Titled, Testing Teachers the documentary will present an insight into the highs and the lows that two of our Teach for Australia Associates experienced in the first year of their training as new teachers. Over the course of the three-part series we will see scenes where students are having fun and succeeding at their learning, but also others when students are struggling and finding the subjects and getting along with others a real challenge. It asks us to think deeply about the responsibility that we all have to make sure that every young person is safe, happy and successful and the vital role that schools and teachers play. I am confident that the documentary 'Testing Teachers' will inspire us all to work together to achieve this incredibly important goal. Further details about the release date for Testing Teachers will be published soon.

Year 11 Peer Mentors

I have seen some outstanding leadership displayed recently by the Year 11 Peer Mentor team who have been working hard to support our year 7 students make a great start to secondary school. Many of the activities so far have been conducted in the Tutorial program, they also joined the Year 7 Camp and helped with problem-solving, friendship and trust building activities. Well done mentors!

Extra-Curriculum Program

This year School Council has invested $50,000 in developing a new Extra-Curriculum program. We want every minute of a students' time at school to be an opportunity to learn, so a range of lunch time and after school programs are now available for students to join. We want to see every student engaged in something that they enjoy at school. With 20 different clubs and activities running over the fortnight,  the Extra Curricula program is not only an opportunity to do something fun at lunch or after school, but to also mix with a different group of students with similar interests.  The program coordinator,  Ms Van Cuylenberg, or Assistant Principal Mr Devine, would be delighted to hear suggestions from students or parents for new clubs or activities that could be run during of after school. 

Assistant Principals' Report




Assessment and Reporting

As a school we try to give you regular feedback on your child’s progress by providing regular reports. You will receive information via Compass (our on-line communication tool) every 5 weeks which you should read along with your child. In this first cycle we are reporting on the Learning Habits for students in Year 7-10. Year 11 & 12 students will receive that information as well as an indication of whether or not they are meeting the Learning Outcomes for their subjects. In addition, there will be a Parent/Teacher/Student Interview opportunity on Thursday 20th April. You will receive information very soon on how to make appointments. We would strongly encourage you to attend with your child to maximize the benefit of the conversation.


The scale used on these reports is:

Always = 95-100% of the time

Often = 80-95% of the time

Sometimes = 50%-80% of the time

Rarely = less than 50% of the time

No evidence = never


To score Always these are the Learning Behaviours we are expecting:

Arrives equipped and ready to work:    

Arrives on time to every class

Brings a full student kit to every class

Systematically maintains Workbook

Completes and submits work by due date: 

Submits all homework &classwork tasks by due date

Completes all homework and/or classwork

Quality of the work reflects a personal best and/or meets the expectations of the task                


Co-operates and builds positive responsibilities:

Displays behaviour that supports our 2 Rights &


Demonstrates responsibility in group work


Participates constructively and  remains on task:

Willingly shares ideas to enhance learning in the classroom

Displays resilience and persistence

Demonstrates focus every lesson


Uses feedback to improve   Learning :                      Seeks meaningful support for improvement

Redrafts work incorporating ideas for improvement

Monitors own growth and sets learning goals


If you want to discuss your child’s progress or have concerns about their report, please contact the relevant Sub-school who will assist you.


Andrée Poulter

Assistant Principal

Sub Schools

Junior Sub School

Last week the Year 7s attended Adekate Adventure Camp in Dean. 117 students enjoyed supplementing their regular learning program with this co-curricular activity. Students were able to participate in orienteering, rock climbing, a quiz night, sport and dining together. We were lucky enough for Dani and Stacey from the Wellbeing Team to join us for an evening, where we split into boys and girls groups for some activities.

A highlight of the camp was the adventure based learning that took place, where students needed to work in groups to complete a series of physical challenges. The communication and resilience that was displayed by students was admirable. We are sure that those who attended will be able to apply the skills they have learnt back at school, and that their experiences will support them in their learning journey.

The Junior Sub School expresses their thanks to all the staff who supported the camp. In particular, the senior VCAL team should be applauded for sending students for the peer support program. The Year 7s loved being able to spend time with their Year 11 buddies outside of a school setting.


Next Thursday night the 23rd Melton Secondary College is hosting an Open Night for all families interested in sending their young people to the College in future years. This will be a fantastic opportunity to meet with staff and tour the facilities, as well as meet current students and ask questions of them.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Middle Sub School

As we head towards the end of the first term, the focus will be on student reports. We encourage parents to log onto Compass and discuss their students’ reports. If you are unable to access Compass please contact the school. The Middle Sub-School will be reviewing reports in order to ensure that we are supporting all students in their learning for this year. Students will also be using their reports to set goals for the rest of the semester.

School holidays are the best time to revise the work completed in Term 1 in preparation for Term 2 and their end of semester exams.

We have two types of memory:

  • Short term memory
  • Long term memory

When a student first learns something it enters their short term memory. If they can link the new knowledge to something they have already stored in their brain then it will be retained.  If the information proves useful, like their password to their Facebook account and it is used, then it is transferred to their long term memory and retained.


If information is neither linked or useful and used again, it will slip out of the short term memory. Literally, in one ear and out the other. Parents, when helping your student at home, try to assist them to draw the dots and make connections in what is being taught in the classroom to their life experience. Not only will it assist your child to retain the content, in finding its relevance to their life experience they will retain it in their long term memory.


Year 9 Camp

There is a Year 9 Camp to Phillip Island Adventure Camp on the 15th to 17th May. The cost is $265.  A note has been sent home with Year 9 students and is attached to the news feed on COMPASS.  Can you please return the permission slip and the deposit as soon as possible.  
The purpose of the camp is to improve connectivity to teachers and peers. 
If you have any questions please contact the Middle Sub School.


We recently held sub-school assemblies for Year 9 and 10 and recognised the achievement of students who had upheld the STARR values of the college. Students were awarded certificates during the assembly.


Senior Sub School

The senior team would like to congratulate all Year 11s and 12s for the hard working and positive start to 2017. Our focus has been on acting as role models and living the school’s STARR values. On the 22nd February a guest presenter – Darren Pereira – from Success Integrated, addressed Year 12 VCE students to motivate them to set challenging goals and deliver advice to “Be Your Best!”

VCE Students have access to an online tutorial program “Edrolo”. Parents please ask students about it and support its consistent use.

VCE Students are expected to keep an updated Summary Book for all subjects this year. Students are advised by Study Skills teachers and VCE Mentors on how best to create them and use them for study.

All students sitting a Unit 3&4 Exam this year will be expected in the second week of September break for practice exams. Please do not plan holidays during that time.

Year 11 VCAL students have demonstrated excellent Teamwork and Responsibility in our new Peer Support program. These students attended training last year and are now delivering activity programs to our new Year7 students at school as well as while on camp.

The Study Centre has been a hive of activity during Study Periods as well as after school. We encourage all senior students to make use of it when necessary.

Keep up the great work!


High Achiever Profile  - Brianna Argall

Achievements:   2017 MSC Vice Captain, 2016 Year 11 Academic Excellence Award, Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar, 2016 Science Specialism Award and Esprit De Corp Music Award.

Best subject:   Biology 2016 Study Score of 47, Math/Science)

2017 Goal:   95+ ATAR

2018 Goal:   University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Science

Students advice:   Prepare for end of year exams and use practice questions throughout the year.


STARR Award winners:


Senior Sub School Team

Ms Andrèe Poulter             Assistant Principal

Mr David Kershaw             Sub School Leader

Ms Michelle Clark               Year 12 Team Leader

Ms Kate Hollins                   Year 11 Team Leader

Mr Daniel Taylor                  VCAL Team Leader

Mrs Joanne Galea &           Career/Pathways

Ms Maria Hassan                 Counsellors 


General Office 

Office hours:  8:15am - 4:30pm


Parents visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children must always make contact with the General Office first.

Uniform Shop

Uniform shop hours are:


Mondays:             8:00 to 9:00 am

                                 3:00 to 4:00 pm


Wednesdays:      3:00 to 4:00 pm


Fridays:                 8:00 to 9:00 am

                                 3:00 to 4:00 pm


Melton Secondary College and the Department of Education do not provide insurance to cover medical or ambulance costs.


Parents/guardians are reminded that they are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance/transport and any other transport costs. Some commercial insurers do provide insurance policies which parents/guardians can purchase.


The Department does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property.


If Parents/Guardians would like to take out individual student health cover you may go to the following websites for further information:


JUA Student Health Cover 24 hour, all year-round cover


Financial assistance towards the cost of camps, sports, excursion expenses and the purchase of sport uniform may be available through the Camps, Sports & Excursion Fund provided by the Victorian Government.


To be eligible you must hold a means-tested concession card or be a temporary foster parent.  Attached is an application form to complete and return to the Administration Office by 29th March.

If you wish to pay for a camp, sport or an excursion through CSEF please ensure you tick the CSEF checkbox on the permission form.  

School News

MSC Information Night


2018 ACE Program Applications

Round 1 Applications are now open for the 2018 (ACE) Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment Program at Melton Secondary College.

This application round is for students who are currently in year 6 and wish to apply for a position in the 2018 year 7 ACE class. MSC’s ACE program is designed to cater for the educational needs of advanced, gifted and talented learners. Classes in this program move at a faster pace than others and delve deeper into the curriculum. The program also provides students with access to additional extra-curricular opportunities designed to develop a broad range of skills.

Applications are completed online and must be finalised by Friday the 21st of April. Students who have completed the application and paid the $50 fee will sit the ACE test at Melton Secondary College on Saturday the 29th of April. For full information on the application process visit the Melton Secondary College website:

If you have any questions please contact the school.


2017 has started off fabulously for our students studying Japanese. Four Year 9 students and one Year 8 student made a video letter to congratulate our sister school students finishing their Junior High school life. Congratulations to John Paul Magele, Ben Reeve, Bradman Szuhai, Noah Collins and Cody Drake who took part in the speech in Japanese and Mr. Reynolds who made a speech in English.

The video letter was sent to Japan and it was broadcast during their graduation ceremony yesterday.  Students will be happy to hear that Ms. Mori is planning to make another video letter to wish the school well for their new school year.

 If you  would like to be involved, please see Ms. Mori


Career News

Melton Secondary College’s website now includes a link to Career Tools. Students in Years 10 -12 have been introduced to this site in their Tutorial & Study Skills classes. The site can provide Parents/Students with information about Tax File Numbers, VTAC Course Search, VCE past exams, Careers with Police & Defence, a calendar for career related events, and many more career related topics.

For more information:


Workplace Learning

All Year 11 VCAL students in 2017 will be completing compulsory Structured Workplace Learning for 2 weeks in Term 2: (May 15 – 26).


Students who are enrolled in VET programs will still be required to attend their classes as per normal scheduling. Students are to inform their Employers about these individual arrangements.


If you can support your student with a Structured Workplace Learning opportunity with family or friends, please provide the details to the Careers room on 9743 3322.



Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test (UMAT) for Year 12 students wanting to study medicine or dentistry will be held on the 26th July 2017. Registration for this test is via the ACER website:

Registrations close on 2 June, 2017.

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 interested in medicine or dentistry will need to sit the compulsory UMAT (examination) when applying for one of the above career choices. The National Institute of Education (NIE) will be conducting a full day UMAT preparation workshop during the next school holidays period on 6th April 2017. Places are strictly limited. All details are available via








Simulated UMAT Day 2017 - Intensive Preparation Workshop

MELBOURNE - St Vincent's Hospital

6th April 2017, 9am - 5.30pm

While the Simulated UMAT Day is extremely beneficial for Year 12 students, who will be attempting the real UMAT on 26th July 2017, this workshop is also highly recommended to anyone in years 10 - 11 and aiming for a head start in UMAT preparation.

VCE and Careers Expo 2017

The VCE and Careers Expo 2017 will be held on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 May, 9am-3pm, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 May, 10am-4pm in the Grandstand at Caulfield Racecourse. The Expo features over 190 exhibitors, seminars on VCE subjects, career and study advice.


Legal Studies

Year 12 Legal Studies Incursion – Victorian Law Reform Commission (VLRC)

On Monday 6th March, Hana Shahkhan, a Lawyer and member of the Victorian Law Reform Commission (VLRC) visited Melton Secondary College and presented to the Year 12 Legal Studies class.

The role and impact of the Victorian Law Reform Commission is relevant to Outcome 1 in Unit 3 of the Study Design, so this incursion was most relevant and beneficial to the students.  

The VLRC came into operation on April 2001. It is an independent, government- funded organisation. It was established to investigate areas of law in which government feels there is a need for reform and to monitor and coordinate law reform activity in Victoria.

Hana Shahkhan presented an engaging workshop explaining the role of the VLRC in influencing a change in the law, with reference to the contemporary example of Medicinal Cannabis. This Incursion has helped students prepare for the upcoming SAC.

A few students interested in pursuing a career in Law and Hana’s role at the VLRC remained after class to chat to Hana. Hana was most supportive in sharing her pathway and experience and the students were most appreciative. 

The Year 12 Legal Studies students are to be commended for their enthusiastic participation and respectful behaviour throughout the presentation.

Ms Cometti



Performing Arts

Year 11 Drama Performances

Last week the Year 11 Drama cohort completed their first performance SAC of the year, and it really was a great success. Their challenge was to write and perform a solo piece to tell a story from their own cultures or experiences, and the class have been working since the beginning of term on drafting and professionally scripting their work. Performers helped each-other by operating the theatre lighting, staging and sound for their peers in a great display of our STARR value ‘teamwork’.


After dress-rehearsals were finished it was time to take the stage, and the audience were wowed by the diverse range of performances on offer. We laughed, cried and gasped as we enjoyed a mixture of fantastic performances spanning horror, comedy, tragedy, coming of age tales and stories from a world of fantasy.


When the performances were over the whole class breathed a sigh of relief. The next time our cohort perform we will be working as a large ensemble, and the audience will be much larger! We spent time reflecting on our progress as performers, and noticed some similarities and differences between our scripts. The Year 11 Drama class are to be commended for their excellent planning and preparation.

Well-done team!


Ms Radbourne

Senior Drama

School Chaplain

New School Chaplain for MSC

Ivan Pollock has recently been appointed as School Chaplain of Melton Secondary for 2017.  He will be focusing on Student Support, Brekky Club and our ‘Hands On’ learning program.
Ivan comes from a lifetime in the retail hardware & paint sector and has many years {approx. thirty} working with young people through Youth Groups, Rangers and as Chaplain the last two years at Melton South Primary.
Ivan commented that an essential ingredient of being a Chaplain is being able to respect the many different cultures and faiths found within our school community. He also said that one of his priorities is encouraging students to accept each other’s differences and to respect those differences!
He said that a major area for him would be assisting staff with building student connections and enhancing a sense of community within the college. 
Asked, why Chaplaincy?  Ivan said that one of his passions was seeing our young people being able to reach their full potential. 

Parents or students wishing to speak to Ivan may contact the school office or ring him on 0408 348 889.


Western Region Secondary MAD Camp


Harmony Day

What is Harmony Day?

21 March is Harmony Day.


Our diversity makes Australia a great place to live. Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home.

Held every year on 21 March. The Day coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The message of Harmony Day is ‘everyone belongs’, the Day aims to engage people to participate in their community, respect cultural and religious diversity and foster sense of belonging for everyone.

At Melton Secondary College we will celebrate Harmony Day by:

Year 7 – 9 Assembly during Period One

Year 7 Special Activities during Period Two              Year 9 Special Activities during Period Two

Year 8 Special Activities during Period Three



Why orange?

Orange is the colour chosen to represent Harmony Day. Traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. It also relates to the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect. All students will be provided with an orange ribbon to wear on Harmony Day.


Our cultural diversity

Australia is a vibrant and multicultural country — from the oldest continuous culture of our first Australians to the cultures of our newest arrivals from around the world.

Our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths and is at the heart of who we are. It makes Australia a great place to live.

Multicultural Australia is an integral part of our national identity. All people who migrate to Australia bring with them some of their own cultural and religious traditions, as well as taking on many new traditions. Collectively, these traditions have enriched our nation.

Facts and figures

There are some fascinating statistics about Australia’s diversity that can be good conversation-starters:

  • around 45 per cent of Australians were born overseas or have at least one parent who was
  • we identify with about 300 ancestries
  • since 1945, more than 7.5 million people have migrated to Australia
  • 85 per cent of Australians agree multiculturalism has been good for Australia
  • apart from English, the most common languages spoken in Australia are Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese, Greek, Vietnamese, Tagalog/Filipino, Spanish and Hindi
  • more than 60 Indigenous languages are spoken in Australia.

These facts are taken from ABS 2011 Census Data. Check out the Australian Bureau of Statistics website



  • Melton Secondary College Co Sports Captain, Maddy Lister, featured on Channel 7 news and page 3 of the Herald Sun last week in  a promotion for the new Youth Girls  AFL TAC competition.
  • Trinity Skenderis, Year 8, qualified for the Victorian Little Athletics Final in 4 events – 100m, 200m, long jump and triple jump. She finished 7th in the u/14yrs Triple Jump, 10.25m, and 9th in the 100m, 13.30 secs. She was unable to compete in the 200m and Long Jump due to a clash with the final tryout session for the Victorian Country U/16 basketball team.

House Swimming Carnival

The annual House swimming Carnival was held at Melton Waves recently.

Results were:

1.  Djerriwarrh       622pts

2.  Kororoit             595pts

3.  Pywheitjorrk    446pts

4.  Yangardook      362pts




1st    Sunbury Downs        630pts

2nd  Sunbury                        551pts

3rd   Melton                            504pts

4th   Gisborne                        432pts

5th   Staughton                     398pts

6th   Kurunjang                      213pts

7th   Bacchus Marsh               69pts


Outstanding Performers

  1. Manar Mahfouz - 4 x 1st Place – 4 records
  2. Chloe Rees - 3 x 1st Place
  3. Ronan Valsamis-Camilleri - 2 x 1st , 2 x 2nd
  4. Alena J. Busittil (swimming in a much higher age group) – 1 x 1st. 1 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd
  5. Shanae Besanko - 1 x 1st, 2 x 3rd           
  6. Mateo Bonic - 1 x 1st, 1 x 3rd
  7. Jorja Tuttle  - 1 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd          
  8. Medley Relay Girls 13/14  - 1st and record (Shanae, Aleena, Chloe, Jorja)
  9. Freestyle Relay 14yrs Girls  - 1st (Shenae, Aleena, Chloe and Trinity Skenderis)

We had a lot of students who competed very valiantly against some really good opposition.  Thank you to all the competitors and the helpers.

Western Metropoliton Region Qualifiers - At Geelong Thursday 30th March


At the moment our qualifiers are:

Yr 7 – Chloe Rees, Jorja Tuttle

Yr 8 – Aleena J. Bustill, Shanae Besanko, Trinity Skenderis, Mateo Bonic

Yr 9 – Manar Malfouz    

Yr 10 – Ronan Valsamis-Camilleri

Most of the above have qualified in multiple events.



Intermediate Boys – Round 1

  1. Melton 2/136 Brandon Foley 51n.o. Cody Chapman 51n.o. def Staughton 24, Brandon Foley 4/2
  2. Melton 1/128 Jason Hibbert 58n.o. Brandon Foley 42 def Kurunjang 6/127 Dylan Millard 3/13

AFL Umpiring Training Programme

Melton Secondary College has been selected as one of the Secondary schools across Melbourne to host an umpiring academy run by AFL VIC. The program is running on Wednesday afternoons for the rest of the term.

MSC Sport Facebook page

We have a Facebook page dedicated to our Interschool Sport and the Athlete Development Program (ADP) participants. Please have a look and ‘like” us to keep up to date with the many outstanding achievements by our students in sport.

The page  is -

Western Bulldogs Leadership Project

Applications have closed. All applicants will be notified regarding the outcome of their nomination in mid-March.

General Information

Amart Sports - Melton SC has joined the community kickbacks program with Amart Sports in Woodgrove. Every time you make a purchase just mention our school and we will receive 5% of the purchase amount. If you join online you will receive a loyalty and receive discounts etc as well as already having registered our school as your preferred community kickback. We have the same arrangement with REBEL SPORTS and their Season Pass kickback.


Melton Hockey Club  -  The Melton Hockey club are a very progressive local club who are always looking for more members. They have a wide array of competitions. They run an internal u/8 program: for u/10 the program is called Game On. They also run Hook 2 for ages 5-12. They have a group of competitions for men and women, for all ages, young and even masters level. A social competition is also played. For more information contact Kellie on 0450643826 or check out their webpage – [email protected]


School Sport Information  -  All information regarding School Sport information and State team selection trials can be found on the website –

Information on national events can be found at the Team Vic page on the School Sport Victoria website,, or the School Sport Australia website,

Registrations are now open to nominate to trial for a number of sports:

Swimming and Volleyball are currently open.

Their monthly bulletin is sent on the last Tuesday of every month.

You can find all the latest bulletins, on the ebulletins page of the SSV website.

Sports Dates

Thursday 23rd March – Rugby League 9’s – Intermediate Boys and Girls in Werribee

Wednesday 29th March – Volleyball – Senior and Intermediate Girls and Boys in Melton

Thursday 30 March – Swimming – Western Metropolitan Region at Geelong

Term 2 – two main dates

Wednesday 26 April – Swimming – School Sport Victoria State Finals at MSAC

 Friday 5 May – Athletics – House Athletics at  Melton

Community News

Bacchus Marsh EasterFest

BMEF is a community festival held annually on Good Friday with all net proceeds going to DjHS - Bacchus Marsh & Melton Regional Hospital.



Melton Mail
CSEF Application Form.pdf
CSEF Application Form.pdf
VCE 2017 Seminar Program and Exhibitor List Brochure.pdf
VCE 2017 Seminar Program and Exhibitor List Brochure.pdf
VCE 2017 Seminar Program and Exhibitor List Brochure.pdf
VCE 2017 Seminar Program and Exhibitor List Brochure.pdf
Western Metro MAD Camp MSC 2017.pdf
Western Metro MAD Camp MSC 2017.pdf