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29 November 2018
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From the Principal 

November 2018 News

CESC is committed to the practices and values surrounding child safety. All procedures, measures and practices have been developed in accordance with Ministerial Order No 870 -Child Safe Standards- Managing the risk of child abuse in schools.

Our community is currently abuzz with students and teachers coming together in many varied learning activities.  We have a plethora of opportunities for students to work in teams or represent the school, on camps, excursions and within the school environment. It is exciting to observe the students always striving for their best in the quest to maintain high expectations of themselves and others, providing the platform to consistently celebrate outstanding achievements throughout our school community. 

One such example involved four students from Cranbourne East representing the College at the Annual State Remembrance Service – Marking the 100th Anniversary of the Great War Armistice at the Springvale War Cemetery, on Sunday 4th November.  Abbie Robilliard was one of four students who delivered a reading at the service.  Premier, Daniel Andrew spoke with Abbie at the end of the service commending her on the way she engaged with the crowd throughout her reading. Jai and Charlie MacNamara also represented the school by laying wreaths and Luci MacNamara was also in attendance. A huge thank you to Roxy McGuire for organising the students to attend and represent our school with such a professionalism and positive enthusiasm.

Over the next few weeks, students will begin their new 2019 year level as part of our Step up Program.  There will be no winding down over the last few weeks of school, but rather a continuation of challenging learning experiences and assessments for all students for the remainder of the year.  It is important that we have all students attend so they may experience and establish the routines and expectations of their coming school year.   This is an opportune time for students to impress upon their new teachers how willing they are to rise and achieve their optimum at all times.

Looking forward to catching up with many parents and students on the Awards Evening, coming soon.

Year 7/8 News 

Assistant Principals News

What a busy month it has been here at CESC!


November has gone so quickly and it seems like the Cup weekend is a distant memory, although only 3 weeks ago!


During this month we have achieved many great things at the College. One of which has been the commencement of transition for Year 7 2019. With information nights and school tours, staff and students have been very busy in preparing for the new year.


In conjunction, our 2018 Year 7 and 8 students have been wrapping up their learning and preparing for Step Up, with classes commencing Monday 3rd December. Over the last few weeks students have participated in a wide variety of class tasks, from Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) to oral presentations and group work presentations. It has most definitely been a time for students to demonstrate the incredible growth they have made throughout the year. There have been many success stories amongst our students, with growth rates in the eWrite Assessment demonstrating how much each student’s hard work and dedication has paid off.


Earlier in the month our Year 7’s also went to Healesville Sanctuary as part of their Science education. Every student represented their school with pride and we had only positive reports from staff and the community in regards to the way we were represented during the excursion. Students were able to explore the various habitats and wildlife in order to contribute to their assessment task for the term.


Both year 7 and 8 were involved in a Cultural Experience Day organised superbly by our Mandarin teachers. Students were able to experience a range of games, activities and in particular the art of blow paintings. These paintings were unbelievably good, with each student creating a tree with blossoms by using a straw and paint for the most part. I was incredibly impressed with each of our students and the enthusiasm with which they participated.

So as the 2018 year comes to a close this week and the 2019 Step up commences, I would like to extend my gratitude to the CESC Junior School family for making me feel so welcome. It has been a terrific 6 months here at the College and I am looking forward to continuing in my role as Year 7 & 8 Assistant Principal throughout 2019.


Linda Buckeridge 

Year 7 and 8 Assistant Principal 


Chinese Culture Day

On Friday the 16th of November Year 7 students participated in CESC’s Chinese Culture Day. This was an excellent opportunity to engage student and show the importance of learning Mandarin and the opportunities the subject can lead to. Students had a great time watching the Dragon Dancing and Kung Fu shows. The Year 7’s showed off their artistic skills during a Chinese Calligraphy activity. They were also given the chance to participate in four different Chinese activities.


INDART ‘Working Bee’

On Saturday 10th of November, the Indigenous Art club students spent their day working on the 6 Indigenous Seasons mosaic that’s displayed on our school grounds. The students showed incredible work ethic and pride in their work. They used their collaborative skills to work together and paint the Indigenous flag, add some more tiles, grout and put some finishing touches on the mosaic. A special thank you also goes out to the parents of these students who gave up their time on their Saturday to come in and help students in many different ways, either by painting, providing food and/or letting us use their personal equipment. An overall amazing achievement for these students and for our multicultural community at CESC.


Year 9/10

Year 9 Halls Gap Camp 

What a fantastic week we had last week, at Halls Gap for Year 9 school camp! Getting amongst nature, having emus and kangaroos at our tent doors that the students assembled for the 2 night stay, they also had to cook meals for their group, of approximately 22 people, including school staff and camp guides. Designating roles amongst groups, including some lucky ones becoming chefs, CEOs, and environmentalists, supported our students demonstrating teamwork, respect and communication throughout various activities.


Students were challenged with the trail hike, but forgot this when they had their mesmerising views of the land. They also took on the challenge of attempting to play the digeridoo and enhanced their Indigenous cultural knowledge. Visiting a zoo and being an active conservative member, rock climbing and abseiling were other highlights experienced over this time.


Staff were very impressed with students and their interaction with the activities as well as their leadership. Staff were also pleased when students were asking to go to bed before 9.30pm- all tuckered out!



From camp, the tone had to alter back in the classroom, as students studied for, and participated in, end of year exams for English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities. It was pleasing to see how students understood the seriousness and value of exams, where they’ve attempted their best efforts to demonstrate their skills learnt throughout the year and to gain experience of exam conditions.


This week will see our Year 9s have a final assembly and a Rewards Day, to celebrate the success of 2018. This Friday will be the start Step Up 2019, where students will have a Welcome and Expectations assembly with their new leaders, be in their new home groups and participate in valuable activities throughout the day. Monday 3rd December will see 2019 regular classes begin for 2 weeks, which means Year 10 classes officially begin! The final week of school will be activities in and out of the school, depending on what they’ve paid for/communicated with the school.


I look forward to following the Year Nines into Step Up/Year Ten for Semester 1 2019!


Lisa Monaghan

Year 9 and 10 Assistant Principal 


From the office of the eSafety Commissioner

Screen Smart Parent Tour: facts and tips

Social media fact: On average, children aged 10 to 14 years have 2 active social media accounts 

1. Talk regularly with your child about privacy settings on social media. Updating your own privacy settings sets a great example and helps you understand potential safety issues. Be aware of any minimum age requirements.

2. Keep your ears and eyes open. Other parents and the media can be a great source of information when it comes to the latest or most preferred app.

3. Let your child know that you’re really interested in how they’re connecting with friends. They might be more inclined to talk openly about social media if you talk about what others (their friends and peers) are doing online.


Screen time fact: On average, outside of school, 10 to 14 year olds spend 23 hours online per week 

1. Try to encourage positive screen time, like content that you can view and enjoy together. Discourage anything that is overly aggressive or disrespectful.

2. Negotiate key rules together, such as when screens can be on and when they need to be turned off. Young teens are likely to respond better to rules that they’ve contributed to and see as being fair and consistent.

3. Agree ahead of time on the rules and strategies to get your child to switch off from the screen. With gaming, think about a timer that signals that game time is nearly over and be clear about the consequences for not switching off.


Personal information Fact: 12% of 10 to 14 year olds share personal information online

1. Get your child on side with online privacy by exploring how their personal information can be used now and in the future.  

2. If you have your own social media account, think about the types of photos and information you share. Do you post photos of your child that show details of their school, sporting club or other activities? Take the opportunity to review your own habits and model safe online behaviour.

3. Get involved—play along with your child to get a feel for how they are managing their online privacy in the gaming world.

Inappropriate content (the nasty stuff! – like violence, offensive or sexually explicit material) Fact: 9% of 10 to 14 year olds reported being exposed to inappropriate content 

1. Be vigilant, especially if your child is prone to taking risks or is emotionally or psychologically vulnerable.

2. You can use parental controls, filtering software and safe searches (like Google Safe Search) to help block some of the nasty stuff. Remind your child not to open spam email or click on pop-ups.  

3. Keep your child connected to trusted friends and family online and offline and discuss the importance of healthy and respectful relationships.


Cyberbullying Fact:  21% of 10 to 14 year olds reported being socially excluded by others online (one form of cyberbullying) 

1. Young people might not tell their parents about cyberbullying. They may be embarrassed or worried you might overreact, restrict access to devices or make things worse if they speak out. Try to respond calmly. Listen first, then act.

2. Be aware—key signs can include being upset after using devices, changes in personality, a decline in school work and appearing lonely and distressed.  \

3. Report serious cyberbullying material to the social media service where it happened. You can also submit a complaint to us if the reported material has not been taken down within 48 hours.


Contact with strangers Fact: 36% of 10 to 14 year olds said they had talked to strangers online 

1.  Help your child understand why it’s important to be vigilant about new online ‘friends’. Someone who says they are a 12-year-old girl or boy could actually be a 40-year-old man!  

2. Encourage your child to tell you or another trusted adult if they feel uncomfortable or worried about online contact with a stranger—there are tools in social media and in online gaming that can help block people.

3. Work with your child to save examples of the messages in case you want to follow up with the police. Taking screenshots is easy, use the print screen (PrtScrn) button on your computer or the Shift-Command-4 function on a Mac. You can also use your phone to take a quick photo of their device with the message.

Help and resources
If your child is distressed and needs further help as a result of a negative online experience:

Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800 Free online and telephone counselling for children and young people aged 5 to 25 years.


eHeadspace: 1800 650 890 Free online and telephone counselling for young people aged 12 to 25 years.


Parentline: 1300 30 1300 Parentline provides help through counselling, information and referral that is tailored to your needs. 


Book Returns

Just a reminder that ALL school library books are due back by Friday 30th November. 

Please check lockers, school bags, under the bed, anywhere you may have put a book!


School Clubs

Magic Club Update

Last month, our students of Magic Club competed in a draft format tournament. After five gruelling rounds, the winner was Tristan Abbot of 11E! There will be one more tournament for the year in another format called ‘Sealed’. With the year 11’s finished for the year, the competitors will predominantly be from year 9 and the winner will be announced next issue!


The format sees each competitor being given six packs of randomised cards which contain 15 cards (10 common cards, 3 uncommon, 1 land and 1 rare card). They then are given 45 minutes to make a 40 card deck to use to battle opponents each round. The winner of the tournament will be the player who accrues the most wins.



Sports Pathway Program 

In 2018 the Sports Pathway Program started at CESC. It was a very successful year with students highly engaged in both the practical and theoretical elements of the program.


Students were involved in many educational and practical activities and excursions throughout the year. They included Fitness testing performed by trained professionals from Global Performance testing, weekly strength and conditioning sessions with Collingwood FC fitness coach Luke Kitchen and excursions to Aqua park, Frankston beach, 1000 steps Kokoda memorial walking track, Victoria Institute of sport, AAMI Park and Melbourne Storm facilities, The tan running track,  Casey race, Etihad stadium, RIchmond Football Club and Bowland.


Students also  studied sport theory units on fitness, sports nutrition which included a seminar from a sports nutritionist from the Victoria Institute of Sport, Sports coaching, Biomechanics, sports injuries and the benefits of physical activity.

We look forward to building on this years success and expanding our program in 2019 to give students educational and engaging experiences within the sporting field.

Regional Basketball Finals
Year 8 boys and Intermediate boys

Congratulation to both the year 8 and Intermediate boys Basketball teams on representing the Casey South district at the South Victoria Regional finals.


Both teams competed very hard and played exciting Basketball as a cohesive team.

The year 8 team one lost game by 1 point and won the other game by 22 points.

The intermediate boys won both of the group games easily and played off in the final. The boys played fantastic high intensity defence and pressure Berwick into many turnovers. Peter Michael exploded offensively in the 2nd half to bring the team within 6 pts with 1.50 remaining on the clock. In the final 1.50 things did not go our way and we were defeated by 8 points.

Well done to all 20 boys who represented the teams and we are looking forward to building on this success in 2019!

Student Voice

Remembrance Day Assembly


Remembrance Day Assembly


Remembrance Day Service


Remembrance Day Service


Remembrance Day Service


High Resolves Leadership Workshop


High Resolves Leadership Workshop


Pelikan Societe Hospitality Excursion



Drs in secondary schools 

The Doctor's in Secondary Schools program is back up and running.
We have a new clinic on board and are now taking appointment bookings!
The clinic will be open every Monday from 9.30am-1.30pm with half hour scheduled appointments. Students can drop in at recess and lunch time or appointments can be made via the link on Compass.
Nurse Michelle and Dr Kristine are from Atticus Health in Tyabb and are excited to start work at CESC. 

Parent/Guardian FAQ attached. 


Research tour to Canada 

The Wellbeing Team and Principal, Mandee Strickland have now returned from our exciting research tour to Canada.  We visited 7 schools and 3 youth mental health services in and around the Vancouver area and observed a lot of different approaches to learning during these visits.


Some interesting facts included:-

  • The use of the ‘Zones of Regulation’ starts in Primary School
  • Primary School students’ self-assessment skills on the learning continuum
  • Creative and engaging curriculum
  • Aesthetically pleasing environments that promote an optimal learning environment - low lighting, self-regulation rooms.


Some learning outcomes included:-

  • Observing the ‘Spiral of Inquiry’ in action
  • Embedding culture of First Nation students in everyday life 
  • Student engagement and wellbeing through the embedding of ‘zones of regulation’ and having safe spaces for students to self-regulate.
  • Alternative programs ie ‘Choices’ and ‘Transition’ Programs


We are now in the process of implementing some of the learning outcomes and look forward to seeing our students’ engagement and academic progress over the next year.



Saver plus 

Saver Plus is celebrating 15 years of helping families with the cost of education in Casey and Cardinia. During this time the program has benefited over 1200 children and their families.  Saver Plus participants received up to $500 in matched savings for education costs, and have developed long term financial skills. Saver Plus participants in Casey and Cardinia have used their matched savings to help pay for education costs including school uniforms, a laptop, textbooks, excursions, music tuition, dance classes, sports fees, lessons and equipment


Saver Plus Participant, “This program was so helpful! It really taught me the benefits of saving a small mount every month to achieve a goal. Because of Saver Plus, when my daughter’s laptop stopped working I had money saved to replace it.” 


Is Saver Plus suitable for your families? 

Parents are eligible to join Saver Plus if they meet all the following the criteria:

  • over 18 years old;
  • some regular income from work (themselves or their partner) including casual, part-time, full-time or seasonal employment; and
  • have a Centrelink Health Care or Pensioner Concession card;
  • a child enrolled at school (or enrolled to start school), or attend vocational education themselves.

Get social 

A select group of year 7 students took part in the 'get social' program and focused on a range of topics including; tricky topics, open and closed questions , team skills, stress and anxiety management techniques and how to end and maintain conversations. Students enjoyed the program thoroughly and rated it quite highly. This program ran over the course of 8 weeks, spreading across term 3 and term 4 for one period a week. Students celebrated their success with a party and self directed last lesson. 

Relationships Australia 


Parent support program 

Helping parents to support their children adjust to the separation, for more details please see the flyer. 

Dj club 

 During term 4, students were lucky to have a professional Dj come to school and teach how to mix music and learn music skills. A select number of year 7 and 8 students were able to have a one on one workshop with Dj Blazyn and focus on building their skills in a range of areas . This  was also open to all year levels during lunchtime to come and try their talent!


Fit Fridays 

During term four on Fridays we have two coaches come and offer free lunchtime games and activities. Games on offer included: soccer, basketball, footy with more to come ! This is open to all year levels and all skills. On Friday the 30th we will  have dodgeball, boxing and jujitsu to wrap up our fit fridays for the year!


Support services 

Community Events & News



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